i hope i made that clear

I say this as a queer woman: Please understand the difference between queerbaiting and two characters that share a deep connection.

I love Johnlock to death, but it was quite clear that it wasn’t going to happen. The writers, from day one, made this explicit. I had hope nonetheless, of course, but I knew the reality.

What this fandom is currently doing is disgusting. Yes, we’re all upset. I get that. But I’m seeing shippers verbally attack wonderful people like Louise simply because their ship isn’t canon yet. That is absolutely not okay.

Let me remind you, despite popular belief, THIS WAS NOT THE LAST EPISODE. Both of the writers themselves have said that this is not the end. The only thing is, such as with the previous seasons, it’s going to take a few years because the actors have busy lives.

So yes, Johnlock still has a chance. Does that mean it will happen years from now, when the show does end? No. But I think it’s really important to also realize the fact that either way, Johnlock has a deep emotional connection that no other ship could ever surpass. They love each other more than anyone knows, and that’s beautiful. But that doesn’t mean they’re suddenly gay. (My personal belief is that Sherlock is asexual.)

Anyways, sorry about my rant. I’m unhappy with some aspects of the episode, but that’s no excuse for how some of the Johnlock shippers are acting. This has been a reality for a very long time, and it’s not even the end of the show.

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@artist- Out of curiosity, how did you decide on these design deviations from the official flygon?

// Good question!

Okay, so Olive was actually a character I used for roleplay before starting this blog (one of my first pokemon OCs actually, she’s about… 5 or 6 years old now I think). Originally I made her dad a Gliscor for “creativity value” or whatever, so as her design evolved throughout the years I made her look the part (ie. darker accents, more sharpened/bat like features, etc.) 

Hope that clears things up haha 

What Have I Done, Part II

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Word Count: 2,120

Summary: (Y/N) finally made a life for herself in New York, months after her separation from Newt. Unfortunately, she seems that no matter what she does she always find her life connected to the magizoologist. (I really am terrible at these summaries.)

Warning: angst? brief mentioning of alcohol 

Note: I genuinely intended this to be a two-part story after publishing the first, but seems I got ahead of myself. I’m not entirely happy with it, but I need to finish it because I am stubborn lol hope it’s enjoyable anyway! xx

Part One: X

“No, Tina. He hasn’t been cleared of the charges. President Picquery said to handle this case with care. He’s a very important wizard and I-“ 

“This isn’t about you, (Y/N). I know what I seen him do, and he needs to be convicted. He’s been using his magic to violate and steal from No-majs. He needs to be held accountable.” Her voice was stern and her tone unwavering.

You sighed and looked up at the brunette, her hands set firmly in front of her on your desk. If you didn’t consider her one of your closest friends, you might’ve found her intimidating. “You know I won’t let him get anything less than what he deserves. Now, just let me do my job and make sure we have all the credible evidence to lock him up, alright?”

Tina let out a sigh and gave you an apologetic smile, she knew that you were more than capable of handling your job and that you wouldn’t rest until a proper punishment or clearing of criminal charges had been made. She was just passionate about her job and wanted to see it through to the very end. 

You shot her a smile, and closed the file in front of you. “I’ll let you know if I get any good leads, alright?”

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Okay, I've been taking deep breaths and reloading my hope and I refuse to believe this.

1. This whole season has sucked and made no sense so far, but I simply can’t believe Mofftiss would ruin their child like this. The madness started in TAB and basically nothing has been cleared up since then.
2. Where’s the promised new music??
3. Why was the girl at the beginning from ASIB the same as little Eurus.
4. The Moriarty reveal was really anticlimactic and I refuse to accept it like that
5. We still don’t know how Sherlock survived the fall
6. Nothing in this episode made sense and everything appeared like mind palace stuff
7. SERIOUSLY, I would have been able to write a better series than that and I suck at writing. They cannot be that bad.
8. Mary and her story still don’t make a ton of sense but that’s just a sidenote 9. What’s up with the “13th” note thingy (I might have missed smth there tho? I don’t get every line they’re saying since I’m not natively english 10. Irene and Sherlock?? Why half-ass-y bringing her back and then just dumping her like “oh wait no she’s married i forgot but whatever”guys 11. Mycroft’s diet wasn’t just a diet c'mon guys 12. Half-ass-y introducing Mme Smallwood as a “”“love interest”“” for Mycroft and then not solving that conflict / finishing that story Please add other plot points that still need clearing (on a basic note, ignoring the general feeling of EVERYTHING IS JUST BULLSHIT AND I’M CRYING which I’m experiencing as well trust me)

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Goodbye and Sweet Sixteen were such good Lucas episodes? I really liked all the subtleties especially in Goodbye about he was so not ready to let Riley go. I loved his whole plan in Sweet Sixteen. Also, I think the last two episodes made it clear that it was always rucas and smarkle and joshaya.

I agree with most of this (tbh, even though they interacted, I personally didn’t see the same hope of future for Joshaya as I did for Rucas and Smarkle). But yes. Even though he wasn’t given a lot to do, the moments Lucas had were great, and he had a lot going on throughout the eps in the background as well.


When technically you’re the chill friend but your best friend for whatever reason refuses to accept the happiness he deserves smh

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In the wake of the election of Donald Trump, we are all faced with uncertainty about our future. Minorities’ basic rights, that were obtained through many struggles, are now at stake.
Now more than ever, it is important to know how to be an ally.

Allyship won’t be cut down to “listen and educate” anymore: we need to protect those who don’t have the privilege of not fearing for their lives from now on. We have to expect violence.
Following the model of my first guide about how to help when witnessing Islamophobia, here is a guide on how to be an ally to minorities in general: POCs, LGBTQIA+ people, people with disabilities, people with mental illness… for everyone whose life and choices are threatened by these dark times, you can apply these 4 steps.
Of course, the recommendations I made in the first guide remain applicable to any kind of harassment, too.
I hope it’s clear and can be shared easily, I wanted to make sure you could understand everything quickly. Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think.

Please, take care of each other. If we don’t have any support in the authorities, we must at least have each other, and stand strong in the face of adversity. I believe in you.

Godspeed. 💞

the thing that makes me really appreciate the whole “i love you” / “i know” exchange in the empire strikes back is that, this whole time, han has been urging leia for some sign of affection, of validation, in terms of his feelings for her. han has made it clear that he likes her, but leia has been hiding or denying her affection towards him almost entirely. i think the reason han is so forward about it is that he hopes this will get her to admit it, not because he’s vain but because he needs his own feelings to be validated. after they kiss, he’s very outwardly affectionate, taking and holding her hand often, kissing her on the forehead, as if he’s purposely being somewhat obvious to make sure she notices, to test the waters, to see if she wants him to be as affectionate as he does. but even through all of his demonstrative behavior, leia is still pretty distant.

so in this crucial moment, she realizes that she’s never fully admitted how she feels, and that he needs to know. it’s not so much a “this could be my last chance to say it” moment, but a “this could be your last chance to hear it” moment. it’s true and she knows it, but she says it for him. she says it because she sees that he has to finally hear it. so his “i know” response isn’t cocky, it’s reassuring. it’s telling her not to be worried, because even though she’s never told him, han has always known.

Selena is one of the most genuine artists of our genuine and NOBODY gives her enough credit. I grew up watching her show and listening to her music and it was such a gift to see her looking beautiful and confident and authentic tonight. Her speech was much needed for me and I’m sure many others. I hope everyone will hear her loud and clear. She’s not broken anymore. Let’s stop talking about all of the things that made her feel that way, and focus on everything she has coming in the future.

I Don’t Care (m)

Word count: 5,718

Warning: Namjoon smut

Based on an awesome anon request that I got, which motivated me to write this entire thing in two days… I got too into this.

“Are you ready?” you say.
“Always am,” Namjoon says, looking at you with a casual smirk.
Nervously, you start fidgeting with your seatbelt. “Shouldn’t you, well, be a little nervous?” You look out the window, seeing the streets pass by one after the other. All of their names are starting to sound familiar the closer you get, and memories of your childhood appear as if they were waiting for this moment.
He leans back in his seat, tapping his hand against the steering wheel rhythmically. “Should I? Do you think they won’t like me?”
You are startled by his question. “What? No, I… I don’t know, I was just saying…”
He chuckles, hearing you stutter like that. “Don’t worry, babe. I got you.” And, frankly, he’s right. You’ve never seen him lose his cool and you don’t expect him to do that tonight either. Even when he’s driving, he seems in a state of slumber, his eyes barely open, his slow breath, one-handedly steering all the time without any difficulty.
As he looks at you, he winks, almost as if to calm you down. You are pretty much compensating for his lack of stress at this point. Every worst case scenario that could happen is imagined by your mind, and as you feel your heart sink a little, he starts humming a song.
“That’s it, right?” he says.
Your body is paralysed. “Y-yes.” There it is, inching closer as your mind predicts all kinds of disasters. “Please don’t fuck this up, okay?" 

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That was great. It had a clear message about how change can be good, and how it’s good for different kinds of people to come together and talk to each other, but it made that point without creating a straw man out of the, for lack of a better term, antagonist. I didn’t like Andy at first, but now I hope we see him again.

And the obvious nods to Thanksgiving themes without anyone actually knowing what Thanksgiving is were pretty funny.

Mutsumi Asuma

I think I made it somewhat clear on who I hope Kae will end up with.

The lovey man Mutsumi-senpai.

He was the only person to be able to recognize her after she got skinny. Not her best friend, not her brother, not even her own parents could tell who she was.

Mutsumi: “You changed? I guess during the time I didn’t see you, you loss a little bit of weight, but… I could tell?”

Kae: “You’re the only one. Even I couldn’t recognize myself….“

Mutsumi: “Because…the nice parts about you still haven’t changed. It’s still you serinuma-san.”

Even after she gained the weight back, when Nana and Shinomiya were trying to get her to lose the weight so she would be ‘pretty’ again

Mutsumi: “ Um…why are you doing this? She just looks like she got a tad bit chubby…”

Shinomiya: “Go get your eyes checked out!!”

(But what stuck with me and why he’s my favorite was not only what he has done but what type of person he is overall.)

He’s interested in what she likes. Even if he himself isn’t, he wants her to enjoy herself with what she’s into. He also doesn’t think her interest are weird or she’s weird for liking them(anime/Manga and also her being a fujoshi)

Kae: “I became nervous trying not to show off my bad side, I wasn’t able to really have fun. I’m…truly sorry. Thank you very much for today.”

Mutsumi: “Hold on. I’m not sure why you’re apologizing…? Is there a problem? Isn’t it fine to have something you like? That’s what I think. Besides, serinuma-san’s eyes are sparkling a lot right now. This side of you is completely fine.”

He never treated this like a competition. Basically Kae is a ‘prize to be won’ You may say that’s because he didn’t really have feeling for her in the beginning, but even after he realizes them his attitude on this still doesn’t change.

When he does something nice or kind for Kae it’s not to score up points with her, but because he’s just the type of person to put others before himself.

Remember when they all had to beat Kae at the video game to be able to go out with her? Well remember when he won? He had the chance to be with her, but that was never his intention from the start. He wanted to win to stop her. For her own sake, since she’s not ready to give them an answer yet. And he doesn’t mind that, he’s willing to wait no matter how long it takes. Because he truly loves her. (And he’s pretty much the reason they are all waiting for her answer, but only when she’s ready)

Kae: “S…senpai…I hope…Well be a good match…!”

Mutsumi: “Serinuma-san, don’t force yourself…I only wanted to win…so I could stop you. It’s okay. We’ve decided to wait until you’re ready to make a decision. Besides, we’re having lots of fun. Spending time with you like this is not a waste of time for us.”

He enjoys the other characters. From what we’ve seen is they all view each other as rivals (while that’s not entirely a bad thing) but senpai views them as his friends, and he genuinely enjoys their company.


“Same here. I like all of you.”

“Yes… I do like her. Also Igarashi-kun… I like you as well. As well as Nanashima-kun and Shinomiya-kun…I love you all.”

Also when Takeru asks them why they all hang out together.

Takeru: “Huh?! You all hang out despite being in different years and classes…What brings you all together?”

Nana: “Huh?”

Mutsumi: “We’re friends!”

Nishina: “I dunno if you’d call us that…”

Shinomiya: “…”

Igarashi: “We’re rivals vying for serinuma-san attention. We’re all waiting for her response.”

He was the only one who wasn’t suspicious of Takeru until Takeru was shown to be up to something. Now what I’m trying to get at is he wasn’t suspicious of him with out a good reason to be. During this time everyone else only saw Takeru as a threat because Kae might go out with him instead of them.

However when Mutsumi knew something was up(Takeru pretending to be sick) he made it clear to Takeru not to take advantage of Kae’s kindness. He only interfered to protect Kae, and not for his own personal benefit like the others.

Mutsumi: “How ‘bout today you feeling better?

Takeru: “Uh yeah. I’m alright, thanks.”

Mutsumi: “I see. That’s good. You must have a lot of stress, dealing with work too…must be tough.”

Takeru: “It was my decision so…”

Mutsumi: “I see. I respect that. But why is it that…you act sick even when you’re not.

Takeru: “..!!”

Mutsumi: “ I see…so I’m right.”

Takeru: “Uh…Whaaa? What do you mean by that?!

Mutsumi: “Yesterday…a car was waiting at the school entrance…that was your manager’s car, right? I don’t know what you’re up to, but…don’t take advantage of her kindness. That all I have to say…”

And even after Takeru manipulates Kae, kidnaps her, also trys to force her to marry him, and tried to taser her Mutsumi-senpai does everything he can to save Takeru from the crumbling cliff. Why? Because he knows how important Takeru is to Kae. He even shield Takeru with his own body as they fell down. Mutsumi-senpai was willing to put his life on the line so that Kae wouldn’t have to lose someone she cares about.

Mutsumi: “Serinuma-san…If something were to happen…anything at all…I’ll be there to protect you serinuma-san.”

He wanted to protect Kae and he’s in a coma after doing so.

In the end I really hope Mutsumi-senpai will be alright. And these are just my thoughts on why I think Mutsumi-senpai is the one who Kae should pick.

(Please Junko-sensei just let him be okay.)

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Bother Me (Part 2)- Percival Graves

Pairing: Percival Graves/OC

Request: “anonymous asked:

hey could you please write a percival graves imagine where you and him absolutely hate each other but everyone thinks you’re perfect together and just need the two of you to see it?”

Warnings:  We got some heated kissing up in here.

Tags: @fandomsunitedtogetherforever

A/N: Part 2! Hope it’s alright….I spent FOREVER on this trying to perfect it!

My stomach tightened a little at the sound of the door snapping closed, but I ignored it. Instead, I glanced back down at the stack of papers in my lap and resumed marking them with my signature. “I thought I made it clear I wasn’t going to side with you on this.” I said.

His footsteps sounded against the smooth, marble floor as he crossed the room. When I finally decide to give him my full attention, he was standing just a few feet away with his hands in the front pockets of his trousers. The sleeves of his shirt were still rolled up to the elbows. I only allowed myself a passing glance, eyes traveling over his black vest, up to his plum colored tie, before reaching his eyes.

“You heard the president,” He said pointedly. “We’re going to eventually have to find a way to come to an agreement. One way or another.”

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Characters- Jungkook x reader

Type- Smutt

Word Count- 716

Request- *clears throat* I came here to shamelessly request some story abt thigh-riding jeon jungkook…

A/n- This is kinda rushed, sorry to the anon who requested it. But I hope you like it lol. Give me feedback… I need it.

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You sat across from Jungkook. Under the fluffy blanket, you didn’t want to move and made that known. With his soft deer eyes, Jungkook pleaded with you to come over and cuddle him., you stayed still. Even after he patted his lap, offering up your favorite spot, you refused. He had enough and gave up.

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Her Red, Red Lipstick (The Imprint It Leaves On His Cheek) by 13letters

When after talking in the backseat of his car, trading war stories and battle scars and past heartaches that burned like flames to old photos and ached like fractured ribs, nails in a coffin – he became hopeful then, traded her optimism and goodness from her for fear.

It’s a strange first revelation, though, when you’ve got something to lose for the first time, when there’s a clear before and after that’s her handprints all over his heart. How she forgives him without thinking. How they danced slowly to Kiss From a Rose in the kitchen and laughed themselves silly, tripped a little too hard in love and found each other on the kitchen floor.

Being just friends is the biggest lie they’ll tell on this road to learning each other and taking life as the joke it is.

I think the Rogue One fandom needs more happy posts. We have to focus on the positive aspects of the story… for example, how beautiful was it that the moment we meet spiritassassin, Baze says “Τhere are no Jedis here, only dreamers, like this fool” and it is made clear that he does not believe in the force? Still, when he loses Chirrut he embraces the notion of the force with all his being because it is his last hope at finding his soulmate and he meets death unafraid, with Chirrut’s mandra, “The force is me and I am one with the force”, a prayer and a song on his lips and in his heart; a promise, not merely of reunion, but of becoming one; never to be parted again.

John is always right: A Sherrinford Hope-ful Meta

A theory about Mycroft, Sherrinford, Eurus and Moriarty that fortunately turned out very S2-ish.

I have made it somewhat clear that I wasn’t exactly excited after The Lying Detective, aside from the crime case of Culverton Smith which was certainly one of the most thrilling of the show. 

One of the worst aspects of it was the unveiling of the secret Holmes sister, Eurus. I have trouble finding her convincing as an evil psychotic sibling and even more trouble to understand why she haunted the brothers’ minds even when they were kids (”there is an East Wind coming, it’s a story my brother told me when we were kids”) or why she seems to be justified for her wrath (”seeks out the unworthy and plucks them from the earth”). There is a lot more I don’t like or understand but I decided to roll with it until we see what happens in TFP.

What’s worse is that the show seems to point at the direction of another Holmes sibling, Sherrinford, and it becomes dangerously implied that this fourth sibling might be Moriarty. I can’t analyze again why this is a terrible possibility but let’s just say in short that if Moriarty is a fourth sibling, the plot becomes significantly weaker with all the brother and sister drama additions and all the old scenes between Sherlock and Moriarty become suddenly very uncomfortable to watch. Moriarty’s former characterization also suddenly loses a lot of depth and credibility. 

So, I tried to check if there is a way Eurus is truly the secret bad sister and Moriarty is still biologically unrelated to the three siblings that actually seems probable and I came up with the following theory that fits and is also perhaps my last hope:

John, as usual, is the conductor of light. 

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3 Tips for Trusting in Your Cards

  The main basis (in my experience) of useful, clear divination is trust. And just like people, you can’t just pick up a deck of cards and expect to fully trust the deck, or for it to trust you
 When I picked up a deck of cards for the VERY first time, I made a lot of mistakes. I’ve come a long way since then, and though I may still be a bit of a novice, I hope I can help some one.

  1. Draw Cards of the Day!
       Especially if you have a brand new deck, or one you haven’t worked with in a very long time. Not only does it open the door for interaction in a very simple, open-ended way, but by doing so you can get a better grip on what the cards mean and your own interpretations of them.

  2. Get comfortable!
      Clear a space where you can feel safe and unhindered. This could include a separate room, or your kitchen table. Wherever you plan on card reading, I suggest a flat, completely soild surface covered by a cloth unique to your card readings (though it’s completely up to you if you’d like to work without it!) Sit however you’d like- on the floor, on a footstool. Sit up straight, sit cross-legged. Make the room dark or as light as you’d like, etc. The more you relax with and around your cards, the better they can receive your energy, and the more in tune you’ll be! And if standing on your head with one shoe on and Enya playing works for you, then so be it!

     The BIGGEST mistake I’ve ever made, was not believing my cards were telling me the truth. I would redraw to see if I got the same cards again, or if the answer I received seemed unlikely I would disregard it altogether. Believe. In. Your. Cards! If something seems unlikely, trust in in- but with a grain of salt. Never ever EVER redo your draw- you will just to be disappointed when you don’t draw the same card(s)! This creates a barrier and disconnection- just like with a person. If you accuse all your friends of being liars, or need to check and recheck their answers constantly- you won’t have many left! Of course, if you feel the cards’ message was muddy or unclear redrawing for clarification is a-okay. But don’t redraw just to test them!

Like a lot of Americans, I’m upset about the election results. Not because Hillary Clinton lost, but because Donald Trump won. Unlike most Americans, I’m pretty sure this is at least partly my fault.

Not because I voted for him (I didn’t), but because of my job. I have a platform, and a voice, and I could’ve reached out to more people and made it more clear who this man is and what he represents. But instead, I was snarky and condescending and judgmental. I can be better. And it starts by remembering…

[Note: I’m not speaking for everyone in the media, everyone who voted Democrat, or even anyone else at Cracked. This is a promise about myself, to myself, which I hope some people will find valuable. Thanks for reading.]

3 Notes To Myself Now That Trump Is President