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Mercy - I

Thus commences my fall into Ardyn hell… though not in the expected way, I suppose. Ardyn is a huge angst ball, no wonder I was drawn to him. It’s an endless fountain of angst to draw from. It’s perfect. 

Also, before I forget, “Mercy” is just a working title right now… I may change it later on, so be on the lookout for that. I don’t think there’s anything else I can say that’s not already at least touched upon in the story, so let’s mosey!

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Time passes differently for the daemons, he writes, lips pressed together in concentration as he tries to keep the quiver out of his hands, and time passes differently for me. Three years are inconsequential at this point. And three years, to an immortal being…

Ardyn hesitates, his pen resting against the paper. Ink spreads, and he lifts it. He ponders.

For them, three years is a long time. So much changes in three years, yet it all remains the same to me. Until I return… Three years is nothing to me, but three years is so much to them.

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Sorry to say it but if you compare shipping Rey and Kylo to shipping Hitler and Anne Frank, then I️ unironically hope that you get off the internet and get some professional help.

Bear with me, this is the first playlist I’ve ever made in my life, but because @bee-of-jars surprised me with the sweetest thing in the world today err, yesterday I really wanted to make her one too including, yes, some of the songs we’ve swapped already.

I’m terrible at aesthetic things, but I hope the music and the pictures that remind me of her somewhat go together.

Now to go to bed since it’s 4:30am and I really should’ve done this in the morning, aha.

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I'm so late but happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's thanksgiving here in the USA and damn I am so thankful for your wonderful art 💖 I hope you get to see all the hot dudes snz during your birthday week bc you deserve it :)


If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!"★ Todoroki Shouto | requested by @s-houto (✿´ ꒳ ` )★ 

in season four keith is most definitely isolating himself from team voltron and joining the blade of marmora due to his abandonment issues…he thinks team voltron is going to leave him, so he’s beating them to the punch


ASOIAF + (some) houses’ prominent traits
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Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.

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Fight me in the WalMart parking lot at 12:30 this is so sad and also making this comic sucked out my remaining will to live


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