i hope i can keep my screaming internal

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Can you please draw a cute kitty following Adrien everywhere? I thought this could be cute & funny because I reckon Adrien honestly wouldn't mind it ❤

(ANIMATED GIF)  Here you go, anon!  I hope you like this super quick little animation!  <3  Animation people, please don’t judge me, lolol

At home:

Adrien:  “PLEASE, Father, can we keep him?  I’ll take care of him myself!  Please, please, please?” 

Gabriel:  “We are not adopting some filthy stray.”

Adrien:  “But Father… I LOVE HIM! What would Mom say?”

Cue Adrien’s giant puppy dog/kitty cat eyes:

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Gabriel*internal screaming* He did NOT just use the Mom card on me.

Gabriel:  *pinches bridge of his nose*  “Very well.”

Adrien:  “THANK YOU, FATHER! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!”  *Skips away merrily*

Gabriel*sigh*  FML

I need your help (again)

Hello again everyone, once again the month is coming to a close and once again I don’t have enough money for my rent.
My rent and council tax are due around the 30th and I need around £550 to cover them both. I did manage to save a little more than normal this month however we received a call from our old agency saying that we owe the owner more money(details available on request), I really thought we’d heard the last of them but apparently not. Also although things are now moving forward with my partners benefits we’ve hit another road block ad they aren’t going to be giving us the £4/500 we should be getting this month. On top of this my work hours are still fluctuating although they are starting to gradually increase.

So yes, in total my rent is £730 and my council tax is £220(It’s high this month and again I can explain that) which is a total of £950, I have about £400 at the moment…

If you feel you can help please send what you can via paypal to fgcopping@gmail.com or donate using the buttons on my blog, any amount will help. I’m sorry I have to keep asking, I can only hope I don’t have to do this again next month… I am really trying to get back on top of everything.


Joshua Farris Give Me Love || 2015 US Figure Skating Championships