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I just got hard cold dumped and would do appreciate the fluffiest of sweet fluff you could possibly imagine if you have the time.

It’s the baby’s fault. Stiles was absolutely okay with pretending he had zero, nay, less than zero super,serious, secret feelings about Derek. But, then there was a freaking baby.There was a whole damn situation with Derek and sharing a bed, and strollers and Deaton and—and— and a baby!

Okay, so, to explain.

Stiles is sitting on Derek’s kitchen counter tossing MnMs at Derek while he washes the dishes. Derek is pretending to be annoyed by it, and yet, catching every single one. It’s awesome to watch. As are his hands as they plunge into the soapy water, caress the dishes, scrubbing off dirt because they’re dirty, dirty dishes and they need cleaning up and—

They’re in the kitchen, okay. Nobody is being side tracked from normal brain thoughts by Derek’s sexy hands. Nobody is wishing they could slide two feet to the right and just… sit in the sink with their legs wrapped around Derek’s waist. Nobody is wishing they were made of fucking china so that Derek would be putting his hands all over their dirty selves and—

The kitchen! They’re in the kitchen. There’s a point to Stiles’ story, here.

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So I got Skyrim today!!!

And I figured… Eh, why not?

First one, in the top left corner- Haru.

I made her a Nord, for no particular reason except for the fact that most people choose Nord their first time through. She’s petite, with short cut hair. Also, I know she doesn’t look too much like the original- Im horrible at this kind of stuff.

In the right corner, we have Toto! I made him Wood Elf because they start off with the ability to command animals. And yes, I know all the others can *kind of* do that, but there is no way all those crows showing up at the end of the movie was just Toto having “a couple friends” in the area. I lowkey tried to make him a bit bird-like? Don’t judge, I’m trying here.

Bottom left corner is, of course, Muta. I dunno, I felt like making him a giant Orc. Muta’s just a giant brawler, and what better race for him than an Orc? He’s got scars on his face and light brown hair. I dare you to make fun of his tiny ponytail.

Last, but not least, is Baron. I had to make him a Khajiit, as nothing else could really fit him. I didn’t even attempt to change him that much, as at that point I really just wanted to begin playing the game. But, I’d imagine Baron looking more like a house cat, instead of the bobcat-type figure he is.

But those are all the Bureau members I made!

I would have made Louise (Khajiit) and Persephone (Redguard), but I was desperate to play the game.