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Summer Holidays: ReggiexReader! Oneshot

hey guys, just a quick lil fluffy oneshot I wrote about Reggie! I’m not really sure if I like this one, but I just wanted to write something kinda cute. If anyone has any prompts, please send them to my ask, though I can’t promise I will write them all!

Summary: Reggie x (Y/N) Flufffff.

(This gif is NOT mine. Credit to @joeck for this beautiful Zach Dempsey gif. Obv I’m aware its not Reggie, but I think it fits this oneshot so wellllllll.)

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Inspired by @florbe-triz‘s comic!

I blame Florbe for this!

I think it’s been a while since I last did a TeruMob comic. I got an artblock and almost didn’t want to finish it, but I pushed through and here we are! While working on this, I could feel my mood to draw slowly coming back, which is good! Next week will be the long weekend for me! I have a holiday from Thursday to Sunday!! YEY! Hopefully I can finish anything productive during that time! :”D

Also, I hope you like it~! <3

anonymous asked:

Hi! What are your favourite dramione fics of all time?

I don’t really like to pick favorites, but some I have really loved include;

Simply Irresistible by bookworm1993
Draco gave a cocky grin. “I am going to give you a makeover.” “I’m sorry what?” “You heard me Granger, I’m going to give you a makeover that will make every man want you,and make Weasley die of regret. You will be simply irresistible.”

The Grotto by @slytherinbunney (dramione)
During the wedding of their friends, can Draco and Hermione put their past behind long enough to discover each other?  Explicit one shot (but not PWP).  Everything I want in a dramione in one, delicious place.

Reverse by: Lady Moonglow Hermione is unexpectedly swept into a dystopian world of opposites where Dumbledore reigns as Dark Lord and Muggle technology and the Dark Arts have revolutionized Britain. A Light wizard resistance led by Tom Riddle and the Malfoys has been left to a nightmarish fate. Can Hermione, posing as her darker incarnation, help save a world more shattered than her own? (possibly abandoned)

Hospital Stay by @unknown-authoressDraco Malfoy is in the hospital. Hermione Granger is his Healer. Light fluffiness to make a bad day better.

Queen of Heaven by riptey Draco’s only friend in prison is a spider, and its venom causes hallucinations of Hermione. The only problem is that Dream Hermione keeps insisting she’s real.

The 50 Reasons I Hate Hermione Granger by Kiska King by Draco Malfoy

I cheated and only read the last 2 chapters because I am claustrophobic, but if you are not, you should read Five Days by @raviesnake

Sucks for Smith by RavieSnake “I, on the other hand, was paired with a young, fiery little number. I hope she enjoys long holidays in the Caribbean and naming children after constellations, because she’ll be doing both in less than six weeks,’ he said as he peered greedily down at the parchment.“ Ah, the old marriage law trope…but slightly different. Oneshot. EWE.

Thirty Saturdays by karc Draco Malfoy woke up. This would normally be a great thing if he wasn’t waking up to the same day, everyday, for the past thirty days. Post-Hogwarts. DM/HG (possibly abandoned)

Out of Mind by galfoy By all appearances, Hermione Granger runs a successful bookshop, lives a happy life, and wants for nothing. However, when a person from her past starts asking uncomfortable questions, Hermione realizes that things are never as they appear.

Bus Stop by Marmalade Fever Every morning, Draco and Hermione meet at the bus stop. A romance revolving around an umbrella.

Ghosts by Rizzle ( @andgladly​)  Five years after the end of Voldemort and Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy is out of Azkaban and is a shell of his former self. Hermione Granger is doing her best, but she has demons of her own to deal with.  (Love in the Time of the Zombie Apocolypse is also great but I’m way behind on it.)

The Malaria Visions by galfoy Hermione has a series of vivid dreams about Draco Malfoy after taking anti-malarial medication. Can she reconcile the real Draco with the one she sees when she sleeps?

Grey by @savvyshka One morning, Hermione woke up to a grey world. Literally. All the colours were gone, washed out for good. AU. Drama. Romance. Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger.

Taming Granger by @jayciethings If there was one thing Draco excelled at, it was plotting. Granger didn’t stand a chance.

Hey kids! Quick author announcement: thanks so much for reading! We’ve made it to the end of part i, which is utter madness. My life has changed a bunch since I started working on Mimon and it’s about to start changing a bunch again. (But, with any luck, in a direction that will let me start prioritising the comic more!) The last page of part i has coincided with the same week I finish up the dregs of my studies, and so to celebrate I’m taking a couple of weeks off to drive around Scotland with my roommate. We’ll be up and running again on Monday the 19th of June, but until then, I’ll just say this: thank you so much to everyone who has supported this project, whether you’ve been following it since I first started posting sketches in late 2015, or if you stumbled across it yesterday. This is one of the first independent projects I’ve ever committed to, and it means a lot that anyone would take time out of their day to read it. The support I’ve received has been wonderful and overwhelming, and I only hope I don’t let you all down in future. See you all soon, kiss ur pets for me!

Ride Me Baby *Part Two* (Harry Styles Mature Mini Series)

Originally posted by tmlnsn

Hiya guys, so a lot of you have been requesting a part 2 of this story and wanting to know where it goes from there, so I decided to start this as a mini series, but ill let you guys give me the feedback first before I continue on. This is going to be a very explicit series so you have been warned. But without further of due, lets get into it! I hope you guys enjoy it, -K

Word Count: 2,978

Harry’s POV
Its coming up to mine and Y/N’s 3 year anniversary, and I have decided to surprise her with a holiday away to Bora Bora for a week or so, I’m so excited to tell her what I have planned. She has always wanted to go there and with me making Dunkirk and writing my solo album we didn’t have time to do anything for our anniversary last year. So to make up for last year I think this will be perfect!
I was sitting in our newly furnished kitchen at the island trying to figure out what I wanna order us for dinner. Y/N Is so indecisive when it comes to anything let alone food so its so hard to know what she wants to eat. Maybe ill wait until she comes home. Just as that thought came through my head I heard the creak of the front door opening and her heels clicking against the tiled floor. “Harry?” “Kitchen” As I heard her set her purse on the side table I heard her enter the kitchen making me look up. “Baby girl” “Hey” Her face started to blush as she made her way over to me. I love the way she blushes every single time I call her that. She is my baby girl. “How was your press day?” She is promoting a new campaign with PETA, ‘I Would Rather Be Naked Than Wear Fur’ which is an amazing organisation that makes people aware of animals being killed for fashion. I’m so proud of her for making her fame into something to raise awareness for, one of the main reasons I love her. “Yeah it was good, just going over the same questions over and over and over, gets very boring but I’m glad its over” She sighed as she took off her cardigan, folding it neatly to put on top of the island. “Im proud of you baby, press days are always the worst though” Giving her a tiny pout. She giggled a little at my facial expression and walked over to the sink. “Where is my kiss hello?” “Sorry I was thirsty” She again giggled as she made her way over to me. I took her hand pulling her towards me, opening my legs for her to stand between them. “Missed you today” She whispered as she inched closer for a quick peck. “Well your home now” kissing her on her forehead I looked at her in awe. “So I have something for you” “Okay…” She replied with hesitation in her voice. “So you know the way its our anniversary next week?” “Yeah” I pushed her a little for me to get up, making my way over to my coat. “Well last years anniversary was a bust, you know that. So what better way to celebrate basically two years this year than to do something amazing” I took the envelope out of my coat pocket and made my way over to her. “Here, happy anniversary baby” I handed her the envelope and giving her a kiss. “Harry thank you” Her hand grasped the envelope looking down at it. “What is it?” “Well open it and see” Her fingers quickly ripped open the paper to find two plane tickets. “What.. This isn’t.. No way Harry!” Her face immediately lights up towards mine with the biggest beautiful smile that I know and love. “Were staying in Bora Bora for a week, you deserve it” “Oh my god Harry this is too much” Her hands started to shake, so cute. “Y/N your deserve everything and more. You’ve been so understanding this last year when I wasn’t around much and finding it so stressful and hard. But you made it so much better and being there for me when I needed you, and putting your life on hold for me, that really means a lot” I said looking down at her. “I love you so much Harry you have no idea” She draped her arms around my shoulders playing with my curls at the nape of my neck. Her hands then pulled my face into hers, kissing her so deeply, so passionate. “I love you so much” I whispered as I pulled away. I started kissing all over her face and she began to laugh uncontrollably. I pulled her waist into mine as she started to get weak in the knees with her laughter. My favourite sound. “So shall we go pack?”

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"The Valentine's Day Card "

Note: Literally came up with this idea at like 2 in the morning, wrote it like a month ago. Hope you enjoy.

Request/Summary: A seventh year student decides to send the Potions Master a Valentine’s Day card.

Originally posted by nuestramejorhistoria

Lockhart had to be your least favourite teacher and Valentine’s day your least favourite holiday. So when Lockhart decided to have dumb little cupids running about Hogwarts delivering messages you couldn’t have been more annoyed.

“So, are you going to send anyone a message via cupid?” Percy Weasley asked as he sat down beside you in Alchemy.

Percy and the Weasley twins had been your friends even though you were in Slytherin.

“Actually, I do have someone in mind. As it’s my last year here, I plan to go out with a bang.” You chuckled.

“Oh gosh, sounds like you’ve been spending too much time with the twins.” Percy said rolling his eyes.

“Well, I’ll tell you this, it’s not going to be a musical message to whomever I send one to.” You smiled at the thought of a musical message for the person you were sending a card to.

“Are you going to share who you’re sending one to?” Percy seemed pretty interested at this point.

“I’d prefer not to disclose all information.” You said as a cupid walked by.

You grabbed the cupid whispered in his year and handed him the pink card you had made earlier. “Make sure it’s completely anonymous!” You yell as the cupid walked away. He nodded and kept walking.

As class started you couldn’t help but wait to see the man’s reaction when he received the card in the middle of class.

“I hate advanced potions! Why do I let you talk me into taking it.” Percy was once again sitting beside you.

“Because you’re very easy to persuade Mr. Weasley.” You replied with a taunting voice.

Class started and Snape went on in his usual way, criticising every student he could, expect for you, he never seemed to bother you much. Probably because he knew you had a love for potion making and could do it quite easily.

Just as Snape was in the middle of scolding some Gryffindor the door to the classroom swung open. Three little cupids walked in. Two went on to the students and sung their piece while the third went up to Snape and handed him a card.

“From anonymous sir. Happy valentines day you dark love bird!” The cupid said happily and skipped out of the room.

Snape’s face had turned a fiery red and you could barely hold back your laughter. Snape went back into his supply room nearly sprinting.

“Did you send Snape a Valentine?!” Percy gave you a confused look.

“Indeed I did.” You said smiling.

“Why? He’s a horrible person.” Percy said.

“I happen to like Snape, he, like everyone else deserves to feel like he is appreciated at some point. So shut up.” Your voice full of irritation.

Snape came back out of his supplies room and gave you a slight nod. He must have recognised your hand writing.

Percy didn’t speak to you the rest of class. He knew you were upset so he gave you your space.

After class had ended Snape told you to stay for a bit after class. You walked up to his desk and saw the familiar card, which was opened.

Snape began to read the writing in the card in his low voice “No one deserves to feel unloved or alone, especially on dumb holidays like Valentines. I don’t want to ruin your intimidating reputation professor, but you aren’t as scary as you think you are. You’re pretty awesome, in your own mysterious way sir. I hope you have a nice day.”

He looked at you as if he was going to ask a question.

“You’re welcome sir. I’m sorry if it made you uncomfortable…actually, no I’m not, people deserve to know they’re appreciated. Even if it is by some lousy student they can’t stand. You have helped shape me into the determined young woman I am today, you taught me that in life there will be people who know you can do better and won’t settle for anything less. You, sir, have taught me to never be satisfied with anything less than my best work.” You smiled and walked out of the classroom.

“Ms. Y/L/N, I don’t think you’re a lousy student. I find you to be more tolerable than any student I’ve had. However, if you tell anyone I said these words I will deny them.” He said in his cool tone but it seemed that he was almost smiling at you.

You smiled at him, “For what it’s worth professor, I like you and I do hope you become happy in life.”

Severus Snape watched you walk out the door, holding his first Valentine’s day card in his hands. He put the card in his locked drawer of his desk, he would cherish the letter for the remainder of his life. To most people Severus Snape was a hard man, even a cold man, but when he received his first Valentine’s day card he felt very touched. He would never admit to feeling that way, but deep down he felt that at least one person liked him for who he was, and maybe, just maybe he touched her life in a positive way.


Teen Wolf Season 5 Promo ;)


Happy Holidays my lovely followers! <3

The City of Love

Summary: During a well-deserved break from saving the world you realise on a night out in Paris that your feelings for your favourite super-soldier might not be as one-sided as you originally thought. They don’t call Paris the City of Love for nothing, right? 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warning: use of alcohol, tons of FLUFF

Words: 3182 (what happened there?)

A/N: First - no beta. All mistakes are my own. Second - Last year I went on a holiday to Paris with four of my closest friends. This story is based on what happened on one of our nights there. We had tons of fun and I hope it translates to this fanfic. Enjoy my lovelies! 

Tags: @buckyywiththegoodhair and @kapalaran ❤️ I’m also gonna tag @captain-rogers-beard because Mimi is amazing and tags me in all her awesome marvel fics. Now she can read some of my very poor attempts at Bucky fics. 🙈

Originally posted by thesazzerdazzer

Paris. The City of Love. You always envisioned yourself visiting this place with the love of your life, not necessarily married but in a happy and stable relationship at least. Just the two of you, on a romantic gateway. You would stay in a fancy hotel, go out on romantic dinners and strolls along the Seine, your lover’s strong arms securely wrapped around your waist, whispering sweet nothings into your ear while you’re watching the sunset and waiting for the Eiffel Tower to sparkle in the moonlight. Your daydream came to a sudden halt as Sam’s annoyed voice burst your happy bubble. “Give it back! You don’t even know how to use it, Frosty!”

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Meeting The Family

Modern AU

George Washington x Reader ft. kiddo hamilsquad

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Words: 1725

Warnings: Swearing, a bit cliche, kissing

Request: HI! Can I request a Christmas one with the dialouge number 2, and 26, with 18 and 19 for scenarios???? X’D WITH CHRIS/ GEORGE WASHINGTON PLEASE??? ILY

2: “Who keeps hanging all this damn mistletoe everywhere?” 


18: Getting stuck under the mistletoe

19: Christmas w/ Kids

A/N: I hope this is close to what you were looking for! I had a really fun time writing it. Thanks again for requesting! But I’m sorry guys that I haven’t been posting often lately. My immune system has like completely shut down, so I keep getting really sick. Sorry about that, but on a happier note…WE ARE 10 FOLLOWERS AWAY FROM 300! We’re really excited about this and want to do something special for it. I don’t know if anybody actually reads these notes, but please let us know if you’d like us to do an open ask time or really any kind of fun lil celebration thing with you guys. If we don’t hear anything then we’re probably not going to do it, but thank you lovelies! Hope your day is amazing and remember that holiday requests are open! I love ya’ll!

“Do you think they’ll like me?” You asked, nervously fidgeting your hands as you sat in your car on George’s driveway.

“Trust me, my kids will love you. They love anything that will listen to their crazy rants and stories.” George smiled reassuringly as he took your keys out of the ignition. “Come on, they can’t wait to meet you.”

You watched as George got out of the car and walked towards the porch of his house. You had been dating George for a while now and the holidays had finally rolled around. He had been begging for you to meet his many adopted children that he loved with all his heart. There wasn’t anything you had against meeting them, you were just deathly scared that they wouldn’t like you.

Unfortunately, when all the kids refused presents from Santa unless they could meet you, George put his foot down and set a date for you to come over. That date just so happened to be, Christmas Eve and Christmas day. That’s right, you could possibly be ruining one of their Christmas memories by just being there. This was a nightmare come to life.

“(Y/N)! Come on, I promise it won’t be that bad!” George called, beckoning you towards the door.

With one last deep calming breath, you marched over to him, adrenaline pumping through your veins.

“Okay, let’s do this.” You said, determined to make the best out of the situation.

George looked at you and smiled, taking your hand in his and squeezing it tightly. George took a deep breath before reaching for the doorknob. Little did you know that he was just as nervous as you were. He was completely panicked at the thought of the kids being too rambunctious for you to handle.

“Boys!” George called in the house as he opened the door.

There were a series of yells heard scattered across the house. This was followed by pounding footsteps coming from all directions. You squeezed George’s hand a little tighter as you saw them all run into the room one by one.

“Boys, this is (Y/N) (L/N). They’re the person you were so interested in meeting.” George smirked as the boys blushed at his words.

“We weren’t that interested!” One protested, his dark hair pulled in a tight ponytail.

“Mhm, sure…Anyways (Y/N), these are my boys.” He took his time introducing each of them and you weren’t sure if you were going to be able to remember all their names.

“It’s nice to meet you boys.” You smiled, all of them wearing shit eating grins.

“HAVE YOU HAD SEX WITH OUR DAD????” Alex screeched, running at you with excitement.

“DO YOU HAVE ANY KIDS???” John yelled, latching his arms around your waist.

“ARE YOU GOING TO MARRY OUR DAD???” Hercules’s voice boomed through the house loudly, especially for such a small boy.

“WILL YOU STAY FOREVER???” Laf jumped onto your back, nuzzling his face into your neck.

“OUR DAD KNOWS SANTA! DO YOU KNOW HIM TOO???” Thomas asked, his eyes flickering between you and George.

“DO YOU KNOW WHAT WE’RE GETTING FOR CHRISTMAS???” Aaron jumped over the other boys, hoping to gain your attention.

“I hope we don’t scare you away.” James said in between coughs, taking your hand that wasn’t holding George’s into his.

“BOYS!” George yelled, the boys stopped their flood of questions to look at him. “Enough with the ridiculous questions.” George sighed, thinking his kids had already scared you away.

“I don’t know if I can answer all those at once.” You giggled, looking at the rowdy boys around you. “Let me think…Yes we have and no I don’t have any kids. About the marriage thing, he’d have to ask first. I would stay forever if I could, Laf. Santa and I are freaking homies! I don’t know what you’re getting for Christmas, and no James, I don’t think you can scare me away.” They took in your answers, before they all took a deep breath to ask more questions.

“No more questions! You’ll have plenty of time to do that later! For now, let’s go make some dinner.” George said, ushering the boys towards the kitchen.

Without a word, they all began working in unison. You laughed, watching them take orders from George and and carrying them out with such precision. They were chopping vegetable and fruits, some were stirring pots or putting things in the oven. They were like little soldiers.

“What would you like me to do, General Washington?” You asked with a mock salute.

“No guest of mine is helping in the kitchen. Go sit down at the table, dinner will be done in a moment.” George pushed you towards the table that John and Alex were supposed to be setting.

“So, how old are you two?” You asked, taking a seat at the dining table.

“I’m eight and John is ten.” Alex said, folding the last of the napkins

“Are you all pretty close to your dad?” You asked, watching as their faces lit up at the mention of George.

“We spend a lot of time with our dad. He’s the one that got us all out of foster care and orphanages, we owe a lot to him.” John smiled at the memory.

“Did you hang them all up?” Thomas asked, walking into the room.

“Yeah we did.” Alex said, the three boys sharing a mischievous grin.

“What did you three do?” You raised an eyebrow at the suspicious boys.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” Thomas smirked, taking a seat next to you at the table. “I believe you will greatly appreciate it.”

Soon enough, everyone was seated around the table eating an amazing Christmas Eve dinner George and the boys had made. The boys watched and listened to you carefully the whole night. George had never brought someone home before, so there had to be something special about you.

“I think I’m going to catch Santa tonight.” Alex boasted, shoveling mountains of mashed potatoes into his mouth.

“I doubt you can catch Santa.” Aaron rolled his eyes.

“Oh yeah, why not?” Alex glared at him, holding his fork a bit tighter

“Because Santa’s not real, you idiot.” Aaron said smugly, half of the kids at the table looked up in shock.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN SANTA ISN’T REAL???” James screamed, tears beginning to well up in his eyes.

“Oh no…” You hear Hercules mutter, turning to glare at Aaron.

“James, uh…you see Santa…” George attempted, only to have more of the kids at the table begin to cry.

“Of course Santa is real!” You interject, signaling to George that you could handle this. “Santa works really hard to visit you kids each year. He’s probably getting his sleigh ready right now! But sometimes, to prove that a child’s faith in him can stay true, he tells other children to spread the word that he’s not real. All those who still have faith in him will never leave the nice list. Whenever someone tells you he’s not real, they’re actually testing you.”

“Really?” Thomas asked, his eyes puffy from crying.

“Trust me, Santa’s as real as you and me.” George said, smiling at how quickly you had turned the situation around. “Boys, go change into your PJs. (Y/N) and I will clean up the table and then we can watch some Christmas movie with you before bedtime.”

The boys looked at each other with smirks. They walked up the stairs and began laughing and giggling when they thought they were out of earshot.

“They’re up to something…” You trailed off, standing up to grab the dishes.

“They’re always up to something.” George chuckled, leading you back into the kitchen to wash the dishes.

After washing the dishes in comfortable silence, the two of you entered the living room to be met with a surprise. Every inch of the ceiling was covered in mistletoe. George looked around the room in shock while you tried to stifle your laugh.

“Who keeps hanging all this damn mistletoe everywhere?” George yelled, throwing his hands in the air.

“Keeps? Like this has happened multiple times?” You giggled at George’s pained expression.

“The boys kept trying to hang it everywhere before you came over.” George blushed.

“That’s cute, but I don’t know how to tell you this…” You trailed off, looking at the staircase behind George that was currently occupied by his kids.

“They’re too much for you aren’t they? I promise they’re not that bad, they were just really excited to meet you. Please, just hear me out on this.” George began to rant, the only thing that stopped it was your hand over his mouth.

“First off, I love the boys and their craziness. Secondly, I was going to tell you that we can’t break a Christmas tradition, it’ll bring us years of bad luck.” You smirked, pulling George close to you as the boys gasped in anticipation.

“Hm, well I don’t want to be a Scrooge.” George smiled, pulling you in for a light kiss.

The kiss was short and sweet, but then again there were all his kids behind you. As you pulled away, you could hear the excited cheers and almost whispers from the boys. George rolled his eyes, turning to watch them all run back up the stairs.

“I’m glad you like them. I’ve really wanted to combine the most important people in my life for a while.” George smiled, pulling you close to his side.

“I’m glad you forced me into this. I think this may be my best Christmas yet.” You put your head on his shoulder.

“Well, if you’d like, maybe this could be the first of many Christmases like this.” George suggested, his voice slightly nervous and strained.

“That’s an offer I’ll have to take.” You giggled, watching the boys peek around the corner to look at the two of you. “Besides, I don’t think I’d want to spend another holiday without you and your boys.”

Rent-a-Boyfriend™ Drabble

Read the original: Rent-a-Boyfriend™
Read more at Service Series

Words: 1.7k
Genre: Fluff. Lots of it. 
I know this fic is a favourite amongst all of you and though I don’t have any ideas for an entire sequel, I hope this will suffice. 

You’re scared for your life.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but you can’t call yourself over the top when Taehyung’s your boyfriend.

And recently you learnt how much he loves to celebrate holidays.

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anonymous asked:

Hey ladies! Hope you had a great Easter holiday. Was wondering if you know of any Sterek dancing fics. Either professional or stripper or just out dancing in a club. I read a great one the other day of them meeting in college while dancing in bar and got hooked. Thanks :)

  ….I may have gotten a little carried away with this.  lol  -Emmy

Originally posted by gabbythegiraffe

We Held Fast by GotTheSilver 

(1,439 I Explicit I Complete)  *boyfriends fluff

Because apparently Derek Hale can slow dance.

On the Right Track by HalfFizzbin

(1,577 I Teen I Complete)   *party dancing

Stiles is stuck on a broken-down train instead of dancing with Lydia at a swanky New Year’s Eve party, which sucks. OR DOES IT?

(Basic premise blatantly ripped off from Boy Meets World 3x10, “Train of Fools.”)

The Panty Thief by bleep0bleep 

(2,725 I Explicit I Complete)  *stripper!stiles and stripper!derek

Stiles undulates, slowly unzipping the leather crop top, teasing the crowd with a peek at his nipples, and finally he shrugs out of it, glancing coquettishly over his shoulder.
He falters and misses a step.
What? Why is Derek sitting in the audience? In the front row, too?
Stiles recovers quickly, getting right back into the dance. Fine. Derek wants to be a customer?
Stiles can play.

Grind on Me by pyrodaggers

(2,960 I Teen I Complete)  *party dancing

Lydia forces Stiles to go to a black light party. She says it will loosen him up.
Stiles bumps into Derek and well…shit happens.

Turn Me On by rispacooper 

(3,021 I Explicit I Complete)   *bar dancing

The air feels like it’s carrying the music with it, like a girl’s sweet voice is touching him along with the carefully encroaching press of someone’s fingertips at his back.

Plus One by eeyore9990 

(3,073 I Teen I Complete)   *wedding dancing

When Derek receives an invitation to what should have been his ten year class reunion, he panics a little.  He’s barely got his life together and the invitation specifies a plus one.  Thankfully, Stiles is there to help him out.

The Pickup Line I Deserve by hannah_baker 

(4,227 I Explicit I Complete)  *bar dancing

Derek Hale has a type: tall, lanky, pale, brunette, passive. Stiles Stilinski is nearly all of those things - but not quite.

Or, The Time Derek Hale’s One Night Stand Was More Than He Bargained For.

You Can Leave Your Hat On by forpony 

(4,864 I Explicit I Complete)  *stripper!Stiles

“You have got to be kidding me,” Derek mutters, closing his eyes and pinching his nose in frustration. “Laura!” He yells.

“Oh, is the stripper here!?” Laura thumps over from the party area as she’s dubbed it, and skids to a stop next to Derek, throwing an arm around his shoulders. “Heeeey, Stilinski. Looking good, kid.”

“Uh,” Stiles, the Sheriff’s son, blushes. “Laura, you said this was for a friend of yours.”

To Get Used By You by the_rat_wins 

(4,956 I Explicit I Complete)  *stripper!Stiles

“Laura would kill you if she knew you were hiring strippers,” Derek said, looking at the website Peter had pulled up.

Thinking About You by OkyDokyPoky 

(6,025 I Teen I Complete)  *gay bar dancing

Stiles and Danny go out to The Jungle together. It’s not long after they got inside that Stiles notices a handsome guy in the corner staring (more like glaring) at him. (Inspired by the song Thinking About You - Calvin Harris. I recommend listening to the song before/while/after reading!)

The Happy Ending (Costs Double) by kaihire 

(6,146 I Mature I Complete)  *stripper!Derek

It’s Stiles’ birthday, and his friends decide to surprise him with a visit to a strip club. Unfortunately, Stiles doesn’t realize that the stripper they’ve chosen is less of the buxom, curvy sort and more of the glaring, broody variety.

Red Wolf by LadyLazarus 

(7,728 I Mature I Complete)  *pole dancer!Stiles

Loup Rouge is the best act at Beacon Hills’ seediest strip club, and who should be there for his cousin’s bachelor party? Only Derek Hale himself of course.

Things happen man, and springtime is the best.

Laying Groundwork by LunaCanisLupus_22 

(10,930 I Explicit I Complete)  *club dancing

His expression isn’t much to go by but the entire clubs howling gets louder at his appearance and Stiles literally pops a boner watching the guy’s big hands wrestle with the microphone stand.

Or the one where Scott and Stiles go clubbing and there’s this broody Bouncer out to get Stiles-

Or get into his pants. Thank God it’s the latter.

Touch Me, Set Fire To My Mind by orphan_account 

(11,163 I Explicit I Complete)  *stripper!Stiles, nerd!derek

When Erica drags Derek to a strip club, he never expects to fall in love with one of the strippers, so of course that’s exactly what happens.

Feel The Magic Between You and I by stilinskisparkles 

(11,432 I Mature I Complete)  *dirty dancing fusion

“See?” Derek holds his arms out, “Everything’s working out great for you, and I still have no dance partner,” he turns to Erica, “Face it, no one is as good as you.”

“We still have one more,” she sing songs.

Derek peers over to the list, flinches when he sees Stiles’ name, “No.”

“You haven’t even seen me dance, and you’re already dismissing me?” Stiles sails into the room, tossing his bag in the corner as he does so and doing a dramatic spin to face them. “I got moves.”

The Junk Drawer by Stereksale7 

(12,363 I Explicit I Complete)   *college au, stripper!derek

“He texted me and said he only had the cop costume on hand and that the rest were back at the club which doesn’t open until 8:30 tonight. I told him that was fine.” Erica whispers.

“What?! Oh god he’s going to dressed as a cop? There’s no way that’ll be hot for Stiles his dad’s the freaking Sheriff and he’s in the academy!” Scott franctically whispers back.

“I know that Scott but what was I going to do?! I don’t want to wait that long, Stiles’ll probably be drunk off his ass by 8:30! Just believe me okay? It won’t matter what he’s wearing he’s 100% Stiles’s type and he won’t be wearing the outfit very long anyways.” Erica whispered with a smirk.

Or in which the stripper Stiles’s friends hire for his birthday has very familiar looking eyes.

This You and Me Thing by Cousin Shelley (CousinShelley) 

(14,083 I Explicit I Complete)   *club dancing

Stiles is perceptive, Scott is a mother hen, Erica dances, Boyd is Zen, Danny is smitten, Matt is nervous, Jungle staff really need to learn to spot fake IDs, and Derek absolutely does not dance.

Stiles’ mouth fell open. What was all this bossing him around and treating him like a kid? “Yeah? Well … okay, I’ll go. On one condition–dance with me first.”

“Hell. No.” Derek crossed his arms. He stood in the middle of a pulsing throng of hot men on a dance floor and crossed his god damn arms

Wolf Boy by SarkaS 

(20,812 I Explicit I Complete)   *stripper!stiles

He told everyone that he works for a big IT company. When they asked about it and he pulled out all those IT terms and strange words, they never asked again. If he said “work is good”, they believed him, except for Lydia. She would have definitely known what he’s saying, but she didn’t really care. So, win for him. Again.

But now he’s staring at his phone with desperation written on his face and doesn’t know what to do.

I’m going to NYC for my new internship. Spare me a room. L.

He is so fucked.

Birds of a Feather by calrissian18, maichan808 (maichan)    

(26,144 I Explicit I Complete)  *ballet dancer!Stiles

Laura is a crusader without a cause, Stiles dances like the whole world’s betrayed him and Derek’s having trouble getting both feet outside his door.

Hale Yes by Stiles_Hale_38 

(34,325 I Explicit I WIP)  *stripper!stiles, stripper!derek

Stiles has been needing a job, and asks his friend Cora for help. She tells him her brother owns a strip joint, and that she’s sure she can get him a job.

Stiles has no experience, but needs a job desperately, and knows strippers can make pretty good money, so, Cora tells him to do a little try-out for her, and to both of their shock, he does great. She calls up Derek, who gives him the job, though reluctantly, as he has no experience.

Stiles soon meets Derek, “The Alpha,” as they call him. Derek isn’t rude, but he isn’t exactly enthusiastic, but, he’s the best stripper there, and the owner of the club, so he ends up helping Stiles out with everything.

With Derek’s help and hard work, Stiles quickly becomes the most popular stripper there, apart from Derek.

It’s the biggest night of the year for Stiles, a partner strip . . With Derek. They have a planned routine and it’s hot, but while on stage, they go a little off track. The crowd doesn’t seem to mind, and neither do they.

I recently discovered an amazing fantasy series called “A court of thorns and roses”. I read it during the summer holidays and I’ve fallen in love with it. This drawing of Feyre and Rhys was totally inspired by the amazing @charliebowater, one of my favourite artists, thanks to her I started reading these books after seeing her gorgeous art. She pictured both of them perfectly *-* I hope that you can see this because I’ve made it for you :)

How have a productive summer 🤓

Hii! Guys so I’m back with another masterpost about productive summer 101
So let’s get started -
1) keep a consistent sleep / wake up schedule - sleep early, so that you wake up early and be productive. Find an hour which you are comfortable waking with, for me it is 9:00 am
2) make vacation special to-do list- take a paper, divide it into two halves. Name one as fun and one as study or something like that and write a main goal and ten goals in bucket list for each.
3) tackle important tasks first - if you have a big project, do it first so you have the whole day for fun
4) try/learn something new - 1) volunteer
2) get a job
3) learn a new language, read more books, learn to sing, swim etc.
Note 📝 - summer is meant for enjoying, so don’t overwork and enjoy your holidays.
Bye 👋 guys, I hope these tips are helpful. Happy holidays (if you have it) and best of luck if you have your exams .
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Kings and Queens {Epilogue}

Summary: A Throne of Glass AU inspired by the Breakfast Club (1985). Five students come together for Saturday detention, and realize they are not all that different. You can read previous chapters here.

Author’s Note: I hope you all have liked my story. I loved writing it, and I truly hope it made each of you smile, and feel. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading, and uplifting me along the way.

Announcement: On October 31, on one of my favorite holidays, I will be starting a new fic called, The Prince and the Princess. It is a prequel to Kings and Queens and will follow Aelin and Rowan, during the summer they spent together before Sophomore year. It will be deeper and more intricate than this fic, and I am very excited to share it with all of you.

As for the epilogue…..Enjoy. :)


6:45 p.m.

I was hiding in the pantry.

Aedion’s house was as nice as I expected it to be. His mother had inherited a lot of money when his grandmother died, he had said, and the house was the icing on top of the cake. 

Everyone could go anywhere they wanted, except the upstairs bedroom at the end of the hall.

That’s my mother’s room, he’d explained as we were setting up stacks of red solo cups next to a huddle of glass bottles filled with alcoholic beverages I had only heard of, accidentally, while scrolling on the internet. She’s at her boyfriend’s tonight…..but, it’s just better not to go in there. Trust me.

I did. Trust him. So, I would stay away, and enforce the rule to the others as well.

“People typically show up around seven,” he had smiled only moments before, popping the top off a beer and taking a swig. “Although, people also like to be fashionably late.”

I tried to nod enthusiastically, seeming confident and ready. But I ended up telling him I was going to search for the chips we had bought at the supermarket, and ended up in the pantry, instead.

“Deep breaths, Dorian,” I muttered to myself. “Shit. Who am I kidding…..I’m going to vomit.”

“Dorian?” a knock came from the other side of the sliding door. “You get lost looking for the chips? Because they’re on the counter. You know, where you put them an hour ago.”

He opened the door, not waiting for me to reply, and gave me a withering look. “I can take you home, if you want.”

“No.” I sighed, shaking my head. “No, I’m not going home.”

Aedion had said I could stay with him for as long as I needed to, and I was grateful for his offer. I still felt dirty, though. Rebellious. Not necessarily in a bad way……Just in a way I didn’t know how to handle.

“I’m fine,” I lied. “I’m fine, I’m good, I’m great.”

“You’re also a terrible liar.”

“Thank you,” I choked out, as the doorbell rang.

Nearly twenty times in a row.

“Don’t worry,” Aedion grinned as I froze. “There is only one person who rings my doorbell so obnoxiously.”

Aelin let herself in, Rowan in tow, before Aedion could even take a step toward the door.

“Dorian!” she smiled, her cheeks rosy from the cold breeze. Rowan probably had something to do with it, too, judging from the raspberry patches along the base of her neck. “Ready to enjoy yourself?”

What did that even mean? “I – yes.”

“Add a little oomph and you’ll almost sound confident,” she winked.

Yeah. I was going to faint.

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one of the most fascinating parts of the passover seder—one of the most eminently quotable, as well—is the narrative requirement that you envision yourself as someone who was taken out of slavery. in many ways, this is a call to action, to social justice: we are tasked with remembering the oppression of our people, and we must look around the world and see the oppression of others. we may not close your eyes and enjoy the victory of freedom: we must mix celebration with sorrow, taking wine out of our goblets with our fingers when we remember the plagues wrecked on the egyptians. this requirement shapes many sedarim all over the world, and i think it allows us to emerge as better people from the eight days of passover, hungry for the thick lushness of bread, for complicated meals and flavors and tastes. for the simplicity and comfort of routine.

but this requirement and call to action is not the only part of the passover seder that instills us with the promise of change. and while a lot of people—including myself—like focusing on the mandate to justice almost exclusively, this year i’ve found myself thinking much more about the happily ever after, about the gift of the ten commandments, the burden of freedom, and that elusive land of milk and honey. this year, for a number of extremely personal and emotional reasons, i’ve been thinking about the way passover is a promise of the future, not just a mandate of the past. the way passover creates a template, tabla rasa, for the year to come. the way it’s a beginning, the way it instills hope, and the way it creates structure for the year to come.

this year i’ve been thinking a lot about after. not just about dayenu (”it would have been enough,” we say, noting our liberation from slavery, our release into the desert, the gift of the torah, the gift of god’s presence), but also about the moment moshe looks over into the land of israel, forward and onward and into the future. the moment the children of israel cross into the land, the moment they put down roots and call themselves tribes of judah, reuven, binyamin. the moment they find names for themselves, find homes, find places where they can plant crops and expect to see them sprout. the moment we, as a wandering, placeless people, put down roots. the moment we become more than a faith–the moment we become a people. the moment we stop worrying about yesterday and today; the moment we can start worrying about tomorrow.

i’ve been thinking a lot about that moment. the apex of self-definition, of coming together, of community and of promise. not because it’s the end of the story, barely mentioned in the haggadah. but because it’s the beginning of the story, in a sense. it’s the moment we put down our history books, sweep away the remnants of food and wine, and talk to one another. it’s the moment we stop remembering, and it’s the moment we make plans. what will we do tomorrow? when do you think we’ll wake up? what time is it–do you think our seder was longer or shorter than anyone else’s? it’s the moment that i remember that my father is one of a few hundred heads of my family who have worn a kittel and stood at the front of our table and said we were slaves and now we are free with a voice that is terribly scratchy and getting older and fainter every year.  one day i will stand at the head of that table with my partner, and it will be me making that proclamation of faith. i will be the next in the line of jews who celebrate, commemorate, and then continue

the seder gives us the gift of reflection. it’s a memorial. it’s a lesson. but sometimes i think it’s more than that–it’s the promise that even in the darkest of times, even in the bleakest of moments, there is always an after. there is a the bed that awaits us after the seder, after we put away our plates and glasses and trudge into bedrooms cool, dark, and welcoming. after the matzah crumbs have been swept off the table, after our stomachs are heavy and our hearts are light with wine and wonder. there is a later. there are eight days of dusty crumbling meals, eight days of regret, eight days of difficulty. eight days where we are reminded of the lowest points in our history–of those people who are still at their lowest points. the mandate of social justice, the call to action, the requirement to see suffering and to address it.

but then there is the ninth day. there is the tenth day. there is the week after, the month after. there is the opportunity to begin again, to look at the body of law handed to us in the vast, empty expanse of desert, and say i will, i can, i must. it is the promise of an unbroken chain, of thousands of years of judaism stretching in every temporal direction. it is the memory that wherever you go, the roots of your story will follow you. you are not alone, and you will never be alone.

this promise of tomorrow is especially meaningful to me. i’ve been thinking a lot about freedom blessed by the constraint of law and by the necessity of compromise. i’ve been thinking a lot about the future. both of these things sound difficult and terrifying sometimes–unbearably overwhelming, unacceptably heavy burdens. but lately i’ve also been thinking about the opportunity of the seder to impose order on all of this chaos–on the chance i will have to set aside a short period of time to reflect, to mourn, to dedicate myself to grounding my story in memory. and then i will be given the imperative of thinking about the future, about tomorrow, and about the promise given to the am, to my people. 

my grandfather once told me that jewish history is the promise of thousands of stars that was given to avraham. everything else is a consequence. he never told me that being jewish meant that you will never, ever be alone. you will never be just history. you will always have tomorrow.

now i think he never said this because he knew he didn’t need to. because he knew, one day, i’d figure it out.

The Stars Between Us. Part 3.

Pairing: BTS Kim Namjoon x Reader

Summary: When ever you get hurt your soulmate feels the same pain, and with y/n being abused by her father what is Namjoon meant to do when he doesn’t know who his soulmate is, all he wants to is to save her.

Genre: Fluff, Angst, soulmate AU

Length:1513 words

Part 1 Part 2

Originally posted by rapnamu

School eventually came to an end for that day but that did not mean your day was over. You still had to meet with Namjoon for the school project you had been paired up together to complete, it would have been great if the project was on something academic and something you had studied. But here you were having to study each other, you had to learn about each other and in detail to be able to write a poem about each other, it was going to be difficult anyway but throw in your unspeakable family it was going to be even worse.

               You gathered your things and made your way to the front gate while wondering if you were going to forgotten about by Namjoon after getting a better offer, but you were surprised when you found him with all his friends at the gate waiting for you. One of his friends noticed you first and shouted for you at the same time pushing Namjoon and pointing at you. Namjoon chuckled at his friends antics and motioned for you to come over, and that you did. When you reached them you made a small hello towards them and lowered your head. Namjoon followed that by introducing to each of the boys, some were more energetic than the others.

“So guys this is y/n and y/n this Seokjin, Yoongi, Taehyung, Hoseok, Jimin and Jungkook. Don’t worry if you can’t remember all their names, you’ll get the hang of it.” What he said made you a bit giddy due to the fact he thought that you were going to be around enough to learn their names. You gave them a small wave and in return you were greeted by a mass amount of hugs by some of them, what surprised you was the fact your body only gave a small tense by the contact, as if it knew you were being touched by people who wanted to bring happiness and not destruction. They eventually let go of you after Namjoon pulled them off you offering you a small smile as if to say ‘sorry-my-friends-are-a-bit-weird-and-like-to-make-friends-by-giving-huge-hugs’ you just gave a small laugh as to say it was okay. You were led away from the boys after saying your goodbyes to the boys and made your way to the café that Namjoon had talked about. The journey was filled by small talk and your even smaller answers, yet he always tried to get you to talk more.

“You don’t talk much do you?” He said to you when holding open the door of the café for you.

“Well that tends to happen when you have nothing to say” You replied.

“I don’t believe that, I bet that you have a lot to say”

“But you wouldn’t know if have a million things or just a sentence to say because you barely know me”

“Well sometimes all it takes is a sentence to change a person” He walked away towards the till to order, he looked back at you waiting for you to come. You shook you head to rid you of the shock that had overcome you. When you reached him he asked what you wanted to drink and you answered with your favourite drink that you always ordered. You went to grab your purse to get your money you had saved from not having lunch that day to pay for your drink, but when you offered it Namjoon had shot down your attempts.

“I was the one who suggested today so I will pay” He said to persuade you to allow him to pay for him.

“But I can pay for myself Namjoon, I am fully capable of doing so” You said thrusting you money towards him.

“I never said you weren’t capable of paying, I was just saying that I will pay for it. Think of it this way, if I pay this time, it just means that we will have to come again to make it even where you pay. Sound fair?”

“Okay, You can pay…This time” You put your money back away, you hated owing people, it reminded you that you owed everything to your father, the fact that you had a roof over head and clothes in your shoulders so you had to be grateful towards him sometimes despite the things that he does. You had collected your drinks and found a table by one of the windows to sits, you got your notebook out of your bag and wrote on the top of a new page ‘Kim Namjoon’. You both started by asking quite simple questions about each other like favourite colour, or favourite subject; just quite simple questions that was easy to answer and not be heavy, great starter questions. Until he got onto the questions about family, that is when things started to go downhill.

“What are your mum and dad like?” He asked comfortably.

“Just my dad” You mumbled in a small voice sadly.

“Sorry?” He asked confusedly.

“It is just my dad and I now; my mum passed away a while ago now” You said with a louder voice this time, realising if you kept mumbling then you would have to constantly repeat yourself, and you didn’t want to have this conversation twice over.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t know… So what is your dad like?” He asked carefully this time. You hesitated on that one, not quite knowing what you were meant to answer.

“Like a father I guess, what is he meant to be like?” You sighed to yourself realising that he was nothing to what a father was meant to be like, everyone else’s father was caring and loving towards their child and could rarely find a fault in them while your father actively searches for your flaws. You began lying through your teeth. “He loves me and he is always wanting to know how my studies are going and is forever encouraging me to get better I guess”

“Good, and what was your mother like?” He question tentatively as if he didn’t quite know if this was a subject that could be talked about.

“My mother?” He nodded in response, your eyes had slightly lit up at the fact you could actually talk about your mother, that topic was forbidden in your house, and you smiled properly despite the fact that it had a deeper sadder twinge to it (?). “She was amazing. She was so beautiful and could do nothing wrong. She seemed to have known about everything and always had an opinion that was worth hearing. She always had her way and had my dad around her little finger. She was just an extraordinary person”

“It sounds like she was a great person”

“She was… Anyway, what about your family?”

You and Namjoon talked for what seemed like forever about a load of small random things, just getting to know each other and finding out a whole lot of things you wouldn’t have known before. You genuinely thought that Namjoon was a great person and he made you feel strangely safe when around him, meaning you were slowly letting your guard down around him, this was the first time in your life you had felt safe enough to do so. It felt as if you were Cinderella t the ball, escaping your life for a little while, but then the clock would strike and you would have to return back; and your version of the clock was a text message, and the only person who had your number was your father. You had forgotten the time. It was already past seven and your father would have gotten back at six and would have been waiting for the what should have been an already prepared tea. When the message came in you were momentarily shocked, you grabbed the phone and saw what would have been a simple text to the innocent public eye, but you knew it held a deeper meaning. “Get home now.” The colour drained from your face and you stood up quickly making you head spin. You grabbed your bag and quickly made it to the exit, forgetting about Namjoon who you had just left at the café. You had started to walk as fast as you could with your shaking hands and weak legs but a hand on your wrist stopped your movements. Namjoon was standing there staring at you, not failing to notice flinch you gave when he touched you and your hands.

“Are you okay?” He asked. You pulled your wrist from your hand and nodded.

“I-I’m fine, b-but I really need to go right now, I’m sorry , erm I will see you tomorrow in school I guess? Bye Namjoon” You quickly turned and started to run towards your house.

That night was full of pain for both you and Namjoon. While got through it alone, Namjoon had his parents there to help him, rubbing his back soothingly and saying to him softly “we hope you find that poor girl soon and save her”

A/N: Who knows if anyone is even still reading this, but I am not dead, just been on my summer holidays so I have been basically living like nothing exists except BTS and K-Dramas. But if you have read this and are reading this authors note, I would like to say a massive thank you to you and that I do really enjoys knowing that there are people are out there actually reading this and want me to write more because it is an incredible feeling honestly. Also I have not reread through this so sorry for the many mistakes in it, but I was too tired to actually go through, When I actually finish this series I will go through and change the mistakes. Anyway thank you and love you guys.

"Winter Joy" Ahkmenrah x Reader one shot.

AN. Hello there cuties! First of all, annual time in which I apologies for being so busy. I have so many books to read for college and things to study. But I have decided to spend this weekend preparing a little surprise for all of you. I hope you will enjoy it! Happy holidays everyone!

Short intro: A joyfull time the reader spends with everyone, especially her boyfriend, at the Museum of national history
Fandom: Night at the museum, Rami Malek
Rating: Suitable for all ages
Word count: 1113
Pairing: Ahkmenrah x reader

- - - -

“But I was born way back, before this tradition even started. Why are we doing this again –“

“And I was born over a thousand years after it started, let’s just enjoy it. I know most people in this institution won’t understand what Christmas is about, but that is okay. It’s winter, the happiest time of the year, and it’s finally snowing outside. Let’s appreciate it.”  

You tucked a stray of hair behind your ear and continued decorating the biggest Christmas tree you have seen in a really long time. Your boyfriend helped along by passing some of the ornaments out of the box. Most of them didn’t match and were old as the museum itself but nobody cared, the joy is what’s important.

Around seven months ago you started working in this Museum of national history of New York, where you’ve met your really old boyfriend. The relationship you two had was odd, but special. It started off with you innocently helping him wrap the linen sheets around his body before he would go to the state of the dead mummified body. Luckily you have worked with some of the most understanding people in the World that accepted you two constantly looking at each other and snuggling in blankets behind Ahkmenrah’s sarcophagus. But this holiday was meant for every single person, animal and object in this building. From the little tiny people such as Jed and Octavious to the strong and brave ex president of United States Theodore.

“You are pretty much right. I mean all of you have respected me screaming when each summer begins and begging you all to bring me food to offer to the gods…” He said with a little chuckle before holding your waist carefully and helping you come back down from the old wooden staircase. Though it was already three am, everyone else that doesn’t live outside the museum considered this night very young; it was time for everyone that understand English to gather around in the main hall and patiently wait for Larry to turn on the projector, so all of us can watch some festive films.

The young pharaoh and you settled in front of the informational counter and snuggled up in two blankets. And not so long after you had already felt yourself getting extremely sleepy. But no, this was one of the rare nights to spend with your boyfriend because you had a really busy job here.

He noticed, extending the hand that wasn’t wrapped around your waist to stroke your hair carefully. “I know you work hard and you do a lot when Ra is up, so sleep, you know I don’t mind.” You shook your head stubbornly before leaning your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder. “I would really like to stay awake. I want to spend so much time with you. Though we really have a lifetime, we don’t have the time together.” With a sad response you cached Ahk’s hand and laced your fingers with his.


For several hours later, without even noticing, you took a nap. Thankfully in the winter time the sun comes up a lot later. Or as Ahkmenrah says; Ra gets lazy when it’s cold. You had woken up in the back room slash office of the museum, someone must have brought you here once the movies finished. As you were able to hear some festive music coming from the hallways you guessed everyone was still awake and celebrating – besides you. Once you’ve stretched your arms high to realise the tension in your body, you stood up and took the water bottle from your bag. As you sipped some of the cold liquid to refresh your throat from the heating system in the building, you proceeded to exit the room and enter the main hall.

You then saw your boyfriend at the DJ desk, trying to make sense out of the old festive records all of the employees have gathered. Thankfully Larry’s son Nick came to help out. God what would we do without that rebellious disco boy.

“I know you wanted to spend a lot of time with us, but it does get difficult to stay awake doesn’t it?” Your good friend Sacagawea patting your shoulder and then giving you a really warm hug. “Well yeah it does get a bit tough, I want to spend this holiday with everyone, and especially well you know who. But – “ you finished with a low sigh. “Guessing not every Christmas gets to be extremely special.”  

“Hey sweetie, listen to me. Think of it this way, all of are actually together, in the same room. Some people don’t even get to have that. Let’s just enjoy this?”

She had a really good point. Isn’t that was Christmas is about? The joy of giving, being grateful for having someone by your side. “When I look at it that way.” You said and turned your head around to look at your boyfriend. “I wouldn’t wish for anything more.” He noticed and waved at you. Motioning you to join him up stair at the desk. So step by step you made your way towards him, and finally hugging him once you made the final step.

“Have you rested well?” he asked placing his big arms around your waist and placing a small chaste kiss on your forehead.

“I have rested well, it was nice. Though I must admit, I would rather wake up by your side…”

“Now we can arrange that.” He said with a cheeky smile on his face before sending you a wink. Which made Nick turn around so he wouldn’t face us anymore. Looking at his dad down stairs and showing a disgusted face.

You giggled before placing your hand on his cheek, gently caressing it. “I am so happy I get to spend this Christmas with you. And it’s so silly it took me so long that everything I wanted this year, I already have.”

“Now let me just say… that without my people developing calendars you wouldn’t know when to celebrate the birth of Christ so, I had this under my sleeve long time ago.” This made you chuckle then hit his shoulder playfully. “You cheeky man. Maybe that is true, all of the things that had happened in the world, had brought us to this moment.”

“And if my knowledge of this holiday is correct. When someone is under mistletoe they are supposed to kiss… there is one above us right now.”

The pharaoh smiled once you nodded in response and placed a soft kiss on your lips. Making others turn around and look at us since he had forgotten to switch records.