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@hippano I draw a lot and I used one of your drawings as a reference for this journal spread! I looked at your drawing for a little while and then tried to redraw it from memory! (Obviously I added some more details afterwards!). I really wanted to recreate some mormor art of yours because your art is just…the best tbh.

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Hello tsumire, I am from the page of fb Comic Cartoon Latino, I just came to ask you to accept these apologies and I hope you have not offended or angry, because for me you are a good artist and I only did it because I love your art, That I did not ask permission to do it, anyway I ask you to accept these sincere apologies, I hope and you understand me :) greetings

Thanks for sending me this message.

But tbh I feel no sincere apologies in this message.

I said multiple times on my tumblr and twitter, even you do like my art, doesn’t mean you have the right to repost them without my permission, no matter you want to share my art because you love them, or want to do advertising for me, you didn’t ask me first, so you are wrong from the beginning.

Also you didn’t credit most of the artists’ art, how can your followers know who’s the artist if they like that art ??

Some reposters saw my post about repost, they came to apologize saying they will take down my art. I’m happy when people say they love my art, but even if you love my works it doesn’t mean you can repost them. What you did it’s not helping me, only hurts me.

Beside repost, you even edited, translated and add your own watermark on our art, you did too much, this isn’t okay. Those artists spent hours on their hardworks, it’s wrong to think how we reacted was bad and you even support those fans who thought what you did was okay and you were just advertizing us. That was not okay to us. There were people trying to help us, but you only pointed out who sent them or their identity, even ignoring them .

I don’t want my art to be reposted, so i haven’t authorized any other page besides my own ones to post my work. I don’t have time to look for every page, if you know some pages repost others art you can tell the artists about that to help them.

I’m still mad and I hope you can understand why, so I wrote all these things for you.

I suggest you take down the art you reposted without permission, some artists like @treker402, @jearwork, @kaiken23, @dement09, and @beautysnake, don’t like their art being reposted, you should ask them first.

If you don’t know who drew the art, take them down aswell, you don’t know the artists doesn’t mean it is free to use.

I sleep only 4 hrs a day because I want to draw for my friends and my own followers, ofc I’ll be mad when I see ppl use my hardwork without permission.

Asking for permission is not that hard, I hope you will do that for me if you really want to apologize.


To my followers who dont know what happened, there was a FB fanpage called Comic Cartoon Latino reposted, edited and translated our art without permission.

They didn’t take down my art and other reposts, and deleted one of their post which we left some messages under it.

And the comments under this post really makes me sick,

Sick comments

No matter how you love the art or for other reasons, you cant reposted it without the artist’s permission, dont use it “sharing” as an excuse to repost ppl’s hardwork on your own page, you are not sharing if you do that, that’s stealing.

I should be asking kinder when someone steals my stuff ?? Whats wrong with these ppl ??

If you like ppl take your stuff away and show to others without asking then go ahead, I dont want to be like you.

At least I respect myself and other ppl.


@jeusus Did some gorgeous line art the other day and I had to practice some coloring in them. I hope they don’t get upset about the way I had to blend some of the lines in so I can achieve my stylistic choice, but hey, if you are, you can totally hit me up and tell me to delete. :) I was afraid that I’d be butchering your original work.

Fanfiction culture has become an incredibly toxic place for me over the last few years, and it’s really started to hit me this year how bad it really is. I’ve watched creator after creator delete their tumblrs, delete their fics, delete entire worlds they’ve come up with, all because of factors that are far too prevalent among fans etc. 

I’ve helped friends deal with, and dealt with myself, situations where fics are re-posted, with or without credit but never with permission, seen fics with there names changed and passed off as the work of another author for another fandom as if that will prevent them from being caught, and I’ve watched as slowly, slowly creators just stopped putting up a fight because what’s the point

I’ve watched authors be attacked for not updating on time, or for being too sick (mentally, physically, etc.) to write any more of their recent fic, seen fans demand a sequel that the author doesn’t even want to write as if it’s owed to them. 

I’ve seen fans steal copies of people’s works and re-post them when the creator chooses to delete, defending themselves by saying it’s their favorite fic and they didn’t want to lose “ownership” over it, but that right there is the problem in itself. 

Fanfiction writers don’t get paid to write you fics. They have lives, and school, and sometimes even jobs that they have to deal with every single day to make sure that they can live the life they want to live. They come home at night, and they choose to spend their free time writing fanfiction for themselves and the world to enjoy, but they don’t get paid for this. They don’t get piad, and they be no means have to write anything, let alone what you demand of them. 

And it’s heartbreaking really, because I’m watching my friends get broken down by demands for more more more, and I watch them cry over the fact that it isn’t even encouragement or supportive comments - it’s just a constant barrage of where are you, why haven’t you done this, i want an update, i hate waiting, and it’s tearing us apart. 

I hardly see supportive feedback anymore. When it’s there, it’s wonderful and amazing and reminds me why I love to write so much, but unfortunately in life, the bad eclipses’s the good, and it’s discouraging. It’s so discouraging that I’ve watched amazing creator after amazing creator given up and delete, and I’m tired. 

I am so, so tired of hating myself and my writing because all it brings me is grief - why didn’t you do this, this would have been better, you should have reversed the roles, this trope is so old

you haven’t updated in two months, why did you start posting if you weren’t going to finish

being ace is unfair to the other character, he should be more understanding of his partners needs

We, as fanfiction writers, put these fics out there for you to enjoy, but we also do it for ourselves, and I’m tired of being underappreciated and harassed 

If you don’t want your favorite fanfictions deleted, support the author

If you want an author to update, remind them how much you love their fic, but understand that life can be hard

If you don’t enjoy something personally, remember that an authors writing decisions are not based on you

In the new year, I hope to see more of my friends and myself appreciated rather than torn down for all the work that we do, because I know I’m not the only one suffering from the actions of our fans

rosevinyls replied to your post “Hi, will you please the q slur? It was used in the post about gender…”

Also if this person wanted you to tag the word queer, the last thing you should’ve done is say the word they’re triggered by in your response lmao

I want to be respectful, and I want folk to have a good time on this blog, but you gotta understand that it’s ALSO important that I’m comfortable and having a good time.

because this is a personal blog where I come to post about my goofy cats.

so, if I’m personally uncomfortable tagging queer (a word I identify with) as q slur, I hope you can all respect/understand that.

these posts will all be deleted shortly, and for those sending asks (which, you know, I’d really rather you not send): they will also be deleted, and the rude ones will be blocked. 

EDIT: I’m going to leave this up a little longer than I planned, because I legitimately hate blocking people. it sucks. it feels mean. but if you send me an upsetting message about this, I don’t feel like I have other options.

Can you believe I had never drawn these four all together before

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i cant believe people are giving ariana shit for not tweeting about something SO traumatizing. you really think she’s gonna give a shit about social media OR her phone at the moment? i personally, dont give a fuCK about any of these celebrities posting their thoughts and prayers at the moment, i dont care. im just hoping that everyone manages to be safe/gets closure for the ones who are missing. 

zuke deleting her tumblr was a good move for her. and im not just saying that because i hate her. i may have at one point, and im sorry for the harsh things ive said about her, but i dont anymore. the show going to shit wasnt solely her fault; she just compounded the issues and made them more obvious. all i can say is that i hope for her the best in the future.

GOT7 reaction to their you wearing another mans t-shirt to bed

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Got7 reaction to their girlfriend wearing another man’s sweatshirt or shirt please? Thanks Omma :,)

thanks for the request sweetie. 
i hope you dont mind i amped it up slightly. :P but i hope you like it :)
Heads up!!! reaction requests maybe opening either tomorrow or saturday (uk time) i will be taking a limited number. PLEASE look over the rules and get your requests ready, it’ll only be open for a short time. and this time around i will be deleting requests.  
keep your eyes peeled for the open sign, you all know I’m strict on early/late requests!
~ahgase Omma 

probably one of the few times jb would actually get mad at you for something youve done. he can't believe it. its like the biggest unspoken rule, get rid of ex stuff, at least do go parading them in front of your current boyfriend. he’s so mad he’s slamming doors, he needs to cool down quickly 

the WTF face says it all! how old have you even had that? and your comfortable to wear it whilst sharing a bed with him… he gets more and more angry and annoyed the more he sees it. like hitting/throwing stuff mad

the man that whats your whole heart and you get into bed with him wearing someone else tshirt… wow, stick a dull knife though his squishy heart! its a pain he’s never felt before, not even anger just pure pain.

disappointed, disgusted and that proud head strong, short tempered man, has had enough of this! ok stories and memories are one thing but actual items from your ex. he just can’t even figure out what was going through your head

the bitch please, confused and annoyed look he has is the most genuine thing in the world. he’s offered you all the shirts he has, but then you rock up with something from your ex, and to sleep in too. to  him you might as well be sleeping in their bed not his

so mad and angry that even he’s breaths hurt him, he can't believe it, normally he’d let ex stuff slid, but this is literally you holding onto them, and that is a sucker punch to he’s ego

Originally posted by bamica

all that passive aggressive questioning about why your still wearing it instead of his! he doesn’t want to get angry with you, but the longer you wears it the more annoyed he gets

Gifs are not my own

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Hello :) wcif the eye shade under the eyes in this post? (the red one) Thank you! /post/160881952706/hope-you-dont-mind-how-late-this-is-my-friend-0

^ i used a random thumbnail picture bc i deleted the original from my files

the red eye bag things is just me layering this eyeshadow (nectar) with this blush

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how do you setup your brushes for sketching in ps?

i’m not quite sure i understand the question. i don’t really set my brushes up any particular way, I tend to just use them as they come in the brush pack or mess around with their settings to get it to do what I want for that particular art. and I almost always have opacity set to pen pressure (except for when im doing final lining). 

I also really don’t ‘sketch’ per se, in the sense of just sort of casually doodling. like ever. I am incapable of drawing casually.

but if you’re just asking what brushes I use, my current brush pack I’m using is a frankenstein pack made up of all the brushes I like from about 4 different brush packs I got off of deviantart. since I’ve only ever linked to the first one, I figure now is as good a time as any to just share links to all of them:

  • DanLuvVisiArt
    • I’ve used this one the longest and i think it was the first pack I downloaded. I use a lot of brushes in this regularly, mainly: Texture brush (for fuzzy stuff), Hard Ink Brush (for lining), the cloud brushes, and the Debris and Glass brushes (for snow or particles in the air)
  • daRoz
    • this is a fantstic brush pack and is where I got my favorite ‘painty’ brush from (far right)
  • SoldatNordsken 
    • this is a really great and comprehensive pack that has a lot of really interesting brushes. just bare in mind that this pack is more geared towards concept artists so there are lots of plant and industrial/ interesting patterns/ textured brushes that dont really fit with my personal style, so i only really use maybe like 5 brushes from this pack regularly.
  • Julio Castelo
    • i actually got linked to this pack by the lovely @chawduhree​ and while it’s definitely got some good brushes, it’s very cluttered with a lot that I never use and probably wont ever touch. 
    • this pack is also mostly geared toward concept artists, is a combo of multiple packs from others, and I noticed that it shares a good number of brushes with the pack above by SoldatNordsken. so just keep that in mind.

That is a lot of brushes but what I tend to do with a new pack is go through every brush one at a time and make some strokes to see if I like it, delete the ones i dont, then add the leftovers to my main set. I ultimately try to keep my main set as uncluttered and organized as possible, with my favorites and most used at the top, with similar brush types clustered together.

@last anon, what makes you think her positivity  is forced? there is honestly nothing wrong with it. christy, is just one warm ray of sunshine that wants to give everyone a little love. if it was forced why would she be doing it? it would be wasting her time and she would be forcing herself to do something she wouldn’t enjoy doing. and believe me, christy is one of the kindest, friendliest people in this community. but if you prefer not to see it, no problem! just please kindly delete it from your inbox :)  dont come over to her blog to hate on her but christy i love you and what you’re doing w/ your blog to spread postivity . hope you’re having a good day/night -elysiaaa


mj hasnt posted any cute twitter vids that i know of, so here is me trying to pose like my baby boy can

fun fact: i dont work at all, apparently, i just take dumb selfies

(i laughed three times in the one where im looking off in the distance, it was so awkward to take, rip seal)


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ok i honestly have So Many questions so here we go 1. i know cole is single but is lili???? this is for science 2. you know that bughead gif where betty's hair is down or kinda half up half down and jughead looks v serious and she's holding his neck and they kiss??? what the fuck is that from!! is that leaked?? 3. also there is this pic of betty in the rain jacket she wore when they visited polly and juggie is holding her face ya know the one?? where is that from!!!! pls bless me w answers :)

hey babe. i totally understand you. we’re all in this together.

1. FOR SCIENCE OBVI: we dont know for sure but it looks like her and her boyfriend broke up some time ago, alas shes single and ready to mingle. or what am I saying - they both might be taken again if ya know whatimsaying? 

2. that is from episode 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t fucking wait!!!!!!

3. yes. that’s a big sorrow for all of us that they cut that out from episode 6. what we’re HOPING tho is that this will be one of the deleted scenes that Lili will share with us. i m a g i n e . 

may the bughead lord bless y’all. xoxo

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hey navya! i just read this essay aeon(.)co/essays/the-idea-that-gender-is-a-spectrum-is-a-new-gender-prison - and while i definitely dont agree with everything thats being said, im not really sure what to think about that, and would like to hear your opinion about it, if you want to, or if you dont then dont and just delete this ask, anyway i hope you have a nice day!

I’m going to be honest. I just finished reading this article, and frankly it seems a bit reactionary to me. 

Here are the aspects of the article that I do agree with: 

  • No one can “opt out” of the dual process of the body being sexed and gendered. Identifying as “nonbinary” does not mean that you have innately resisted patriarchy’s coercive gender socialization. 
  • As long as patriarchy exists, gender will exist, and as long as gender exists, no one will truly be “free” (no matter how they identify). 
  • We are all tied to the heterosexualized gender binary in some way - whether we comply with it or transgress it in some manner, we are forced to identify within a framework that presupposes patriarchal dictates of gender and heterosexuality as economic conditions. 
  • “Nonbinary” as a term encompasses a multitude of labels, thus it would be difficult to parse “nonbinary” as a class of people. 
  • Radical feminists and the liberal “queer” feminists that this author mentions do have different approaches to gender - radical feminists see the abolishment of gender as necessary to dismantle patriarchy, where liberal “queer” feminists see gender as an important tool of identification but still rally against binarism itself. 
  • Conceptualizing gender as a spectrum is materially implausible because your internal conditions do not determine gender; it is your economic conditions that give rise to the terms and feelings you use and experience about your gender. 
  • One can experience gender dysphoria and frustration without having to identify as not cis, and this especially goes for women. We can have our frustrations and feel discomfited by the expectations of femininity and still be women. 

However, I take great issue with this author’s self-aggrandizing and morally indignant tone. She’s clearly very biased toward the radical feminist point of view on gender, but she completely forgets that radical feminists aren’t the only feminists to argue that gender is a coercive economic force and that, moreover, plenty of nonbinary people can identify with different types of feminism. She also uses the word “transsexual” repeatedly which is irksome. 

Like, she’s very clearly mocking people who genuinely identify as nonbinary. Yes, nonbinary people cannot opt out of being sexed and gendered, but that doesn’t mean that nonbinary identification is bad or not valid (yes, I know, I used the word valid - bear with me). She mocks nonbinary people by saying things like “if you want to identify as a pangender femme demigirl go ahead!” and honestly, that’s entirely unnecessary. Which is why I’m saying that her article is reactionary. You can argue against queer feminist identity politics without literally belittling people who are marginalized and just want to understand themselves and their frustration with gender more. 

Moreover she forgets the existence of gender-variant categories within nonwestern countries and cultures. The word “nonbinary” is a western creation but her analysis of gender misses the incorporation of race and colonialism. And frankly, any analysis of gender - whether it’s one that seeks to abolish gender or one that sees expanding gender as a “good, progressive” thing - that ignores the role of western colonialism and white supremacy is a paltry one at best. 

The language of this article ranges from overtly to subtly transphobic. Honestly, if a feminist cannot articulate a political framework that seeks to abolish gender as a coercive economic condition without buying into transphobic language and ideas, then her analysis is useless. Gender oppresses trans people and thus trans people would also benefit immensely from the abolishment of gender. 

I employ a materialist view of gender, which sees gender as an economic condition. No, gender is not a spectrum. It’s more useful to understand gender as a binary dictated by the tension between masculinity and femininity (under patriarchy). However, what this article - and what radical feminism itself - misses is the materialist view of gender, which is that it oppresses people materially. This oppression manifests through different avenues (medical, reproductive, legal, political, economic) but ultimately one cannot abolish gender without abolishing class or race. 

So I dislike her framework as much as I dislike the “queer liberal feminist” framework. Gender is: an economic condition. To tackle it we must: use a materialist, integrated approach.