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Xander for the character ask!

Omg!!!! Fam!!! Thank you I could talk about Xander until the end of the world alkfbjdvcnm

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life (he literally Flowers for Algernoned me in Fates; when I tried to marry anybody else I JUST COULDN’T BEAR IT, IT FELT SO WRONG AND UNSATISFYING)

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang (and I have several times–shout out to Siegbert and Kana–life is good)

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: God where do I begin with this man???? There is just so much to love????? But I think my favorite qualities would be his steadfast determination to improve and his endless kindness. He becomes so great a figure–both to his family members and to his nation–because he’s earnestly striving to be a more capable person all his life. There’s no vanity or selfishness in his pursuit; it’s just a pure desire to be able to help the people that are important to him and be there for them when they need him. Because he knows how hard it is to do everything alone oops *SOBS LOUDLY*

And I think his supports with just about everyone (Corrin, Sakura, Azura, etc.) show us how enormous his heart his; how this man that makes men tremble at the mere sound of his name is just an enormous teddy bear. My soft boi. He never considers himself above comforting people when they need it; he never minimizes their feelings or hesitates to listen to them. He accepts them as they are and does his absolute best to help, paying careful attention to their needs and comfort zones. (CAN’T HE JUST BE REAL WHY FIRE EMBLEM; INTSYS GIVETH AND THEY TAKETH AWAY AIUFDHSKJN)

worst quality: (WARNING: Fates spoilers; all ye who have not completed the three titles beware) I’d say his weakness for family, in that it’s literally what leads to the tragedy of Birthright, and proves to be–time and time again–his downfall. His love for them can blind him to all else; it makes him incredibly stubborn and prone to making decisions based on emotion instead of logic. As I mentioned, I think this becomes most clear in Birthright but it also rears its head in Revelations and Conquest.

In Birthright it was a double whammy; his loyalty to his father (and nation, granted) forces him to fight the person he loves most (Corrin). But what do we learn? That for all his bluff and bluster–for all his scathing retorts and seething disapproval–his heart was secretly breaking in his chest. Enough to make him seek death by Corrin’s hand; no matter how hard he tries to remain firm in his opposition his body won’t respond. Not against Corrin (especially after watching Elise fall accidentally by his hand. Still too soon? STILL TOO SOON). I am, personally, of the belief that he never had any intention of winning that fight; he was absolutely at the end of his rope. His entire family had fallen apart and were suffering as a result of Corrin’s decision to side with Hoshido, and he was no exception. He had already lost everything that had given his life meaning, all he had left was protecting his father and the kingdom; and even he knew that was an inevitably doomed endeavor at that point. He was only trying to buy Peri and Laslow time to flee. He knew he wouldn’t be able to go through with it from the start, so he didn’t want anybody else to suffer the consequences of that shortcoming. This man was a seasoned war general and the leader of Nohr’s entire army for at least a few years by the time Fates begins. I find the probability of him losing (at least against Corrin alone) while he was of sound mind and body to be very low. He died because he wanted to die in that universe; he died because his family had shattered beyond any hope of repair–along with his heart. (Also to make things worse because I’m terrible™, I headcanon that while he may not have planned to die by Corrin’s hand he was relieved when he did because he felt he deserved it if she felt she was loved so little by the Nohr fam and him all those years that she would turn her back on them, and wanted the knowledge that she was alive and well despite her choice to be the last thing he ever saw, so that he could rest in peace *LOUD SOBBING*)

However we do see that–should he have reason to believe that a family member is beyond convincing or saving–he will make the decision to support Corrin in the other two games, and puts that loyalty to rest for the greater good no matter how hard it is for him. Once he finds out King Garon is possessed by Anankos and has no hope of returning to who he once was, he joins Corrin’s efforts to stop him. So we do have proof that–should Xander have hard evidence that he needs to change his perception of somebody he cares about/family–he does exercise the will to withdraw his loyalty and dedication to that person. Though I will say that in Conquest this becomes a glaring flaw in some senses, in that it’s a bit too little too late for the innocent people of Hoshido. But at the same time, it’s clear that Garon might have killed Corrin or any of the other royal siblings had he not heeded orders; so I don’t think it’s an easy or fair thing to say that he didn’t try hard enough. Xander’s options in life constantly seemed to be AWFUL and OH LOOK, EVEN WORSE. So… (Sorry I’m going on forever but I live for the complexity of his character and situation aiufkbdhfv you can ignore me) (Also side note I will never get over him rushing into the canyon in Revelations when Iago is cackling at you after cornering your army like “Corrin! Thank the Gods we made it in time. You can count on us! <3″  *SINGLEHANDEDLY DESTROYS IAGO AND ALL OF HIS MINIONS WHILE EVERYBODY TREMBLES AT HIS SILENT, SYSTEMATIC SEVERITY*)

I also think that his insecurities–especially regarding his appearance as prince–can cripple his relationships with other people. In that he’s so focused on being what he perceives other people need him to be that he doesn’t communicate his true feelings well, or explicitly, very often. This is a common theme in his supports with his siblings especially; we see a Xander that is surprised at their bitter misinterpretation of his behavior as a result of his forced princely stoicism. (Note those supports broke my heart because it was so clear?????? That he was horrified at having hurt the people he cared about more than anything else in the world, and truly wanted to make things right in any way he could, and he does bless this pure boi.)

ship them with: CORRIN (the female version), have you seen their supports how can you ever ship him with anybody else after that I still scream about it years later hell I’m screaming right now aiufksdjhgsh. But in all honesty these two just have such a breathtaking, wholesome love between them fostered over years of hardship????? Despite the distinct difference in the source of their loneliness–her forced isolation by Garon vs. his self-imposed isolation in order to protect his siblings and shoulder his royal responsibilities–they both understand. To the point where even words aren’t necessary; they just know. Their conversations and interactions are seamless; laden with meaning and clear adoration for the other. Throughout the entirety of the game their supports are the only moment in which we see Xander comfortably reveal the raw vulnerability that he locks away tight. It’s a very poignant moment if you consider the kind of person Xander is; he always listens to and cares for others, but he never lets himself be heard or taken care of. So for him to actively entrust Corrin with that–and not feel guilty or uncomfortable for imposing his problems on her–is HUGE. He says it himself; she’s the first and only person in his life that doesn’t make him feel lonely. And if there’s one thing I think Xander needs after all the trauma, loss, and adversity he’s faced in his life, it’s a person that he can come home to without reservations. Somebody that knows him and loves him for all that he is, and isn’t afraid to help teach him how to live a little.

brotp them with: Nyx and Kaze are the first names that come to mind. 

Him and Nyx are edgy buddies AND NOBODY CAN TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME. They both understand the horrors that haunt the others’ past; the indelible burden of taking a life, no matter the reason. They find a kind of quiet comfort in the presence of the other, and can occasionally be found conversing amiably around camp.

I love his and Kaze’s supports. So. Much. These two just have so much respect for each other???? And I feel like they’re such kindred spirits; they both share similar values, are insecure despite their remarkable capabilities, and really help each other grow. 10/10 two wholesome and pure boys supporting each other I am 1000000% here for it.

needs to stay away from: CHARLOTTE. Listen I don’t hate Charlotte, but the main reason she wants to be with him is his wealth/status and I find that enormously upsetting. I understand she has her reasons, but I still don’t think she would be a very healthy spouse for Xander because of it???? I feel like he needs somebody that doesn’t make him feel alone; somebody that knows when he’s trying to hide how hurt or tired he is. He needs somebody that sees the man behind the princely guise, and actively cares about him. Because he will work himself to death and neglect his own emotional well-being if somebody doesn’t choose to look after him. And with all due respect, I don’t think Charlotte would be capable of that long-term. I don’t think Charlotte would care to have the patience or perception to sense, understand, and provide him with that gentle solace/support that he needs. Let alone how much her general demeanor and occasional duplicity would likely unnerve him and make him uncomfortable. (No hate to Charlotte x Xander shippers btw, I just personally do not think it would work out in a healthy way.)

misc. thoughts: 

In short I’m love Xander and thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed this wild ride as much as I did; I haven’t written an essay about how much I love Xander in too long LOL

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