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Horrible-fateful-story-of-fateful horrible-fate time


So way back when I first start playing gw2, I make my first character Ailex Decidua, a sylvari engie. as I’m going through the PS for the first time accompanied by my friend & mmo-mentor Bean I get to the part where you have to wield Caladbolg to kill that lich. Being a baby pistol engie and used to ranging everything, I did not take to caladbolg’s slow and cumbersome skills, and spent the whole story instance roasting it and calling it stupid names. When the instance was finally over I felt like, god, finally, I hope I NEVER have to see that freaking sword EVER again. To my relief caladbolg leaves me well enough alone, only coming up in conversation every once in a while to the tune of “heh, remember caladbolg? man that sword sucked. glad I only had to use it that once. lmao”

anyway. Later of course comes CLORE ISLAND and I meet trahearne (bean: ”you met trahearne already don’t you remember? earlier in your story” me: “no? Idon’t remember that? also his face is freaky looking?”) and I’m all set to begin roasting him as well, because bean warned me about his controversial position in the story. However at some point, some checkpoint bugs and the scenario stalls, and as I’m yakkety-saxing around looking for a solution I notice that trahearne has been repeating the same phrase to me, over and over

and that’s the moment I fell in love.

From that point on trahearne could do no wrong in my eyes. Every behavioral programming anomaly, every incorrectly looped idle animation, every melodramatic line delivered as dry as a saltine cracker, only served to deepen my admiration for this beautiful, brave, broken (most of the time, literally, broken) ugly tree man who probably smells. I’d given myself away completely to being a supporting character in his story, even if just so I could continue to hear as many of his endearing badly-timed/tonally-inappropriate combat interjections as possible. HOWEVER when he was bequeathed Caladbolg, my bane, I had to laugh at that like “haha you both are terrible and unhelpful, you deserve eachother. But seriously keep that thing away from me”

so fast forward again a few years, HoT is about to come out and I’m bouncing like hot damn I can’t wait to rescue trahearne in the jungle and then marry him and live in a knothole and raise jungle quaggans(?) and swing around on vines together forever while mordremoth eats everyone else on the planet. After LA is rebuilt I notice that some of the NPCs use the same voice actor as trahearne so I think wooOOHOO? that means trahearne will have speaking roles in HoT. Ailex’s Happily Ever After: Confirmed.

[HoT spoilers below the cut]

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I don’t want to sound dramatic™ but if there’s no ~twist and it turns out that Robert really is the father of Rebecca’s baby then I will literally never get over it or ever forgive Emmerdale for doing this to Robron lmao

[Drabble] - Numbing

[[ I only add a fore-warning simply due to the dismal nature of this drabble, as it touches on Viktor’s depression. It’s nothing terribly serious, but if you don’t want a negative read, then perhaps skip this. ]]

               Soft hues of green and yellow sprinkled through the large window panes, casting colour across the dismal and withdrawn, dark room. The hues drifted lazily over the grey sheets and bed banisters, the old walnut dull and almost grey-scale save for the sudden flashes of light coming from the lively city outside.

               Such a contrast to be seen; flashes of gold, greens and yellows cascading between fogs and mists from the busy city state, painting their tinge across a grey, cold room, giving a temporary pigment to the withdrawn space. It was beautiful in a way, like a stain-glass window giving an eye onto a room made specifically to bolster its beauty with its deliberately drab colours, but that was far from the case.

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Single payer sounds fantastic but it would be devastating to the US economy in the short and long term and I really can't get behind something like that. That said, what do you think about a public option for people 55 and up? I get hives thinking about what Joe Lieberman did to the ACA in 2009 and truly believe that would be a great way to lower insurance costs. You seem more in touch with this sort of policy so I'm interested in your thoughts on it. Hope you have a great day!

Well, I actually do support single payer for everyone and I disagree that it would be devastating to the economy. While the short term costs would be significant, the long-term savings would be substantial, and frankly, we need it. The US spends more on health care (and when we say that, we’re mostly talking about the people who are paying health insurance companies, so individuals or businesses) than any other country and yet we lag in life expectancy and most measures of health. This is in part because private insurance companies act as gatekeepers to care, and because the insurance system itself provides incentives for providers to overcharge. When you know you’re only going to collect a small percentage from an insurance company, you charge as much as possible. I don’t know if it’s true nationally, but in the state I’m in you can’t change the price of service depending on the method of payment; i.e. you can’t have one price for an insured patient and another price for an uninsured one (though some providers will get around this in a variety of ways). Not to mention that dealing with insurance companies requires providers to spend a great deal on administrative costs. 

But single payer is just an overall better system. I spent a year studying and working in a country with a single payer system and it is far more efficient and equitable. You don’t have people clogging up ERs or trying to do fundraisers for their chemotherapy. People don’t die of easily preventable diseases because they lack the means to pay for treatment. I was glad that the ACA passed because it did expand coverage, but private insurance companies have no other motive than profit, and that is fundamentally incompatible with something as critical as health care. 

As for lowering the age for medicare to 55, which is what a public option for this age range would essentially mean, I guess it might be a decent interim solution on the way to single payer. Honestly, though, by age 55 most people have already developed a number of chronic health issues, often caused by inconsistent preventive medical care. Better public/preventative health is another advantage of single payer, so many of the health issues that we’ve come to associate with later middle age are less acute in a system where people have better access to medical care at all ages.   

The biggest impediment to single payer is political, not economic. There’s a powerful and very wealthy group of interests that benefit from the current system, and they have been blocking meaningful reform for decades. The leftists who cry about Democrats not passing single payer have been willfully ignoring that fact. 

Prince Charming

A/N: Alright, here we are. This is the Cinderella AU I’ve been talking about and I am 1000% this is absolutely ridiculous because it’s been a wip since early March of last year. Regardless, I hope you guys like it ;u;

Pairing: StevexReader

Word Count: 2344

Warnings: None

“Natasha, you promised that there would be handsome men here and there aren’t.”  I pout. “Did you lie just to get me to come?”

“Now why would I do that?” She smirks at me.

“Well it wouldn’t be the first time you…” I trail off, noticing someone new walking into the ballroom, looking rather lost and more than a little overwhelmed. “Who is he?”

“Who is who?” She asks.

“That gorgeous blond over there who just came in.” I answer, pointing him out to the best of my ability.

“I don’t know, but if you don’t go speak to him, I’ll have to do it myself, and I know you don’t want that.”

“Alright, I’m going. I’m going!” I say, grinning at her before making my way through the crowd.

It takes a while for me to find him, but I manage. I tap him on the shoulder to get his attention and end up startling him instead. He jumps and whips around to see who had touched him.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” I chuckle, shielding my mouth with my hand.

“You didn’t,” He says quietly. His gaze lingers on my face for a moment before his eyes widen in surprise. “Your majesty.” He blurts out, bowing awkwardly.

“Please there’s no need to be so formal,…?”

“Oh! Steve. My name is Steve.” He rushes to say, realizing I was asking for his name.

“It’s lovely to meet you, Steve.” I smile and dip my head to him.

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Ooooh dear. The fight is on in earnest now.

This won’t end well. Not as well as I’m hoping for.

I’m really wondering why Greedling doesn’t just use the full-body Ultimate Shield, like he did against Edward in another life. His armored hands easily deflect the sword (that cut through a tank’s treads, mind). So if his entire body can be like that, why not?

A key reason OG Greed lost to Wrath in those sewers was because he simply didn’t get the chance to activate the shield. But Greedling had plenty of time to do just that before hopping down and provoking Wrath.

I’m… just going to tell myself that it makes him too heavy and slow. Yeah. (But honestly I’d trade speed for invincibility any day.)

Here it iss :’D my Lizzie!Reaper AU drawing, the bg was a challenge since i never do them xddd, but well, i’m okay with it :3 and I did Lizzie’s outfit all black like most of the shinigamis, with some pink touches, aand her weapon, i did some kind of axe? they have like garden tools? you know the chainsaw, the lawn mower, yep :’DDD so hope you like it D’:!! <3333

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what ever happened to Poco? do you miss him?

“ I assume he went on to do great things…And yes I do miss that little rascal. I hope he did well…maybe Speedwagon knows more! I’ll ask him.”-Jonathan

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My Swagger looks like the intro to some 90s teen show about a group of kids who all hang out at some diner after school and cause mischief.

THATS MY FAVE THING ABOUT THE WHOLE MY SWAGGER MV THE 90s FEEL IT HAS ESPECIALLY THE OLD GRAINING VIDEOS CLIPS THEY SPRINKLED IN THEIR I LOVE IT!!! They really did the damn thing with the concept for this comeback like it’s my fave MV concept out all their concepts Korean and Japanese tbh!! OMG it would have been so cool if they made it into one of those movie MVs and did a lil 90s sitcom skit type thing it would have been BOMB!!! I hope they do an full on old school type concept for a Korean comeback eventually I would damn near die it suits them so well!!!

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First off, my mom keeps labeling me as a lesbian and I just??? *happy squealing*!!!! It feels good to be validated by the person who's opinions mean the most to me!!! Anyway! Hope you're doing well, cap! I was just curious: How did you and your fiancée meet??

Omg yesss that’s amazing!!! You deserve all the happy squealing and validation in the multiverse!!!!

Originally posted by scouserpants

Also, we met through friends!!! :D <3 <3 <3 

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I finished "Dear White People" and I have to say it was incredibly well done! I am not black and it really brought forth topics that should be talked about more. It made me think about things I will never really understand but can be more aware of moving forward. I think it did an excellent job and I hope it gets a season 2.

Me and you both, Nonny. I have my fingers crossed for Season 2, especially with what happened with The Get Down. We need all the luck we can get.

hi everyone

hi, it’s me, I’m alive, I’m pretty well, and I wanted to say some things.  For those of you just scrolling past, no worries, I’m coming back to tumblr :)

I took a leave for a while, and I hope that didn’t freak anybody out, because I’m fine now.  Sometimes things just need to be handled in real life and not over social media platforms, and that’s what I did.  It was a good mix of drama and serious writer’s block.  but guess what? I’m coming back baby! More imagines more songs, maybe even some links to edits I’ve made in spare time.  I’ve missed y’all a lot and writing in general.  I’m very happy to announce that it’s high time I return

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(we bear bears is my second favorite kids cartoon)

with much love and excitement, jordie

Just a small update:

Things irl aren’t going too well. I did have some good news, but other than that I’m still very stressed out, unwell, and struggling to cope with everything. I’d like to spend more time writing, and to come back to kylux, but at the moment I’m a little too overwhelmed to do that.

I hope that if you’re waiting for an update to a fic you’ll understand! I’m sorry I couldn’t share anything new with you today.

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Maddie Maddie I'm going to be starting figure skating lessons soon!! I'm so excited haha!!!! It's my first time skating and I absolutely cannot wait ahhhhh I've been thinking so much about it and it was the only thing that got me through finals week AHAHHAHA. anyway have a good day Maddie!! I just wanted to share my excitement with someone haha

AHHHH THAT IS SO EXCITING!!!!! Wowowowow yeah ever since I watched YOI I’ve had this //clenches fists// unending desire to skate but I am def not coordinated so can I like?? SKATE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU?? BECAUSE THAT IS SO AWESOME?? And heyyy I hope you did well on your finals! & I hope you have a good day too! <3 <3

I’ll Take Care of You / Adam Hann Imagine

Prompt: “Cute fluffy adam where youre not feeling well and he takes care of you”
Word Count: 1,144
A/N: Ok guys here is my second fic! I hope I did this prompt well and I hope you enjoy reading it. Feel free to let me know what you think and please send me some more prompts because I really enjoy doing this :))

It all started a few days ago.

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