i hope i got the names right


yo have some angst before tomorrow’s episode 

the unofficial name for this is “whY IS VIKTOR NIKIFOROV SO FUJDSVHWINQJB HARD TO DRAW”

anyway i hope i got his characterization right because this man is a mystery 

i apologize for any english mistakes, please tell me and i’ll correct them > <

also i’m supposed to go to school in 4 hours and i still haven’t slept because i was drawing this why

I need more hockey blogs to follow so please reblog if you’re a hockey blog!
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First off, phew I am tired. I’ve been doodling every moment I can for the past 2 ½ days getting in as much sketches in as I could. There were so many cool and interesting characters to draw and I feel like I learned a lot from this experience with practicing faces and expressions. So thank you all for lending me your awesome swtor ocs. I can only hope I did them some justice!

and begins the tagging! Some tags aren’t working and I apologize for that. I hope you guys still catch your ocs!!

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Elpis just got 75% more handsome!

>Tearin’ up Concordia with the dream team, baby!

((played a bit of the pre-sequel last night with steakandrobots, pandorastruehero, and me playing the dopplegangers and lawbrought as our lord and master Nisha<3

it’s like fucking herding CATS, i swear to god


“Better luck next time.”

Bank Robber AU for @ambiguous-eyepatch for the Valentines @aftgexchange!

I had a lot of fun drawing these and I hope you like it! 😃

I realized too late that this wasn’t exactly what you meant by your prompt, sorry about that, but I hope it’s still okay!

The rest of my mini-fic/headcanons/ramblings about this AU are below the cut:

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[stares into the middle distance] 

I have made a huge mistake.

Redemption: Part 2

(( OOC: Matthias played by: @ohtheclevernessofme1972 ))

Gelsey: *waits quietly outside the muggle church, hidden* *watches as a young man slips out of the doors* 

Gelsey: Matthias! 

Matthias: *whirls around as Gelsey’s sword comes swinging past his ear* 

Matthias: *gasps, scrambling out of the way* An attack from behind! That was utterly dishonorable Gelsey! 

Gelsey: *grins and picks up another sword resting on the ground* 

Gelsey: So dramatic. I called your name. 

Matthias: Right. As you attacked me. 

Gelsey: *shrugs* How do you expect to improve if I make everything easy for you?   

*the two begin sparring*

Matthias: *grins teasingly as he dodges another swing from Gelsey* 

Matthias: *stumbles back and trips over his robe* AH! 

Gelsey: *laughs and rests her sword against his neck* Well… I applaud you on your ability to flee, if nothing else. 

Matthias: *eyes Gelsey as he stands up, amused* Nonsense. My skills clearly far surpass your own. You are simply jealous of my advanced dodging techniques.  

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Introduction to; GOT7!

Here’s another introduction post I’ve been working on! I hope you find it useful and if you don’t already know who GOT7 are, I hope it helps you get to know them a little better! {UPDATED ON: 2017.01.06}

Meet GOT7 / 갓세븐;

(Left to right; Jinyoung, Youngjae, Mark, Jaebum, Jackson, BamBam, Yugyeom)

GOT7 are a 7 member boy group under JYP Entertainment that contain not only Korean members, but Chinese, Thai and American members too. They first debuted on January 16th 2014 with their debut single “Girls, Girls, Girls” from their EP “Got It?” (we’ll get into all their singles and MV’s later!). GOT7′s fandom name is called “iGOT7″ or sometimes you will hear/see people say “ahgase” instead. This is a cute play on words or shortening of words in Korean.

I GOT7 =  아이 갓세븐
Ahgase = 아가새

Ahgase also means “baby bird” in Korean - and that just makes it even more cute ^^

So who are GOT7? Let’s meet the members below!

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Miraculous | Ladybug and Cat Noir | The Love Square

     Lady luck tied two lovers together.
           But bad luck set them apart at odds and ends.


My idea of heaven omg😍😍😍
I went to an aquatic convention today and had so much fun!!! They had some beautiful fish and some AMAZING scapes!! I would love to come back again next year! While I was there I picked up another little fishy friend (last picture)!! Love him so much already! I do not have a name for him just yet, so if you have a suggestion, please go right ahead and tell me! I also got one of those fun stuffed plecos that stick to the side of your tank!! I’ve been wanting one for a while haha 😂 He glows in the dark! XD
Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!
(Sorry for being such a nerd XD, just really wanted to share Haha)


I have never played overwatch but all the cool kids are talking about it. I hope I got some stuff right at least.

(image in 1st slide taken from here)