i hope i didn't destroy him

Sometimes hope is a thing with feathers
And sometimes hope is a thing with a snow covered snoot


After saw those cool references and last beautifull @keiid’s drawing I had to draw my dear wears suit :3 

I tried my new sort of style (and this time looks quite similar Mashima’s one, I’m lil pround ^^) also with coloring, the colors look strange bc the phone destroyed them :,)  btw hope it’s ok ^^


Gravity Falls Year One Anniversary: The Stanchurian Candidate

I was really excited to be chosen to participate in this event and get the episode I wanted! Good excuse to draw Tad again.

Since I couldn’t settle on one idea, I just drew a bunch of silly doodles based off of the episode. Hope you like them!

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HC: Napoleon has that one smile that is absolutely terrifying to Illya and Gaby, because they know what it means. It's the "oh you've done fucked up, I'm gonna destroy you" smile. It only comes out rarely, usually when someone says something horrible to Illya or Gaby. The moment Napoleon tilts his head and that smile appears on his face, Illya and Gaby know it means trouble. (they are secretly really touched that he cares about them this much?)

!!!! Yes!!!
I think a lot of people tend to forget that he’s CIA’s best for a reason, so I totally support him being terrifying.

I imagine it like this: Someone threatens his partners and he gets calm. So incredibly calm. The quiet before the rain storm, Illya thinks, if he’s being over-lyrical.

Then, the smile follows, creeping onto his face. The first time Gaby saw it, her heart sank, because she forgot. She forgot, that despite all his charming masks, he can be frightening.

Illya compared him to a wolf once - beautiful to look at, caring when it comes to his loved ones, protective in a way words cannot convey. She agrees with Illya, but for one tiny detail: everyone knows what a wolf is capable of doing. Hence, it never gets underestimated. This doesn’t apply to Napoleon, because most people categorise him as a dandy, a womaniser, nothing more.

After the smile, there is not a lot they can do for his victim. He is ready to tear them to shreds. Not literally, he prefers to keep the blood off his hands, but verbally. And both of them know from experience, words can leave far deeper wounds. Wounds, that won’t heal, even after years of taking care of them. They still leave ugly scars, jagged, like the one on Napoleon’s abdomen, that nearly cost him his life, bleeding out in Illya’s arms.

Sometimes, he kills, without as much as blinking. He scares them then, because his faces is empty, devoid of any emotion, his eyes giving away nothing. It scares them, to witness how far he would go - their Napoleon, who invites them into his arms whenever he gets the chance to do so, a tender smile on his face and whines, when they aren’t moving fast enough.

For he cares about them a lot, would do anything for them. And that’s, what is keeping both of them awake at night.

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Headcanons with Madara and a artist s/o that only draws sad/war scene paintings because she got traumatised during the war with the senju? Hope it's not too much^^

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  • Having lost his only living brother at the hands of a Senju- Hashirama’s brother, at that, there is not a more understanding person in the clan than Madara.
  • He wants you to be happy, but he knows that this it the best way for you to be you. War changes people, and he’s scared of what would happen if you didn’t have your art.
  • Despite your paintings often having a dark theme, he loves to show them off to people and has a lot of them hanging up on the walls of his home- as long as you were okay with this, of course.
  • There was a paining you had drawn of his brother before he had been killed. To Madara, it is one of the extremely rare pieces of art you’ve created that isn’t dark and depressing, and he treasures it. He hung it above Izuna’s shrine.
  • He supports your art 1000% and loves to surprise you with new art supplies. He’s noticed that you really like calligraphy pens and brushes, so that’s what he tends to get you the most, but he also enjoys finding you beautifully decorated sketchbooks and smooth canvases for you to paint on.
  • In attempts to make you laugh, he will sit next to you and draw with you- he doesn’t have much skill, so they usually come out to look like strange cartoon characters.
  • He has memories of you and your art before the war had ever touched your heart, and he wishes he could see you as happy as you had been before; your smile and your often uplifting art brought him so much joy, and he hopes that he can return that to you someday. He knows that it is unlikely this will happen.
  • When you have spouts of anger, you tend to destroy your art in a fit of rage, but Madara is always there to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself and that you start to feel safe.

Dominator(and her effects) with being the “Greatest” in the Galaxy:

1.) Bombing a effortful concert
2.) Terrorizing innocent people’s lives/driving them out of their homes
3.) Bot 42
4.) “You can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half!”
5.) PTSD Sark
6.) Why do you break an instrument they’re eXPENSIVE TO FIX
7.) “She’s not so bad
10.) “I destroy their hopes and then I watch them cry
12.) More PTSD Sark

Bloodstream- All of the boys

Words: 475

Requested: Yes/No

By: Tal

AN: this is my first preference. I honestly had no idea what to write or how to write one of these. I truly love this song and i hope i didn't destroy it too much. Feedback and suggestions would be much appreciated! Message us HERE

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I hate to do this, but I'm dying for advice and I can't go to anyone else. It's been 7 months since we broke up, and I should be over him. But I'm not. After he break up radio silence. Everyone told me he was going to come back. He didn't. Whenever I go somewhere I hope I run into him. It's just he checked off every one of my boxes. He ignored me for five days before he broke up with me, he destroyed me. Complete blindside. But at the end of the day, he's the man I want. I can't shake him.

Trust me you don’t want a man who just drops you like a rock. Your fond memories are making you think that he’s a greater person than he actually is. No decent person who is in love with you would do such a thing to you. Don’t let your brain build him up to be a perfect person because he’s not. The person you can’t let go of doesn’t exist. There’s another ask a few posts back that’s also about getting over someone. You should read that bc I don’t want to be redundant and write it out twice.

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I think it's also important in the Spider episode that they didn't become a fighting spell, it turns out they always were one and just didn't know, it destroys the idea that trans people are choosing their gender. Whether or not Marco is trans or isn't this is still a great message for young kids. Also I hope you have a great day :)

Yup! And not only that, but how they handled about the reveal!

The whole episode builds up the expectation are brawlers. That’s what Spider believes a fighting spell to be, and what everybody tells him it is, and is the mold he tries to fit into.

But nobody suggests ever shooting shit up with a minigun, which turns out to also a valid way of fighting.

Like it just turns out to be a really good metaphor when you think about it.

i’m sorry but i just don’t feel comfortable supporting a nt knowing that the coach, cbf and the media are cowardly persecuting thiago for whatever bullshit reason (i mean, he was not even called up last time but still managed to be on the headlines? always being criticized abt things he posted on his fucking instagram?) they’re basically destroying his international career and i can’t help feeling resentment over all things related to the nt rn. im done.