i hope i did this right for what i was really trying to say

I’m gonna get this one post out because honestly I’m feeling really emotional right now. First off, I just want to say that I am truly sorry if I offended anyone in any way. I do not agree with racism or antisemitism. If you know me, you know that I’m a good person. I’m trying really hard to be strong and not care about what anyone thinks of me but I feel upset because now people are viewing me in a way that isn’t good and that is not my character at all. I did not know that pewdiepie did all of these things, and I never said that his actions were okay. I just simply wanted to watch games on youtube and found his channel. If you want to unfollow me, I respect that and again I’m very sorry. I don’t want anyone to think that I believe racism or making fun of somebody for their race is okay because it’s not, at all.

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Can you do a headcanon thingy for Ravus who's trying to court very shy and gentle person but ending up scaring a shit out of them and Luna have to "say the day"?

A Team Effort (Ravus ft. Luna)

This was a fun request, anon! I hope I did it justice. Enjoy :)

They weren’t very social and neither was he. But even so, they had a soothing presence. One that he found himself drawn to. It was a kind of curiosity and fondness. The kind that left him intrigued by them. He can have a harsh edge about him, but that doesn’t discourage him from trying to pique their interest. Around people he’s most often awkward, this was no exception. What he wanted was to have an interesting conversation. But all he could do was stick to small talk. On top of that, not wanting to make a fool of himself, he would go quiet for long periods assessing what he wants to say. Right as he’d be sure of his words, they would try to say something too and he looks like he’s cutting them off. It didn’t help that his tone is generally sharp. The experience was really uncomfortable. Unable to keep at it, he’d just dismiss them. Not excuse himself to leave. But dismiss them. Because the majority of the people he talks to are his subordinates. Their eyes were wide and they scampered off in a rush. He was convinced there was no fixing this mess. 

Ravus confided in her from time to time. It’s not much of a hassle for her, so she plays the role of supportive younger sibling. Having heard from him, how he handled himself with them, she’s more than a little exasperated. Something she doesn’t usually feel. Resolving to remedy the situation somehow, she decides to approach them. It starts out general but she manages to segue into their talk with Ravus. They look like they’re trying to hide the distress but she sees it. She apologises profusely. They just uneasily say that it’s alright and they still respect Ravus’ authority. She can’t hide how disappointed she is in her brother. Luna tries to explain to them that Ravus himself wants to apologise for having frightened them off. She lets slip that he never knew what do when he had feelings for someone. When they asked her if they heard right, she began screaming internally. This was no time to panic. She just smiled, placed a hand on their shoulder and left. 

Ravus. (contd.)
They had something to say, but he needed to apologise first. They were no doubt upset and he would prefer not to have to fight them. He ends up cutting them off again. His eyes harden because he’s frustrated with the situation. They start backing off, feeling that perhaps they misheard Lady Lunafreya’s words. He abruptly apologises, feeling ashamed but looking pointedly shocked. They were a little confused but decided to take a risk. They asked him about what Luna said. He could have sworn he felt his soul leave his body. And a trident in his back. They added that they wanted to know for sure, alluding to sharing those feelings themselves. He registers it, and it’s the first time they’ve seen him soften.

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J~~~ I keep forgetting that you speak Korean and I'm really trying hard to learn. What are the best books? How did you learn?! I'm so jealous you don't have to watch lyric videos to find out what they're saying. T T

Oh, yeah! It’s quite useful knowing Korean since I’m moving back in a week. :P
I can tell you right now, any books I got from American publishers were next to useless - my very favorite Korean class used the Sogang textbooks. I highly recommend them to anyone. Actually, I made a whole review of textbooks I’ve used HERE. I hope that helps you.

I have a completely unfair advantage when it comes to speaking Korean: I have family in Korea whom I’ve spoken with regularly since I was young. They taught me a lot just by speaking with me, mostly in 반말. But I also took college courses on Korean language and studied in Korea.

I totally still have to watch lyric videos! :P It may not be because I don’t understand, but I can’t tell who’s singing (for the most part) unless I watch them. Besides, for Kris’s “Juice”, I had to watch lyric videos to understand what he was saying and he SPEAKS ENGLISH!

Yes, I’m talking about you, sweetie with the “heaven” (I think that’s what it says) tattoo on your forehead, please try to enunciate more clearly. ㅠㅠ I know you can - you did in “July”.

- Admin J

Jealous Bts

Requested by: anon 

Heey! Can you do a reaction about Jealous BTS? Thanks ❤


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He would kind of give the guy “that look” like “Really she is dating me…She has the est guy in the world.  Stop trying.”

Rap monster

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He would laugh right in the guy’s face.  “Ya nice try but (Y/n) is mine and I don’t plan on letting her go.”


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ACTIVATE PROTECTED YOONGI!!!! Protective to the point of hitting the guy.  “Stay the fuck away from(Y/n).”


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“It’s ok jagiya i will fight him off for you.”


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“What did you just say to my girlfriend” He would grab your hand and walk away.  The rest of the day would be filled with PDA.


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he would be really sassy and rude to the guy that was flirting with you.  “Awww that’s cute.  You like my girlfriend? Well, like I said she is MY girlfriend so back off” He would probably show you how happy he was to be with you when you guys get home. *wink wonk*


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Bring out tough Kookie.  He would tell you that he would not like you hanging out with the guy that confessed to you any more and once you agreed that it would be best he went to have a few words with the guy.  

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hello<3 sorry if im bothering u but do u have any advice on beating perfectionism bc i have wanted to start writing but i just can't start no matter what i do and i really want to start practicing... also ily and i hope ur happy rn *blows kiss*

Ah, dear anon, you asked a worryingly anxious perfectionist how to fight perfectionism, haha~

Tbh, I don’t think there’s ever a way to defeat perfectionism because even now, after several years of writing, I still find myself worrying over endings and thinking…did I do it right or was there another way? I check over scenes and wonder if there’s a way to explain them better, to make it more vivid what I’m trying to say. Sometimes I look at huge paragraphs and think “is this too much description?” before just forcing myself to ignore the little voice at the back of my mind and just resume writing.

For me, the key to starting writing properly was learning how to plan and organise my ideas, and helpful support from a friend to encourage me to give it a proper shot. I think back on my older stories now and laugh at how little they were, how badly they probably read, but I’m proud enough to be able to look back and see that I actually developed skills that I never used to have.

Nobody starts off perfect, no one can write something perfect from the get-go, because writing is a craft that requires much practise to get right. So, all that you can do is take that big step and try it at last :)

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BST era, Jin had screen time and no lines. Bighit: Jin doesn't need lines nor screen time in the next 2 MVs. There is really no need to stop the bitterness. Honestly they all each deserve the lines and screen time they get. But Jin deserves more than he gets, in spite of his screen time in BST.

Ur right :( I love Jin so much and I want him to get his shine idk why this era was so awful to him in particular …I always try to look for the positive and say next comeback will be better but tbh that’s what I said for this comeback too :( my last hope is that during the music shows and award shows they’ll let him have the center like they did during the concert

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Wasn't really saying that LGBT don't get shat on because trust me they do and yes it's majority just the white LGBTQ people that so true but literally people in a church, black people in a church were killed in cold blood and the comic book community was silent I'm not trying to sound like that angry black girl but it kinda fucking sucks when you care about something like comics and they don't give a rats ass about you. Thanks for answering this tho when I ask the writers I get no response

And I’m sorry I’m not trying to be rude to you it just really hurts me so much lgbtq people need better representation too I just wish POC got more rep too every time I read a comic book I just fell hella sad cause POC are always side characters (part 2) 

no you’re not being rude at all, you’re right and u dont sound mad but even if u did, u have every right to be. it can hurt how some writers pick and chose what tragedies to give mentions to in their comics, esp. considering what influence comics have. even a mention would be nice. 

i hate contacting comic book writers bc they’re always so condescending to me and rude (like that one time me and that one editor discussed colorism on here and he told me i was over-exaggerating and he portrayed me as an angry sjw brown woman…..ok white man lmao) so now i dont even ask them anything. 

characters of color get so much shit. like, 90% of the time the writer is white and can’t write them for shit (b/e/n/d/is with miles morales) and there are VERY few times they actually get good writers to handle them (g willow is white but shes muslim and does a p ok job at handling her pakistani identity, greg pak is phenomenal) and when those characters of color get written by non-white writers? they do such a fantastic job and the characters feel real. unfortunately though, those are rare. 

and when there are good characters of color u always have to be on the look out to make sure they dont get sidelined, lightened (MONET ST CROIX….), their entire character identity destroyed (maximoffs), their character ruined (miles saying how he doesnt get why ppl care he’s black- also that writers always forget he’s afro-latinx) or they’re written as super stereotypical. it can be really frustrating and annoying. 

the handling of non-white characters is a huge problem but a lot of ppl (ESP comic writers) think its not bc they have a few non-white characters here and there. it’s so irritating and isolating to fans like us. its such a shitty relationship bc u love these characters who are like you and u care about their stories and comic writers/companies just keep throwing shit at their fans and treating them like garbage bc they just assume we will keep reading. and it sucks but most of the time we DO have to keep reading or those stories get canceled. its like….they want their stories to sell but they have such a god-complex they treat the fans like shit. or maybe thats just mine (and it seems yours too) experience since we r both not white. either way, its rude as fuck and unprofessional. 

when tragedies like this happen i feel, even if its not in the comics and its just online, there should be some kind of support or anything to reach out to hurting communities. like u said, the constant disrespect and shit that non-white fans get is ostracizing and frankly, we dont deserve that shit.


You must not take the measure of a man by the scars on his body, but by how he carries them.

               The scar was one of the first things the Inquisitor noticed about Cullen. It broke the curve of his lips, which were often pressed in to a firm line. It had healed over well, but on those occasions when he did smile it made the expression a little crooked. Probably it came from habit, smiling on one side to keep from disturbing the wound. She wondered if he kept the stubble on his jaw to try and draw attention away from it. The Inquisitor liked it though. The mark added something to his face, a certain character.

               Cullen didn’t talk about his scars. He didn’t talk about his scars in the same way he didn’t talk about his nightmares. Scars were reminders, and they were rarely pleasant ones. They were tally marks for every terrible thing that he had lived through. Every horror inflicted upon him, and every horror he inflicted upon others. The Inquisitor knew better than to ask for their origins.

               That didn’t stop her looking though.

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Follow up (sort of )

As sort of a follow up to what I posted earlier, what the Wall Street Journal did was not right, and this whole thing should have been handled a whole hell of a lot better.

I also want to say I’m not trying kiss Sean or Felix’s ass nor am I trying to get any sort of attention from this, but I just couldn’t stay silent about this because it was really pissing me off.

Felix, Sean stay strong dudes and you have my love and support and I hope things get better for both you. 😌😊

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I need to rant to someone pls. Today some person came to the door they were obviously trying to sell me things anyway I was nice and started chatting and what not but like I started to feel really nervous and panicky and it felt like there was a heavy heavy weight on my lungs. Anyway these people didn't get the cues to what was going on and I excused myself and went to go breathe and said that I had to go. Pretty much hoping they'd leave but they continued to stand there... [ P1/2 ]

They stood there for ages and they eventually left with them saying they’d be back and I’m greatful they haven’t come back bc I don’t think I could deal with that again. [ p2/2 ]

Oh god, I’ve been there before! You did the right thing excusing yourself though; if something is making you feel very uncomfortable the best thing to do is back away from it before things get worse. I hope you feel a little better now. :)

You might need to hear it. :)

I don’t know if you’ll even see this. But I think you might need something like what I have in my mind. I just hope I can say it as well as it is in my mind. (Also English is not my mothertounge but I should get my point across. Just maybe not the right spelling/grammar.)

So this season was… well a lot. Not what I would have liked. But I did like the lying detective. Except for John hitting and kicking Sherlock. But anyway. Let’s not go into season 4. We’ve already watched it.

So I understand the pain and the hurt. And all of the rest. I really do. I experienced them. And still am. Just not as much. Because I’m slowly going through it. I guess not being apart of this fandom for a long time helps. What I want to say is though, if you need some time away from it all I would understand. I think most people would understand. I was a fan of Ouat (tvseries called Once upon a time. You might enjoy it. Although maybe not. Idk.😛) for manny years and I decided to just walk away from it. Since then I haven’t gotten as involved with series. But Sherlock was definitly my second show I got quite into. (With the fandom and all that I mean). Still if you need time off. Take it. If you don’t ever want to come back. Don’t. If this is just hurting you, then do something that won’t hurt you.

You are really smart and very good at analyzing. So the main thing you wanted with this didn’t work out. It sucks. Extreemly much. But still, even though it sucks, you really got a lot of good things out of this. You made friends through this. Talked to people online about this. You made a huge impact on at least some people. (Including me)

I followed a few accounts on instagram who shipped Johnlock. Then one of them referenced one of your videos. So I checked it out. And soon enough I had watched every video you had posted up untill that point and was patiently waiting for more. (Okay, slightly impatiently.. 😜). I know you put down a lot of work with those videos and they really inspired me. I watched them while drawing or when I just needed to calm down a bit from the rest of the stress that was happening in my life. They really helped me.

And they got me to see things from another perspective. I was never very closeminded, but you showed me I was not as openminded as I first thought. You did this in an amazing way. Really explaning things in detail so that there was no room for thoughts like; but what about this? Or yeah I see your point about that but does it have to mean this?. I did not always agree with you. And sometimes I think you took it a bit far when it came to the acting. With the editing however, I definitly agreed with you. And almost always I saw your point and agreed with it.

You got me into tublr and I created a tumblr account. However this time I told myself that I would not get as involved as I had with Ouat before. And I didn’t, I haven’t and I won’t.

But I do understand the urge of wanting to delete your TJLCE videos. I do not agree with it, since they are awesome, but I do understand it. I deleted my fandom account I had for Ouat after years of having it. But that was my own choice because I realized it was taking too much of my time. This of course is not exactly the same. And your videos impacted people positively in a way my fandom account never did. Your videos got me to see things so much more clearly and got me to accept myself so much more. I know it did the same to a lot of other people aswell. I forexample told my mom yesterday that I might, more often than not, fall inlove and be attracted to people of the same gender as me/close to the same gender as me. This is where I am at right now. I haven’t figured it all out, but I’m a bit of a mess at best of times so this is good. I figure out stuff one step at a time. And your videos helped me take a few of those steps.

You made those videos because you wanted Johnlock to happen. And I did aswell. I saw it from the first episode. But it has not. Not the way I wanted at least.

Even though it did not happen you made something amazing. Infact where the show did not show the story, which I and manny others saw, you did. You created the lgbt+ representation you wanted to see. And that is in itself a beautiful thing. The show was tradgic. But you showed something really beautiful.

So I do not know you, but I want you to take care of yourself. Because you are a beautiful soul whom I can’t wait to see what you will do in the future. (Once you feel good again! ☺)

I just wanted to say, even though like I said before I do not know you; I care for you. And with this post; I tried my best, to give advice for future happiness.

To @pearlrebs

(Also there are manny others in Tjlc whom I am really thankful for. However, to my knowledge, none that would need this as much right now.)

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First I just want to say what an awesome job you have done with this blog, I really enjoy it. Thank you. Karlie hasn't been in any new 2017 campaigns except Adidas and Swarovski, do you think that her image is no longer appealing to the high fashion world since she has somewhat crossed to the tech world? Or maybe she has become too expensive? What is your take on this? I am just a little bit concerned that might not be able to do as well as she did in 2016.

Thanks a lot, I’m really glad that you appreciate the blog!

There’s still some time until all Spring 2017 campaigns get revealed, so we can still hope that Karlie scores some. I don’t think her step into the tech world has any negative influences on her contracts or her high fashion appeal, but she’s trying to establish herself more as a brand and takes more commercial jobs lately and that might be a reason why she isn’t that active in high fashion right now. I’m sure Karlie is pretty expensive (she’s the third highest paid model), but in the last few years she hasn’t been booked by smaller brands as well and only bigger brands can afford her and these contracts are counted. It seems like she focuses and wants more longtime contracts like her L’Oréal, Carolina Herrera, Chanel, Adidas, Swarovski and (probably) David Jones ones at the moment. I wouldn’t be too concerned about her income as these contracts earn her A LOT of money, but it might happen that she’s not getting as numerous campaigns each season as she did in the past.

By the way sorry that it took some time for me to answer, I’m currently a bit busy, but I love such questions! 

A new look...?

I know I haven’t been very active at all recently… I sincerely apologize! ;//n//; Things have been a bit hectic and I haven’t really had the energy to share a lot of things as of late. (Maybe I need a Lemonade…?) But I think I’d like to try and be a bit more active, and I figured I might start by saying I don’t exactly look like the same Froslass I did before… I got a teensy, itty-bitty little makeover~

What do you think…? The kimono hasn’t really changed at all, but the new accessories and short hair feels a bit… liberating? If that’s the right word. It feels like a fresh start!

That being said, I hope I can start sharing things a lot more often! It’s awful lonely here…

EXOs Reaction to find out that you have a Dakimakura

sullisbae hellooo ♥ And thanks for your request I’ll try my best ! I think you mean Dakimakuras with pervert pillows right ? Anyway lets staart~ btw I wrote it as if you (reader) would be his Girlfriend i hope you dont mind ! >: 

D.O.: Why do you have something like that when you can cuddle with your boyfriend instead ? 

Tao: *hits you with your Dakimakura* 

That’s what you get for having a Pillow like that ! 

Chen: *laughs* You really cuddled with that thing ? 

Y/N: Yes I did Chen .. and I still do it ..

Chen: *doesnt believes you* Don’t lie .. He’s so ugly ! 

Lay: *stares at you and then stares at the pillow* *doesn’t know what to say*

Kai: He isn’t tall. He can’t even protect you when you are asleep why are you cuddling with him ? .. 

Suho: I know that I have a full Schedule but do you miss me that much that you have to cuddle with a pillow like that ? 

Kris: *tries to be calm when you show him but everytime no ones at home and he would saw the Dakimakura he would punch into it*

Chanyeol: [Internally] I didn’t knew she would like that kind of stuff..

Xiumin: *upset* Why do you have a naked Anime boy on a Pillow ? 

Luhan: … Jagi did you forgot that I’m here ? 

Baekhyun: Pfft look at how he poses .. I can do it 10 times better see ? 

Sehun: … *the day after, your pillow is destroyed* JAGII *calls you* I dont know what happened but you’re going to be very surprised .. 

Aiish sorry that it took so long pp ! I hope you liked it ! I tried my beest ! p v p


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I love your writing so much! Can you please do a bellamyxreader where the reader has very Bad nightmares After what happened in Mount weather because she was a Victim of them, and bellamy tries to calm her down After nightmares?

A/N: Aw, thank you so much - I’m really glad that you like it! I did this as a prompt because you didn’t specify as what kind - I hope that’s all right for you x

WARNING: Reference/occurance of PTSD.

After the events in Mount Weather it was safe to say that you’d never found sleep as easy. Somehow it escaped you a lot. But when it didn’t it was never simple. The nightmares seemed determined to make themselves known. They snuck in when you thought that things were fine again. The horrors of the bone marrow and the cages lining the walls. All of it came flooding back to you when you were finally able to get some sleep.

You woke thrashing around, trying to escape those clammy hands which were determined to get to you. The ones which had taken the stuff; the ones that had captured so many of your friends as well.

‘No!’ you called out one evening, sitting up fast and preparing for a fight. You were certain that the Mountain Men were back. Reaching through the darkness for you.

‘Easy,’ a voice soothed close to your ear. But it only made the fear flare up.

‘Get away from me,’ you said, feeling the tears prickling your eyes. Why couldn’t they just leave you alone? You’d never wanted to be on Earth in the first place You just wanted –

‘It’s me. It’s Bellamy,’ said the voice urgently, causing you to freeze.

You squinted through the murky darkness, trying to make out the shape before you. Bellamy, however, helped by reaching for the little candle on the bedside table. He moved it close to his face, allowing you to take in his features. There was a concerned frown on his face.

‘It’s you,’ you muttered, wiping the tears away furiously. You hated that this was what you now had to deal with. The nightmares. Reliving the horrors.

‘Hey, it’s all right,’ said Bellamy, pulling you close to him. He stroked your head gently, cooing gently in your ear. ‘You’re safe now. You’re out. And so are the others.’

You shook your head into his chest. ‘Not all of them,’ you said, unable to keep the sadness at bay. ‘There were other –’

‘Sshh,’ said Bellamy, placing a gentle kiss on the top of your head. ‘You did everything you could. You helped to save so many people. And the Mountain Men can’t hurt anyone anymore. You’re safe.’

A sob caught in your throat, and you wrapped your arms around Bellamy. You needed to make sure that he was there, that this wasn’t just some dream where he’d suddenly be taken away from you.

‘It’s all right,’ he said softly. ‘I’m never letting anything bad happen to you.’ You knew that it was an impossible promise. That there were going to be times when that just couldn’t be the case – after everything you’d seen you couldn’t help it. But the sentiment was enough to make you smile slightly. You could feel a small amount of hope in the pit of your stomach, and you focused on that. Bellamy’s breathing also helped to calm you, and right now that was enough.

help with SAI/tablet ???

hi guys! usually i dont do this because the problem sorts itself out but i’ve run into a bit of a wall…

I recently messed up my pen tablet and had to get a replacement for it. No biggie right? right.

I went away for a couple days and now that I’m back, something’s kind of amiss with my tablet pen and it’s freaking me out a bit.

The pen/brush settings on SAI don’t seem to be working correctly and I’m not sure if my /tablets/ problem, or SAI…and if it’s sai…what can I do? (i’ve tried drawing on CLipStudio and the pen settings seem to be okay? from what i can tell)

but here’s an example of what’s going on:

that pen im using is the same one i DID use on this drawing just over a week ago. All I’ve done in the past few days is install one windows update and get a pen tablet replacement. 

And now my pen seems to be stuck on one kind of drawing style for SAI and I don’t know what I’ve done…can anybody help?

Remnant of Twilight (Cover)
  • Remnant of Twilight (Cover)

I finished it! I have to say, I really didn’t think I was going to get anything for this song, but I did and I really like it! Trying to sound like Midna is hard but fun! Hopefully you’ll get a bit of feels? Maybe? ; 3; Oh well. Hope you like it and careful with volume!

Lyrics under a read more!

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Don’t say I do - Takuto Hirukawa (one shot)

A/N: Firstly, am sorry if this doesn’t really follow the actual storyline of Takkun or Riki’s wedding routes. This is more of a headcanon-ish idea I thought of while listening to Wedding Dress by Taeyang a while ago. x) I honestly don’t know why I didn’t complete this fic till now but am glad I did because who doesn’t like a lil angst story about Takuto every now and then right? :b I hope y’all enjoy! 

Rated: G
Genre: Angst

Do you think I’ll be okay without you?
Are you okay without me?
The world without you is so hard
That I blame myself for still breathing.
I live each painful day remembering your words.
What do I do?

The sound of piano playing, laughter, music.
The sight of smiles, flowers, you.

I wish that could be us.

Takuto told himself beforehand that he would perk up, try his damn best not to screw it all up but the minute he entered the place and saw you– No, the both of you, all of his /self/ prep talks and motivation flew right out the window.

There you were, smiling the smile he had come to love so much. You looked so happy; Laughing, talking and.. Holding him. The way you had your arms around his, the way you two cuddled and talked..

He couldn’t help but feel a sharp sting in his chest.

What went wrong, in all honesty? What did he do so wrong that you ended up slipping away from his grasp? Did he not love you enough? Try hard enough? Or was he just simply not enough?

The questions, turmoil, loathing, confusion, everything.. It slowly ate him away.

You were the only girl he had ever come to love, the only girl who actually understood him while Riki was his best friend, the one he could entrust all his secrets and deepest fears to so how did these two people whom he treasured so dearly in the universe, be the same, exact people who broke his heart? Even if it was involuntarily?

Fate; It was such a cruel thing.

As the ceremonies began and everyone was finally seated down, Takuto couldn’t help but reminisce the times he once spent with you. He remembered the times when the both of you first met; The shock on your face when him and the others raided your place, the time when the both of you had to share a bowl of pork noodles due to Boss running out of stock, when you fell on him accidentally, when you started falling for his best friend, when you called him at 2AM crying, unsure whether your relationship with Riki would last.

He remembered the surprised expression on your face when he blatantly confessed, declaring he could give you more than Riki ever could. He remembered how his heart broke into a million pieces when you rejected him and when you told him you were getting married.

He remembered the overwhelming amount of emotions he felt on that day and how much he wanted to beg you to reconsider, but to only smile and congratulate the both of you. 

He was happy for the two of you, he truly was but there was no denying the fact that at that moment, he felt like breaking down.

Why did his best friend have to marry the girl of his dreams? Was the heavens out to punish him? Or were you and him just not meant to be from the start?

As he quietly watched the two of you exchange vows, he could only grip the necklace he purchased for you before tightly in his pocket while his heart shamefully cried out, screaming to the heavens to make this all just a bad dream.

“Do you, ______, Take Riki Yanase..”


“As your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse…”

Don’t leave me.

“for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish…”


“from this day forward until death do you part?”

Don’t say I do.

“… I do.”

At that moment, loud cheers erupted; Riki was beaming from ear to ear and you were wiping away the tears that were streaming down your cheeks.

You were happy, he was happy. And though Takuto was cheering as well, he couldn’t feel any joy.

All he felt was the scorching pain in his chest due to a love that didn’t happen and a heart that was now too broken to function.

You know, today I was thinking about the gifsest I made that Mark reblogged, this one, it made me laugh when I made it. I thought you guys might like it cause it was silly and I had a pretty good reaction gif for it. I guess I was right cause after he reblogged it you guys took off with it and I thank you for that.

But then I was thinking about what Mark thought when he saw it. I assume he liked it enough to put it on his blog, but then I wondered if it made him smile. I wondered if it made you guys smile. I really hope it did because I would love to be able to give him and you guys at least a smile here and there for the tons of smiles that you all give me. Thank you all so much for thinking my gifs are good enough for you like and reblog and all that. You make me smile everyday~