i hope his storyline gets more play this year

Ken Penders is STILL at it?!

Guys, I have a confession to make: I’m sick & tired of Ken Penders; his actions, his ego, etc. Plain & simple. I thought that after he won his case back in 2013, that would be the last we’d hear from him, but unfortunately we’ve been proven wrong because that self-entitled man-child hack of a writer/artist keeps coming back looking for any excuse to sue Archie Comics (& maybe Sega) for “infringement of a contract”.

For those who don’t know, Ken Penders used to work for Archie Comics & was involved with adding a shit-ton of lore for the universe, some that people utterly despised & some that people absolutely adored. He left the company almost a decade ago & everyone assumed that was the last everyone would hear of him. Or so they thought.

Fast forward two years later to hear Penders post a “review” of how current writer Ian Flynn is doing (I use the quoted word as loosely as imaginable by the way) &, on top of that, throwing a massive hissy fit over the release of “Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood” (I have yet to play this game so I cannot say whether it is an underrated classic that deserves more love or a massive pile of vomit that no one should bother).

Before anyone knew it, he started to file copyrights for “his material” (stories, characters, etc.) with Archie hoping to get them back. The case lasted a few years but, surprise surprise, Ken Penders won the case. And he intends to either “continue” the M25YL storyline or make his own stories up with his material while calling it “The Lara-Su Chronicles”. Seriously, I heard that he either wanted to continue the story as “he envisioned it” or make his own original storyline from scratch. Apparently he can’t make up his mind.

After he got what he wanted (at the cost of his reputation), he slapped Archie some mandates on how they can use “his” characters & material. Of course one of them makes sense (”his” characters cannot be killed off without his approval; such examples being Locke & Julie-Su), but the others, such as the M25YL storyline MUST be the canon future no matter what (his reason being it “cannot contradict the events of TLSC), is just outrageous. Now all artists want royalties for “their” material, but to me, it sounds like he just wants full control of the comics. Hell, he even flat-out claimed that he “was the savior of the series”. In those words. Egotistical much? Also screams “self-entitlement”.

Over time, people have called him out over his bullshit, yet he deflects it & constantly acts like he’s the “innocent victim” of all this. Granted, Archie aren’t saints either, but Penders just takes the cake. And he said he’s going to sue them AGAIN. And why? Apparently it was all over some new app where you can read old issues & he’s pissed about it. I also heard that it has something to do with a story unrelated to Sonic he made years ago & he wants royalties from that too.

Penders, this shit has got to end. And when will it ever end with you? You got what you wanted & yet you’re still not happy? Regardless what you say, some people (from posts I’ve seen on here & other sites) think you just want full control over Sonic (& not just the comics). People say the Sonic fanbase is bad because of the “fans” that are never satisfied with anything no matter what. But they sound tame in comparison.

And now we’re back at the beginning with Ken Penders’ continued fall from grace & many Sonic fans continue to throw hate at him & most likely for the right reasons while he tries to justify his actions. Of course you can imagine how many fans will be furious at him should he flat-out tell us that he “won’t rest until the series is cancelled” (& wants to take away anyone’s right to enjoy the series). Oh, imagine him trying to cover that shit up. Anyway, I’ve rambled longer than I wanted. I just wanted to get this off of my chest.

But one final bit before I end this: Ken Penders, your legacy is ruined because of YOU; not because of the “fans”, not because of Archie, not because of Sega, but because of YOU & YOU alone. And you’re going about acting how Sega & Archie & even the fans of the comic “owe you”, but here’s the sad & unfortunate truth: Sega & Archie don’t owe you jack-shit. And the fans are tired of your bullshit. Play the victim card all you want, but we have the right to call you out on your actions when you start all the bullshit when it should’ve ended a few years ago. This could’ve all been avoided if you, Sega, & Archie were willing to compromise. But nope, it was either “your way or the highway” & everyone is paying the price. It’s only a matter of time until your own greed & ego catches up with you.

And after all of that, I’m done. Took longer than I expected.