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February spits; not a lot for this month but that’s fine also you can totally tell which one’s the favorite


@okimi79aka SilentSinger’s Compendium of Sin

Snobbishness is a funny thing.

*Me at 22 when I was working part-time at a flower market and then one of the other girls found out I had a degree*

*Her* “You think you’re better than us? Right?” (She was mad. And smoking. Maybe drunk. And really did not know how to apply eyeliner.) 

*Me* “Hey, I grew up poor too. I just thought it would be nice to work with flowers till I figured things out. I always liked flowers. My parents never bothered about the garden we had; but I always did.”

*Her sneering* “Cute. Fucking cute. You and your fancy degree. But you think you’re better than me?”

*Me* “Honestly, at this point, I truly hope so.”

So, I thinks it’s about time to stop believing anything Shueisha/Jump announces regarding DGM…until it actually happens. 

Just throwing that out there.


Hey guys! Hoping you are all doing alright :D *hugs* So March is here and I made a new theme to celebrate the second season of Boku no Hero Academia! IT’S COMING SO CLOSE!! YAYAYAY! *so damn excited for it oh gosh* XD *coughs* Finally I was able to do a decent one of it haha XD Since I have been out of ideas and motivation orz >.< Anyways!! Really hope you all like it and I give this chance to wish you all the best and good luck on school! ^^ *smooches* love ya~

Okaay ik this isn’t bangtan related but am i the only one who didn’t like Looking For Alaska!!? I haven’t finished reading it yet, I’ve reached the Days After if u know what i mean, but srsly i can’t get into the book or the characters, i only like the Colonel

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Do you think (or hope), that they will do more 30 min episodes for the upcoming season? I know for myself I really enjoyed the fact that the last two episodes of season 2 were a full episode rather than a 2 parter. I feel it gives us and the writers more of a chance to enjoy the episode and have more of a chance to get more story out there. I know there have been some good 15min segments, but with how season 2 left off I am hoping for more full episodes to get a really great story.

I can’t remember who, maybe Daron herself, but someone from the crew said back in season 1 that making 20 minutes long episodes is way harder, especially for a storyboard driven show, so I don’t expect to see too many of them, but I hope they’re going to be able to keep doing 3-4 per season. And yeah, the two parter finale worked really well, allowing the show to “expose all the secrets” and show us the immediate consequences, while building the foundations for even bigger developments in S3. It basically put all (well, mosto of them at least) the playing cards on the table.

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do you think savan just texted harry like "harry the 1d fandom is mad at me because I said something about Louis. You're my friend, you gotta help me, man! Defend me or something!" And harry just texted back, "new phone, who dis?"

tbh i’m hoping savan has a strong enough sense of self preservation to stay as far away from harry as possible right now

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For the playlist: Foul Play

Lara dear!!! Thank you so much!! I adore this title because it lets me explore some darker aspects of music—thematically, lyrically, and tonally—which I tried to reflect here! 💗💗💗

Save a Prayer

Call It What You Want

Drag You Down 

Family Man

Helena Beat

The Man Who Stole a Leopard


Pseudologia Fantastica 


Send me a title for a mixtape/playlist!

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Do you have any tips for people who want to write a Voltron fanfic but aren't sure where to start?? Yours are so in character and well developed!

Wow, you really think so? :0 I was hoping I could portray the characters as in character as I could.

Tbh, I’m a noob at writing stuff. I don’t do it often, so I’m not entirely familiar with all the ins and outs of writing fanfic. But there are a few things I do to try and keep a consistent story??

What I do is I make sure I know how the story is gonna go, for the most part at least. Have a solid beginning, middle, and end. All the little details and stuff can be fleshed out later once you start planning your chapters out, just make sure you have the general idea down. It’s also good to write out notes for yourself that have important details you want to get across in that section of the story.

As for chapters, I usually write out a general summary for what happens in the chapter first before anything else. That helps me remember how its gonna go and what I need to include so I don’t go off track or anything. It usually includes a topic (the general idea(s) that needs to be adressed in the chapter), the setting (where each scene takes place), character pov (what character(s) point of view you are writing the chapter from), what type of feelings you want to convey in the chapter, and any additional notes you had written down prior to this.

Then I make an outline of the interactions/events that take place in the chapter. Here’s an example from the first chapter of HGAPFY:

-Brief explanation on what is going on from lance’s pov
(it’s been 3 days since Shiro has been missing. Everyone is tired, everyone is stressed. Lance has been feeling sick and uneasy, It’s hard to process.)
-Pidge says even if they have one of them fill his place they are still down a paladin
-Coran says they’ll need to recruit a new paladin
-Allura offers to do it because they don’t have time to find a replacement
-Coran/team is like boy that is dangerous, allura doesn’t care tho lol
-She gives a speech on how she’s part of this fight, keith is like well if you are sure
-Lance is like, well, i guess we got that figured out then

So like, you don’t need to overthink it toooo much, only write down really specific stuff if you think its more important and can visualize that scene/the lines the characters say exactly the way you want it. If you arent sure how a scene is gonna play out, then just let it write itself when you actually get started on writing it instead of planning it out all the way ahead of time. It helps.

Also if you have a grey area in your story where you arent sure what happens, dont stress it too much. Brainstorm ideas and jot them down, dont expect yourself to know what happens immediately. Sometimes ideas take time to come to you. Write down ideas as they come to you so you dont forget them later, and if you decide you like that idea and wanna role with it, /then/ worry about fleshing it out and figuring out all the details.

As far as staying in character goes: I already have a general understanding of how each of the characters work, but it really helps to pay attention to the character’s behavior from the source material, and keep in mind how they act in certain situations. The reason Keith and Lance got into an argument like that in the first chapter of my fic is because stress levels are really high right now and everyone is already upset about Shiro.

I think taking notes on how a character behaves helps a bit too? It might give you a better understanding of them.

Finally, seriously this is an issue I myself struggle with so much.

Do /not/ compare your work to other people. Do not do it. It will only cause you to feel like you wont ever be “that good” and therefore will make you feel like you just shouldn’t write.

I’ll tell you what. If you think you shouldn’t write because you don’t think it will be good enough, it won’t be as good as someone else’s work, whatever, write anyways. Trust me. People will love your work. When you write something, you only know it through your POV. Everyone reads the story from a different POV, so their experience is much different than yours. They don’t see your rough draft, your short 2am chapter summaries, any of that. They just see the final product, and almost always enjoy it! No matter how bad you think your work is. It’s free stories written about their fave characters man. Who doesnt love that?

So, I hope that helps!! Good luck on your story! :D

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i love ur art and the way u express urself and i hope ur havin an okay time. i hope u find 20 dollars on the ground. youre??? so fucking amazing and driven and just, like, im glad u exist??

haha, i think you’re the second person to hope i find money on the ground. thank you for wishing me wealth!! normally i don’t publish nice anon messages because i like to save them for rainy days, but i want to say thank you for checking in. i been kind of an online recluse since december, so here’s an update from me.

i am doing pretty well and feeling pretty fucking great. things are not always good and i struggle with this n that, but overall i’m enjoying life in a way i’ve never done before. i’ve been embarrassed to talk about this, but in december i lost track of my arts practice and discipline because i wasn’t physically able to draw for so long without being in pain or getting dizzy. since then i’ve been trying to retrain myself to remember how and when and why to do things… it’s been hard! being literally physically unable to do something on top of having hairtrigger depression is a bad combination for getting things done. but i’m getting there. i’m working on two books (a smaller one about my surgery experience and a bigger one about Seti) and i’m excited to share these stories with you. it’s hard because art has been hard, but i’m enjoying it.

december was weird and i’m still reeling from it, even now as we’re entering march. surgery was a big step not only for The Gender reasons, but because for the first time i sincerely thought, “this is something i want to do for my future.” for the last many years it was impossible for me to even consider a future, let alone one i would be happy with. so wow! holy shit! i did that thing! i’m proud of me. and then, midway through december, some pretty fucking awesome things started happening. i made decisions about my life and what i want to do and who i want to do things with. i have even more reasons to keep on living and that feels good.

this is going to sound ridiculous but the other reason i struggled with art was because i was so alienated by how good i felt all the time. like, holy shit, do you know how bizarre and absolutely embarrassing it feels to realize so much of your art is born from your experiences of processing your pain and mental illnesses? for anyone else i want to say, there’s no shame in that, but i’ve hated myself for so long that it’s hard to reconcile what i know is okay vs what i guilt myself for. i guess maybe i knew that all along, but this last january was the first time i sat down to draw and couldn’t do it because i was too fucking content with my life. what a fuckin’ nerd!! since then i’ve been expanding my visual vocabulary for how to communicate the shit i’m going through. the good shit, i mean. everything has been good fucking shit, and i love it. it’s funny, i spent 2013 and 2014 stumbling to communicate my suffering. now in 2017 im fumbling to communicate my contentedness. i guess both of these periods are kind of the same… i’m struggling, snarling, biting, and seething to explore how i feel about myself, my experiences, and the world around me. i love making art and i love sharing it with you.

thank you for being glad i exist. i’m glad i exist, too. i’ve been out and about and spending time with people and with myself and this body that i’ve adapted to my needs. i’m relearning how to move and how to emote and how to present myself. i’m probably going back to grad school. i’m making things i’m proud of. i’m in love. life is great. i’m doing pretty okay. thanks for caring about me. i hope we can share more good times and good vibes together. good luck to us both.

my erotomanic ass: omg i hope that moffat doesn’t see this and think that his actions have hurt me……… i love you dad……….

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Please, it's the cw. You know they're not gonna make Lena canonically bisexual because they filled the "queer quota" with sanvers already. I don't want to get my hopes up now because they have let me down too many times. I don't trust them anymore

its not even about the character or the show tbh i still think lena is a lesbian, thats not gonna change unless for some miracle they say lena is bisexual or. u know. a lesbian. what’s bothering me is the comments i’m seeing in my dash that are like ‘she’s straight cause she dated a dude’. it’s literally not even about the character anymore i’m just straight up annoyed at these comments lol

We Don't Talk Anymore


Word Count: 1,055

A/N: I think I may do one for each member. Oooohhhhh 😍😍😍😍 I also intended for this to be longer but, oh well… lol hope you guys like it. *still can’t stop listening to his cover. You go Jungcook 😂😂😂😂*


The thin fabric held between his fingers was the sole reason he was feeling the way he was. It was a scarf she must have left behind. It still smelled of her perfume. How long had it been stored in his closet with the rest of his junk? At least a month now. It was soft between his fingers as he admired the blue color that seemed to always match her skin tone. He hated this. He hated that he had to find that.

He hissed as he tossed the fabric across the room. Wherever it landed would be it’s resting place. He didn’t care. The thought of her swarming his mind restlessly. It had been at least a month, maybe more, since they’d spoken. He wondered what she was doing. Who… He hissed at his own thoughts. Cherishing the time alone, in a room separated from the rest of his hyungs. He needed the space from prying eyes and concerned questions.

A hand ruffled through his hair as he fell onto his bed. His face buried in his sheets for a moment. But as soon as his eyes closed he saw an image of her face. He had sworn he would be with her for years to come. That they would always be two halves of one whole. But things happened. Words were spoken and… they fell apart. The way things ended between the two made it seem like everything was just a joke between them.

He rolled over and sat up on his bed. His head fell into his hands. He wasn’t sure why all of a sudden he felt so helpless. He was sure he had been able to settle his thoughts. But with the way he was feeling, he was certain he never truly got over it. He wondered honestly what she was doing. How she was. He missed just talking to her.

He pulled out his phone and unlocked it. He still knew her social media. They even had some shared friends. Maybe he could see something. Maybe.. As he stared down at his phone, he looked through their friend’s posts. She was with someone else already? He locked his phone and set it down. Was he a joke to her? Was their whole relationship something she could get over so easily?

He grabbed his phone and stood up. He pulled a sweater out from his closet before leaving his room and slamming his bedroom door closed. “Hey what the hell?” Yoongi asked as he poked his out from his room. “Why the hell are you making so much noise Jungkook?” Yoongi clicked his tongue before shutting his door. Jungkook couldn’t care at the moment. He was too intent on getting to her apartment.

He left the dorm and walked down the familiar streets that would take him to her place. Thankfully it was dark enough that just pulling up the hood of his sweater would disguise him enough. He could remember walking down the same roads before. Just to see her after a long day of practice. Just to hear her voice say his name. To see her beautiful smile light up at the sight of him. He longed for the feeling of her arms around him.

He was screaming on the inside. How did everything end up that way? How did she move on and leave him behind feeling that way? Did she not even love him back? He was almost certain she felt something… Maybe he was wrong.

He stood in front of her apartment building. He would need to be let in… How would he do that without needing to tell her? He needed to think of something to say before even getting to her apartment… Thankfully someone walking out recognized him from when he used to frequent her apartment. He got in easily and ran up the stairs to her apartment.

He took a deep breath and raised his hand to knock on her door. But for some reason he felt paralyzed. His wrist wouldn’t allow him to knock. He was frozen in place. What if she was in there with that guy…? What would he do? He would crumble into nothing if he saw him in there with her. He snapped out of his trance and knocked on her door. After a moment he heard her soft footsteps and the lock to her door turning.

When she pulled the door open, her eyes widened before her cheeks flushed red. He felt his heart ache inside his chest knowing that he was the reason that she had red cheeks. In an instant he had walked inside, closed the door and pinned her against it. All in one quick motion his hands were beside her head and he felt his heart racing.

“How… How did you forget me? Tell me. Tell me now so I can forget you too…” He breathed as his hands became fists. He couldn’t look at her. His eyes were screwed shut and he felt his heart pounding faster.

“Forget you…? Is that what you think?” She asked quietly. Her voice void of emotion as she looked at him. He looked so torn apart. She wished he knew that she felt exactly how he looked. Broken apart. How could he ever think she forgot him?

“Who is he then? In those pictures? Don’t lie.” He hissed. It was true. She had gone on a couple of dates with another guy. But it was to try and get over Jungkook. It ended up being too hard so she stopped seeing him.

“He’s not you.” She sighed. He managed to open his eyes and stare into hers. His right hand left the door and tangled into her hair as he set his forehead against hers.
“Why did we ever stop?” He asked. Her hand found his wrist and gently caressed it with her thumb.

“I don’t remember…” She answered honestly. He brushed his nose against hers before ghosting his lips against hers. His left hand finally pulled away from the door and tangled in her hair as he pressed his lips to hers. Her eyes fell closed and his followed. It felt like ages before they broke apart.

“Don’t look at anyone else. Don’t think of anyone else. Only me.” He breathed.

“Only you.”

Hands down, the best fruity snacks ever (in my book) are Bare Snacks.

Some of you might have seen my insta story (I thank you kindly for watching 🐭) and now know that the baked crunchy coconut chips are out of this world and therefore cannot be left alone with me. I hope you try and tell me what you think. 😉 These snacks offer a nice crunch to morning porridge (pictured above).

What’s for breakfast?!

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Hey, I'm really sorry you're having such a rough day. I wish I could tell you a funny story to distract you but I had a shitty day myself, I can't think of anything nice atm. Maybe it helps you to know that you're not alone? I don't know what you're going through rn but you'll always find people on here to support you. Even if you just want to rant, we're here listening. You're not alone.

Oh thank you for this message, friend. It really means a lot that you took your time to send me this. And I’m so sorry you are having a tough day… I hope you get to feel better soon. 

And yeah, knowing that I’m not alone means a lot. It makes me feel safer. Thank you for being here. <3

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Pixelot - Battle Screen

Hey guys! I am super excited to announce that I have been working on Pixelot again! For those of you who didn’t see my earlier post / page about it, Pixelot is a mobile RPG that hopes to combine the best parts of my favorite games growing up. 

This week I have really beefed up the Attack Animations (as seen above) of the different classes. They aren’t perfect but they add a lot to the overall feel of the game. Please let me know what you think of them! I have also added a new class Captain for the first recruitable character: Garrett.

I have also put a lot of work into really fleshing out Battle Screen. Your attacks will now do damage and you can now take damage. I’ve added floating combat text so you can see how much damage or healing you are doing or taking! The numbers are also colored based on the element of the attack! As you can see in the screenshot the lightning bolt damage is yellow!

When you defeat all the enemies, you are presented with a nifty Victory Screen. This screen will show you how much gold, experience, and items you have gained. You can even watch your characters level up! The next button will eventually take you back to the Game Screen but that isn’t built yet! So it takes you to another harder battle! This is a feature that will go into the Arena Screen. Which is a game mode that you can play to battle endless waves of monsters to try and climb a leaderboard, get some quick experience, or if you just want to get straight into the action.

I made a demo for the battle screen that you can check out here! For the latest updates about Pixelot please check out my Twitter!

As always, let me know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions!