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sharp-sparks  asked:

I woke up thinking of asking you this question and it just hasn't left me alone, so: If Solas is slated to return for the next DA game, would you rather Weekes continue being responsible for writing his character or have someone else take up that responsibility?

Good question!

Short answer: Nah he needs to finish what he started even though its gonna take some leaps and bounds of suspending belief to reconcile whats about to go down in DA4.

Long answer: I feel Weekes can’t do what needs to be done and make Solas an antagonist. Solas is an awkward, somewhat geeky guy with undeniably violent intentions and the power to back it up who needs to be defeated. He’s a villain. Thats it. I get Solas is really dense and has to be proven wrong 5x more than the average person – its my favorite aspect of him and #relatable – but hes still a villain. He’s not the unsung dark knight of this story; hes the monster.

I feel the reluctance to admit that – that Solas isnt the misunderstood sad soul with excusable but necessary methods his creator insists he is – has hurt his character substantially. Its like the worst parts of him are protected so Weekes can keep spinning him as an anti-hero. I felt my hands were tied and my dialogue was limited when it came to challenging or confronting Solas in any real capacity in hopes of my son growing and learning one (1) whole lesson. His evil is excused as sad but necessary. His arrogance is accepted as wisdom. We forgive his awful viewpoints because he’s out of touch and sad; and at least your Inquisitor is ‘one of the good ones’ in his eyes.

Its all terribly illusioned and irritating and maybe a change of hands is necessary.

Even longer critique beneath if ya want more.

At any rate yall will see me with my $60 on release day anyway cause Im a sucker for Thedas, my criminal children, and even Sebastian.

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da:o companions react to finding out that the Warden is the Herald of Andraste

Alistair: Is floored. All that time together, and the Herald of Andraste was right by his side? He’s amazed…and honestly, a little bit unsure. Did they know about Andraste? Did they just not trust him? He reassures himself that it was just never the right time. If King: Will assist them in any way he can with the resources Ferelden can spare, and immediately organises a strong alliance with the Inquisition. He also suspects that the title may be more of a political play than anything, but a part of him does still wonder. If romanced: His self-doubt is still the same, but he also cannot help but wonder if this rumour and title might not be true. Surely the Warden would have told him something so important, especially after he told them his secret. He decides to put his faith in his love and find out the truth for himself. 

Oghren: Doesn’t really understand the significance of this. He assumes it’s just another fancy title for them, and hey, they deserve another one, so who is he to disagree? The moment he hears about the actual danger the Herald is in, he practically barrels his way over to the Inquisition because there is no way that the Warden is facing this bullshit without him by their side.

Sten: He disapproves of the Warden if they accept this title, as he obviously doesn’t particularly care about the human’s beloved god. If he only hears of this as a rumour, he dismisses it immediately. He knows that the Warden is more logical than to think that they were sent by a god. He does make sure to have a discreet conversation with the Ben-Hassrath about their safety, clearly because the Warden holds the fate of the whole world in their hand again and their safety is very important.

Shale: Like Oghren, they don’t understand the significance, and quite frankly, they don’t care. They haven’t managed to keep up with all of the squishy Warden’s accolades, and just assumes it’s yet another one of them. When the danger of the Breach becomes obvious, Shale pretends that they don’t care, but over the following weeks, finds themselves travelling closer and closer to the Inquisition. Eventually, they’ll appear at the gates of the Inquisition and announce that they are here to “make sure that the squishy one doesn’t do anything foolish.”

Zevran: Zevran would likely understand that the title was a political play, and would be more concerned with how the Herald was coping with the new social pressures, especially non-Andrastian Heralds. Gradually, he would make his way towards the Inquisition’s base, sussing out the political landscape and trying to make sure that there was no way his former associates could sneak a knife into the Herald’s back. He would eventually join up with Leliana and help to protect their old friend. If romanced: He rushed back to their side the moment they were captured, and had to be stopped by Leliana from sneaking into the cell and busting the Warden out. He stays at their side through the entire events of Inquisition and helps to protect them from would-be assassins and assists Leliana.

Leliana: She obviously already knew that it was just something that the people had been saying, and that the Inquisition had been encouraging. She had been mortified to see her old friend injured and hurt at the Conclave and adamantly defended them against the remaining Chantry clerics’ accusations. She made sure to post guards outside their cell to make sure that nobody could sneak in. After hearing the Warden’s story about what happened in the Fade, she couldn’t help but wonder about the woman who was with them. Somewhere deep inside herself, a part of her dared to hope it was Andraste looking over them once more. If romanced: Doesn’t leave their side until they wake. She has already lost so much to this disaster, she is not going to lose her love as well. She constantly asks the Warden about the mark on their hand, and is upset at how much pain it is causing them. She wishes there was more she could do. 

Morrigan: When she heard that her friend was the Herald of Andraste, she laughed. The lengths that foolish religious folk would go to justify something they could not possibly bring themselves to understand. She pitied the Warden for having to be so heavily involved with the Chantry, particularly if the Warden is non-human and doesn’t care for the Chantry. She is much more fond of the title of Inquisitor and finds it much more appropriate for her old friend (though it brings up bad memories of traipsing through Orzammar to find nugs). She makes sure to try and influence the empress to be more open to the Inquisition. When she is assigned to the Inquisition, she is glad to be reunited with her old friend and speaks with them frequently. She would even say she begins to feel nostalgic. If romanced: She won’t be Chantry-affiliated and join the Inquisition at the beginning, but she will aid the Warden however she can. She tries to help with the pain of the Mark as much as possible, and is frustrated when nothing seems to be helping. 

Loghain: Understands immediately that the title is a political play, and he rolls his eyes at the thought of the Warden being subjected to the games of pompous nobles. Again. He continues to flee from the Wardens but would likely make his way to the Inquisition to meet up with his old companion. He is sure that they would understand the clarity of the Wardens’ situation, and would shelter him from the rest of them. He knows that the Warden would already have a rocky relationship with the Warden-Commander of Orlais after what happened during the Blight, so he would feel somewhat safer behind Inquisition walls for a time. Besides, while he’s there, he can help keep the Warden safe from harm, and probably oversee the Inquisition’s commander’s work and offer some…discreet advice here and there. He was not known as the Hero of River Dane for nothing, after all. 

Wynne: On a day when the Warden was doubting themselves, Cole suddenly appeared next to them and said, “Gentle, warm, so very kind; she watches over you. She remembers; flashes of a campfire, a healing hand, a dragon circling overhead. She knows you. She wants you to know: “I’m here. I have faith in you. There is nobody else more capable of defeating this evil. My old friend…believe in yourself.””Cole smiled. “She is kind, like a mother, a teacher. I like her.”

Dog: Is right by the Herald’s side. He really doesn’t like the glowy mark on the Warden’s hand because he knows that it is hurting them, so he tries to lick it to make the pain go away. He doesn’t get along with Chancellor Roderick at all and once tried to tear off the back of Roderick’s Chantry robes. For some strange reason, he tends to growl at Solas quite a lot.

Fic: Mending the pieces - Part 2

This was supposed to be a oneshot, but it ended on a bit of a cliffhanger…so here’s the happy ending some of you requested. Enjoy reading :)

Read Part 1 here

Word count: 2,575 | Read the entire fic on AO3


Alec paused for a moment before replying. It was strange hearing from Magnus again, after nothing but radio silence for almost a week. “Hey. What’s up?”

“One of my fellow warlocks just called me, she said that there was something wrong with her clearance – she wanted to trade potions this morning in Central Park just as she always does, and apparently she got in trouble with some shadowhunters. They said that she didn’t have the clearance or something to do that. She’s been doing this for years. How can there be a problem all of a sudden?”

Alec frowned, trying his best to make his voice sound as professional as he could. “Uh…that might be because the Inquisitor has recently extended the restrictions on potion trading. But as far as I know, those restrictions are only about the stuff that is already prohibited. There shouldn’t be any problems. But I’ll have someone from the security department look into it.”

Magnus’ voice sounded nothing but polite and professional when he answered. “That would be great. Thank you.”

“No problem. Is that all or do you need anything else?”

“No…uh…actually, I meant to ask you something. Even though that is no longer of my business.” Alec heard Magnus take a deep breath on the other end before he continued speaking. “How are you doing?”

Alec sighed. “Depends…do you want the standard answer or the actual one?”

The polite, distant tone in Magnus’ voice was all gone when he replied. Instead, he sounded “I know I have no right to request anything from you right now, but…an honest answer one would be great.”

Alec ignored the slight ache in his chest as he listened to Magnus referring to him and the issue of honesty all over again. To distract himself, he reached over to his nightstand and picked up the silver bracelet Magnus had left there a couple of weeks ago. While he ran his fingers over the metal and the intricate patterns engraved into it, he thought of how to word his answer.  

“Look…I guess there is no good way to say this, but…I don’t feel good. Not at all. I’m sorry if this is more information than you wanted, but you asked for it.”

That last sentence came out way harsher than Alec had intended it to be, and despite everything, he felt bad.  “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so rude. I guess I’m just…tired”, he said and rubbed his hand over his eyes.

“It’s okay, Alec. I wanted to know and you’re being honest. I guess you could be a lot harsher to me and I would still deserve it”, Magnus responded.

There was another moment of silence and Magnus sighed. “This is way more awkward than I expected it to be. I should go…this was not a good idea after all, I- “

“I miss you”, Alec blurted out before Magnus could hang up. “You probably don’t want to hear this, but I do.”

Another few seconds silence followed, no less awkward than before. When Magnus spoke again, however, his voice didn’t sound as strained as earlier. There was still a cautious tone to it, but he sounded softer, like the words were coming from his heart rather than from his head.  

“I miss you too.”

The only thing Alec could hear after that was his blood rushing through his veins and his rapid heartbeat. He stared at the wall across from his bed, totally at a loss for words. He’d been expecting many things, but definitely not Magnus missing him too. Not after how he’d looked at him during the council meeting.

“Look”, the warlock continued, “this is weird on the phone. I don’t know if you want to but maybe if you have time…we could meet up and talk about things? Of course you have every right to say no, but…I would really appreciate it if we could talk in person.”

Despite his head was yelling at him that he should know better, Alec let his lips pull into a cautious smile. “It really is weird. Are you at home?”

“I am.”

“Good. I’m on my way.”


Over time, Alec had memorized the way to Magnus’ apartment by heart. Usually, his walks from the Institute to Brooklyn were filled with happiness and excitement. Today, however, he just felt weird – hopeful and terrified at the same time. After all, Magnus agreeing to talk to him was more than he had gotten for the past week. But with everything that had happened between them, Alec was dreading to face Magnus again.  

Hands stuffed into the pockets of his jacket, he stepped into the elevator of Magnus’ apartment building and ran through the sheer countless possible scenarios of what could happen – from Magnus forgiving him to something going terribly wrong and making their situation even more complicated. Although, as he had to admit himself, things could hardly get any worse than they already were.

When the elevator stopped with a high “ping” noise and the doors slid open, he took a deep breath before heading towards the polished black door of penthouse number 1. Alec raised his hand and knocked at the door, then took a step back and waited for Magnus to open. He heard shuffling steps inside the apartment, moving slowly towards the door and then the lock clicked and Magnus stood right in front of him.

The warlock looked tired, incredibly so. His eyes, usually the first hint at how Magnus was feeling, seemed darker than usual, toned down and dull.  Judging from his shiny blue silk shirt, the silver necklaces and matching eye shadow, Magnus was trying his best to hide that, but Alec had always been able to see right through his many façades and coping mechanisms. And although they had broken up, that had not changed.

This Magnus was nothing like the proud, confident warlock Alec loved so much. He seemed empty, burned out – and hurting just as much as Alec.

Instinctively, Alec wanted to reach out to Magnus, to pull him in and hug him until all his pain vanished. But then he reminded himself that he was the reason for Magnus feeling so bad in the first place and held himself back. Instead, he looked at Magnus and tried a careful smile. “Hey.”

“Hey”, the warlock responded, voice somewhat soft and eyes no longer as cold as they had been back at the Institute. “Come in.”

Alec walked past Magnus and then paused – under normal circumstances, he would have left his boots and jacket in the hallway and then joined Magnus in whatever the warlock was doing. Today, he hesitated. Entering Magnus’ apartment usually felt like coming home. Today, Alec felt like he was a guest walking into the place of a stranger.  

The shadowhunter tried his best to ignore that feeling, waited for Magnus to close the door and then followed him inside the living room, where Magnus motioned for him to sit down on the couch. Alec sat down in his usual spot, the warlock taking a seat across from him.

“You want a drink? I could use one.”

Alec shook his head. “I’m good.”

“Just one for me, then”, Magnus said and with a wave of his hand, a glass appeared on the coffee table. Alec watched Magnus pick up the glass, take a sip and then stare into it, as if the solution to all of their problems lay in a glass of whiskey-rocks.

Neither of them said anything, the silence wavering between them like an awkward barrier. To avoid staring at Magnus and make this even more unpleasant, Alec started to play with the fringes of one of the expensive couch cushions.

That didn’t help much though, if anything, it made the quiet even more suffocating. So Alec took a deep breath, tried to pull himself together as best as he could, and approached the gigantic elephant in the room.

“You know you could have just called the Institute general office this morning”, he blurted out. “Someone from the ops center would have picked up. They would have been able to help you much faster than I did. You didn’t have to call me.”

“I know that”, Magnus said slowly, absentmindedly swirling his drink in his glass. “But I wanted to.”

Alec frowned. “Why?”

“Because I wanted to talk to you.” The warlock took a deep breath, almost as if he had to brace himself for something. “And because I need to apologize.”

Alec rose his head and looked at the warlock. He didn’t quite believe what he’d just heard, and didn’t want to let himself build up hope. Not after having his heart shattered by the very person sitting across from him just a couple of days ago.  

So he didn’t say anything, just looked at Magnus, who had now placed his glass back on the coffee table and was looking straight at him.  

As if he were sensing Alec’s distrust, Magnus breathed out shakily and scooted a bit closer to Alec before he continued speaking.
“I know I broke things off between us, and it’s all my fault that we are like…this.” He motioned to the distance between them – both the literal and figurative one - and sighed. “I thought…that if we both went into all those decisions level-headed, if we didn’t have to worry about our people and each other, that all of this would be easier.”

“As if I would stop worrying about you just because we broke up”, Alec interjected and watched as Magnus cringed. But he didn’t feel sorry for his words. They were the truth.  

Magnus smiled sadly at the shadowhunter. “I know that now. But after everything that happened with the Soul Sword I was so mad and disappointed, it seemed like the only way to move on. And I am deeply sorry for that, you have to believe me, Alec”

Now it was Alec’s time to feel guilty. He reached out and gently took Magnus’ hand, smiling tentatively as the warlock’s stern features softened.

“You had every right to be mad about the sword. I should have told you right away, not keep it a secret from you. I’m sorry too, for betraying your trust like that.”

Magnus just shrugged. “We both made mistakes, did things we’re not proud of. But we can’t change that. But if there is anything good about mistakes, it’s that we can learn from them. And what I learned over these past few days is that I miss you terribly, Alexander.”

Alec felt his heart flutter at the sound of the name he’d hated so much growing up, but that sounded so beautiful coming from Magnus. Warmth started spreading in his chest and throughout his entire body as he realized where this conversation might be going. “I miss you too.”

Magnus reached out and grabbed Alec’s free hand, running his thumb softly at Alec’s knuckles. “Being apart from you also taught me another thing – that making decisions completely on my own doesn’t work so well for me anymore. Not since I met you. So I was wondering…if we promise each other that from now on there will be no more secrets between us, that we will always be honest to each other, no matter what – maybe you’d want to give this, us, another try?”

For a moment, Alec couldn’t do anything but stare at the warlock. It was only when he saw Magnus’ amused smile that he realized that he was supposed to say something. “Yeah”, he muttered, unable to hide the smile that was pulling at his lips, “I’d love that.”

The warlock let out a beautiful, soft laugh. “Great. So…does that mean that you and me, we’re good?”

Alec chuckled. “We’re good.”                                                                                                                                    

And then he couldn’t help but close the distance between them. He pulled Magnus into a crushing hug and buried his face in the warlock’s shoulder, breathing in the familiar scent of fresh laundry and expensive cologne. As he felt his boyfriend relax into the embrace, the tension stored up in Alec’s body started to slowly fade away, making room for fluttering, bubbly happiness. And that happiness only multiplied when he felt Magnus’ fingers brush over his hair and his lips press a gentle kiss to his temple.  

“I love you so much, Alexander.”

Alec lifted his head, so he could look into Magnus’ eyes. The warlock had dropped his glamour and as always, the sight of Magnus’ natural eye color in the soft lighting of the loft left Alec completely in awe.

“I love you too”, he murmured and then leaned in to finally kiss Magnus.

That kiss was like so many kisses they’d shared before and yet felt like their first kiss all over again. It started out slow and gentle, a question that was quickly answered as it turned more passionate and loving. Magnus’ arms were steady around the shadowhunter, holding him and keeping him as close as they possibly could be. Alec gave back with everything he had, he poured all the love he had into the kiss as well as all the hurt and tears from the past few days, making the warlock shiver.

That kiss was making up for lost time as well as promising so much more for the future. It was giving and taking, remembering and promising, apologizing and forgiving – and it was everything Alec needed.

When they broke apart, both slightly out of breath, Alec hugged Magnus once more, leaning their foreheads together and relishing the feeling of having Magnus back in his arms.  

“No more secrets”, Alec breathed.

Magnus leaned away so he could look at Alec and then nodded, his cat gleaming like molten amber. “No more secrets.”

Alec moved back towards Magnus, but the warlock stopped him with a hand on his arm. Alec frowned and searched the warlock’s face for any clue what was going on, but Magnus just averted his gaze and bit his lip. “Actually, there is something I need to tell you. It’s about the Seelie queen. I spoke to one of her knights the other day and - “

Alec reached out and put one finger on the warlock’s lips, successfully shushing him. “Can we maybe not talk about the war right now? I know this is important, but I just got you back and…I don’t know, if it’s not about life or death, can we just save the work talk for later?”

Magnus beamed, his hand wandering up from Alec’s arm to his face, cupping his cheek. “That is completely fine by me, Alexander.”

And when they kissed again, Alec knew that even though this would not have been their last argument, they would never let something like this drive them apart again. Whatever came next, they would face it together. As a team and as a couple.

Naturally, it would never be easy. Alec knew that that there would always be times where they would not be on the same page. Especially when it came to decisions that effected both of their people. After all, both of them were leaders who had to look out not only for themselves, but for others as well.

The High Warlock of Brooklyn and the Head of the New York Institute would always have their differences. They would have opposite goals. Their interests would conflict. They would argue.

But Magnus and Alec? They would be okay.  

Cheesy Iron BullxAdaar pregnancy drabble

Really really, really cheesy. Shameless fluff and perhaps somewhat ooc, as I’m still getting Iron Bull’s and Dorian’s personalities down and this is my first time writing anything for Dragon age.

We did talk about this… She kept reminding herself, pacing back in forth in her quarters. We discussed the possibility this could happen and agreed, we’d do this together. She could feel her friend’s eyes on her, watching the way she paced back and forth. But what if he wasn’t serious? What if he freaks out and leaves? What if he doesn’t really want to be with me? What if it was just sex?


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how to waste a day in swr: a guide by sheepfulsheepyardinspace

hello, everyone! I’m sure that you, like me, have missed the Ghost crew between episodes and would like to spend all day with them instead of things like school or work and BOY HOWDY I am here to offer my completely unsolicited opinion with a wonderful fic rec of how to do just that!


Black Mirror by @darthnickels; 70K, incomplete but on-going. “The Ghost crew returns to the Lothal when they hear the Empire is investigating the Jedi Temple there. They learn Vader is alone and decide to take him out– but what they find could change the course of Galactic history.” 

- get ready for a whirlwind of fun with Black Mirror! It’s not an exclusive Rebels fic but the crew features heavily in there and is written wonderfully in-character. It revolves mostly around Vader and the general craziness that happens when you introduce him to his son and Obi-Wan…and what happens when you put a leash for the galaxy’s biggest butcher in the hands of Ahsoka Tano, Rebel agent.

[cw: general gore and medical surgery and harm + screwy mind stuff and Vader killing people in a variety of gross and gory ways]

On the Edge of the Devil’s Backbone by @bedlamsbard; 150K, incomplete but on-going. “Ten years after she vanished during an Imperial raid on a Twi'lek colony, Cham Syndulla sees his daughter Hera for the first time in a hologram – now wearing the uniform of an Imperial agent and apparently working closely with a human Inquisitor.”

- I’m sure that many if not all of the swr fandom has read this awesome fic, but the list would be incomplete without it! It’s a Dark AU that answers the question “what if the Ghost crew was Imperial?” Look no farther for fantastic world-building and the struggle of the Sith, Jedi, and everything in between as Hera and Kanan both try to outrace the past and stay loyal to the Empire while seemingly everything in the galaxy conspires to make them question their loyalty. Plus a spotlight on some of our favorite Clone Wars characters, starting with Cham Syndulla!

[cw: emotional manipulation and abuse, physical altercations, and implied non-con.] 


Talking to Strangers by Miri1984/@magesmagesmages; 20K, incomplete but on-going. “The crew of the Ghost have to take a trip to Tatooine for a pick up. Predictably, they run into trouble. And a few other things besides.” 

- this is pretty much the Luke Skywalker meeting the Ghost crew we’ve always wanted.

Close Only Counts by @gondalsqueen; 40K, complete. “Everything they do is dangerous, so they learn to compensate. Hera has at least two backup plans for any scenario. Whenever anyone else comes along on a mission, Kanan builds in a hefty margin of error, far more than a Jedi should need. But after all, you can’t really plan the future. And some falls are inevitable. A series of scenes tracing Kanan and Hera’s relationship through their years together on the Ghost.”

- it’s a pretty solid Kanera fic, but it’s literally some of the best characterization that you’ve ever seen. You can watch Kanan and Hera grow and develop over the years and even better, you get to watch the slow integration of Zeb, Sabine, and finally Ezra into the crew. It’s got glorious character dynamics and the relationship between Kanan and Hera and the rest of the crew is so genuine and believable. 

[cw: injury, battle, pregnancy scares, and explicit scenes.]

The Smuggler’s Moon by Optimistique; 15K, complete. “While running missions for the Rebellion, the Ghost crew is called to make a supply drop on the city world Nar Shaddaa. But even on non-Imperial worlds, enemies lie in wait. When Ezra is his master’s only hope, he may just learn the meaning of true sacrifice.”

Pirates and Jedi and ghosts, oh my! It’s a short but fantastic story that pretty much sums up the great parts of Rebels and Kanan and Ezra’s relationship.

[cw: injury and almost-death.]


Last of the Rebel Angels by ShannonPhillips/@worriedaboutmyfern ; 15K, complete. “Kanan isn’t here for revelation. He’s not here to save anybody’s soul. He’s just here to take a beating for the crowd and to walk away with a fistful of dirty twenties that’ll let him stay drunk for the next week or so. It’s not like there’s anyone left to judge him for it. [Star Wars Rebels modern-day angels AU.]”

- this is pretty much the best AU you could ever ask for. The characters translate so well into their situations and you get to see pre-Gorse Kanan in his full glory in a different universe. The religious aspects are well-done, well-though out, and well-researched, and just in general the entire fic is so enjoyable you won’t be able to stop reading. Especially once you meet Lucifer.

[cw: a little blood, demons and angels, and religion in general.]

Dying Breed by DuaeCat; 18K, incomplete. “Not long after the events on Gorse, Kanan and Hera investigate why the Bridger Transmissions have suddenly stopped. They uncover a little more than they were expecting.”

- it’s the Lasat!Ezra AU we all want and need and it’s awesome. Kanan’s his usual disgruntled self as he and Hera struggle to figure out how to help Ezra. It’s sad to meet an Ezra mostly untouched by street life, realizing how much those seven years must’ve changed him in canon, and also to realize how painfully vulnerable Ezra is as a Lasat compared to human. Watching Hera and Kanan pretend they know how to parent is literally the best thing ever.


Ghosts of Another Life by DuaeCat; 10K, incomplete. ““That boy was a nobody, a never-was. An unwelcome squatter in the back of his grey matter. Whenever Kanan had an idea that Caleb Dume would have agreed with, it was usually better to stay inside and order a double.“ - A New Dawn Ezra’s imaginary friend is somewhat more than imaginary, but not by much.”

- everything you’ve ever wanted and more. It’s poignant picture of Kanan’s mentality and Ezra’s also and how master and padawan were helping each other through the tough times before they even knew the other existed.

[cw: death and grief; living on the streets.]

A Different Vision of Hope by Space Opera Singer; 5K, incomplete. “”What was the last vision you had?” “I saw this bratty kid that constantly caused me trouble.” In which Kanan has a vision of Ezra before meeting him, misinterprets it, and thinks that the boy is his unborn son.”

- Kanan’s love for his unborn son is all-encompassing and the entire fic is just designed to both fill your heart with good feelings but also with dread for the inevitable heartbreak when you realize that Kanan will never actually get to meet his son.

For Love by DuaeCat. “Mira Bridger and the things she does for love.”

- written before it was confirmed that Seventh Sister wasn’t Mira Bridger, this one-shot spins a backstory where she was. It’s haunting and sort of mind-bending; trust me when I say you’ll never forget it.

[cw: emotional screwy mind stuff.]


The One Where Ezra is Pretty by @kablob17 and @mylordshesacactus; ““You sure there isn’t another way we could do this?” Hera shook her head. “Sabine was the only one eligible. The invitation is specifically for a human teenage girl, and she’s the only one we’ve got.” Or: Everyone is suddenly looking at Ezra.”

- Ghost crew hijinks and space family shenanigans where Ezra makes a great girl and Kanan permanently has a headache.

Heads Up by Aetherschreiber; “…or The Many Head Injuries of Kanan Jarrus. Anyone else ever notice how often Kanan gets whacked in the head and then is perfectly fine a couple minutes later, even to the point of being able to fight the duel of his life? No. No, no, no. The Force and adrenaline can only go so far. Time for a little pointless, Jedi-whumping gap-filler.”

- probably on par with the amount of times Anakin gets electrocuted, Kanan gets knocked out. It’s not only a realistic look at the bumps and scratches being a Rebel incurs, but also a nice behind-the-scenes look at the Ghost crew during downtime.

An Unexpected Habit by Jillie_chan; “Coming from Ezra this was the last thing anyone ever expected. Or rather: Five times Ezra ended up cuddling with a crew member.”

- the cute space family fluff we all need in our lives, as well as a bit of a sad look on how eight years on the streets influenced every aspect of Ezra’s life.

Reaching Through the Fog by Jillie_chan; “"I was afraid we’d find this.“ Hera sighed pointing to one of the drugs listed in Kanan’s system. "What is it?” Ezra asked. “Basically a Force Suppressor." "Is there any thing we can do?" "I wish there was."”

- a neat look at Ezra and Kanan’s relationship and Kanan’s loyalty to the crew…and how the Force feels to the Jedi, especially when it’s not there.

Downtime by DuaeCat; “It’s not all fighting the blowing things up and being in constant danger. Being a member of the Ghost crew comes with a lot of general life.”

- a series of one-shots dedicated to the in-betweens of terrorizing the Empire. Like haircuts.

Home Remedy by DuaeCat; “Kanan’s managed to catch a cold, and there’s nothing for it but to wait it out. That doesn’t sit well with the rest of the crew, and everyone has their own opinion on the best remedies for it.”

- the Ghost crew’s well-meaning. A little too well-meaning. Especially Sabine.


Stray by Space Opera Singer; “It was so easy to forget that Ezra grew up on the streets, since when he wasn’t picking pockets and slicing locks on missions, he had the personality of a mooka pup, all bright eyed and eager for attention. But then there were some moments when it was really driven home that there was a lot more to Ezra beneath the cheerful teenage façade he showed the world.”

- a story that not only shows the effect of living on the streets in Ezra’s life, but in Kanan and Zeb’s as well. Basically, the Ghost crew has struggled, but they struggle together.

Don’t Look Back (Sabine) and Don’t Look Back (Kanan) by @gondalsqueen

(Sabine): “Pencil and watercolor, not the usual bright paint. A small girl with two long, dark ponytails. Untied ribbons. An absurdly frilly pink polka dotted skirt that stood out like a dancer’s. Dirty knees with bacta patches on them. A toy bowcaster. Cycling gloves with the fingers torn out. It had the detail of something drawn from a specific memory, maybe even from an old photograph. She could even read the designer labels on the clothing. The Sabine of the picture bent over something, a look of cartoonish concentration on her face. Despite the detail in the picture, she’d left the entire background white. Hera laughed, delighted. “Really? This skirt?” Sabine played indignant, but she grinned back. “Hey, look at the rest of the outfit, okay? I was clearly a ballerina superhero.” “Hmph. You still are.””

(Kanan): “Hope was a pain in his throat. Maybe this wasn’t a focused projection of his subconscious, after all. Even if it was, maybe it would last a little longer. As usual, he was caught unprepared. “Master, I don’t know what to ask. I don’t know anything.” He heard a low laugh and couldn’t resist turning to see her. Just this once, she had said. Nothing waited behind him. Her presence, the voice—all gone. Even the air had cooled again. He’d lost it. He’d been stupid and greedy and he’d lost his chance to talk to her. “Be patient, child. I’ve never known you to be without questions for long.””

- (Sabine) is a wonderful interaction between Hera and Sabine that delves into Sabine’s backstory…and still manages to keep it a secret at the end of the day. It’s a wonderful look at art and its influence and healing affect. (Kanan) features Depa Billaba and pain you’ve never felt before, because it’s a beautiful something to see Depa’s pride in Kanan but also so very sad to know they’ll never meet again (in this life).

Past, Yet Present by Who Shot AR (akerwis); “Five precepts to the Jedi Code. Five moments in Kanan’s life after coming aboard Ghost.”

- some great meta on the Jedi Code courtesy of Who Shot AR and a just a little something to help tie Caleb Dume and Kanan Jarrus together, even when they seem like very separate characters.

Repeat After Me by sabinelagrande; “Hera doesn’t know she has an accent until she’s seventeen years old.”

- just a simple thing informs so much Hera’s character and this story has masterful character development, a hint of sadness, but an overall amazing theme of renewal to tie it all together in light of Homecoming.

Beginning of the Bond, Nothing Left to Fear, When I Need You the Most, And I Have You Guys by Optimistique; a series of episodes written from Kanan’s point of view: Breaking Ranks, Fire Across the Galaxy, Legacy, and Brothers of the Broken Horn.

- it’s canon-complaint writing like you’ve never seen before. You can tell it’s by someone who just gets these characters, especially Kanan, and the recap for Fire Across the Galaxy, Nothing Left to Fear, will have you on the edge of your seat during the fight scene and your eyes welling up with tears after Ezra falls from the bridge. Can’t beat these, guys, they’re like the swr fandom’s classics.

These Bonds Will Break Us by Sokaless; “Ezra isn’t feeling too great, and he’s pretty sure the Force is to blame. If Kanan were here, he’d know what to do, but Kanan has been captured - and maybe that’s part of the problem.”

- the in-between of Vision of Hope and Fire Across the Galaxy where it’s illustrated just how connected Ezra and Kanan are…and just how much the rest of the family misses him.

The Comfort of Not Knowing by Jillie-chan; “Kanan had found it comforting to know that even if he broke he couldn’t tell the Empire anything. But right now, he was having trouble wrapping his mind around being safe.”

- an aftermath piece to Fire Across the Galaxy, it all comes down to Kanan trying to feel safe. But really, there are things he’d rather not know. Like why the TIE was painted with really bright colors.

Aftermath by DuaeCat; “A short epilogue to Fire Across the Galaxy, patching things up.”

- Kanan’s voice is awesomely in-character; he’s exhausted and a little grumpy, but in the end he’s the dorky space dad we all know and love.




Space Opera Singer


gondalsqueen/@gondalsqueen ☞ look to her for all your awesome Kanera fic!

I know there’s tons of awesome fic that hasn’t been mentioned, but I hope this is a good way to waste away a lazy Sunday with! I’d love to make a follow-up post if anyone wants to send in recs! in the meantime, my friends, read on!

Originally posted by penguinteen

Title: On Proposing (And Being an Idiot)
Word Count: 3720
Pairing: Cullen x Arian 
Summary: Modern AU, in which Cullen wants to propose and Arian freaks out.


A big thank you and kudos to @girsdoomette for the prompt idea!! (kisses and hugs)

Cullen’s knee seemed to have a mind of its own as he sat on the sofa in Alistair’s house.

Try as he may, he couldn’t help but bounce in anxiety and anticipation for what was surely to come – as soon as he got his friend’s advice on the matter, anyway.

“So, you insisted I skip my workout to ‘chat’ with you, and here we are, not chatting. Actually, you haven’t said anything since I let you in, Cull. Something up?” Alistair asked, lounging in the adjacent chair with a bottle in his hand.

Cullen sighed, one hand coming up to scratch at the back of his neck. His eyes found their way to his own bottle of Ferelden Grey sitting on the coffee table – still untouched.

“It’s… well, it’s erm…” the man stuttered, enticing Alistair to cast him a curious look.

“Erm?” he repeated, a ginger-colored brow slowly making its way upward. “Dear Cullen, I’m afraid ‘erm’ isn’t the answer we were looking for. Better luck next time.”

Cullen just glared at the other man in response. “This is serious, Alistair!” he hissed, then turned his attention back to the bottle resting in front of him. “This is…” he started again, and sighed, “This is the biggest thing I will likely ever do. But I… I need advice.”

“I feel so honored!” Alistair chirped, his mouth turning up in a smirk. “What can I help you with?”

Deciding he had stalled long enough, Cullen blurted out, “I’m going to propose to Arian,” though in reality it sounded more like “mgointoprosetorian”.

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Quinn Romance Ramblings

Well, it’s that time again. It’s time for me to blather on in a somewhat directionless fashion about a BioWare romance. This post is even longer and more rambly than usual because Tumblr ate it and I had to rewrite it. If you want to avoid all spoilers, avoid this, as it will contain both romance and major plot spoilers. If you’d like me to post a spoiler free version, just let me know and I’ll happily do it. That will also probably be shorter and make more sense, heh.

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Summary: After telling Lupa that he needs time to think about them, Lupa respectfully gives him her space. But Solas could have never expected that when putting a gap between the two of them, Cullen would effortlessly find a way to fit right in between. In honor of Valentine’s Day, and the inevitable battle of the sexes that leads up to it.

When Solas walked out of the rotunda to grab a new book from the library, the people of Skyhold could see that he wasn’t in the most pleasant of moods. He seldom left the rotunda unless necessary, and as he walked purposefully towards the library, people gave him a wide berth.

He was most certainly in a bad mood.

He tried to stay to his usual haunts, especially sincetelling Lupa that he had to think about their relationship. She had been understanding, her body language that of someone that had expected what she was hearing. She had smiled at him, shrugged lightly, and said that they would simply be friends until he figured it out. It’d been nice, hearing that. He hadn’t wanted to hurt her, had dreaded the possibility of turning her away from him, and when she had brushed the matter aside, he felt a cool balm of relief.

An emotion that was almost immediately followed by a wicked dose of jealousy.

He had shoved that feeling away as quickly as it had come, surprised by his reaction. Why should he feel discomfort at her being alright with their relationship as it was? What had he expected, for her to argue or to –perhaps –kiss him again? Part of the reason that he cared for her was that though she was passionate in all aspects, she had the self-control of someone far beyond her years. And yet, an awful part of him had hoped…

…it was foolish.

He walked up the stairs to the library and nodded his head in acknowledgement when Dorian lazily waved in his direction, slowly perusing the works that were available for anyone. He could say what he wanted about the works lost over the years, but the vast collection that Leliana had acquired through means not entirely legal was impressive in its own way. He studied the gold embossed leatherworks before carefully selecting one, tucking it under his arm.

It wasn’t so much that he was upset by her easy dismissal of their…he wasn’t quite sure what to call it. A “moment”? He was the one that told her that he had to think about things, consider the future. The future. There was so much to accomplish, so much to endure…could he honestly become emotionally entangled with any of them? Could he afford to make any attachments to these people, let alone one that quite literally held his power in her hand? Absolutely not. That wasn’t why he’d awoken. There were much more important things to do. And yet…if she hadn’t been so intriguing, so fresh and different from anyone he’d ever met, he could easily ignore her. But she was a magnet. And he wasn’t sure if he should resist the pull or not.

A laugh disturbed his perusing for another book. It was a light laugh, quiet and self-conscious. Without even having to see her, he knew that it was Lupa’s. His finger paused over the spine of a book, and he turned to see where she was, against his better judgment.

“That is the last time I have lunch with both you and Leliana…maker’s breath.” Cullen’s voice sounded behind him, his sure footsteps matched by a lighter pair following alongside. Lupa laughed again, the tone warm. Solas resisted the urge to make himself known, forcing himself to continue staring at the books in front of him.

No, it wasn’t so much that she had respected his words. That wasn’t the problem at all, that much he knew.

It was that ever since then, she spent most of her time with the esteemed Commander Cullen instead.

“I wasn’t aware that that had happened to you, Cullen.” She teased lightly as they walked by. “But from now on, I’ll be sure to always check my trousers to ensure that the laces haven’t come undone.”

“It was one time, Inquisitor, one time…” He rubbed the back of his neck, a nervous habit that Solas had noted early on. Instead of continuing around and down the stairs though, they sat down in the chairs on the other side of the bookshelf from him, making themselves at home. Of course.

“But a memorable one, if Leliana’s storytelling is any indication.” And then Cullen laughed lightly as well, a low and easy laugh. Solas forced himself to continue searching for the right tome so that he could escape quickly and quietly.

“Surely you have embarrassing stories of yourself?” He asked, exasperated.

“Nothing that anyone here would know about. They’re all held by my clan. You’d have to ask them.” Her tone sobered somewhat, and Solas shifted to his other foot as he looked at the bookshelf behind him instead.

“Ah…Josephine said that she should be expecting word any day now. I’m sure they’re fine.“ He heard the shift of a leather chair as Lupa adjusted, and Solas frowned. He hoped that her clan would indeed be safe, for her sake.

"Thank you, Cullen. They are strong, and I’m sure that they are well and in good health.” Solas detected the sliver of anxiety in her calm words, despite how carefully she spoke. The sudden urge to go to her and sooth away her troubles was overwhelming, and he forced himself to grab a book from the shelf to read a few pages in.

“It is natural to worry, Inquisitor.”

“…You know that you can call me Lupa, don’t you? That is my name.”

“I know your name…” There was an awkward cough, a fumbling of words on Cullen’s part. “…I don’t wish to be too forward with you.”

“You can be forward with me any day.” Lupa replied, and Solas felt his lip curl at the flirty, engaging tone she used. Jealousy curled and snapped in his gut, and he slid the book back into its place firmly. He needed to get out of there. Cullen, for his part, seemed just as shocked. He coughed again, and stammered something before he seemed to collect himself.

“Ah, yes, that is…well, that is…uhm…good to know, Inquisi- …Lupa.”

There was a pause, a comfortable lull in conversation. And then, the hurried steps from boots cut through the silence.

“Sir, urgent news. Corporal Gunter has reported in.” The sound of light armor rattling drowned out his murmur.

“Understood. Meet me in the barracks.” Cullen replied, and the soldier hurried out.

“Your work is never done.” Lupa said.

“I know…neither is yours though.” There were no steps of retreat, and curiosity that was utterly unhealthy burned in Solas. “I…was wondering if perhaps I could…call on you tomorrow.” His words were halted, nervous, and then Solas realized that he was asking permission to court Lupa, and that he was utterly sincere. That was his cue, he decided. He didn’t want to eavesdrop, certainly not on a conversation as personal as theirs seemed to have become. 

“…Yes, you can.” He froze at her sure tone, and the familiar nasty little emotion reared its ugly head and caused him to hold onto the tome with entirely too much force. There was a nervous laugh on Cullen’s part, and then a hasty retreat as whatever courage with girls he’d mustered disappated. Solas let out a breath that he hadn’t realized he’d been holding, and he shook his head. Foolish. He was being utterly foolish.

He quietly stepped out from aisle of books and began to make his retreat to the rotunda. Why should he give much concern if Cullen attempted to court Lupa? The commander was a good man, an honorable man. He would treat her like she deserved to be treated, no lies and no secrets. Could Solas say the same? Could he be honorable in a relationship with her? No, he could not. 

“Solas?” He paused mid-step because he heard her voice, and because she’d most likely seen him. He turned to look at her warily, entirely too moody to engage in conversation. A small smile hung at the corner of her lips though, and the way that the light illuminated her sharp features caused him to gape as politely as he could.


"Lupa.” She corrected, and motioned to the chair across from her. Did he have any sort of desire to sit down where Cullen had just been seated, attempting to woo her? Absolutely not. But at her insistent wave, he found his feet propelling him, and he was sitting down across from her stiffly. 

“Did you finish the other tome?” She asked, looking at the one in his hands. 

“Yes, this is a cross-reference.” He wanted to leave. Didn’t she understand that he was uncomfortable? Of course she didn’t. He was entirely too good at hiding his emotions.

“Could I read it with you? I had a couple of questions about the last one that I feel weren’t resolved.” He shifted in his chair, felt the desire to flee coupled with the desire to crash his lips against hers, possessive and foolish. He settled with something in between.

“I will need to translate it first. I can have the translation sent to you when I am finished with it, if you would prefer.” He saw the ripple of confusion in her eyes at the slight dismissal. And then, after a moment, he saw understanding.

“You need more time.” She said lightly. “I’m sorry for pressing you.” He was at a loss for words. She didn’t understand at all, it seemed. It wasn’t about time, it was about this foolish emotion that he couldn’t shake, the logic of keeping her at a distance warring with the horror at seeing her with someone else. But how was he to say that without sounding so utterly selfish? She should be happy. She deserved to be happy.This woman that walked the delicate balance between success and failure…who was he to interfere?

“You are not pressing me in the least.” He replied, slowly standing up. She stood up as well, standing entirely too close to him.

“But I was. Just tell me when you’re ready to talk, and we will. The last thing that I want is-”

But Solas refused to hear the last thing that she wanted. His eyes fell to her lips, and he grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her into a kiss, all sorts of possessive and yearning and tender. She melted against him, her hand sliding up to his jaw, and when he pulled away and stepped back, she blinked slowly up at him and smiled, head tilted slightly. 

“Well, then.” She said quietly, and he let out a slow breath. Almost helplessly, he held up the book and stepped back from her, using it as a shield. 

“…I will let you know when I am finished translating.” He said weakly, turning on his heel and walking away from her quickly. And although he spent the next hour berating himself for his foolish actions, there was the smug part of him from a past so long ago that couldn’t help but think:

I’d like to see Commander Cullen try to kiss her like that.

imma just leave this here.

Anders judged by Inquisition and recruited AU, meeting Dorian. (I actually am outlining a fic with this premise but I’m not sure if I’ll actually use this scene that I barfed up.)

I literally cannot stop with this ship right now it’s eating me alive as soon as I hit post I’m off to fuck around more with these nerds and I love it.

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Thom Rainier’s Redemption Arc

Thom Rainier’s Redemption Arc – Dedication and Compassion

All right, many of us by now have played the Trespasser DLC but I’ll go ahead and warn for spoilers.


There’s your warning.

There’s also going to be a lot of rambling and perhaps my thoughts don’t all connect, but here we go anyway.  UNDER THE CUT FOR LENGTH.

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J-Bus’s Summer of Dragon Age


So I’ve been considering ideas like this for some time. And I think it finally occurred to me how to do it and do it well, so I’m here tonight to announce the J-Bus’s Summer of Dragon Age event here on thejbusition! As I mentioned earlier, you should DEFINITELY be thinking about your favorite Trevelyans that belong to other OC creators because here’s the schedule as it stands currently!


  • 7/26 - 8/1: Trevelyan Week
  • 8/2 - 8/8: Lavellan Week
  • 8/9 - 8/15: Cadash Week
  • 8/16 - 8/22: Adaar Week
  • 8/23 - 8/29: Hawke Week
  • 8/30 - 9/5: Warden Week (Apologies if you feel Wardens deserve more; I just went by what I see on a typical OC Sharing Day and I don’t see anywhere near as many Wardens as I do Inquisitors. If this goes well and I do it again next summer, maybe I’ll do an extension and do more for Wardens)

So as I said, this event will last the rest of my summer on my blog, hopefully carrying me to when I might be able to increase my blog activity again. Now, for the rules..


As I mentioned before, this WILL be a contest, with the prizes being fics from yours truly! So here’s how this whole event will work:

  • OCs can only be entered into the contest by nomination!
    • Yes, you read that right. OCs can only get involved if someone nominates them! And no, you can’t nominate your own OCs, so don’t get any ideas! If you want to ask someone to nominate your OC, I don’t have any problem with that.
    • Just be aware that for now, so that this doesn’t get out of hand (which it’s possible it still might) I’m only allowing you to nominate ONE OC per week. I’ll change this up if we’re not getting any OCs nominated, but I’d be a little surprised if that’s an issue. So keep that in mind if you ask someone to nominate an OC of yours!
    • PLEASE only nominate an OC by sending me an ask. I want the nominations to be kept somewhat secret until the reveal for the week’s slate. And please limit your nomination to that week’s character type; I will post when nominations are open for the following week.
  • This is KIND of a popularity contest; unfortunately it’s the best way.
    • Once the slate has been set, the polls will open and will be open in 1-Day increments, with the slate being cut each day until on the last day of voting, there are three OCs to choose from.
    • The amount of votes you get will be relative to the number of candidates in the slate: for example, 30 OCs to 10 votes, 10 OCs to 3 votes, 3 OCs to 1 vote.
    • Dependent on the number of OCs, voting will last anywhere from 2-4 days in the middle of the week.
    • All of the details will be enunciated as the event rolls along.
  • But the prize…
    • I mentioned that 3 OCs would make it to the end of each week, correct? That means all three of those OCs (or more importantly, their creators) will win a prize!
    • The third place OC’s creator will win a 250+ word fic, the second place OC’s creator will win a 500+ word fic, and the first place OC’s creator will win a 750+ word fic! Obviously the fics will star the winning OC, but in a scenario of the creator’s choosing!
  • So Trevelyan Week?
    • Obviously, since Trevelyan Week starts this weekend, I think it would be wise for me to open nominations tonight so that we can get this thing underway!
    • The tentative schedule for Trevelyan week will be:
      • Tonight - 7/27: Trevelyan Nominations!
      • 7/28: Preliminary Voting
      • 7/29: Second Round Voting
      • 7/30: Final Round Voting
      • 7/31 - 8/3: Lavellan Nominations!
    • I will obviously update you all if things change, but that’s how it stands currently!
  • So I look forward to seeing which OCs get nominated! I hope this event goes over well!
  • Let me know if you have any questions as well! Obviously I want to make sure this is all clear!
  • And PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST! I want to make as many people aware of this as possible! <3