i hope i can meet u one day

looking for kpop blogs to follow!

hi guys! ♡

i recently deleted my old kpop blog to start anew, so i need new people to follow! preferably people who will become my mutuals so that we can get to know each other, talk about our favourite groups, and whatnot! currently, my dash is empty and i want to change that soon as well as meet new people! i will pretty much be a multifandom blog, so i hope to see a lot of variety on my dash!

please like or reblog if you post any of the following:

  • 24k
  • astro
  • b.a.p
  • b2st
  • bigbang
  • block b
  • boys republic
  • btob
  • bts
  • day6
  • exo
  • got7
  • ikon
  • infinite
  • monsta x
  • nct (all units)
  • pentagon
  • seventeen
  • sf9
  • shinee
  • super junior
  • uniq
  • up10tion
  • vixx
  • winner
  • etc. multifandoms are appreciated!!

* bolded groups are the ones im mostly interested in as of currently

after you like or reblog, ill check out your blog myself and ill follow you if im interested! however if you follow me first, i will definitely follow you back and we can get started from there! thanks guys! have a nice day!  ♡

Hello! I’m Flora, and I’m starting my new studyblr blog!

It dawned on me that I haven’t actually posted an introduction yet, even though I’ve seen lots of new studyblrs post theirs first, haha. I’ve actually been trying to keep a studyblr going for awhile now, but I always start to forget about them right as I’m trying to build them *sigh*. I wish I could keep up with this one, though. 

So, this is just a short intro containing a few facts about me, and I hope that through this post I can get to know and meet the community!

  • My name is Flora.
  • I turned fourteen on June.
  • I live in the Philippines.
  • I’ll be starting ninth grade just a few days from now!
  • My hobbies include: reading fiction and poetry and writing them as well, watching films and tv shows, learning languages, graphic editing, discovering new music, watching anime, playing the guitar and, in general, just learning about stuff ;u;
  • I’m a little fluent in Korean! I’m still continuing on improving my vocabulary and grammar, but I can read and write and construct basic sentences. (I started studying mostly because of K-pop, haha)
  • I’m currently learning Greek and Latin, but I’ll also venture into new languages once the school year starts.
  • I’m very interested in psychology and philosophy.
  • I’m super nervous around new people, but I love getting to know them, so please feel free to message me or send me an ask whenever you want to talk to someone or have something to tell me ;u;

And finally, I hope I can get to know more of the community! I’m loving it so far, everyone seems so nice and lovely; you all motivate me to keep it going and to keep trying harder.

Nice to meet you! (´。• ᵕ •。`)

Some of my favorite blogs that made me decide to start a studyblr (I hope you don’t mind me tagging you!): @emmastudies​, @milkyjournals​, @areistotle​, @studyquill​, @rhubarbstudies​, @unscholar​, @smoketexture​ and @phctcsynthesis​!

hiii guys!! i always have too much time in my hands during the summer break and so I thought to myself,,,why not make a follow forever?? so here i am! making it! anyways! shout out to all you wonderful people for making my dash so amazing and making me smile and laugh everyday! I hope y’alls summer is going great and i hope y’all are staying hydrated in this freaking h e a t

ok so first i’d like to give a special shout out to Naghma aka @uniquely-mii!! although we have a six hour time difference, i just wanted to thank you for always being there for me and for simply being you! you’re honestly one of the best people i know (and one of my best friends on here:’)!) and i really enjoy talking to you! (i also love how we always talk in caps unless it’s something serious,,idk how that started but i love caps and it’s my aesthetics)hopefully one day soon our schedules will align and we’ll be able to skyPE once and for all:’)! i really hope we get to meet one day so i can finally give u the biggest hug in the world and so we can finally get to hang out! i love u so much and stay amazing (ps my rooster says hi:) ) xxx

also shout out to the LOUIS MAKES EVERYONE (?) gc aka my lovely wife becca, zoe , keri , america , and bella! idk what the question mark in a box that comes after “EVERYONE” bc as yall know, i still havent updated my phone so im left in the dark when it comes to those things rip (i should probably update my phone soon),,which brings me to my next point ! thank yall for putting up with my constant emphasizing “..” and me being ghost 78% of the time rip i still love u all tho and i hope we all get to meet each other some day:’) know that im always here for you all:’) stay cool guys xxx


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@urfookinjob / @viplourry / @viveleharreh/ @vialarry /@viplouis​/@watsoninfinite / @wellingtondudes​ / @wolveslarries​/ @whiskfic​/ @wtfisalarry​ /@wonderflou​ / @whereszain​ / @wanklarry​ / @xeniangel​/ @xtoughx​ /@yourtouchmakesmeweak​ / @yealourry​ /@zarryaffection​ /@ziiams​ / @zaynalprobe​ / @zrearviewz​ 

once again thank you all for everything and following this mess™ of a blog! i may not talk to u all but i still love every single one of yall!! stay safe and have a fantastic summer!!

lisa-i-am  asked:

Lek, my husband come to Korea and then we go to the Philippines. We might come to Thailand still so I will order the matching bikinis we discuss and the other ones with opposite colors. I am hoping we have chance to meet. My husband says maybe we can do photo shoot one day while there.

Sounds perfect, will be wonderful if u do manage to make it here. Do love to wear a bikini, and with u in a matching one will be amazing, though i fear we might be responsible for a few heart attacks ^^ Did u have a photo of the bikinis? what cut did u decide on in the end? When u come will be nice to do a beach photo shoot, and an indoor one too :)

shout-out to my buddy steph ( @mooniva ) for showing me this gif to help cheer me up, i seriously love it sm and i felt it was v appropriate for this occasion.

Thank you all sm for 1.4!! I’m seriously in shock that I kept getting follows even after rage quitting this site for two days, lol. I’m grateful that you all didn’t give up on me so thank you <3 I’m wanting this follow forever to be more towards my best pals on tumblr.com and I just want to gush about how much i love them bc they literally mean a lot and idk what i would do without them??? i’m also gonna add a good list of my favorite blogs (some that aren’t mutuals)! you should follow everyone i list bc they’re great! :’)

blacklist this as ‘ashs1.4kff’ if you dont want to see reblogs of this on your dash!

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there for you(?)

i learned a lot being a friend when i was alone,
i learned a lot about love when i was out of love.

hello, it’s me again.

it’s been a long while since i logged in, i think around 3 months? many things have changed- a new era, new visions, new content, new love, new moments, new ships; i’ve missed many things, yes, but most importantly, i missed you.

maybe i’ve changed- maybe we’ve grown apart, maybe you didn’t even notice i was gone; i’ll always be here for my 7 soft angels but sometimes people make me feel some type of way, and even though i was on indefinite hiatus… i still felt like quitting?? leaving for good. deactivating. it sounds funny and ironic, i know but people get problematic sometimes, and some people and things i want to, i wish i could forget- but some i may not be able to. some i don’t want to ever forget, you know? are you still reading? i’m really sorry if you’re bothered by how emo i am with the word limit and all too then please ctrl+f to find your url if tagged:,-) if you aren’t though i hope you’re having a great day!!

i don’t know if i’ll really leave- maybe change my url, post once a day? just shut it down and stop writing? i don’t know:-( but what i do know is that i will always stan bangtan as long as i live, and that i don’t wanna have any regrets. i have to at least bid a proper goodbye where it is due- that’s gratitude and respect for you as a human being with feelings. (my apologies in advance if i’ve missed anyone, i’m still ??? and iffy and ambivalent about all this and some of you have moved??? but i love you!! please know that!!!)

((it’s a shitty feeling to be left behind with no answers or directions, but it’s a brilliant feeling to know you’re loved.))


@apgujeon skye!! i really missed sending you love mail ur my soft soft baby and i love you so much!!!!! thank you for always being soft and kind and patient with me i’ll always remember you as the girl in the blue dress(?) that gave kook the award for the cutest nose:-(( that was the moment i knew i would love you forever because you’re so precious and like a little star and i love you skye:-((

@astro-child shanel;; so sorry that we can’t be talking more lmao bc our school schedules are nuts and always clashing lolol but i know that something major is up next year(??) and yes i hope you do the best, my little baby dancer and cutest km ranter in the tags ur too cute i hope i can meet u one day!!! hehe

@berry-happy-tokki tokki;;; thank you for always being a constant- at least on my part. words probably cannot express how thankful i am to you, and how your presence and unwavering support has carried me ways other than just writing and self esteem!! in you i see such a gentle and kind, sweet child and i’m thankful always for meeting you here. it’s been such a pleasure and i’m always soso thankful and humbled whenever you take the time to comment some long chunk of words to affirm my writings;;; you mean so much to me, i love you!!! also please drink lots of water you easily fall sick and say hello to baby sis tokki for me!!

@c-cygnus oh my where do i even begin meariie christ???? thank you for being such a kindred spirit and a little ball of fluff and sunshine!!!! (lol) and for always letting me tease you for swerving bc lmao stop switching groups and biases u idiot stay loyal!!!!!!!!!!! i can understand and im also hella envious at the way you makw friends so easily and all of them are so kind and sweet and supportive like you and i think that’s just beautiful. you have such a pretty face and an even prettier heart and your love for lit and dogs is so pure and i love you so much- thank you for always being there and seeing the best in me even when i’m engulfed in darkness;; i love you meariie

@caughtinjimin my most precious nona;; i promise to write you that jikook miri fic one day, alright?? (im gonna throw in chopa and holly if i can i love!!!) i missed you so much ugh please take care of yourself and make sure you sleep well and eat plenty and go to work happy don’t gif if you’re busy!! thank you for always being the sweetest and always churning out content to feed me and i just love you so much

@confidenceatitsfinest you cutie i’m still waiting for your homemade bahn mi!! i missed you lots rin rin rin im so happy to have met you and i felt so happy that day when you were posting about your graduation i just;;; thank you for always being the cutest soft-hard stan and for being such a joy on my dash!! love you loads rin;;

@dearmyjimin to the most talented and precious homegirl grace: i missed you so much!! sorry i was on hiatus and couldn’t reblog all your works of art:-(( i know you’re probably still busy these days and i know i’m younger and all that but you’re really so talented and wholesome and i’m so thankful for knowing you. i was seriously soso proud and happy when you posted that pic(?) of you graduating and i felt so proud that you made it!!!! thank you for teaching me what being humble and loving is and thank you for always being so lovely and patient, so much love for you, grace;;

@harunyany my sweetest baby nana;; please take care of yourself!! you have the cutest squishiest personality and i love you and i miss you so much and i wish i could have talked to you more and i missed you and thank you for always being so patient with me and so kind and sweet and i’m always so happy when you reply my dumb mail and things thank you for always feeding me with complilations that inspire me to write more and i love you so much nana:-((

@hobies annie;; i just logged in and saw your text and thank you for always being so sweet to me i love you you’re so precious, as precious as little sunshine prince jay and i just wanted to thank you for always being so gentle and patient and beautiful and i love you annie!!!!

@jongintwt i’m not the best with texts or words lmao but thank you for always having my back and feeding me with updates during As:-(( i’m sorry that i couldn’t have been a better texter but it’s endig soon and i’m happy bc i’ll prob get to talk to you more often which is great!! so thankful for you for always being so lovely and supportive about everything i do and that makes me so:-((( bc you’re really so precious to me rin:-(( still wishing i could meet you one day

@ggukbun my linda evangelista fashionista!! i’m sorry i haven’t dropped by your inbox in a while to send you some love:-(( i missed you and your fashionable posts and also for all your quality content!! i missed talking to you aira i love you and i hope you’re doing okay?? thank you for always taking time to reply my trash because you really always make my day you sweetheart

@jeonbase my soft little baby made of sugar and cookies, how are you?? i hope you’ve been taking care of yourself and drinking lots of water and sleeping well i missed you lots angela i love you:-((

@jjeonguk hello mango baby i missed you:-(( i loved reading your tags they always make me so happy and i just wanted to say thank you for always being my sunshine and for being such a swwet child and i just love everything about you:-(( i hope life has been kind to you kyra because you’re precious to me and i love you

@jihyped baby fe!!!!!!! it made me so sad when i logged in again and saw that you tagged me in so many things;; im so sorry i wasn’t there to talk to you or anything and oh myyyy you’re so beautiful and your voice is so warm and nice;; i miss you so much fe thank you for always being such a sweetheart i missed you:-(((

@kikistiel perhaps i’ll never know why or how, but that’s how life is, isn’t it? hello, kiki!! you probably won’t see this, but just in case. thank you for always crafting out such lovely pieces and i’ve always said it and i’ll say it again- i’m thankful for stumbling upon your talented self and you have a big, big heart with loads of love. thank you for teaching me what love and character growth is;; i wish i could reblog your art but i shall refrain from doing so, just in case anybody gets triggered. i’ve heard you’re moving and i’m so proud and excited for you!! my blessings and well wishes always;

@kookminau i’m so sorry i haven’t been on in ages but once again i’m thanking you for always inspiring me to write!! your little ideas are so precious and i think the stuff you create is beautiful and i still hope i’ll be able to credit your ideas and write a fic kk you’re so adorable and i love your voice sonia!! everything about you is so pretty;;

@kookmint immy i missed you so much:-(( thank you for always being so quick and fast to gif everything so that we get feed asap;; but please don’t neglect your sleep or health you precious bean!! i’ll always be honoured to have started off your headcanon requests and still super sorry i got so excited and sent so many haha. i’m just really greatful to have known you and as a way of saying thanks do you remember that collab..? idk what that means but i’m all for it when i’m more free kk

@mewchim ohmygod i felt so;;;;; when i finally logged back in and saw my inbox i missed you so much jenny:-((( it’s been such an honour to know you and reblog all your edits and works of art and i’m so happy you love jimin as mch as i do!! thank you for teaching me humility and kindness and for always being so lovely i love you jenny

@noxiim karyn:-(( i miss you and i’m so sorry i wasn’t able to reblog all your pretty pretty artworks thank you for always blessing me and teaching me what being humble and sweet means i love you so much:-((

@pkjjm sweetest isis:-(( i missed you too;; i’m so sorry i left for so long but now i’m back, sorta(?) but you disappeared but that’s okay!! i love you and i’m thankful for knowing such a beautiful soul as you;; you’re so precious to me and i love you!! i hope we’ll both be back at one point of time, i miss you!!

@pjungkook baby conchinha:-(( i’m so sorry i never got back to your mail because of my month long exams that are ending soon and i hope you know i love you so much and that i miss you:-(( thank you for always being the cutest sunshine and those curls!!! you’re so pretty inside and out and a budding star and i’m so glad to have known you and;;;; i miss you isa:-((

@satellite-jeon thank you for always being a guiding light when i was lost. but now that i’m found, maybe, thank you for teaching me what strength in weakness is. what endurance and dignity is. what letting go and to be free is. thank you for showing me glimpses of what life is. thank you for your invaluable contributions to the km fandom- it truly is a blessing for you to be in this section of the fandom, and i’m grateful to have known you;; all the best and i hope you receive everything that you deserve!!

@sheloveskook yaaaaaaaa my flower goddess!! i’m so thankful to have met you and trust me when i say that your voice notes are the sweetest things ever- you sound so cute and it makes me feel all energised and refreshed somehow haha. i love the way you dress and speak and we have the cutest family thank you for installing kkt for us and that we always have each other’s backs when we die on the gc hahaha take care okay vivi!! work is tough but so are you. lots of love!! if i start writing again soon (a new fic kk ill make sure to throw in taegi bc i love them and i love you)

@strawberrymochu baby phi how are you?? i’m always so soft whenever i think of you and i want to protect you for as long as i can because you make me so happy:-(( you pretty baby that’s so soft-fierce and makes the sweetest pastel edits:-(( i love you phiphi you make me really happy my soft baby!!!!!

@tanktoptiger i haven’t come online in 3 months and i miss your forthright nature and how you’re always so up to see justice done and your honesty and posts;; people like you make me have faith in humanity again tbh;; i love how you’re always there and the way you have with words is absolutely beautiful!! i love how i used to always see dogs and posts about your friends it just made me feel so wholesome and happy i love you keila

@ttavi vivian i hope you’re doing well;; sorry for not having spoken to you in ages, but till this day whenever i have an idea or i write a fic i am still utterly thankful to you;; if not for your support and encouragement and comments on my first few fics i don’t think jeonify would ever be this capable of writing like 20(?) fics or so,, thank you for being so precious and faithful and i love you so much vivian:-((

@ughjeon breeann;; my most precious little astronomer, little star in the cloudless night sky. thank you so much for teaching me so many things, and for guiding me through certain shitty issues that made both of us cry;; i’m so thankful to have known such an eclectic and beautiful soul called breeann and always so grateful to you for teaching me about life. i love that mexican spirit in you and i love the way you speak and your brave backbone spirit and how adorable you are when you rambled after the hospital incident;; you’re just so electric and rare like a vinyl record and i think that’s beautiful. you’re the sweetest moonchild and i love you. you’ll always be my favourite lesbian uncle and i’m thankful that you didn’t raise me to be a little bitch!!!

@velvethoseok my lovely kate i miss you:-(( i missed your attacked but still very cute tags for jay and he’s weecking me with that vlive ans the hoseok jay transition i love him and i love you you make me happy and i just love you so much kate i hope you’re doing good and you’re well i miss you

@yccnseok idk how you’re doing but i hope exams and all have been good to you!! thank you for always being so patient with me and for always replying my mail and for always posting your cute thoughts online i think thats just… so adorable… thank you for strengthening my love for yoonseok oh my goodness i love them so much and i love you too sav!!!!


Happy Canoniversary /// ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) It was 11/06/14 for me when the chapter came out and we all screamed.

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anonymous asked:

omg i absolutely loveeeeeee your artwork!!! your ML fanart was actually the first ever fanart of ML I ever saw, and it was so amazing and actually made me wanna watch it! XD all of your work ois so amazing and i hope that one day i can draw as well as u!!!

Awwww! Thank you!! If you keep practicing I’m sure u will meet ur goal!

♡♡♡ 1 YEAR ♡♡♡

Originally posted by bellahasjams

when i had my personal blog, ive always seen these vines of friends online that got to meet up in real life and were so happy to see each other that they ran into each others arms in the airports and just held each other for a loonnng time, and soon enough i was wishing i could have a relationship with someone like that. so when i started this blog, a little over a year ago, i got the little tumblr notifciation that lets me know that someone messaged me. and i was so fucking happy to see that notification that i literally jumped up for joy and started smiling from ear to ear, because as a new, stupid, shy bts writer, i had nobody message me before. so i looked at the message and it was from someone that had a long ass url name that i immediately realized that it was lyrics from one of demi lovatos songs. and the message was a video of the iconic sobi video where they were doing the “try not to laugh challenge” that i watched and cried over a thousand times. and at first, i thought she was trying to talk to me, but as we got to know each other, beck finally told me that she accidently messaged me that day, and right now, im still so grateful and happy to have that happen. so, if u didn’t read the title, today marks one of the best days in my life where i met one of my best friends, beck…aka becky, beckie, babi, zeckie, motherfucker, my goody goody gumdrop beckie, my babu, and my wife. 

 we talked the first day, the WHOLE day, and i was so fucking surprised at how fast we became friends. i almost think it’s too much of a coincidence for this to happen. my babu has been there for me through all the tough things ive been going through. from my fake friends and to the few encounters with fuckbois, ive told her everything embarrassing about me and she has been there to give me advice, to scold me, and to just listen to me…and i cant ask for a better friend. AND I WON’T ASK FOR A BETTER FRIEND BECAUSE I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART AND I WILL DO ANYTHING IN MY POWER TO KEEP HER HAPPY, TO FIGHT THOSE ASSHOLES WHO MAKE HER SAD, and just be there for her when she needs me. even tho im horrible at giving advice, just know, beckie beckie boo, that i will always be here for u, and i will always have a special place for u in my heart. 

 i really really fucking hope that one day, we too can meet each other face to face, and run into each arms….as mushy as that sounds, i really want it to happen. :))) 

 and yes the three things i associate with u are as follows: kim seokjin, min yoongi, and ur hoe right here, kaykee (the name her tablet autocorrects my name to). u r the frank to my addison, my yoongi to my jimin, the dora to my boots, and my wife and best friend. I LOVE U BECKIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!


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Where to start. Your my best friend and easily the best person I've meet on this site. Your the only person I can actually talk to for hours on end without wanting to take a nap or wanting to stab myself a pencil. The first thing I do in the morning is check my phone to reply to your snapchat (I still have no idea what a strike is but hey whatever). Your messages never fail to make me smile and even when I'm feeling like total shit you always make things better. Thank you for everything ❤️ u ~🤖

Jesus Christ bby I’m crying I love you so much and you make me smile and you’re my first internet friend and I really hope I get to hug you one day because I love you a whole lot and it’s insane how connected we are even though we’re thousands of miles apart and god damn i love this girl so much someone give me money so I can meet her pls

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Hey!! Have you gone to any conventions in Singapore??? It is my dream to meet you! (weird I actually had I dream where u met you??) You're my favourite artist I aspire to be and yeaa hope this isnt scaring youuu

Haha no, I don’t do convention in other country than France, maybe Switzerland one day. But I actually have family in Malaysia and this summer I will go. This is the nie closer I can get to Singapore xD

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ur one of the most adorable people in this fandom and ur so pure I love u baby :((((( im gonna cry the day u meet Taylor and im pretty sure she loves a whole lot I MEAN?? HOW CAN SHE NOT???? I hope ur having a great day today!!!! I wish you clear skin, good hair days, the best set of friends and I wish u get to meet Taylor really soon <3 you'd make her laugh and giggle and ur just the best hihi!! all the love xx -jess

i.. love you so much i don’t know what to say i have so many nice messages rn and i don’t know WHY??? thank you so much for sending this it means so much to me i love yyou

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What are Seventeen's daily routines with their S/O?

this is pretty long so is it ok if i just did the hiphop unit? i can do the rest if you’d like in a separate post~~ 


  • goodmorning kiss to wake him up
  • the two of you drink coffee together and laugh at each others bedhead before going to work
  • texts you throughout the day,, sometimes he tells you about whats going on,, other times it’s just cheesy pick up lines and reminders that he loves you 
  • comes home super exhausted and passes out on the couch,, you cover him with a blanket and get dinner started 
  • you two eat dinner at the kitchen table and chat about this and that and while you’re clearing the plates he helps 
  • you catch him staring at you and you’re like ??? and he just grins because wow you’re so stunning, he’s so lucky 
  • you two have couple pajamas that you change into before falling asleep in each others arms 


  • you spend like 20 minutes trying to get him to wake up and all he does is like cling to the blankets and then when you think he’s gonna get up he pulls you down and nuzzles his face into your shoulder in sleep delirium and you’re like oh mY god WAKE UP 
  • you two eat like some oranges and drink some juice to kick start your day and you fix wonwoo’s hair because he didn’t brush it the right way 
  • shy kiss at the front door before you part ways
  • while he’s at work mingyu keeps stealing his phone and sending you pics of wonwoo doing random stuff 
  • wonwoo gets his phone back and apologizes 
  • ‘i miss you, see you at home’ texts
  • you get home first and it’s chilly so while you wait for wonwoo to get home you put on his sweater 
  • he comes home and you run up to hug him and he looks at what your wearing and kinda just smiles
  • you two order takeout because 2 tired 2 cook 
  • accidentally fall asleep on the couch while eating said takeout and in the morning you two are aching because you probably slide off the couch at some point and so did wonwoo
  • but you two just grin because it’s cute and ah well 


  • wakes up earlier than you and tries to make breakfast but he burns the omelet so you two end up eating hotpockets 
  • you watch cartoons in the morning and laugh about them like kids
  • races you to see who gets to use the bathroom first because again …. you two are like kids
  • before you go to work, mingyu gives you like three million forehead kisses before surprising you with a peck on the lips before running down the street because he’s probably late
  • at work you get a text and it’s just mingyu telling you this joke hoshi told him
  • he’s the type to be like ‘maybe i can sneak out to meet you for lunch’
  • thirty minutes later you get a text: ‘hoshi caught me,,,,,i can’t meet you today - but one day!’ 
  • when u get home he’s already like splayed out in the living room playing video games and eating popcorn or something
  • you join him
  • you two find whatever you can in the fridge, mix it together, and eat it in hopes that you won’t get sick
  • spend the rest of the evening like playing games or watching movies and cuddling 
  • when u go to sleep, mingyu like wraps you up in his arms and it’s so warm and nice and you hear him mumble ‘i love you’ softly into your hair 


  • you wake him up and he’s like “it’s still dark?” and so you have to move the hair from his face and be like “how about now?” and he just gets embarrassed like right my hair….was in my face….
  • hides under his blankets until you agree to leave and let him get ready
  • you two eat like some toast and put on the radio to listen to 
  • you and vernon do little dances in the kitchen together but vernon always gets blushy and stop
  • before you two leave for work he asks you to check if everything looks ok
  • you give him a kiss and he’s like “oh my god” and you’re like “good luck today!!”
  • calls you during lunch break because he wants to hear your voice but claims that it’s just because he wanted to know if you did the grocery shopping yet 
  • you two get home and actually figure out you need to go grocery shopping
  • you go down to the mart and the two of you argue over which cereal brand to buy until you agree on like fruit loops
  • you eat fruit loops for dinner because why not
  • you play some video games, vernon does some work on his laptop and you on yours 
  • you meet up to go to bed and while you’re laying there vernon sort of scoots closer and takes your hand in his and it’s just a nice end to the day… 
Pregnancy vlog-Mino -award show + finally seeing the bump.



“Good morning guys, you probably just saw the photos at the start of the video, both of those where taken by my brother who has been spending some time with me whilst MinHo has been away on tour, he’s been gone for a month or so now. I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant which is proving a lot harder than I ever imagined it to be, 21 weeks is 5 months, 1 weeks which means I’m almost at the half way line. Baby Song is now the size of a mango and is around 15cm because he is actually larger than a normal baby, Also I did find out that were having a boy, sadly MinHo couldn’t be there but I will let him know tonight, I’m an MC for a music award show today and so I’m very excited and we’ve managed to squeeze in an announcement in there, just for MinHo. 

As for any symptoms, I’ve got slight heartburn but that isn’t too bad, also baby has started to really kick now, which means I can see when he kicks. Also my back has been aching recently which is awful so hopefully it won’t play up tonight on live tv,” I chuckled, stretching in bed and looking at the clock. I stood up and rubbed my belly, Walking towards the stairs. 

“MinHo arrives back in Seoul today so I’m going to go meet him at the airport but first I’m going for breakfast with IKON, which should be fun, obviously I’ve been close to them since I can remember but I haven’t had a meal with them for a while. So it should be super fun to finally see them again.” I grabbed the milk out of the fridge and a glass from the cupboard. 

“The reason I’m drinking milk is because it really soothes my heartburn and also I’ll eat a breakfast bar before I leave just to make sure Me and the baby don’t get really hungry on the way,” I yawned, Pouring the milk and drinking some of it, standing up to go upstairs. “I’ll have a shower, get dressed and then I’ll check in with you when the boys are here to pick me up,” I smiled, turning off the camera.

—— —— —— —— —— —— 

“Hey everyone, I’ve just got on the airplane back home, I’ve been on tour with the boys for a month and Y/N has probably gotten big now so I can’t wait to see her, also she said that the midwife couldn’t find out the gender yet but the baby is completely healthy and still big for his age. Also I got some food and presents for her from china wh-”

“Hey!” TaehYun smiled, waving at the camera, I sighed and pointed the camera towards him. “I helped pick out some stuff for her!” He grinned, then pushed the camera back towards me.

“Anyway, we have an award show today and Y/N is the MC which makes me slightly nervous because when I talked to her on the phone, she said that her back had be aching recently,” I sighed.

“This is also going to be the last promotion time that MinHo is going to be involved in so were all really sad because he won’t be doing anything with us for about a year,” JinWoo pouted, I nodded and turned off the camera.

—— —— —— —— —— ——

“So the boys have come to pick me up! They’re currently waiting outside in the car, I’m just going to put my shoes on and then I’ll be off,” I smiled, showing my outfit and then bending down to get my shoes, the door wide open. 

“Let me do that!” Bobby shouted, I looked up and laughed, sitting on the door step as Bobby put my shoes on for me.

“I can do things by myself you know,” I laughed, he chuckled back and shook his head. 

“I just didn’t want you to hurt yourself, by the way, that is the cutest bump I have ever seen, The boys are going to love it,” Bobby smiled.

“You talk about my bump as if it was an item of jewelry,” I smiled,

“No I mean that the shirt really makes the bump look really cute,” Bobby told me, tying my shoelace and helping me up. 

“thank you,” I smiled. I looked at the camera, “If your wondering I did put this top on so it would really frame the bump and that way MinHo can see it a lot better when I go pick him up,” I smiled.

“Hey guys,” I smiled, climbing into the back of the van, next to Yunhyeong, B.I then got in on my other side. 

“Your bump is so big now!” Yunhyeong grinned, pinching my cheek. 

“stop it, leave her alone,” JinHwan scolded. 

“If you put your hand right here, you can feel him kicking,” I smiled, Yunhyeong and B.I both placed the hand on my belly, the baby song kicked harder. 

“He’s really playful,” I smiled. Jinhwan and Donghyuk leaned over and placed their hands on my belly as well, grinning at the feeling. 

“How hungry are you?” JunHoe asked, I looked at him, 

“very hungry,” I smiled. 

“Then lets go get chicken,” JunHoe grinned, I nodded and sat up straight in my seat.

“Do you have a name for the baby yet?” Bobby asked, I nodded,

“Me and MinHo said if it’s a girl we’d name it Joy but if it’s a boy we’d name him Dae and call him Daebak as a nickname,” I smiled.

“Is it a boy or a girl?” Chanwoo asked, I smiled,

“You’ll find out tonight,” I smiled, They all groaned and pouted.

—— —— —— —— ——- ——

“I’m now arriving at the airport to meet MinHo, everyone else has gone home and he’s waiting for me,” I smiled, pointing the camera towards the airport door, walking in and walking towards the waiting area. 

“Y/N-Unnie~ Anyonghaseyo!” Someone called from behind me, I turned to see a group of young girls waving and smiling I waved and smiled back. “Can we have a picture please?” They asked, I nodded and walked over to them.

“You have to make it quick though, MinHo’s waiting for me,” I smiled, They nodded and quickly took the picture. After that I continued to walk towards where MinHo was sat waiting for me. 

“Guys, he’s sat right there,” I smiled, pointing towards him. He was staring down at his phone, tapping his foot, headphones in. Of course he had a cap on and I smiled, thinking of a great idea. I walked over and smacked the top of his cap, causing it to go over his eyes. 

“YAH! HOW D- Y/N?” He shouted, his eyes landed on me and he smiled, I waved and smiled back.

“OH! I’ve missed you so much!” He grinned, pulling me into his arms.

“Be careful, You’ll squash the baby!” I scolded him, he pulled away and looked down at the bump, his eyes lit up.

“That’s our baby in there, our baby Y/N,” He whispered, I nodded and wiped away a tear I hadn’t even noticed I’d let slip. “You’ve grown so much,” He whispered, getting on his knees, placing his head on my bump. Almost instantly he felt a kick on his cheek, his smile widened and a tear slipped from his eye as his hand replaced his face. “Hello little one, please be gentle, we don’t want mummy to be in pain okay?” He whispered, I smiled and ran my fingers through his hair. 

“It doesn’t hurt does it?” He asked, I shook my head, he sniffled and wiped his tears, kissed the bump and stood up. “Lets go home, we’ve both got a long night ahead,” He smiled, I nodded and took hold of his pinky with mine, swinging it between the two of us. 

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—— —— —— —— —— ——

“Were home now and Y/N is in the shower, shes currently getting ready for tonight, She came to the airport earlier as you probably all saw and I don’t even know how to express my happiness towards the change that’s happened. And by change I mean her baby bump, she’s so round now and we’ve always known baby Song is big for his age but she’s quite big now and it scares me how much he or she has grown, I’m afraid of her going into labor to be honest. I know it’s way too soon but I can’t help but worry what will happen when she does go into labor, I just want both of them to be healthy and I want everything to run smoothly,” I sighed, laying on the bed, waiting for Y/N to come out of the bathroom, where she was getting ready. 

“I just hope she handles it well,” I sighed.

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“Yeobo! The dress makes me look too fat!” Y/N shouted.

“What are you talking about!?” I laughed, “Your not fat!” I shouted back to her. I heard the bathroom door open and I sat up on the bed, she peaked around the door, face glowing due to make up and hair elegantly framing her face.

“It makes the bump look really big when it’s not even that big,” She sighed, I motioned for her to step out of the bathroom.

She stepped out of the bathroom and I shook my head.

“You absolutely perfect, Our baby is bigger than average anyway, it doesn’t matter how big the bump is, I want to be able to show off the bump to everyone,” I told her, she nodded and came over to me, I kissed the bump and she grinned. “Now, let me take a picture of you,” I smiled.

(I wanted to use this actress as an example, I know she’s Korean and I know most of your probably aren’t Korean but I just liked the dress and hair style)

“I’m posting that on my twitter and Instagram,” I smiled,

“Tag me in it, I’m going to get my shoes,” She sighed.

“They aren’t heels are they?” I asked, she shook her head.

—— —— —— —— —— ——

“Good evening to everyone here and at home watching this live!” Kwanghee cheered into the microphone, I smiled and waved, holding my MC cards. “Me and Y/N are here on stage of the Melon music awards as MC’s, as you can probably tell, Y/N is pregnant, I just wanted to say congratulations to both you and your husband Song MinHo from Winner. Your going to be great parents and I hope I can be invited to your house to meet your baby one day,” He smiled.

“Thank you, I’m sure MinHo would love to have you over, well, today is a big day and I hope all of you at home, and of course here, are happy with all the results,” I smiled.

“Okay so the first award is for best male rookie group, for that we have the following rookies, ASTRO, KNK, NCT-U and IMFACT!” Kwanghee cheered, I took the envelope in my hand and waited as a segment of each of their music videos played behind us.

“And the winner is……ASTRO!” I smiled, the crowd cheered and I took hold of the trophy, handing it to them when they got up on stage, each of them hugged me or touched my belly and thanked me.

—— —— —— —— —— ——

“Okay, the winner for best Style Icon is……WINNER, but before they come up here Y/N has an announcement just for MinHo, go ahead Y/N”

“Well, MinHo, when you called me asking if I knew the gender of our baby, I told you that the doctor wasn’t able to find out, but that’s a lie, I wanted to announce it here today, Kwanghee helped me plan this also, I know you wanted a boy but didn’t mind if the baby was a girl. I’m happy to tell you that were expecting a baby boy!” I smiled. I could see MinHo running towards the stage, his band members close behind. He almost tripped up the stairs but made it to me safely. wrapping his arms around me and kissing my lips. 

“thank you, thank you so much,” MinHo sobbed into my shoulder, I patted his back, soothing him. 

“Isn’t this the cutest thing on Melon award history!?” Kwanghee shouted, MinHo pulled away and laughed, grabbing a microphone. 


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“Second, I want to thank everyone who voted for us,” He smiled, I smiled and hugged each of his members. 

“Congratulations on your son and winning the award,” Kwanghee smiled.


dear @taylorswift ,

you’re a huge inspiration to me and i really hope u do a Toronto (or Canada) secret session that i’m invited to. See, i will always support and love you the best i can, unfortunately i can’t afford merch or concert tickets and i never have been able to, ive never seen u live or met u or even interacted with u in the slightest. but i know you’re there when i listen to ur music and feel something; whether that’s happiness, sadness, love or even anger (eff the media 😘) anyways to wrap this up, i just want u to know how much i love and support u and i hope we get to meet one day.


all the love,

Holly 🖤

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Eww I️ can’t believe u support killing animals😒😒

Maybe it was the way I grew up Anon. My father used to hunt deer and still fishes to this very day. Yes, I eat meat including venison. The only difference between us aside from our diet is that I don’t judge people for such things. When I meet people that are vegetarians/vegans or those who don’t believe in hunting I simply tell them they are a beautiful soul for that. Despite my own beliefs I still love animals and even hope to one day run my own wolf sanctuary/rescue. I’ve helped many homeless pets go to good homes and even helped animals that were in bad situations. Doesn’t make me a bad person though.

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