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Battlefront 2 Single Player Campaign

So I finished it yesterday… and I’m not sure I’ve recovered from the ending yet.

I know there are a lot of issues and bitterness surrounding this game but I really, really recommend playing it, if only for the single player campaign. 

I’ve seen some people encouraging others to watch a stream of the whole thing, but I’m of the belief that you should pay creators to enjoy their content, so… I hope you buy it if you can afford to? And no, EA’s giant f-up isn’t an excuse, IMO.

Spoilers under the cut!

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I never understood the stereotype that millennials are greedy and self-entitled. Like if you actually ask any millennial what they truly want in life at the moment I guarantee you it’s something along the lines of:

“I hope I can get an apartment with a working stove, a job that pays well enough that I can eat at least every other day, access to a car (let alone my own car) and a dog, but only if I can afford to feed it.”


You wanna know why I think Will is the perfect person for Nico at this time?

Because he talks to Nico like he’s a real person. He doesn’t treat him one dimensional porcelain doll, or a dangerous monster. He doesn’t act like a slightly harsh tone will set him off or chase him away. He doesn’t use that light tone that people use with a scared animal. He doesn’t judge him by one bad experience. And he holds him to a higher standard than “I hope you don’t run away from me the moment I turn my back”.

He’s the only person in the entire series I can imagine actually asking Nico about his life and how he feels instead just of waiting around for him to magically become comfortable enough to talk about it.

It’s a kindness no one else in their universe affords him.

Like I honestly have no problem with people who want recovery, who focus on positivity and make progress. That’s the fucking dream.

But I can’t have that. I’m physically incapable of ever getting better without extensive therapy and medication, neither of which I can’t ever hope to afford, because I can’t get the money for them without working, and I can’t hold a job without them in the first place.

So maybe depression memes aren’t actually what you need and they hinder your healing. That is perfectly fine. But don’t you dare take away all I have to remind me that I’m not alone with this. Don’t you dare tell me that I’m at fault for my own inability to get better just because I partake in fatalistic humor as a coping method.

People on here have this shitty concept of “if it works for me it has to work for literally everyone else and there is no other way,” and that needs to come to a harsh end. Go improve yourself and make your life better, leave those of us who can’t alone and stop acting like you know better than us about ourselves and our illnesses.

By Petal

He was weird Lance was acting weird anyone with eyes could see that and of course the team notice one day Lance stoped joining to dinner he said he wasn’t hungry then he wasn’t on the control room and if he was he was wearing his helmet and finally he never stayed for team celebration after a won battler so of course his team got worried.

“Ok Thats if I’m going to pull him out of his room” Pidge said snapping out of her sit after seeing her friend sit empty again for the fifth time in the week she stomp out of the dining room to Lance room and knock the door as hard as her little fists could “LANCE GET YOU ASS OUT HERE” she yelled “Pidge I don’t think yelling will solve anything” Shiro said “we try giving him time we tried calling so now I’m trying yelling” Pidge said “Lance please we are worried” Shiro said “Buddy please we haven’t see you in a whole week…we miss you” Hunk said “Lance come out” Keith said.

Lance heard how his friends call for him at the other side of the door “Lance come out” Keith voice sound making Lance clench onto his throat he stared coughing and he make his way to his bathroom so his friends wouldn’t hear him he cough and cough and cough until he finally got it out a petal a god damn red petal he’s been coughing them for a while already a week to be exact it happen while he pilot blue they formed Voltron and after they won and where heading back to their hangar Lance start coughing he pulled his helmet out so the team wouldn’t get worried and after a long painful cough a petal came out Lance was in total shook he reed about this before but it was supposed to be just a legend it was suppose to be fake but now it was real and it was happening to Lance.

He shook his head it couldn’t be maybe it was just something that happen for space magic or some shit he calmed down and got out of his lion “I’m alright girl don’t worry” Lance said to Blue ‘I don’t buy it’ blue said to Lance “I’m ok I promise” Lance said two days pass and Lance continue coughing petals and by this point it was obvious for him Lance McClain was infected with Hanahaki Disease a disease that happens when you have a one side love, Lance love? Keith Lance was in love with Keith but it was imposible it was just not gonna happen because Keith was dating Shiro and they looked happy as hell and Lance was not gonna break their relationship just because he’s coughing a garden.

It was easy to hide it from the rest…at first the real problem came when the flowers start to bloom breaking Lance skin beautiful red flowers where blooming out of his neck, his left cheek, his collarbone, belly, and hip bones they where all over his body he tried to rip them off but it hurt too much and when he managed to get one off two more bloom in the same spot an hour later, the flowers where a bright red color that turned a pale pink at the end of every petal Lance always coughed on the bathroom and he didn’t clean up the petals he was too weak after each one that he could barely move the petals came with blood so his floor was turning red but he couldn’t clean it up and couldn’t ask for help to do it.

Lance heard his team calling and calling Pidge clearly annoyed Hunk worried Shiro trying to keep calm and Keith oh God Keith voice made Lance heart beat so hard but it also made him cough more petals thank god the alarm sound and the Paladins had to go “IM NOT DONE WITH YOU” Lance heard Pidge said while her voice faint away he got dress it hurt so much to move but he manage to do it, a planet needed their help so they fought, they won, they were about to make their celebration by a super content group hug Lance smile through his helmet and walked away when “OH NO YOU DON’T” Pidge yelled and tackle him to the ground “PIDGE!” Shiro yelled “Pidge what the quiznak get off me” Lance said trying to sound playful but panicked when Pidge’s hands went to his helmet that’s when he flinch away “take it off” pidge said Lance tried to push her without hurting her it didn’t work in the tackle she locked her heals together behind Lance back maybe she was hurting them that way but she was going to get to the bottom of this “Take.it.off” pidge said between grunts trying to pull the helmet off the blue paladin “LANCE I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU DON’T TAKE THIS HELMT OFF I’LL CUT IT IN HALF WITH MY BAYARD” Pidge yelled then Hunk picked her up “Lance buddy Pidge has a point we’re worried you have been avoiding us for a week please what’s wrong?” Hunk ask.

Shiro gave Keith a nod and Keith start walking to Lance who had already stand up “Lance now it’s enough with this mystery you’re the one who told me I shouldn’t bottle up my feeling but somehow you can’t follow your own tips please Lance let us help” Keith said and reach for Lance helmet Lance grabs Keith hands and try to push them away but Keith got a stronger grip “NO! Don’t push us away Lance” Keith stare at where he knew Lance eyes were “whatever is hurting you let us help” he said Lance grabs his own throat and step away from Keith coughing “fuck” Lance said between coughs he kept coughing and coughing he bent grabbing his stomach Shiro walked behind him and pat his back to help him get whatever he was chocking on out Hunk put Pidge down and they walked to Lance who was still coughing “take his helmet off” Shiro said Lance shook his head but Keith ignore it and reach for his helmet.

Lance could feel the petal coming though his lungs to his throat the familiar taste of metal from his blood in his mouth and the cherry on top he was too weak to stop Keith from pulling his helmet off his head “N-no” Lance said but it was too late his face was expose to the unfamiliar sun rays the petal and blood came out of his mouth he heard the team gasps Shiro and Keith stepped away from him ‘it doesn’t matter anymore’ Lance thought as he raise his head showing the flowers that bloom out of his left check and a new one that now decorate the right his forehead “L-Lance” Hunk said walking to his friend “don’t…” Lance said stepping back “Don’t touch me” Lance said in a low and disgusting tone his throat was clearly damage.

Back in the castle Lance showed his team his bathroom the floor cover on the red petals that Lance coughed daily some splashes of blood on the walls it was a horrible scene “it’s been like this for a week” Lance said “the second day the flowers start blooming…” he continue “I though t-this was just a legend b-but” Lance said clinging to himself “Who do you love Lance?” Shiro ask ‘keith’ Lance thought he wanted to yell it to tell the whole universe he loved Keith but he couldn’t he couldn’t destroy Keith’s and Shiro’s happiness that way so he answer “I don’t know” in tears “I don’t know it just happen and I don’t know” Lance said he was lying he hated it but he had to it wasn’t going to do any good tell the truth.

Lance and the team went to the infirmary where Lance took his shirt off and showed how much the disease had expand coran was looking at the flowers “tell me if this hurts” Coran said and start to pull a petal of one of the flowers slowly but even with the lack of strength that coran apply to the petal it took just a tick for Lance’s face to change to a visible pain “ouch” lance said coran gave him a sad look “in a scale from 1 to 10 your pain?” Coran said “7” Lance answer Coran looked to the floor and sigh “We Alteans also had this disease but it’s called Flooring and…” Coran paused “and?” Keith asked “and Lance in the 3 stage out of 5” Coran said the team eyes wide “at this point is too late for a surgery without the risk of loosing a lung so…the only hope Lance Have is his love one to love him back or for him to fall for someone else” Coran said “and what if he doesn’t” Hunk ask “then one day he might not wake up” coran said.

As the days pass the team saw how their blue paladin died slowly the flowers of his face had place too close to his left eye he could barely see with it “I’m worry about him Shiro” Keith said “I know we all are” Shiro said “is he actually gonna die? Are we actually gonna lose Lance?” Keith asked pained “I hope we don’t but he doesn’t know who he loves and there’s no one else on the ship” Shiro said “we can’t lose him Shiro…we can’t” Keith said “you mean we…or you?” Shiro said “what?” Keith ask “can you afford to lose him?” Shiro ask “what do you mean of course I can’t he’s the blue paladin and our friend” Keith said Shiro only nod.

The days turn into weeks and Lance just got worse and worse till the point where now the Paladins has to help him because he could barely move the flowers covered his ankles totally and today was Keith’s turn “ok Lance c’mon help me help you” Keith said and pulled Lance so he will sit in the bed “why are you guys even trying” Lance said “what?” Keith ask “I’m already dying just toss me into space and get a new paladin” Lance said “Lance shut up you’re delirious we’ll find someone you can love and will love you back and you’ll be alright” Keith said “Keith” Lance said and scoff “you don’t get it” he add “what I don’t get?” Keith ask “C-Coran make the check a-and I’m already on stage 5 Keith” Lance said Keith eyes went wide “w-what?” He said “I’m suppose to be dead already but I keep fighting Keith I’m fighting for something that is not gonna come and I’m tired Keith I can’t fight anymore” Lance said crying “don’t say that Lance we can hurry it up we can find the one you love and” Keith said “I already know who I love Keith I knew it all the time” Lance said Keith got mad “Then why didn’t you tell us?!” Keith yelled “because he’s already taken Keith I fell in love with someone who I can’t have” Lance said.

“Lance please yore Lance McClain the most flirtatious charismatic guy isn’t whole universe you can make him love you” Keith said how could Lance give up that easy? “I can’t because I don’t wanna ruin it for him his boyfriend and Him are really good friends to me and I don’t wanna Break their relationship they deserve each other and they’re happy that way” Lance said “Lance don’t give up” Keith said “That Guy is an idiot if he doesn’t love you Lance I bet you’re 100 time better than that guy” Keith said making Lance chuckle “don’t say that Keith…” Lance said and looked to the floor “why? He-“ Keith got interrupted “don’t get mad if I tell you ok? Please don’t hate me” Lance begged “I would never hate you Lance” Keith promised Lance took a deep breath or well an attempt of one “the name of the boyfriend of the guy I Love is Shiro” Lance said “…what?” Keith mind got clouded “and the name of the guy I love is *cough* K-Keith” Lance said “I’m in love with you Keith”.

Keith couldn’t believe what he was hearing Lance had to be joking “No” Keith said “please don’t be mad” Lance begged “Lance how can you?” Keith couldn’t understand then Lance body relaxed “man it feels like I dropped a heavy truck I was carrying” Lance said Keith didn’t notice when his hand went to Lance cheek the one that didn’t have too much flowers on it “I love you Keith” Lance said and graves Keith’s hand he looked up and their eyes meet “I’m sorry” Keith said h-he didn’t love Lance…right? He loved Shiro…right? “It al…right” Lance said with a deep breath leaving his body at the end and Keith could see how the light left his sky blue eyes how his body that could barely stand fell back in bed and how the hand that was holding Keith’s hand before was now dropped in his side.

It took Keith a few ticks before leaning to Lance “Lance?” Keith said not noticing how his voice cracked in a sad tone he stared a the boy…no answer “Lance!” Keith raised his voice…no answer Keith knew it hurt when he pulled the petals so he start pulling the petals Lance had in his ankles even ripping them out “Lance this ain’t funny wake up!” Keith yelled now crying he went close to Lance to check his pulse…there wasn’t any pulse “fuck” Keith said and start to CPR give him mouth to mouth air “Lance!!!” Keith yelled clearly angry then the team walked in and saw what Keith was doing they understood immediately and Pidge was already sobbing “You don’t fucking confess and then die McClain” Keith said Shiro walked to him and pulled him away from Lance which Keith fight back “Keith he’s gone” Shiro said sadness covering his voice “no…NO!!” Keith yelled “he can’t die Shiro he can’t I…” Keith stoped dropping on his knees flash back hitting him.

{“the name is Lance?” “what ever drop out” “did you see how far I kicked that ship?” “We did it we are a good team” “Keith? Buddy? My man?” Lance voice echo “could you afford to lose him?” That was Shiro “you know I’m surprise you asked me out” Shiro said “why?” Keith asked “because I could’ve sworn you were in love with Lance”}

“I love him” Keith said he said tears streaming down from his face “I love him” he repeat “fuck it did you CPR him?” Pidge ask “yes it didn’t work” Keith said defeated Pidge walked to Lance and open his mouth she turned to Lance bathroom and grabbed a lantern then come back to Lance and check his throat “of course it didn’t work there are fucking flowers in his throat we have to get them out” Pidge said and Keith was already on his feet “let me do it” Keith said and walked to Lance “I’m gonna need some-“ Keith didn’t finish when Shiro was already handing him a pair of small tweezers Keith pulled out to like five flowers and then do the CPR ‘please come back Lance’ Keith was thinking while he was trying to bring Lance back ‘please…I need you’ Keith thought and with that Lance start coughing he was alive “Oh my god” Hunk said Lance snapped sit and start coughing the flowers that remain in his throat.

It took him a couple of minutes to breath again and the team notice how the flowers in his ankles start falling to the ground “what ha-“ before Lance could finish he got pushed in bed by Keith who was hugging him tight “I swear to god if you ever do that again I’ll fucking bring you back to life so I can kill you” Keith said Lance chuckle “that makes no sense!!” He said “I don’t care” Keith said and kissed Lance the poor blue boy he was so confuse Keith was kissing him in front of his boyfriend “k-Keith!” Lance said pulling away from the kiss “s-Shiro I’m” Lance got interrupted “there’s nothing to be sorry Lance I knew Keith actually liked you” Shiro said “don’t worry I won’t get that disease” Shiro promise “no you won’t” Allura said walking in the room followed by coran “Lance…I would like to run some test on you to make sure the flowers are gone or at least leaving” Coran said Lance gave him a nod.

“So I still have some flowers in my lungs but most of the seeds have disappear so I’m not in danger anymore” Lance explain to his friends “and what about the exterior flowers?” Hunk ask “those will fall” Lance said “sadly they’ll scar not all but yes some of them” Lance said “Why?” Pidge ask “get flowers blooming out breaking your skin and then tell me why” Lance said “but I’ll be fine” Lance said and turned at Keith who still had a concern look “I’ll be fine”.


(YAY!!! I finally wrote something with Hanahaki Disease maybe you don’t know this about me but I’m a huge fan of the disease it just calls my attention so much and I’ve been wanting to write a fic about it for so long even if it was a one shot if you guys will like to see an actual serie with Hanahaki Disease please tell me and I would gladly do it and this time here comes a new thing you get to decide which member of the castle will be infected and which ship I’m always open minded so I can write any ship hope you liked it BYE BYE 💜💜💜)

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HC for when the RFA finds out MC is a Vegetarian

oh this was a fun one to do! i’m actually a vegetarian so i hope this is accurate lolol. i mean its accurate to my experiences but i know everyone’s experiences are different! hope you enjoy!


-At first he’s concerned

-He’s heard that being vegetarian is expensive and he doesn’t know if he can afford to make you food

-Once you tell him that it’s relatively cheap (and send him some vegetarian college student resources) he’s all on board

-Won’t go vegetarian himself but any time he cooks for you he triple checks that you can eat it

-Does start eating healthier by your example

-(oh who am I kidding you guys eat oreos and soda while you’re in your 5th hour of LOLOL)


-At first he’s like “but you’re beautiful you don’t need to diet”

-You glare and explain that it’s not a diet

-Once he sees how important your food choices are to you, he stops asking questions and just lets you eat what you want

-Starts eating more vegetarian because you cook all the time

-Perks of a vegetarian s/o, basic knowledge of cooking (at least usually)

-His director loves you, Zen’s never eaten better

-(fish shaped bread is vegetarian so he always gets you a lot of it)


-She’s never really thought about her food choices

-Her diet is “available at the convenience store or as take out”

-But once you guys are running the coffee shop she realizes she has no idea how to actually eat healthy

-So you jump on the opportunity

-She’s never been condescending to vegetarians, but she did believe that it was really difficult to stick to

-So you’re constantly delicious vegetarian food for you guys to eat

-You send her links to vegetarian baking tutorials and vegetarian things to eat at restaurants

-She starts trying to get you to sell some of your dishes at the cafe


-The first time you eat dinner with him he has his chef make steak

-When the plate comes out you awkwardly tell him

-He commands you for helping animals

-He is concerned for your health

-Makes you meet with a nutritionist to make sure that you’re not malnourished (Jumin pls)

-If him eating meat makes you uncomfortable 100% quits cold turkey

-And if the media makes a fuss you best believe he gets PISSED

-”I’m sorry that my wife’s food choices apparently affect you so much. I thought you’d be estatic she’s not eating animals, considering you’re a pig yourself.”


-”Are Honey Buddha chips vegetarian?”

-Yes Seven

-”What about Doctor Pepper?”

-Yes Seven

-I mean technically he’s vegetarian cause that’s all he eats

-Get ready for constant vegetable puns

-One of his favorite hobbies is grabbing a random vegetable out of the fridge and coming up with a pun for it.

-His proudest moment was making headphones out of beets

-”Hey MC check out these sick beats”


The Maynards are just the purest humans I’ve ever seen.❤️

(Read each picture-down to up) so basically Conor is letting his audience bid for his signed poster (and a personalized video) to raise money for a anyone who is affected by the disease. Some people got overly excited and didn’t think before they act, they decided to offer a bid either they can’t afford or have no intention of paying. Conor has now had to set back and assuming had to reset the bidding. He so sweetly offered that if the original highest bid (that couldn’t be paid off) he will (pay) match it and even double it. It’s a beautiful cause and a terrible situation. I’m actually so proud that he’s done this. Also Jack Maynard has even offered to pay the highest bid due to the terrible situation that has recently happend. The Maynards are giving everyone hope in humanity❤️

You can go and donate if you cannot afford the amount of the bid. It’s an amazing cause. :)

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Any advice for a stressed out upcoming junior who feels like she's falling behind all of her friends achievement wise, and is terrified of college apps and standardized testing

This is so late… I hope you’ve enjoyed your first quarter as a junior lol. It’s terrible but it’s only going to get worse!

Here is some stuff I wish I’d know when I was your age (which was… A year ago lmao):

  • If you can afford it, take a standardized test (SAT or ACT; I only took the SAT) early in the year. I’ll admit, going into junior year I panicked about the tests, and I forced myself into this state of detached chill that was good for nobody. If you confront your fear about the tests early on, I think it would actually be helpful, and here’s why:
    • If you take the test in November/December, you’re obviously going to be underprepared. It’s going to suck. You might not know all the math, etc. But like… It’s done. And once you leave the testing center, you kind of realize that everything you built up in your head was honestly… Nothing. (This is assuming you don’t have really bad test anxiety though.)
    • So, you’ve taken the test. You were pushed for time, you panicked at almost every section, and overall you feel like you did terribly. But now you KNOW what the test is like; you know the formatting way better than any prep book could tell you, you KNOW what 55 minutes feels like, and you know how fast you work.
    • When you get your test results, the score doesn’t matter. What matters is what you got wrong on the english and math parts. The SAT is divided into types of math, blah blah blah, read the score breakdown to get a good sense of where you sucked and where you were okay. And build upon that! Now you have MONTHS to prepare for the next SAT in May/June.
  • So yeah. Take standardized tests early. It gets the anxiety out of the way, it helps you learn to better pace yourself, it tells you what you need to study more, and now you have months to prepare for the next one. It was like $75 down the drain though, so again, this option isn’t necessarily for everyone.
  • Most colleges don’t give a shit about subject tests lmao. Like, I think maybe ONE college I’m applying to requires one or more subject tests, and it’s an Ivy League school. Everyone else has wised up and realized that standardized testing is actually a terrible way to judge a student’s potential. If you KNOW there’s a college you want to apply to that will require a subject test, do it at the end of the year if you’re taking that course now. I took biology sophomore year but took the SAT biology subject test junior year, and I think I did it in the fall when I had no finals to stress about.
  • One thing I’ve realized is that like… Comparing yourself achievements wise to everyone around you means jackshit. People are born with different advantages, privileges, and other bonuses. From the get-go they were more likely/better suited to aim for x award. I’ve stopped caring about the fact that some people in my school won States for x sport because, it doesn’t apply to me. Your value isn’t determined by the number of trophies behind it.
    • If you have the energy, do clubs. Even just for a few months. Every club I joined I did with the mindset that I was going to earn a leadership position, which I did. Colleges will be impressed by your three-mile long club list, but they’ll care more if you’re the president of a club. That shows a real commitment and also reflects upon your abilities to lead.
  • If you hate your peers just start your own club, there’s probably some English teacher willing to sign off on whatever idea you can bullshit. Hang out with friends, maybe make an effort to do something, and call yourself the president. Like?? It’s high school, man. Everyone is tired.
  • Don’t avoid doing something because you’re scared. Then you get nothing done and you feel terrible.
  • If you care about college, then yeah your grades matter. But like?? You’re a kid. Have fun. Goof off with your friends. Work if you want to save money. If you devote yourself to nothing but your studies, you won’t develop as a person.
  • Learn to ask for help. If you get a shitty test grade, don’t beat yourself up about it. Go to the teacher, tell them what you don’t understand, and build upon it. Show some initiative. In college, you’re on your own unless you seek out assistance.
  • Time management is so goddamn crucial to balancing a hellish life, I’m not joking. Buy a planner or some shit, it’ll help.
  • Remember to eat for god’s sake. And drink water as well.
  • Bring Advil/Tylenol to school, you or someone else is going to need it. Also gum, gum is super important.

Good luck anon <3

Shakarian: Post ME1

Imagine if Shakarian had happened late ME1/PostME1, how would have Garrus reacted to her death?

Garrus’ blue eyes were transfixed on the vid screen.

Breaking news. The Alliance has just reported that Commander Shepard is formally considered killed in action while scouting for Geth in the Attican Traverse. A memorial service will be held tomorrow to honor the actions of the recent Savior of the Citadel…

Coffee had spilled out of his mug, scorching his hand but he didn’t care. His mind was travelling at a million light years per minute, no Shepard couldn’t have been in the Traverse, she could be somewhere in space, she’s a survivor…

“Vakarian!” his superior barked, “You gonna bring me that coffee or what?”

He didn’t answer at first. The words resembled an echo, a memory trying to bubble up to the surface. With his eyes still glued to the screen, Garrus murmured, “I’m taking a few days off.”


“You heard me.” He snapped back into the moment like a lightning rod, shoveing the coffee into his boss’ outstretched hand. “I have something to take care of.”

Garrus didn’t care if he ever worked at C-Sec ever again.

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🍟 Have you, a family member or friend ever thought, “it’s cheaper to feed myself [or my family] at a fast food restaurant than it is to cook a meal at home.” If so, you’re not alone. When it comes to eating habits, a couple of potential barriers to making positive changes are: 

1. I don’t have time 

2. I can’t afford it . 

🗒 Both are legitimate concerns. I’ve been trying to address the first topic by posting ideas for making healthy meals in a hurry, and I’ll post more of those over time. Today, however, I want to address the second matter. . 


👉 It can for sure, but it doesn’t have to. For example, you’ll definitely pay a premium for organic products, gluten-free options, free-range chicken, shopping at certain stores, and so forth. Now if those are things that are important to you and you find it worthwhile pay a little extra, I completely understand. . 

� � On the other hand, if you’re on a tight budget and you just want to make overall better choices, there are still lots of ways to make positive changes without putting a strain on your finances. .

🍽️ Here’s a sample meal that cost just over $2 per plate. That’s less than the cost of the average fast food value meal. Not that there’s anything wrong with enjoying a value meal from time to time, because there is absolutely room in an overall healthy diet for occasional fast food. . 

🍜 But I hope this helps to illustrate that home-cooked meals don’t have to cost a ton. Meals don’t need to be fancy, organic, expensive, or complicated to be a healthier choice. Small changes count for a lot. So if you’ve been holding off on making a positive change because you’re afraid you can’t afford it, I hope this helps. . 

🍫 As a side note, this plate cost less to make than the price of your average protein bar. Not that there’s anything wrong with protein bars either. (I appreciate the portability and convenience of bars, and adore Birthday Cake Oh Yeah! One bars.) Still, I thought it was interesting that something I’d usually think of as small and inexpensive, such as a bar, can actually cost more than a whole plate of food. 

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Please, don't move to that moldy apartment! You might survive without asthma or other infections. But think about ethan! He's living every single day breathing that molded air in the apartment. You sometimes can go out and have fresh air but he can't. Mold is dangerous, it can't be washed away. Pls, think one more timebefore moving. If you get sick there's a possibility you have to give up all your stuff 'cos there's mold everywhere. Happened to my brother, trust me, I know. All the best xoxo

Hey! Thank you, i know this message comes from a place of concern. I’ve had two different people look at the mold since my last post, who have both said, it’s no biggie, and i’ve sent a very lengthy message to my landlord who said he would be working on it. 
However, beyond that, this is the appartment I can afford. I know youtubers aren’t always so clear with what kind of money they make, and it may seem like we live lavish lives, but the yellow, one bedroom apartment with a little bit of mold in the bathroom is what I can afford, and sustain as of right now. 
Plus, Pennsylvania doesn’t recognize mold as a reason to break the lease, unless it creates an inhabitable living space, which, in my situation, it does not. 
It took me a few weeks to gather up funds for the first, last and security, and my landlord was really cool with me showing him what little proof I do have of income (Youtubers are paid monthly, based on views, so my payment is inconsistent, and I don’t have ‘pay stubs’) 
My friend even took off the utility panel, or whatever the little trap door behind the tub is called, and told me the mold had not traveled through to the other side of the wall.
In philadelphia, for my budget, this is what you get. I don’t have any issue with fixing up my apartment, and actually hope that if I move out before my lease, one of my friends can take my apartment from me, since it IS very affordable considering the neighborhood and location, and honestly some sort of hidden gem despite the mold. I know a lot of people have told me, “Don’t put any work into this apartment, it’s a waste of time!” but I really do like DIY and home improvement, and patching up some drywall, and repairing some mold damage sounds like something that would empower me. ESPECIALLY if it meant benefiting me, and whoever takes my apartment after me. 
Through tears, and powerful feelings of regret, there is an overall sense of accomplishment i’ve noticed in the last few days, and even now, talking about the mold, or shuffling through messages similar to this one which suggest harm to my cat; i feel better, and look forward to everything ahead of me. 

My loves,
thank you so so much for the love and support that you have shown me over the past few days! I’m beyond grateful for every single person who sent me some money or simply reblogged my post. Every little thing means more than you can imagine! When I made that post, I didn’t really expect anyone to actually help me out of my situation. I was hoping for maybe 20-30€ but what I experienced was a lot greater than that. Every single message from you guys gave me so much strength! Of course everything is still difficult and it can’t be fixed that easily, but thanks to all of you I now have some money so I can go to sleep at night knowing that I have the most important bills covered, at least until new years. The best thing is that we can even afford some gas to visit my grandma for Christmas. Again, you honestly have no idea how much that means to me (and my mom).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

in case you didn’t notice, i have a brand new commissions page! it’s much easier to read this time, and commissions are open indefinitely!

my posts have really been feeling the burn of tumblr changing its algorithm lately (i have a feeling it’s got something to do with their new “restricted” feature?) so i hope that this post actually reaches you if you’ve been wanting a commission have no idea what’s been going on with my blog or if you can even see my art at all

i’m on summer break currently but i’m about to enter my final year of college and i basically need to save up as much money as i possibly can in order to afford tuition payments every semester bc i refuse to take out loans lol

of course a reblog/signal boost always helps my art here on tumblr, but in case you haven’t been able to see my art on your dash at all, ALL of my art lately has been getting dumped full-force on my patreon, which you can get early access to said art for as little as $1 a month! plus you get free-to-use icons and a bunch of other cool stuff~

Mystery Man

Rating: T

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 5077

Summary: Deciding to be more social, Simon goes to a masquerade ball fundraiser. Based on “shy kiss” to “steamy kiss” request.

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AN: See? I am actually working through these requests! It’s just taking awhile. Hope you like it!


A masquerade ball. What a strange idea. The student union is trying to find more “creative” ways to raise funds. Guess a rich university like Watford can afford to be creative. They’ve rented out some fancy hotel ballroom nearby, got the art department to make masks, the drama department to loan costumes, and for 20 quid a person, you can dance with fellow students. It’s absolutely ludicrous. And possibly fun. I desperately need some fun.

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I'm sorry

Firstly, I’d really like to apologize for the lack of art lately. At least, the lack of decent quality art. I don’t know if the crappy scribbles count towards anything. Also for the lack of fics and fic updates. I haven’t been able to write very well ever since things started going super fast down hill. (Dyslexia meet starvation.)

But, I really am sorry. I know that’s why you follow my blog, I know people are getting sick of my personal posts, I know people are switching fandoms or losing interest in stuff. I know, it’s a mess, and my blog is slagging behind being useless. Trust me, I understand being useless. 😞

I don’t know what to say, though. I’m stuck. Things will not get better in their own, and the professionals are slow to help, if they help at all.

If only one good thing came from the most recent stint at the stupid hospital, It’s that I now know why I get so messed up when drawing at the computer these past few months. I’m hoping, after the MRI (I’m going to panic myself to death in there. Glass plastic box of emotion), that they’ll actually do something about ASAP, because I really really really miss drawing and colors and stuff. I mean. If I can even afford the MRI. I don’t know. This is crazy and I feel like shit.

Anyway, my sincere and deepest apologies for… me, I guess. I really do hope that I can bring you guys art and writing and silly stuff as soon as possible. I hope, but I can’t promise.


anonymous asked:

what if a love interest's already been introduced? To keith at least? i know you won't be able to imagine this because it goes against your headcanon. But what if Acxa and Keith will end up in a romantic relationship? I mean, their introduction could've been taken out from a YA novel.

“i know you won’t be able to imagine this because it goes against your headcanon”

oh come on dude. that’s why it’s called a headcanon. i really hope i don’t actually come off as that irrational about dumb headcanons. 

i still think it would take a lot of development since all of keith and acxa’s comparative scenes have shown that they’re similarly single-minded about the mission, and i don’t know that vld can afford to take the time to do that, but this had definitely occurred to me, especially with the early introduction of her character.

and please no one reply to this with “but they’re related!” i’m absolutely not going to broganes another pairing lol

hoeunkim  asked:

Hello! Im a big fan of your gouache paintings and was inspired to paint outside but i seem to struggle with on how to travel with them. I was wondering how you bring gouache outside when you paint??

Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words :) 

I did a previous post on what my materials are. I have a really basic set up. I usually try to keep everything really small and portable. I bring only a few set of colors that I need and a light metal palette that folds. The size of my paper is small too, usually half of an 8.5 x 11 paper; I sometimes cut it to even smaller sizes. When it is hot outside I do bring a small water spray bottle that I can spray on the paint that prevents it from drying out. A small glass jar for water and you are good to go! You can find very affordable equipment from dick blick :) 

Some of the people I paint with bring easels with them. There is a company that makes amazing small portable easels that are great of outdoor paintings. You can check out the links below to see which sizes you prefer. The ARE pricey but I  am sure you can get ones that are way cheaper. My setup is so discounted compared to all my friends :D I actually don’t use an easel, i feel more comfortable on a the ground. 

I hope that helps! Have fun painting! 

My equipment:

Strada easels:


Other equipment: 


The Orbiting Human Circus (of the air)
Episode 9 (Julian Koster’s Q&A): 

«One big question that got asked and I think is pretty neat is…were there things that were in season one, or episodes that didn’t make the cut for different reasons. 

The answer to this question is YES, there are a lot of things. And several people asked, if I could, if those things existed, if I could tell you about some of them. So I thought that would be kind of fun. And one, that I really like that the Janitor told was actually about… I think this is gonna possibly scandalize some people but it is in-universe, so I think that’s okay. But anyway. 

One thing that Janitor told about was… these visits of a special friend of John Cameron’s to the set of the Orbiting Human circus, to the ballroom. A very special friend of his, named Carrie… well, his real name isn’t Carrie, his real name is Archibald. John Cameron calls him Archibald, that’s how the janitor knew this, but everybody else knew him as Carrie. And he is a very special friend of John’s. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of rumors that they are VERY-very special friends. And… the Janitor did see… something that reinforced that idea very strongly very strongly one time. Something innocent, but something that led on that they are more than friends. 

 And everyone in the OHC would freak out of course when this fellow would come visit, which would be a few times a year, because he is a movie star. And so everybody was kind of dazzled. And the Janitor had seen him in movies. The Janitor’s, one of the Janitor’s favorite movies was called ‘Holliday’. And Carrie was in this movie and you know. The janitor was just completely star-struck… whenever he’d come around. And he was just very-very sweet person, and he was very-very elegant, and handsome. I don’t think the janitor had a crush on him, or anything like that, no, but he was just incredibly objectively handsome, which… you know. And kind. And so when he would visit it would always be a very interesting thing. He kind of fascinated janitor, and watching Archibald and John together was very fascinating for janitor. 

And… and so there are different stories associated with his visits. And hopefully some of it would make it into season two. I hope I haven’t just ruined season two for you. I mean it’s not, really. It’s a small thing. But there was some… as a matter of fact, the jacket that John Cameron gave to the Janitor was actually Carrie’s, that was something that Carrie has left behind. Carrie always leaves his clothes everywhere. He’s very forgetful… and being a movie star he can afford lots and lots of jackets. That was actually where the jacket that John Cameron passed down to the janitor came from». 


A few words about photos: 

There is John Cameron Mitchell, a director, actor, singer, an overall amazingly talented man who also happened to be a voice actor of John Cameron, our beloved dramatic host. 

And there is Cary Grant, one of the greatest male stars of Golden Age Hollywood cinema, an actor so famous he probably still doesn’t need introduction. An actor whose given name was Archibald Alexander Leach and who played in dozens of great movies one of which is our Julian’s favorite “Holiday”. 

So what do we get here? A dazzling time-bending couple which all the OHC fandom should cherish. 


PS - John is a person from underground and Cary is long gone and I was just ridiculously lucky to know both of them beforehand. So if you’ve never heard of them, let me be your guide and suggest you an amazing rock musical «Hedwig and the angry inch»(2001) & hilarious «Arsenic and Old Lace» (1944). 

The first is about a transgender woman traveling through her past and future in the search of true love… or self. Mythical references included. And in general it’s just the best thing I know. 

 The second is a black comedy about adorable grannies who happen to be… serial killers. Cary is the cutest there and humor is absolutely surreal. Amazing experience, don’t miss it.

Conor Maynard Imagine- I’ll keep you save, always

Requested- Yes

Prompts- “I want to protect you” “Do you trust me?” “I’ll keep you save”

Warnings- Abuse, swearing

Requests- Open!

A/n- Hope you like it xx

Word count - 598

Conor opened the door late at night to find you covered in bruises, lip bleeding and tears were running down her cheek.

“Y/n what-t happene-d-d?” He stuttered.

You were silent for a second, you didn’t look up at him at all.

“He hit me” You croaked.

By He you meant your boyfriend well ex now, your relationship was toxic but you didn’t see that, until his fist came in contact with your face for the first time.

When this happened you got out as soon as possible and immediately made your way to Conor, your best friends house.

You saw his entire body tense, his fists were in balls.

“When I get my hands on that mothefucker he will fucking suffer.” He roared.

“Conor” You whispered “Please just hug me.”

He pulled you inside and wrapped his arms round you in a protective hug.

“Let me go see him” He said as you pulled out the hug.

“No please don’t” You pleaded.

“But he can’t get away with this, he need someone to show him that this isn’t fucking okay. I want to protect you y/n” He insisted.

“Not right now, stay with me please” You begged.

“Fine, how about we watch a Disney movie?” He suggested.

You spent the rest of the night snuggled in Conor’s arms watching a marathon of your favourite disney movies.

You felt so save in his arms. Like nothing could ever harm you.

You woke up in Conor’s empty bed.

You grabbed his hoodie because it was cold and went to find Conor.

“Fucking touch her ever again and I’ll murder you!” You heard Conor roar.

“Ha, you wouldn’t do shit” Your ex, you felt your entire body tense.

“Wow Conor stop!” Jack called.

You walked in to see Conor repeatedly hitting you ex and Jack attempting to stop him.

“Stop” You said loudly.

Conor immediately froze.

Everyone turned to look at you.

Only then did you notice the bruises on Conor’s face and a bag that looked to be full with your stuff.

“Get out” You you said harshly looking at your ex.

“No” He said and crossed his arms across his chest.

“She said-“ Jack was cut off.

“GET THE FUCK OUT” Conor bellowed at him.

Your ex froze and looked terrified for a second.

Conor opened the door and full force shoved him out the door.

Your ex didn’t put up much of a fight.

“Goodbye don’t ever come back” Conor hissed as he slammed the door.

“Conor I asked you not to say anything” You reminded.

“I didn’t I just slammed my fist in to his face” Conor chuckled.

You raised an eyebrow.

“Okay I’m sorry, I just couldn’t let him get away with it.” He admitted.

You sighed.

“You didn’t have to do anything anything” You said.

“But I wanted to” He replied.

“Hey I’m going to have to go now, I hope you feel better soon y/n.” Jack said as he headed out the door.

“Do you trust me?” Conor asked.

“Of course! Why?” You replied.

“Move in?” He asked.

“Really? But you only have one spare bed shouldn’t you get a roommate that can actually afford to pay there full share of the rent?” You babbled.

Conor knew that at the minute you couldn’t afford to pay rent but he didn’t care, he just wanted to protect you.

“It’s fine, come here” He said as he opened his arms to hug you.

He hugged you tightly. His familiar scent filled your nostrils.

“I’ll keep you save, always” He whispered.

Bus Rides- Chapter 15

Chapter 1

Chapter 14 

Warnings: A bit of angst and violence 

Word Count: 1177

“Hi, Dan!”

“Hey, Janet!” Dan smiled at the receptionist as he walked down the hospital hallway. He had reached the point where he knew all the receptionists by name, as he’d been coming after school every day for the last week to see Phil.

“Morning!” Dan said, walking into Phil’s room and beaming at the Saturday morning sun shining through the window.

“Morning, Dan.”

“How’s it going?”

“I’m better. I don’t think I’m ready to leave though.”

“Oh. When do you think you’ll get out?”

“Right now.” Dan heard a voice behind him and whirled around to see who he assumed to be Phil’s parents standing there. Dan hadn’t seen either of Phil’s parents once the entire week, which honestly made him a bit sick. Their son could have died and they didn’t even bother to come visit.

“Come on, boy. We’re going home. No more expensive medical care for you.” Phil’s father spoke harshly as he walked over and tore the IV out of Phil’s arm. Phil shrieked and steam blew from Dan’s ears.

“Stop it, you’re hurting him!” Dan tried to pull Phil’s father off of him, but an elbow collided with his jaw and he was knocked backwards, crashing into the wall and falling to the ground.

“Dan!” Phil cried out. Dan put his fingers to his lips, pulling them back to see blood.

“That your little boy toy, son?” There was insanity in his eyes as he tore off Phil’s hospital bracelet.

“Lay off him!” Dan regained his strength and was standing behind Phil’s father, using all the courage he could muster to eek these words out.

He turned to Dan, walking right up to him. “I can do what I want with him. He’s my son.”

“Maybe he is, but you shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near him.” Dan smelled alcohol and marijuana on his breath. “You’re a drugged out alcoholic who should never be allowed to care for any child, especially Phil. He deserves better than you.”

Suddenly Dan was pinned against the wall. “Listen kid. You don’t tell me how to raise my son.”

“What on earth is going on in here?” All heads turned to the doorway, where a doctor was stood. Dan was released immediately as Phil’s father went to shake the doctor’s hand.

“I’m Phil’s father.” The doctor shook his hand slowly, looking the man up and down. Upon noticing his dingy t-shirt and jeans, he pulled his hand back.

“And where have you been all week?”

“I was never notified he was here.” Dan could tell he was trying to sound civil despite his anger and high.

“We attempted to reach you multiple times.”

“Well, it didn’t work.” Dan looked at the doctor, who was obviously suspicious of Phil’s father. Dan assumed he could also smell the drugs on his breath.

“And what happened to his IV and bracelet?” The doctor glared at Phil and back to his father.

“I’m taking him home. It’s too expensive here.”

“I advise against that.”

“Well, I’m doing it anyway. Come on, boy.”

“But I can’t walk?” Phil pleaded with his father, attempting to talk some sense into the man.

“Get him a wheelchair, doc, we’re leaving.” The doctor rolled his eyes and left, coming back a few minutes later with a wheelchair.

“He’ll be using this for quite a while. Don’t you want me to show him how to work it?”

“He can figure it out himself. Let’s go, boy.” Phil reluctantly and painfully eased himself into the wheelchair.

“I really don’t think you should…” Phil’s father paid no attention to the doctor, simply putting his middle finger up in the air and wheeling Phil out of the room. It isn’t until then that Phil’s mother emerges from the corner in which she’d been standing the entire time.

“I’m sorry, doctor… You too…” She gestured towards Dan.


“Dan. We’re divorced for good reason. His temper is horrible. Don’t worry about him. Phil’s going home with me, not him. We’re only taking him now because we really can’t afford to have him here any longer. I’ll make sure to take as good care of him as I possibly can.” Dan exhaled when she said this, relieved that Phil was going somewhere safe. His own body ached from attempting to stand up to the man; he was terrified for Phil if that was where he was going.

“I hope you know I’m reporting him for the scent of marijuana on his breath.”

She smiled at him. “I actually believe that’s what’s best for all of us.” Turning on her heel, she followed Phil and his father out the door. Numb, Dan caught up with them.

“Well, Phil, I guess you’re checking out.”

Phil smiled up at Dan. “I guess I am.”

“What’re you doing here?” The bad-tempered man was particularly grumpy, Dan noticed.

“My mom’s waiting outside for me. I’m leaving, just like you.” Phil’s father rolled his eyes and he and Phil’s mother completed the check-out process. Walking outside, Dan waved goodbye to Phil and started heading off towards his mom’s car. Before he could get in, he heard grunts coming from behind him. Turning around, he found Phil’s father yelling.

“I’m taking him!”

“Why in hell would you take him? You’re both drunk and high off your ass and he’s already hurt enough! I’m taking him. At least that way he’ll be safe.” He attempted to wheel Phil away but she tore him off of the handles of the wheelchair, knocking it over. Phil winced as his broken arm and leg hit the blacktop. Dan ran over to him, setting up the wheelchair.

“I’ve got you…” Dan did the best he could to lift Phil up onto the wheelchair as his parents argued. He took off running through the parking lot, pushing Phil in front of him. “Where’s your mom’s car?”

“Over there!” Dan ran Phil to his mother’s car, throwing the passenger door open and helping him in. He folded up the wheelchair and tossed it in the back seat.  

“Lock the doors and only open them for you mom,” Dan said frantically as he shut the door. Phil locked the car and opened his window. “Text me as soon as you can, okay Phil?”

“Don’t worry. I will. Thanks Dan. You really saved me there. Nobody’s ever stuck up to by dad like that. He has a lot of problems and frankly my mom’s a bit scared of him.”

“I’m just glad you’re okay.” Dan smiled at his boyfriend, still covered in bandages, yet as beautiful as ever.

“You too. I love you, Dan.”

“I love you too.” Dan leaned in the window and planted an abrupt kiss on Phil’s lips before hearing the older boy’s arguing parents’ voices drawing nearer. “Roll up the window. I’ll see you later.” Dan took off, sprinting to his own mom’s car. Flinging open the door and hopping into the passenger seat, Dan lolled his head back, holding onto hope that Phil would be safe. Hope was all he had left.