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Picture Perfect (pt. 5)

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Reader x Yoongi

Plot: After finding yourself in the same situation day after day, a stranger with a camera happens to change up everything with just a snap of a button and a lot of misunderstandings.

Genre: Drama/Romance

WARNING: sexual assault

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A/N: I wrote this in less than two days when normally it takes me… awhile haha. The beginning is suuper fluffy (no spoilers though) and the end it gets super messed up. Why did I write this? Let’s hope there’s not too many errors…

“No, But I’ve Kissed You With It.”

I didn’t really sleep that night.

I wasn’t flustered or over-thinking what had just happened, though. I just felt sad more than anything. I felt sad because I could never have a normal night out with my friends. I felt sad because I was never going to realistically achieve my dream of becoming a doctor. I felt sad because I knew my love life was non-existent – and I especially felt sad because the only guy that did pay attention to me was a freeloader who didn’t actually like me. The worst part was that it was a Saturday night, which meant I didn’t have work in the morning and I’d have to face him.

How awkward. I hated confrontation, almost more than Yoongi. But mixing both of them together was a dangerous game.

When I did wake up, I stared at my ceiling for what felt like forever – dreading coming out of my room. I knew he was right there on the couch. There was only a thin wall separating us, really, and I prayed he had just left in the middle of the night.

No, you don’t, I sighed deeply.

I considered falling back asleep and enjoying my day off, but I knew I was just trying to procrastinate. Rolling out from the sheets, I looked down to see I was still in my clothes from yesterday.

What a wreck.

A part of me wanted him gone, but then again I had no one. The company sucked – he sucked – but it was better than what I previously had. I mean, sometimes he was nice. He had that going for him after all. He’s also not bad to look at, a small smile played on my lips briefly, before returning to the default frown I held and I shook my head. Though I tried to dismiss whatever just went through my head, I couldn’t deny it. He’s not that bad at kissing, either. Perhaps, just maybe, he had forgotten what happened last night. My heart dropped at that thought though, but I didn’t think about it too hard before I started towards the door.

The squeak of the hinges seemed dangerously loud, even with the TV that was playing in the next room over. He’s not gone, I breathed a little. I didn’t dare to call out to him though – even if I wanted to, my throat felt tight. I ended up lowering my head and quickly pacing to the kitchen to start coffee. Passing by the living room, I glanced to where he normally slept on the couch.

He’s gone.

My throat tightened more, and I tried to ignore it by thinking, “why did he leave the TV on” and, “when did he go”. I clenched my hands, the palms still achy from last nights abuse. I winced slightly, opting to reach for the remote that was close by to turn the television off. Turning back towards the kitchen, I sighed deeply again to try and compose myself. Why do I feel so disappointed that he left? Of course he would – I would.

I really should have stayed in bed.

If my throat was tight before, it was strangling me now. On the island counter, out for full display, was a box of donuts.

Cautiously, I moved around it, my eyes boring into the cardboard. Carefully, I began opening the lid, afraid to breathe. Why? It’s just pastries. I closed my eyes before I was able to see anything. Why are you so nervous? Why are you always so damn -

“Yah, you turned off my show.” Yoongi’s voice scared me, my eyes springing open to stare at the donuts. “I was watching that, you know.” I didn’t know what to feel. I was emotionally drained. I wasn’t breathing. “Hey, are you okay?”

I didn’t know how he had done it, or why, but spread out in the box were the donuts – some cut to fit into the word, “sorry”.

“Why?” Was my first word. I didn’t know what I was asking though.

I heard him cross to the couch, sitting on it. “I’m not good with words.”

“Well you just spelled one.” I finally looked up at him, my heart aching as my eyes landed on him. I’m so emotional today.

“I go out of my way to do something nice, and this is what I get?” His lips thinned, eye’s squinting. His hair was messy, a little all over the place. “Not that I expected a thanks, but I mean, I did expect a thanks.” He looked tired, like he also hadn’t slept much. “Hello?”

I cleared my throat, looking away, “Ah, thank you. You didn’t have to.” I closed the box, “There’s nothing to be sorry about.” Is that true? I couldn’t answer my own question. “Did you want some?”

“Yes?” He answered sarcastically, breaking the ice-thin air. Instead of feeling surrounded by a cloud it felt warm now. Better. “Can you just bring them over here and set them on the coffee table? I don’t want to get up.”

I frowned at him, but did as he said. “The coffee table is so far from the other -”

“Then sit on the couch with me.” His face kept straight, “I don’t take up the entire thing.” I only frowned deeper.

Sitting the box down, I curled up in the corner of the opposing side he was on, leaving as much space as possible between us. He immediately reached for the donuts, pulling out one that was part of the “Y”. Yoongi took a large bite of it, his jaw working. I still felt awkward, not wanting to grab one let alone move from my tight position. It was uncomfortable, but I felt better wrapping up into myself.

“You don’t want one?” He asked, looking over while licking his lips. I shrugged, looking away as quick as possible. You can’t even look at him? Pathetic. “What’s wrong? You’re quiet, it’s weird.”

“Shut up.” I rolled my eyes, instantly reaching for what was part of the “S”.

“That’s better.” I heard the smile in his voice. I hid my small smile by shoving the doughnut into my mouth. “Wow, you were hungry.”

I glared over at him, swallowing. “And that’s a bad thing?” He shook his head, reaching into the box for seconds. We ate in silence, my knees still hugging my chest.

I didn’t have much of an appetite, my mood still low. I couldn’t bring myself to look at him much either. Why are you acting like this? There had to be something to offset what was happening to me – why I feared him leaving so much. I closed my eyes, head leaning against a cushion, and trudged through my memories. I kept hitting dead-ends and walls before a face flashed through my mind.

Jinwoo. My first boyfriend.

We had dated for over two years as teenagers. Though we were young, we always promised to marry each other, that we’d have kids, that we’d grow old together. Looking back at it, it seemed cheesy. Everything about us screamed “gooey couple”, and we were naive to becoming adults and graduating. At first I was confused – he was a beautiful memory. Then again, it’d been six or seven years since we had separated.

Separated. I opened my eyes in time to see Yoongi finish another doughnut. He left me, I felt a boulder fall onto my chest, making it hard to breathe again. I remember.

The night of my seventeenth birthday Jinwoo had finally convinced me to have sex with him – since I was too nervous before that. The whole “I’m old now, it’s going to be fine” motto kept surging through my veins. In the end I had woken up to an empty bed and a short text message saying “Thanks, see you around”. Confused, I tried calling him and the only voice that greeted me was his voice-mail. I texted him an endless amount of times, asking him what he meant – begging him to reply.  After two weeks of ignoring my calls, not texting back, and even avoiding me at school, he finally messaged me.

How did you not catch that I was cheating on you this entire time.”

I called his best friend, desperate for an explanation. All he did was chuckle and say “I mean, he did get what he wanted.”

“What do you remember?” I finally spoke, my eyes drifting from my hands to his confused face. “From last night.”

He swallowed quickly, “Enough.” I nodded. “And I’m sorry. That was… dicky. I know I should of probably just left but -”

“No, it’s okay.” I interrupted with the words still on his tongue, “You were drunk and those things happen. You didn’t hurt me or anything, so it’s okay.” My nervousness prompted me to grab the next part of the “S”.

“I don’t think it is.” He leaned back in the couch, “I heard you crying.” I paused, not knowing what to say. “I couldn’t remember if I had done something, I couldn’t sleep.”

My hand finally reached my mouth, “That’s… embarrassing.”  I took a bite, trying to distract myself. “It wasn’t because of you. I don’t even remember doing that.” I tried to laugh. “Thanks for saying thanks though, that’s the first time you’ve said it to me, I think.”

“Sorry if I said some weird stuff. I was -”

Really drunk? I figured.” I look at him, taking another bite. Yoongi’s eyes were straight ahead, his hands clasped as he rubbed his thumbs together. You look so exhausted. “It was kind of cute.”

A blush took spread across his cheeks; his thumbs halted. “Hmm, try creepy.”

“No, I’m serious.” I smiled, setting down the rest of my doughnut, “It was more creepy that I kind of enjoyed it.” I mumbled the last part, embarrassed. Did you just really say that? “Ignore what I just said.” I looked down at my hands again.

“No, what? I didn’t hear you.” I looked up, relieved. “Just kidding.” He smirked playfully, my jaw dropping. Oh, fuck you too. I went to turn before he reached out to me, “Wait, Y/N.”

“What.” Blushing, I mumbled. I cannot believe you just did that.

“You have some icing…” His hand touched my face, his thumb that was just fiddling with his other now dragging across my bottom lip, “…right there.” Yoongi’s voice was almost a whisper, shaking slightly a lot like his hand was. I was frozen in spot, mouth slightly agape. What is he doing? Why did he do that? His thumb slowly left my lip and his hand followed before he brought them both to his own. Opening his mouth, he placed in thumb inside and sucked on it softly.

My breath hitched as my heart began beating faster. Whoa, what the fuck. My eyes left his fingers and rested on his. Instead of the usual dark and stormy presence they took a hold of in situations like this, they seemed cautious – nervous even. Never the less, though, they were still gigantic; engulfing me. What do I say? Do I even say anything? Should I act like that never happened and continue on with my life knowing this?

“I’m sorry,” his voice quivered a touch. I had never seen him like this, leaving me dumbstruck, “I think I missed some.”


I expected his thumb to touch my mouth again, but it ended up hooking under my chin and pulling up as he gently leaned forward. Suddenly I was thankful that earlier my knees had dropped, the space had shrunk to next to none as his lips landed on the corner of my mouth, kissing the spot.

Yoongi left his lips there for a second, not a breath fanning from his mouth. His thumb left my chin, his hand’s warmth disappearing from my neck, and he dropped it to his lap. He leaned back, blinking rapidly like he was trying to concentrate. “I’m sorry, that was wrong.” He let out a frustrated sigh, “Why do I keep doing this to -”

“Hey, it’s okay.” I reached out, touching his clenched fist, “It’s all okay.”

Why is it? I leaned forward, copying what he had done except this time our lips met. Why is it he’s so manipulative?

“Are you going out tonight with Taehyung and Hoseok and all o’them?” Yoongi asked, coming out of the bathroom as he dried his hair, “I’m honestly only going because Namjoon is – he’s not, well, at least he doesn’t act young like the rest. They get annoying sometimes.” Nodding, I sifted on the couch so I was laying down on it.

It hadn’t seemed that long since he had bought apology donuts for me, but we were almost nearing three weeks since it had happened. Why are you counting? It didn’t seem like a significant event, but I felt like I had broken down one of the many walls that Yoongi surrounded himself in. He doesn’t like you.

“You’re quiet today…” he disappeared, but the sounds of a drawer opening and closing gave his spot away, “It’s weird, you should stop.” Yoongi’s voice was farther away yet it still echoed in my head.

Every time he talks it does.

“Hey, it’s weird you’re caring – you should stop.” I retorted, sighing as I placed my phone on my lap. “You’re also really talkative. It’s annoying.”

In the time that had passed – him still mooching off of me – nothing had happened between us. Not even a glace or something said that seemed flirtatious in any way. In a sense I could tell he was just trying to stay away because of what he had done, but even while I did respect that I felt… lonely. The only thing he seemed to like was his camera.

He poked his head out of the door, frowning, “Aw, now you’re just being a dick.” Turning off the light, he opened the door before coming to the back of the couch and kneeling as he rested his arms on the back. “Is it that time of the month or something?”

“Whoa that was sexist, buddy.” I shook my head as I shot him a look of disgust, “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“No, but I’ve kissed you with it.”

“I’m…” I stared at him. Yoongi’s face didn’t so much as crack a smile and his eyes shined playfully, “….not going to try to even reply to that. You’re disgusting and twisted.” Rolling my eyes, I picked up my phone and punched the pass-code in, “And ‘FYI’, no, it’s not – but thanks for checking in.”

“Jesus Christ Y/N, it’s just a joke. Chill the fuck out.” Yoongi scoffed, standing up, “I’m just trying to lighten mood, make you laugh or something.” He turned, starting towards the bathroom again.

Don’t leave.

“Yoongi stop.” I clicked my phone off, swallowing thickly, “I’m sorry I’m acting bitchy…” The comment about kissing me threw me off guard. I was finally getting used to nothing, and there he goes being the sneaky, little bastard. He tried to make you laugh, that’s it. He doesn’t like you.

It stayed silent for a moment, his back still turned to me. I was about to call out to him and apology again when his head turned slightly towards me, “Did you want to ride with me?” I tried to hide my smile, but he didn’t let me answer before turned on the light in the bathroom again, “Be ready in forty-five minutes… and look nice – my car is too nice to be treated that way.”

“I thought I said forty-five minutes, not forty-five hours.” He tapped his knee impatiently as I opened the passenger’s door.

“It was just an extra ten minutes? We’re fine, no one’s even going to be there yet. Did you text Taehyung?”

“Haha, no. That’s your job. I got enough of him just by sleeping at his house for two nights.” I closed the door and he drove off, the engine making a small rumble. “Did you really need those extra ten minutes? It would have literally made no difference.”

“Hey! It matters.” I mumbled, still buckling, “You have to match your shoes or you just look ghetto.”

“You’re ghetto anywa-”

“Min Yoongi.” I warned as we stopped at a light, “Don’t you dare finish that sentence. Who’s the one being dicky now?” I glared, the light bouncing off his skin as he turned his head. My tall stance faltered as his eyes met mine, my senses suddenly becoming acute to the cologne he wore. Stop, he doesn’t like you.

“Oh shut up, I’m just giving you crap.” He chuckled, and the red turned to green. “You look great either way.”

My heart took a punch – or at least, that’s what it felt like. Stop. I bit my cheek, leaning my head on the glass. He doesn’t like you. I closed my eyes, breathing in deeply. Why do I keep saying that, anyways? ‘He doesn’t like me, he doesn’t like me.’ Why would it matter if he did or didn’t? I felt the car come to another stop. He doesn’t care if I like him or not…. I opened my eyes, glancing at him even though I knew he was focused on the road.


“I won’t drink much tonight.” He blurted out, his eyes shifting to me briefly, “Well, I mean, you’re getting a ride home from me right?” I nodded. “Then I won’t drink much since I’m driving.”

“Okay…? Thanks? I mean you could and then we could call a cab or something. They exist.” He’s acting weird. I eyed him, biting my cheek again. He’s acting too nice. “It’s really no problem, they’re cheap too since I don’t live far.” He doesn’t like you.

“No, no. I like my car better. Plus I’ve been trying to drink less.” The words fell out quickly, “It’s a bad habit, and I… don’t want it turning into an addiction….” His voiced reeked of excuse-making. “Yeah… those are bad, you know?”

“Okay, I’ll take your word.” I breathed out, stiffing a chuckle, “You’re acting super weird, are you okay?” He nodded, my fingers finding each other to fumble. “Ahh it’s okay though.” Yoongi’s eyebrow raised questioningly, and I shook my head. It’s really cute…

“What was that?” The car pulled in the parking lot, ‘Did you just say… ‘It’s really cute’?”

“N-no? Why the fuck would I say that?” God damn it all, you said it out-loud. “That’s not even remotely cute. What… what even is your definition of cute? Because that’s not mine.” Stop rambling, oh my God. You are making a complete fool of yourse-

“You.” He parked, shifting the gear and turning to me as he leaned into his seat. His smirk only deepened as my jaw fell open.

“Are you flirting with me?”

“I’m not the flustered one,” He opened his door, shrugging, “and I didn’t start it.” Scoffing, I left his car. What just happened.

We walked into the bar in silence, him trudging in front of me. The sun had only just set a few minutes ago, and twilight leaked into the windows of the building. The honey color was a nice changed from the retro lights, and instead of pop music bleeding from the floors the walls echoed soft rock. I should come early more often. I looked at Yoongi in front of me, his figure walking towards the booth where we normally sat. He’s so small. Scratching his shoulder, he slid in the seat. He seems so delicate. My body slid in right next to his.

“Why are sitting right next to me?” Yoongi’s voice interrupted my thoughts. Some thoughts those were. “There’s the other side? I know the bench is rounded but you have all this room.” The tone of his voice was serious; annoyed, but a small smile hid on his lips. “Unless…”  Dipping his head into my neck, his hand rested on my thigh as my heart skipped a beat. “…you want our own room.” His lips ghosted across my ear and I could feel my cheeks heating up. I can’t breathe, I swallowed hard as his thumb pressed into my skin and began messaging it.

Out of the corner of my eye, a flash of brown hair caught my eye, “Hey Hoseok, we-we’re right here.” I cleared my throat, leaning away from Yoongi, “You’re early…” He doesn’t like you. I felt Yoongi stop hovering over me, but I was too afraid to look back at him. What was that?

“Yeah, I guess.” Hoseok slid across from Yoongi and I, “I got ready quicker than I thought I would.” He grinned.

“Unlike someone.” Yoongi grumbled, and I could just feel him eye-rolling at me. Thanks.

“At least I look nice, unlike someone.” I slid out from the booth, “I’m going to the restroom.” I need to get out of here.

By the time I had returned from the bathroom, everyone had seemed to rush in. Any trace of the sun was gone now, and to my dismay the guitars had been replaced with the electronic beats once again. It wasn’t crowded yet, but glancing at the time of my phone told me that people were only just starting to arrive. Casual Saturdays. Saturday’s weren’t as busy as Friday – of course, but the amount of people that came was still overwhelming. I wove my way through a crowd, smiling as Taehyung called my name as I arrived back at the booth.

“It’s a little crowded.” He smiled sheepishly, rubbing his neck. “Hoseok had to get up so that others could fill in.” I shrugged an, ‘It’s okay’ and looked at Yoongi who was at the edge of the seat, on his phone. He’s ignoring me, the little shit. “We can mash in closer if you want -” I’ll show him..

“Oh no, it’s okay. No one has to get up for me.” Yoongi glanced up curiously, “I’ll just sit with Hoseok, he’s right on the edge of the seat, anyways.” I smiled, that’s right. “Hobi, can I sit on your lap? I won’t crush you, I swear.” I leaned towards him, looking right into his widening eyes.

“Oh – uh, yeah.” He rubbed his neck, “Yeah, of course.” He sat up straighter to make room for me as I took a seat on his thigh. This wasn’t weird – I had actually done this many times before when we had a lot of people at the booth. Just not with Yoongi here.

“Thank you so much, I don’t know what I’d do.” I whispered into Hoseok’s ear flirtatiously right before I glanced at Yoongi. His eyes met mine, before he raised his eyebrows and returned to his phone in a bored manner. Oh, come on. This is ridiculous. Hoseok nodded quickly, his cheeks brushing against my nose as he smiled softly.

I’m sorry Hobi.

Taehyung’s ordered rounds came along with the waitress that Hoseok had previously flirted with. I tried not to look her in the eye because oh wow, that’s awkward but sadly she caught attention of ‘her man’. Her eyes lighted up for a second before landing on me and the position I was in, turning them into daggers as she squinted and quickly clicked away in her heels. The twelve drinks turned into only two as some took seconds – one being named Yoongi.

I thought you were driving? Dipshit.

“Who wants these? I’ll call the waitress over and get another round but… you know.” Taehyung tilted his head towards the shots, his hand already holding one.

“I will, I haven’t had one yet.” Reaching for one, my hand stopped, wheels turning in my mind. “Hey, Hobi…” A grin spread through my face, both of my hands now grabbing the last two. “You should have this one.” I placed it in front of him.

His jaw slacked, “No, no. You know I don’t drink. And I don’t as in I never.” He raised his hands defensively.

I moved my lips to his ear, “Oh please?” My vision wandered to Yoongi again, who was – finally – staring at me with a working jaw, “Come on. Just one, it’s only this one. It won’t do anything.” I placed mine into his hands and my fingers moved down to lightly wrap around his wrist and rub circles into it. “Just one.” I saw Taehyung’s eyebrow raise at me.

I’m sorry Hobi.

I’d never once seen Jung Hoseok drink a shot, let alone touch liquor, in the entire four years I had known him. He was the complete opposite of is best friend – Taehyung never missed a chance to get alcohol in his system. In a way I felt very concerned, since I didn’t know what would happen if Hoseok did end up getting drunk – I bet none of us did. His head tilted back and the drink was gone in a second, the clank of the glass following quickly after. The table stirred, everyone except Yoongi and Taehyung cheering on Hoseok.  I felt the skin beneath me flush, an embarrassed grin flooded his face.

Surprisingly, it was really easy to get Hobi to continue taking shots through-out the night. The first few were harder, but after there had been time to let the booze seep into his veins he loosened up. After every drink he took, Taehyung would shoot me a look of concern – and they only grew worse as the number went up. Yoongi had disappeared somewhere, claiming he had to go to the bathroom, but it’d been close to fifteen minutes.

“It’s really hot in here, huh?” Hoseok shifted under me, shrugging off his jacket.

“I’m sorry,” I awkwardly leaned away from him, “I can get off of you, there’s seats now. I’m probably not helping you out much.”

“No, no,” he grabbed my waist, stilling me, “you’re fine.” A blush crept down my neck, my shoulders shied into my body from the touch. His hands stayed there a second too long, before sliding down my body and resting by his legs. I distracted myself, my eyes surfing through the crowd in hopes of seeing someone I knew.


I spotted the tall figure leaning against a wall near the bar stools, talking to someone who was covered from view. I felt myself looking from person to person, each a stranger. Who exactly am I looking for? I wasn’t in the best shape, I had taken a shot or two more than Hoseok and was suddenly thankful that they didn’t have a high percentage or I would have been really wasted at this point.

“What’s wrong? You’re tense.” Taehyung asked, scooting over so he could sit directly in front of me. “Are you okay? You’re not really like yourself.”

My eyes met his, “Oh yeah, I’m fine. Just thinking about work.”

“Well don’t, it’s a night out with your friends.” He smiled as he rested his chin on his hands, “Don’t think of stressful things. Just enjoy yourself, okay?”

Easier said than done, “I will… Thank you Tae.” I grinned, trying to seem better. What am I even worried about?

“I’m going to find Namjoon or something, I’ll be right back though.” He pointed to nowhere, sliding out and leaving the booth. I looked around the table, seeing two other people – a girl and boy, whose names were Jongin and Kyrstal, I think – having a conversation amongst themselves.  Just Hoseok and I.

“Hey, did you mean that?” Hobi asked, tilting to side so he could look at me, “About being fine and everything?”

“Yes…?” I knitted my eyebrows together, only looking him for a second before adverting my eyes into the crowd.

There. Right there.

They landed on someone sitting on the bar stools, close to one the workers. His blonde hair was only visible for a second before being groped by a hand with long nails. The two were close for having a conversation – too close really, and I squinted, trying to see what was going on.

He’s making out with someone.

“Are you sure you’re sure?” Hoseok’s playfulness helped ease the sting of jealous that stabbed my chest. I looked cautiously at him, my head turning quickly so I couldn’t look at what was happening anymore. Why would he do that?

“Oh yes,” I tried not to grit my teeth; it was hard to breathe all of a sudden, “I’m positive. You wanna go dance or something? I’m getting bored.” Why am I freaking out? I knew he didn’t like me. I kept telling myself he didn’t and I still got let down. What the fuck is wrong with -

“I’ve been waiting for you to ask that,” He chuckled, his teeth on full display, “You never dance. This should be fun.”

“I have two left feet.” Breathing in, I began calming myself down again and I got up from his lap and slid from the booth as he followed closely behind, “Sorry about that.”

“You’re all good.” Laughing, he stood behind me, breath fanning across my neck, “I’ll help you.”

I led the way to where a mass of bodies were, passing by Yoongi. Our eyes met for a half a second, before the witch hands were back on him and I looked over just in time to see it was the waitress from earlier. Oh God, you should have seen that coming. The flashback of her glaring at me from earlier played in my head, and I only quickened my pace as I tugged Hobi behind me.

The music was much louder where everyone was, and the floor pounded against my feet to the beat. I blinked hard, swaying backwards into Hoseok as the last shot I had just taken finally hit me. He can have that slut anyways. Hoseok turned me around, a look of ‘hey, are you alright there friend’ flashing through his features.

Why should I care who he kisses?

I nodded a yes feverishly quick, my eyes finally focusing as I grabbed Hoseok by the neck and attached my mouth to his.

He doesn’t care who I kiss.

After a second of shock, he kissed back. It wasn’t like I had never had a rough make out session with someone before, but I was still taken aback from the dominance he held since the last couple of times I had kissed someone it was more… soft. Stop thinking about it.

It ended as quick as it had started, and only when I took a step back from him did I notice that he was just as drunk as I was. His pupils were blown up, lips slightly swollen from what had just happened, and his stance wavered. I look him over quickly, thinking, damn, he’s so much taller than me. I knew I wasn’t wearing the highest heels I owned, but I never knew that Hoseok was this tall. He was so soft spoken and even though his personality was big it wasn’t giant. I had always thought of his height like I thought of him – child-like.

A new song began through the speakers, making me come back to reality. “I love this song,” I shouted. It was a lie, of course. I don’t know what to say. He grinned, leaning back and bouncing to beat. It actually is hot in here. I bopped my head awkwardly, since I’d never really danced when we went out. You were always such a wimp. I wasn’t off beat, but I certainly didn’t have any tricks up my sleeve.  

Hoseok’s hands sneaked around waist, pulling me closer to him as his body kept moving in a steady rhythm. “I said I’d help you.” They traveled down to my hips that made them sway in time with his. Your dance classes really payed off. My own hands found themselves in many places. One snaked up his arm and then moved to the back of neck, while the other trailed up his torso before stopping near his heart and then going back down again.

With every beat we got closer and closer together, before barely anything was between us. His lips had gone to my jaw, sucking and biting wherever he could. My fingers threaded through his hair, tugging at the strands hard enough to made him groan sometimes.

We had turned throughout the dancing, leaving me to face Yoongi now. Oh yeah, he’s here. He turned just as I focused on him, his eyes shooting from mine to my neck and then Hoseok’s hands, before traveling back up almost squinting. That’s right. I could see him swallow, being turning back to whoever was sitting next to him now. Probably another girl.

The thought of that made my step falter, he doesn’t like you. “Hey, Hobi. Where’s your coat?” I tipped my head and spoke in ear, earning a questioning groan. “I don’t want you to lose it.”

He stepped back from me slightly, his hand coming up to my neck to rub a sore spot as he examined it, “S’at the booth,” his words were starting to slur, “Come with me, I don’na lose you.” He wrapped an arm around my waist, beginning to walk surprisingly steady for his condition. That’s so sweet of him… Something nothing Yoongi would never do.

Why am I comparing Hoseok to him?

We passed Yoongi, and I avoided eye contact though I could feel him burning holes into my back the entire time.  Reaching the booth, we met Taehyung and Hoseok sat down as he picked up his coat.

“I’m’a go to the bathroom.” I spoke into Hoseok’s ear, earning a nod, before I trudged off trying not to step on anyone’s feet.

After washing my hands, I stepped out of the restroom. So fucking hot in here. Looking to my left, I remembered the backdoor was right by the bathrooms, for the smokers. Sighing, I wove through a few people to find the exit to just step outside for a minute because my make up was about to melt off at this point. Pushing the door open and stepping outside, my breath hitched from the sudden temperature change. I hugged myself, closing the door as I leaned against the wall of the building. The music shook the walls and the smell of booze was overwhelming even out here.

“Hey, ar’you ditchin’ me?” A voice whispered into my ear before a hand clamped down on my mouth. I didn’t even hear the door open. I tried pushing the person away from me but they had wrapped their other one around both of my arms that hugged my chest. “Shh, s’just me. S’Hobi, don’t worry.” The hand removed itself from my mouth and wrapped around my chest like his other one, “Just wanted to spook you.”

The cold air and the sudden shock sobered me a touch, and I wasn’t as unsteady anymore. Why are we both outside? “Hoseok, let’s go back inside…” I started towards the door, shivering slightly.

“No, s’fine ri-i-ight here,” he sang, “not as many people, jus’us.” Pulling me back from the door he began further into the alley. “The music’s loud still.”

“But Hobi I’m cold.” I tried, still pushing against him. “S’chilly out -”

“You’re okay.” He huffed, stopping finally as he unwrapped his arms, “Isn’t it fun out’ere?” Grinning, he pushed me back up against the wall, towering over him. He grabbed my jaw, lifting it up as he leaned down and pinned me back with his hips.

I turned away, “No Hoseok,” I ducked into my shoulder, “Let’s go inside, right now.” You’re scaring me. The alcohol was rapidly leaving my system as this kept happening, my heart began pumping quicker the longer he kept cornering me. “Let’s find Taehyu-”

Hoseok’s hand returned to my mouth, “Where’d m’nickname go?” His hips dug me harder into the wall, “Just were saying, ‘Hobi’ a’sec ago.” I began feeling a hand at the hem of shirt, slipping under it and running it up my stomach, “N’you don’t feel cold.”

He’s not letting me leave.

The palm on my mouth barely let me breathe, let alone could I cry out. “Y’look nice in your skirt.” He whispered into my neck before he returned to the spot from earlier. I was too scared to move. I didn’t even know where I could go – he’d catch me before I could go anywhere. He’s just drunk, snap him out of it.

My mouth was finally uncovered, only for it to be again by Hoseok’s. The hand under my shirt traveled higher and pushed my bra over my breasts before it came back to grope one. I shivered from the coldness, and began wiggling underneath him to try and get out. I grabbed his shoulder’s attempting to push him away from me. This is useless. I began kicking my legs to try and shock him, but he only ended up spreading my feet far apart with his. His fingers began prodding at the waistband of my skirt, slipping into it.

Terrified, I shook my head fiercely, my fists punching his chest and his neck before he growled and grabbed them with one hand and kept them above my hand. My heart felt like it was going to rip out my chest – I didn’t know what to do. Finally his lips left mine to go to neck and I attempted screaming out but my throat was so tight it came out as a sob. A sob? I’m crying?

The finger’s left the waistband of my skirt to only touch my thigh and trail up my leg. “St-stop. Just-t stop.” I banged against him. “Let’s find Taehyung.” My vision wasn’t clear anymore, tears welled up in my eyes. His palm rubbed through my thong; my hips trashed while I tried to close my legs. It felt like that happened for hours, and I almost decided to give up since he wasn’t moving. I couldn’t move him. The tears from my eyes started streaming down my cheeks.

“What the fuck?” Someone shouted, and then Hoseok suddenly left my body and I heard a something hit the gravel. “What the fuck are you doing?” Thank you, thank you thank y-

I suddenly was on the ground too, my weight dropped down since the only thing that was holding me up before was Hoseok’s hips. I instinctively covered my hands, sobbing into my hands as I curled into a ball in the dirt.

“Shit, shit, shit…” Taehyung’s voice came closer to me, “Y/N are you okay? What – I –“His voice cracked as he leaned down tried sitting me up. Once I was in his arms I fell against him and hid my face in his chest as I heard another string of profanities from… Yoongi?  

“Hey, hey. Shh, please calm down – it’s okay, you’re okay. It’s safe now, I’m here.” Tae soothingly rubbed my back as he tried helping me up. “I’m taking you home… Hey! I’m driving her back!” He shouted behind us. “We’ll get your stuff, you’re going to be all good, I promise.”

He’s crying.

I don’t remember the ride home. I only remember walking the steps up to my apartment with Taehyung’s help and closing the door behind us as he kept saying soothing things. He didn’t push for anything. From there he took me straight to the bathroom, telling me to take a shower and try and relax in the water. Taehyung left me in the bathroom sobbing, his face a mixture of sadness and hatred. Ripping my clothes off, I threw myself into the bathtub; quickly turning to turn on the shower head.

I didn’t stand up – either because I didn’t want to or if I didn’t know if I could, I don’t know. I sat under the streaming water, crying still but not as much. I don’t know how long I was in or how long I was going to stay in there for. The initial shock of it was finally gone. It’s done, it’s over. Taehyung came for you – helped you. My heart slowed down along with my breathing. So did Yoongi, he came for you. He - A sob wrecked my body.

He doesn’t like you.

My bathroom door opened, closing with a click, “Y/N?”

“Tae-Taehyung?” I tried stiffing my weeping. Why did that make you cry again? “Is that you?”

“It’s… It’s Yoongi.” Why are you making me cry again? “I’m sorry if you wanted Taehyung. He just left. I have your stuff, I went inside and picked it up.” His voice was hoarse, like he had been screaming.

“No,” I sniffled, “it’s not disappointing me.” I reached for a bar of soap, fumbling with it in my hands. “Were… were you just screaming now?”

“You bet.” Sad humor rippled through the words, “I also busted my knuckles pretty bad beating the shit out of him.”

That only made the sob I was holding back come through, my hands abandoning the soap as they hugged my knees, “I’m sorry. I’m so, so fucking sorry this is all my fault.” I leaned against the tile. Why did you do all this? You’re so stupid, this is exactly why he doesn’t like y-

“Why are you saying sorry?” Yoongi’s voice cracked, “Why would you ever say sorry for that? Because of my knuckles? They’ll heal, I did that on my own. That was for you -”

“No not for your knuckles!” I wept, “I did this on purpose, this is all my fault.”

He was silent for a minute as my sobs filled the room, the sound of water not even being able to dull them. “You purposely made him molest you?”

“Wh-what? No! No, that’s not… that’s not what I mean.”

“Then what do you mean?” I was expecting his voice to be angry, annoyed – disgusted. “Please tell me.” His voice was soft instead, careful like he was going to break me. You’re worn-down.

After finally catching my breath, I started, “I mean, as in, I-I wanted him to be all ‘up on me’. I know he doesn’t dr-drink and I made him t-take shots so he’d be like that…” Stop hiccuping, Jesus Christ.

“Why?” Yoongi asked, but I didn’t answer.

“Why?” He asked again.

“Because…” I hiccuped, “I really wanted to.” Just tell him, it’s now or never. “Because I really wanted to makeyoujealous.” My last words shot out and I hid my face in-between my knees even though we couldn’t see each other.

“You wanted to make me what?” Peeking out I saw his silhouette sit down next to the tub. “Just spit it out.”


Instead of replying, I heard him sigh. You fucking blew it. I reached for the soap near my feet, beginning to try and clean myself as best as I could from my position. At least you’re not crying anymore. At least you’re not lying anymore. At least it’s just… out there. Thoughts kept racing through my mind. Please say something – anything. I placed the bar on the soap tray, and my finger’s went to my hair and I fingered through it.

“I’m dying.”

“What…?” I asked, freezing.

“I’m dying. I have cancer.” He spoke softly, but the words seemed to crush the room. “It’s all in my pancreas. We didn’t catch it early on.” The shadow of his head dipped, hands coming up to run through his hair. “It’s only… what, maybe two years? If I’m lucky. I’m actually lucky my hair hasn’t fallen out yet or -”

“Why are you telling me this?” I rubbed my face, “Why did you bring this up to me?”

“The reason,” I could barely hear him over the water, “the reason I came here – why Jimin got so upset about me leaving – is because I went to the doctor and after that I left a voice-mail for my family and left town. I… I don’t know why I left. I couldn’t stay. The doctor told me that since it was late it’d be a slim chance that I’d live. And to hell if I’m going to just sit in a chemo room all day when I know I’ll probably die.

“He also told me to try and spend my days doing stuff I love. ‘Live life to your fullest’, he said, and then I was out the door. It’s not like I had anything here when I came – and that’s why I chose it. I could forget that I a chronic patient, and no one would know, either. I could be myself again.”

“I still don’t know why you’re saying this all.” I reached for the curtain, only my head peeking around so I could look at him. “Out of everyone, you tell me?” He looked at me, his shoulders slumping.

“He said to do things I love. That I enjoy. Do something that makes me happy.” Yoongi shook his head, shifting towards the wall so he could lean against it and still look at me. “That also means being with people that make me happy, that I enjoy.”

“That you love?” My own voice was so small, but he heard it and a small smile took his lips as he nodded.

“I was trying to think of a way to say it better, but, after tonight…” His gaze shifted to the floor, hands clasping together, “I guess it was something to say to you other than, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘it’s okay’, you know? And when you said you were trying to make me jealous – oh, that made the icing on the cake.” He tried to laugh.

“You know, what I said a couple weeks ago about wanting to spend time with you was true,” his eyes looked into mine, “At first I was really needing a place to stay – but honestly, how do you think I wear these nice of clothes and own that car?” I bit my tongue; my cheeks lifted, “I could really spend the night at Taehyung’s if I wanted. I could even afford my own place.”

“So you’re a freeloader?”

“…Yes? But I have a good reason.” Smiling, his ears turned red.

“And what would that be?”

His expression evened out as he looked at me again, fingers carefully raising from his side to brush a strand of soaking hair behind my ear, before it retracted.

“I can’t get enough of you.”

The Bookshop That Has (Almost) Everything

fun fact this is loosely based on a real bookshop I once found somewhere in greenwich idk exactly where it is but if ever find urself around the area look out for it its v cute and v tiny

summary: Phil works at a bookshop. Dan buys a book one day, and, in a ploy to see Phil, keeps returning with more and more obscure requests so Phil has to spend more time searching. After Dan leaves with ‘cactus maintenance: a memoir’, Phil starts to suspect something’s up.

words: 7.3k


“Look,” Phil sighs when he catches sight of the book Dan’s clutching today. “I know there’s a very good chance you keep cacti and you just wanna maintain them and it’s probably wrong of me to assume otherwise, but-…can I ask you something?”

Dan gulps, putting the book titled “Cactus Maintenance: A Memoir” down on the counter.

“Do you actually need half of the books you come in here for?” he asks softly. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s a good chance you might actually ride motorcycles, study bricklaying, want to know more about frogspawn or- you know, wanna look after your cacti, but…” he shrugs. “I don’t know. It’s just- um, you’re the first person I’ve met that, you know, buys one book every single day. When do you get time to read them all?”



Graveland’s Books is the kind of place you’d only come across if you were either very bored, very desperate, or very lost.

It hides on the tail end of an alleyway just behind the village market, and the gnarled wooden beams, the glass oil lanterns lining either side of the aged brickwork and the rusty bronze bell hanging above the door would fool anyone into thinking they’d just stepped out of 2016 and into the 18th century. If it wasn’t for the mobile phone shop sitting directly opposite, of course.

It’s not big in size, with a staff room and an office the size of a postage stamp upstairs and just about enough room to fit two free standing bookshelves in the middle of the shop, but books spill into every single crack. Stacks and stacks of fiction and history and travel and biographies narrow the aisles between the shelves, and it’s all too easy to trip over a random pile of books in the middle of the floor when you’re not concentrating properly.

But, for a job running along the sidelines of university, Phil enjoys it. He’d certainly rather spend his time flicking through a story about a cursed mushroom than stack supermarket shelves and deal with obnoxious co-workers, anyway.

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chrichardrachtle  asked:

Hi! First of all, I would really like to thank you for every single bit you have written for this fandom, you're amazing. I don't know if you take prompts right now, but there's one that has stuck with me over the years and since you're my favorite fanfic writer it would mean so much if you wrote it! Here it is; setup/countdown takes place after 47 seconds. Again thanks for everything! Love, Emma

He’s so stiff against her, his arm like a vise around her shoulders, his chest like a board beneath her cheek, and she doesn’t believe it’s all wholly from the cold.

“Castle?” she calls, her voice raspy, trembling through the ice in her lungs, up the chilled hollow of her throat. “You still there?”

“Yeah, I’m right - right here,” he answers with chattering teeth, and at least he’s still shivering, still feeling enough to shake. 

She stopped trembling quite a while ago.

Kate attempts a breath, does her best to open her eyes that continue to fall closed, and uses what little strength she has to lift her hand from his chest, touch her fingers to his chin.

There’s so much she wants to say, but it’s been so different between them lately, so devastating, and he’s made it clear that whatever they once had, whatever chance they had at becoming more, is gone. But she refuses to die with words unspoken, to sin by silence - as he’d not so subtly accused her of - even as it burns to scrape the confessions out of her mouth.

“Thank you. For being there,” she rasps, the slow beat of her heart exalting for a brief moment when his head bows ever so slightly, his lips grazing the frozen tips of her fingers.

The pressure of his arm around her increases just a little more and she hums in approval. “Always.” 

And the sound of that word - their word - one she honestly never expected to hear again, not from him, has a small chunk of the ice encasing her heart melting away, allowing it a little extra time to continue beating.

“I just want - need you to know how much I love you.”

His entire body shudders beneath her and then he’s shifting, tugging her in closer. 

“W-what?” he gets out, one of his hands rising to her face, stroking at her cheek, and she fights so hard to feel it, to stay awake for it, but she’s fading too quickly.

“Love. You,” she manages, the encrusted ice coating her lashes weighing down her eyelids, but she forces another blink, has to see the crisp blues of his eyes staring down at her, the bitter shade of grey she had become so used to softening into the cerulean she’d so greatly missed. The way he’s looking at her now the only source of warmth she has left. “Missed you. Love you.”

“Oh, Kate,” he rasps, his hand clumsy at her cheek, his lips useless at her forehead. “You def-definitely can’t pass out on me now.”

She hums, but her eyes are falling closed, sleep so near-

Castle’s mouth touches her, his chapped lips scraping against hers, the heat of his tongue sparking at her bottom lip. And it has her neck aching, cracking, but she lifts her head, parts her lips, and mm, for a moment, gentle frissons of heat and clarity thawing away some of the ice. 

But not enough.

“Come on, Kate,” he mumbles, his lips brushing hers as he speaks, his breath a fraction warmer, burning her cold lips. “Stay with me this time.”

She tries to press in closer, but - but it’s all black and heavy and she can’t see anything anymore.

“Kate, open your eyes. Please, I - I love you too. You know I love you. You have to-”

“Good silver lining,” she mumbles, drifting off against his shoulder. “Not - so bad like this.”

And it isn’t, being allowed to remain curled against him in the snow, to fade slowly into the warm darkness with his love in her ear. Better than the bullet she would have expected to kill her at its next chance.

His cheek hits the top of her head, the last thing she feels, and she sighs out a final breath of contentment.


He emerges from the ambulance with a matching blanket around his shoulders and she manages a smile for him, unsure of how much he remembers from the freezer, if karma has come for her and erased her love from his mind as she had done with his a near year ago. 

But despite the hypothermia she knows he’s suffering from, Castle strides up to her with purpose, the blanket slipping from his shoulders once he reaches her and lifts his hands to her face.

Kate breathes a sigh of relief into his mouth when he kisses her, no preamble or hesitation, only the certain press of his lips spreading heat through the chilled parts of her. 

He reluctantly pulls back at the whistles from Ryan and Esposito, but Beckett arches on her toes, swallows his quiet groan as she sucks on his upper lip. 

“You really love me,” he mumbles, staining the statement against her lips, question and awe in his voice, and Kate nods her head. 

“Yes,” she breathes, opening her eyes to see into the ones looking down at her. “Wasn’t just a deathbed confession.”

“Neither was mine,” he murmurs, narrowing his gaze on her as his thumbs stroke along her cheeks. “I love you too, Kate.”

Her mouth spreads into a smile that she seals to his, one of her hands abandoning the clutch of her blanket to cup the back of his neck-

“Hey, lovebirds,” Fallon calls with a snap of his fingers and Beckett sighs, presses a final kiss to the corner of Castle’s mouth before descending back to the balls of her feet. “Hate to interrupt the celebration of survival here, but we’ve got work to do.”

“After,” Castle whispers, his hands slipping down to her shoulders, squeezing warmth into her stiff bones.

“After,” she echoes, splaying her hands at his sides and biting down on her bottom lip to conceal the smirk curling there. “Won’t ever let you feel cold again while you’re with me.”

Lovely embers of heat spark through his eyes and Castle leans in to push a hard kiss to her mouth. 

“Thank god we lived.”

She breathes a laugh against his lips before she draws back, steals his hand from her shoulder and twines their fingers, grateful for the warmth, the ability to feel the fit of his hand in hers and the flame that travels through her veins, heating her blood. 

“Hurry, Beckett,” he murmurs, dragging her along with him towards Agent Fallon. “The quicker we save the city, the quicker you get to warm me up.”

A Christmas Tradition (Trixya) ~River

Summary: Which half of your OTP starts Christmas morning by casually leaning in the kitchen doorway reading a book, acting like they don’t know there’s mistletoe right above their head, and which half walks past them while mumbling sleepily “Your book is upside down”

A/N: Just a quick fic that I wrote last night!! It’s been a while since I’ve written something so I hope you all like it!! Don’t forget to leave a comment telling me what you think!!

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fic: this is the golden age (of something good and right and real) 

summary: immortals!au in which they fall in love in 1961, fall apart in 1965, and fall again in 2015. 

word count: 10.1k

warnings: the usual swearing/sex, vague descriptions of PTSD, somewhat detailed descriptions of war violence, implied character death 

a/n: WHAT?!?!?!? CALISTA WROTE A ONE SHOT?!?! SAY IT AIN’T SO!! as always s/o to the other half of team sugar spice and everything nice, megan slimeboyhowell for cheering me on and letting me headcanon abt hot Marine phil at odd hours of the morning <33 i was gonna make a playlist for this but nobody ever listens to those, so i come bearing two wonderful songs for u to listen to that remind me of this fic: the song from the title, state of grace (acoustic) by taylor swift + forever and ever amen by the drums

They’re unabashedly in love in the biting New York frost of the winter of 1964, one month before Phil leaves for Vietnam.

Dan is twenty-three and already established as a photographer at The New York Post; Phil teaches English and Art History to thirteen and fourteen year olds at Astor Country Day on the Upper East Side. Their apartment (their, their, their, he loves reminding himself of the sharedness, even now) in the Village is cluttered with scattered mementos of their three years together, photographs framing bare skin, cheap photo booth strips, notes signed with hesitant x’s and drenched in cologne, brochures from the Van Gogh exhibition at the MoMA from the year before. It’s big enough for the two of them to hole themselves in from the tenacious hum of the city below, to hide them from eyes that linger too long on their clasped hands and twin smiles, to last on artist salaries.

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so i finally finished this, i’m so sorry for the wait and i’m super excited for you to read it! hello, @ackermanss it’s your hq!! secret santa and i’m so happy that you were my recipient and i wish you all the best with this upcoming year, and it was an absolute pleasure to chat with you, you lovely person :D 

i wrote this small iwaoi one-shot for you, and i hope that you enjoy it as much as i had fun writing it (even if it’s not as festive as i would have loved it to be ;_;) have a wonderful, wonderful end of december, and good luck with everything! :D

“What a beautiful night.”

Iwaizumi looked to his right. He was met with a pair of eyes as brown as the hair that came with it, and they sharpened when they noticed him staring. He looked away before they cut him.

He stayed silent, letting the cool breeze ruffle through his short hair.

“Tired of the festivities?” The voice came again.

He tapped a finger against the marble ledge. “This is a private balcony.”

The man laughed, and Iwaizumi couldn’t help but steal a quick glance out of the corner of his vision. The soft curls bounced on his crown, and they seemed to be incensed by that crystalline laugh. He was relieved those eyes were closed while he chortled.

“I’ll be sure to tell anyone who tries to come in,” the man smiled.

Iwaizumi supposed it was his own fault, that he had dismissed the guards outside his room. There was a small moment of concern that pricked him for a second- the realization that this man could have accessed anything in his private office without obstruction. Maybe he’d go back inside just to find several official documents swiped off his desk.

The man moved closer, and Iwaizumi let out a soft breath when he felt the gaze on him intensify.

“It’ll be harder to leave undetected than it was to come in,” he spoke plainly.

The man waved a hand airily. “Who says I’ll be leaving?”

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Practice - Tony Stark/Bucky Barnes (Part 1)

Originally posted by ofjfuentes

Originally posted by chelseigh

N/A: Okay, sorry that I made you guys wait, but I decided to rewrite everything… But tcham-ram! It’s here (part 1 bc I wrote too much butI don’t know if part 2 it’s really good) Anyway, sweetie, I hope that I did something right here.


It was another night with the famous Tony Stark party, that was always full of important guests and people who were eager to receive the billionaire invitation. But it did not matter to the Avengers, after years of being forced to have to put up with this kind of social event, they now knew with which people were comfortable to sit and talk. And after a few hours socializing with many people, the heroes finally have the tower just for them. Sitting on the huge sofas and on the floor around the coffee table, they talked excitedly as they drank.

“Tony, where’s your model friend that you talked too much about?”

Sam raised an eyebrow, sipping a beer in his hand while the rest of the group looked at the billionaire who shook his head. Everyone were anxious to meet the woman who had captured Tony Stark to the point of even trying to protect her from the others while they were together, but now that they were just friends - and because others were disturbing him wanting to know exactly who she was - he decided it was the best time to present her. So deciding not to answer the question and keep quiet, Tony took the glass to his lips, trying to control his own mind that was already wandering in the memories he had with the girl.

She arched her back, tilting her head back while pulling the sheets when she closed her hands searching for something to hold. Tony continued to give attention where she needed more, putting his mouth to the most delicious work while his eyes kept watching her reactions. He had not imagined that his name could be so exciting to hear coming out of someone’s mouth like that. When her hands went to his hair and she began to move her hips against his lips, Tony knew she was close to her second orgasm.

“Tony, please… I need now.” She whispered hoarse, trying to control her moans and get away from his agile tongue.

“Whatever you want, honey.” He whispered against the skin of her thigh, leaving a path of kisses while he adjusted above her.

“So I want it hard.” She smiled still breathless, her hands automatically going toward his back and digging her nails when she felt him penetrates her at once, making she moan loudly his name and throw her head back.

“You. Look. So. Beautiful. Moaning. My. Name.” Tony grunted one word with each hard thrust, smirking while his free hand pressed and stroked each part of her body he could.

Soon both were lost amid the moans and the bed creaking noise due to the force that he wore, the sweat leaving the bodies of both more sensitive to each bite and scratch. They moved in sync and slowly, despite the force that was used,  the intention was to save every detail before finally have the so needed orgasm. Red lips parted while moaning, again and again, his name; cheeks flushed with the effort, the nails digging into his shoulders and the way she twisted her body toward him whenever reached her sensitive spot… She was really a sweet fantasy that he would always remember when-

“Tony, wake up!” Clint’s voice shouted at the billionaire’s ear, making him blink a few times before realize that once again his friends were laughing at him.

“What?” He arched an eyebrow, putting the empty glass on the table before straightening his hair.

“Your friend is coming.” Steven kindly said, pointing toward the elevator.

“Oh damn it.” Tony muttered under his breath, rising from where he was once the elevator doors opened.

You took a deep breath as you entered the elevator, you felt anxious to arrive after the official party was over, but you were grateful that you didn’t need to deal with Tony’s guests. Fame was your choice, you loved being a model of a major brand like Victoria’s Secret, but it was really annoying the way that most people reacted around you due to the status “angel of lingerie.” So it was really relaxing to have people like Tony Stark in your life, you could be yourself without worrying whether you would be judged, even more because he was your first passion and he accompanied you grow as a professional.

“Welcome, Miss (L / N). Mr. Stark’s waiting for you in the common room. ” the AI reported as soon as the elevator finally stopped, but did not open immediately the door and you took a deep breath “ I would like to add that you do not need to be nervous, everyone is happy to finally meet you.”

But before you could say thanks, the lift door opened, so you just came out slowly and smiled relieved to see Tony approaching quickly to embrace you fondly. He left a kiss on your forehead and offered an arm to lead you to the sofa where the rest of the avengers were. Of course, you already knew who they were and by the perplexed expressions, ignoring Natasha smirk - because you secretly met her long ago - they also knew who you were.

“We’re finally getting to know Tony famous friend.” Sam was the first to approach, reaching out his hand toward you which you shook slightly as you smiled in response “Nice to meet you, I think you already know who’s who, right? ”

“Yes, I know. Nice to officially meet you.” You giggled, approaching Natasha and greeting her with a kiss on the cheek before sitting between her and Wanda while Tony looked confused “ I already know this beautiful, beloved redhead. ”

“Oh yes, the best way to know someone is to find her sleeping in your bed while wearing just a lingerie.” Natasha shrugged, drinking her beer to hide a smile at the curious stares of the boys “This story is for another day. ”

“Finally! How long will you be around New York?” Tony gave you a small bottle of wine and you chuckled, already taking a sip before answering.

“For a long time, I decided to take a vacation.” You shrugged, feeling the eyes on you but soon Clint and Natasha raised their bottles after looking at each other.

“We voted for you to stay here!” They said in unison and making your eyes widen a bit.

“As you can see is already decided, (Y / N).” the billionaire shrugged laughing and suddenly a busy chat conversation started between the group to decide what would be done now that you were there.

What would be only a one month vacation became two and then you noticed that the avengers had welcomed you as part of the family. With a room just for you near Natasha and Wanda, you quickly became the golden trio - to Tony sadness, as he always was the target of your jokes. Soon you returned to work, but after much prodding, you stayed with them. If it was strange? Of course,  that world was not yours, but then you realized that they needed a bit of reality of someone who remembered that life was much more than all their missions.

You started training with Clint and Natasha in your free time after he discovered your interest in archery and because Natasha said it would keep you fit at the same time teach you to defend yourself. You loved talking to Steve about music and compare things from his time with the present. Wanda was officially your younger sister that you took to your heart and soul, you could not see yourself without her in your life. Sam was your new friend to laugh and talk nonsense whenever you could comment about celebrities and he loved to hear the gossips of your work. And you quickly noticed that when he was not in the party spirit, Tony could spend days in the lab, in his little scientific world building or thinking about new inventions, smiling with every creation done well and then lost in thought until he reached the objective. This resulted in your concern to always remember him to leave that room to breathe clean air. But then there was another person who lived in that tower, someone who made your knees tremble slightly as much as you put your decided model pose.

And you learned that if Tony Stark was your first passion, Bucky Barnes was your first true love.

The first time you saw him was the day after your arrival, or being more specific: you slept after drinking too much, someone took you to a room and then you woke up with a loud noise of something falling to the ground. When you got up slowly while mumbling about your headache, you found a pair of blue eyes staring at you amused. You did not scream scared nor he reacted negatively, exchanging a polite ‘good morning’ you turned to the other side and went back to sleep while Bucky closed the door carefully to not wake you up again - then he went towards Steve room to ask who was the angel sleeping in his bed.

From there you made a little interact, compared to others. He was always a gentleman and always offered help when he noticed that you needed something, you always exchanged smiles when you saw each other and when there was a joke in the group your eyes would always connect. It could not be something just in your head, you had a harmonious chemistry, it was comfortable sitting beside him. It was not just the main good guy of a Hollywood movie, but by the way his blue eyes sparkled when something interested him, as he tried to contain his smile or laugh before finally relax and enjoy, the way he would take his hair over his face, the way he walked and how he frowned whenever he was focused on something…

“You’re staring again.” Wanda hissed in your ear, making you look away from Bucky’s direction and look towards her, biting your lower lip shyly after being caught in the act “Relax, no one noticed.”

“Okay, okay! (Y / N) is your turn! ” Sam caught the attention of both of you, you took a deep breath while looking to Sam, Tony, Natasha, Steve, Clint and Wanda “ Truth or dare? ”

“Truth…?” You scratched your neck with a shrug, so far your truths were being quiet and you had a slight fear of choosing a dare from those people there.

“Hohoho. I know you and Tony were friends with benefits, but it is true that you already make out while you were doing a photo shoot?” Sam raised his eyebrows while Clint tapped his fingers on the table waiting for your answer, but your reaction was to look at Tony, scowling.

“Hey, I didn’t say anything!” the billionaire raised his hands in defense.

“Tell everything!” You shook your head in disbelief that you had fallen again and took a deep breath.

“True, we had agreed to go out but the photo shoot ended late and then it just happened…” you let the sentence die and chuckled, your eyes going discretely toward Bucky but he wasn’t sitting at the bar counter as before .

“Just happened? You pulled me into the small closet of your dressing room and everything after that was very intense! ” Tony pointed toward you, pretending to be offended and you slapped his hand “But I must confess that your dress was beautiful. ”

“Okay, enough. Too much information.” you got up from the floor, laughing incredulously at the direction of the conversation “I’m going to sleep, guys. See you tomorrow.”

Still Into You

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Relationship:Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: Spencer looks back on his relationship with Y/N right before he does something he should have done years ago. Inspired by “Still Into You” by Paramore.

Requested By: Anonymous

Notes: This is kinda different than how I usually write. Italics are all flashbacks. I’m curious about how this one will go over. Sorry for any weirdness? I wrote this after not sleeping for 18 hours. Probably going to bed as soon as I post this. Hope you enjoy!

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Sorry if is too much I wrote this in a time when Joon wasnt getting much love.

Dear Namjoon
I hope this letter can find a way to you.
I can’t really puts the right words to say everything to make you smile so I will try my best.
Here goes nothing
When I got the chance to hear Bts I was feeling numbat any music , every music felt grey they wouldn’t make me feel anything until I get to you guys, you light up the colors I couldn’t see at that time.
But now even if I adore BTS that’s not the reason why I’m writing this or why I want you to read this, if you got the chance.
I’m writing this because I cannot be at peace with myself because the most amazing person in the world is having a bad moment and I can’t let that happen.

You always find a way to make me smile, you manage to make it seem like not everything is lost in this world, I can count on your voice can bring me back my happiness.I know that there are moments that get you down, that you can be overwhelmed with the situation, on your own dreams or the time that takes to do something, how can hurt from the inside, but please believe in the people who believe in you.
I know sometimes can be really hard, let me see that warm shiny smile of yours let us listen to you even if is hard even if is to heavy to handle, you are not alone Kim Namjoon.
If you don’t fill that great, think of us as the stars even in the middle of the day, we are still there even if you can’t really see us. Or like the particles that you can see only when a ray of sunshine hit them.

We are there we are waiting for you, supporting you, loving and adoring the things you do, how you can fall and get up.
I will be fighting for you, Kim Namjoon
Even if you can’t hear me, I will sing the words you had written, those words that my heart have been screaming for so long.

You never stop, Why would I stop now?
You had been strong for me, for the fans, you used your voice with all your heart until it hurt, you understood how I felt and I’m not stopping until you get to be happy.
You are the most extraordinary person I have ever seen, you are the stars I saw at night, the reason I dare to dream.

You are here to do amazing things Kim Namjoon, remember that.

With a ton of love, a helpless fangirl.


151013 happy birthday to this little cinnamon roll

honestly no words can describe how perfect and beautiful you are as an idol as well as a person. thank you for entering my life and making it x62938732 better than it originally was, constantly filling my day with your beautiful smiles. there are so many more things i would want to tell you but most importantly, i want to thank you for being who you are and staying true to your roots. i pray to god that he would bless you with ever ending love and care and that you would stay healthy mentally and physically. i sincerely hope you achieve all of your dreams and goals in life. as much as you have inspired me to persevere and achieve my own goals, i wish that you would feel motivated by armys’ encouragement and love and live your life to the fullest. seeing how much you train yourself to improve your singing and dancing truly motivates me. i just want you to know that you are perfect just the way you are and just so lovable and beautiful. thank you for existing, park jimin.

happy birthday chimchim

Request: Hellooo, do you do Crowley x Reader fics? Dom!Reader (girl) and an unwillingly sub!Crowley? (Cause everyone knows Crowley isn’t submissive lol)

Word Count: 1,168

Pairing: Dom!Reader x Crowley, but near the end its fluffy kinda.

Warnings: SMUT, SMUT, SMUT (Along with dirty talk and all that), mentions of being drunk and I think that’s it?

A/N: I’m not sure if I wrote this right, but I hope I did. And I hope its okay I made Crowley and Reader bf and gf in this. Hope you like it and sorry if it sucks been a stressful day.


“Crowley, when will you be home?” You asked with rush on the phone. “About 30 minutes, why is everything okay?” He asked nervously, just the thought of you hurt tore him apart. “Um..yes. I just have some stuff to show you…so please hurry.” You mumbled into the phone while looking and holding up at the chains you got from a sex toy shop in your hands along with handcuffs. “See you in 30, darlin’.” And then he hung up.

You sat on the couch nervously waiting for him to come home. You never let Crowley see your dominate side, but you couldn’t wait any longer. It was killing you and waiting to see his reaction was killing you too, not to help you were drunk out of your mind so you weren’t thinking straight either. The door opening cut off your thoughts as you looked up and saw a confused Crowley, realizing what you had laying on the couch.

“What’s this?” he asked, holding up the chain along with handcuffs. “Um- that’s the things I got to show you. I went to a sex shop, and I got tons of stuff for us to use.” You mumbled, heart racing at just the thought of tying him up and taking charge. “Have you been drinking?” “Maybe just a little, okay maybe a lot.” You laughed, trying to stand up but you wobbled and fell back on the couch. “Come on babe it’d be fun, you’d get to see the true me..atleast in bed.” He looked nervous, like he wasn’t sure if this was a good idea or not. Crowley has always seemed to be that badass, I’ll do whatever you want type but really he was just a soft, lover. He didn’t like the idea of hurting you in any kind of way, or the idea of you hurting him by accident then taking blame for it but he figured he’d give it a try.

“We can try, whatever makes you happy.” He faked smiled, feeling his stomach twist in knots has he took your hand and helped you to the bedroom. He laid on the bed while you fiddled with the chains and leaned the whip and handcuffs against the bed. Right when Crowley saw the whip and neck brace thing hooked to the chain, he got even more nervous, terrified actually. “Darling, are you sure you want to do this?” He asked, hopping you’d say no. “Fuck yes, it’d be hot. You’re my king baby, and I wanna show you it.” You smirked, tying him up with the chains to the bed. “I am your king?” “My one and only.” He smiled at your words, but it still didn’t help how terrified he was. Maybe it’d make him happier if you two were in a different situation than right now.

“Alrighty, let me put your handcuffs on” You placed the handcuffs over his hands and pulled it tightly, making sure there was no way for them to slip off. “Damn, that’s tight.” He said shakily, looking at the lock. “Gotta make sure you’re in my control, right?” “Sure..”


You guys were getting ready to do it until you picked up your whip and noticed the fear in Crowleys eyes, the first time you ever saw fear in his eyes ever. “What’s wrong?” you asked, putting the whip down and sitting next to him. “I-I don’t know if I can do this..” he sighed, leaning his head down so he wouldn’t have to see the disappointed look on your face. “Why not, talk to me babe.” You said quietly, running your hand on his chest in a comfort way. “I don’t want to hurt you, and I don’t want you to accidentally hurt me then blame yourself for it. Also you’re drunk, this might not be what you want in your right state in mind, but maybe just cause you’re drunk. I’d rather have you fully alerted and yourself then have you do this then regret it later.” He said with a broken tone, looking up at you with worry. You could tell he was serious, and that he really cared about your feelings and choices. You gave him a soft smile and took the handcuffs off, untied him and took the neck brace off. He rubbed his wrists and neck then laid them on the floor. “Come lay in bed with me.” He whispered, moving over so you’d have a spot to sit.

“I missed you so much today, you know that?” He said, leaving soft kisses on your neck. “I missed you too, my king.” You smiled, leaning your head on his head as he kept kissing up and down. “Just cause we can’t have dominate sex doesn’t mean we can’t have it at all, love.” He said, placing his hand on your left breast and squeezing it softly, making you moan softly under his touch. You ran your hand down to the front of his boxers and ran your fingertips over his hard member, making him growl and suck on your neck, massaging your breasts with his big hands. “Already hard for me?” you said under your breath while stroking it. “Just the thought of you makes me hard.” He mumbled, kissing down your chest and pulling your pants off slowly while you pulled his boxers off. He bit down on the lace of your panties and pulled them off slowly, then kissed back up your thighs while you ran your fingers in his hair. He rubbed you softly, making you lean your head back and moan. “Fuck Crowley, you keep going this slow you’re going to kill me.” You whined, tugging on his hair. “You know what I want you to say, 5 words and I’m all yours kitten.” “I need you insi- ohh” you moaned, arching your back while he put a finger in and curled it. “Sorry, what was that?” he smiled, knowing it’d work. “I need you inside me.” And that’s all it took. He pushed inside you while you moved to make it more comfortable and it just went exactly how you both liked it. By 5 minutes you were both out of breath, laying on the bed sticky and in each others arms.

“God I love you.” You said softly, laying your head on his chest and running your fingertips over his chest. “I love you too, my queen.”

BTS Reaction: Falling for a writer

Thank you so much for your request and for your compliments, I’m very happy you’ve liked it so far and I hope you continue to enjoy my work <3 Unfortunately I saw this going numerous ways, either having BTS fall for a writer they don’t know, or falling for their S/O that is a writer. I took the second route, so I really hope I got it right for you! Further requests and feedback can be sent here. <3


“Wow, this is amazing, Y/N… I loved everything about it.”
Jungkook adored how you wrote and lost yourself in your writing, and while he had already gotten used to using art as his outlet, he’d embraced all of your worlds so much he’d transform your stories into comics and in the merge of your arts, you found each other.


“Oh jagiya, you look so beautiful when you write.”
Jin would love that you wrote and would often ask you to read your work out loud, however I don’t see him losing himself in your art as much as he’d just lose himself in you. He loved how elegant you looked in the middle of the night, your face lit up by the screen of your computer, frustrated with your brows furrowed, silently typing not to wake him up. There was something very elegant about the way your fingertips slid across the keyboard - and Jin loved every second of it.


“Is he inspired by me? He seems as cool as me.”
This guy will not get that you’re writing fiction. He’d keep trying to figure out how you’d linked the worlds together and it wasn’t until you wrote a story about a girl and a boy in the early stages of love that he had found a direct link to the real world. When he read how you’d described the fictive characters, somehow aligning perfectly with you and him, he’d feel as if he could burst of love, realizing how he could exist in all the different worlds you created.


“I hope you don’t mind, but I printed copies of it and gave it to my family and the guys and my friend Jisoo and my…”
Hoseok adored your writing and would always praise you and brag about you to his friends. He’d worry if your stories turned dark, and he’d be happy if they stayed light, worrying that – although it’s fiction – they would tell him something about yourself. He’d love the way you looked when you wrote, always being torn between admiring you from a distance as you were, or giving in to the temptation and taking you in. When he came home after practice and saw you still sitting on your laptop, scratching your head and sighing, he’d rush over and kiss you, embracing you as you let out a smile. “Forget that world for a minute, yeah?”


“I can relate so much to his story, I don’t know how you even worded it like that.”
This guy loved that you wrote, he felt as if it was in those moments that you shone the brightest. He saw how happy it made you, losing yourself in a world different from the one we live in, and he’d often ask to join you on whichever adventure you were going to take. He’d lay down next to you and listen to all your blabbering about different concepts and different stories, smiling as he realized how much he loved you, just like that.


This guy wouldn’t embrace your art as much as he’d just embrace that the both of you enjoyed something similar. He loved writing raps and although he strayed from fiction and you lived in it, he loved how the two of you could merge. He’d ask you to join him in the studio, having you sit on the couch as he sat by the equipment and the two of you worked in silence. Silence only broken by shy stares from Yoongi that’d turn to nervous laughter as you caught him looking.
“You’re just so beautiful right now.”


“Are you kidding me? How could you end it like that? Y/N, say there’s a sequel? What the fuck am I supposed to do know?”
This guy would read every single thing you did, every draft, every finished story, everything. When you’d first told him that you wrote his eyes went so wide of joy. He’d feel as if him losing himself in your art would be a symbol of his love towards you, so Taehyung dedicated a lot of his time to reading your work, bringing it on tour and everywhere else.
“She reminds me of you, this girl in the story.”
“Yeah, and he reminds me of me. It’s like our story. Y/N is this our story? Oh God, I love you.”

Prince!Luke 4

Title: Avoidance

Pairing: Luke Hemmings x Reader

Warning: Smut-ish (Only in the beginning. If you don’t want to read it, skip over the bold/italics)

Additional Comments: This came really quickly because I was really into writing this weekend. Either way, I’m trying a different point of view. I don’t know how this will work, so just bare with me. Also idk if I wrote the smut part the right way but I sure hope so (let me know if it wasn’t good and I’ll work on it)

Additional Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Luke POV

I never intended it to happen but she just stood there with her perfect smile, gazing at me. And I gazed back, as if she was my whole world. How could you expect me not to ask when I knew she was my everything?

The sound of crickets echoed around us as we stood together, trying to take in everything all at once.

Her lips molded against mine and she hung onto my face, our lips keeping us afloat. She rubbed her hands along the side of my face and I could tell she loved the way my stubble felt on her skin. 

She bit my lip lightly as she stroked my jaw and I moaned softly, yet I didn't pull her into me as I had so desperately wanted. I let her guide, afraid that I would lose her if I tried to dominate. I felt like I was melting under her touch, and I didn't care who she was in that instant. It only mattered the way her delicate lips felt against mine.

My hands went to her waist and I pulled her lightly towards my body. She didn't shy away, instead she deepened the kiss. I knew then my life was over. She had such a pull on me that even her hands caressing my jaw made me want to scream. 

Her hands moved from my stubble to my neck and instead of pulling away like I should have, I found myself pulling her closer, trying to fuse us into one being. Her lips went from my face to beneath my earlobe. 

My breath caught in my throat as she kissed me softly and I backed us up towards a tree. Her lips clasped against my skin and as she sucked ever so gently, I felt my hand tighten against her waist. When she nibbled at my neck, my hands went from over her shirt to rubbing the sides of her bare skin.

I knew that if anyone were to catch us, we would be tried for treason but that didn’t seem to effect me as much as it should have. So instead of pulling us apart, I encourage us with my hands finding themselves just a little too close to her breasts.

She moaned the moment my fingertips made contact with her and I could feel my back tighten against the tree. I began to massage her in my hands and she stopped kissing my neck and laid her head on my shoulder. She whimpered quietly as I grabbed tightly at them, squeezing hard enough to make her moan and then all of a sudden I was the one being pleasured. 

She took my hands from under her shirt and put them behind my back. I ignored the fact that I could have easily moved them when Y/n let her hands trail down my stomach on the outside of my shirt. Her lips were on my neck again and she sucked my skin as her hands went past the waistband of my pants and onto the outside of my underwear.

I could feel her hand over me and she gave me a small kiss. She then moved her head and started kissing my right side, as her right hand rubbed at the stubble and her left was underneath the fabric of my pants. 

The combination of her rubbing my stubble and palming me from the outside of my underwear caused my to whimper. 

I could feel her smile into my neck and then in the next moment, her finger nails were dragging themselves over my jaw and she squeezed me in her hand quickly and forcefully. My back arched against the trunk of the tree and I moaned her name loudly.

“Do you like that Luke?” She asked still holding me in her hands.

I nodded briefly, melting into her touch and then I felt her release me.

I gazed down in to her y/color/eyes and she smirked up at me, her newly found confidence made me whimper again, my eyes closing. “Do you?” She spoke softly.

“Yes,” I moaned desperately.

I opened my eyes to the sun shining in my room and my hand on the outside of my underwear.

I looked around, searching for the dark forest, searching for Y/n. But she was no where, as it was my room and no trees grew there. I sighed, unhappily, yearning to have Y/n’s touch again.

I took my hand off of myself and stared. I regretted distancing myself last night. She must think I don’t like her. She must think I’m a creep for following her into the wood. She must think a lot of things, and none of them good.

There was a knock on the door and a yell from Gwen, my maid.

“Prince. You need to get up. The King and Queen wish to know if you are coming to breakfast.”

I groaned. If I went then I would have to see Y/n. And I wasn’t looking forward to explaining anything to anyone especially in front of my parents.

“Gwen,” I said speaking softly but loud enough to be heard through the door, “I don’t feel so good. Do you think you can bring me up some toast?”

I knew she would get worried, “Are you alright? Do you want me to call the physician?”

“No, I’ll manage. I think I just need a day’s rest.”

I assume she left to get me breakfast and so I sighed once more, not for the last time, and daydreamed about Y/n beside me.

That was how I spent my week. I would dream of Y/n, not always so physically, usually doing everyday things except with me. And then I would find excuses to stay in my room, under my covers and away from Jack and Y/n. I learned a great deal about governing from the books in my room.

Around the 4th day, there was a knock on my door.

“I’m really not feeling well Gwen. Do you think you could get me some coffee.” 

There was silence and so I returned to my book about battle tactics. I didn’t even glance up when the door opened.

It was silent, and I continued to read, “2 splashes of cream and 4 spoons of sugar.”

It was silent, and I stretched out my hand, waiting for the cup to be placed in my hand. At the first sound of the spoon hitting the cup I smelled roses and vanilla overpower the smell of coffee. I closed my eyes knowing well who stood beside me. 

I had been smelling her scent every time I dreamed. Every daydream I had was of her. Every touch I yearned for belonged to her. I had been seeing her eyes every time I closed mine. And I knew when I opened them, she would be standing right beside my holding my coffee like I had once dreamt.

I opened them slowly and set my book down.

Y/n stood there, a sweet smile on her face as she held my coffee.

“Good morning Princess.”

“Good morning my love,” she cooed and set the drink in my hands.

I smiled up at her and she leaned down to kiss me.

Her soft lips lifted away from mine and she gazed down, lovingly, “I wanted to see how you were feeling.”

“Better now that you’re here.”

She smiled shyly at me, which caused me to smile as well.


I looked up into her eyes and then saw her, drink-less and motioning for me to sit up. As soon as my back lost contact of my pillows, her delicate, yet powerful, hands came to fluff my pillows. I shifted myself up and then she handed my coffee.

“Good afternoon Luke.”

“Afternoon already?”

She nodded and then found a seat on my bed, beside my long legs, and I became all too aware that I was not wearing pants underneath the covers.

“I came to see how you’re doing.”

“Fine, thank you.”

She frowned at my bluntness and I sighed, not wanting to upset her, “My apologies Princess. I didn’t mean to be so rude. I am just so tired of being sick.”

Her hand rested on mine and she smiled her lovely smile again, “I told you that you can call me Y/n.”

I moved my hand away to hold my cup steady, and tried to not kill myself for making her frown, “I do not want to overstep our boundaries Princess.”

“The ‘boundaries’ between us are practically non-existent.”

I sighed, “The boundaries are very noticeable, Princess, and I can’t help but think of them each time I think of you.”

“Let’s ignore them then,” she said simple a small smiled dancing on her lips and I shifted around as I had to stop every part of me from reacting to her, “I don’t think I can. Not with you.”

She was quiet and I looked up from my coffee to see her gazing at her feet.

“My apologies Princess. I don’t mean to upset you so often, I just don’t believe that we should carry this on. For one thing, we’ve only spoken one day the entire time of your duration of your stay.”

She looked at me coldly, completely different from everything I had been imagining since I had met her, “I came to see how you were. I would have been concerned with your health regardless of our interactions.”

I could feel myself tremble softly, and I hid my guilt as I drank from my cup.

She stood up abruptly and smoothed out the skirt of her blue dress, “I’ll be taking my leave then Prince.”

I nodded and then set my cup down as she walked out.

Before she closed the door I heard the voice of my brother.

“Y/n! I need you to answer a few questions about the wedding.”

As the door shut, I was reminded of my place.

I waited for what seemed like forever, to ensure that neither Y/n nor Jack could hear. I picked up my white cup and hurled it and it’s liquid against the wall opposite of my bed. I grabbed the next closest thing, my battle tactics book, and chucked it at the white doors that confined me. I ripped the covers off my body and began to throw things about, yelling and screaming silently.

The door opened and I looked towards it, gasping for air, only to see Gwen gazing at me wildly.

“My Prince!”

I picked up the candle on the floor next to my stand and set it up the brown wood.


She still stood there, frightened, “Yes?”

“How long have these envelopes been here?” I asked, my hand clasping around a wade of cream sealed paper.

“I’ve been leaving them there every morning since you got sick. I assumed they were for your princely duties and I did not wish to exhaust you while you were ill.”

I groaned and opened one up.

“Dear Luke,
I’d like to thank you for reigniting my passion for writing …”

 “Gwen, do you mind stepping out?”

“I came to inform you that your family requests your presence at dinner tonight.”

“If I feel like going then I will,” I said coldly before Gwen shut the door and I was left alone with my letters.

“Dear Luke,
       I’d like to thank you for reigniting my passion for writing. I’ve been confined in my room as you have, only for selfish reasons. I’ve begun writing a novel of a daring young maid who saves the kingdom from its enemies. I assume it won’t be popular, however I hope that you will find an interest in it. Of course, I will let you be the first to read it once it is finished. However, you may be the only person to ever read it.
       I understand that we haven’t spoken much and I know that isn’t something that should be built off of what we have between us. So I have brought it on myself to write these letters to you. I hope that you will find time, while you are recovering, to write back. I figured I would tell you about myself and you would tell me about you.
With Love,
P.S. Thank you for everything last night.”

I let myself fall onto my messy bed and I sighed loudly. I figured that the rest of the letters contained things about herself, things that would bring us closer. And yet, I couldn’t allow myself to read them in that moment. I knew they would contain less and less as they continued. She probably assumed that I wasn’t replying for a reason. And with my comment earlier, I knew she must know that I hadn’t read them.

I glanced around the room at the mess I had made and groaned. I didn’t want to leave it for Gwen to pick up and so I set to work trying to clean as much as I could. When I was done, I sat at my desk with my back to the door. I grabbed a fresh piece of paper and began to write a response to Y/n’s first letter.

“Dear Princess,
I have just found your letters to me sitting on my stand. I regret my words. I did not mean to hurt you in any way. I hope that you will take these following letters into consideration as an apology.
I think that it is a wonderful idea to share things about ourselves. I truly look forward to learning more about you and who you are as a person.
Prince Luke
P.S. I’d like to thank you for everything that happened that night in the woods.”

And so I wrote letters in response to every single note from Y/n. I watched as my “Princess” and “Sincerely”’s subconsciously became “Y/n” and “Love”.

We shared secrets and stories and moment that we cherished. I learned about her embarrassing moments like the time she had been convinced that her father was a dragon mutant. And I learned amazing things as well. She told me about how she had been trained to fight, in secret, once she had started going out riding alone. She told me small things too, like her favorite food and color and what she dreamed about. 

But I also learned about the big things too. She elaborated her desire to pursue writing. In fact, she said that she would trade her crown in to run away with only her horse and her journal. I found everything she wrote to be captivating and amazing.

My daydreams, throughout the writing and reading, didn’t subside. Instead I found myself wishing to be beside her at night, as she rode her horse. I wanted to be there to comfort her when she felt anything but happiness. I began to imagine my daily life with Y/n. 

No longer did I pretend that we could wake up together. There was no more dreams of her doting on me. They were replaced by small actions like hugging and comforting and taking care of her. I wished only to make her happy, and I found myself wanting to do anything possible to see her smile.

It was dark outside my windows when I had finally finished. I knew I had missed dinner and it didn’t bother me at all. I hid the stack of letters in one of my drawers and locked it. I put a pair of pants on and a fresh shirt before grabbing my replies and heading out the door to deliver them to Y/n.

Part 5

anonymous asked:

I think some fans might believe that when Gillian wrote" it just wasn't meant to be" she wanted to tell us that she's not with David or maybe the broke up because it was not meant to be. But it's so far stretched I can't believe I actually wrote it. I believe she truly meant that she and Pharell weren't meant to be because on the photo she's pointing a ring on her hand and this tbt was meant to be cute remark about old pic and nothing else. Not everything is about us.

I don’t think anyone seriously took that tweet as a message for us, in a way or another. I hope not! I think you’re right, anon.

I’mma Give It To You Girl, Right Now.

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Featuring: BTS, All members
Genre: Smut
By: Admin S 

Short drabbles inspired by THIS post. I saw it, and it stuck in my head until I wrote it. I suggest that you look at it first before reading the drabbles…or somehow have the post open as you read. Hope you all enjoy~

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Perfect boyfriend

Title: Perfect boyfriend

Request: can you write a one shot where its like the classic “insecure reader” thing (you know what i mean right) but the roles are switched and dean is the insecure one and y/n is the hella confident one? xx

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 1028

Warnings: insecure Dean, suicide attempt, depression, anxiety, cursing, self hate, etc.

A/N: so i wrote the one shot and loved it, then my laptop shut off and i lost everything i wrote so i wrote it again and it’s not as good as the first but i still hope you guys like this, i’m sorry it turned out so angsty but it really hit close to home and i pored my heart out on this. you are all beautiful. please remember that. i love you all so much. xx

requests and/or feedback here.

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A Little Something About Her Song

Anon: "The song was about you.” Harry/y/n Please 💕💕

I am so sorry that this took so long to put up. But I hope it’s okay!


For the past couple of nights, it seemed as though Harry had disappeared. What made Y/N even more suspicious was the fact that he always had his journal with him. It was attached to his hip more than usual and something didn’t sit right with Y/N about that. 

The first night, she just assumed he was writing some personal notes and reminders; he wrote just about everything in that leather bound book. The second night he tucked himself away in his study until the wee hours of the morning; she thought he must have been working on writing a new song and he was feeling so inspired that he couldn’t stop writing until he’d perfected whatever it was he was composing. The third night he said he had to run a few errands after he went to the gym and he took his journal with him again. What he was going to be able to write while he was running, Y/N didn’t know; but then again, she thought, maybe he had a list for his errands scribbled inside. The fourth night he said he had to go to the studio and when Y/N asked him why, he said it was because Julian was in town and he wanted to show Harry a song.

The fifth night, tonight, Harry had gone out to the pub with the lads. Where was his journal? It was on the bedside table, mocking her. Y/N knew she shouldn’t do it; she knew she shouldn’t go through Harry’s journal. If it was him, she knew he wouldn’t go through her’s. Because he wrote in it so often and because he trusted that Y/N wouldn’t read it, he always kept it on top of his bedside table in plain sight. Curiosity to take a peek inside had never even stricken her until now and she was itching with interest to see what he’d been working on that he was so secretive about. She was only nosy because he was being so hushed about it; normally he didn’t mind sharing some of what he’d written if he wanted to, but now his lips were sealed and he had thrown away the key.

“No,” Y/N told herself. “These are his private thoughts and I can’t betray his trust like that.” Y/N walked out of the bedroom, down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Food,” she thought, “that should be a good distraction.” Y/N found a snack, pita chips and hummus, and decided to spend the rest of her night on the couch, watching some reality show that would probably be better off not being spewed across the airwaves.

After about half an hour of sitting and staring mindlessly at the tv, Y/N  started digging around her space on the couch and patting her pockets, searching for her phone. Remembering she left it upstairs to charge, Y/N made her way back up to the bedroom and there it was: that book that was practically screaming ‘Read me! Read me!’. Staring intently, she contemplated whether or not she should just read it and get it over with or if she should just wait for Harry to come forward and reveal whatever it was he was keeping hidden. Then Y/N’s head got the best of her. What if it was something bad? Something he didn’t want her to know about and would eventually hurt her with?

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Lonely Fire

Marco tells Tom a deep, important secret about his childhood.

“Friendenemies” has been one of those things that you didn’t know you needed until they actually happen.
It was just so beautiful.
So, naturally, I had to ruin everything with a cheesy, edgy-ish one-shot.
I wrote this trash right after the premiere of the episode, so it’s a bit of a mess (more than usual at least).
It takes place right after the end of the episode and looked much better in my head than it does on “paper”.
Yes, even the title.

Hope you enjoy!

Also on FanFiction.net.

Marco was by far used to most of the supernatural accidents he was usually unfortunate enough to bump into.
But it’s not like he had any other choice: when your roommate is a magical princess from another dimension, it’s more about surviving than a routine.

However, seeing his once-dead hero, martial artist and movie star Mackie Hand, kicking some serious butt, was an unique sight even for him.
The boy was just sitting there on the sidewalk, enjoying some cereal, his eyes glued on his undead, zombified idol, as he literally threw his ribs as if they were shuriken, easily getting rid of a bunch of goofy security guards who were clearly not paid enough for that.

“This is so much better than the movie marathon!” Marco thought, enthusiastically.

Indeed, it was like watching one of his favorite karate movies, ironically just outside of the movie theater marathoning the undead warrior’s filmography he was supposed to attend to that night. He was staring in awe at Hand’s extremely well-coordinated moves and was so involved into the action that he almost forgot that we wasn’t witnessing that mistake of nature alone.

“Wow, you were right! This guy’s for real.”

Tom the demon was sitting next to Marco, eating cereal from his own bowl (a rather mundane food choice considering that he’s the Prince of the Underworld) with all three eyes devoted to the zombie movie star roundhouse kicking whoever tried to attack him.
He looked genuinely invested by the karate-brawl in front of them.

“Yeah! I told you!” Marco proudly stated, chewing the root-beer flavored corn.

As much as he was happy that the demon was into his favorite kind of movies, that didn’t really change his overall opinion on him, especially considering how they got there in the first place: because of Tom’s lies and manipulations. Marco honestly believed that the three-eyed boy wanted to spend some time with him, as a way of making up for the terrible behavior he had in their past encounters (both to him and, perhaps most importantly, Star), so he gave him the benefit of the doubt. Predictably, however, it was all just a ruse, a way to pass some kind of anger-management test set up by the Prince’s life-coach Brian, with Marco being necessary to said “anger exam” as he apparently was Tom’s “most hated person”.

And for Marco, friendship wasn’t something you could just lie about so easily.

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Victor Zsasz x Reader- Sweet Confessions (fluff)

I wrote this for @aya-fay after she sent me a fluff request for ‘Victor Zsasz finds out you have a crush on him’

Im sorry its so OOC but my darling Aya-Fay deserves this right now <3 I hope you like it my dear friend. You’re amazing

No warnings- Pure fluff

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