i hope i spelled their names right


(I hope I spelled his name right)

As said before, Buff takes on a more direct role during combat. His bitterness leads to RS! Yvgeny being more physically abusive to his minions than canon Ludo’s verbal barbs. This eventually leads to him losing his ancestral home. 

The Bulgolyubov was once one of Mexi’s most prestigious noble houses. A proud warrior linage that ruled over the swampland territories. A tragic encounter in the past has made the once noble monster into a vengeful warlord. Unbeknownst to Yvgeny at least one of his children survived the encounter. But poor Katrina couldn’t find the courage to walk past the various thugs that took up residence in her home, and when they finally cleared out…

A new problem arose. Basically older!Katrina is to Yvgeny like Dennis is to Ludo. Dennis still exists in this au as quite the happy uncle. 

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gogo's design! What exactly is the mouth thing in her hair? Is she a Futakuchi-onna? (I hope I spelled that right)

WAA THANK YOU!! ALSO YEA Shes a futakuchi onna! Head mouth is named Wakka and its on the back of her head but its so much more fun drawing/seeing it at impossible angles because i like teeth and drippy tongues

Dead Men Tell No Tales Review with A Huge Effort to Not Spoil the Entire Film


Just some fun modern AU’s to imagine your OTP in

• ‘I just whistled for and called for a taxi and you misheard and thought I wolf whistled at you and shouted “Sexy!” so now you’re very pissed and I’m very confused’ au

• ‘You just dissed one of your friends super bad and I burst out laughing (because damn that was clever) and now you all think I’m a creep’ au
• ‘A few assholes are giving you shit so I’m pretending to be your friend in hopes that the creeps will leave you alone’ au
• ‘You just dropped what you were doing in a crowded subway and shouted “STOP, WAIT A MINUTE” and I’m the only one who shouted “FILL MY CUP, PUT SOME LIQUOR IN IT” in return’ au
• ‘I’m a barista at Starbucks and I can never spell your name right, how about you write it down for me and also maybe give me your number?’ au
• ‘We both had our eyes set on the last Kit Kat bar in the convenience  store but you decided to be a decent person and let me have it but I’m a better person then you so I decided we should share it’ au
• ‘I’m forced to sit in your lap because this bus is ridiculously crowded anD CAN YOU PLEASE STOP SMELLING MY NECK, I KNOW I SMELL GOOD BUT YOU’RE STARTING TO FREAK ME OUT’ au
• ‘I just heard my neighbor slip and fall in the shower and now I have to go and check if they’re all right (I also might want to see them naked because hot damn they’re gorgeous but that’s not the point)’ au
• ‘You’re bilingual and I just witnessed you screaming bloody murder at your friend, constantly switching between four different languages while yelling, and now I’m both terrified and impressed with your powers’ au
• ‘You decided to learn a second language for extra credit and the one you choose to learn coincidentally turns out to be my mother language, how about I end your suffering and offer to teach it to you?’ au
• ‘Our teacher called on you during class today except you weren’t paying attention so you just responded with the most inhuman shriek ever, and now I can’t stop laughing’ au

The Most Valuable Heist

So, back in January, @livingourwildestdreams requested a prompt from me (the last one) and I’m really sorry that I only finished it now :( A combination of writers block, schoolwork, other stories, and to be honest laziness contributed to it. However, it’s exactly 4500 words long and it includes criminal!Chat, so I hope that somewhat makes up for it. 

The prompt was “What are you doing in my house?” but I changed ‘house’ to ‘apartment’ to better fit the story. 

I hope you like it :)

 Of all days to run late, fate decided to choose this one.

In recent years, she had become used to running late, and was hardly ever bothered by it anymore. Her boss was very lenient when it came to showing up to work on time. She claimed that, “Creativity can strike at any moment. It is best to seize it and draw it, regardless of whatever the time may be!”

So whenever Marinette was a few minutes late to work, her boss merely assumed that she had received a divine intervention from the fashion gods at late notice and thus couldn’t help being tardy.

Marinette didn’t have the heart to tell her that it was really because she kept hitting the snooze button on her alarm.

But now she actually did care about being late, because today she was supposed to meet Alya and Nino at the Omelette du Fromage Café to meet the latter’s new friend. Apparently, Nino has been friends with this newbie for a while, but said newbie had a busy schedule and so didn’t have a lot of free time, sometimes none at all. But today was the day (or hour) that the guy finally had a break in his busy schedule to meet them for lunch.

Nino held nothing but praise for the new guy. He said he was homeschooled and sheltered for most of his life, but he was a ‘cool dude’ and a ‘genuine nice guy’.

This supposed saint’s name?


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Quotes from conversations about LazyTown I had with my friend who doesn’t watch it

  • “So they don’t ever recognize Robbie?”
  • “Did he really have to do a split?”
  • “I don’t know how to spell his name so I just call him Ibuprofen.”
  • “Is…is Sportacus okay?”
  • “I actually want to see him in jorts.”
  • “Robbie is my kind of sugar daddy.”
  • “Out of the many Lazy Town pieces I’ve seen, the stuff you create and inspire are all that has managed to get me to ship Rob and Sporty.”
  • “He is awful. I love him. Who is Stingy?”
  • “Robbie is much too handsome.”
  • “Where do you keep finding these men?”
  • “I hope his shoes are wooden.”
  • “He just looks very Polka right now.”
  • “Are you actually into ventriloquism?”
  • “All I see from the middle photo is the mayor has a foot fetish.”
  • “I’m not fully sure what he’s selling but I’ll take it.”
  • “The life of an elf is hard.”
  • “She’s surrounded by puppets and green people.”
  • “Why is his chair made of Elmo?”
  • “They are in perfect DILF range.”
  • “I kept picturing Santa elves despite him being six feet tall.”
  • “Breast reduction?”
  • “I feel a slight tragedy coming on.”
  • “I can’t unsee Sportacus as Elsa now.”
  • ”Are those his natural ears!?”
  • “Why is he so uncomfortable?”
  • “He is oddly calm for thinking he decapitated a guy.”
  • “I worry about Sport.”
  • “I’m positive the black kid went on to be in Overwatch.”
  • “How does anyone keep such a perfect resting bitchface?”
  • “Just when it seemed normal, he jumped ten feet in the air to do a split, and was caught by Stingy.”
  • “All it tells me is that his crotch is stuck to his thigh.”
  • “If this is my nightmare, I hope I stay asleep.”
  • “Is this a kidnapping?”
  • “You need to not go skiing.”
  • “What is a black market hospital?”
  • “Now I fully believe your Carnie theory.”
  • “Isn’t the first thing how you kill people?”
  • “That motherfucker.”

And finally

  • “I’m not even sure what to think of this show. It sounds way greater than it should be.”

It’s a mighty long fall

When you thought love was the top

ONE OK ROCK // Opening for 5 Seconds of Summer // Sounds Live Feels Live // Atlanta, GA // 7.24.16

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Hello! I love your blog! May I request things that the chocobros (and Ravus, possibly) would say to their s/o when they're asleep that they normally wouldnt say to them while awake? thank you!!💕😊


Gladio - How much he loves them. He’d tell them all the time that he does love them but sometimes it’s hard to really quantify and he doesn’t want to start a “no I love you more” sort of argument. For some reason though it’s easy to tell them just how much he loves them when they have their head on his chest and are pressed against his side. He’d tell them that he loves them more than cup noodles. Okay that’s probably a little overboard but he’d definitely pick them over a cup noodles. There’s only one of them afterall and sure it’d suck to have to live without his favorite food but it’s nothing compared to how miserable he’d be without them.

Ignis - Honestly he talks more to himself than to them really. It’s all quiet musings, wondering if they truly understand how much he loves them. Do they know how much he cherishes the time they spend together and while he enjoys his work, do they know he’s always happy to be done so he can see them? They probably don’t because he doesn’t have the words to truly and accurately express those feelings. He just hopes that the words he does have and by his actions, that they have at least a small idea of what he feels for them.

Noctis - He’d tell them that he loves them a lot and apologize for not saying it more or expressing it better while they’re awake. He knows he needs to work on expressing himself better in general but he never wants them to doubt for a moment that he cares for them. If that means he needs to work on telling them 100 times a day that he loves them then that’s what he’s going to do. Not all at once of course but he promises them he’ll do better, and he hopes they always know he loves them.

Prompto - He’d tell them that he doesn’t think he actually deserves someone like them and he doesn’t know how he ever got so lucky. During the day he does everything he can to make happy and he knows this is something that wouldn’t because he means it. In his eyes they can do a lot better with someone that’s funnier/richer/more important/bigger/stronger than he is. It’s everything to him that he gets to spend one more night cuddled up with them though and he’d tell them that he’s always going to try to be the best he can be for them. If he was lucky enough to be able to date someone like them in the first place, he sure isn’t going to keep relying on luck to keep them around.

Ravus - He’d tell them that they’re honestly the best thing he has in his life and absolutely the best thing to happen to him. It’s not something he likes to talk about but he’s lost a lot and it’s hurt him a lot. Having them around though makes things better and he smiles more when they’re around. He just hopes that they can see that.

Sign of the times-Part 1 (Grayson)

Summary: Finally able to move out on your own with the money you saved up from working at the library and doing photography on the side. You moved into your new house with the help of your friend, soon both of you discover an Ouija board in your basement and decided to play it. After playing strange things start to happen in your home, soon you encounter Grayson. A man who is not alive and needs your help.

Warnings: Ouija board, paranormal stuff, a swear word, some sadness, and this being long for no reason. 

A/N: I honestly don’t know where this idea came from, I guess from rewatching Bleach. I do like supernatural stuff, is that weird? But anyways Grayson is well… not alive in this imagine. He’s a ghost that only you can see. In real life, Grayson is a healthy guy that just needs some sleep. :)

 Autumn was my favorite time of the year, the leaves changing color falling off the trees. Wearing sweaters and drinking pumpkin spice lattes.  

I was moving into my new place, after turning nineteen I decided to move out of my parent’s house. Living under their roof I still had to listen to their rules and I did not enjoy it that much. So, I saved enough money and found a decent price for a small house. I work at a library and did photography on the side. 

 I wanted to be a professional photographer, always wanted to be since I picked up a camera in middle school. Taking random photos of family members and friends going on vacation or just the scenery that was around me. The world had interesting things that needed to be seen and I wanted to capture it. 

“This is the last box from the truck,” my friend Vanessa called out. She was carrying a huge box struggling until she sat the box down next to the couch.  

“Thank you so much for helping me Vanessa,” I thanked, grateful for having a friend like her. 

“No problem, but you do owe me dinner,” she said.

I laughed. “Of course.”

I looked around the living room with the many boxes that filled up the room. Some needed to be in the kitchen, bedroom, and a few things in the basement. I decided to start with the kitchen and basement. The basement was going to be my photography room. 

“Let’s move some of the boxes that are labeled photography to the basement,” I announced.

She nodded and grabbed what we needed heading towards the basement. I turned the light on with my shoulder. We walked down the stairs making sure to peek behind the box so not one of us would miss a step. We made it down safely setting the boxes down.
The basement had wood paneling, cream colored carpeting, and six windows. Once there was furniture down here in it would be cozier. It could be my secret hideout. 

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boys react to you getting a tattoo of their name

Namjoon/Rapmonster: “You realize that wasn’t a smart decision at all, right?”

Originally posted by ygnj

Seokjin/Jin: “Oh..that’s great..thank you?”

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Yoongi/Suga: “You’re not serious, right? Is this a joke?”

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Hoseok/J-Hope: “The thought is what counts..”

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Jimin/Baby G: “I love you, but I hope you don’t expect me to get one, too.”

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Taehyung/V: “Is that Sharpie? I hope it’s Sharpie?”

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Jungkook: “At least they spelled it right..”

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(I hope you don’t get a tattoo for your significant other because you don’t know what the future holds.) 

-admin izzy

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Hey there, I want to start learning runes, do you have any master post or so? I have so many questions. One being that if the rune falls upside down ( only one side is carved right?) then? Do you throw the runes in a circle or shake in a bag and pick

I hope this answered your question. The runes are spelled differently, it seems like everyone spells the translated name out wrong.

And I realized I didn’t answer the second part to your rune casting question, yes, you can shake the bag. You need to do what is the most comfortable to you!

If you have any questions, just send me another ask. I wanted to do this right.


I do offer Rune Readings in my store! Check that out here

So I drew Erwin Smith with Izumo’s eyebrows and Izumo Kamiki with Erwin’s eyebrows.

This is why I shouldn’t be able to draw.