i hope i dont make a fool of myself this time

US Presidents As Dril Tweets
  • George Washington: another day volunteering at the betsy ross museum. everyone keeps asking me if they can fuck the flag. buddy, they wont even let me fuck it
  • John Adams: "ah boo hoo hoo i want to post Foul comments to content leaders" Fat Chance, Dimwit. I will annihilate you under bulwark of the Law and God.
  • Thomas Jefferson: Q: If your post was proven by a counsil of wise men to be racist, or bullshit, would you bar it from the record? A: I do not delete my posts
  • James Madison: (sniffing a crumpled up one dollar bill i found on the floor of a dog kennel) ah.. thats greenbacks baby
  • James Monroe: for decades i have traversed the unforgiving mountains and rivers of south america, hoping to catch a glimpse of the fabled "ass downloader"
  • John Quincy Adams: "This Whole Thing Smacks Of Gender," i holler as i overturn my uncle's barbeque grill and turn the 4th of July into the 4th of Shit
  • Andrew Jackson: handing Faves over to my enemies is FRAUD !! base, contemptible FRAUD!
  • Martin Van Buren: Food $200
  • Data $150
  • Rent $800
  • Candles $3,600
  • Utility $150
  • someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying
  • William Henry Harrison: (spends all of 7 seconds skimming some blog posts) yep. just as i knew all along. having pnuamonia is good
  • John Tyler: fuck "jokes". everything i tweet is real. raw insight without the horse shit. no, i will NOT follow trolls. twitter dot com. i live for this
  • James K. Polk: thhere is no such thing as charisma, and art is fake. the only metrics by which we must determine the worth of a man are Strength and Wisdom
  • Zachary Taylor: the doctor reveals my blood pressure is 420 over 69. i hoot & holler outta the building while a bunch of losers tell me that im dying
  • Millard Fillmore: trying to heal..... please donate to my go fund me... $10 will make me less racist... $100 will make me extremely less racist...thank you...
  • Franklin Pierce: blocked. blocked. blocked. youre all blocked. none of you are free of sin
  • James Buchanan: #NationalGirlfriendDay please cherish your gal's.. in honor of us, the single Boys who must sacrifice all companionship to #CarryTheBrand...
  • Abraham Lincoln: unloading an entire belt of ammo at me with a minigun or some such device will now get you "Blocked"
  • Andrew Johnson: who the fuck is scraeming "LOG OFF" at my house. show yourself, coward. i will never log off
  • Ulysses S. Grant: i regret being tasked the emotional burden of maintaining the final bastion of morality and Nice manners in this endless ocean of human SHIT
  • Rutherford B. Hayes: using the toilet when i hear Our national anthem start to play. i do what i must. i stand tall in complete agony; as shit runs down my leg,
  • James A. Garfield: too much truth in such little time. feeling the heat cominh down to silence me... signing off........ for now
  • Chester A. Arthur: i WILL wise the fuck up. i WILL super charge my content for 2017. i WILL get blue check mark
  • Grover Cleveland: the way i see it, people who come on here and submit content that is not up to par, could possibly be considered the "Villains" of this site
  • Benjamin Harrison: i help every body, im not racist, i keep myself nice, and when i ask for a single re-tweet in return i am told to fuck off, fuck myself, etc
  • William McKinley: boy oh boy do i love purchasing large amounnts of Fool's Gold. wait a minute... fools gold fucking sucks. this stuff is no good..!! Fuck !!!
  • William H. Taft: ah.. the perfect Souffle! cant wait to dig in to t(*EVERY PIPE IN MY HOUSE EXPLODES AT THE SAME TIME, COVERING ME IN SHIT AND BOILING WATER*
  • Woodrow Wilson: the conflicted supersoldier stares over the horizon as he smokes a cigarette. "war is the most fucked up thing ever." he takes a sip of beer
  • Warren G. Harding: somebody please Bribe me
  • Calvin Coolidge: aggressively joyless oaf hhere. painfully obnoxious respect demander checkign in. extremely dim witted frowning man looking for pals
  • Herbert Hoover: it is really quite astonishing that I have yet to win The Lottery, given how good I am at selecting six numbers and saying them out loud
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt: ive never heard of this “europe” but it sounds like a big bunch of shit to me
  • Harry Truman: everybody wants to be the guy to write the tweet that solves racism once and for all because it would look good as hell on a resume
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower: my "F*&k It!! Let's Go Golfin" t-shirt maintains a tenacious stranglehold on my life. after 1,125 days of Golf my body is twisted, deformed
  • John F. Kennedy: when you do sutuff like... shoot my jaw clean off of my face with a sniper rifle, it mostly reflects poorly on your self
  • Lyndon B. Johnson: incredibly handsome , charismatic famous boy credited with ending income inequality after saying that slumlords should be called "dumblords"
  • Richard Nixon: i attribute the complete failure of my brand to the actions of detractors, oor my “trolls”, as it were, as well as my own constant fuckups
  • Gerald Ford: shutting computer down until the shitty moods & attitudes can fuck off., if you need me ill be on my other computer, sititng 60° to my right
  • Jimmy Carter: i warnned you all that bad things would happen if you kept letting your wives wear jeans. AND NOW LOOK! the damn gas prices are up again
  • Ronald Reagan: spend a lot of time thinking about how sometimes even war criminals can be heroes sometimes... Dont like it? Click the unfollow buttobn
  • George H.W. Bush: just thought off an idea i believe to be bad ass. lets find the address of the leader of isis, and mail him/ her pieces of our SHIT
  • Bill Clinton: were at the point now, that when i offer to impregnate my girl followers, people assume my motives are sexual. disgusting, grow the fuck up,
  • George W. Bush: friday night gathering up together a big pile of things i like to respect (flags, crucifixes ,etc) and just roll around in it ,give kisses,
  • Barack Obama: my IQ has increased 10 points ever since i stopped tollerating people mucking about, on the time line
  • Donald Trump: no
  • You are the reigning monarch/heir of my country and I’m your head of security but god you’re an amazing person and also single someone help me
  • My family is making an attempt to have a hostile takeover of the country and you’re part of the ruling family and oh no you’re hot
  • We’ve been dating for almost a year now and your dad’s side of the family is in town and you really don’t want me to meet them even though I’ve met your mom and oh it turns out you’re the heir to a small country what
  • You and I are the only people here under the age of 25 and you just found out that you’re the heir to your country’s throne and it’s your first state dinner and I’ve grown up with this and don’t know anything else and god you’re refreshingly sincere and have no idea what double speak even is and so I try to spend the night trying to make sure you don’t accidentally commit an irreparable faux paus and maybe start World War III and god you’re attractive can I have your number
  • I’ve been your personal assistant since you took the throne and I am more than a little bit in love with you oh no someone help oh wait that’s supposed to be me crap
  • Your country is really misogynistic and won’t let you inherit unless you’re married and you now have an arranged marriage with my older brother and I’m his twin sister who’s supposed to be your chaperone but wow you’re really funny
  • I’m your lady in waiting and I keep making a fool of myself in front of you but I can’t help it I’m lowkey in love with you
  • My family has served as body guards to yours for centuries so we’re childhood friends and we’ve done everything together we even live in the same dorm for college and I’m gonna be assigned to you once we both graduate from college but help I’m more than a little bit in love with you
  • I met you at a ball held in my honor but you just found out you’re royalty and don’t know who I am and you think I’m one of the musicians because one of my majors is music and I sometimes play at these things if I can get away with it and god you treat me like an actual person and I keep running into you at these things and I feel bad because no one’s clued you in yet but I hope they don’t because our countries hate each other and you have really pretty eyes
  • We’re both bored out of our minds at one of these fancy parties our parents made us go to and we spend the time people watching royals and guessing what everyone’s really thinking and god you’re hilarious and I keep running into you at these things and soon I’m willingly going to them the first time I told my parents I wanted to go they made our primary physician make sure I wasn’t sick that’s how much I hate them what have you done to me
  • You’re taking etiquette classes and I’m supposed to be your partner when you need one and god you’re bad at this fine I’ll tutor you but oh no you’re actually a really good person
  • We’re both children of the ruling monarchs of our respective countries and our parents used to be friends and we used to be friends when we were kids but then politics happened and our countries were enemies but we’ve struck a tentative truce a decade later and at the ball in honor of the truce we meet again and wow you got hot
  • We’re in high school and we’ve been dating for the past 2 years and you’re being really weird and sneaking around a lot are you cheating on me oh wait thank god no it turns out you’re having lessons on how to be royalty because that’s a thing now well let’s see how we’re gonna get through this one also your grandparent is terrifying
  • I’m an up and coming artist and you keep showing up to all my exhibits and you always make my day better whenever I see you and you almost always stay late and help me clean up and goddammit you’ve become my muse and I can’t really paint anything but you and one time when you stay after you kiss me and I’m ecstatic because I really like you but the next day I’m shopping for groceries and I see a picture of us kissing on the magazine in the checkout wtf do you mean you’re royalty are you sure bonus we’re the same gender and you’ve never come out before and now have to deal with being an out royal

Day 1: My room turned into a ocean. I swear I found fishes and sharks swarming into my lungs. Or maybe that was the remains of you trying not to escape but desperately needing to
Day 2: You weren’t at school today and I should’ve been happy, I was more sad
Day 3: I thought I was ready to move on, then I saw you with her.
Day 4: We haven’t spoken in days now. My mind thinks its being shoved off a cliff.
Day 5: I wish it would just hit the bottom
Day 6: This will be the first weekend we dont hang out. I know you’ll be seeing her and I know youll be smiling without me. I’m trying hard to learn how to too
Day 7: I asked you for help on a history assignment and you replied with “Ask Amber im busy”. I texted back: “Tell Emma I said hi”
Day 8: You posted a video with her on the only social media site you have. When I saw it I erupted. I spewed lava every where, oh god its every where
Day 9: My mom made me sleep next to her on the couch. She was afraid I would try and do something like I did two years ago when another guy tore up my heart. I actually had thought about it
Day 10: I slept in your sweatshirt one last time so i can feel myself engulfed in you. I know you wanted them back so I had to feel you and smell you one last time.
Day 11: I gave you all of your stuff back and you thought I looked like a warrior but really I went home and tried getting you out of my bloodstream
Day 12: when will my eyes stop flowing?
Day 13: I snuck out with a boy and smoked weed on his couch. He talked about love and how much it hurt. I only pictured you.
Day 14: I woke up next to that same boy and I woke up screaming. The boy was worried and confused but I knew why I screamed. I imagined you laying with another girl on your couch. I ran out of his house so fast you’d think Id be better at running from you.
Day 15: Its spring break and im with my best friend and your with her and i swear i can feel you tracing her spine the way you used to trace mine
Day 16: I ignored your birthday and it felt worse than the puking i did that night
Day 17: Im treading icy water while you’re swimming away from me, I guess I just hope you’ll loop around and find your way back to the shattered, but still there, us
Day 18: I don’t remember the sound of your voice I don’t remember the color of your eyes I don’t remember your the taste of your lips
Day19: No amount of screaming gets your name out of my head
Day 20: I got on a plane today and when we took off I swear i almost walked to the door and started flying
Day 21: They say it takes 21 days fo break a habit but I think I just manage to fall more in love with a greedy monster
Day 22: I saw you today and wished you a happy late birthday and promised we’d watch the third Hobbit together. I’m beginning to hate myself more
Day 23: Its the end of the month maybe next month won’t be filled with thoughts of you and killing myself. i think im beginning to be over you
Day 24: april fools
Day 25: i think i understand now. when you first told me you loved me your mouth curled up on the edges, two days before you left when i gave my bare self to you your mouth was a straight line when saying i love you
Day 26: if you’re trying to kill me its working
Day 27: i woke up this morning to my blankets and pillows piled in a corner in my room. its something s ghost would do to make his presence known. im haunting myself. or maybe its the ghost of us tsking over my body
Day 28: its almost been a month since you told me it was never me. i almost texted you happy easter but i saw those text messages and just got angry
Day 29: I hate that you act like you didnt break my heart. i hate that you think im fine that im not writing a shit poem sbout your shit personality
Day 30: thirty days since you’ve wanted me. thirty days since i told you i love you. thirty days since you’ve slipped from my fingers. i tried catching you. you’ve been gone far too long. thirty days is too long
Day 31: i had a nightmare last night about you. you told me you loved me and kissed my forehead. i woke up breathing heavily and shaking. i want you out of my life
Day 32: running on no sleep isn’t fun
Day 33: ive been awake for over 50 hours in fear that ill see you in my dreams again. i cant risk that. it hurts so much. get out of my head
Day 34: my mother told me that love will do this. that its cruel and torturous and breaks you into such little pieces not even yourself can pick up all the pieces. you know where they all are, please come back and pick them up
Day 35: i talked to another guy last night we stayed up late and he asked me questions about you. we were sober so it wasn’t easy spitting up vowels and similies and euphemisms explaining the empty feeling in my chest after you left
Day 36: fuck if i stopped seeing you everyday i swear id be over you.
Day 37: my knee didnt touch your leg like it used it i promise i didnt do that fuck
Day 38: you told me that the wrinkles on my leg bothered you when i sat down. thats not what you said when we were trying not to get caught in the back of your car
Day 39: you told me you’d take me to prom and in two days itll just be another day you promised to spend with me. its funny how our plans turned to dust in a matter of seconds after cleaning
Day 40: the thunderstorm of us was inside of you and maybe that why it felt so close. i keep counting the seconds between the boom and light hoping you arent moving away buy i fear that you are already letting others feel your storm. the plants you grew are dying. maybe you should come back to water them
Day 41: ten days since its been a month since you left. i cried at prom because all i could look for in the crowd was you.
Day 42: i got so drunk all i could see was your face. the guy i fucked kept telling me his name wasn’t yours. i just screamed and cried because you’re all i still think about despite your efforts to continue to push me away
Day 43: i should be getting high today but if i do ill just write more and think more about a guy who will never care
Day 44: i think im trying to gain feelings for someone else because it’ll make moving on from you easier. im afraid to write that it hasnt
Day 45: you traces my leg like you used to. it was like dandelion tea. it made my insides fill with happiness. you’re my yellow paint.
Day 46: Van Gogh used to eat yellow paint because he thought it would put happiness inside him. He would consume it everyday in the hopes that it would bring his sadness to rest despite the fact that it could kill him first. i gues you were my yellow paint emphasis on the were. see im not going to write about you anymore, because when i write you down im under the impression that you’ll stay with the words but you don’t. this is the last sentence I’ll ever write about you

Out Dancing

Requests: “Hey! I was listening to the song When A Man Loves A Woman by Percy Sledge and thought it would give a great story of Newt X Reader. As I love your writing, I thought you could write, but if you can not I’ll understand.❤” AND “Hi, M! I have a request, if its not too much trouble, i was wondering if i could get a newt x reader where newt’s jealous? The story could be anything you want, i just want me some jealous newt, he’d be so adorable! Slight angst and lots of fluff? Hope you have a wonderful day♥️”

Word Count: 3,399

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous and @dont-give-a-bother also tagging @caseoffics

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Newt’s eyes nearly fall out of his head when you walk out of the bedroom with Queenie. You don’t notice the red blush winding up his cheeks and filling his entire face, and he’s grateful for Queenie’s conversation with you. He can barely tear his eyes from the crimson number you slipped into, from the way the intricate beading wraps around you to the frills that swish with every swaying step you take. Crimson gloves run from your hands to your elbows, hiding more skin than that dress does. He gulps when he looks at the hem drifting only to the middle of your thighs.

Blinking, he pinches his arm. Queenie giggles at his face when he feels her root around his mind. Forcing his gaze from you, he looks at her, more subtle in her flowing olive dress. It hangs off her shoulders with thin straps, dipping in the most perfect places, gems shining on the left side of the chest and cascading down to her hip bone.

She cocks an eyebrow. “Like what you see, honey?”

It takes Newt a moment to form a sentence when you turn your beautiful eyes on him. “You’re radiant.”

“Just me?” Queenie purses her lips to hide her mischievous smile.

Newt’s heart hammers when he looks at you. Not only does the dress expose your collarbones, but it shows off your shoulders, too, letting the heavy crimson earrings Queenie lent you graze the skin usually hidden by your normal outfits. His eyes drift from there to your lips, plump, turned a vivid red by Queenie’s makeup, completely kissable.

“You are breathtaking, as always.” Newt says, swallowing and forcing as natural a smile he can create to his face.

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Ignoring the fact that my banner looks like it was created by some kid messing around on their computer (which is exactly what it is), welcome to my first follow forever! After reaching 10k followers, which I honestly still can’t quite comprehend and am so incredibly thankful for, I figured it was about time I make one of these… but to be honest, that’s just an excuse for me to write painfully cheesy messages to express my gratitude :’)) 

First and foremost, I would like to thank the sweet angels who are following me or have once followed me at some point in time. Honestly, narrative writing has never been my forte. I was never a naturally gifted writer; and for those of you who have followed me since the very beginning, I’m sure you’ve noticed just how often I write/post. It was only after persistent writing and posting and waiting - only to garner a small audience and occasional feedback - that I really started improving. So to those who stayed through it all and to those who dropped by for even the shortest of feedbacks, I’d like to say thank you. It only took you less than a few seconds to send me those messages, but to me, it’s something I’ll remember forever. You are the reason why I’m still here today. You are why I’m still striving to be the best that I can be. 

…which leads me to the second point I’d like to make. I’ve never been one of those popular writing blogs or at least I never felt like I’ve made my presence known in the writing community. I guess back when I first started this blog, I wanted to be one of those writers everyone looked up to and loved to talk to, but now I’ve come to realize how much numbers really don’t matter anymore. I’ve come to fall in love with writing and the messages/feedback that come with it. I appreciate every single person who cares enough to like/reblog/comment my posts, send me a quick message, or even those who don’t have a tumblr blog and are silent followers who check up on my blog every once in a while (I used to be one of those, I gotchu). I’m already more than thankful for everything.

TO THOSE AMAZING BLOGS WHO PROVIDE WONDERFUL CONTENT TO FILL MY DASHBOARD EVERY SINGLE DAY? Thank!!! You!!! I’d type out personalized messages for each and every one of you, but that’d take me forever and this would end up being an essay. So I’ll just say thank you and you’re one of  the reasons why we love kpop so much (and you, too, of course :D)

AND LASTLY, TO MY AMAZING FRIENDS THAT I’VE MADE ON THIS SITE… you know how much I love you. In fact, you probably have a message somewhere down below. And if not, it’s probably because I didn’t know if we were on that level yet, BUT I LOVE YOU! SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, HERE’S MY FIRST FOLLOW FOREVER!

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marauders x 100 midnight thoughts
  1. “I wonder why McGonagall wears that hat all the time”
  2. “dyou guys think Evans would say yes if I asked her to Hogsmeade?”
  3. “I really do have fabulous hair, dont I?” “shut up, Padfoot.”
  4. “I could use a butterbeer right now”
  5. “if we cut our hair, would our animagi form be shaved?”
  6. “I should not have eaten that second piece of pie”
  7. “where IS Sirius??”
  8. “I wonder if anyone lives on the moon”
  9. “its so bloody dark in here”
  10. “did any of you see that cat in Dumbledore’s office?”
  11. “why are there so many staircases?”
  12. “why does Padfoot get all the girls”
  13. “I really hate tomatoes”
  14. “could I learn to actually speak dog?”
  15. “I’m seriously considering sneaking out”
  16. “why do we keep so much stuff on the floor?”
  17. “MERLIN’S BEARD Moony, your books weigh tons!”
  18. “what was that crashing noise? is someone sneaking out???”
  19. “did we have herbology homework?”
  20. “I need to get less linty socks”
  21. “why do americans think tomato rhymes with potato?”
  22. “I hope I didn’t fail that exam…”
  23. “how did I get stuck with Wormtail for a nickname”
  24. “we need to add the new passage to the map”
  25. “how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?”
  26. “I just realised I’m not wearing any pants”
  27. “any particular reason Padfoot isn’t wearing pants?”
  28. “how many days until the holidays?”
  29. “I really fancy a chocolate frog about now”
  30. “to whom it may concern: I’ll kill you for eating all the chocolate frogs”
  31. “how best to ask Evans to Hogsmeade…”
  32. “don’t be surprised if I’m not at lessons tomorrow”
  33. “I can’t BELIEVE we lost that match”
  34. “full moon next week.. we’d better start preparing”
  35. “stars above, Wormtail, where have you been hiding all that food?”
  36. “but what do the Muggles use the internet for
  37. “just because you’ve grown up magical doesn’t mean we all have”
  38. “that idiot Malfoy set my robes on fire this morning”
  39. “double transfiguration tomorrow”
  40. “and McGonagall is already onto us…”
  41. “I still do not understand how she could hang out with him
  42. “brooding about Snivellus again, Prongs?”
  43. “midnight is my brooding time”
  44. “I absolutely cannot take another holiday with my abysmal family”
  45. “Prongs, I’m cold” “Padfoot you idiot you’ve left the window open”
  46. “where’s the light coming from? whuzzat?”
  47. “one more chapter guys, then I promise I’m done”
  48. “remind me to deck you in the morning, Prongs”
  49. “running low on Honeydukes supply…”
  50. “tomorrow, homework. tonight, we prank the Slytherins.”
  51. “Prongs, why are you making the annoyed deer noise?”
  52. “we’re just… stuck here in school while a war happens. it’s infuriating”
  53. “now is not the right time to be existential”
  54. “yeah, or to have a death wish”
  55. “do you ever wanna just…. leave”
  56. “why am I even friends with you”
  57. “dogs are man’s best friend, remember?”
  58. “I think I should write inspirational sayings for a living”
  59. “I’m hungry. let’s bribe the house elves into letting us into the kitchen”
  60. “you are literally always hungry. shut up”
  61. “that thing you’re thinking? stop thinking it”
  62. “but like… why do you think my animagus is a rat?”
  63. “I’m emotionally unstable, Padfoot”
  64. “everything is louder when you’re a dog”
  65. “hold up. you’re telling me we were supposed to attend classes today?”
  66. “it’s a tuesday, idiot. of course we were meant to be in class”
  67. “that one girl… looking at us weirdly… she knOWS OUR SECRET !!!”
  68. “paranoia doesn’t suit you, Moony”
  69. “my feet… so cold… of all the unfairness…”
  70. “road trip. what we need is a road trip. all five of us.”
  71. five of us, Prongs? when did we become five?’
  72. “when His Royal Dorkishness finally convinced Lily he wasn’t a jerk”
  73. “we could take a car, a real muggle one !”
  74. “I call shotgun.” “you can’t call shotgun on a nonexistent trip” “watch me”
  75. “I’m adopting a bird” “you already have a bird. feathery, delivers mail?”
  76. “why doesn’t Hogwarts have a musical?”
  77. “okay but hear me out…” “nothing good ever started with that”
  78. “burn it. you can’t fool me, Pads, I saw the letter from your mum. burn it.”
  79. “is your hair… in braids ??????????
  80. “how do you think people would react if I just started wearing a tiara”
  81. “better pay attention in defence next week- werewolf unit”
  82. “who exactly does our laundry? its not me. is it you? dumbledore?”
  83. “the house elves, you dolt, the house elves”
  84. “yeah, and all my clothes are darks. whats up with that?”
  85. “it’s a side effect of being punk rock, I think”
  86. “I’ve got ten galleons on that match tomorrow, make me proud Prongs”
  87. “can you make sure Lily’s watching?”
  88. “you should look over at her every 2-3.5 minutes to make sure”
  89. “actually I think I’ll just appoint Moony to watch her the whole time”
  90. “but why… do we wear shoes… or even socks…”
  91. “guYs I’m an artist !!!! I drew a smiley with perfect proportions!”
  92. “oh so Padfoot can have a man bun but on me it just looks weird?”
  93. “is someone hurt ??? there’s wailing?? are you dYing ??????” 
  94. “nah, Wormtail’s just singing in the shower again”
  95. “merry christmas!” “mate its april go back to sleep”
  96. “I’ve got it. I’ll send myself a flattering howler and then lily will hear…”
  97. “…and think you’re a self absorbed idiot. face it, Prongs.”
  98. “tomorrow, the full moon.”
  99. “tomorrow, we help Moony survive. whatever it takes.”
  100. “tomorrow, I’ll survive for them. whatever it takes.”

(pls forgive me, i’m not a photo editor. i just wanted ot7)

Hey, everyone! I recently hit 100 followers! I’ve had this blog since January and even though I had a rough start and I wanted to leave a few times, I’m very glad I pushed through. I wanted to save a follow forever for another milestone and just do a drabble game for this one but there are so many amazing blogs a wanted to thank. I really appreciate every single one of you guys. This blog has been a safe haven for me, and I can’t imagine how my life would be without it. I’ve felt much more loved on this blog in the short time I’ve had it than on my previous blog, which I had for 2 and half years before I left. Even though this blog may be considered ‘small’ to some people (not that it matters to me), I still feel as if I genuinely matter to all of you, and I can’t thank you enough. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude. I really do care about all of you. All the users that show up under my followers are my friends, and I care about each one of you so much. Thank you all so much for all that you’ve done for me. I’m beyond grateful.

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It Wasn’t Just Sex -Simon

 Anonymous said to simplysdmnCould you do a Simon imagine where you are a youtuber and during one of your videos you say something that upsets/angers him?

A/N: Just want to say that I don’t actually think that ALL of these guys actually only want sex (I do have my opinions on some of them) but I do hope you like it nonetheless!


“Ok, I hope everyone can see and hear this!” I started my youtube livestream. I read the comments making sure that everything was working.

“Alright, so today we’re just going to talk about Youtube friendship and whatnot. I’m out today so I’m going for a kind of dark but glittery look.” I started going through the products I was using for the livestream.

I began priming my face and started talking about starting Youtube. 

“So, a lot of people have been asking me what’s it’s like to have Youtuber friends.” My best friend was in the background and I saw her sit up.

“In my opinion, having Youtube friends sucks!” She yelled in the background, making a lot of agree in the comments.

“Ok so, Y/F/N thinks having Youtube friends is bad,” I laughed. “I think it’s not not that bad. I mean I’ve loads of them but some of them in particular aren’t nice.”

“You can say that again!” We both laughed.

“Ok, so speaking from my experience, I’ve met a lot of Youtubers and most of them were nice hence why I’m friends with Y/F/N but some of them were dickheads. More or less some of the guys.” Y/F/N nodded frantically in the background while scrolling through her phone.

“Oh and by the way I’m using my Ride or Die palette by Violet Voss but anyway a lot of the guys I’ve met were dicks. A lot of them just wanted sex which sucks because I really wanted to make friends but you know how some guys are.”

“All these dudes want is sex and all you want is a friend but guys are just pricks.”

“Exactly, now I know some of you guys are going to want to names but I’d rather not start any drama but anyway I’m going to talk about one guy.” I started explaining one guy I had met at Youtuber’s event during the summer that only really wanted me for sex.

I met Simon at the bar and he started talking to me and at first I thought it was platonic but I did think he was cute. I ended up getting his number and we talked for a bit more and I can’t lie and say I didn’t catch feelings because I did. 

I met a lot more of his friends and talked a bit more to his friend Calfreezy and he told me he was looking for a sexual relationship which kind of baffled me because he seemed like a nice guy and I really wasn’t expecting that from him. So I confronted him and we cut ties. We’d talk from time to time if we came across in London or at events but other than that we cut all ties.

It hurt because it showed me what a lot of these guys thought they could do with a couple million of followers and subscribers. So I steered away from dating guys from social media guys.

“Ok guys! If you do have your speculations I don’t want you attacking them because it’s not right and I don’t want you guys to be mean. But this is my finished look I hope you liked it! I’ll see you guys next time!” I blew a kiss to the camera and ended the livestream. 

“Well, that was one hell of a live stream!” My friend said and we both laughed. We got dressed to leave to the dinner we were going to and joined the rest of our friends.

I arrived home around 11, washed off my makeup and changed into more comfortable clothes. I unlocked my phone and replied to people on Twitter and scrolled through other social media apps.

I then decided to check my messages, I answered a few of my friends to make sure I had gotten home safely and to send over a few of the pictures we had taken together. Once I was done with that I saw that Simon had texted me. I was kind of taken aback because I didn’t even he still had my number, I mean I still had his number. 

The text message wrote ‘Hey, it’s Simon. I know it's kind of late but could you call me?’ I sighed. I then wondered why he must of called me about and then I remembered the livestream. I was thinking about what he has to say but I snapped out of my thoughts I realised that I had read his message and I didn’t want to seem rude about leaving him on read for too long.

I called him and waited for him to pick up.

“Hi Y/N?” Once he answered my slightly tensed shoulders let loose at the sound of his voice. I just realised until now that I missed his voice. I cleared my throat and proceeded to talk.

“Yeah, hey.”

“Hey. How have you been? It’s been quite a while,” he chuckled making me laugh softly.

“I’m good actually. What about yourself?”

“Uh, I think I’ve been better. I’m quite upset if I’m being honest .”

“Oh? Can I ask why?”

“Well, why would I ask you to call me at midnight on a Saturday, transitioning into Sunday, night?” I laughed.

“I won’t be able to know if you won’t tell me.”

“So I watched your live stream.” I sighed, it was about time he talked about it.

“Yeah, figured. Just to let you know, I’m not sorry about what I said.”

“Understandable, I just want to know why you’d make me out to be such a bad person when I told you how I really felt.”

“Because Simon, I couldn’t trust anything that had ever come out of your mouth. I let my guard down and I really wasn’t able to make myself look like a fool in front of you so I had to move on.”

“So you wouldn’t trust what I said but you’d trust what Cal said. I don’t know what Cal thought I said but what I told him was I’d like to have sex with you but not right in that moment. We were only friends I couldn’t and wouldn’t have ruined our relationship. I’m not that type of guy and I never will be.”

“I guess I was wrong for trusting him but I didn’t know who to believe and I’ve talked to girls that hang out with you guys before and they say that all that you guys look for.”

“See! You’re using the wrong words here. These supposed girls said 'all that we guys look for is sex’. I’m not all the guys. I’m my own person. I’d like to think that I treat girls that I’m considering pursuing a relationship with, are well respected and well treated.”

“I don’t know Simon. I just didn’t want to look stupid with someone that doesn’t actually care.”

“Well, I did care and I do care.” He sighed. We fell into an awkward silence. I played with my nails and waited for him to say something.

“Y/N, it wasn’t just sex, I actually liked you. You were and still are so much more than amazing body. Your laugh, your smile, the way you talked, the way you got excited about the smallest things, it was everything about you. I fell for you and it just makes me mad that you thought I really wanted you for sex. I wanted to go further in our relationship but trusted the next guy for some reason I’ll never understand. I really had something for you, like I dont know how to explain it but it was like some sort or spark with you and it was just ripped into shreds.” I sat up, my jaw hit the floor. I never had any thoughts that I left him heartbroken.

“Simon, I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“No, you had every right to say that. God, Simon, I’m so sorry. I never thought about you in this. I was so fucking selfish and only thought about me.” I felt so embarrassed. I really never put his feelings into consideration. I put myself first never really thinking if I ever hurt him and it just came back to me and it hit my like a truck.

“Why don’t we talk in person and figure it out together?”

“I’d love that Simon.” We arranged a time and place and then said our goodnights.

He pulled out my chair for me and I sat down, thanking him also. He had taken me to a semi formal restaurant. We had a bit of small talk at the beginning. We fell into a comfortable silence once the food had arrived. 

“Y/N, I know this might make things weird but I really want to fix things and just start brand new.” He spoke up after taking a sip of his drink.

“I agree. I’m really sorry for never taking your feelings into consideration. I was selfish. I never should’ve trusted Cal. I really do apologise from the bottom of my heart.” I looked up at him for any signs for forgiveness.

“It’s ok, I forgive you but from now on you must promise that you’ll tell me if you have any speculations or if you feel something odd and we both have absolutely truthful and honest to each other.” He stuck out his pinkie finger and I attached mine to his.

“I promise.” I smiled at him making him smile back and he looked extremely content.

“Here’s to a fresh start.” He held up his glass and I clinked my against his.

“I second that.”

Your A Girl?


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anonymous asked:

Hey, you always have good opinions abt gender stuff so i was wondering what you think. Im a lesbian and i guess im what you might call low femme like i'll wear stuff like dungarees with a floral top or like a flannel over a lace dress. I 100% believe i couldnt care less what straight men think of me like they dont play a role in my life at all, if i want to look cute its for my gf/other women. Am i lying to myself and is the only way that could be true to stop wearing makeup and dresses?

Your phrasing is a little unclear here (when you say “am I lying to myself” I’m not really sure what you are referencing) but if you are asking whether I think there is anything wrong with personally enjoying makeup and dresses, then no. I think it is one thing to maintain an ideological critique of femininity and makeup especially, and another to act like people are required to live out their politics to an extent that makes them uncomfortable even when this makes absolutely no material gains. Feminists have tried this before- mandating androgyny in feminist, especially lesbian feminist, circles, such that butches and femmes were mandated either underground/in the closet wrt that aspect of their lesbianism, out of feminist circles, or just out of existence altogether. And it just resulted in a lot of uncomfortable women repressing ways in which they wanted to express themselves. It doesn’t do any useful work, and even if it did, it hurts people in the meantime. Having to maintain a very androgynous wardrobe instead of one I’m personally comfortable calling masculine would make me extremely uncomfortable, point blank.

I think there’s this idea that seems to be a bit too common among feminist lesbians that femmes are just ditzy and stupid and don’t have ANY feminist politics of their own or have not considered any of this, and it’s absolutely wrong and a horrible thing to claim about them. Almost every single femme I know tried very hard to make herself comfortable with either androgynous dress and behavior, more typically butch behavior, or more feminine behavior, and THEN came around to femme identity after a lot of thinking on it in a way that was just felt right and comfortable for them and that’s a good thing. On top of that, the femmes I know personally are some of the most critical of makeup, femininity, etc, the most resentful of its effects on women, and not thoughtless drones worshiping at the altar of feminity. The same claims are made about butches and masculinity, and they’re not true in either case.

There’s also this idea that femininity (here meaning a set of actions, behaviors, certain dress styles, etc, rather than the social system) is a single thing, and that the way femmes engage with femininity (and not all even see themselves particularly as feminine women) is the same as how straight women typically do. But not only do femmes typically behave totally differently than straight women (and again, they’re a group of lesbians who are all individual women with their own personalities, etc, just like every other group of women) wrt things like attention paid to men, comfort taking up social and conversational and physical space, very different fashions that flag as gay to other lesbians, etc, but I almost never miss femmes who are directly interacting with me, because they just don’t seem at all like straight women to me. They move differently, they talk differently, they show a different sense of comfort with me, and while straight women flirt with me all the time it’s totally different when it’s coming from another lesbian in a way you just feel. And the idea that the way femmes move, dress, do pretty much anything, has to be connected to men. I don’t put on clothes that I think will make me sexually appealing to men, and it makes no sense to assume that femmes do that either. So no, I don’t think you’re fooling yourself about what makes you feel sexy or attractive or for whom you want to look nice at all.

So if you’re worried that you are politically obligated to give up any elements of how you move or dress that make you comfortable, that’s not true and you shouldn’t be made to feel that way. You life is not a game of political chess, wherein your decisions are objectively good or bad politically and you’re obligated to try to win politically or something like that. It’s your life, and your goal should be to live it comfortably and happily, and whatever helps you do that (including dresses, or ties, or anything else) without hurting anyone else is a good thing. I’m not femme obviously so if you want I can refer you to a couple of friends who are and who’ve written some about that aspect of how they see themselves and they’ll have much more informed perspectives. I am sorry this is so long but I wanted to make sure I gave you a full answer. Sending you lots of love and I hope you figure out what makes you feel most comfortable!


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Continuing from the last part….

After all the crying which had been done from the both of us, both our eyes red and puffy, it wasn’t until the click of a door upstairs pulled us out of our moment, only just realising that we had been in each other’s arms so long, that the gang was beginning to awaken.

Jason stepped back from my figure, untangling my arms from his but reaching them back up to cup my face. His eyes shone down on mine with a glassy finish, slightly red and irritated from the tears he was straining to escape.

But nonetheless still managing to look amazingly attractive.

With the pads of his thumbs, he swiped his fingers under the lash line of my eye in attempt to rid of the discarded tears. All so as I sniffled, he chuckled slightly and moved his hands away from my face, now placing them on my biceps.

“How you manage to keep doing this to me is beyond me.” He whispered. 

My eyebrows furrowed at his words, “What?” 

“How do you manage to make me catch feelings for you everytime we’re together?” He explained causing my eyes to widen. “I tried avoiding you for almost a year after our breakup and I thought I had gotten over you. All it took was a week under your roof and I’m already head over heels for you again.”


“I know. I probably shouldn’t say that. I’ve got a girl already and let’s not mention the fact that I sound like a fucking wimp right now, but i dont care. You make me not care Y/N.”

“Jason McCann the fearless most wanted male in America letting his walls fall.” I announced with a slight chuckle.

“All over a girl.” He continued with a sigh. “His ex girl, to make the situation worse.”

His eyes had fallen to the floor, his blonde locks falling over his face casting a shadow over one side. He was too attractive for his own good. But don’t let the looks fool you, under the baby face was a cold, ruthless killer, currently letting his guard down for me

“Jason.” I began, sliding a hand under his chin in order to lift it up. His eyes travelled back to mine, letting off those golden orbs I was currently falling more and more in love with. “My feeling’s never left. Leaving you, was the biggest mistake of my life and after our breakup, I was miserable. I’m surprised I’m not dead from how distracted I was on missions.”

“I still love you. Never stopped. So I know exactly how you feel.” I finished. 

Jason’s face was almost unreadable, confused? No, thats not it. Maybe conflicted…? Maybe, but what he said next shocked me into tomorrow.

“Then take me back!” His hands flew forward, grabbing a hold of both of mine, as if he was readying to lean in and kiss both. “Lets try again. Please baby girl.” 

“What?! Jason, w-what about that girl-y-your girl. I mean, your still in a relationship!”

“Shes nothing, not even my girl. More of a side hoe. Please Y/N, I’d do anything. I love you.” He’s begging?! Literally begging?!

“If we do, things will never be the same between us. We broke each other’s hearts Jason. Just because we fix what’s broken doesn’t mean the cracks aren’t there anymore.” Why was I procrastinating?! Just take him back!

“And I’m an idiot for still loving you, but I do. So let’s just try again.” He pleaded.

My eyes fell in shame, heat radiating from my cheeks as I spoke “But I broke you. And the person who breaks you can’t be the one to fix you too Jason.”

“But were not normal people.” he spoke, stepping in closer. “We’re the most wanted people in America. We’re different, so we can do things differently. We’re stronger then most people. So let’s say we didn’t break each other’s hearts, and instead say that we just fractured them instead. A fracture heals a lot faster then a break.”

The tears where welling in my eyes at this point, just on the verge of falling.

“Jason, I’m trying to stop you from making a mistake.” 

“Exactly. Which is why I’m fighting for you. Because agreeing with what your saying and walking away right now would be the biggest mistake I’d ever make.”

His words went straight to my ’fractured’ heart. He was just as charming as he used to be. And if he wanted me back so bad, why was I avoiding his offer? I love him, he love’s me. Why make myself miserable any longer?

With a deep breath, my eyes trailed back towards jason’s staring at me intently awaiting an answer. “Okay Jason.” I cautiously replied. “Let’s try this again.”

A large smile fell over his face, his eyes turning from hopeful to lust filled. 

“Good, cause I wasn’t taking no for an answer.”

And with that, he threw his lips upon mine, reminiscing the taste of his sweet mouth. It felt like a lifetime since I had tasted his lips, and I hope it would last just as long. 

So the question is How Much Longer. The answer? A few months of healing, a gun to the head, a deal, a shitty fuck and a discussion later. It takes no time at all. Cause in the end, we never stopped loving each other. 

It’s shit, I know! don’t kill me plz, its like 4am where I am!

BTS 1st Anniversary Song- “So 4 More” [TRANS]


You worked hard.

Yo it’s been a year,
It’s been a mudafucking year ha.
We living in a good life.
We living in a bad life. Whatever,
It’s not important ‘cuz we here.
One year has gone by
And even if one year comes,
You and I will probably be walking on top of this melody again.
Even if this night comes,
even if this night leaves,
for a better life, this performance will continue.

I don’t wanna fuckin’ lie.
I won’t do such a thing.
My dream is on the Seoul Tower,
but my heart is in the semi-basement.
Now that I became a hostage of life, I chose ambition.
Wandering is my hobby, everyday is suffocating.
Just like the rent, I fell behind in paying my monthly loneliness.
If you know the word opposite to loneliness, please lend it to me
There are a lot of places that I have become attached to,
but why is it that I can’t find the real me anywhere?
Who knows? You know? you don’t.
I know I don’t
Even in the course of the year, I can’t adapt myself to it though I try.
Every night, in front of the mirror, while touching the corner of my lips, I make sure:
“Are you really the Kim Namjoon that you once knew?”
I think I should just let it go a little.
Worries and reflection, anguish, fear, even the responsibilities of being a leader-
even if I’m aware of it all, they are the things that I can’t let go.
The inevitable friends of life. You know what?
Like a rap that doesn’t go by quickly even if it seems to be, life is like that too.
We all put oil in water
Why aren’t the mountains called goals, success, and dreams growing closer?
Even if I run feverishly, water doesn’t become fire- I became impatient.
Water and oil, they never mix
Like how I read it in a science book, I thought it would never change.
But it’s starting now. Look at the me that’s boiling over.
I guess, I will definitely become a fire soon,
and burn.

One year has gone by
And even if one year comes,
You and I will probably be walking on top of this melody again.
Even if this night comes,
even if this night leaves,
for a better life, this performance will continue.

The one year that had no safe place was thin ice.
I didn’t know where I should go.
The battle of sentiments- A deep sigh may have become yesterday,
but even if it’s night, I still can’t sleep. It’s confusion that became foreknowledge
It’s still a sleepless night.
The prison known as the battle between opportunity and jealousy frequently compresses me and blocks my way of breathing,
My future is a sumukhwa*.
In my head, the heaped up word called “success” is separated into two:
things that I have to do and the things that I want to do.
In between them stands Gulliver. fuck it i dont give a shit
Am I achieving my dream right now or am I losing my dream?
I don’t know still. Am I delaying the success of my dream?
Behind my fool-like laughter, precisely half of me is crying.
This is the evidence of my identity
Reality and the ideal slowly break down, my heart bursts.
My sigh grows larger in the space between musical thirst and conflict.

One year has gone by
And even if one year comes,
You and I will probably be walking on top of this melody again.
Even if this night comes,
even if this night leaves,
for a better life, this performance will continue.

My life is drenched in the “time over” that I feel
I didn’t know, the steps of my one year.
When the sun rises, I’m ill but at night, my arrogance become small again
Every day I live a life that is live, there is no lip-sync.
With this effort, the doors of beginning opens.
The stage slowly grows as large as the amount of blood and sweat that falls.
The shouts and applause, they are support that is like a gift to me.
When the attention turns, my tears have already fallen.
Following me, comes the burden and large worries.
My shoulders became as heavy as the love that I had received so
Everyday I’m nervous, the feeling** is nice but it’s bitter
Try to iron this type of me. Smooth out my wrinkled heart, I’ll rewind.
No matter what storm comes, Bangtan consoles me,
These steps are on path of success, wanna be now.
That’s right, I’m Sirius- I shine brighter than any other star.
In this moment, I’m still “born singer”. I tightly hold the mic.

One year has gone by
And even if one year comes,
You and I will probably be walking on top of this melody again.
Even if this night comes,
even if this night leaves,
for a better life, this performance will continue.

*Sumukhwa is the Korean word for a traditional Eastern Asian ink painting.

**The word 감 can mean two things: feeling or the fruit, persimmon. If persimmons are eaten too early, they are very bitter- Hoseok was playing with the words.

Song Lyric Prompts

Someone request something!

1. “I’ll start a riot.”

2. “What’s my age again?

3. "Her yellow SUV is now the enemy.”

4. “We’ll have Halloween on Christmas, if you want.”

5. “I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.”

6. “I’ll keep you my dirty little secret.”

7. “I wish I could wake up with amnesia.”

8. “Forget about all the stupid little things.”

9. “If I woke up with you right beside me, I’d hold you closer than I ever did before and you’d never slip away.”

10. “It’s about a girl.”

11. “They don’t need to understand.”

12. “We were always running away.”

13. “We do it our own way.”

14. “I won’t walk down the same old road that they all follow.”

15. “We don’t have to dance.”

16. “I’ll break it to you easy, this is hell. Literal hell.”

17. “These long, long legs have been damn near everywhere.”

18. “I go back to December all the time.”

19. “I’m so glad you made time to see me. Tell me, how’s life? How’s your family? I haven’t seen them in a while.”

20. “Your guard is up and I know why.”

21. “The last time you saw me still burns in the back of your memory.”

22. “This is me, standing in front of you, saying I’m sorry for that night.”

23. “Turns out freedom ain’t nothing but missing you.”

24. “These days, I haven’t been sleeping. Staying up, replaying myself leaving.”

25. “Realized I loved you in the fall.”

26. “You gave me all your love and all I have you was goodbye.”

27. “I wrote this letter just to numb your pain.”

28. “If you can’t take me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”

29. “Life is all about making mistakes. Life’s also about being great.”

30. “I fall, I break, I mess up, I make mistakes.”

31. “Monday left me broken.”

32. “Am I outta my head? Am I outta my mind?”

33. “What can I say? It’s complicated.”

34. “You keep me in with those hips.”

35. “Okay, yeah. I’m insane.”

36. “I’m one of those melodramatic fools.”

37. “It’s all keeps adding up.”

38. “Am I just paranoid?”

39. “I want you and your beautiful soul.”

40. “I know that you are someone special.”

41. “I hope you see the heart in me.”

42. “Tell me pretty lies.”

43. “Tell me that you love me, even if it’s fake.”

44. “You’re slurring a your words, not making any sense.”

45. “I act like I don’t fucking care.”

46. “I’m only a fool for you.”

47. “I act like I don’t fucking care because I’m sorry fucking scared.”

48. “Look me in the face.”

49. “You’ve been out all night. I don’t know where you’ve been.”

50. “I can’t believe you sold me out for a kid like that.”

51. “I hope you burn.”

52. “You’re making me sick.”

53. “I’ve got more secrets than you’ll ever know.”

54. “Too many times I’ve told myself to hold on.”

55. “Another year and you won’t let it go.”

56. “You’ll never really know what this means to me.”

57. “Told myself I wanna face this fear.”

58. “Everybody says she looks just like her mother but I think she wants that left alone.”

59. “There’s too many ways to say goodbye.”

60. “It’s quite the opposite this time.”

61. “Sometimes I can’t help but say ‘I’m falling in love’ and it’s scaring me.”

62. “It came to me in a dream!”

63. “I’m not a hero or a saint.”

64. “Don’t push me away.”

65. “When you believed in me, you brought us together.”

66. “Everybody says it won’t last forever.”

67. “Yeah, you sure broke my heart last week.”

68. “Don’t say I don’t know you.”

69. “I know you’re feeling sad.”

70. “I don’t feel bad.”

71. “You got a lot of nerve to say this is all my fault.”

72. “You better know what you got before you go and throw it away.”

73. “I won’t go until you come outside.”

74. “You’re the one I want.”

75. “If only you could see all the beautiful things I see in you.”

76. “You’re the only one that’s got my heart and that’s the I ly thing that matters.”

77. “Just keep that smile you’re flashing.”

78. “You’re the only enemy you ever seen to lose to.”

79. “My belief is in pieces.”

80. “My sheets have grown cold.”

81. “I wish you could feel this but you’ll never know.”

82. “You’re perfectly perfect.”

83. “We’re two different people.”

84. “I should’ve warned you.”

85. “I wrote a letter on Monday.”

86. “It’s full of these bitter words.”

87. “We aren’t the same.”

88. “I could tell you weren’t in love with me.”

89. “I don’t even know you but I know for sure you are beautiful.”

90. “I’m overly attracted.”

91. “She could be my princess and I could be her prince.”

92. “Loving can hurt sometimes.”

93. “You know it can get hard sometimes.”

94. “You won’t ever be alone.”

95. “All I can say is, the stress hurts.”

96. “Too much going on at the same time.”

97. “Yeah, I’m fucked up.”

98. “I’m empty inside.”

99. “I just don’t feel alive.”

100. “I wish it wasn’t so tempting.”

101. “I wonder if I’m good enough.”

102. “Keep the change and have a nice day.”

103. “I can still hear the sound of you saying 'dont go’.”

104. “I hope you know, this has nothing to do with you.”

105. “I’m gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket.”

106. “It’s time to be a big girl now.”

107. “I’m not what you wanted.”

108. “I don’t know why I cared so much.”

109. “I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

110. “Who’d you think you’d fool, baby?”

112. “All the tables are turning.”

113. “I still think about you.”

114. “Baby, you look good.”

115. “She’s a heart stopper.”

116. “I just wanna kiss your lips.”

117. “Me? I trusted him.”

118. “This kid is insane man!”

119. “What’s your name?”

120. “Just you wait.”

121. “This one’s mine.”

122. “You walked in and my heart went boom”

123. “Why are you crying?”

124. “Sometimes I wish she was you.”

125. “Opportunity Knicks and you take it.”

126. “It’s been about a year now.”

127. “Damn, those sweet memories.”

128. “I found a letter you wrote me.”

129. “I don’t wanna see you with her.”

130. “Word gets around.”

131. “I’m happy for you, love.”

132. “Why do I love you?”

133. “I miss you when I can’t sleep.”

134. “Do you miss me?”

135. “I’m always tired but never of you.”

136. “You said you wouldn’t and you fucking did.”

137. “I’d do anything.”

138. “In the end, does it even matter?”

139. “Look at where we are. Look at where we started.”

140. “We danced the night away.”

141. “You smiled over your shoulder and for a second, I was stone cold sober.”

142. “I knew I loved you then.”

143. “I knew I needed you.”

144. “I want to stay with you til we’re grey and old.”

145. “I’ll bring you coffee in bed.”

146. “I’ll thank my lucky stars for that night.”

147. “You look as beautiful as ever.”

148. “Your mind is rather reckless.”

149. “What a beautiful mess this is.”

150. “Well it kind of hurts.”

151. “You don’t know my name.”

152. “I’m telling you to your face.”

153. “I’m sick of wasting all my time.”

154. “You’re giving me a million reasons to let you go.”

155. “I’m about to break.”

156. “Show me the way.”

157. “I just need one good reason to stay.”

158. “You’re the baddest little thing I’ve ever seen.”

159. “Since you left, I’ve been holding onto a memory.”

160. “You’re not mine anymore.”

161. “Let me go!”

162. “I’d die for you.”

163. “I still remember what you wore the first night.”

164. “You don’t look the same.”

165. “What’s it like to leave me behind.”

166. “I’m fighting back.”

167. “Nice to see you too.”

168. “Always ends too soon.”

169. “I won’t be like you.”

170. “I’m just so scared.”

171. “Come as you are.”

172. “Meet me inside.”

173. “These times are hard. They’re making us crazy.”

174. “Don’t give up on me, baby.”

175. “Darling, don’t be so shy.”

176. “I’ll see you at midnight.”

177. “In the morning, I’ll wait to see you again.”

178. “When you go, don’t ever think I’ll make you try to stay.”

179. “Take your gloves and get out.”

180. “So tired of all the needless beating.”

181. “Well, if you wanted honesty, that’s all you have to say.”

182. “Remember the time you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor?”

183. “You wear my out.”

184. “They don’t care, as long as some bleeds.”

185. “I heard you down the hall.”

186. “But you never said anything!”

187. “Never thought I would feel like this.”

188. “Such a mess when I’m in your presence.”

189. “I probably shouldn’t brag.”

190. “I’m in trouble.”

191. “I’m addicted to this girl.”

192. “She’s all I want and more.”

193. “Is she out of my league?”

194. “I’m left with no choice.”

195. “I swear, she’s going mad.”

196. “It didn’t slow me down.”

197. “Always second guessing.”

198. “You stole my heart.”

199. “You been talking in your sleep.”

200. “Just a little bits enough.”

201. “It’s in the stars.”

202. “We’re not broken.”

203. “I’m sorry. I don’t understand.”

204. “Your head is running wild, again.”

205. “I never stopped.”

206. “Our lives enough.”

207. “Nothing’s as bad as it seems.”

208. “I can’t think of the right things to say.”

209. “I never would’ve thought I’d be here with you.”

210. “I can look into your eyes all day.”

211. “Stay away from my friends.”

212. “You’re my favorite.”

213. “You create symphonies with your hips.”

214. “I don’t care if you’re contagious.”

215. “I’ve got a love and I know that’s it’s all mine.”

216. “I can’t believe you’ve got the nerve to say you love me.”

217. “I hope you’re happy.”

218. “Now you’re nothing but a memory.”

219. “You used to make me feel like I could walk on water.”

220. “You’re the reason.”

221. “I bet I don’t run through your mind.”

222. “It still hurts.”

223. “It’s been a lonely year.”

224. “Can we please start over?”

225. “I was praying that you and me might end up together.”

226. “You are my heaven.”

227. “If you don’t love me, pretend.”

228. “It’s too late to cry.”

229. “It’s like wishing for rain when I’m standing in the desert.”

230. “My only friend was the man in the moon.”

231. “He came to me with the sweetest smile.”

232. “Darling, I’m a mess without your love”

233. “All I need is one more goodbye kiss.”

234. “You cant blame a girl for trying.”

235. “I should’ve shut my mouth.”

236. “I remember tears steaming down your face.”

237. “I remember you said 'dont leave me here alone’.”

238. “Don’t you dare look out your window.”

239. “Even when the music’s gone.”

240. “No one can hurt you now.”

241. “Is this what it’s like to match wits with someone that’s you level with?”

242. “May you always be satisfied.”

243. “The conversation lasted two minutes, maybe three.”

244. “I remember that night.”

245. “When you said 'hi’ I forgot my dang name.”

246. “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.”

247. “There’s a million things I haven’t done.”

248. “Her eyes are just helpless.”

249. “Where are you taking me.”

250. “That doesn’t mean I want him any less.”

251. “I got her number!”

252. “You’ve got no choice.”

253. “I know that you think I’m so insane.”

254. “I just love the way you say my name.”

256. “Over and over, your words keep me going.”

257. “I just get so insecure.”

258. “Honestly, I’ve never been so sure.”

259. “I can love you all at once.”

260. “Cross my heart and swear that it’s true.”

261. “Boy, you know you’re always on my mind.”

262. “All my friends, they hear about you all the time.”

263. “I know I talk a bit too loud.”

264. “Make up your fucking mind.”

265. “Never forget it.”

266. “Now you’re gonna say 'pretty please forgive me’?”

267. “Turns out no one can replace me.”

268. “I’ll leave you with a memory.”

269. “You’ll regret it.”

270. “Y'know, it gets worse.”

271. “One more kiss.”

272. “I love it when you just don’t care.”

273. “I love it when you dance like there’s nobody there.”

274. “I love it when you don’t take no.”

275. “I love it when you do what you want just because you said so.”

276. “Hearts are gonna break.”

277. “We don’t have to be ordinary.”

278. “Please have mercy on me.”

279. “I fall when I’m around you.”

280. “I can’t take it anymore.”

281. “Take it easy on my heart.”

282. “Tell me that I’m not crazy.”

283. “Your words cut deeper than a knife.”

284. “You lured me in.”

285. “I won’t lie to you.”

286. “I know I can treat you better.”

287. “You should be with me.”

288. “I’d stop time for you.”

289. “They say we’re too young.”

290. “If you don’t swim, you’ll drown.”

291. “I got your name tattooed in an arrow heart!”

292. “If I showed up with a plane ticket and a shiny diamond ring with your name on it, would you wanna run away too?”

293. “I hope you feel the same way.”

294. “I’m a realist and an optimist.”

295. “Hello, sunshine.”

296. “You look so graceful.”

297. “Well, I’ve got a lot to talk about if you still want to listen or if you even care.”

298. “Can we locate where we went wrong?”

299. “If loves a fight, then I shall die with my heart on the trigger.”

300. “Baby, you are all that I adore.”

301. “Don’t you know you’re everything I have?”

302. “They still say I’m a dreamer.”

303. “You better know what you’re fighting for.”

304. “I was doing just fine before I met you.”

305. “Tell your friends it was nice to meet them.”

306. “Baby, pull me closer.”

307. “Pull the sheets right off the corner.”

308. “You look as good as the day I met you.”

309. “I forget just why I left you.”

310. “Four years, no call.”

312. “Play that Blink-182 song!”

313. “It’s gonna look like mud!”

314. “I’m gonna help you swim.”

315. “It’s no big surprise you turned out this way.”

316. “Hey man, I love you but no fucking way.”

317. “Just try your best.”

318. “It just takes some time.”

319. “Everything will be just fine.”

320. “Just be yourself.”

321. “We haven’t talked since we left, it’s so overdue.”

322. “My heart’s beating fast right now.”

323. “Thought that we were stronger.”

324. “I hate this part right here.”

325. “Gotta talk to you before we go to sleep.”

326. “I wanna be in the room where it happens.”

327. “Like I said, you’re free to go.”

328. “Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.”

329. “I’m a trust fund, baby, you can trust me.”

330. “Some say I’m intense or I’m insane.”

331. “Let’s have another round tonight!”

332. “I don’t know just where I fit in.”

333. “Let’s get back to the basics.”

334. “I was falling in love.”

335. “You don’t come around here anymore.”

336. “When I put on my jeans jacket, I still think about you.”

337. “We were on top of the world.”

338. “I’m not missing you anymore.”

339. “You can keep that sweater.”

340. “Finally feels like I’m livin’ more than ever.”

341. “You know I’m only getting better, right?”

342. “No bad blood between us?”

343. “I want you back.”

344. “One glance is all it took.”

345. “Baby, give me one more chance.”

346. “Won’t you please let me back in your heart.”

347. “Oh darling, I was blind.”

348. “Trying to live without you, love, is one more sleepless night.”

349. “Please allow me to be your anti-depressant.”

350. “Tonight, we’ll both go M.I.A.”

351. “Waking up to kiss you.”

352. “If the whole world was watching, I’d still dance with you.”

353. “The only truth, everything comes back to you.”

354. “It’s so hard.”

355. “I’m just gonna say, you’ll never see me in the kitchen.”

356. “I just have trust issues.”

357. “No, you can not change me.”

358. “Baby, I’m working.”

359. “Brace yourself. It’s not good.”

360. “I don’t know what to do.”

361. “I cried when I got that phone call.”

362. “This has got to be the hardest thing I think I’ll ever have to do.”

363. “I’m not ready for a kid!”

364. “She’s mine.”

364. “We keep loving anyway.”

365. “I’m willing to wait for it.”

366. “You found me!”

367. “My love is a breath taker.”

368. “Hope you remember me.”

369. “Look at the stars!”

370. “Take those skin and bones and turn it into something beautiful.”

anonymous asked:

So I donated to your kickstarter so long ago that I can't even remember when it was and you haven't been making updates about the progress of the album in a very long time. I know life happens and sometimes things get pushed back but I'm starting to wonder where my money went and if I will ever get the vinyl I paid for. It's been well over a year and it's making me think you just took everyone's money and don't really care how long they have to wait to see what they paid for come to life.

this mite be a long post! please for the love of god feel free to scroll beyond if u dont care, i truly hate when people fuck up my feed with their essays so ya. that is my disclaimer here. ok.

ok. deep breath.
i talk about this/my campaign/my project VERY often on twitter (it’s distracting and often harmful for me to use tumblr and facebook regularly. sorry if that’s inconvenient). i realize most people aren’t actively checking my shit & that my tweets get buried in the constant avalanche of my stupid thoughts, so i’ll summarize the past year or so. hopefully whoever left this anonymous message will check back to see the answer and if so, i IMPLORE u to read the entire thing instead of picking out details from the first 4 sentences and sending me another message about how i stole your fucking money.

my album is almost finished. i’ve said this multiple times over the course of the past year, but this time it’s like, legitimately fact. i’m feeling extra sensitive right now and reading this message felt like stepping on a rusty nail, so i’ll go ahead and give you as many details as possible to explain why it’s taken me over a year to complete my first full-length album. 

i am an independent artist, as you probably know. i am also an extreme perfectionist. when i began my kickstarter campaign in september of 2015, i had about 30 songs written that i’d poorly recorded in my shitty apartment, many of which i hoped to record professionally for my first proper (and physical) release. i could not fucking stand the thought of being contractually obligated to make music via label and figured kickstarter was my last hope. i honestly thought it would fail miserably and decided that when my campaign came to a humiliating end, i’d move on from music and do something else that wouldn’t make me feel so fucking horrible about myself. somehow, thanks to you and everyone else who made my dream come true, i made enough money to actually make a record.

two months later in january of 2016, i went home to florida from LA to visit my family for the holidays. thanks to my incredible fucking luck, some kind of crime ring was hitting licks on every major airline’s baggage claim at LAX post-holiday and my luggage containing 3 notebooks filled with all of my lyrics, 2 external hard drives and a bunch of little USB drives containing 2 years of my work were stolen. hmu if u want the police report for proof. 

i lost a lot of work (and learned the value of The Cloud- i hate to trust it after my nudes were leaked and my fucking whole bank account was emptied after someone hacked my shit in 2014, but here we are) and basically all morale but pieced together what i could from what i had left. i hired a producer i’ve admired for years to be the executive producer of my record and decided this fucking bullshit was an opportunity to make my shit better. due to unfortunate, unforgivable and honestly criminal circumstances, this fucking psycho wasted an upsetting amount of my time and decided to back out of my project. THAT particular situation keeps me up at night and i fucking live for the day i can tell that goddamn story, it truly shocks me that a human being could do me like that fool did me, yall will find out one day but ahem. anyway. 

after this incredible fucking scam, i decided to ONCE AGAIN start anew considering the legal and financial obligations of releasing music that had been co-written by this bad fucking person. i left my home in LA and went to stay at my dad’s house in florida, spent literally all of my time mastering production software and learning to play piano, and filled in all the shit i’d lost with new things i’d written and produced entirely on my own. then i got married, but that’s unimportant to this story. actually it is like, kind of important, but whatever.

i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in january 2016 and in march of 2016 i attempted suicide. i left an organized folder of songs, mockups for art, my bank account info and a note to my manager to make sure that my album was released because i literally could not comfortably die knowing that i let down the people who gave me money. im not tryna make anyone feel bad im just like saying cuz its part of the whole shit. anyway, i failed at killing myself and woke up in a bathtub of puke ready to go the fuck off. haven’t wanted to die since.

ahem. so. since i’m honestly 100% unable to trust a single fucking human being with my work and my thoughts after what happened up there ^^^^, i decided to set up a room in my new home for recording. i wrote, recorded, and produced (with some help, but like please bitch give me credit here) a fucking entire new album that i actually LIKED. im not shy about the fact that i think my music is stupid gimmicky- after trying to die and not dying and then getting help i realize i have like a little bit of talent i should actually appreciate. i finished recording and producing it, hired a person i trusted with a degree in music production to help me polish it and alas, he ran off without a single fucking word. thankfully i didn’t pay him a cent but like hey there u follow me on twitter and FUCK. YOU.

so now, as of about a month ago, i’ve absolutely perfected my songs (as much as i can- i still lose sleep over the imperfections im just not good enough to fix) and i’ve found the most trustworthy, hardworking team i’ve ever met to finish this shit. it’s demoralizing to recap the past year, mostly bc it was so fucking horrible for me, but i can promise you the last thing i would ever ever ever ever do is take a bunch of money and dip out with it. i do literally every single piece of this shit on my own, from the music to visuals to branding, and it’s hard. it’s time consuming. i have a job outside of music to provide for myself and for my family, and that takes up my time too. 

so i really apologize for the amount of time it’s taken for this record to be released. it fucking kills me to be waiting and i didn’t spend your money; god knows i would never in my fucking life just STEAL your money. the fact that anyone would ever accuse me of that makes me ILL.

i just want ya’ll to know there’s nothing easy about releasing music as an independent artist, especially one who refuses to accept anything less than perfection, and ESPECIALLY one who refuses to be disrespected and taken advantage of. i’m doing my best, and it took me a while. i feel like it’s worth it. it’ll be another 2 months or so. hit me up if you want a refund on your vinyl.


Eyy, so I had this idea for a fic for a while but didn’t do anything with it for a while. Hope that you enjoy it anyways. (Also I’m kinda rusty at writing and I dont know shit about science so don’t kill me plz)

Pairing(s): Yoonmin

Chapter: 1

Summary: Year 2079, A world wide apocalyptic terrorist group created a super virus to destroy all of humanity. Fortunately and unfortunately, rather than immediately affecting humans, the virus rotted away a vast majority of vegetation from the face of the earth. The exponential drop in oxygen caused serious panic throughout the whole world resulting in communities committing mass suicide and the spread of chaos. Min Yoongi is one of the leading scientists in the world trying to find a cure for the apocalyptic virus and restore vegetation once more. There is only so much a human can do. All hope seems to be lost. That is, until Yoongi makes a breakthrough discovery at a secret utopian garden.

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‘Cause woah, you’re squeezing my heart
Too hard in your bare hands, they hold too tight
And woah the air is on fire
This room feels electric, caught here in your sights

Around the time after Maven has the deal with the Lakelanders, knowing before anyone else that he will marry Iris and Mare will be further for him than ever, both of them are too lonely and weak to be above their desperation. 

Word Count: 7k+ 
Pairing: Maven Calore x Mare Barrow
Rating: M

Spoilers for everything up to the (roughly) first half of King’s Cage

The walls of my prison are so familiar, I could probably recount every little detail of the stone’s carving in my sleep – if I would sleep, that is. It’s only a little past Maven’s and my shared breakfast, which was spent in utter silence today. Some days he doesn’t force a conversation, and in return I don’t spit venom in his wounds. It’s beneficial for the both of us.  

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Best Friend: You two have been inseparable since you first met. You always get in trouble together but you wouldnt have it any other way. He understands you on the deepest level and is always there for you.

Secret Boyfriend: It started off as talking but then he made a move. Now your stuck with make out sessions at his house when his parents are out. You both try to keep it a secret but little do you know…

Likes you…: He knows about you and {secret boyfriend}. He is the only one that does and boy does he wish he didnt. He loves you, hes in love with everything you do. From the way you laugh to how your hair looks when its put in a messy bun, hes crazy about you. However things came to a crashing end when he noticed how you would always look at {secret boyfriend} and his assumption were confirmed when he watched {secret boyfriend} pull you into his house ({secret boyfriend}’s house if thats not clear)

Makes a fool…: Honestly he doesnt know why he becomes this way around you. Its just when he sees you he tenses up and makes a fool of himself. The amount of times hes done it too are far too many to count, one time he literally fell head over heels for you (in his defense he was getting you water and the floor was wet). He has no clue why but he always gets this weird fuzzy/knotting feeling in his stomach whenever he look/thinks about you (which is a lot).

Walks you to Class: You two dont have any classes together yet he always seems to find you in the hall and insists on walking you to class. You arent annoyed by thins but actually its kind of nice. You two have deep discussions on the way to class and if you dont have time to finish them you pick them up the next day.

Buys You Stuff: Lets just say this boy is well off. Whenever he takes you shopping he always ends up paying, you try to pay but he always manages to pay without you noticing. You feel indebted to him but he always says that you can make it up to him by giving him a secret fashion show, which you do. These fashion shows always end with you both laughing on the floor and clothes everywhere.

Shows up Randomly…: Sometimes he has no reason to come over, he just does. but your happy he does because he always entertains you. He just wants to spend time with you because, in his eyes, your the best thing to have ever walked the earth. Your so beautiful, funny and just all around amazing. He could listen to you talk about nothing for eternity and he does when you go on a rant, until you look over at him and ask “what?” with a cute confused look on your face. Oh does he adore that face so much.

Takes care of you: He dosnt know why but theres this feeling inside him compelling him to protect you. When your sick he’ll make you soup and pick up your gross tissues, when your sad he’ll cheer you up, hes always there for you.

Writes songs about you: He dosnt share them with everyone. He hopes to one day get up the courage to share them with you and tell you how much of an inspiration you are. He also feels like the songs are a special thing that just the two of you have and dosnt want to loose that.

A/N: When it says {Secret Thing} put in the name of who you got for Secret Boyfriend also the last few (if you take a screenshot) will be the same because i forgot to mix up the order because i was so excited to post this and do it myself !!! ALSO IM SUPPOSED TO BE STUDYING FOR MY APEL EXAM TOMORROW WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE

Last thing I love reading your comments on who you got in the the tags it makes me so happy see your reaction :) (PS you can delete all the text if you wish but please give me credit)

I’ll Never Forget Him

Summary: When Dan slips and tells the entirety of the internet a secret about Phil, he tries desperately to cover it up. He just doesn’t try hard enough.

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None 

Word Count: 1,271

A/N: I really hope you guys enjoy this one. I’ve spent over three months crafting it to make sure that the whole thing is perfect. This really means a lot to me so please enjoy yes yes.

Hello crafties!

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–– ♡ ❛ + verse/otp name ideas !

i decided to clean up my spotify playlists and i realized that many of the songs would actually make great verse names. i know how hard it can be to think of verse names can be, so the more master lists of these the better right ? also i always need one and i feel like i’ve been through every possible list at this point. so here is my go at it. under the cut you’ll be able to find 170 song lyrics that could be used as a verse/otp name. hope it’s helpful !

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Unwavering Devotion // Chap 1

I’m just gonna leave this here, yes, hi, excuse me, bent fic for me to unstress myself and write something silly and simple and trashy, excu se moi. 

Nothing much to say? Klance Flower Shop Au ft. Pining Keith, Bad In Comunication Lance and Teasing Older Brother Shiro! 

Ps; Sorry if Keith sounds OOC….but I don’t give a shh; this is my playtime fic.  A L S O; LONG POST.

Ps.2; Excuse any typos…and stuff. yeah. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

The lonely half worn out rose lay on the wooden counter.

“Cough, cough.” It says in a high pitched voice, “I’m…I’m dying and I …will never see my beloved one last time.”

Suddenly, from the bottom of the counter, a small bluebell flower pops its head and shakes as it catches the sight of the fallen rose.

“My rose!” It shouts, voice deep and scratchy, “No! Who has done this! I will kill them all! I swear on my tiny life!”

“My bell…” Rose whispers in awe and hope, “My bell, you have come to delight me with your presence in my last seconds in this world, how noble.”

Bell shakes as if in disbelief, “No! Stop talking like that! You will survive! You - You have to –! There must be someth –!”

A sudden sharp agonized shout coming from Rose cuts it off abruptly and Bell watches in horror as another petal is ripped out from its lover.

“No…” Bell whispers terrified, “No!”

“The madman is back.” Rose whispers weakly, trying to rise up from the floor before flopping back limply, “Please….run, before he catches you, it’s too late for me.”

“But –!” Bell tries to protest but a big wide shadow suddenly takes over and both flowers just stay still as the threateningly figure of the pale hand hovers above them dangerously.

“I love you.” Rose whispers softly before the pale hand picks it up and starts pulling out its reminding dark weak petals, no longer holding its vivid red color it once had.

“No!” Bell cries out as it falls to the surface of the counter in defeat, watching in despair as its lover takes its last breath in the hands of a monster, “Goodbye…my rose.”


The nineteen years old jumps in surprise, his dark blue eyes wide in surprise as he drops both flowers in his hands and turns his head to meet his big brother’s unamused eyes.

“Uh…” He says incoherently, wiping the flowers behind his back off the counter to hide his play time, “Yeah, I’m working.”

Shiro snorts. “Sure, buddy. Bell says otherwise.”

Keith looks back at the counter and frowns when he notices that the Bluebell flower is hanging on the edge of it.

“You tattle tale.” He mumbles and Shiro laughs.

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