i hope i actually finish this ahhh

A few months ago, for a uni project we had to design a studio and I chose to do Cecil’s radio booth (of course). I never managed to do a full colour version, and now I decided I am going to try and finish it! So, here is the WIP with the colours but only a little shading. I’ve never really digitally painted before so please forgive me.

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*whimpers* I just finished the latest chapter of Incarnate on AO3, and I'm NOT ok. It's so amazingly written!!!! I really hope you will finish this story! If it would help your creative process, I would gladly do some illustrations for it for free :D

oh my god thank you so much, that’s so sweet!! you have really good timing tbh, i’m actually trying to finish up the last chapter tonight. it’ll (hopefully) be posted around 2am CST?? if i hurry up + get my ass in gear haha ^^

ps your art is G O R G E O U S and incredible, i’m still fawning over the last portrait of the outsider that you did ;o; it’s so beautiful it takes my breath away!!

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Hello! Can I have a ship with BTS, GOT7 & iKON? c; I'm Thai, 5'3, medium-length brown hair, dark brown eyes & I have light skin. I'm very friendly, humorous & outgoing at times. But I can also be super weird, inserting puns here & there if I'm comfortable around others to show this side. My hobbies/free time would be jamming to songs, singing, gaming, editing vids+pics or just nap for the whole day like a sloth.

I’m finishing up the ships in my ask box so please do not request anymore!! Thanks ♡♡

oh my gosh!! hi there i love your account so much ahhh u actually noticed my account!! thank you for that ;;^;; i’ve put all of my love and effort into making this perfect for you bc i just really like the things you post (since i also play sims hehe) but yeah i really hope you like this!! consider this as a thank you for blessing my life with your existence ♡

for bts: i ship you with taehyung!! everyone knows how much this little dork right here can be so weird just by doing a simple thing or those iconic faces he makes on camera. but those very things always leaves my heart fluttering because he is literally such a precious puppy that needs to be protected from all the harm existing on earth!! please do not harm my baby ;;;; anyways seeing that you have a similar likes to taehyung, i could see the relationship to include a lot of you hanging out at his place to beat him in games nearly everyday because he’d always lose to u so he’s like “rematch. tomorrow. be there or be square” so ur like “just deal with ur defeat tae” but really he just likes seeing u win bc it makes him smile the cutie ;’)) there’d also be a lot of hugging and pda because tae honestly does not give 2 sh*ts about people; he’d be all over u bruh (but not sexual just literally all over u i swear) he’d always have u in his arms or him hugging u from behind with his head on ur shoulders ahhhHHh (why am i giving myself feels??) aside from this fluffy sh*t he can be so goddamn weird i swear he’d be that boyfriend who randomly says stuff at unexpected times such as “my butt is on fire!!” (bultaore- lol nvm) or makes inhumane noises gdi why tae why. in conclusion, boyfriend!taehyung is possibly the best boyfriend you’d ever want to have in your life because he can be so generous, caring, sweet, lovable, funny and really grateful that he has someone like you in his life ♡

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for got7: i ship you with jackson!! (and also youngjae, but mostly jackson!!) okay okay jackson wang has a whole lotta sides of him, i’m pretty sure he’s like on his 15th and still counting. jackson has that cute side of him where he blushes at every single thing whenever he gets flustered or in an awkward situation which i find so adorable!! because who knew a hot rude sassy boy who acts tough bc he has those biceps and abs, can be so soft and fragile?? he also has that side where he can be such boyfriend material omg like he !! is !! so !! caring !! and !! kind !! why do people not stan him?? but yeah basically jackson wang is another person who’d be a great suitable person for you! you guys have a lot in common seeing that you like to sing or jam to songs or take a 24+ nap bc thats jackson rite there. i feel like he would fall in love with you as soon as he saw your face (even tho i haven’t seen ur face i can tell ur very pretty and so is ur heart;;) and he’d do anything to get ur attention bruh he’d beg for bambam to teach him more thai sayings so he can get to talk to you more but really we all know bambam would teach him opposite sayings like “”i like ur face pls date me”” and other…um yeah u know heh. anyways after y’all become friends and seeing each others true self, he’d be so shy once that time comes to asking you out bc imagine bashful jackson standing outside ur doorstep at 3am in the cold as he asks u out “”hey um, i’ve liked you for a while and i couldn’t help myself fall in love with you more everyday.. so.. may we.. go out as one maybe?? heh”” cuTE INDEED.

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for ikon: i ship you with yunhyeong!! this fella right here has a heart full of gold and pure happiness. literally, he’s someone you’d want in your life to bring you happiness; he doesn’t need to do anything but stand there and exist then bam you’re suddenly full of energy and all the negativity has floated away!! yunhyeong is that type of boyfriend who is such a sweetheart and to be honest, a prince charming. ok ok seriously he acts so kind to everyone and is so grateful for the things he has in life, he’s also very passionate about everything he does which could be giving all his effort when performing or making his fans smile and their hearts fluttering ;;; goddamn you song yunhyeong new topic!! i really think you guys would be each other’s type because of the similarities you both have, sharing the likeness of jamming along to songs or singing, playing video games and being funny around people because he likes seeing the happiness on people’s faces!! yunhyeong can also be someone to go for comfort knowing that he’s the type of person who console you and try to steer you away from sadness, he’d hug it out and tell you to let it all out as u make a big patch of wetness on his shirt but he doesn’t mind!! i feel like he’s that type of boyfriend who’d be very protective and someone lovable and the best reason to wake up in the morning because you love seeing that smile of his ;’)) plus you’d be the right height for him which is a blessing to have since u kno, gotta get prepared for the continuous back hugging and head plopping right on top of ur head hehe. to sum it all up, yunhyeong is an angel and a total sweetheart and he is very grateful that he has a girl like you in his life and heart; so you’d want to cherish this handsome guy or else you’ll regret it ♡

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