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When you started out as an artist, were there times you got very frustrated with either your art or how slow progress was? If so, what did you do to conter that frustration?

I always say, I wasn’t frustrated with my art or the slow progress, but with myself. I have weeks and even months in which I feel like I just create bullshit. No lie. It’s not about the slow progress but how it looks in general. I have a picture in my head of how I want my style to look like and sometimes my skill says no and then I am mad. 

For me it helps to just talk about it with my friends. Or just suffer for the time and someday it’ll get better. I am not the best example for well treatment of that issue. I am just grumpy when it happens. But still, I love to draw so I draw anyways. No matter how it looks. Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves, that it’s not always about how it looks like but what the intention is. Like what do you want to portray? Is there something you want to portray? Maybe right now is not the right time to draw it perfectly but to just get out your feelings in the most simple way possible. Draw easy things. Like seriously. Draw cute simplyfied sheeps. Just stuff that makes you happy and forget about the goal you set for yourself. 

I remember how I drew in kindergarten just for fun. just patches of colour and a big mess on the paper and it made me happy because I created it. I dunno. I sometimes want this feeling back because it was so without frustration. It was just me being me without any demands. 

We don’t have to create perfect things. “perfection” will come over time, as you spend time doing the thing you love the most. Because even tho you don’t think about it, your hands and your eyes learn. Just try to let go of the stress if you can. 

I don’t know if that makes sense, but I feel that way at the moment. 

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aree my love,,, can you rec me some nice aes blogs to follow my dash is so bare lskdnfksl n i trust your judgement smooch thank you so much angel

ya ofc angel !! idk how many of them you already follow tho but here we go,,

@jeil , @auroringly , @kjh , @gikwang , @127 , @lovelyugyeom , @shyejeongs , @tristecancion , @seunghee , @4walls-exhibit , @mjukbebi , @ifyouloveher , @leetm , @bobateas , @jimmin , @1attes , @04yuta , @minhee , @freshrosetoner , @blossaem , @3000s , @1vrses , @1220mm , @cusps , @1wice , @ristrettos , @liplove , @floraisun , @nmju , @chamgmin , @jaetens , @ikon , @wooyoung , @kikwang , @opseoyo , @stigmz , @97lov , @1ovehotel , @p6y , @afterwarmth , @taipoca , @criwolf , @1of1qirl , @softgyeom , @fromluv , @hhearteyed , @unlovers , @chenlezhong , @xxpalette , @1ov , @10jimin , @sowon , @212s & @peachmyeons !!!!

Idk how many of them are pure aes but I love them all anjskdnakj

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Do you believe that it was really just harry that wanted the hiatus? Like maybe he just actually did want to be solo like everyone has said. It's one thing for the fandom to blame harry but everyone else in the band has said that they weren't sure about the hiatus, except for harry. I'm not saying I don't think he loves/loved 1d, I think he loves them very much, but maybe he just knew his potential on his own and was done? This is all going to come out so wrong, I'm sure.

I think Harry knew how much they needed that hiatus. I think yes, Harry probably was more secure than the others already, but he couldn’t have forced them. I think that after talking, they all realized how good a break would be, maybe they haven’t considered before out of fear or simply didn’t crossed their mind. But it was clear how much all of them needed the hiatus, how good it’s being for them. I don’t think Harry thought he was better than the others, but I think he thought he could’ve a chance doing his own stuff, not only music, but Dunkirk for example. I don’t think that’s something he’d have been able to work while on 1D schedule. Also, the fact that Harry first suggested the hiatus was like opening to the idea, he didn’t say “folks I’m going solo so yeah we’re going on hiatus”. He gave the idea, they talked about it, discussed, as a band, as friends, as a family and decided that yes, maybe a hiatus would be a good idea after all. I think that for Louis and Niall in particular was harder because they were always put in the shadows while on 1D, that’s a fact, they were the ones with less solos for years, so I think they were just scared at first that they wouldn’t be able to do what the other’s would (but look at them now!!). And yk, I think that’s why the hiatus is so good, is giving this boys the confidence they need, the freedom, the space to work with themselves and only their ideas for once. Being in a band for so many years non stop can’t be something good. I think that even if Harry hadn’t first pushed, eventually one or the other would because they /needed/ that

A family can be 2 traumatised soldiers and their 30 kids (2)


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Part 2 

It was incredible what some direction could do.

With toys and games, things to occupy the kids, the fighting amazingly slowed. It didn’t stop all together and Reno was still unfortunately a little asshole of a kid, but then again Jyn was starting to suspect that that was just his personality. At least from there, Jyn was somehow able to set a routine that not only worked, but actually seemed to let the kids thrive.

Mornings were dedicated to learning in the classroom – Kady’s basic improved every day (Jyn almost hugged her when the 10-year-old had asked whether she could use the refresher without messing up one word) and Jyn spent that time attempting to teach what felt like every life-lesson she could ever remember her parents teaching her. The afternoons were spent in the training gym, Jyn at least a little more confident there in knowing what kind of combat to teach. The younger ones ran and played on the gym equipment that Jyn had threaten Mothma to order for her, while the older children handled blasters and other weapons.

“How come they get blasters and I don’t?” Rivi would always whine. “I’m old enough!”

“Being old enough isn’t what counts,” Jyn would always remind her. “Until I think you’re mature enough to handle one, you’re staying with the little kids.”

Doing the same thing over and over again didn’t sound too interesting in theory, but Jyn found that there was a kind of comfort in the routine. The children had time to get used to things, could remember things through the repetition and regular actions, and it gave Jyn something to focus on.

(She didn’t want these children realising their new commanding officer was actually a hot mess).

“You’re still not sleeping, are you?” Cassian asked her one evening.

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I don't know where you stand on the whole Disney owning Star War thing, but you have to admit that they at least brought life back to the franchise. Right?

I’ll admit they brought a lot of money. Which, I guess, makes for a lot of opportunities for future projects. I would argue that life never left it. It was always the fans that keep these kinds of things alive. 

I’ve stated my opinions on Disney before, and I don’t think we should settle for decent when we can get great. From what I understand, it seems that Disney is more interested in money vs caring about what the fans want. 

The End (Prologue)

Member: Baekhyun (EXO) Mentions of other idols will be present. 

Genre: Mainly angst and fluff

Summary: High school is out. College is right around the corner and you have to make the best of your last summer with your best of friends. The ingredients of friendships, romance, tragedies, all together in one bunch. What will be in the end? 

A night filled with laughter and nothing but the acute nostalgia washing over everyone, as summer starts and the years of high school have come to an end. Four years together with the same people; you all wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for each other. 

It was a night filled with memories that would never be forgotten. After graduation, all of the seniors celebrated out at the arcade by the beach with their own special group of friends. Everyone was smiling and living the moment.

Your friends were the ones who were there for you when you needed a shoulder to cry on, laugh until your stomach hurt and you couldn’t breathe, and be own complete self around. They understood you and believed in you; some showed it and some didn’t, but you all knew that you all loved each other. 

“Y/n!,” your friend Baekhyun calls you out of you from your deep thoughts. 

Without any doubts, all your friends would agree that you and Baekhyun were the ultimate pair of best friends. 

Baekhyun was the slightest bit drunk from drinking a couple shots with the rest of the group, (same with you as well- except you don’t handle alcohol well. You’re just a tad bit more drunk than he is) his smile doesn’t fail to cause an eruption of butterflies in your stomach. “You holding up well?” he asks as he leans on the bar counter. His hair was nicely gelled up for graduation, but by the end of the wild night, its fluffiness had returned and a couple strands were falling in front of his face. 

“Fine,” you reply back with a hint of sorrow in your voice as you sigh. You break eye contact for a second so you don’t end up crying from the emotions that wash up to you as you look at Baekhyun. “Just a little sad… You know? A lot of emotions I guess.” you start laughing softly as you feel the wetness of your eyes.

He nods his head in agreement, as sudden silence takes over the both of you. Not awkward or anything, you two were too close for that.

“We are closing! Please leave the arcade, walk, do not run. If you forget something you may pick it up the next day.” the manager announces on the speaker over everyone. They all groan, but start filing out the door, still keeping close to their friends. A small-sad smile settles on your face. A glance at the clock to see what time it is, and it’s already 1:30AM. 

You and Baekhyun stay for a bit longer until most of the people have exited the arcade. He’s still holding your hand and carefully rubbing circles on your palm- this had always been his way of comforting you aside from hugging you till you couldn’t breathe, but that wasn’t the case as of now. 

“Hey, you guys coming?” Chanyeol asks you and Baekhyun as he’s walking out with Xiumin and Jongin. Xiumin slaps Chanyeol on the back of his head and whispers a secret, “leave the lovebirds alone” and drags him out. Jongin follows right behind: “well, see you guys tomorrow!”

You two are basically the only ones left, and the manager is patiently at the door waiting for you guys to leave so he can close up the shop. 

Baekhyun leans in and smiles, “The night’s still young Y/n, it isn’t over yet,” he holds your hand tightly and starts running outside, the cool, salty, ocean breeze engulfing you. Taking off your shoes, you and him start running in the sand off into the water until it’s splashing up to your knees. 

“It’s too cold Baek! Heck, we’re going to get hypothermia out here.” you whine while giggling. He suddenly lifts you up and carries you bridal style out of the water, and back into the soft sand. You both lay down, not giving a damn about your clothes and hair; the sand starts sticking to the wet parts of your legs.

Silence takes over again as you both admire the night sky: the stars spreading across the dark sky and twinkling bright and proud. “It’s a beautiful night,” Baekhyun murmurs. You hum in agreement.

He turns to face you and brushes your hair out of your face, “just like you.” he smiles knowing the effect he has done on you; although he can’t see the color of your blushing, he knows by how you look down and how the corner of your lips tempt to tug upwards. 

He pulls you closer to him and tightly embraces you. You deeply inhaled: he smelled like the slightest bit of alcohol and bubble gum, you closed your eyes, his smell comforting you.

“I wish we could stay like this forever,” Baekhyun dramatically sighs as he pouts.

“Me too” you answer back as you look up to him and make eye contact, “if only we could,” his eyes pulling your’s intensely into his as you pause. “You know I’m going to miss you so much, right?”

“I’m going to miss you more Y/n,” You both definitely know that there was a feeling: something more towards each other than friends, but it was too late. After summer, you two would be parting off into your own ways to college and a love-relationship would be hard to maintain. You both realized this mentally and agreed to the reality silently. 

But this was the most you could ask for. The waves of the ocean washing up gently up shore as the moon reflects off to create a peaceful glow; Baekhyun’s heart beating steadily as your head is leaning on his chest, his arms wrapped around your waist, and his soft breathing- no other sound, knowing that he is there next to you.

In the end, this was all you wish for. 

So basically this is around the 1960′s and I have no idea how to indicate that to the audience. WELL HERE YOU GO.

I said I was off my Hiatus but that didn’t go as planned but now I’m OFFICIALLY back! (I hope)

Thank you all so much for being so patient with me. I couldn’t ask for more, and I really hope you enjoy this Baekhyun series! 

I also didn’t proofread, if this is sort of lousy and has lots of errors I’ll edit it and maybe some parts but other than that I’m super tired.

Have a wonderful day/night! <3

YNWA: Yes or No? Well, Always; ❤️

(^ the question before this answer is: “do i love you?”)

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Hi~ umm i don't want to bother you (so please feel free to ignore me ;; ) but I'd like to know... do you have any favourite videos of chanyeol? I love him so much and I could use something to cheer me up ;;♡

hello boo~!! no no, you are not bothering me at all, please don’t think thath ; u ; why would i ignore such a sweet person like yourself? ;; and yes i do! i have tons of them! this took me so much time to answer, because i couldn’t find some of the videos;; i’m sorry for that, but here is a small list of my favs ; u ; i think i replied to a smiliar ask tho, if you want to check it out -> here;

Les Chevaliers…


I was looking for some inspiration to draw adult Harry Potter and I read this headcanon of @snapslikethis, so I had to illustrate it!

Alfred is a ministry’s employee who doesn’t want to be the asshole who brings  Harry Potter the fact he needs an apparition licence in order to apparate, after almost 19 years x)

 [more Potter sketches]

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Fun fact Juju, in breath of the wild, you can sneak into Zora's domain and get a voiced cutscene with Sidon being like "who are you? Get out of my house my father isn't accepting visitors right n- wait are you a hylian?"

Love at first sight


in which Bellamy and Clarke don’t want to leave each other