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La douleur exquise Pt.2 (M)

La douleur exquise: The heart-wrenching pain of wanting someone you can’t have.

Summary: You’ve been helplessly in love with your brother’s best friend all your life, but he can’t see you as anything other than a little sister.

Pairing: Wonho x Reader x Jungkook (not a threesome but messy as hell)

Word Count: 6.1k

Genre(s): Angst, smut

Part 1 here

A/N: Thank you guys for being so patient with me on this update. I really hope I did it justice and hope you enjoy! (& don’t kill me I’m sorry)

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I’ve Got You, I Promise: Part 2

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*This gif ???? I’m dead. Evan Peters can comfort me any day.

Peter Parker x Scared/Clingy Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: After being captured and unable to be found for months, Peter and the rest of the Avengers locate you. When you return back, your only need is Peter’s safety and comfort. 

Word Count: 1899

Warnings: language, depressed reader, clingy, fluff, panic attack, knives, blood, sad stuff, loving Peter. (pls let me know if I missed any). 

A/N: I always upload my fics at an ungodly hour, literally it is 3:20 AM. Anyway, for the wonderful @farfromjustordinary​, I hope I did this justice! This is how I sort of deal with my issues, so everyone is different. Please let me know if you guys enjoyed reading this second part! This is my first time creating a second part on a fic, so I’m excited to hear some feedback. Alright, I’ll stop blabbering. Enjoy!

Part 1

After spending some time nuzzled in the crook of Peter’s neck, you fall back asleep. Peter had to leave a little while after you fell asleep though, to train with Steve and Sam.

When you woke up, you were drenched in sweat and visibly shaking like you’ve been outside in a blizzard for hours. Once you realized Peter had left you, the panic really started to set in.

Where did he go?

Did Hydra take Peter?

Oh, no. No, no. 


Where are you?!


As you continued this cycle of paranoid thoughts, Peter walks in, equally as drenched in sweat, if not more.

He takes in your state, eyes widening. “Y/N, h-hey, you okay?” Peter stutters, worry evident in his voice.

Opening your mouth with nothing coming out, you whimper, causing Peter to dart towards you on the bed.

Even though you are both a sweaty mess, you don’t care. You latch onto Peter once his body lands on the bed, taking him by surprise. Your heavy breathing and shaking body lets him know you woke up from a nightmare. But he wasn’t there to help you.  

With an intense grip of Peter’s shirt, you mumble, “I…-uh, I-”

“You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, Y/N. I understand,” Peter interrupts.

With a nod of your head, you lean farther into his hold, absorbing his warmth and comfort.

How can someone be this warm and soft?

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Prompt/Summary: This is fic number 12 for @mrs-squirrel-chester​‘s album challenge.  You know the boys before they go off to war

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Some angst. 

Word Count: 931

Author’s Note:   See the end.  I love this song.  I sing it in the shower a lot.  I hope I did it justice.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

Bluebird Video

Album Challenge Master List

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Lorde - Glory and Gore

AU where Sherlock and John deal with criminals in a bit more… criminal way

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I haven’t done one of these in A WHILE! But you guys have asked that I continue the series, so…here we go!

Quite possibly the most requested ALL GROWN UP characters, right behind Danny Phantom and Phineas and Ferb! Here are the Kids Next Door! I hope I did them justice!

What do you think?

One Night Stand

It took me a long time to get this up and I apologize for that! Look out for a Jughead imagine after this. This is the final part to this series, so I hope you guys enjoyed it and this did it justice!

Imagine Prompt: can i request a oneshot please? id like one where you and bellamy secretly like each other but you two are really sarcastic and you fight a lot and one day you two were on a mission and they had to sleep next to each other in a cave and bellamy surprise the reader by putting his arms around her in his sleep and spooning her. just this with a lot of sass and sarcasm, please? thank you :)

Warnings: none. bellamy’s a bit OOC though.

Originally posted by bellarkss

“What the hell are you going on about Bellamy?” Clarke yelled, her voice demanding an answer. An answer Bellamy couldn’t give because his own mind was racing with fear as to what could be happening to you. Where you were. And who had you, if anyone did. “What happened out there?!”

Bellamy said nothing, continuing to stomp through the forest. His mind racking as he tried to retrace all your steps and go back to the place you two had split up. It would be dark soon, and if he didn’t find you soon he may loose the tracks or he may loose you. 

Clarke had ordered Raven to watch camp as Bellamy stormed out allowing no one to stop him, Clarke had followed scared for you and for her friend.

Frustrated with his silence, Clarke reached forward and grabbed Bellamy, effectively stopping him as she yanked him towards her. “Tell me what happened, Bellamy. And I want the whole truth.” Her eyes left no room for argument and with an impatient bounce, Bellamy sighed.

“We fought. I went too far.” He mumbled and Clarke blinked.

“What did you do? Start from the beginning Bellamy.”

“There was no grounders around, so we ended up venturing too far and then the acid fog came. We took shelter in a cave and we ended up… sleeping um sleeping together. The next morning we acted like nothing was wrong, but I was frustrated. I wanted to talk about what had happened and when she stopped to take a break we both needed, I lashed out on her. She ran. It’s my fault Y/N ran off and I was too stubborn to stop her.” Bellamy explained, blushing to himself in shame as he avoided all eye contact.

Clark remained silent for a moment, overthinking things before she nodded. “You love her?” She asked, her voice quiet.

Bellamy gasped, snapping his head up and looking at Clarke in shock. He opened his mouth to deny what she said, but was stopped by her gaze and Bellamy realized there was no point. She already knew. “Yes, i’ve loved her since I first met her.” Bellamy confessed, looking down at the ground.

Clarke smiled reassuringly, placing her hand on Bellamy’s shoulder. “Then, when we find her and we will, you should tell her.”

“I couldn’t. She doesn’t feel the same. Y/N is repulsed by the idea of me, and I mean I can’t blame her.”

“You might just be mistaken, Bellamy.”

You groaned, everything hurt and you couldn’t see out of your left eye. Grounder’s had found you and beat you until you were just barely alive. They left you in the middle of the forest to wait for your death and there was nothing you could do was moan in pain.

You would die of thirst. Your lips were chapped and your throat felt swollen. It was hard to swallow and breathe, it was even more difficult to comprehend what was happened around you. Your arm was broken, you were sure your ribs had been bruised or broken too, and you felt gross. Grosser than you ever had.

You should have never ran off on your own. You’d never ventured out of camp before yesterday and running off because of a stupid fight was stupid. But as you remembered how angry Bellamy had looked, how annoyed he had been, you couldn’t help but think that maybe this was for the best. No one was going to save you and you couldn’t bare the thought of seeing the look of disgust on Bellamy’s face again.

And as you laid there, drowning in your own pain you came to the realization that you loved Bellamy. You loved him more than anything.

You wouldn’t be just a one night stand.

Why did you get so upset this morning? Denying the fact that you loved him and instead choosing to ignore the subject and been one of the stupidest things you’d ever done. Because the reality of the situation was you would love to be just a one night stand. Just to spend one more night with the man you loved, who didn’t even know you existed.

A sob broke through. You were tired, in pain and hopeless. Hugging yourself, you curled against the ground, staring at the tree in front of you. How long would it take? How long would it take before you finally just died? Right now it felt like forever.

Hours passed. You could even keep track anymore and all you could comprehend was the sun setting and the darkness around you swallowing you whole. Your breath was shaky, from fear and pain. 

“Y/N!” A voice called out, but you knew you were only imagining it. No one could save you. No one would even bother.

“Oh my god, Y/N!” The voice called out again, female and soft. You allowed your eyes to close, feeling soothed at the soft voice. It was almost recognizable but you reminded yourself that this was only a dream. Maybe you were finally dying? “Bellamy! Y/N’s over here!”

Bellamy…? Soft hands suddenly grabbed your face, gently turning your face upwards. You blinked trying to open your eyes as you became all to aware that this was a dream. Was there more grounders? No, you had heard his name. Bellamy. Bellamy. Blinking, you tried to figure out the person in front of you but all you saw was darkness. 


When you woke up again, your lips weren’t chapped. That was the first thing you noticed. Second, everything hurt a little less. You felt like you could move again and blinking, you sat up. Hissing when your side started to hurt, but pushing it aside as you sat up.

Allowing your gaze to fall around you, you easily recognized your surroundings as the drop ship. Were you back home?

“Y/N?” Jumping, you turned towards the voice. Beyond relieved to see Bellamy standing there. You blinked, unsure if you were imagining this, but when you saw the watery eyes and his shaky hands reaching for you, you realized this was real. You’d never quite seen Bellamy so shaken up before.

“Thank god you’re okay.” Bellamy whispered, taking the last steps towards you. You shook your head, confused as his hands softly grabbed your face, cradling you.

“I-I…” You tried to speak, but all that came out was a raspy voice.

“You were so injured and I was so worried. But Clarke healed you.” Bellamy rambled you on, pausing to stare at you. “I should’ve never yelled at you. I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry?” You asked in disbelief.

“Y/N, I need you to listen to me. I promised myself I would say this.” Bellamy spoke and confused still, you nodded. “You wouldn’t be just a one night stand, because i’m in love with you.”

With those few words, it felt like your world was spinning. Your mouth fell open and you stared at Bellamy in shocked silence before; “you’re in love with me?”


“I-I… I can’t believe this. Bellamy, i love you.” You whispered, leaning up against his face. He made the move, leaning down to kiss you and you returned the feeling before sudden footsteps interrupted you.

“Okay love birds. Bellamy, she needs to rest.”


“How can I help you?” He asked politely, reaching for a cup and a pen. The boy looked up to the menu and then to Josh, his smile faltering just for a second. Josh wondered if maybe the smile wasn’t so sincere. His question was answered pretty quickly.

“Would you be uncomfortable if I started crying?”

- Beautiful Skies and Crying Eyes [x] by Pollarize 

Thank you for waiting! The Joshler fanart is now complete! Hope you guys like, and I hope I did the scene justice :D 

EDIT: Check out the author on tumblr @skelebreaux x)

anonymous asked:

If requests are open, is it possible to have a Lance imagine where you guys land on a planet where it rains (or maybe you guys are back on Earth/au where you never went to space - whichever works best for you 😊) and you guys are just having a chilled out evening in his room with cuddles, quiet conversations and lazy kisses while listening to the rain in the background because that is everything I need in life tbh (I'm sorry this is super long 😅)

Mod Enki here! Thanks for sending in your ask it was super fun to write and super cute! I hope I did it some justice. 


Somehow, out of the pure luck of the stars, the castle ship had managed to land on a planet with a similar atmosphere to Earth. It was nice, although humid. When you landed it was clear that there was a storm brewing. It was hard to mask your excitement because rain made for good lazy days. And the fact that it could be actual rain and not some crazy raining glass or acid crap meant that it would actually sound like rain. Pure and simple water. Nothing could set your soul more at ease. So when you heard the first pitter patters of water hitting the outside of the castle ship you were ready. Gathering all the snacks, blankets, and pillows you could you headed to your boyfriend’s room. There was no doubt he was happy about the rain, too. Anything that reminded him of life back on Earth was very therapeutic for him. So it didn’t surprise you that when you entered his room that he was gazing longingly out the window. He was watching the rain as it ran down the glass window in varying streams and patterns. It must’ve been so enrapturing because he didn’t turn to acknowledge you when you came into the room. Puffing out your cheeks you threw everything onto the bed before taking a pillow and launching at his head. There was a garbled noise before you launched another one, hitting the mark again.

“Lance! Stop being so melancholy for a minute and spend some time with me will you?” You said. He threw a pillow back at you but it missed by a mile. “Come on Mr. Sharpshooter, you can do better than that.”

There was a whine as Lance rolled onto the floor from his spot by the window. It grew muffled as he log rolled to the point where his face was smushed on the floor. You snorted and strolled over to him.

“Get your lazy butt up.” You said, but instantly got a slightly louder muffled whine from the blue paladin. 

Since he obviously wasn’t going to come and sit on the bed with you, it was time to move the bed to him. You went back to the bed and started throwing the rest of the pillows and blankets at him. You even started throwing the little water pouches you had brought with you at him, even though he was probably too padded by all the blankets and pillows that he couldn’t feel them. When everything was over in a giant heaping mess of things you jumped into it ignoring the loud groan emanating from the bottom of the pile. Humming you wiggled around until you could feel the poor soul buried under everything moving around. And just as well, it didn’t take him long to rise up from the depths and grab you like some sort of jaws movie. You yelled protests and he brought you down into the covers and into his arms, both of you laughing the entire time.

“You thought you were safe up there but nothing can escape Lance!” He declared. You squealed when he went down to lift up your shirt and blow raspberries on your stomach leading you to nearly kicking his head off. 

“No fair! Now you’re just playing dirty.” You laughed trying to shove him away from your exposed belly. It took a few tries but you finally got him to detach from you and allow you both to collapse into your own giggling fits. It didn’t take long for Lance to slither back over to you and pull you into a nice loving embrace. 

Just as you thought you were done, he pressed his lips to your cheek and blew a raspberry there, too. You squeaked and spat out breathy protests in between laughs trying to say how you didn’t come all the way over to his room just to be assaulted like this. It was all mostly drowned out by your laughs, of course. 

“How about that for spending time with you?” Lance asked with a cheeky grin. You flicked his nose, trying to get his grin to break but to no avail. 

“I don’t know, I wouldn’t call assaulting me like that, “spending quality time” with me.” You said with a mock hurt expression. 

“Oh whatever.” He said giving you a quick squeeze. “You know you loved it.” 

“I do like the attention. But let’s try something else.” 

You pulled him down into a short and simple kiss making him hum in delight. When you ended it, however, he quickly went in for another but this time something more deep. It last a good few minutes as your lips melded together in sync, breathing through your noses to get it to last that little bit longer. It wasn’t the strongest kiss though, walking the line between lazy and firm. You enjoyed it immensely as well as Lance probably did. He wasn’t done when the two of you broke off however and proceeded to smother your face with kisses. Going for your cheeks, forehead, nose, eyes. You loved it and were reduced to a blushing and laughing mess. 

It didn’t take long for him to settle down though, and the two of you were stuck in each other’s embraces. You snuggled into him and listened to the gentle waves of rain that continued to poured onto the castle ship. For a second, everything seemed still and you could’ve sworn that you were back home without a care in the world instead of in a giant ship with every single problem of the universe weighing on your shoulders. You hugged him tighter, letting out a sigh, completely content with everything for the first time in what seemed like months. 

Lance’s soft, and slightly raspy voice from laughing so much, brought you back to reality. You could only hum in response but it was enough to assure him that you were listening. 

“Did I ever tell you about the time when I was back in the garrison, when I was dared to sneak into the instructor’s lounge and steal all of the instructor’s food?” He asked. You chuckled and informed him that no, he had not told you this. “Well, this one kid dared me since all Hunk and I ever did was complain about the garrison lunches that they had. I nearly got caught about ten times! But thanks to Hunk’s distraction I managed to bag all the lunches and get out of there disguised as a trash guy! We had to eat it all in one go though, because it wasn’t going to take long for everyone to notice. But the funny part is, I said that if I managed to pull it off, he’d have to shave his eyebrows, legs, and half of his head. Get this though! His leg hair never grew back, and neither did his eyebrows!”

“Okay, now you’re just messing with me. There’s no way his leg hair and eyebrows didn’t grow back.” You mumbled into his shirt. 

“I’m completely serious! Ask Hunk, or even Pidge! They’ll tell you.” Lance defended himself. 

“Fine, I’ll go ask them right now!” You declared trying to get up.

“Noooo you gotta stay here in cuddle more with meeee!” Lance whined. He defiantly tugged you back down and back into his arms. You gave up and snuggled back into him. 

“Okay, but you have to tell me more stories. You always have the best ones.” You said reaching over and grabbing a bag of snacks.

For the rest of the night, Lance told you all the stories he could think of from his misadventures in his life. You listened intently for as long as you could, but ultimately you couldn’t keep your eyes open and yourself awake for long. When you had dozed off, Lance was in the middle of one of his stories, going on about the time he accidentally super glued his hand to a bike handle he was trying to put back on the actual bike. He didn’t notice you had dozed off until he finished and noticed the way your breathing had changed. For a while he just watched you, gently running a hand through your hair until he too, fell into the grips of sleep all while the rain kept its steady rhythms of white noise. 

The Annie Awards are happening tonight, and almost all of my favorite cartoons - including my absolute favorite - have been nominated for big awards! In order to celebrate, I drew all of my favorite Disney XD characters hanging out together during the red carpet pre-show! ^-^

Oh my gosh, was it fun to design outfits for everyone! I gave Mabel very special accessories - since she loves to make her own outfits, and the Annies is a celebration of animated films and the like, she got creative and made herself a film-strip hairbow and film-reel earrings! I gave Dipper an alien-head lapel pin as well; I couldn’t resist…xD

Also, this is my first time drawing Wander and Sylvia, and it’s one of the few times I’ve ever drawn Star and Marco (I haven’t gotten around to uploading the rest of my SVTFOE fanart yet…lol), so I certainly hope I did them justice. ^^;

To Alex Hirsch and the ever-lovely Gravi-Team Falls - thank you so much, yet again, for creating a show as beautiful, thought-provoking, suspenseful, and heartwarming as Gravity Falls. It’s sad to see that this is the last year you’ll be eligible for the Annies, since the show’s been over for nearly a year, but you guys crafted the greatest and most satisfying series finale I have ever seen, and you MORE than deserve the nominations you earned this year, ESPECIALLY the ‘best writing’ nomination. Here’s to hoping you get at least one more Annie tonight! I’ll be rooting for you, and I’m sure plenty of other Fallers will be, too!

To Craig McCracken and the wonderful Wander Over Yonder crew - congratulations on all your nominations! It’s SO GREAT to see you up for Best Animated Series/Special for Children for the second year in a row! I’m so sorry that WOY was cancelled before you had the chance to finish telling your story; you guys deserve so much better. But what you did have time to give to the world was simply wonderful, and at least ASIFA recognizes your hard work! Wishing you all the best of luck tonight!

To Daron Nefcy and the amazing crew of Star vs. the Forces of Evil - my goodness, but you guys have been KILLING it! SVTFOE has turned out to be five times more intense and fun to watch than I originally thought it was after seeing the pilot two years ago! I can’t WAIT until the 'Star Bomb’ begins on Monday!

I’ll be posting this on Twitter as well, so hopefully, Alex, Craig, and Daron will see this! I hope everyone enjoys this! Now let’s (virtually, in most cases…xD) go to the Annies! :D

this was a nightmare to do bc a) dude’s design was tricky for me and b) i was trying out a new coloring technique and shit so yikes but i kinda like how it looks anyway

anyhow, this is Dagmar and i absolute adore him???? like holy shit what a Guy

Dagmar belongs to @missthunderkin​ (please check out their art it’s phenomenal also Dag is just??? amazing??? and i hope i did him some justice???)

[do not steal/repost]

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I've got one! Prompto being concerned over a traveler the group picks up. He's seen them eat, but it's usually light (toast, rice, fruit, etc.). He assumes they have weight issues and asks them if they're alright, explaining (without saying anything directly about his concerns) that he knows how they feel. At first they're really confused; they're fine and have no idea what he's talking about. When he finally comes out with it, they thank him for his concern but explain that they're vegetarian.

I laughed out loud when I got this request, haha. Hope I did it justice!

Prompto was a naturally curious guy. He was intrigued by people especially, always trying to figure them out by their behaviours. It was the little things that he noticed, but didn’t always voice aloud.

So when he’d convinced the guys to pick you up on the side of the road, you’d immediately piqued his interest.

You were quiet. You kept to yourself, but were slowly opening up to the rest of the group. Prompto had spotted you on the side of the road, thumbs out, trying to hitch a ride. He’d convinced Ignis to stop, and before you knew it, you were squished in the back of the Regalia between a sleepy headed prince and his titan of a bodyguard.

“Hope you don’t mind camping,” Prompto said as Gladio pitched the tent. You shrugged, giving him a small smile.

“I don’t mind. I’m just happy that you guys let me come along and are letting me stay with you.”

“Of course we are!” Prompto exclaimed. “You were all alone on the side of the road! What if daemons got to you? Safety in numbers. Also, you can never make too many friends.”

You laughed at that. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Ignis was busy preparing dinner, and Prompto had noticed that you were watching him cook. When dinner was finally served, he noticed that your portion was significantly smaller—just a simple bowl of rice with a few carrots and an apple.

Prompto scooted over to Ignis. “Hey Specs,” he whispered. “I know it’s hard having a fifth person on the road, but you didn’t have to stiff them a meal.”

Ignis side-eyed Prompto disinterestedly. “They requested it,” he said simply. Prompto frowned and watched as you nibbled at your apple and chatted quietly with Noctis.

Over the next few days, Prompto kept noticing your strange eating patterns. He knew what it was like to diet and to force oneself to lose weight, and he felt uneasy with watching you starve yourself. So one day, he decided to talk to you about it.

“Hey,” he motioned for you to follow him, just outside of camp towards a small clustering of trees. You trailed behind, looking confused.

“What’s up, Prom?”

He shifted foot to foot, not knowing exactly how to word his concerns. Then he blurted, “I know what you’re doing.”

You titled your head. “Huh? What…am I doing?”

“You’re not eating,” he said, his voice getting a little high and his words rushed. “I know how hard it is to want to lose weight, I’ve been there myself, but starving yourself and depriving yourself of food, especially with how good Ignis cooks, I mean, I’m just worried about you because—”

“Woah, woah, calm down,” you stopped him, resting an arm on his shoulder. “You don’t have to worry about me.”

It was Prompto’s turn to look confused. “I don’t?”

You giggled. “No. I’m not trying to starve myself, I’m just a vegetarian.”

Prompto was immediately embarrassed, his face going bright red. “Ugh, I’m s-so sorry, it was wrong of me to presume—”

“Don’t be sorry,” you smiled, then pressed a kiss to his cheek, close to the corner of his mouth. “It’s cute.”

Then you turned and headed back towards camp, leaving a very flustered, red-faced Prompto in your wake.



so this is the first page from the @voltroncoloringbook that i finished! im really proud of it, even if some of the colours are off (the right colours never seem to be in my pencil case when i need them ;; ) and my phone’s camera isnt the best;;  

BUT i hope you like it, and i hope i did the artist @iknut justice in this. ^^ 

Thicker Than Water (request)

Fandom: Teen Wolf x The Vampire Diaries Crossover
Pairing: Reader x Stiles Stilinski
Words: 1,962
Warnings: nothing it’s all good :)
Request? yes or no
Forever Tag: @stilescstilinski
A/N: so this is my first crossover request and i hope i did it justice! don’t worry there are no spoilers or anything in this story so read to your hearts content. :) also to the requester i hope you like it! cheers! 

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Take the Blame

Requested: (short summary, because it was a long one guys lol) You break the rules and Kane sets out to punish you, but you’ve gone on a hunting trip unaware. Bellamy takes your place and your set in a position of guiltiness.

Requested by: @fangirl4799

A/N: Sorry I had to shorten your request to a summary, lol, it was long. Also I hope this did justice. It’s a bit shorter than I originally intended but I have some other stuff to do as well, I hope this is okay!

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warning: punishment/torture.

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

When you arrived back from your solo hunting trip, you definitely were not expecting to hear screams of agony. At first you’d thought that maybe the grounders or the mountain men had come, so you’d dropped everything and ran inside The Ark. 

Though what you expected, which was blood and a fight, you instead saw a body being lugged into the Ark. Squinting you easily recognized the body as Bellamy and your heart leaped to your throat. You ran towards Bellamy, who had his stomach facing down and his back up. You involuntarily gasped at the gashes that marred his back.

Your shaky hand reached your mouth as you watched Clarke and a few others haul him away. Clarke made eye contact with you and all she could do was look at you with pity.

Staring back towards where they’d started dragging Bellamy from, you saw Kane holding a electric baton. You felt yourself freeze. What could Bellamy have done that would cause him to suffer such a severe punishment.

You quickly shook your head, following Clarke inside where her and Abby began working on patching Bellamy up. You watched from the sidelines, wanting to throw up at the terrible sight that was Bellamy’s back. But you stayed, knowing he needed you, even if he didn’t really know you were there.

When they were done, you quickly grabbed Clarke’s attention, curious on what Bellamy could’ve done for this. When she looked at you, her eyes were shined with wetness and she looked almost hesitant to talk to you. “Clarke… please.” You started, staring at her desperately. “All I wanna know is why.”

“Y/N… know that I tried to stop him… but he wouldn’t listen,” You paused, unsure of how to respond. What did he do? “He took the blame.”

“The blame? For who?” You asked, confusion setting in.

“For you, Y/N.” You froze, your heart felt like it’d stopped beating. Clarke gave you one more pity look before running off. You thought back… and suddenly it all came to mind. Staring at the wounded boy, you felt like crying.

How could he have done this?

Once Bellamy was better and walking you made it your goal to talk to him. You wanted to know why. Why he took the blame for something you did when he had no obligation towards you.

“Bellamy.” You called, gaining his attention. He smiled when he saw you and immediately walked towards you.

“Hey Y/N.” He grinned, you meekly grinned back. “How you feeling?” You asked, guilt flooding through you.

“Better.” He shrugged.

“Hey… Bellamy, I know that you took the blame for me…” You whispered, watching Bellamy’s reaction. He froze himself, and looked at you. His eyes turned serious and he shook his head. “Look.. Y/N…”

“I don’t care,” you interrupted. “Actually i’m thankful. Thank you. But why?” You asked, your eyes serious almost on the bridge of tears.

“Because… I-I wasn’t gonna let them hurt you like that.”

“So you let them hurt you!?” You nearly yelled, he grabbed your hand and looked at it, shocked. Finally meeting his eyes again, you saw the feeling behind his eyes and you stared, mesmerized.

“I care about you, Y/N. More than a friend…” You stayed silent, unsure how to answer. But looking into his eyes, you already knew your answer. You leaned, on your toes, pressing your lips against his cheek.

“Thank you.”

thunderstorm | derek hale

A/N: This one was requested by @ jamieunsworth13. This was my first attempt at a Derek smut. I hope I did it justice. Let me know what you guys think. Love, J xx

Prompt: The sexual tension between you and Derek become so unbearable that the pack hatches a plan to get you guys alone.

Word Count: 1,297

Warning: Scruff. Smut. And more smut.

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Insolence, Pt. 12 [Adam Cole]

Title: Insolence, Part Twelve of Twelve  (The End)

(Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven)

Characters: Adam Cole/OC(Brenna)

Genre: Fluff. Romance.

Length: ~5,000

Warnings: Language/cussing. A little touching but nothing remotely graphic. I’d give it a PG-13.

Summary/Inspo: “We never truly get over a loss, but we can move forward and evolve from it.” - Elizabeth Berrien

“If I ever get the nerve to ask,
What did I get right to deserve somebody like you?
I wasn’t expecting that.” - Jamie Lawson

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Scared Part 2

Requested by: anonymous 

Summary: you find out that you are pregnant and Josh gets scared 

Your Pov: 

Last night I did not sleep well. I kept waking up due to nightmares. The first one that I had was about Josh. They all were about him. It wasn’t until the third nightmare that I woke up screaming. The first two I would just wake up startled and confused, but the third one was so vived and terrifying that I woke up screaming my lungs out. 

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