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A note to the anti-cc crew on tumblr:

If you don’t like her, stop complaining? Just deal with the fact that she is in fact an author and a real person, and whilst she may have her flaws well BREAKING NEWS! Everyone has flaws so even if she isn’t your favourite person she is other people’s.

Don’t tag your shitty hate posts (that really fail to justify your hatred) with things like ‘the dark artifices’ and ‘the mortal instruments’ because you’re just gonna get a lot of shit from Cassie’s fans. Yeah, okay, stick to your anti-cc tag or whatever but tagging ‘the mortal instruments’ in the hopes that Cassie will see it won’t do anything?

And the posts about “oh dear me, I want to read Lord of Shadows but I hate the author and I don’t want to give her money” are shit. If you like the story, regardless of the author then buy the book? She isn’t going to use the money to bring back the use of gas chambers and announce herself to be the second coming of Hitler. And please don’t complain about her writing more books. It’s her choice whether she writes them and your choice if you buy and enjoy them.

Also ironically I am, as a massive fan of Cassie and all her books, going to walk right onto the haters’ turf and tag this post under the anti-cc tags ;)


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