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continental drift

(#21 off the Super Sappy Prompts list: “I’m better when I’m with you.”)

It’s an experiment based on a hypothesis based on a coincidence. They’re sharing a room on a roadie, and Nursey has been stuck in a dry spell for a week and a half now. The words just haven’t been coming the way he wants them to, and he’s starting to feel dried out, like all the creative juices have been wrung out of him by school stress and lack of sleep. Maybe it’ll never come back. Maybe he’s just done. All washed up by the tender age of twenty.

He’s not even trying to write as he watches Dex from across the room, tracking his fidgets and expressions as he sits hunched over his laptop frowning at the screen. It’s been a while since he and Dex have been in the same room for an extended period of time – a fortnight, about. Dex has been on a project, and Nursey started isolating himself about when the drought hit. But it was nice to sit with him on the bus today, and it’s nice to dump his bag near the bed and just relax, hands behind his head, and drink in his presence. It feels like something he’s been missing for far too long.

Nursey’s not sure what it is that makes the words start coming back, but it’s like a cloudburst on a hot day – a few lines, scattered drops against a parched sidewalk, then all at once he’s drowning.

He writes for four hours that night. His poems are full of microchips and anger, all about the gray morality of man against the rigidity of binary code, and by one a.m., when he should really be getting his beauty rest for tomorrow’s game, he’s starting to formulate a theory.

The theory is that maybe being in Dex’s proximity jumpstarts his creativity. In a phrase, Dex inspires him.

So Nursey resolves to test it.

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First Impressions



Castiel works as a teller at his local bank, and Dean is a new mystery customer that brings in a wad of cash and crumpled singles once a week to deposit into his account.

Working as a bank teller was definitely a unique and interesting experience - and one that Castiel generally enjoyed.

Of course, there were always the customers that raised hell when they walked through the door, complaining about incorrect overdraft fees or loan interests, but for the most part, the people were pleasant and Castiel didn’t mind plastering a smile onto his face for five or six hours at a time.

He and the other tellers had their favorite customers that they always talked about, whether for the entertainment factor, or because they genuinely liked them.

There was the nice old woman who always updated the teller on her grandson’s theater career; the middle aged man who generally arrived drunk and so sure that he was a millionaire even though he wasn’t; the college-aged girl who came in with a different hair color every time; and a younger man who kept trying to convince the teller that he was haunted.

Yes, Castiel was sure that he’d seen it all - and then one day, Dean Winchester came through his line.

The moment Castiel looked up as the new face approached the counter, he was thrown off. Sandy and deliberately coiffed hair framed a perfectly symmetrical face that he was sure he’d seen on a famous statue in some museum or another. Soft green eyes blinked at him with an even softer smile as he leaned forward against the counter and tilted his head.

“Hey,” the man said, his voice almost as smooth as the marble his arms were resting against.

“Hello.” Castiel cleared his throat and smiled, praying to God that it looked natural. “How can I help you today, sir?”

The man pulled out his ID and slid it across the counter.

Dean Winchester, it read.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write about lance (from voltron) getting angry? like snaping, because I feel like we haven't seen lance truly angry yet, all the times we have seen him mad, but it seemed more agitated to me, and so I would love it if you wrote about lance snapping, just him being so sick of everything and someone makes a bad comment at the wrong time and he just snaps and he is terrifying, please? (p.s can it be super angst?)

Sorry if this is quite what you wanted, but here you go anon!

I image Lance as someone who would let himself get beat up but would kick someone’s ass if they dared to touch his friend, as well as being quietly intimidating since he often is loud and the contrast shows how serious he’s being.

Warning for some light swearing!

Lance made his way towards the kitchen, he was up a bit earlier than usual, though not overly so. He had gotten enough scoldings from Allura to know he needed to get his shit together. He often feels like he’s holding back the team and he is willing to make double the effort to become useful.

As he approached the entrance to the kitchen, he heard the muffled sounds of his teammates talking. Hoping Hunk was working his magic and preparing something other than the bland food goo, he sped up a tad. His fantasies of Hunk’s cooking ended abruptly when he got close enough to clearly make out what one of the voices was saying

“-know he’s trying, but he has to step it up! He’s lagging behind all of us.” He heard Shiro say

Lance stopped in his tracks. Shiro, Lance’s hero, just openly spoke about some of Lance’s biggest insecurities.

He spun around to go back to his room, however, dozens of cheesy soap operas and cliché scenes of drama being started from someone misinterpreting, mishearing, or misunderstanding made him stay.

He pressed his back against the wall, and he slid down it until he was sitting. He was a couple feet away from the doorway so while he could make out what his team was saying, he still had time to react and get up if he heard footsteps.

“I say we make him train more,” was Keith’s less than helpful input in lance’s opinion. He has trained a lot on his own, but he just wasn’t improving fast enough.

“Guys, Lance tries really hard, lay off a little,” Lance appreciated Hunk’s support and confidence in him, though it didn’t make Shiro and Keith’s comments sting any less

“Hunk, we know you’re the closest to Lance, but doesn’t that make your opinion a little more biased?”

“Lance isn’t at the same level as us, and he needs to get there.”

Hunk desperately tried to defend him but Lance knew it was a lost cause at this point, the more he listened to, the more he got frustrated. He contemplated getting up and leaving to calm himself down in his room now that he knew this wasn’t a misinterpretation; he was the subject of the conversation, more specifically, his inadequacy.

“Shouldn’t you get back to cooking or something? Shiro and I were discussing this and you kind of butted in,” Lance snapped to attention at that comment, did Keith seriously just say that?

Before Lance even processed what he was doing, he stormed into the kitchen, walked up into Keith’s startled face, his own looking furious, “What the hell did you just say?” his tone was even in a terrifying way

Keith seemed to understand it was a rhetorical question, Shiro seemed unnerved by Lance’s uncharacteristically serious tone.

“Lance, it was nothing-”

“That’s bull, Hunk, and you know it. That was entirely uncalled for.” Lance turned back towards the other two presences in the room, “Listen and listen well. If you even breathe another word that belittles, demeans, puts down, or even suggests Hunk did anything wrong when he hasn’t done a damn thing, then you’d better hope and pray I am as far behind in training as you suggest I am.” His tone was chilling, his eyes locked onto Keith’s, his icy glare effectively putting out the fire in Keith’s.

Keith soon snapped out of it and seemed to contemplate something before speaking, “So are you saying that if we insult Hunk you’ll be more motivated to train harder?” that was the wrong thing to say.

The ice in Lance’s gaze melted, being replaced with a fire that could burn anyone it was directed at, “If you dare to suggest what I think you are, my position on the team will not be your main concern.” his voice had started low, rising with every word, “Are we clear?” his words were short and tight, intimidating everyone in the room.

Nods from both Shiro and Keith were enough for Lance, he wasn’t going to let it go right away but he knew they understood.

“Alright, good,” Lance questioned if he should address what had spurred Hunk being dismissed and decided he would if only a little.

Lance locked eyes with Keith “What you say cuts deep,” he glanced at Shiro “Both of you. I looked up to you both, but I can take it. I know my faults, I know where I need improvement, and Hunk’s right, I do try…”

Lance’s voice had gotten soft as it trailed off, his eye’s having found themselves trained on the floor directly in front of his feet, he could feel the pitying gaze of the other three “All you are doing is vocalizing thoughts I’ve had a thousand times over,” Lance shook himself out of it and looked up again, Shiro and Keith stood in front of him ”but what I can’t take is you putting down my best friend when he has done nothing wrong.”

Lance had just about burned out, getting angry was exhausting. He was done with being frustrated for today, he turned on his heel and stalked out of the room, initially heading back to his room before opting to go to the only place he knew he couldn’t be disturbed. Blue.

dreamingpink  asked:

can i talk about Pearl for a second? bc even tho i haven't watched su in a while, this bothers me sm whenever i think about it. ever since rose's scabbard, i was so shocked at pearl for 100% willing to let steven die, and not helping him when he barely keeps himself from falling. i was really, really hoping pearl would improve in her behavior and apologize for her actions, so i didn't dislike her too much at the time. i gave her the benefit of the doubt. she hasn't changed much at all has she?

the glare alone she gives him was chilling to me,

what this glare said to me was just “i hate you you ruined my perfect world with your existence”

but that’s just my onion someone could read it a different way too ig but the inexcusable part is the next scene,where only after he plummets down after missing the ledge does she show any concern for his life (or roses gem oops) luckily Steven was able to grab on to the roots and save himself from DYING, but them she just LOOKS at him from the top of the island for like 2 seconds and goes back to crying about rose. Steven could have fallen at any point when he was climbing and pearl just, didn’t care?? she was facing the opposite direction of him on the other side of the island the next time we see her???

like wtf  the worst part was when he climbs up to the top and shes just like

“hm, so anyway do you have any of roses memories? :/”

and bombards us with never before seen interaction with rose and pearl it kinda feels like they’re dangling keys in front of the viewers face to distract us from how shitty pearl has been the whole episode and manipulate us into sympathizing with her or something.

idk this whole scene in a mess in retrospect. And to answer ur question no she hasn’t changed much, if anything shes gotten worse

yoongi; i will still love you tomorrow

❝as long as you don’t give up on yoongi, he won’t give up on you.
►1832 words // scenario
ⓒ scan credit

Yoongi finds himself waking up to the noises in bed than the ones outside of the apartment. The night hasn’t even had the chance to die out yet, still basking in the sky with darkness and it makes the moon glow twice as bright with the stars scattered like glitter for such a beautiful masterpiece but… Yoongi can’t appreciate that now.

He turns his head to his side, cheek pressed to the pillow as his eyes stare at the back of your head. His thoughts are formulating past the haze of coming to wake, blinking past sleepiness and pushing down his needs of catching up on rest to focus on how you refuse to look at him. Remaining unmoving and with staggered breathing, Yoongi uses his voice and calls out for you. It sounds weird, almost foreign because he would’ve never expected to speak at this hour but with the blaring numbers of 3:21 blinking by the side, it’s a reminder he’s awake and yes, his mouth works.

Your name is being dissolved into the air and rattling gently against your eardrums. From one call after another, growing louder in desperation and falling pin drop quiet in the next, it makes your body flinch when cold fingertips slide underneath your nightshirt and over your hipbones. 

“I know you’re awake,”

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vanyhowwell  asked:

Hi! Can I just request a hc that RFA+V+ ??? know Vany from college or something but don't "recognise" her in the Chatroom and are really surprised seeing her at the party? So they're like "hey I know you haven't we met before?" Or "omg mc?!??!?" 😂 i think that could be quiet interesting! Thank you!

Interesting scenario! Hope you like these:) 

Let’s make this an AU where no drama happens. You plan the party successfully from the apartment. It’s held 11 days later at noon, and that’s the first time you met any of them.


  • When he saw your picture in the chatroom, he thought you were vaguely familiar
  • But he kind of brushed it off when you guys started talking
  • You recognized his face as well
  • But you thought it was just because you’ve seen it online
  • He was popular after all
  • When you met in person, you start talking about your life before RFA
  • He asks where you lived before Rika’s apartment
  • You tell him the area and gives a weird face
  • Turns out you guys were neighbors before the whole ordeal
  • “So you were the one stealing my paper in the morning!” 
  • “But, MC, my face was on it!”


  • You guys talked a lot outside of the chatroom
  • Turns out you had a lot of knowledge about games
  • Although there was something familiar about the way you spoke
  • Yoosung just thinks “It’s destiny! We’re connected.”
  • When you meet at the party, you come up to him and chuckle
  • “I’m pretty sure we’ve met before.” 
  • He’s confused
  • Wouldn’t he have remembered someone like you?
  • So you clear your voice and say “Would you also like to check out the new games coming in next week?” 
  • He finally recognizes you from the game shop down the street from his place
  • You used to work there and he visited often while his game addiction grew
  • Who knew you’d meet again a few months later?


  • When you heard that Jaehee worked for Jumin, you thought the name sounded familiar
  • You realized C&R was the company you interned at back in college
  • You and Jaehee were supportive acquaintances as she was also interning there
  • When you heard about all the work she was putting in, you sympathized with her
  • You remembered the torture it could be sometimes
  • It was also the reason you pushed her so much to leave the company
  • You kept the fact that you’d known her before secret
  • When you met at the party, Jaehee recognized you right away
  • “You brought me extra coffee every day! I remember!”
  • She’s kind of beating herself for not recognizing you immediately


  • When he first spoke to you on the phone, he thought your voice sounded kind of familiar
  • But, he didn’t let it bug him
  • He always wondered how you knew so much about C&R and other business ordeals
  • At the party, someone asked where you worked before helping with the RFA
  • You mention that you were a secretary and assistant to some company nearby
  • Turns out it was a company that Jumin’s company owned
  • He had actually met you and interacted with you on more than one occasion
  • He apologized for not realizing who you were
  • You told him not to worry about it
  • But he started trying to remember whenever he interacted with other companies…even if it was a different department


  • You two talked in the chatroom like old friends
  • Much to the chagrin of the others, you worked together really well
  • It was strange to everyone, even the both of you, that you had only just met
  • Until it came to the party and Jaehee asked Seven when and where he went to church last
  • When he mentions the one from when he was fifteen, you realize
  • You two went to the same church
  • Apparently, you sat next to each other and would exchange notes in the sermon
  • Thankfully for Seven, you didn’t mention anything about him coming alone or about his family life
  • You were closer after that


  • When V first logged into the chatroom, it was a bit weird for you, but you tried to act cool
  • It turns out you and him went to college
  • You actually had some feelings for him
  • But then Rika came along and you backed off
  • When you met at the party, you tried not to act like you knew him
  • But it was the first time he heard your voice, and he recognized you
  • “MC….from college, right? You stopped contacting me.”
  • You chuckled and explained that you got busy
  • After that, he started to contact you more to catch up

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anonymous asked:

how jackson reacts to having to share a bed with you and you two haven't confessed yet? i really liked the yugyeom one!

​glad you liked the yugyeom one!!💞
I decided to just do one for all of them lmao, it’s a cute idea!!

got7 reaction: having to share a bed with you and you both haven’t confessed yet

Mark - He’d go crazy, his mind would just be swarming with thoughts about you and how cute and comfy you looked. He’d steal so many glances and definitely wouldn’t hesitate to hold you close, he couldn’t help it, the situation and cozy environment compelled him to. You wouldn’t think much of it since in your friendship Mark, it was the norm to hold each other and just cuddle. During the cuddling, so much would be going on his mind yet on the outside he’d look so chill as if sharing the same bed were no big deal to him because to him, it sort of isn’t a big deal since you two usually cuddle and share the same bed often yet he wouldn’t enjoy the moment any less. Mark would be so happy and giggly, showing how genuinely glad he was to be laying next to you.

Jaebum - He would sort of panic, the thought of having to share a bed with you made him insanely nervous. Jaebum knew he wouldn’t be able to control himself, he’d want to hold you and kiss you and maybe finally confess his feelings… which is why at first he’d be so persistent on sleeping on the floor. But of course you’d win the argument and next thing you know, Jaebum would be laying down right next you. He’d quickly grow awkward and then suddenly start to build a wall of pillows, “So you’re more comfortable.” He’d say. Yet when you shyly tell him that you don’t want the pillow wall and that you want, need, him to hold you since you’re afraid of the dark, he’d happily comply after some thinking. He wouldn’t be able to sleep, he’d be such a soft fluff and probably watch you sleep until he realizes that that’s a pretty creepy thing to do.

Jackson - He would be 101% nervous, he wouldn’t be able to sleep. Being in such a soft and cozy environment would make him crave your physical touch. Jackson would be dying on the inside, desperately wanting to hold you close and just talk about everything. Yet he couldn’t just pull you close and snuggle up against you, so he merely kept on looking your way. A small sheepish smile on his lips, the air was slightly tense, “So… is it okay if I hold you?” He’d finally ask, no longer being able to keep to himself. A grand smile would become plastered on your lips, but you’d quickly try to calm it down, “Sure… I don’t mind.” Absolutely ecstatic, Jackson would pull you close and tell you to lay your head on his chest. The both of you would have furious blushes spread upon your cheeks and your cheeks would start to hurt due to your smiles. Jackson would then talk about everything… from his schedules, his stress, his hopes, and so much more. He’d also get you to talk about yourself because Jackson is so interested in you. It’d be safe to say that the both of you would get no sleep at night and would spend it by cuddling and talking.

Jinyoung - He would insist and be so persistent on sleeping on the floor and have you take the bed. He didn’t want to deal with the absurd amount of thoughts he’d get. Of him wanting to hold you and have you in his arms, he’d certainly let an “I love you.” slip out, he didn’t want to risk it. Yet when he saw the clear message amongst your eyes, that it was completely fine if he slept in the same bed as you, he couldn’t hold back the smile that’d form upon his plump lips. Jinyoung would lay next you, feeling absolutely calm and at bliss. He wouldn’t be nervous, he’d be too busy focusing on how happy he was to be next to you. You would be on your phone and Jinyoung would just be watching you with so much love filled in his eyes. He’d teasingly start poking your arm and your sides, next think you know the both of you were having a chaotic tickle war. You two would be laughing so hard and clutching your burning stomachs. Once the both of you calmed down, you’d chat for a bit about the simplest little things from books to favorite coffee drinks. Eventually you’d fall asleep and Jinyoung would be so in awe with how cute you looked, low key tempted to snap a few pictures but he ultimately decided against it. Still not sleepy, Jinyoung would stay up for a little bit longer to admire your beauty and gently drawing shapes on your arm before slipping into a deep sleep.

Youngjae - Would be super awkward and shy about the whole situation. He was of course glad that he’d be able to be so close next to you, the one he was completely head over heels in love with. Although he had the fear that he’d stare at you for too long and give away his feelings without properly confessing, the thought of it terrified him so he stayed quiet. For, what feels like, the longest time you two would just lay down there in absolute silence, thinking if one of you should say something. Youngjae wouldn’t know what to do, a part of him wanted to snuggle up close next to you yet another part of him wanted to abort and just sleep on the floor. Silence would linger in the air for far too long that you’d end up breaking it. You’d ease into conversation, asking him about work, if he was doing alright, and coco. Youngjae would gradually start to get less and less nervous, your sweet voice easily making his nerves falter. He’d then open up and slowly creep closer and closer to you until the both of you are messily tangled upon each other, your legs intertwined and you snuggled up to his side, just giggling and enjoying each other’s company. Soon enough you’d both fall asleep, snuggled closely together.

BamBam - Would feel like the luckiest boy alive to be in this situation. Him being next to you, the one he was so deeply in love with, in bed and being able to steal glances at you anytime he wanted? It was bliss for him. BamBam would be super giggly, not being able to contain his happiness and the heart eyes he’d have would be painfully obvious. He would desperately want to confess to you and pour out his feelings, but BamBam knew better than to confess like this. He wanted to confess properly through a date, not by laying next to you and randomly confessing. He would crave your warmth and touch to which why he’d slyly try to snuggle up to you and would ask if there’s anything you need to sleep, “So can you fall asleep easily or do you need something to hold onto? You could always hold onto me…” BamBam would just want to be against you and enjoy your softness and warmth. So when you told him that you did in fact needed to snuggle with something to sleep, he gladly accepted and pulled you into his warm arms. The both of you would laugh over the little stories you two shared while holding onto each other, your smiles so grand. He’d be playing with your hair while you drew shapes onto his sides, resulting with him giggling every few seconds. The night would seem to pass by so quickly due to how much you two enjoyed each other’s company.

Yugyeom - This boy wouldn’t be able to sleep!! Once Yugyeom knew the situation that there was only one bed, he’d offer to sleep on the floor while you take the bed, but you weren’t having it! You insisted that the both of you share the bed, trying to play it off that it was no big deal. Yugyeom would finally agree, but he’d be super nervous. He would be blushing furiously and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling!!! He’d be paranoid that you’d be able to hear his heart beating super fast and he’d be up the whole night. Yugyeom would also want to snuggle up against you and hold you, to just have you in his arms so he can fall asleep, but he’d be too shy to ask. He would shyly glance over at you from time to time and just watch you sleep peacefully, because wow he’s in love with you so much and a part of him wanted to wake you up to confess. Yet, he simply stayed in bed and stayed awake the whole night stuck in his thoughts about you.

onceuponaprincessworld  asked:

hi there, how about a "One character adjusting the other's jewelry/neck tie/ etc." with captain swan?

“And then?” Emma urges him from behind the wooden folding panel, excitement evident in her voice.

Killian chuckles. “Then, I knocked two out when they came below deck, hands tied behind my back. Fought my way up after cutting the rope and nicking a sword. I had the captain on his knees in no time, sword to his throat and control of his ship in my hands. That’ll teach him to capture the crew of the Jolly.”

He admits, he has quite a bit of fun regaling his tales, especially to her. Even if her immediate response is almost always–

“How much of that is true?”

“I assure you, love,” he replies, putting hand to his heart even though she can’t see, “I would never lie to you.”

Emma hums in what he knows to be mock disbelief, but he can hear her amusement. It’s a game she plays, teasing him. He enjoys it quite a bit.

Killian fiddles with a trinket of a wooden swan on her dresser, turning it over and over in his hand before setting it back down. He looks up to see himself in the small mirror that hangs on her wall, and notes, not for the first time, how out of place his rougish character seems in the pristine room. He isn’t allowed to be in here, in the Princess’ bedchambers; it isn’t proper. But propriety left the equation the first time Emma kissed him in an alleyway behind a tavern, so there’s that.

He never would have thought, in any life, that the paths of a Pirate Captain and a Princess would ever cross, let alone become so intimately entangled.

“You sure you don’t want to join me at the ball?” his princess asks.

“Though I do appreciate the offer, I prefer my head attached to my neck.”

“Let it be known that the terror of the seven seas, the notorious Captain Hook, fears the Prince Consort,” Emma snorts. It is so unladylike, so far–he’s sure–from the mannerisms that would have been taught to her growing up. There is something to be said about this, the bits she hides from the rest of the kingdom but that are given so freely to him. He smiles.

“It’s your mother that terrifies me, darling.”

Emma laughs, and it warms him from the inside. He’s a fool to have fallen in love with a Princess, one who is fierce and intelligent, one who renders him useless with a touch, one whom he has no future with, would never truly be deserving of.

“So?” Emma says, piercing his thoughts. He hears a rustle of fabric and turns around, finding her in a gown of gold-ish beige, beads catching in the candlelight so it looks like she’s glowing.

He tries to speak but no words come out. She looks enchanting, he wants to tell her, riveting, like a glimmer of light in a long, dark, existence. (His, specifically, but perhaps he shouldn’t get too carried away.)

Emma watches him curiously, tucking a wayward curl behind her ear.

“You’ve rendered me speechless,” he gets out, a soft laugh swallowing up the last syllable. She rolls her eyes but grins anyway.

She hasn’t put on her high heeled shoes yet so she’s still a foot shorter than him when he steps closer. He reaches out his hand to the back of her neck, tracing the delicate golden chain she’s wearing. He gently tugs it out of the place where it’s caught itself in the handiwork of the strap of her dress.

The pendant is a gemstone, rare and unheard of in this land. It is the exact shade of green that matches her eyes. He’d gotten it for her on the occasion of her birthday a few months prior. He can’t help the way the side of his mouth quirks up.

Killian rights the direction of the necklace and stops his hand just shy of the pendant, thumb stroking her collarbone slowly. The air of lightness has subsided and when he looks up, he finds Emma fixated on him, gaze intense and breaths shallow.

“Truly, you look stunning.”

When she kisses him, it’s deliberately slow and deep as though she’s attempting to slow down time. He knows, he’s guilty of it too. His hooked hand encircles her waist and he presses her closer, wishing this could be a permanent embrace, and not one shared in secret behind locked doors and in shadowed alleys under disguises.

“This thing would be much more fun with you, Killian,” she murmurs, nudging his nose with hers once she breaks the kiss. They both know he can’t attend a royal gathering, not with the crimes of thievery and disservice to the crown on his head.

“Aye, I’m loath to miss an evening with you,” he rasps out. “But I’ll meet you after, and we’ll make sure you have some fun, hm?”

He feels her smirk pressed up against his lips when he kisses her.

intimacy prompts

anonymous asked:

Hi B!! How have you been lovely?? I took a break from tumblr and fandom in general and I haven't read a fic in almost a month. Which one do you think I should read first? I'm excited to catch up :) thanks in advance!!! <3

Heya love ! Welcome back ! Here’s some fics you should read :)

- Feels Like Coming Home , by @phd-mama : The last thing Harry Styles expects when he’s hanging out at the Someday Cafe in Somerville one rainy October day is for his ex, Louis Tomlinson to walk through the door, but that’s exactly what happens. After a spectacularly ugly break-up three years prior, Harry hasn’t heard one word from Louis, and he’s moved on. Gotten over him. But having Louis back in his life, not to mention working at the restaurant where he’s a chef, isn’t easy, and the feelings that Harry thought he’d left turn out to be not so easily forgotten. This is a story about love and the power of forgiveness, and how the hard choices we make define us, and change our lives. (60k)

- Them Butterflies , by @gaycousinlarry  : To sum it all up - Louis is beautiful. Breathtakingly so. And Harry can’t find it in himself to even question the fact that he thinks so. Louis is mesmerising, nearly magnetic with all the energy bouncing off of him. Harry doesn’t know what to make of it, but he knows he doesn’t want this night to end.  This is the extraordinarily ordinary AU where Harry falls in love for the first time and Louis learns how to fall in love all over again. (68k)

- I Walk the Line , by @a-writerwrites : Professor Louis Tomlinson is the leading researcher in his field.  Harry Styles is Louis’ recently hired grad assistant.  Sparks fly between them but something doesn’t add up when it comes to Harry, and Louis is determined to find out what.  What happens when everything Louis thought he knew comes crashing down around him?  Is he doomed to repeat his past mistakes? Or will he learn to follow his heart and find a way to forge his own path, alongside someone he’s not sure he can trust, but who might just be the best thing to ever happen to him. (55k)

- Riptide , by FlyingAlwaysInColor : AU in which Louis loses his amazing mum, and is sent on a forced holiday to a luxury spa resort where he meets a green-eyed butterfly-angel and an adventurous Irishman who help him start to heal by administering equal doses of love and laughter.(91k)

- When We Were Younger , by @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee : About a week after Harry started visiting this particular chat room, he was watching some kid argue with the whole room about football, personally disinterested as he tipped a bag of crisps into his mouth. He happily chomped on the crumbs, taking a swig from a glass of Ribena to wash them down, glancing at the screen and very nearly spat the squash back out again. His heart was pounding wildly. The display icon of the argumentative newcomer had caught his eye, and not in a good way. He gulped as he clicked the picture, and when it popped up in full resolution, his heart nearly fell right out of his arse. - Sixteen year old Harry Styles’ world turns upside down when he logs on to gay teen chat to discover somebody has stolen his photos and used them as their own.  (76k)

- Save your loving arms for a rainy day , by @briannamarguerite : “What’s got your panties in a twist, then, pop star?” the man finally asked, his gaze returning to Louis’ face. Something pressed against Louis’ chest and for a moment Louis let himself wonder what it would be like to let all his secret spill out. To fall into the space between them and be devoured by this stranger. Terror mingled with bliss, tangling into a sharp throb he had to swallow hard against. “Absolutely nothing,” Louis said instead. “Happy days, yeah?”The man clicked his tongue once, a disappointed, wet tetch that Louis felt. Actually felt. “My mistake.”Louis turned desperate eyes on him, blinking too fast. He could see his own lashes flutter. “I’m living the dream, mate” he said and even he could hear the way his voice cracked along the edges. “What would I have to be upset about?”–Or the one where Louis is a pop star who has lost his voice and Harry helps him find it.  (19k)

- Life Was a Song, You Came Along , by @rainbowninja​ : It’s embarrassing how long it takes Louis to recognize his own song. Niall had sung it as a bright, hopeful love song, and that’s honestly how Louis had always assumed it should sound. But this new voice, slow and rough, stripped of any backing instrument, has infused the lyrics with just the tumultuous mix of fear and defiance that Louis can remember so clearly from the night he wrote them. It’s not a comfortable thing, to feel like someone is singing all your secrets back to you.  Louis is a songwriter trapped in a lie that could ruin his best friend’s career. Harry owns a record store, distrusts everyone in the music industry on principle, but loves Niall Horan’s newest album. A modern retelling of Singin’ in the Rain.  (37k)

- It Had To Be You , by @fullonlarrie : A When Harry Met Sally AU.
Harry and Louis are strangers who share the drive from Chicago to NYC after college. They don’t have anything in common, don’t get along, and at the end of their trip, they’re both glad to say goodbye. During a chance meeting five years later, they find that nothing has changed, and they part ways expecting never to see each other again. Ten years after their first meeting, Louis and Harry meet once again, but this time they become friends. Eventually, things get complicated.

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MAYRA I JUST HAD A HEADCANON have you seen this Spider-Man movie where Gwen was played by Emma Stone? I don't want to spoil you if you haven't but it would be so great for a sonamy moment

The one where she dies? (Watch Scene Clip) Ahh… well, I hope you don’t mind, I have an alternative idea that will still touch on this, but maybe more of a happy and dramatic ending ^^


Sonic Forces concept writing


Shadow held the spent Amy by her throat, doing as he was told by Infinite. Over a large, carved like an earthquakes crevice drop that would surely be the end of it.

“NOO!!” Sonic powered up, his super form sparking to life as he sped forward, leaving the sides of both Gadget (Custom Chara) and Classic Sonic.

Infinitely lightly chuckled a mock, looking down as he saw the yellow stream blazing through the dark reds emanating from the crevices where his cubes power were already in effect upon the dimensions of the world.

Not only were the dark, murky colors of the dirt and steely, collapsing buildings around them proof enough of Eggman’s horrible rein, but only more so reflecting the world Infinite would create… If not stopped…

Eggman was nothing more than a puppet show! A fraud for Infinite’s real purposes.

A fake napoleon.

Eggman, on his knees, hands out to support him, lowered his head at seeing the scene.

Sure, he wanted to kill Sonic… but not… not like this.

He quickly got up, gripping and struggling to get a Chaos Emerald out of Chaos’s hands.

“You stupid, waterballoon!” He kept struggling, getting tossed back and forth as he did so, before Chaos whacked him away, and he fell back; turning to land on his belly and arms.

He heaved in heavy breaths, before getting up, his face swarmed with guilt. “I didn’t want any of this… I wanted an Eggman empire… not the deaths of my only… GRAH!” he smashed his fist against the ground and got up again. “Sonic may not be able to keep his super form for long without that emerald. And I’ll be DARNED if I let some other fool take over my dream!” he strode back to Chaos, before stopping… and slamming a fist into the side of his face.

“I’ll take down a God… if that means I can take over the world another day. I won’t be erased from all time and space! Dimensions mean nothing to me if I’m dead!”

While that was happening, Infinite shook his head, “You could have been the greatest puppet of all, Sonic… this dimension… their dimensions… All could have been one under my perfect order…” He opened out his arms, looking up to the clouds that pierced a red sunlight.

The cubes… formed around him, before starting to glow as he narrowed his one eye, not shifting off of Sonic’s approaching figure.

                                                 “…Drop her…”

“SHADOW!!!” Sonic’s eyes widened, making it up there before a wall of cubes spiraled towards him, forming a wall and then shifting into a monster, smashing him against itself and then swiping him away with an unearthly cry.

“AH!” Sonic was flung back, already weakened without the other Emeralds.

“Sha…Shadow…” Sonic’s head fidgeted as he raised it, one eye closed and the other half open. He cringed at the pain, his friends already useless in being able to help him… everyone doing what they could… but this was his fight…

Classic stepped forward, realizing…

He may not save the girl.

In a split-moment of panic, Classic raced forward, breaking sound barriers as he curved his step and ran along the side of the crevices.

He wouldn’t let that happen.

No friend was being lost.

Or left behind.

Shadow’s red stripes glowed, the same color as the cubes.

He loosened his grip.

Infinite lowered his head.

Amy started to twitch, waking up…. just barely…

“SHADOW!” Sonic gripped the ground, before yanking his head forward.

                                           “SHE’S MY MARIA!!!

Shadow’s eyes widened as his hand was fully released from Amy’s throat..

She started to fall, as his eyes shook at that name.

He gripped his head, suddenly in great pain, as he wobbled side to side, gritting his teeth in the intesnity of the pain… the memory…

“What… what is this..?!!?!!? AHHHH!!!” He threw back his arms and cried out in pain, as a cube… slowly was being tugged and pushed out of his chest…

Infinite, realizing his control was loosening, turned back in a sharp movement, his eye scanning for understanding…


How was he freeing himself!?

The painful cry was met with a relief of breath, as Shadow’s shoulders fell forward along with his head, swaying as the cube was taken out of him through sheer will power… and then he turned to the edge.

He jumped to try and catch her, but her hand just barely slipped from his grasp.

Sonic’s power overwhelmed the area, as his yellow glow burst forth as he charged infinite.

Classic arched himself and jumped back, having moved too far passed Amy and grabbed her, trying to race up while having both arms on just one of hers.

Her head fell before she flinched in pain, and looked up, wearily.

Struggling to run backwards on a rocky terrain that kept crumbling under him, and the steepness of the edge’s wall to boot… he was slipping…

In that moment, he lost his grip, and Amy started to fall.

Classic jumped for her, straining to reach her…

There was a crash, a whiplash… as suddenly a flash of light caught the recoiled bounce.

Shadow had watched Sonic fighting Infinite and his many creations with the cubes that were once controlling him, and looked to see Eggman struggling with Chaos, having a cube in him as well, glowing red…

He glared, and bite down as he skated over at light speeds, and literally dashed through chaos, pulling the emerald and cube out of him before flashing away, grabbing Classic under his arm.

Gadget, seeing Chaos grow weak, gripped the shard of the Master Emerald in his hand and raced up, sliding to then jam the shard into Chaos.

Chaos let out a piercing ring, before being absorbed back into it, and Gadget pushing his two hands against the shard, holding him in with force until he could fully be sealed into the reformed Master Emerald.

Shadow held up the Chaos Emerald, using Chaos Control to bring them both to safety, before realizing something…

Super Sonic let out a huge blast, “I’ll never let you take over this dimension… or any other one… this world… is meant to be free! And I’ll keep it that way… forever!” he spread his arms out after charging up, and with Gadget placing the last piece into Knuckles’s Master Emerald… him having held his arms up to complete the transformation…

The true power of Chaos swarmed into Sonic without measure, as the blast was engulfed the area, denigrating the cubes completely, like an atomic bomb, only destroying that which was close by, leaving a crater.

“GAAAHHH!!!” Infinite’s eye was the last to go… (I’m skipping the epic boss battle, as you can see. lol)

Sonic, coming back with his arms resting down at his sides, suddenly bolted up to stop the rift in dimensions, pulling it back together with Classic’s help, who had turned super but… his face…

Sonic hadn’t noticed.

The teams cheered when they saw the giant, glowing rift in the sky suddenly pulled back together, and Sonic gave a weary fist to Classic, waiting for a victory fist bump.

“A well deserved victory, little buddy. Thanks for taking care of Amy for me.”

Classic turned his head.

“…Buddy..?” Sonic tilted his head, trying to see Classic’s face.

Seeing the profound frown,… then his head and eyes dipping down…

He panicked, leaning back and looking down where Shadow and some of his friends were starting to gather…

up against a building, seeming to have been crashed into previously… Amy lay motionless..

Shadow went to check the pulse, as Tails quickly ran ahead of everyone, and looked down by her side.

Super Sonic dipped down, before pulling back, “No…” His hand shook, as his eyes widened in horror.

Shadow removed his hand… looking to Tails, he shook his head and lowered it in respects.

Tails stepped back… before looking to Amy, and then dropping to his knees.

Eggman and Knuckles, holding the newly made Master Emerald, made their way over with Gadget, who’s face scanned the scene, and then frowned while his shoulders bounced in grief.

Sonic slowly drifted down, before moving over to replace Shadow, and touching her face.

His head moved down to her and then back to her face, as if still in denial. “Amy… Amy you gotta hold on.”

Tails turned his head away, not going to say anything against the words.

The team all began to mourn, as Rouge held a hand over her mouth, realizing…

Blaze turned away, her fists shaking, as Silver held a hand over his face and lowered it.

Shadow… turned around….

“Come on, Ames… we won! We won, dang it!” He shouted out, his head fully ducked, as Classic flew down on the opposite side, looking over Amy again, before lowering his ear to her chest.

“Amy… you said… you said you wanted to tell me something…”

Classic looked up, his eyes glossy…

Sonic’s eyes were covered in darkness, but his mouth trembled.

“I… had something to tell you too.”

Eggman lowered one side of the Master Emerald.

“Don’t you even start, Eggman…” Knuckles warned with vicious reality… “Not now.. not ever again.”

“You don’t understand.” Eggman knelt down and then put a hand to the Master Emerald.

“If Chaos can return..”

Shadow shifted himself, “What nonsense are you trying again!?”

“Listen to me! I don’t want her to die as much as you! Summon Chaos!”

“He can only destroy, what good could-”

But Tails, in his tears and anguish, was cut off from scolding Eggman when Chaos did emerged from the Master Emerald, walking out, and heading towards the scene.

In an absolute, regal manner… he made his way over to Amy, and lightly touched Sonic’s shoulder.

Still not speaking, Sonic moved for him, and Classic watched as Chaos knelt down, and slowly began to place his clawed hand to her forehead.

He slowly gestured it down…

A glow of green light started to fly around in little balls..

The balls started to make their way out, and everywhere the bubbles touched, life began, and the city was made new, like ripples in water.

“I.. I don’t understand…” stumbling as he turned around, Silver watched in amazement as the entire war-torn landscape was replaced with a beautiful nature panorama.

“If Chaos can destroy…” Blaze suddenly spoke up, also in awe, as she then gently lowered her eyes to the Sonics and the laying Amy…

“Maybe… he can even destroy destruction itself.”

Eggman sighed in tension, his voice wavering on the breath as he rubbed and squeezed his hands together.

Sonic leaned forward, looking squarely at Amy before closing his eyes and touching his forehead to hers…

The lights continued, as Tikal’s voice suddenly rose the Master Emerald, as it glowed in a beautiful light.

“Even Chaos.. the God of Destruction himself.. can destroy it’s very self and creations… all of them… including death.”

The bubbles suddenly rushed into Amy, all at once, as Chaos stood up, and moved back.

The world was beautiful, fixed, giving new life…

And that’s when Sonic waited the longest he’d ever held still in his life…

Under his forehead… he felt a shift and a rush of a air, as Amy sucked in a fresh breath of life.


Roll credits!

Lol nah, I’m playing~

The shift sent everyone’s eyes to Amy, smiles returning, as anxious bodies gathered and started to excitedly move and jitter around her.

She slowly moved her head, before blinking her beautiful, weakened eyes open.


Classic smiled, before she shifted her gaze to Sonic, still glowing…

Her vision was blurry, as she squinted, and then started to cry.

“You were right.” she admitted, pulling an arm over her eyes as she leaned her head back against the side of the building’s wall.

“I couldn’t save everyone.”

She started to softly cry before Sonic moved her arm.

“No, Amy… I was wrong.”

She blinked, seeming to maybe be aware she had died, but no one was sure…

“We couldn’t have stopped him… not fully… if I didn’t lose you.” His voice cracked in a lost moment of pain, his eyes glossed before he pulled himself down and tightly embraced her.

“I will never let you suffer for my mistakes again… I promise.”

He looked up then, “All of you!” He scanned his friends, as Gadget breathed a heavy breath.

“I won’t let his happen again, not now-” He picked Amy up, holding her close as he seriously spoke with intensity and sincerity in his eyes. 

Not ever.”

Tails was the first to break out in joy.

Then the rest starting cheering.

Classic sighed in relief, before getting up and floating over to Amy, looking down at her happily and then hugging her forehead before ‘thumbs up’ing Sonic, and then taking off into the small piece of light that was still rifted through the skies.

He waved to his friends, and then happily curled up to spin into it; having it close behind him, once he was fully within.

Sonic looked up, before back down in all the cheering to Amy, and happily held her close to his face, smiling.

She put her cheek up to the side of his face and smiled too, before looking over his shoulder.

He thought that odd and followed the action, looking to her… and then Shadow.

Shadow… was departing.

He looked down at a burnt cube… somehow having survived… and glared.

He crushed it under his foot, before walking on as the ash took it’s place.

Amy and Sonic watched in silence through the cheering, before Amy turned to Sonic, still watching.

“Would you have become like him..?”

He relaxed his eyes, giving it some thought.

“Yes.” he lightly spoke, and turned back to her. “If I really did lose you.. I would have done everything in my power… just like he did…”

She stared into his eyes, seeing no joking or mocking of any kind.

“Sonic..” her voice almost broke through the love emoted in speaking his name, shaking her head but never losing sight of him.

They touched foreheads again, before Eggman cleared his throat, and Sonic’s eyes flashed open, before slowly rolling them to Eggman, glaring so intensely he actually stepped back a moment.

He rubbed his hands together, smiling sheepishly.

“So… hehe, now that the world’s all good again and what not from Chaos’s magical ‘cancellation’ powers,… ehem. Think we could put our differences behind us?” He held out his hand, a truce?

Sonic stared at the hand, then back up to him.

He nervously started sweating, “Eh-heh… Oh, come on, Sonic! You and your little friends saved the universe! Dimensions are praising your name right now and what? You’re too cool to let me admit I’m being man enough to let bygones be bygones? A-Amy.. You tell him. You’re with me right? Forgiven and all that jazz?” The second he motioned his case to Amy, Sonic’s glare intensified and her head ducked down to hide a bit as he suddenly rose up in the air, and dropped kicked him.

Freaking out, Eggman shrieked a moment and ran off, zig-zagging like a idiot before shaking his fist.

“I’ll win next time, Sonic! You’ll see! and this time, the only casualty will be your death! Hehe!… instead of my pri-i-i-ideeee!!!” he whined, racing off.

Sonic huffed through his nose, “And good riddance. We’ll see about that, Egghead!”

Amy giggled, before Sonic turned back with a pleasant smile, closing his eyes for a moment before walking back to the gang.

*As camera is moving away*

“Um…Sonic? Not that I mind or anything but… y-you can let me go now.”

“Not a chance.”

“O-Oh?” Amy, in statement, blushed at how he said it.

“I’m never letting you slip out of my arms again. Sorry, Amy. But you’ll just have to kick back here for a while.”

Amy smiled, lowering her eyelids, completely swooning, but also perhaps, understanding why he was saying this.

“I don’t mind in the slightest… Sonic… My hero~” she lowered her head to his shoulder, as he looked down a moment in fondness before speaking to everyone, some wanting to really check on Amy and make sure she was actually still alive and alright.

The world… was never the same again.

(it’s a concept in some of the ideas for story. I highly doubt it will happen, but I manipulated the idea to one of the many concepts I’ve had for the game :) hope you enjoy! Stole some of Eggman’s actions from Hades too at the end there, lol! From Disney’s Hercules xP)

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Hi! I really like your blog!! I, uh...I'm in a bit of a tough spot right now with myself. I've been working out to lose weight, but I moved recently for college. I haven't been able to work out/eat healthy since my dad doesn't agree with my diet. Since then, I gained all the pounds I lost back. I was wondering if you could write headcannons for the Paldins, Allura, Coran, & Lotor with an s/o who fluctuates unhealthy through weight, & has a hard time loving themselves because of it? Thank you!!

- TBH I feel like he’d be the one out of all of them to love your curves
- He understands that you want to lose weight but he doesn’t think you need to
- 110% supports you through anything
- “If you wanna lose weight that’s fine babe, BUT DAMN YOUR CURVES ARE HOT”
- All in all just loves you for you and not your body

- He’d be the one to go on a diet with you
- Make meals for the team, but healthier alternatives for you and him
- Will wig out if you miss a meal, he doesn’t want you to get sick
- “No matter what cupcake, we are in this together”
- Also losing weight to impress you so???

- If you’re feeling self conscious he will talk too you about it.
- If you want to lose weight because you think you’re fat he will absolutely tell you otherwise
- If you want to lose weight to get healthier he will read all the books and stuff
- Compliments you a lot on your body

- Will be your personal trainer
- Sometimes pushes you to go to his gym sessions every time
- And I mean EVERY time
- “Babe I don’t think you need to be self conscious. I need to be more self conscious at the way people stare at all of your beauty”
- Secretly grabs your butt in the hallways when no ones looking ;)

- Pidge would kind of just be like… Oh okay… well stop that
- “Oh my god you’re not fat you are the most curvascious and beautiful person I’ve ever laid eyes on”
- Compliments you non stop.
- She wont change her diet or exercise besides the normal training but if you do, she’ll be your cheerleader

- Doesn’t understand why you are working so hard to change your body
- “Your body is so nice, why are you looking for a new one?” “Allura no that’s not what I meant”
- You have to explain everything because Altean’s have a pretty constant weight for most of their adult lives
- Thinks that its lovely that you want to help yourself.
- Gladly joins you any time you ask

- 99% sure he will have his ladies talk to you for training and meal advice
- TBH I headcanon him as so awkward around all girls besides his warriors
- “Well erm… I heard you feel unhappy with your body… A-And I’m here to tell you that… I will crush those feelings like I crushed Commander Throk in the ring of gladiators.”
- Pats your head whenever you walk past him to go train.
- Leaves the alien equivalent of an apple and a glass of water on your desk for after your day of training

- 10000000% dad mode
- “Who said you were fat? You’re absolutely not fat! You are my beautiful daughter and anyone can fight me!”
- “Coran I’m not your actual kid”
- Helps you by throwing out hunks junk food, much to Hunks dismay.
- Will THROW DOWN with anyone who so much as thinks about calling you fat.

(Sorry if these aren’t too good, I’m not to familiar with writing lotor yet. And also I personally don’t write coran romantically so. Hope you enjoy this anyways! And don’t even worry about your weight in college. When I first moved in I felt self conscious as well, and I found some friends who wanted to help me, and we all work out together now! No matter what, you can do this)

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pretty sure anyone haven't ask this since I checked the tag; anyway regarding ur theory about queen/john brown is mastermind behind all of this it also goes to make them can differ the twin (I mean let's say they r aware of phantomhive twins) but it doesn't make any sense to me in what reason they planning to confront our!ciel by trying to revive the other twins (I'm sorry if I sounds failed to understand so I hope you can elaborate more)

Hello Anon! And actually, I did mention/imply the reason briefly here and here (scroll down to the last message), but I suppose I could elaborate a little. :)

It’s all in the chronology that I wrote here: Ciel’s “loyalty” to Victoria (or lack of, from her point of view) is precisely why I think that the Queen and John Brown might have decided to replace our!Ciel with his brother.

After all, Ciel lied to the Queen about the events of the circus arc, but she found out thanks to Brown and the Double Charles, which is why she tried to frame him for murder (Siemens’ murder who was killed by Grey).

He also tried to double cross her by hiding the SULIN after the Green Witch arc when the Queen specifically wanted it, but she is not stupid and she realized what he was doing, so did John Brown, which is why Ciel was compared to his very murdered father in ch108.

So, I actually think that bringing back the twin would give the Queen a new and way more loyal and respectful Watchdog, one who’s also more of a pawn than our!Ciel was, because he’s been revived by them and might even be dependent on the blue sect to get blood transfusion from time to time (this last point is just speculation). 

And as I was saying in another post, I just wouldn’t be surprised if someone were to tell our!Ciel that he isn’t needed anymore as the Watchdog in the next few chapters. Remember this scene?

I already explained here that chaos in the Parliament could be something that Victoria wanted to happen for her war plans, but what’s important is that the Double Charles (the Queen’s butlers) might show up soon on Seb’s notification, and honestly I wonder if they might not be the ones who will bring our!Ciel grim news.

One thing you have to understand is that the Queen’s current watchdog is “Ciel Phantomhive” and now that the twin is back, technically everything that his brother (our!Ciel) owned under the name “Ciel Phantomhive” could become his because he is the real Ciel Phantomhive and he looks identical to our!Ciel. 

So, all in all, bringing back the twin, manipulating him so that he would want to hurt his brother (attacking Soma, killing Agni, using Lizzie…) and making the two brothers confront each other could be so that Victoria can get a brand new Watchdog, absolutely identical to the last one (with the same name, same network and all), except that he will be more “loyal” and already dead.

Does this make sense and does it help? I hope so because this is all I’ve got so far. xD

Have a nice weekend Anon :)

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Could you do Ereri & either 59, 93, or 98? Whichever you like more or haven't had requested already. I love your writing by the way! You're an amazing author!

Thank you anon :3 These are all very dramatic prompts. I’d try all three but 59 and 93 are kind of contradictory.

93. “I tried, but I just can’t stay away from you anymore.” 


Eren watched the sun go down, and told himself he wasn’t enchanted. Probably. This was how they get you, he’d been told. They make you pine, they mesmerise you.

They drink you dry and you thank them for it even as you become a husk of your former self. Yeah. He’d read all the pamphlets, and none of it seemed right. He couldn’t do this any more; he was becoming a husk of himself anyway, so he might as well go.

As soon as he’d made the decision he hurried to shower, get changed, brush his hair. There was no rush. After Dark stayed open most of the night. Eren didn’t like thinking about what happened after it closed.

It was still rush hour, and the streets were crowded when he entered the tea shop for the first time in weeks. Just the smell of it brought a smile to his face, even as his heart thudded uncomfortably in his chest. There were lots of humans here this early, and he queued up.

Levi did not look pale and interesting, he looked pale and tired. He didn’t wear a velvet suit or a long cloak, he wore an apron and his shirtsleeves rolled up to his elbows, and when he saw Eren standing in line he smiled, and it wasn’t a predatory grin. It was relief. Eren felt awful.

Eren ordered a pot of tea, and reclaimed his usual seat by the window. He’d wait for the rush, and watch Levi work in the meantime, trying to work out if he was enchanted or if he just liked tea or if he just. Liked. Levi.

The rush dwindled. Humans went home for dinner. The others would trickle in later, after work, after feeding, after dancing, after whatever it was they did.

“Haven’t seen you for a while,” Levi said, and Eren smiled and pushed the other chair out a little in invitation. “Been busy? Well, I hope.”

“Yeah, I’m well.” Couldn’t he tell? “I just.” Eren wrapped his fingers around the teacup, warm as he knew Levi’s fingers were cold. Levi had missed him. Of course he had. “I tried, but I just can’t stay away from you anymore. Did you enchant me?”

Levi recoiled, frowning. “You know I don’t do that shit.” He ran his hand through his hair, and Eren realised he’d offended him.

“I’m sorry.”

“How do you feel?” Levi asked.


“You heard me.”

“Uh, miserable? Like I’ve fucked up?”

“There you are, not enchanted,” he smiled faintly. “If you were you’d be floating on cloud nine just because I’m talking to you.”

“Oh,” Eren sighed with relief. Not enchanted. That meant he just, uh, just fucking confessed, and Levi could probably hear the blood rushing to his face.

The bell rang over the door and Levi got to his feet to get back to work. “You’re cute, Eren. I’ll see you later.”

“Now I’m totally enchanted,” Eren said, grinning at him, and he knew Levi’s disapproving frown was feigned.

He couldn’t stay up until After Dark closed without wrecking his sleep schedule, but Levi let him in past the counter, and he curled up on the couch in his living area and napped until cold fingers against his cheek woke him up.

“You need to go home. Do you want me to walk you?” Dawn was a couple of hours off. Maybe he’d messed up his sleep schedule anyway. Eren sighed, thinking about other mornings like this, the quiet walk home, the sense of disappointment when Levi bid him farewell with a nod.

He sat up, rubbing at his eyes, and Levi sat beside him, so his earlier faux pas was clearly forgiven. Levi still looked tired. He’d never met a vampire so, so human, and Eren opened his mouth before he could think about the words.

“What’s it like being bitten? I want to try it.”

Levi opened his mouth, and shut it, and Eren realised he’d flustered a vampire. Amazing. “It’s like sex,” Levi muttered, looking away. “That’s why you don’t just ask for it out of nowhere like that.”

“What am I supposed to do then?” Eren asked, leaning forward, delightedly pushing his luck. “Cause now I really want to try it.”

Victorian/Regency Sterek Fics

*I have not read any of these*

This is for @demisexualhale. Hope you like these!

Pride and Place by DarkAthena (seraphim_grace) (62,933)

Derek Hale, Earl of Osterbrook, has inherited, following the death of Lord Montfort, a run down house in Yorkshire he neither needs nor wants, convinced his staff are robbing him, and with the mystery of a missing ward, he manages to get himself talked into a ridiculous bet, that he cannot pass as a steward until Midwinter, nearly two months away. So can he maintain the charade? Find the missing child? And manage to turn the shambles of a house around, or will he give up and let Peter take the thousand pounds he bet.

A Curious Couplement by idareu2bme (40,375)

Derek is a simple horseman from the mountains, Stiles is an enthusiastic university graduate ready to make a name for himself. In any other situation, they would have gone their entire lives never having met. It’s probably a good thing then, that they both happened to be in the wrong place at the right time.

Remember My Love by bleep0bleep (23,358)

Stiles wakes up and suddenly the war is over, he’s no longer a penniless mage, and living in an exquisite manor married to the man he’s been in love with for far too long.

“It’ll be fine,” Stiles says gallantly. “I am certain I will just fall in love with my husband all over again, and I will find plenty of joy doing that.” He winks at Derek for good measure.
Derek blinks.

Things We Lost by Dexterous_Sinistrous (20,039)

“Who … who am I to wed?”

A small flash of guilt covered the king’s features before he was able to recover. “Your union will join the royal families—joining our family to the Hales.”

Dread and sorrow sunk in Stiles’ stomach as he closed his eyes.

There was only one Hale left unharmed by the great fire that nearly wiped out the entire royal family—the Dread Wolf of Triskelia, Crowned King Derek Hale.

*Read the tags for this one, there’s some dubcon that could be triggering

The Gentleman And The Fox by bleep0bleep, Inkforwords (15,707)

Derek doesn’t expect much from his arranged marriage. When his inattentive husband, Lord Stiles Stilinski, tells him he’s free to look for a lover, he doesn’t know where to start, until a dashing bandit named the Red Fox catches his eye.
The Fox winks again. “Have a good night, Derek,” he purrs in a sultry tone, and then climbs back on the horse and disappears into the night.
Derek walks up the path towards the manor in a daze, and it isn’t until he’s inside when he realizes he never told the Fox his name or where he lived.

The Prince and His Painter by Dexterous_Sinistrous (8,512)

Stiles was always a sick child. He was never supposed to live beyond his infancy—shocking many when he reaches adulthood. With his inevitable death looming over his country, Stiles chooses to accept a successor through marriage. His advisors commission a painter to capture the prince’s likeness in order to advertise him to potential candidates. Only, Derek Hale isn’t like most painters—or humans, for that matter.

Scowls and Sarcasm by dr_girlfriend (26,054)

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single alpha in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a mate.

Whether or not Derek Hale felt that way was hardly a concern to the neighborhood — the very fact of his arrival was enough that the surrounding families seemed to consider him the rightful property of one or another of their eligible sons and daughters. That was, of course, before they met the man.

The Perils of Petticoats by DarkAthena (seraphim_grace) (30,248)

A She Stoops to Conquer AU

Stiles is an omega who is bullied by his beta stepmother into wearing a dress during the day, so when his new suitor turns out to be painfully shy around society he pretends to be a servant girl (a homely one) to get to know the real person, whilst his step mother tries to marry her alpha daughter to her omega ward despite neither of them want it, and the sheriff (called Josiah) tries to remain constantly drunk for the entire weekend.

A Gentleman’s Secret by DLanaDHZ (15,232)

Stiles Stilinski has lived 19 years without revealing his secret. He’s a fine gentleman, a stellar horseman, and a sassy addition to any conversation, but he keeps his true feelings to himself. When the Hale family moves into the county, the Stilinski’s throw a ball in their honor and Stiles in swept up into the gravity of the eldest son. Propriety tells him to keep his distance, but can he ignore the urges pulling them ever closer? At first sight, Stiles is already undone.

Ardently by roundelet (13,344)

Mr Stilinski contends with the loss of his family’s funds, an unfortunate predilection for pastries, and an inconvenient attraction to this Season’s most eligible bachelor.

Lord Hale contends with a reluctant return to Society, hiding a war injury from meddling sisters, and the trials of courting a thoroughly oblivious young man.

Lone Wolf by Peasantaries (6/12 regularly updated WIP, 12,705)

If Stiles weren’t mistaken, he would almost say King Hale was amused. My, he might even be smiling, if the uneven line that’s broken his stiff mouth could be called that.

But that was absurd. Kings don’t smile. Especially King Hale.

Love is not love until it’s made to suffer: until it’s made to endure the strain of separation.

Regency Sterek by inappropriate_happiness (fanart)

Art for A Single Man in Possession of Dougnuts by using_this_name (fanart)

Let me know if you have a trope you want me to find and I’ll make you a list.

Fuck You (Connor Murphy x Female!Reader Smut)

A/N: This is my first smut so yikes I’m sorry if it sucks and I want to send a special thanks to @problematicc-favs for encouraging me to write this, if you’re not already following them you should be cause they’re the real MVP

Summary: An argument between you and Connor leads to something much more heated

Warnings: smut, probably bad writing, got lazy at the end, ??? Idk what else to put here please tell me if there’s something I need to add!


“The hell are you doing here?”

You jumped slightly, glaring over your shoulder when you recognized the voice. Connor Murphy. “Zoe invited me. What, did you think I decided to come over and rob you of all your water bottles?” You nudged the fridge door shut with your foot and unscrewed the cap on the bottle you had just taken out.

Without the light coming from inside the fridge the kitchen was dark, you could barely make out Connor’s silhouette. “If Zoe invited you then shouldn’t you be with her?” He sounded almost offended that you had run into him.

“If I had known I would run into you,” you took a swig of water before setting the bottle on the counter beside you “I would’ve opted to stay in her room and watch her sleep.” His eyes narrowed at you, clearly irritated.

Before you knew what had happened, Connor had grabbed hold of your wrist and was dragging you towards his room, grumbling angrily under his breath.

“Connor, what the fuck is your problem?!” You whisper yelled once he closed the door to his room in an attempt to keep from waking up the entire household.

“My problem is you! You just think you’re so fucking perfect, everyone else does too. My entire family seems to think you’re some kind of fucking angel!” He shouted, gesturing wildly as he did so.

“Maybe you just gave them low standards.” You retorted with a satisfied smirk, you knew you probably shouldn’t have but you couldn’t help it. He looked kinda hot when he was irritated.

Connor walked towards you, backing you up against the wall. “You’re so….” he looked down to see you smirking at him and for a moment and seemed to lose all self control. He pushed your shoulders into the wall and let out a small growl before he leaned in to connect his mouth with yours.

You were surprised to say the least, but you weren’t complaining. You kissed him back, moving your hands to grab fistfuls of his shirt.

“Get on the bed.” Connor said firmly as he pulled away from you. You didn’t think to argue and moved to sit on the edge of his bed. “I’m so fucking tired of you acting like you’re in a position of power all the time,” he mumbled as he tried to undo his shirt buttons angrily “its long overdue for someone to teach you a lesson.”

Your eyes widened slightly as he made his way over to you, you hadn’t been anticipating this when you came over tonight and half of you was wondering how you’d got into this situation. All your doubts subsided however when you felt his lips on yours again, taking advantage of your shocked expression and slipping his tongue into your mouth. His hands made their way under your shirt in no time, pushing it up and pulling away for a moment to remove it completely.

“Connor..” you whined quietly as he moved his mouth down to your neck. He bit down on you when he heard you say his name, causing your hand to move up into his hair as you let out a moan. You swear you could feel him smirking into your neck while his hands found their way to rest on your chest.

He reached behind your back to undo your bra, damn he really wasn’t wasting any time. You felt yourself being pushed back down onto the bed. “Don’t move. Got it? If you do I’m leaving you like this.” You nodded furiously, earning an amused chuckle from Connor. “Good girl.” He said condescendingly. You tried not to to let it show how much that small praise effected you.

Connor leaned down and started leaving open mouthed kisses down your jawline and continuing towards your chest, reaching one of his hands down to rest on your thigh. “Please….” you whimpered quietly, pressing your legs together, desperate for some attention between your legs.

He liked you begging, he rolled his hips lightly so you could barely feel his erection press against your crotch. Connor listened to your whines for a little longer, teasing you by moving his fingers along your thigh, achingly close to where you wanted him. “Please.” You say again and he gives in.

Connor sat up and hooked his fingers under your underwear, pulling them and your pants down with one tug. You shiver slightly at the feeling of being exposed and he moved his hand up your thigh and then between them, feeling how wet you were. “Damn, you must be really desperate for me right now. Maybe you’re the one with low standards.” He smirked, obviously proud of his effect on you.

You gasped when you felt him slip a finger inside of you, curling it agonizingly slow. “Fuck, Connor,” you said breathlessly, trying to think of something witty to say but coming up blank. He added a second finger and you closed your eyes to take in the feeling. He moved his fingers at a faster pace, his eyes locked on your face to study your expression. You groaned loudly and he closed his eyes, reaching down to his crotch and rubbing himself through his jeans.

Connor grew impatient and removed his fingers from you. Your eyes flew open and you let out a whimper at the feeling of him leaving you, only to be greeted with the sight of him moving his fingers to his mouth to clean them off. He moved to a drawer and pulled out a condom before looking at you, silently looking for permission. You nod your head slightly and watch as he pulls his pants down and puts the condom on before returning to you.

He moved on top of you and kissed you again, it was still a rough kiss but…there was almost a sense of sincerity in it. He lined himself up with you and pushed into you slowly. Your hand flew into his hair again, forgetting all about his previous command not to move, he didn’t seem to care. You tugged on his hair lightly, earning a moan from him, it seemed to spur him on and he seemed to pick up his pace and thrust into you.

After awhile you could feel yourself start to build and dug your nails into his back. He could tell you were getting closer and began going harder. “You think you’re so. Fucking. Perfect.” He practically growled, punctuating each of the last three words with a rough thrust of his hips. It sent you over the edge and you came moaning his name, taking him with you.

He remained on top of you, panting for a moment before getting up and disposing of the condom. Connor laid down beside you.

“Fuck you.” He mumbled and moved his hair out of his face.

“You just did.” You said rather seriously before glancing over at him.

Your eyes met for a moment, calm for the first time that night and you both let out a genuine laugh.

What’s in France

Request: Hello! I have a request, how about reader is in love with newt, but she thinks newt loves leta(when they were in hogwarts)(and newt had been distant) which is why she lost contact with him after he got expelled. Angst!! They meet years later and turns out newt realised he loved reader when he lost her. Pls a happy ending! Im sorry if its too detailed, I’m just really excited about this one. Love u!

Word Count: 2,665

Pairing: Newt x reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Newt twists in his bed, kicking the sheets from his chest and running a hand over his face. The moonlight streaks illuminate the small clock hanging crooked on the room’s wall. 2:53. Groaning, he flips onto his stomach, coming face to face with a picture of you breaking into a shy smile.

The familiar tears prick his eyes as he watches it happen over and over, falling back asleep and into a restless dream of you smiling.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come? It’ll be fun. Come on, we can go to The Three Broomsticks and split a glass of butterbeer like we used to.”

“I have too much studying to do.”

You groan and fall onto the couch next to your friend. “Newt, we haven’t had time to hang out in ages.” You deepen your voice to sound like his. “It’s always ‘I’m studying’ or ‘I have to write notes.’ Why don’t you take one break to go with me?”

Newt tears his eyes from the book in front of him, smile forming on his lips. “I’m busy. I need to pass this next potions exam. We’ll go next month, I promise.”

“Newt.” You whine, drawing out his name until he raises his eyebrows at you in false annoyance.

“Fine. You win.”

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         since it’s DEAN’S THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY ( SEPT 2ND ), lou made a list.  

over the course of three years, i’ve encountered so, so many incredible people.  i know i can never thank everyone enough for all the kind compliments and the beautiful messages that i constantly receive here, but i’ve decided to leave a small message for most of the blogs i follow below, because i want as many people as possible to get a lil piece of recognition and appreciation !

lil note: for my own sanity, i’ve only listed the active people, in the order i followed from first to last.  this is one hell of a list tbh ( 100+ people ), so, i’m super super sorry if i missed someone, because i probably did.  i’ve gone through the list several times.  my intention was to get as many people as i could, and at one point it got quite overwhelming.  

tldr; as a way of saying thank you to everyone for following me, i left a positive message for as many people as i possibly could !

press ctrl + F and type your url, so you can find your message !

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anonymous asked:

May I put in a request where Class 1-A finds out Midoriya isn't a virgin and he thinks it's a normal thing while some kids haven't even had their first kiss yet? idk thought it waa funny to see their reactions

OKAY BUT WOW THIS WAS FUN AS HECK!  (๑ÒωÓ๑) hope you enjoy!! This is what I came up with after reading the request!~

“Truth or dare, Deku!” Bakugo spat, slamming his fist on the coffee table. Everyone in class 1-A decided to hangout on their off day. Training had been extra rough and everyone just needed a break but easily getting bored, Ashido asked if anyone wanted in on a game of Truth or Dare! Being as competitive as they were, even Bakugo agreed to play along, if he started of course. “Hurry up and pick you bastard!” he glared, getting easily impatient, he wanted Midoriya to pick dare so badly, it made him smile sadistically.

Knowing this hothead, Izuku gulped down the nervousness and replied, “Truth.” Better to be safe than sorry, he was terrified of what Bakugo would force him to do with his horrible mind. Bakugo’s eyebrow twitched hard, his eyes straining from the glare he was throwing the other boy, pissed that he chose the wrong answer.

“Screw this crap. Let me know if someone wants to pick dare and I’ll wreck ‘em! Until then, I’m fucking out of here…. lame ass game.” Bakugo didn’t want to know anything about anyone, so unless they were going to play dare or dare, he wasn’t interested. The last thing on his mind was worrying about anything secret regarding his classmates, he only wanted weaknesses or insecurities that affected their quirks, nothing else. The hothead moved into the kitchen for a snack, leaving everyone dumbfounded but not surprised.

“….Okay, I’ll go for him instead!” Ashido perked up, since it was her idea she wanted to go first. “Since you already chose, you can’t take it back! So here weeeee go~ Deku!” she paused for dramatic effect and lifted an arm and pointed directly at Izuku.“….are you aaa— virgin!?” the moment that question flowed out of the smirking pink girl everyone went silent. Even Bakugo who passed by again to go to his room.

Blasphemy!” Iida screamed louder than the rest of the blushing and frantic teens, everyone had a blush to their cheeks at the question but it was Izuku’s whose face was the reddest. “Wha-Wha-What kind of lewd diversion is this!? True or dare this is not!” Iida’s arms went wild, anyone near him would get chopped by stiff hands instantly. Todoroki’s face was less serious than normal, brows lifted up with surprise and a slightly open mouth, he was unsure on how he should act or what to say with such a conversation.

“Shut it four eyes! I need to know the answer to thisss!” Mineta’s appearance with any mention of lewdness never failed. He wasn’t invited to play the game but here he was! “there’s no way anyone wo—-” “I-I’m not!”

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!?” Everyone in the room screamed loudly all in unison, even Bakugo!

Aoyama covered his mouth, looking at everyone’s reaction. “W-Whoa, Midoriya… seriously you’ve….gotten in someone’s pants?” Kirishima asked, his eyes going wide while he turned to the hiding Izuku. Who’s face was pushed into a pillow from the couch, attempting to hide from this dreaded conversation. This was a game? He never remembered any game involving his sexual life before.

Sero and Kaminari stared at one another shocked by the results, they hadn’t even had their first kiss yet! “No way! Seriously! Like really, really!?” Hagakure pushed, her invisible hands grabbing at the pillow to remove it from his strengthened grip. Bakugo rejoined the group with a sandwich on a plate in one hand, stomping over to Izuku and snatched the pillow from him with his free hand easily, a deep glare being thrown his way. Yaoyorozu and Jiro helped Asui with patting the sad Uraraka, who wasn’t the happiest hearing the results. Tokoyami, Shoji, Ojiro, Koda and Sato all lifted from their spots on the couch and immediately began to leave the room, one after the other.

“Deku you goddamn liar!” Bakugo snapped, “all our childhood and not a single person gave you any attention! WHO would fuck YOU?!” his words came out with rabid growls, he was still a virgin sure but at least he’s kissed someone, no way Izuku would surpass him sexually, Bakugo was much better looking and physically fit!

Scoffing at the hothead’s words, Izuku glared back up at Bakugo intently, “I-I’m not.” he stated again more calmly this time, “it was recent…. v-very recent…but it did happened.” Bakugo stepped back, shocked and crushed at the words he was hearing, how could stupid weak Deku actually lose his virginity first? Sure, Bakugo didn’t worry about having sex due to his passion to be a hero. But he still didn’t like Izuku surpassing him with anything at all.

“Good job at loosing Midoriya.” Todoroki chimed in, thinking those words were proper enough.

anonymous asked:

my birthday's tomorrow and i was just wondering if you've done MC birthday headcanons. if you haven't it's fine :)

Happy Birthday sweetie! Since anon is kinda funky and I don’t know when exactly you sent this, I hope you have/had a wonderful, bright, shiny day! With gifts and cake and smiles!

(I’m working on another for Jumin as a separate request, and I’ll write some for the minor trio upon request)


  • Tries to plan a surprise party for MC
  • He accidentally leaves things lying around so MC totally knows it’s coming but doesn’t say anything
  • Most of her friends know she knows, but she still plays along to make Yoosung feel good
  • It’s a ton of fun, and once everyone goes home for the night, MC suggests they have a little fun-
  • -with just the two of them….
  • They end up playing LOLOL two hours while he “lets” MC win because it’s her birthday
  • he’s not salty, what?


  • She sets up a whole day for MC to pamper herself
  • Like, she sets up a massage, a facial, a mani-pedi, and hair appointment
  • You bet there’s a hot tub or mud bath mixed in there somewhere
  • The only reason MC agrees to go on this relaxation day is because Jaehee agreed to go with her
  • They spend the whole day relaxing and pampering themselves
  • MC even forces Jaehee to leave her phone behind so that they don’t have any distractions
  • That evening, Jaehee (unlike Yoosung) manages to pull off a big surprise birthday party
  • MC says it was probably her best birthday ever


  • Okay, seriously, he was super bummed when they both had to work on MC’s birthday
  • MC insists that it’s fine, but the next time they get a day off, Zen takes her out to dinner at a nice restaurant
  • After dinner, he takes MC on a nice quiet stroll in the park
  • Then drops down on one knee and proposes
  • The engagement ring totally has her birthstone (probably a garnet for you, right anon?)
  • He’d wanted to propose on her actual birthday, but they both ended up busy, so he held off until they had some quality time to do it
  • Of course the answer is yes, and she kisses him a ton (even if they need to go get the ring resized because it’s a little too large)


  • He wouldn’t throw a big, party, though
  • Don’t get me wrong, it’d be crazy, but it would be the RFA, her immediately family, and closest friends
  • There’s a tiered cake, party games, challenges, and punishment games for losers of the challengers
  • Saeyoung even gets a piñata in the shape of the head of that one person MC really hates
  • In the end, he would probably give MC a pair of kittens for her birthday (both fluffy little black kittens from the same litter)
  • MC probably starts laughing after she finished gushing because she realizes that this is why Zen has been sneezing like crazy the whole party
  • Everyone gets a bag of party favors to go home with, which includes a bag of HBC and a can of Ph.D Pepper Yoosung tries to take five

anonymous asked:

Do you have any drarry recs? I only read hp for the first time recently so I'm super new to the fandom and haven't found any good ones.

this ask got me so excited, you have no idea. i even made a proper fic rec. i’m proud of myself ahagdjfk. these are my favorites. three of them are by the same author cause she’s absolutely amazing and there’s a few that are from the same collection i recommend you check out. I sincerely hope you like it, darling!

Written on the Heart by who_la_hoop

Harry doesn’t mind that so many Slytherins from his year have returned to finish their NEWTs, really he doesn’t. It’s just – do they have to be so friendly? He’s not prejudiced, really he’s not. It’s just – they’ve got to be up to something, right? Unnerved by the attention he’s attracting from everyone – the Slytherins are the least of it, to be fair – and struggling with a raft of changes to Hogwarts itself, Harry wishes he could be happy that one constant remains: Draco Malfoy really fucking hates him. When he’s hit by an illegal love-spell though, Harry finds he has more to worry about than whether or not Blaise Zabini actually wants to be his friend. For if everyone affected has been blessed – or cursed, by the look on Malfoy’s face – with a magical tattoo revealing the name of their soulmate, what does it mean that Harry’s skin remains completely bare?

Indebted by sesheta_66

Potter is a target again, but why won’t anyone believe Draco? Desperate to rid himself of the life debt he owes Potter, he takes matters into his own hands. As usual, nothing goes as planned.

No Want of Motive bye oceaxe

Draco’s side business requires him to know the hidden motivations of those he’s dealing with. When a chance encounter with Potter gives him a fascinating glimpse into the boy hero’s motivations, he can’t help but try to exploit his new insight. Featuring flirting, friendship, fantasies, furious denial, half-hearted denial, loss of denial, and a surprising paucity of puns.

Lumos by birdsofshore

Harry never expected to spend eighth year listening to Draco Malfoy wanking.

Antediluvia by zeitgeistic

Everyone always forgets about the Merpeople. So did Harry until the day his, Lee’s, and Hermione’s Portkeys land at Reagan National Airport’s Arrivals dais. He’s just had to leave a job he loves and pack his entire life—literally—into his luggage. Then Malfoy and his subplots arrive, and suddenly, saving the world again, one Mermaid at a time, sounds like the perfect excuse to do something he’s always wanted.

At Your Service by faithwood

Hogwarts students are in danger; Harry is determined to save them all. There’s only one thing he knows for certain: Draco Malfoy is somehow involved.

Running On Air by eleventy7

Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.

Paws of Fury by Veritas03

“Bellow, bluster… your rage is insignificant. No more than the mewing of a kitten. Do not be afraid. He will save you. Calm you. Love you.”

Harry has a furry little problem – but Draco’s scent soothes the savage beastie. Will Draco be able to save him when Harry’s world begins to crumble? Bubbles, blowjobs, mystery – and something rotten in the place of Grimmauld. Yes, yes - it’s a Kitten!Harry fic. I know what you’re thinking - but it was there and I had to get it out of my system. Give it a chance.

All Life is Yours to Miss by Saras_Girl

Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.

Reparations by Saras_Girl

Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places.

Turn by Saras_Girl

One good turn always deserves another. Apparently.

He Who Must Not Be Normal by lettered

Potter has fame and fortune and posh clothes and all he wants is a simple life. Draco has a flat and a cat and a steady job and all he wants is a complicated life. Which makes you think this story has something exciting like body-swapping, but it doesn’t. Instead it has Indian takeaway and a blue jumper and people wanting a whole lot of what they can’t have, discovering themselves as they discover each other.

Slithering by astolat

Draco found the nest down in the Manor’s cellars, while he was clearing them out.

like, i said, i may have gotten a bit carried away ahshdk.