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TWP: Chapter 20: New Beginnings

FINALLY. (Figured all of you were thinking it, so I might as well say it, right?)

Anyway, this one is LONG– 15K+ words long, in fact, so enjoy. I didn’t initially intend for it to be such a mammoth, but I got really excited about writing on my new laptop and one thing led to another, so…

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Side note: Don’t let the hopeful chapter title fool you. ‘New’ beginnings does not necessarily equate to good beginnings. Just sayin’.

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I just got hard cold dumped and would do appreciate the fluffiest of sweet fluff you could possibly imagine if you have the time.

It’s the baby’s fault. Stiles was absolutely okay with pretending he had zero, nay, less than zero super,serious, secret feelings about Derek. But, then there was a freaking baby.There was a whole damn situation with Derek and sharing a bed, and strollers and Deaton and—and— and a baby!

Okay, so, to explain.

Stiles is sitting on Derek’s kitchen counter tossing MnMs at Derek while he washes the dishes. Derek is pretending to be annoyed by it, and yet, catching every single one. It’s awesome to watch. As are his hands as they plunge into the soapy water, caress the dishes, scrubbing off dirt because they’re dirty, dirty dishes and they need cleaning up and—

They’re in the kitchen, okay. Nobody is being side tracked from normal brain thoughts by Derek’s sexy hands. Nobody is wishing they could slide two feet to the right and just… sit in the sink with their legs wrapped around Derek’s waist. Nobody is wishing they were made of fucking china so that Derek would be putting his hands all over their dirty selves and—

The kitchen! They’re in the kitchen. There’s a point to Stiles’ story, here.

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