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Okay, but in companion to the audio of Yura all loopy, how about his reaction when Beka tells him about it? Just an idea, since I can't afford a commission. I absolutely love you audios, I check your blog like everyday to check if you've added a new one. Hope you have a nice day, Hugs xx

I actually considered that! I just didn’t quite know how I’d do and I scrapped the idea. Thank you!

I never understood the stereotype that millennials are greedy and self-entitled. Like if you actually ask any millennial what they truly want in life at the moment I guarantee you it’s something along the lines of:

“I hope I can get an apartment with a working stove, a job that pays well enough that I can eat at least every other day, access to a car (let alone my own car) and a dog, but only if I can afford to feed it.”


Yesterday was my birthday and I whipped up a little present for you all but i was so wrapped up in the party shenanigans I just did not get around to sharing it..so here it is! I love Tee Turtle tees but I can’t really afford as many as I would like so if I can’t have them in real life I can have them sims like..and now you can too :) I actually got the Cupcake one yesterday for my birthday and I’ve had the blue shell tee for a while now so my RL collection is growing..anyway hope you like em!

base game tee no meshes or expansions required ENJOY!



After months of procrastination I decided that the time has finally come to actually start selling some of my art on redbubble, at Sleepinatincans :D

I’ll add more designs soon but you can never have too many notebooks right? :3, Also, if you have anything special in mind, any favorite piece or product. Let me know and I’ll add that as well and if you can’t afford anything and want to support me, reblogging this is extremely helpful <3, 

Thank you lovlies and I hope each and everyone of you have a great day/night <3 

Holistic doctor wants me to start taking cannabis oil to help with my abdominal pain and discomfort. He and the other doctor in the practice think that the Diflucan actually DID do something to fuck me up (VINDICATION!!!), and that my problems lasting as long as they have could be because of dysbiosis in the gut brought on by that, so he wants me back on the glutagenics (aloe, glutamine, DGL) to see how I handle that before we start talking a (controlled) purge of bad bacteria. I don’t know when I’m gonna start that cannabis oil thing, since it costs $90 ffs. Can’t afford that shit.

At this point I don’t know what to hope for or believe anymore, because so much of my hopes were riding on getting medication and having that help me, but he keeps saying I might not actually need meds after all this–which, you know, easy for you to fucking say, buddy. And through all this I’m somehow supposed to keep track of how much fat I’m getting (I don’t know?? None? Barely any?) and try more vegetables, but the more food I try the more it all upsets me and knocks me back down to square fucking one, so who the hell knows what I can even do anymore. Living is a chore and so’s food and I can’t process or handle any of it.


Thank you, thank you everyone who had supported me throughout these 6 years after being diagnosed and working towards university. Through the Grace of God I was able to to get in and I cannot be more happy or grateful. I am so, so humbled to be given this opportunity of a lifetime.

This truly is a chance for me to go to school in a way I can actually afford and work to make a difference for the lives of those with disabilities. For those of you who have come to me and shared how I have inspired you I hope that this amazing thing that has happened to me continues to inspire you. Never forget that even if you are disadvantaged in any way, through illness, disability, financial situation, etc. know that there are always opportunities for you to succeed. I was rejected from 3 schools before this (Oxford, Stanford, and Princeton) and this was my absolute last school that I had applied to.

I buckled down and prayed and trusted in God, that if this was the path for me that I would be given a chance. If it wasn’t then rejection would not have been a failure, it would have been enough that I tried and worked to overcome my limitations in life. If I hadn’t gotten in I would have no home next year, no money, and no plan of what to do next. This was a huge leap of faith! And while in hindsight I definitely recommend having more back-ups than I did, know that it is okay to believe and have Faith that things will turn out well!

Good things can happen, and just as I am blessed I pray with all my heart that you too will find happiness. Thank you all <3 much love and God bless!

Read the full article here. There are a lot of lessons to be learned here, for those of you thinking about law school & looking for legal jobs.

1. Do your research on the school you choose.

I know not everyone can afford to go to a good law school. I know not everyone can do as well as they hoped on the LSAT or graduate with a high undergrad GPA. But if a school ranked as lowly (actually, I don’t believe it’s currently ranked, at all) as TJ charges as much as it does? 

Also, can she really blame the school’s representations about employment stats, when she presumably began law school in 2005, when we had, I don’t know, the Internet? Do your research. Look at multiple sources. Did it seriously sound like a school that the employers in your area would think highly of? TJ is in fucking CALIFORNIA, which has more law schools and therefore unemployed law students than basically any other state.

DO YOUR RESEARCH. Rankings are not everything - local opinions count, too. TJ had neither.

2. Be realistic about your job expectations.

The article says that shortly after she graduated from law school, she was offered a $60K job with a law firm. Now, I do not want to represent that you should take any legal job you are offered. You shouldn’t take a job you will be very unhappy at. It seems the non-legal jobs she was offered were better.

But here it is: SHE TOOK THE OTHER NON-LEGAL JOBS BECAUSE THEY WERE BETTER. Taking a non-legal job that paid better was her fucking choice. No law school can guarantee you a legal job that YOU will be happy with, and having graduated from TJ? $60K right out of a bottom tier law school? That’s pretty much as good as it’s going to get nowadays, and it’s not even 2009 anymore. 

By the way, even in San Diego, $60K is not such a low salary that you wouldn’t be able to “afford” to accept in lieu of much higher paying non-legal jobs. It certainly isn’t a great salary in light of student loans and potential family obligations, but I wonder just what sort of other non-law jobs she was offered. It kind of sounds like she turned it down because she thought she could do better (having graduated top of her class, etc.), which brings us to…

3. Be proactive and aggressive about your job search.

She graduated in 2008. It is now 2016. It is of course true that she filed in 2011, but I hope working on this lawsuit wasn’t the only thing she did for the past five years.

The more time it passes without you having gained experience, the harder it gets to get a job. Especially if your school doesn’t have the brand name appeal of the top schools, all you can really bank on after the first year out is NOT how you did in law school: it’s your experience. Volunteer at a legal aid organization, even if it’s once a week or for few hours. The short doc review projects and other short projects you might do on your own? Sell them as well as you can. There are also organizations out there that help young lawyers start their own practices at relatively low cost.

And keep networking. It can be completely humiliating to go to networking events while unemployed, I know. But people understand, and it often takes at least 2-3 years for you to start seeing benefits of this. 

4. Realize that becoming a working lawyer costs more than just law school tuition.

Of course, not everyone can afford to volunteer while working other jobs to make ends meet. Costs of going to networking events also can add up.

The law profession is sadly still a very privileged one. 

Despite what some very lucky people will make it seem, becoming a well-paid lawyer involves a LOT of privilege. Think about it. Wealthier people can afford to go to the fancier undergrad schools, take LSAT prep courses, afford the better law schools, take bar prep courses…and do all of this while not having to work at the same time to make ends meet. We are all accepting of this. It’s unfair but it’s how it is.

What we often forget about is that this also extends BEYOND law school and the bar. Some people can afford to live at home and take a low-paying legal job for the resume. Some people can afford to volunteer for the experience instead of having to support others, working non-legal jobs. Some people don’t even think about the costs of attending networking events.

These are, unfortunately, costs that you need to take into account, up there with the law school tuition. Ms. Alaburda, if her mistakes above rose solely out of financial troubles, didn’t adequately calculate the real costs. I can’t really blame her: a lot of people are not able to. I didn’t calculate these costs, and the only reason I’m fine is because I’m privileged in so many ways.

It SEEMS like all it takes is a student loan which they are sure they can pay back with a cushy legal job straight out of law school. No. It often takes a lot more privilege than that, and being aware of this is important before you jump into this crazy train.

weekly accomplishment list vol.2
sometimes it seems like you’ve done everything yet it’s not enough and you start worrying it’ll never be, so you jug a double whiskey, an anxiety pill and some cola just to keep going bc you also know it’s not always what it seems and you can’t afford failing in advance.  

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We’re All a Little Broken

Notes: Request from anon.  AU; Ace is the 20-year-old sole guardian of Luffy, but when the Whitebeard Gang comes calling, he doesn’t know who to trust.  (Warning: long-ass story)

Ace stared emptily at the man in front of him.  He tried to understand.  Really, he did.  But he couldn’t get past the helpless rage roiling in the bottom of his stomach.

“I’m…fired?” He repeated numbly.  His former boss nodded.

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bless you for uploading those playthrough vids! as someone with no hope of affording a PS4/VR headset to actually play the game, it's so great to see all the little hidden gems of dialogue DF added in :D thanks a bunch!

You are so welcome, Anonymous Friend!  I *think* I’ve uncovered most of the major secrets/tidbits, but I know for a fact that there are lines I haven’t discovered yet, and a few I’ve only heard once or twice that can’t reliably be triggered (from what I can tell).  DF is just so sneaky that way!  But I do plan to share them as I find them.  ^_^

Hey There AroAce People!

Hi there! My name is Erin and I run a store called “Thready To Go” that makes bracelets for LGBT people including Asexuals and Aromantics!

External image


External image


I make these bracelets to help those be able to show their pride in a nice and inexpensive way! The money that you use to buy my bracelets actually helps me afford a chest binder, so it’s a win/win for everyone!!

I hope you can check out the store, place an order, or even just tell your friends about it. It would mean a lot to me!


Thank you for sharing, those are awesome!