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whatever the hell I did with the latest comic for six whole drawing sessions - a kinda review

So!! I promised myself and you guys a post for all the notes I took while drawing the latest comic, since it’s the first time in a long while doing a comic almost entirely traditionally, and here it is. I’m gonna record as much of the process and twists and tricks as possible for future references, and if it can be of help for anyone then I’m already super happy with this whole thing.

Total time taken: ~27hrs, 12 for sketching, 8 for inking, and 7 for cleaning, editing, and lettering.

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“This world is like a dark night that swallows everything. But since you came into my life… and you were so kind to find me… I don’t need friends or status anymore. I only need… to have you by my side.”

Page No 17!!!
I promised you some fluff so here it is xD
Hopefully that makes up for the tears on the last page ^____^
At least a little bit? :3

Aghsafasfmgsjhdgfs still a little bit left to draw but I’m getting there xD
Although there might probably be a little bit of a break within the next few days.
A very good friend of mine will stay at my place and I haven’t seen her in ages, so I will probably not have the time to upload daily…

But at least I’m leaving this behind and not some more tears :P XDDD
Hope you’re ok with that ;)

Well then, see you next time (I hope it’s soon, weekend at the latest)

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Soka, did you watch that All By Myself clip? If so, what do you think? I have a hard time taking it in.

To be honest, I didn’t care to watch the clip but since I have a bunch of asks in my inbox about it, I figured I should just see what the hoopla is about.

I’ve seen the various clips in that montage but when it is put together like that, words such as “lonely” and “sad” comes to mind. No matter what we think is going on with all three of them, no matter how many theories we come up with, he comes across as lacking agency and oh, so lonely because of the way he is ignored whenever there is an appearance with CB. If he is an assistant, I hope he is a good one because he seems lost at every event. Maybe he works good behind the scenes. Who knows. If he isn’t an assistant, I hope to never see/experience a relationship where one person looks so alone in it. If this is what privacy looks like, I rather have it all hang out so I am not undermining my partner (still not convinced of the privacy argument. If that is the case, why bother parade him at all?)

The BAFTA bro hug is the only time Sam touched him, even than Sam had to be pushed into the hug (EFF is another story). Clearly, there is something there that makes Sam uneasy around him and he with Sam (despite his exuberant smile).

Someone is a third wheel in this story. Someone is conveniently placed to protect something. Whoever that person is and whatever is at play, I hope in the end it’s worth it. The truth will out itself.

I hope all of you peeps who’ve followed me in the past year or so because of Critical Role, Killing Eve, superheroes, etc. will still love me when Game of Thrones comes back. Words can’t even describe the hype I have and IT’S THE LAST FUCKING SEASON!! No, it won’t be taking over the entirety of my blog. I will still be blogging about everything else I love. But there will be a DEFINITE, SIGNIFICANT influx of GoT content when the time comes. I’m aware the show is problematic but LISTEN I’ve been a fan since I read the books years ago and have hung in there all the way until now so NO WAY will I quit when we’re this close to the end. NO SHAME OR REGRETS!

Dancing Across The Ocean

Pairing: Bucky/Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Angst, Cheating, Violence

Part One Same Dance Different Partner     Part two Dancing on your Own   Part three Dance with me Tonight   Part Four Dancing Away With My Heart

I have changed it slightly since the last time i posted, please let me know what you think, this is going on and on, i hope you are all still liking this, this part is very angsty, I was in an angsty mood when i wrote it, there should be one more part.

Any Gifs/Pictures and Songs I use are not mine

Originally posted by highladyofasgard

This was the hardest decision you have ever had to make, you loved Shaun and the chance at a new life with him and George was like a wonderful dream, but by moving away you knew you would be ripping out Bucky’s heart by taking George away from him.

You would be lying if you didn’t say that you still loved Bucky, of course you did and you probably always would.

You were stood leaning against the counter top in the kitchen, watching Bucky feed George in his high-chair at the dining table, George had just started on solid foods, you couldn’t help but smile at the faces Bucky pulls to get George to eat, followed by the big smiles and praises, that was until George sneezed with a mouthful of food which then ended up all over Bucky’s face.

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... though I never, ever hope this happens, can you imagine if Harry’s phone / iCloud got hacked and they leaked his photos where there were pictures of him and his significant other who isn’t known to the public? But at the same time, they choose to not leak pictures where she’s visible, so she’s still unknown to the public, but the public now have confirmation on the fact that H does indeed some have special in his life... and said pictures would maybe be holiday pictures like those we’ve

… talked about before, i.e: pictures of him on holiday cuddled up to someone, but said someone isn’t visible in the picture or laying on a sun lounger with someone (maybe even laying between their legs, so he’s resting his head of their stomach) … idk man, I would actually die if that happened

I’d never want anything like this to happen to him either, but just generally the concept of the cute, featureless couple-y pictures he’d have in his camera roll? Precious :( 

Maybe pictures of their feet next to each other in the sand on the beach, or a shot of her silhouette in the sunset with her back to the camera, or their legs tangled together on a lounge chair by the pool, shiny from the oil in their lotion and slick with water droplets. A shot of them in snorkeling gear, masks and snorkels and life vests and all, sitting on the back of a boat with her head on his shoulder?

Or maybe pictures she’s taken of him on his phone? (or sent to him from hers?) Shots of him first thing in the morning eating breakfast, in just a fluffy hotel robe with a cup of coffee, and his hair’s a mess and his eyes are all squinty in the light from the rising sun on the deck, but not too squinty to see the unfettered warmth in them as he smiles at the person behind the camera? Him at the edge of the pool, with his elbows propped on the side and his sunglasses on, doing that smirking smolder face because she’s in the middle of telling him how hot he looks? A selfie of them in the bath together, only all you can see is the slightly damp corner of her jaw and the side of Harry’s face as he presses a lingering kiss to her neck? Him napping between her legs, with his face smushed into her stomach and his arms around her waist, one of her legs curled around his back, and you can see the glittering blue ocean over his shoulder?

(I totally still have those painful cabana picture concepts you sent me forever ago btw, and am saving them in my inbox for a rainy day to hopefully spin off into a Full Length Something)

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yo have u figured out any tips for surviving college with adhd? ive had it undiagnosed since high school and whatever but its rlly fucking me up in college :/

i’m so sorry to hear that my buddy, that sounds really rough :( i hope that it gets better with time!

some things i’ve found that help me, or help people i’ve talked with:

1- experiment with note taking options to see what works best for you.  it may be different for each class.  some classes i doodle but will doodle what’s being talked about so i’m still engaged, even if my page is a mess.  other classes i write out the notes in Q&A format bc that’s more engaging for me.  other classes i have to type my notes.  even if it feels weird, ask around to see what others do and try a little bit of everything!  asking the professor what they recommend can be really helpful too.

2- set alarms for snacks/water (between classes, not during).  even if you don’t have an issue with remembering to hydrate and eat, having a reminder keeps you on somewhat of a schedule for your busy and stressful days.  plus just eating a granola bar gives you a little break from work and a bit of energy for when you come back.

3- try work/break intervals. i usually go for working for 25 mins, break for 5 mins. i’m also someone that’s really bad at time management, so i end up measuring time by assignments.  for example, instead of thinking “25 minutes of work, 5 minute break” i’ll think “okay i just need to finish these 3 paragraphs, and then i’ll go on a walk and listen to three songs.”  and then i’ll set an alarm for 30 mins to cut me off if i haven’t finished whatever assignment i was working on in the time i had planned.

4- even if you have back-to-back classes in the same room and you’re comfortable, force yourself to get up and walk around (if you’re able) or do some kind of movement for a few minutes.  you might not feel restless in the moment, but 15 minutes into class you’ll be wishing you could sprint to the moon and back and getting out some of that energy beforehand is helpful, at least for me.

i hope that helps some, and i wish you luck!!

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  • Don’t like him. He’s a jerk.

  • Musa deserves better. Big time. 

  • I’m glad he left the show, and I really hope he doesn’t come back (and if he does, then he better have some major attitude adjustment by now. I don’t wanna deal with more broody jealous crap from him XP).

  • The whole “his mom abandoned him” thing should not completely excuse his jerkiness to everyone. Plenty of other Winx characters went through way worse than that (just look at poor Musa, who’s mom actually died), yet they still managed to turn into perfectly fine & caring people. 

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1- Hey there! I've just found your blog, would you mind if an aspiring writer asked you some questions? First,how do you manage your time? I'm still in high school, and I'm struggling to find time (and even motivation, occasionally) to write. I have like, four ideas for books already, but I don't know how long I'll take to finish even one of them... Second, do most writers have other jobs? I know it can be an unsteady work, but I wonder if I'd be able to continue writing if I went to college...

2- like originally planned and became something like a doctor as I’m expected to or any other job I choose. Sorry for the bother, I hope I didn’t give you much trouble! Thank you so much <3

That is absolutely no bother at all!

The first thing I notice is that you describe yourself as an “aspiring” writer- have you written one word outside of school work? Well, then you’re a writer. You may be an aspiring author, but there’s really no “quota” when it comes to writing. Some people like Stephen King write a little every day, and others like George R. R. Martin write when the mood takes them. No matter how you write, you’re a writer.

I’ve found that motivation strikes at the oddest times. Yesterday I was only going to promoting my book, but after seeing something on Pinterest I ended up writing the opening to a story I’ve had in the back of my mind for over a year but have just started writing. Sometimes, when you’re having a serious case of writer’s block, the best thing to do is to just not write at all. Go out and do things, and you may find that you’ve got that spark back. Most importantly, take care of yourself. If you find yourself being spread too thin between writing, school, loved ones, and mental health, writing can be put on hold. It will come back to you, I promise.

And don’t worry about how long it might take to finish your work- if it’s a story worth writing, it’s a story worth taking time on. The process itself is where you grow as a writer, and the more time you put in the better you’ll be when you do finish.

Finding the time can be a little tricky. I can tell you that when I was in high school most of my free time was taken up by my classes. College was a little easier, but that’s only because I was a part-time student. My best advice would be to give yourself a lot of leeway, as you’re still in high school and probably have a lot of other things you’re juggling. You have years and years ahead of you to both write and publish, so for now set reasonable goals like “Write x pages/words on x days” or “Write for x minutes in between (activity one) and (activity two).” I can also suggest other bloggers to follow:

@mcfrankauthor, @roselinproductions, @indecentpause, and @brynwrites all are published authors.

I believe @cogwrites and @nicholewrites are college students (I apologize if that information is incorrect or outdated) and also give really great writing tips as well. If any of them have anything they’d like to add on, they are more than welcome to do so.

As far as jobs go, unless you become an instant success overnight, odds are you will have to get a second job (and sometimes a third). The truth is, if someone is looking to be a writer just to make millions and be on talk shows, they won’t be a writer for long. But it’s definitely a good idea to have jobs that are writer-oriented, like working at a book store or library. That way you can be in constant book lover mode, even if you aren’t writing at the moment. Plus, when you do publish, you could see about having your book shelved in the library you work at.

Hope this helps!

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i hope you don't take offense to this, but i'm really jealous of how supportive and understanding your parents are (at least from what you say). its really cool. my parents don't care about my physical or mental limitations at all

they have their ups and downs regarding supporting me. i dont really talk about the bad stuff that happens with them in detail on this blog. it took a long time before they got to this point, and there are still times it lapses into how it was before. right now, they are being supportive. and im thankful for that. but it has not been this way long and i dont know how long it will be like this either. hopefully things will stay like this.

edit: the version of my life you see on this blog is very different than the life im struggling to survive. i have to be a model of advocacy and kindness here, because it helps people. but things arent as straight forward or healthy behind the curtain, if that makes sense.

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3b Alice and 1f Taki, let them meet up it would be great

I uhh got so caught up drawing them having a sleep over that I forgot this was an outfit challenge so please forgive me on that count but I hope you appreciate this anyway

Also tumblr killed the quality cause I had a large canvas size so I tried reducing the image size and that hasn’t worked out great either sorry


I am very sorry guys, but I have to put Bad Blonde on hold for now. I barely have time to shower and sleep properly because of the amount of schoolwork I need to get done. I only have 1 or 2 days a week where I can have some time to myself and that is mostly in the weekends. I will finish writing the drabbles and post them whenever I can, but don’t expect more Bad Blonde beforemy next school break (which is in week 40) because that is probably the only time I will have time for mass chapter writing. again, I am so sorry i know i have been neglecting you guys since school started, and it hurts very much to know that. Hope you guys will still stick around, as I will try to work on getting the first chapter of Champion posted sometime soon!


So I don’t know if anyone is going to read that. I haven’t been posting anything for a while and I’m sorry.

A lot of things have changed, and I’m having a hard time getting used to it. I’m still struggling with thoughts and bad habits. I’ve tons of ideas but no motivation.

To be honest I’m not feeling well.

I’ll be back soon. Hope you are doing okay.


West Coast Avengers #2 (Thompson, Caselli, Farrell)

Having the characters saying out loud it’s terrible doesn’t make it less terrible. But the worst part was the uninspired banter that came before. And after having tried the Hawkeye series, I’m thinking my major issue with WCA is not Quire, but the writing.

Also, there is still nothing about the fact Gwen and MODOK recently had a fight. Let’s hope it will be mentioned in next issue, not sure I’ll be reading that anyway. It may be time for a culling in the pull list. This, and maybe Hulk and Sentry.

Caselli still delivers, though. One of Marvel’s best artists.

edit: Still considering the possibility that Thompson has a plan and that this Gwen/Quentin thing is MODOK manipulating them to get his revenge on Gwenpool.

:: OOC ::

Hello my lovely people! I hope you’re all doing OK.

The new academic year started at work yesterday and I’ve been inundated with requests and queries from academics and students alike. It’s likely to remind busy at work for me for the next few weeks and I’m still trying to finish my final school project outside of work hours too. 

Long story short: I don’t know when I’ll have time/energy to give my replies the attention they deserve! If I do have time/energy, replies will be posted sporadically at least until October 5th (my project’s deadline).

As always, thank you all so much for your patience and understanding!

- Koi xxx

Under the cut will be a list of the people I currently owe replies and starters. If you do not wish to continue/start our thread/s, please let me know so I can take them off of my tracking list.

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How is everyone this fine evening~

Ahahaha… haha… ha…

Oops. I totally forgot this existed in the box. (Sorry about that! Life is being… well, life.)

Mod gwwh is having a fantastically overflowing time right now! New opportunities, other things finishing up, more responsibilities in meatspace that will lead to even more new opportunities, and sleep in there somewhere. Life is fabulous!

–mod gwwh

And Mod Blue did as well - life has certainly been life, and damaged RAM is still damaged.

But life is mostly good this fine Wednesday morning. I’d like to think that means September will finally settle down and stop being cranky at me, but I’ll take the respite anyway.

I hope things are going well for you (and everyone reading this :-)

Mod Blue

WIP Wednesday

Haven’t done this for a while, so why not? While it may look like I’ve stopped writing entirely for the time being, I promise you I am still writing, just incredibly slowly. I’m on new medication for my anxiety, so it’s a case now of letting that settle in and hoping my ability to focus for more than ten minutes at a time comes back to me.


Talasa’s Writing Challenge - eleven days to go (including a couple of actual canon story moments, hopefully)

The Rose In The Crown - Alistair’s wedding day. Three chapters to go, and it WILL happen! I haven’t forgotten it!

In Marcher Fields - Poppy Hawke’s romance. We’ve reached the realms of DA;I, and I believe I have something like nine chapters left there.

Thedas go Brách - Erin’s MGiT story. A very slow starter this one; I think my brain is pretending it doesn’t exist for the time being, and will pick it up again when I have something finished.

Untitled smut - a prequel one-shot for Anne Trevelyan, involving a masquerade party thrown by an Orlesian comtesse.

Planned fics

Untitled festive project - Modern AU. Carver Hawke brings his “girlfriend” home for First Day … only she isn’t his girlfriend.

Rumor Has It - yes, I am still planning on writing this bloody thing. Rumor is the information broker in Kirkwall who keeps feeding work and info to Callum Hawke over the years.

Untitled - Anne Trevelyan’s story. Set post-Trespasser, the Inquisition is disbanded, and Anne Trevelyan agrees to a marriage of convenience with the Prince of Starkhaven. Will likely be quite an angsty start, but hopefully will produce a plausible love story in the middle of Free Marches politics.

I’m available for questions! Headcanons! Random commentary!

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I have kittens!they're still feeding, and I'm concerned. We have gotten a lot of rain (the storm that had formed in the gulf right where i live) and are basically infested with mosquitos so i can't spend time with the kittens to make sure that they don't end up wild or worse, end up with heartworms. So it kinda sucks, but the mama cat is taking very good care of the cuties and I hope that I can get them used to humans!

there’s not much need to be concerned, the momma will do what she needs to in order to keep her babies safe! and once you’re able to get near them, you’ll have to socialize them, which won’t be too hard

and if i remember correctlyyyy it’s a bit harder for cats to get hearworms than it is for dogs (don’t take my word for it, but i feel like i remember that from my month working in a vet office…)