i hope i did these characters justice


character portraits >> jason grace + piper mclean

Jason and Piper were really difficult to fancast but I hope I did them justice by picking two beautiful and regal looking people. Jason has the manicured Roman look to him and Piper looks stunning but messy, just as she should. Just as in my Percabeth edit, I think the eyes say the most.

percy + annabeth  // hazel + frank  //  leo + reyna


choices: stories you play - character aesthetic series;

“the hardest part has been believing in myself. being constantly aware of people’s judgement has made me start to wonder if they’re right.”

- zig

book(s): the freshman + the sophomore

[dedicated to: my love, @lanapowellblog]

Our favourite Rune mage joins the disney crusade!

Disney Male: Jellal | Laxus | Gray

Disney Female: Erza | Juvia | Lucy | Mirajane | Cana | Levy

Why me?

Description: The reader is Caroline’s weaker and practically invisible twin sister. You get along with others but they often misunderstand you. So when you are invited to the ball by Klaus, whom you have a secret crush on, it means the whole world to you. And when you get there Klaus makes you feel like the most beautiful girl there.

Characters: Klaus x Reader

Gender: Female/Dress Wearer

Triggers: Mentions of loneliness and abandonment

Words: 2,487 - this is the longest one I’ve written!

This was Requested by anon - This was a great request, I hope I did it justice.

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I’m kind of making some stuff up to fit what I want to do with this prompt

You left the Salvatore house, sure that no one noticed at all. They were to preoccupied to notice you anyway. They cared for a while, when you and Caroline were turned, well, Stefan did. But more and more happened, and it was like you faded away. You had more control over your Vampirism than Caroline, but she was stronger so she was included more in the problems you were all facing, everyone tried to push you out, thinking you couldn’t handle it, so they left you alone. 

You tried to explain to them you could help, Matt could why couldn’t you? You figured it was because no one understood you. You had trouble being clear with your thoughts, no one could keep up with them. Hell, you barely could sometimes. 

You and Carolines relationship was strained these days. You two use to be so close, you were twins after all. Though, not identical. You wish you were sometimes, Caroline was so beautiful, you figured that was why Klaus was interested in her. Why did you care anyway? Klaus was the bad guy wasn’t he? Caroline couldn’t care about him any less. Why didn’t he like you? Why didn’t anyone like you? You use to cry over this all the time, but now, you were so use to it, you no longer wasted your tears on those who didn’t care about you.

Before you knew it, you had walked all the way home. Walking in you call out “I’m home mom!” hearing no response you figured she was at work. You walked up the stairs and went into your room. Your eyes immediately going to the box on your bed. Walking over you saw an invitation to the Mikaelsons ball, you picked it up ready to take it to Carolines room, Klaus must have gotten her a gift or something, and thought this was her room. 

Stopping before you left your room, you looked back down at the box, you wanted to know what was in it. “It was on my bed. If she gets mad at me for opening it, it’s not my fault.” you said out loud to yourself. 

Turning around you put the box back on your bed. You took the envelope, opening it looking at the invitation you turn it over. You couldn’t believe what was on the back. “Save me a dance y/n. Fondly, Klaus” he wasn’t serious was he? He invited you and not Caroline? He must be up to something. Glancing at the box you slowly took the lid off gasping at what was in the box. A beautiful red sparkling gown. You touched it gently feeling the fabric. 

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I’m In The Chihayafuru Dub!

Hey so I announced this on twitter a bit ago but didn’t get to say much. I’m really excited too! I voice Kanade in the Chihayafuru official dub!

Cast List Announcement

I’m huge fan of this show and have watched it at least 3 times fully. If you don’t know this series, it’s actually about the traditional card game karuta and it’s passionate players. Plus, a strong female lead! In all honesty, it sounded really boring to me at first because I’m not into competition anime or traditional culture but there’s something that draws you in. Strongly.

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Between the epic orchestral soundtrack, beautiful animation, and inspiring story, it’s a great series to binge when you’re down in the dumps. Just give it a chance and I’m sure you’ll be surprised!

It’s an honor to be a part of the cast and get to play such an awesome character as Kanade. I hope I did her justice and can’t wait to put this one on my resume!

Distraction (Jughead x Reader Smut)

Prompt: Hi!! Your writing is fantastic! I wanted to request a smutty one shot (or more if you decide to keep the story going) where Jughead is trying to finish up typing on his research and the reader is just horny and wants his attention and he’s not having it and then the reader takes matters into their own hands which leads jughead no choice but to comply because he can’t ignore the readers moans?

A/N: I love this request! I hope I did it justice. As always, I write the characters as a few years older when I write these requests. (Some of you didn’t know this.) ALSO If you don’t like Jughead smut, please don’t read it then. I’m tired of getting messages and other rude things. This is fanFICTION. (Not real!) Anyways, Requests are welcome!

Warning: Light smut, Reader’s a tease.


Distraction (Jughead x Reader)

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I haven’t done one of these in A WHILE! But you guys have asked that I continue the series, so…here we go!

Quite possibly the most requested ALL GROWN UP characters, right behind Danny Phantom and Phineas and Ferb! Here are the Kids Next Door! I hope I did them justice!

What do you think?


Characters: Roman Reigns x Unnamed OFC

Summary: Dean’s little sister riles up the Big Dog.

Warnings: Graphic sexual content, rough sex, cursing.

Smut/Fluff/Angst: Smut.

Requested by: Anon, who asked for: Smut with Dean’s little sister and Roman. I hope you enjoy!

Notes: First Roman smut I’ve ever written, so I hope I did him justice…

Tagging: @llowkeys (idk if you want Roman smut or not lol), @the-geekgoddes, @blondekel77, @horcruxhunter5972, @zombiexbody, @vebner37, @thiickreigns, @nickysmum1909, @imtoldimbabe, @taryndibiase, @devittslegos (Want to be added to my tag list? Drop me a line!)

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Opposites Attract {Reader Insert}

Imagine: Flower crowns and pastels are her thing, and both Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones fully accept her for that. Who would have thought that the elder Jones man would feel the same, and much more.

Summary: {Y/N} is ecstatic to be reunited with her two best pals, but it seems alcohol is not her favourite. Getting away from the stink of beer, and the heat of dancing teens, she escapes to the garage. When confronted by her best friend’s father, she discovers a long-kept secret that he’s dying to act upon.

Request?: Yes! A nonny wanted a fic that had the clash of polar opposites between the reader and FP. I do hope I’ve done your request justice.

Warnings: F/M Smut, Unprotected Sex (wrap it before you tap it, kids), Reader is about 18 (so things are kinda okay, right?)

Word Count: 3236

Taglist: @theserpentgod 

Disclaimer: I do not own the gif, credit to the user that made it. The Riverdale characters are not mine, credits to the writers and producers of the franchise. If smut is not your thing, do not read this.

A/N: The idea of flower child!reader being best friends with Archie and Jughead is so cute to me, and the fluff between them all was fun to write. I hope I did FP justice in his ‘bad boy’ perspective. Enjoy, my little bookworms 🖤

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Movie Night Part 4

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 2775

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut, swearing, unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap the willy!) bite marks, fingering, slight oral, mention of a blow job. Fluff, yucky love stuff.

A/N: HJM, thank you so much for your request. I liked it a lot and I really hope I did it justice and brought your idea to life!

Part One - Part Two - Part Three


Click. Click. Click.

You blew out a frustrated breath and dropped your pen before the clicking drove you crazy. The stupid nervous tic had started about an hour ago as you stared at the e-mails in front of you.

Tony was not going to like what Secretary Ross had to say about the Singapore mission. The United Nations wasn’t very happy either.

You propped your elbows on your desk and lowered your head into your hands. You pressed your thumbs into your temples and tried to will the headache away.

Think happy thoughts.

Bucky popped into your head. A small smile played on your lips. He had left you with plenty to think about the night before he left for Singapore with the team.

Whoever said that romance was dead, clearly had never been with Bucky Barnes.

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anonymous asked:

Ooh can I please make a GOT request where the Reader works as a doctor/healer for the Dothraki and loves her work. Khal Drogo falls in love with her and makes excuses to go and see her. He finally gets the courage to ask her out when he sees another patient (or doctor or just another guy) hitting on her and gets jealous. Thank you so much sweetheart!!!

Pairing: Khal Drogo x Reader
Fandom: GoT ; ASoIaF
Warnings: make out session at the end, but no real steamy parts (how the fuck, right? lolol, I’ll write khal drogo smut soon, I just know it)

A/N: HEEEY BABE! omg thank you SO SO SO MUCH for this request! to be honest, I was a little scared at first, having never written khal drogo stories before, but I really love the character and tried my best to do him justice. also, I changed the “asking her out” part to just making out since I didn’t think Khal Drogo would ask anyone out haha. hope you still like it babe <33 (added Khal Drogo to my fandoms page)


“I don’t think you’re sick, Zhania,” you got up from the stool next to the bed where Zhania was currently lying on. “I think you’re with child.”

Vazzo, her husband, raised his head at that and started smiling, as did Zhania. 

The two of them had been trying for ages.

You grinned as well.

“Congratulations! You’re going to be parents!”

Vazzo kissed your hand out of gratitude, then went over to Zhania. You decided to give the two of them a moment alone and went outside of your healer’s tent, just when Khal Drogo wanted to come in.

“Oh, forgive me. Can I help with something?” you smiled up at him.

He glanced inside the tent and found Vazzo hugging Zhania tightly, a hand on her stomach.

The corner’s of his mouth relaxed a little and you swore you saw the slightest hint of a smile.

“Would you follow me?”

You nodded and followed him to his tent without hesitation.

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