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Just some fun modern AU’s to imagine your OTP in

• ‘I just whistled for and called for a taxi and you misheard and thought I wolf whistled at you and shouted “Sexy!” so now you’re very pissed and I’m very confused’ au

• ‘You just dissed one of your friends super bad and I burst out laughing (because damn that was clever) and now you all think I’m a creep’ au
• ‘A few assholes are giving you shit so I’m pretending to be your friend in hopes that the creeps will leave you alone’ au
• ‘You just dropped what you were doing in a crowded subway and shouted “STOP, WAIT A MINUTE” and I’m the only one who shouted “FILL MY CUP, PUT SOME LIQUOR IN IT” in return’ au
• ‘I’m a barista at Starbucks and I can never spell your name right, how about you write it down for me and also maybe give me your number?’ au
• ‘We both had our eyes set on the last Kit Kat bar in the convenience  store but you decided to be a decent person and let me have it but I’m a better person then you so I decided we should share it’ au
• ‘I’m forced to sit in your lap because this bus is ridiculously crowded anD CAN YOU PLEASE STOP SMELLING MY NECK, I KNOW I SMELL GOOD BUT YOU’RE STARTING TO FREAK ME OUT’ au
• ‘I just heard my neighbor slip and fall in the shower and now I have to go and check if they’re all right (I also might want to see them naked because hot damn they’re gorgeous but that’s not the point)’ au
• ‘You’re bilingual and I just witnessed you screaming bloody murder at your friend, constantly switching between four different languages while yelling, and now I’m both terrified and impressed with your powers’ au
• ‘You decided to learn a second language for extra credit and the one you choose to learn coincidentally turns out to be my mother language, how about I end your suffering and offer to teach it to you?’ au
• ‘Our teacher called on you during class today except you weren’t paying attention so you just responded with the most inhuman shriek ever, and now I can’t stop laughing’ au

My Girl II

Part I

Pairing: Young!James Potter x Reader

Note: This is really late but I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  So some of you wanted a continuation to My Girl and I know it took forever but here it is! I’ve been rewriting this a million times, and I’m actually satisfied with this one, so I hope you guys like it!  

Oh and I just hit 139 followers, thank you all so much for your support!  Really, it makes me want to write more! <3

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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from the Potterverse!


The smell of books, parchment, and ink filled your lungs as you flipped through the pages of The Standard Book of Spells. You were, as you named it, merely light-reading. Refreshing your memory with the list of spells and their functions, trying to forget the events that transpired earlier.

James was a total git.

You nodded to yourself in confirmation. That’s right. He was a git and you were never going to talk to him again unless he apologized. You didn’t mind his jokes, even the jokes he made about you, but the one he made earlier was just pushing his luck.

It’s not that the thought of you and James dating was totally out of the question. Because you have thought about it before, during the late hours of the night when you laid awake in your bed staring up at the canopy ceiling of your four-poster bed. Also, you may have had a childhood crush on him but everything is different now. James is different, you’re different. So any thought about that topic after that night was swiftly eradicated.

Besides, you let out a small sigh, he had Lily right?

You and Lily were friends. The redheaded girl always had your back whenever James and Sirius tried to bully persuade you to make their homework for them, and she was always ready to listen to whatever you had to say. Lily was the sweetest person you knew and anyone would be lucky to have her.

Your train of thought broke when you heard the chair in front of you get dragged out from under the table. You looked up to see Remus flash you a sheepish smile and sit down, gingerly placing his book on the table. “Sirius wants you to go back to the common room.” He informed you quietly and opened his book to start reading.

You rolled your e/c eyes. “So you’re here to pick me up?”

Remus shrugged. “Not if you want to stay here. Then I’ll be happy to accompany you.” He flashed you one of his rare grins and you laughed, making Madam Pince clear her throat. You shot her an apologetic glance before turning back to your friend.

“You’re the best Rem, if Sirius wants me to go back, he should’ve come pick me up himself.”

“He can’t. He and James are banned from entering the library for the rest of the year, remember?”

Your mouth formed a perfect ‘o’ as you just remembered that fact. The duo nearly set the entire library on fire while they were studying for their exam on charms. Sirius gave up on studying five minutes into it and he coaxed James out of it as well and they tried practicing their little spells. You hummed thoughtfully and looked at Remus who had his eyes fixed on the pages of his book.

“You’re staring.” He stated beneath his breath and you smiled at him.

“I was just thinking.”

Remus snorted in amusement. “A Knut for your thoughts?”

You rolled your eyes at him playfully. “Make it a Galleon and we’ll see.” You drummed your fingers on the wooden surface of the table softly, “I’m not going back to the common room with you any time soon, Remus.” You informed him. “I don’t want to have to deal with whatever happened earlier yet.”

Remus nodded in understanding, he knew your mind was still in a gutter. He was pretty surprised with James’ proposal earlier as well. Wasn’t it always Lily? Did he miss something? He racked his brain for clues, even subtle ones. He knew you sort of fancied James in a way, and if the circumstances were different, he would’ve loved to support you and tell you not to hold back, but with the other person in question clearly not showing any interest in reciprocation and only showing affection to the muggle-born, redheaded girl; he kept his mouth shut. Like he always did… and it made him feel terrible.

Hours later, it was nearly dinner time and Remus had gone off to the Great Hall. You actually had to force him to go since he didn’t want to leave you behind. He promised to come back with some grub for you, because even if he denied it, he was starving. Madam Pince left to eat her supper as well leaving you alone in the large, candlelit library. You had long removed your robe and draped it over the chair next to you.

You tied your hair up into a bun and rolled up your sleeves.


Your eyes roamed the deserted library, “Psst.” Came the whisper again and you took out your wand and got up of your seat. “Who’s there?” You questioned. You hoped it was anyone but a Slytherin or Peeves. Someone then hugged you tightly from behind making you yelp in surprise.

You turned and that someone took off a cloak, revealing the messy haired, glasses wearing idiot you called a friend. You frowned. Well you’d rather deal with a Slytherin of Peeves now instead of James Potter. You pushed him away and sat back down, huffing in irritation.

James cleared his throat and sat opposite of you, where Remus previously sat. “Hey, I brought you something to eat. You must be starving.” He quietly said and placed some sandwiches and treacle tarts on the table in front of you.

“Remus was going to bring me food.”

“Remus is not coming back here for a while.” He sounded a little cheerful at the proclamation which annoyed you more.

You sighed in realization. Oh of course. Remus may be your friend, but he was James’ friend too. You should’ve seen this coming. “James I’m not continuing this conversation until you apologize.”

“I’m not apologizing.” He deadpanned.

Your eyes flickered to him in anger. “Typical! You never really do apologize, even when you play pranks on me or got me into trouble!”

“Y/N, listen to me-”

“No, James. You listen. I’m tired alright? You can’t just boss me around like you do with Peter or Remus or sometimes even Sirius. I’m not your girl, I’m not your property. And… and…” You were nearly hyperventilating now, your emotions seemingly getting the better of you. “And you can’t just ask me out on a whim thinking I’ll accept when you obviously like another girl! I am not going to be some fling!” You cry out and buried your face in your hands in frustration. Oh Merlin… this was not what you had in mind.

Silence stretched making you think that maybe he left. Leaving you like an ugly mess until you felt his cold hands peeling yours away from your face. “Y/N, I’m sorry.”

You faced him uncertainly and your eyes caught his. “I’m sorry I wasn’t really thinking about how you felt. I know a can be a…”

“A bastard.” You supplied.

“Alright, a bastard sometimes.”

All the time you mentally thought.

“But I just wanted you to know that I really do like you very much.” He finished, his eyes still on you, his gaze never faltering.

You looked away first. “Please James, you honestly think I could believe you? Not once have you shown the slightest interest in me. It was always Evans this, Evans that. Now you’re suddenly Y/N, Y/N, Y/N?”

“You’re my girl, Y/N. Evans was a way to hide my feelings for you since Sirius caught me staring at you one time when you and her were talking. I became flustered and blurted out that I was looking at Lily instead and the lie stuck until now.” His hands still held yours and you could feel his slowly warming up and you just noticed that he was blushing. Actually blushing, and that made you blush too. You had never held hands with James before and it felt nice and it made you long to hold his hand any time you wanted to.  

“I fell in love with the girl who injured my foot on the first train ride to Hogwarts, and I fell hard.” He sincerely said, “As cliché as it sounds, it’s true. I hope you believe me.”

You bit your lower lip. You wanted to believe him, you really did. But this was all too good to be true. You removed your hands from his and hugged yourself. James looked crestfallen. “I think I’ll need to sleep on it.” You mumbled and lowered your gaze. You couldn’t face him after he looked so devastated. You could hear him stand up from his seat but still you didn’t look at him.

“It’s all right, I’ll wait for you.” He told you and threw his Invisibility Cloak on. You could hear his footsteps softly walk away but before he reached the door you called out to him.


“Yes?” You heard him reply from afar.

“No more lies, please?” You tried to keep your voice level but it shook fervently.

“No more lies.” He agreed and you could feel him crack into a grin as he left the library shutting the doors with a soft thud.

hello ! i’m c ( he / him ) from the uk and with me i bring my personification of a greasy trash bag severus snape. i realised that i didn’t post a biography or a little intro of him when i first joined so under the cut, i kind of mixed the two.

please come to me with any plots and stuff, i’d love to write with all your amazing characters whether oc or canon. i hope your hate for snape doesn’t stop you from wanting to write with him, bc angst = some Rad Plots. am i right. ( i hope im right )

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A Little Surprise

{Part 1}

Dean x Pregnant!Reader

WARNINGS: Swearing.

Word Count: 970

Author’s Note: I enjoyed writing this. I hope you all like it.


The hunt had went well.  Everyone had walked away unscathed.  You and the Winchesters were heading to a bar to celebrate.  You smiled, thinking of your victory, but you were slightly uneasy.  Right before Sam had ambushed the witch that were you hunting and killed her, she had been saying something.  It had sounded like chanting; like a spell of some sort.  Of course, you didn’t say anything to the brothers, you didn’t want to ruin the mood.

You probably had on a face of unease because you heard your boyfriend, Dean, saying your name, stealing you away from your thoughts.  


You looked over at him from the back seat of the 1967 Chevy Impala.

“Yeah?”  You asked.

“You alright?”  He asked, looking at you from the rearview mirror.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”  You reply, but a moment later a wave of nausea comes over you and you put a hand to your mouth.

Dean, who had already been worried about you, caught the gesture and pulled over for you.  As soon as the Impala had stopped moving, you had opened the door and were puking your guts out on the side of the road.

You felt a hand on your shoulder and another holding your hair back.  You looked up momentarily to see Dean by your side before another wave of nausea came over you and you puked again.

“All done?”  Dean asked you, worry evident in his voice.

You nodded and stood up, Dean coming with you.  You looked back towards the Impala to find Sam still in the car, watching from the passenger seat.  You ignored Dean’s worried expression and, as quickly as you could, made your way back to the Impala and got in.

Dean followed, just a second behind you.  “Are you sure you’re okay?”  He asks, turning around in his seat to look at you.  

You ignore his concern, nod your head yes and tell him to continue on to the bar.  Dean sighs, but does as you ask and Sam throws a worried glance your way.

At the bar, you decide not to drink any alcohol.  You didn’t understand why, but it didn’t seem like a good idea.  

You had had another puking session and were returning to the boys after you had left the women’s room.

“You’re sick.”  Dean stated when you returned.

“No, I’m not.”  You said, avoiding Sam and Dean’s eyes.

“(Y/N), don’t give me that shit.”  You caught Dean rolling his eyes at you.

“(Y/N),” Sam interrupted, probably just saving you and Dean from a fight, “did anything happen during the hunt that you aren’t telling us?”

You said nothing, still avoiding their expectant gazes.  You heard Sam sigh.

“What happened?”  The younger Winchester asked you.

“I have no clue!”  You yelled as you turned on your heel and began to make your way out of the bar and back towards the Impala.

By the time the boys had decided it was safe to follow and had made their way out of the bar and towards you, you were hunched over a nasty smelling public trashcan puking your insides out.  You decided you should tell them about the witch, otherwise they wouldn’t let you go on with your life.

“The witch was chanting something right before Sam killed her.”  You said when you had finished puking, and before either of them had time to address you.

“Chanting,” Sam asked, “Chanting what?”

You shrugged.  You had no clue what the hell was going on.

“Son of a bitch!”  Dean suddenly, yelled.  You and Sam looked at him in utter surprise at his outburst.

Dean hurriedly got in the Impala, gesturing for you and Sam to follow as he did.  The two of you quickly complied and followed him into the car.

“Dean, what the hell is going on?”  Sam asked, looking over at his brother who had his eyes glued to the road in front of him.  Dean said nothing and continued to drive.

Your boyfriend stopped at a gas station, parked the car, ran inside, quickly bought something, and the three of you were on the road again, but only for a few minutes because Dean had brought you back to the motel you guys’ had been staying at.

He grabbed the bag from the gas station and stormed inside to your motel room.  You and Sam quickly followed, confused as to what was going on.

“Dean,”  you started, but were quickly cut off by Dean shoving the bag into your hand and pushing you towards the bathroom and closing the door behind you.

You gasped, what was his problem?  You were tempted to walk right out of the bathroom and demand an explanation as to what was going on, but your curiosity got the best of you and you looked into the bag.

A pregnancy test?  What the hell did he think was going on?  You were mildly offended, but the more you thought about it, the more your boyfriend’s logic made sense.  ‘What if the witch had put a curse on you that made you pregnant?’  It would explain the constant puking, you supposed.  So, in the end, you decided to check.  You used the pregnancy test.

You stood up from the toilet, still refusing to get your answer from the pregnancy test, but after about five minutes of avoiding your answer, and remembering the anxious Winchester’s outside the bathroom door, you looked.

Positive.  There was no arguing now.  You were pregnant.

You nervously opened the bathroom door and stepped out.  You watched as both the Winchesters looked up at you expectantly has you walked out.  Dean must have told Sam of his suspicions of you being pregnant because he looked just as anxious as Dean.

“Well?”  Dean asked nervously.

You nodded, “I’m pregnant.”

The Animal Inside - werewolf!Calum pt. 4

Author’s Note: Sorry I’m a piece of shit and took like a week to post and write this. In my defense, I’ve been traveling since the 30th and finally found enough time to sit down and write for a few hours. This one is a little bit longer than the rest and it has smut in an attempt to apologize for being so late. What can I say, I take after 5SOS. Part of it seems like a filler but it’s gonna come back into play a little later on. Like usual, let me know what you think! (PS I just realized I accidentally gave Ivy the same last name as Malia on Teen Wolf but I kinda hate Malia so I’m sorry)

Rating: Mature (WEREWOLF SMUT)

Part One / Part Two / Part Three

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we’ve got to stop not meeting like this - in dreams written under pillows for the night to forget in a single kiss of the sun, in faces we drink to cut the manifestation of life into a single entity. all my broken pieces spell out your name. all my tears hold my hand tighter than your eyes. all this silence reads better than the final scene of us. losing you has turned me a new shade of blue, and I don’t know how to paint anything less than my favorite. I don’t know how to not taste you in my coffee, how to use less sugar because even if its too hot, there’s still a slight breeze to my right. I’ve been saying your name in the mirror hoping that I would be better at goodbye this time, but you’ve been gone for weeks already, and I’ve been sleeping with a memory so real I can hear you knocking against my temples. darling, though silence and secrets are dark places that always require company, the longer silence remains untouched, the longer the miscommunication creates its own stories..and I may have put all my sand into the same castle, but belief will only drown you if you forget to exhale the bad. you said be love… like that could be easier than being human. sometimes when the clock passes me up and all I’ve been doing is wondering if I’m on your mind, I realize that I’m probably not. I realize that things have changed, we’re no longer the same. the words we tell each other, it’s all more memories to forget, some people look better in your memories anyway. and it’s just these fucking feelings, they stay longer than the actual person. and it’s just this fucking heart it keeps beating for you, and I’ve been trying to pump it with enough drugs to keep me going for another week, but that’s the thing, isn’t it? what we had? it was unhealthy, so here’s the truth about me. I need to let go of everything that’s killing me, I’d drink to the sound of your voice, but I haven’t heard it for so long, maybe it sounds like the waves crashing onto the shoreline, we’re worlds apart. we’re all a little lost when it comes to love, so maps won’t help us find lost treasure. lately, I’ve been feeling a new shade of red. lately, I’ve been feeling other things, it’s never you, but occasionally, I’m still stuck here, maybe it’s this depression. maybe it’s just me. I’m still trying to be okay, but if I don’t, fuck, I’ll stay until the very last second to find out.
—  The Ate & The Bunso