i hope i can make more now that i don't have exams

How to study productively in a short period of time 

If you have a quiz, test, or something you need to study for in two days or tomorrow, that’s for you! Well, the best thing is to study in advance, but unexpected can always happen! 

  • Alright alright first thing first: don’t panic. That’s not exactly the most useful tip here, but it’s true. If you panic about your time, you’ll get distracted by your thoughts and stressed. Just relax, take a deep breath, try again and know that you can do this. 
  • Now real tip about study method: if you’re one of those people (including me) that likes to do summaries while reading, or doing summaries after reading, don’t do it if you have a short period of time. Reading your notes it’s alright, or even making flashcards, but doing long summaries on your notebook will take your time and you will advance more slowly. Try reading what you have to read and then again if you need to, and then make questions about it. Like a little quiz about the chapter you just read, the things you think that are the most important or everything. It’ll help you memorize them and it won’t consume all of your time. 
  • I think that’s a tip that all “how to study productively” posts have, but in our present situation it’s even more important: remove distractions. If you have like 6 hours to study and your phone keeps distracting you, then soon you’ll lost one hour of reading. Try studying without music just this one time! I know you wanna listen to One Direction, Beethoven or whatever you listen to when you’re studying, but sometimes music can take your thoughts elsewhere and it won’t be good!
  • Know your time! Don’t push yourself, don’t go sleep too late and take little breaks, maybe of ten minutes, but know for how long you’ve been studying. Studying a lot in a short period of time, and without breaks won’t make things better for you and your head, so don’t forget to take a deep breath and maybe a cup of water from time to time.
  • Keep in mind that every student once had to study for something just one day before. Well, most of them anyways. Like I said, the unexpected can always happen and some people can’t be organized all the time. Yeah buddy you’ve got this, and just stay focused!

Hope these can help somehow. I decided to write them like yesterday because I was finishing something really late… Well, I wish the best of luck for everyone! Don’t give up (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧