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It’s the Hair- Connor Brown

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Ok so my second favorite ginger is HERE folks! Finally got some Connor Brown! I hope you all like this goofy nerd! And since both prompts were like… exactly the same… I combined them! I hope that’s ok! And I really hope you like it! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: do 1 wit connor brown where you meet him at like a meet and greet for the team and when you start talking to him hes like super surpisred ur not like inlove with nylander, marner, matthews! thxxxxxx

And: Can you do one where you’re at a leafs fan meet and greet and you start flirting with Connor Brown and he’s like surprised you want him and not matthews, nylander and marner. Obsessed with your writing!! Please please please!!


              You were so close.

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Do you know what would be the daily duties of a priestess of Athena in Ancient Greece? (Or just general info about what their lives would be like, any major holidays/events etc)

Hello there nonny! What an interesting question! To answer it I’m going to rely on Joan Brenton Connelly’s Portrait of a Priestess. You have one particularly interesting Athenian priestess in Chrysis. She, and her descendants, were granted special rights and privileges.[1] You may try and find out more about here or her descendants or, of course, make up your own fictional priestess.

First of all, there were other priestesses than the priestesses of Athena Polias, but there are a lot of detailed resources left with names and images (painted on vases) that makes the Athenian priestess easier to research. She also had a very prominent place in the Greek world as holder of “one of the most distinguished offices”, as Connelly puts it. [2] It was a hereditary position, not something any woman could hold. It was the privilege of the Eteobutad family and only available to married women within that family. To be a priestess of Athena Polias was a position she then had for the duration of her life. [3] There is evidence suggesting that around twenty-five priestesses between the end of the fifth century B.C. to the end of the second century A.D., all of the above mentioned family. [4]

Now, duties. Well, the belief was that “’all agree in regarding women as the chief founders of religion and it is the women who provoke the men to the more attentive worship of the gods, to festivals’”. [5] Basically, the priestesses were in charge of worship. So if you want your main character to be the priestess of Athena Polis, you have indeed a very powerful figure to work with! Women were central to the religious life and the priestesses linked the people with the deities. [6] A priestess, of course, would have duties during rituals. They were also, however, responsible for the temple and its inventory; they had to make sure nothing went missing or was damaged. During processions it was also her responsibility to carry things that were considered to be holy. The route was either from the center of worship, in this case the Athenian Acropolis, towards some outer region, or the reverse. Whichever it may be, the priestess would be at the very center of attention and very visible to the citizens. [7]

Examples of rituals:

  • Sacrifice: there are several iconic evidences that in Athena, a ritual of sacrifice was common. This was a procession where the priestess led the worshippers (there would be singing and dancing and pipes being played rather than a quiet solemn affair) to a burning stone alter upon where a bull or ram (or both) would be sacrificed. A statue of Athena were likely to be present – there are images showing Athena sitting down behind the alter.
  • Prayer: while it was certainly possible for worshippers to prey directly to a deity, a priestess could also lead the worshipper in prayer. She would do this, for example, at the end of a procession. It is also mentioned several times in the Iliad how priestesses pray in times of common crisis. For example, Theano offers a “richly woven robe upon the knees of Athena´s statue” before praying. (The position of someone praying would be arms raised skywards with palms upturned. It was only in special occasions that one would kneel and it would almost always be a woman kneeling.)
  • Libation: to reinforce prayer, liquid offerings were often used. It could be poured on an alter or the ground, using a bowl or jug. It could be used with a blood sacrifice or instead of one. At times the liquid would be poured directly onto the flames and the reaction would be interpreted as a way for the deities to communicate. Whine was the most common liquid but for some rituals milk, oil, honey or water would be required instead. Liquid offerings were most closely connected to death and funeral but also hero worship and to honour the deities.
  • Ritual feasting: sacrificing rituals ended with eating the meat, after having cooked it, in a celebratory fashion. Vase paintings show scenes of women feasting and drinking together in this way.

I want to focus a bit more on the sacrificing rituals, since animal sacrifice was one of the most important parts of Greek worship. At the end of a procession “the formal rites of dedication and consecration took place”, then lustration and prayer. The animal to be sacrificed would be slaughtered, the priestess would look for omens, the meat would be cut and placed on the alter. Anything inedible was given to the deity while the worshippers and divinities shared the rest. [8] It seems that women generally did not slaughter and cook the animals; rather this was something a butcher would be hired to do. It’s not to be understood as the butcher having any significant role in the sacrifice, however. The priestess would initiate by placing the raw meet on the alter, after which each worshipper (man or woman) might place their share. [9]

I also want to include a submission by @sisterofiris, which has some more information about daily life of a priestess!

All in all, nonny, a priestess is a important character. One with a lot of duties but also one with a lot of influence and who has a lot of agency. Hope you have fun writing your character!

Signed, Captain.

While I do work at a University, I am also still a student. I am a resource, not a professor as of yet and I only get a symbolic pay. Buy me a coffee and help a poor student out?

[1] Joan Breton Connelly, Portrait of a Priestess: Women and Ritual in Ancient Greece, (New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2007), 1.
[2] Ibid., 59.
[3] Ibid.
[4] Ibid.
[5] Ibid., 165-166.
[6] Ibid., 166.
[7] Ibid., 167.
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[9] Ibid., 180-181.

Mathew Barzal #2

Requested by Anon(s):

1.  Could you please do something cute about Mathew Barzal??

2.  Can you do a cute Mat Barzal one where another player says something about you and he gets protective, I have so many mat Barzal feels rn 😍

*AAAAHH!! I hope you like this one. So much feels. :) Not totally about a person saying something about the girlfriend but I hope that’s totally fine. Enjoy!:)*

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Hockey butts are the best butts. Also, hockey thighs are the best thighs. You looked at the parade of European hockey players in front of you and grinned to yourself. You may be perfectly happy and in love with your boyfriend – who also has a great butt and an even more amazing pair of thighs – but you’re not blind. You recognize good butts when you see it.

One of the Russian players looked at you and smiled so, naturally, you smiled back. You’re not a snob.

He waved at you before saying something to his teammate. He turned back and took three steps towards you when you felt a heavy arm pull you from behind.

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Snug as an EBUG in Pads // Chowder/Farmer

a/n: It’s chowder’s birthday. Enjoy 3.5k of fluff about him and his fiancée. Also… EBUG: (n) Hockey slang for “Emergency Backup Goalie”. The NHL requires every team to have an Emergency Backup Goalie on call in case a goalie on the home or visiting team can’t play. And for the San Jose Sharks? The EBUG is Chris Chow. Because I said so.

They’d never expected this to actually happen.

It was a typical Thursday night. At a quarter past seven o’clock, Caitlin shimmied into her Shark-themed pajamas and turned on the TV. “Hey, sweetie?” she called into the kitchen. “The game is going to start soon. You almost done with those dishes?”

“Yeah, don’t worry! I’m almost done!” Chris called back.

“Okay, but hurry up! You gotta be ready, you know—just in case.”

“Right,” he laughed.

“Hey, you never know,” Caitlin teased. She walked to the doorway of the kitchen and leaned against the doorframe, grinning at her fiancé. “Tonight could be the night.”

He looked up and smiled back at her, elbow-deep in soapy water. It had been years since he got his braces off, but sometimes it still surprised her to see him without them. In her head he was still the goofy kid who knocked her over near the pond during their freshman year.

“Well, I hope it’s not tonight,” Chris said. “They only call up Emergency Backup Goalies if one of their own goalies goes down, and that would be, like, really bad. The Sharks have had a rough season already. I don’t know what we would do if another player got hurt.”

Caitlin nodded. “True. But consider: you’d get a jersey with your name on it.”

“I dunno, it’s still super unlikely,” Chris said, shrugging. “I’m probably not the first on their Emergency Backup Goalie list. Jack just got them to put me in the mix since I live close to the arena and have good college stats—”

“Great college stats,” Caitlin corrected. “Your team went to the final four every single year when you were there, and you won Samwell’s first the NCAA championship trophy. You had scouts after you! Actual NHL scouts! For a goalie!”

“Um,” Chris said, rubbing the back of his neck and blushing. “Yeah, but, you know. College stats aren’t everything, and they probably aren’t too happy that I chose to go to grad school for the last year and a half instead of the NHL. They’d probably call in someone from the farm team first.”

“Yeah….” Caitlin sighed. “I know. It’d still be super ‘swawesome though.”

“Yeah,” Chris agreed. “Super ‘swawesome.”

Chris finished the dishes and they settled on the couch in front of the TV, a bowl of popcorn between them to share. The anthem was just starting to play. Caitlin tucked her feet under Chris’s legs, because they were cold, and Chris reached across the couch to hold her hand.

The first period of the game started out more or less uneventfully. The away team—the Seattle Schooners—were playing pretty good defense, so the Sharks kept getting robbed of opportunities to shoot. The shots-on-goal numbers were pretty low on both sides by the time half of the period was up, and the scoreboard was still at 0-0. Chris got to his feet.

“I’m going to get a soda from the fridge. Do you want one?”

“Sure! Could you grab me a—”

“Cherry coke?”

“Yes! I love you, baby,” Caitlin called back. She turned to the game.

Chris left the room. She heard the sound of the fridge door opening. On the TV, the Schooners finally got possession of the puck and made a charge down towards the Sharks goal line. “Hey, babe, come back. The Schooners are trying for a breakaway,” she said. The Schooners’ left wing was racing right down the center. The Sharks goalie was in position, balanced with his knees together, his gloves out. The left wing pulled back his stick for the shot. One moment the puck was on the ice, and the next it was shooting through the air straight for the goalie’s helmet.

She could hear the crack even through the TV.

“Chris?” Caitlin asked. She turned around and Chris was standing there behind the couch, a can of soda in each hand, staring at the TV with an expression that could only be described as thunderstruck.

“…and the medics are checking him out now,” the announcer was saying. “That’s at least a concussion, I’d say. It looks like they’re going to have to escort him off the ice….”

“They’ll call someone from the farm team,” Chris blurted out. “The Barracudas are based right next to the arena, I’m sure—”

“But are you sure the farm team is in town?” Caitlin asked. “Are you sure they’re not at an away game?”

“Yeah, I mean, they’re just—” Chris suddenly stopped talking and froze, his eyes widening. “Oh my god. Oh my god, they’re not in town—they’re playing in Austin this week. Oh my god.”

A loud buzzing sound interrupted them. They both turned to see Chris’s phone vibrating on the coffee table. INCOMING CALL, the screen read.

“Holy shit,” Caitlin whispered.

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Wait there's still conversion therapy in MA? I thought it was illegal all over the United States!

Conversion therapy is only illegal in five states (Vermont, California, New Jersey, Illinois, and Oregon) and that’s why I really hope people sign and share this petition! After the petition reaches its target number of signatures Parth, my friend who started this petition, is taking this to the media to get more attention on such an important issue! He hopes to make conversion therapy illegal in MA and then possibly spread this policy to other states as well.

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Andreil + 8 actually kill me

i actually have a similar prompt to this but they specifically asked for a jealous neil so you’re getting 1.6k of jealous andrew you’re welcome.

8. “you’re jealous, aren’t you?”

Despite the scandal that was Neil Josten’s first year as a Fox, he did not get nearly as much attention from the media then as he did when he went pro. College sports were for college kids; this was the real world.

When he first signed with the Dragons, a team rival to the one his public boyfriend had chosen a year before, the press went insane. There was so much coverage about the rivalry and how it would affect their relationship that, intentionally or not intentionally, both Neil Josten’s and Andrew Minyard’s names became internationally known in the world of sports.

Being in the spotlight meant, amongst many things, that they had a lot of fans. Usually Neil received them well, even more so when they had stories of how inspirational he or his relationship were to the LGBT community, and Andrew–well, Andrew had learned to be apathetic, but polite. They believed in keeping themselves to themselves, anyway, so it wasn’t like there were herds of fans following them around everywhere they went–not usually.

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Connor McDavid #15 + Dylan Strome #6

Requested by Anon:  Hi!! I was wondering if you could write an imagine about the reader going to world juniors with Connor mcdavid to support team Canada and Dylan strome? Thanks so much!!

*You’re welcome and thank you too! This is more of a frienship thing than a romantic drabble but I really enjoyed writing this one. I hope you like it too. :)*

Word count: 982

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“What?” you asked pointedly when Connor gave you a look of amusement. Passing him the sign that you stayed up all night making for his best friend, you asked him, “why are you looking at me like that?”

He shrugged, putting the sign under his armpit, “I like your outfit.”

“Oh shush,” you rolled your eyes, “I’m just showing my support for your best friend,” you told him, knowing that he’s going to get a kick out of your Team Canada number nineteen jersey, red toque, red war paint, and black jeans.

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Imagine #153 Let’s pretend (Pt.10)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9



“Goodbye (y/n), thank you for everything.” I said as I hugged her from behind. I don’t know why I did this, it just came, this desire to feel her for the last time.

It was not love, but it was something. We had a connection; I never felt this kind of feeling when I was with a girl. When I was with Bruna it was different.

She didn’t say anything, just walked out of the house. I went in the living room and sit on the sofa. What was I supposed to do now, people will soon notice we “broke up”, but also they will realize it lasted for less than a month.

I watched TV and then Jo and Gil walked inside.

“Yo, what are you doing?” Gil asked as they sit on the sofa.

“Not much, watching TV.”

“Aren’t you going to meet with (y/n)?” Jo asked.

“Already did. It’s over.”

“How can it be over?” Gil laughed.

“This pretending about our love story. She is going back in Brazil tomorrow.”

“Oh, but wasn’t she supposed to leave in a week? What now?”

“Her father is in the hospital, I can’t force her to stay at time like this. Nothing, people will find out we lasted less than a month.” I said acting okay with everything.

“And you?” Gil asked looking at me.


“You said you started to like the girl.”

“Yeah as a friend.” I don’t know why, but as I said that it sounded as a lie.

“Well sadly, life sucks sometimes.” Gil said and then Jo noticed some photos on the table, “Wait, is this from yesterday?”

Those were the photos from the Lupo shooting, “Oh, yes. Now they will show this to people and it’s just going to get worse. How nice.” I said getting annoyed.

“Well it’s not like people care about your love life as much as they do about football.” Jo said trying to calm me.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door, I walked and opened it, “Oh hey Carol, he is napping.”

“Oh really? I need to go meet someone, how long has it been?”

“Around an hour, should I go wake him?”

“Please, I’m in a hurry.” She said as I ran upstairs to wake up our son.

“C’mon Davi, time to go home.” I said kindly as he opened his beautiful brown eyes.

“Mmm.” He said still sleepy, so I just lifted him up and took him downstairs.

“Oh thank you Ney. He’ll come back on Sunday okay? Since you have El clasico and all that coming up.” She said as I placed him in her arms.

“Yeah sure, okay.”

“Pai, tell (y/n) to come play on Sunday.” Davi said and surprised me, since I had no idea what to say.

“Is she, the fake g…” Carol looked at me confused.

“Yeah. I’ll ask her, but she might won’t be able you know. Bye guys love you both.” I said as I kissed both their cheeks and closed the door.

I walked back in the living room and decided to play FIFA with the two of them, just to forget about everything that was going on.

The next morning I woke up, I ate breakfast and headed to training. I felt lost, like something was wrong, but I had no idea what made me feel like this. I kept thinking of what to do next with (y/n), but then I always remembered she is gone.

“Where is your girl?” Messi asked as he walked inside the changing room with me.

“Oh, she was not actually my girlfriend. I had to lie because of the rumours going around.”

“What? You did not have to lie to me too you dick!” Masche said annoyed and upset.

“Sorry man, I had to. However, she had to leave early and everything is over now.”

“Are you sure it’s over?” Rafinha suddenly asked.

“Yeah, she is in Brazil and I am in Spain.” I said confused.

“And you managed not to fall in love with such a good looking girl after spending a week with her?” Adriano asked.

“As I said, she is just a friend.”

“You are just afraid.” Rafinha suddenly said.

“Of what?” I laughed at this stupid statement.

“Once you found out she got hurt from a boy, you stepped back.”

“Why would this scare me?”

“Because you have a heart. You thought of the distance, the rumours and everything that always comes with dating you so you let her go. Not even realizing this, because you already hurt people with this.”

“I do not love this girl.” I said annoyed, but Rafa had a point. He knew me too well.

“I never said that.”

I stopped, as I wanted to end this conversation. It was pointless to continue arguing, it was done and she was leaving. Once we started training, I was not as happy as usually, I couldn’t stop thinking about what Rafinha said to me.

She was different, she did not fangirl over me and she made me laugh with her mean comments. She made it hard for me to get closer to her, but once she let me and I saw that she got hurt badly I closed the door to my heart. I let her outside, hoping this won’t lead to another heartbreak.

She was not indifferent to me; I almost kissed her inside the wardrobe. There was a connection that pushed me to her, but I always stopped myself.

“Hey man, what is it with you?” Messi asked once we walked inside the worderbe.

“Oh nothing, just overthinking.”

“She is not just a friend isn’t she?” he laughed.

“I’m not in love, but ther…”

“If she is on your mind, it does mean something.”

“Yeah but it’s better this way. I just realized I didn’t thank her the right way. She is a fan of yours, would you mind sign me your jersey?” I said as I thought I should thank her for doing all of this for me and give her a present.

As he signed it and I got dressed, I drove my way to the house she stayed in these days.

“Hey.” I said once her friend opened the door, “is she still home?”

“Oh Neymar, she is already on her plane back to Brazil.”

“I see, well can you please give her this. It’s a signed jersey of Messi.”

“Will you stay in touch with her?” She asked and surprised me.

“I don’t think so. I mean, just tell her she deserves a better life than the one I have. She might don’t understand it, but trust me, she does.” I said hoping they would not hate me for it.

“Why do you say this?”

“Because I know people get hurt once they are next to me and I don’t want her to get hurt. Tell her not to call me and move on with her life in Brazil.”

“I don’t get you, but your choice.” She said a little bit annoyed.

“Goodbye girls, it was nice meeting you.” I said and then walked away.

I was a little bit upset I did not make it in time to say goodbye for the last time and see the smile on her face, as she would open my present.

Guess she really did get in to my heart, but I did not let her do so.

When I got back home I noticed my father eating in the kitchen.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” I asked as I sit next to him.

“I came to ask you how is it with (y/n).”

“She travelled back to Brazil, her father is in the hospital.”

“What? Is it bad?”

“She didn’t say much.”

“Oh I see. What will we do now?”

“Nothing, we’ll live our life separately without pretending. I’ll just say it did not work out, because of the distance.”

“Okay, but I really liked her from what I saw.”

“Yeah, she is a nice girl.”

“How come you did not grow feelings for her?”

“She deserves better.” I said and looked at my phone.

“Do you think that low of yourself?” he looked at me shocked.

“She told me she got hurt and I don’t want to be the second one, we both know my life is not easy to handle.”

“And so you let her go?”

“Yes, for the best.”

“You my son said something so stupid; I think I never heard such nonsense in my life coming from your mouth.”

“What!?” I said annoyed.

“You can’t live like this, you can’t just feel sorry for yourself and let every person that you start to care about push away. I am not talking just about her, but people in general. You have this life and if people will love you they will stay and you should let them.”

“Well however, she is back home and I have to think about El Clasico now.”

As I said that I walked in my bedroom. I missed her and it’s been just a day, but life goes on and so will I.

Why Andy said "no fake shit" on stage

I found it!! The article I was talking about. He said “no fake shit” because of the meaning behind the song they were playing: Faithless.

I’ll bold what help describes the meaning behind the song.

Top paragraph: I like to be alone when I’m writing lyrics. I don’t work well collaboratively in the sense that, if I was in a room with someone trying to write a song and they threw a line at me, I wouldn’t be able to throw a line back at them. There are songs BVB have done by committee, lyrics wise, but I tend to introvert myself when those situations arise. So, for the vast majority of the lyrics on the forthcoming record, I wrote them alone in a hotel room in Vancouver. I like to use religious images in my writing. I don’t do it to try and be controversial, but it serves my lyrical style well. As someone who grew up in a small town in the US Christianity and, in my specific case, Catholicism, is so ubiquitous it’s a good cover-all for everything I’ve experienced. I guess I’d consider myself an atheist - I struggle with the idea of titles, I don’t think I’m agnostic, ‘cause that’s a bit of a cop-out. I don’t believe in a traditional God. That said, I have a striping defence of religion where I feel I’m playing on their team, I just don’t wear the same jersey. I have a deep love for the positive a religion can build; feelings of hope and faith that many religions offer. I greatly dislike the “atheist religion” for that reason; those people disregard the intelligence level of anyone who is a “believer” - I don’t believe in that.

I had to strain my eyes for these:

Annotation One: “Behold the new hate, with all the same lost values” This was written when I saw a sign for an atheists coalition. What do these guys do, get together to talk about how they don’t believe in something? Faithless is about not wanting to pray to a god. But I refuse to be someone who has no hope and makes fun of those whose beliefs are different to mine.“

Annotation Two: “Cross your heart/Open your mind” I like messing around with common sayings. It’s quite metronomic and balanced in a line, and that’s something we do a lot, too - even the name Black Veil Brides has the same aspect to it!“

Annotation Three: “I don’t wanna look up to the son” Something I had a lot of fun writing this song was using this homophone, which is where two words sound the same but are in fact different. So when you hear this song, it could easily mean the sun in the sky, but of course in this context it refers to Jesus.

Annotation Four: “Live with defiance/It’s time to fight it/Don’t ever let them keep your words from being heard” This is about not letting idiots like me or anyone else tell you what to do, if you truly believe in something. No one should be able to tell you what to believe - especially not a guy in a rock band!

So there you go. He wasn’t insulting Juliet, he was telling the audience not to be a bunch of hypocritical dicks.

Okay so my fiancé and me get to Bed Bath and Beyond after a ride with a CRAZY Uber driver (that’s a whole other story). We walked in at 11:50 and didn’t see anyone related to the event so we thought we were the first people there. Come to find out, there was already 2,000 people in line.

So we ended up waiting outside for an hour in the freezing cold (I’m pretty sure my girl wanted to kill me) before they squished the line down so we could wait indoors. We heard the screams when Hope walked out, but obviously didn’t see her. Then the workers started coming back where we were and saying Hope would only sign Shanti bar product, which obviously made me nervous because I had my jersey for her to sign. So we waited, and waited, and waited some more.

Eventually we got to where we could see her and I literally was already shaking and we weren’t even near her yet. I have super bad anxiety (When Steph still played on the Breakers last season I had a chance to meet her after a game and get my jersey signed because we had field passes but I ended up having an anxiety attack and we had to leave.)

We moved forward so we were close to the front of the line and Hope smiled at me. I’m pretty sure my heart stopped for a second. When we finally got up to the front, I was fucking freaking out. I gave my jacket to my fiancé and they motioned me forward.

She smiled at me and I gave her my banana kit. She said “Oh old school.” And I just kinda smiled and nodded cause I was fucking FREAKING. So she said “Can I borrow your back?” And I said “Yea” and turned around. When she was signing it, I looked at my fiancé and said “I’m gonna pass out.” Which apparently Hope fucking HEARD because she said “No, you’re fine” so sweetly and I died.

So when she was done signing, I turned around and said “I wrote you a letter” and handed it to her. She said “I hope it doesn’t make me cry”. I said “I’m about to cry right now so…” She kept trying to hold eye contact with me but I was so nervous that I found it hard to maintain it.

Then I took the picture of us and I just kept saying “thank you” a bunch of times. So I moved to the side and my fiancé went up and got one of my hats signed and took a fucking ADORABLE picture with her. As my fiancé was getting our jackets from the worker I looked at Hope and asked “Can I hug you?” Because I’m an awkward fucking person (and I saw her hugging other people so I knew she would be okay with it) she opened her arms so I hugged her and as we were hugging she said “What’s your name, by the way?” So I told her my name and said thank you AGAIN.

She was just so sweet and every interaction I saw her have with people she was so genuine. When I was waiting in line, she had a pretty lengthy conversation (like 2 minutes) with one of the NYPD officers that was working the detail. She was so sweet to him and they took a picture together. It was an overall amazing experience and I’m so glad we drove there for it. I hope she reads my letter and truly knows how much she’s helped me through dark times.

Side note: The family in front of us (a dad, his four kids, and his nephew) was adorable. One of his boys (he was probably like 9 or 10) talked a ‘big’ game when we were in line. “I’ll just get a picture with her.” “I don’t need her to sign anything.” When he got up there he froze. He was so cute and so starstruck he didn’t even end up saying anything to her (and he got his ball signed).

Wearing his shirt/snapback(Niall)

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An obnoxious knocking on the door to the suite, pulled you from your slumber, making you groan as you shifted from your position, draped across Liam’s bare chest. Looking up through barely open lashes you watched Liam rub his eyes and look around in confusion. The banging on the door started again, soon followed by Louis’ loud voice, “Payno, I have a spare key and I’m coming in, in a minute whether you want me to or not.” Your eyes widened then, as you looked down at the bra and underwear you were wearing. Liam to glanced down at your almost bare body and sighed, “I’ll distract him, while you get some clothes on,” Liam said with a gentle smile, kissing the top of your head before he dragged himself from the bed, slipping on a pair of sweats as he went. You watched him open the door just enough to lean the top half of his body out. Looking around the room you couldn’t see any of your clothes nearby, instead you could only find Liam’s white button up shirt from the night before. Quickly you snagged it off the chair and slid the soft fabric up your arms. Just as you buttoned the last button, the door swung wide and Louis waltzed into the room. “Good morning Y/N, not hard to tell what you and Liam did last night” he said with a smirk after glancing at your choice of clothing.” “Shut up Lou” you shot back, cheeks blushing red. “Ahh here it is” Louis said, producing a video game from behind Liam’s bag, he then gave you another smirk before walking back out the room, “enjoy your morning, keep the noise down” he called over his shoulder with a chuckle. “That boy is intolerable” you laughed, cut off suddenly by Liam’s arms around your torso. “You look really sexy in my shirt” he whispered huskily into your ear. Quickly you were spun around and Liam’s lips were locked to yours. “You can wear it all day if you like” he whispered against your lips, before pulling you back into the passionate and rough kiss.


Pulling on your cropped denim shorts with lace trims and a loose white singlet you looked in the mirror and sighed, nothing seemed to be looking right today. This was at least the 5th outfit you had put on already that morning. Looking around the room, your eyes fell on a fairly new pair of hels which you quickly decided to add to the ensemble, which definitely made an improvement, but still didn’t complete the outfit. “Babe, are you almost ready?” Harry called out to you, he wasn’t being pushy, but the two of you were already running out and his reminded only stressed you more. “Yes Haz I’ll be there in a second” you replied quickly, still looking around for the right accessory. Finally getting frustrated you grabbed Harry’s plaid shirt from the foot of the bed and slipped into it. Looking in the mirror you smiled, it was quite big, you had to roll the sleeves and the bottom came down past the hem of your shorts, but somehow it made you feel much better, so you grabbed your handbag and headed out the door. Hearing the door open, Harry spun around to greet you, but instead stopped and just stared for a moment. When he still didn’t speak as he started to walk over to you, you started to fidget and pull at the cuffs of the shirt. “Is this mine?” Harry asked snagging a loose end of the shirt in his large hands. “Yeh, but I can take it off, if it looks bad” you said quickly, suddenly self-conscious. “No” Harry said suddenly, wrapping an arm tightly around your waist and pulling you flush against his body, pressing a rough kiss to your parted lips. “Keep it, it looks good on you. And I like seeing you in my clothes” Harry said in a low voice, breath rushing over your lips.


You woke up late in the morning, reaching out subconsciously for Zayn even though you knew that his side of the bed was already vacant and your hand would only brush cold sheets. Sighing, you dragged yourself from bed and pulled on a pair of black tights. You then searched through your clothes to find a comfortable shirt, failing miserably until your fingers brushed the slightly worn fabric of a white shirt. You tugged it out of the pile and frowned when you realised it wasn’t yours. Instead it was Zayn’s ‘cool kids don’t dance’ shirt, that he hadn’t worn in quite some time. But when you started pulling the shirt over your head you noticed that it still smelt slightly of Zayn’s favourite cologne and you grinned enjoying the feel of the oversized, worn fabric against your skin.  Later when Zayn returned home he entered the kitchen where you stood, making something for dinner. You were so focused however you didn’t hear him enter, and squealed when his arms wrapped around your waist and he leaned his head against your shoulder. “Did you miss me today or something?” Zayn asked softly. “What do you mean, I miss you every day” you replied in confusion. “Then what’s this for?” Zayn asked slipping his hands inside your shirt to rest on your hips. You blushed “ok I guess I did miss you a bit more today and this shirt still has some of your cologne on it” you mumbled. “Well you can wear my shirts any day, you look really sexy” Zayn said, kissing a line up your neck and along your jaw “then everyone can see you’re my girl” Zayn mumbled against the warm skin of your neck, making you smile and your cheeks blush red.


“Arggg” you yelled in frustration, letting your strands of hair loose again, falling into a messy curtain across your face. “Stupid bad hair day!” you said to yourself in a frustrated mumble. “Love what’s the matter?” Niall asked, leaning against the door frame and looking at you with his bright, signature smile. “What do you mean, what’s wrong! Look at my hair!” You exclaimed blowing a few strands out of your face. “Well maybe if it wasn’t all over your face” Niall chuckled, crossing the room and tucking the loose locks behind your ears to show your pouting face. “It doesn’t look that bad darling” Niall tried, kissing you softly in an attempt to distract you. “Niall stop, it does to, I look like a troll” you threw back stubbornly, crossing your arms across your chest. Niall frowned looking at you for a moment, before he grinned triumphantly and hurried from the room. You frowned watching him go before you picked up your brush again and tried to straighten your hair into some kind of order again. “Y/N I have the perfect solution,” Niall announced happily as he re-entered the room. You turned to look at him expectantly with a quirked brow. Niall reached over and took the brush from your hand replacing it on the bench before he brought his other hand from behind his back to reveal one of his favourite snapbacks. He smiled at you while he placed the hat firmly on your head, successfully covering the worst of your hair. You quickly looked in the mirror seeing how it helped your problem before you spoke, “But, Ni it’s one of your favourites” you protested. “For my favourite girl” Niall responded with a smirk. “That was cheesy Horan” you laughed hitting his chest playfully. “I know but it worked, so let’s go” Niall said reaching out his hand, which you happily accepted and followed him out of the apartment. 


“Babe would you just come lay back down for a little while” you suggested to Louis in a gentle voice, opening the covers beside you. “No I can’t I’m sure there’s things I need to do, maybe I should head down to the stadium and get a bit of practice in” Louis mumbled half to you and half to himself. “Louis, you just need to take a deep breath and stop stressing so much” you tried to comfort him. “But Y/N what if I play awfully, or get injured again like in that stupid first game,” Louis worried. “You won’t” you tried but when Louis showed no signs of returning to the bed you sighed and flung the warm covers from your body and got up. “Ok what can I do to help you calm down a bit?” you asked Louis, hopeful that you could help in some way. Louis looked thoughtful for a moment before he smiled eagerly at you and ran into the wardrobe before he came back out brandishing a football jersey. “What’s that for Lou?” you asked curiously. “I forgot that I asked them to get me two jersey’s so that you could wear one when you came to the game,” Louis told you happily. You smiled at Louis “how is that going to help you calm down?” you laughed. “Well at least then I will know you’re supporting me while I’m playing and I possibly think you will look really hot in it” Louis said with a cheeky grin. “Is that so Tomlinson” you said sarcastically to a vigorous nod from Louis, “so what do you say?” Louis enquired, gesturing again to the Jersey. “Throw it over then” you conceded happily. You caught the soft fabric and quickly slipped it on and turned to see Louis smiling at you. He quickly crossed to you and kissed you passionately. “Just as I thought….so sexy” Louis mumbled against your lips as you became his much needed distraction. 

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thanks :) only a few players came over to our area after the game - moe, whit, alex, and carli. alex didnt stop just waved and went to a girls team or group or something that had field access and were filming something. moe was really sweet and spent the most time and took pics with people too. none of them really noticed or stopped for the hope sign - but I didn’t really expect any kind of response either, and that’s not why I did it. I did get some looks from a couple us soccer officials walking around the field during the game lmao. we were also taking turns holding up a “shame on you U$$F” sign so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

but after the game was over carli was the last one to come over near us. she was really nice and in a hurry but this little girl right next to us was superrrr excited to see her and get her tiny #10 jersey signed so we let her borrow our sharpie and got carli’s attention. carli signed her hat and jersey and the girl was crying and this bitch (me) was emotional. the sign was literally right in front of her and she glanced at it then my sister was like “hiii carli look it’s your dear friend hope, what do you think of this?” (fuckingfbjd) and carli looked up right at us and smiled and gave us a thumbs up. I died. dear friends til the end motherfuckers. 

Why I love Rebecca Becky Broon Sauerbrunn.

So I brought my Sauerbrunn jersey to the #USAvROU game in San Jose, hoping to get it signed. I see Becky walk by and she starts to walk over to sign the jersey. She asks if I have a pen, and I said I only had this gold one, so she asks if it’s ok to sign the jersey in gold. I just responded with “As long as it’s signed by you, I don’t care.”

So here’s the funny part. She finally realizes that it’s HER jersey and she goes, “Oh no, we have to sign it in black, if you don’t mind!” And then she’s saying how she doesn’t see a lot of her jerseys and that’s why she must sign it nicely. At this point, I’ve just fallen more in love with Becky because SHE DA BEST. She asks other fans if they have a black Sharpie she can borrow and proceeds to ask me to hold and stretch the jersey so she can sign it nicely. At this point, I’ve also rambled about how she deserves all the awards and she’s giving me a big smile. I then ask her to sign the Sports Illustrated magazine of her on the cover, and then I ask for a high-five, which she gives because SHE DA BEST. (Yes, I know I’m a greedy little bastard.)

Later, she walks by me again and gives me a wave and a smile and that is how Becky Sauerbrunn became my secret girlfriend.

Dan Lepse, a good friend whose opinion I highly respect, was the media relations person for soccer when Solo played at the University of Washington. He says Solo has a good heart and can be so considerate that when he left UW for Seattle Pacific University several years later, she went out of her way to attend his going-away party and give him a signed Team USA jersey. He has it framed in his home.

“The Hope Solo I see out in public is not the one I know. She has a very good heart and a great side to her that she doesn’t reveal to too many people, unfortunately,” Lepse said. “I took my three daughters to a game between Seattle Pacific and the Sounders women. The [stadium] was packed. There were tons of people waiting for her. I wanted to get a quick picture with Hope and the three girls, and she was nice and welcoming. She spent about 10 minutes with the girls.
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