i hope his reign never ends

what's a fire and how does it - what's the word? - burn

so i have this disney playlist i listen to usually when i’m driving and i was blasting poor unfortunate souls this morning and i was thinking

what if ariel didn’t sign the scroll?

because she’s about to, okay, and she looks at the paper. the parchment made of seaweed, the ones that’s specially treated to survive underwater. and she thinks of her cave of treasures, her books that remain perfectly preserved underwater. “no thank you,” she says slowly, becoming keenly aware of air of this place, of the not-people she’d seen who hadn’t been able to pay the price for sea witch’s bargain. “i – no. thank you. but no.”

ursula tries to convince her otherwise, but ariel runs. she goes back to her cave, destroyed as it was by her father’s anger, and thinks.

she’s the daughter of triton. her books never got wet, though she lives in the ocean. she feels a pull inside her, to the land, to somewhere else, but what if – what if –

what if she doesn’t need the sea witch or her father to perform magic for her? what if she has her own?

ursula had wanted her voice because that’s how she performed her magic. singing in this cave had given it powers and protection, and when she saved her prince from the sea – she sang then too, to keep him safe, to guide him back to life and away from death.

so she has magic. she only needs to figure out how to use it.

so that’s what ariel does now. she’s quiet and keeps to herself, and her father and sisters think that it’s because she’s upset with her father, that she’s busy licking her wounds. she’s moved on from that. she has no trident, and is uninterested with fueling her magic with the souls of the damned like ursula has. so she needs to figure something else out.

she does what she’s not supposed to do, and goes where she’s not supposed to go, slipping past the guards and patrols to the one place in the sea that is forbidden to all of them.

the crevice in the earth where what remains of her grandmother lives.

ariel goes to amphitrite, and the sea goddess is so much bigger than ariel, the size of great whale as she curls at the bottom of the sea floor, too old and too tired to do anything more than sleep. “granddaughter,” the great being croaks, opening an eye as blue and as unfathomable as the sea, “you look like me.”

“they say i look like my mother,” she says, and to herself adds: that’s why father can barely stand to look at me.

“you have more of me in you than your mother,” she says, and she shifts and pulls her mass of red hair over her shoulder. “more of me in you than your father does, even.”

“i have magic,” she says, pulling her bravery to the fore as she swims closer to her grandmother, “i want you to teach me how to use it.” amphitrite pushes herself up, and it’s the first time she’s moved in a millennia, and ariel notices for the first time that her grandmother isn’t a mermaid – she has legs.

she has legs.

“you have power,” amphitrite corrects fiercely, “and i will teach you to wield it.”

and so she does. ariel spends her nights by her grandmother, learning to harness the power of the sea that runs in her veins, and sleeps her days away while her sisters and flounder and sebastian grow more and more concerned, but she refuses to tell them why. she refuses to be stopped.

but her heart still aches. she fell in love with her prince, and she wants him still. so she swims to the edge, goes to the beach where his castle resides in the dead of night when her lessons with her grandmother are complete, and sings

. she’s careful not to let any magic leak through, only her voice. she does not want to enchant him. she wants him to love her as she is. so she sings, her voice clear and powerful and cutting through the air. she hopes he can hear it.

then one day a figure walks to the beach, and it’s him, her prince. “hello?” he calls out, “are you out there? are you – please, it was you that saved me, wasn’t it? won’t you come out and let me see you?”

so she does, waves her tail at him until he catches sight of her and takes hesitant, disbelieving steps closer.

“you’re a mermaid,” he says, eyes wide, “i thought i saw – but it couldn’t be.”

“i am, and it can,” she says, heart beating wildly in her chest. he’s just as handsome as she remembered, and she wants him just as much. “my name is ariel.”

“ariel,” he repeats, and pulls off his boots and goes wading into the water, watching her to see if she flinches away from him. she doesn’t, and his strides grow bolder. “my name is eric.”

“eric,” she whispers, and when he’s close enough he touches her, trailing fingers across the bare skin of her shoulder and tangling them in her hair.

when he kisses her, she feels powerful enough to undo the world.

so there’s that now, spending her nights with her grandmother and her prince, and she knows how to make her own legs now, could walk onto land and be made a queen among the two legged men.

but she’s a princess here first, and before she can do that she needs to take care of something.


the rotten sea witch with her rotten sea magic won’t be allowed to torment her people any longer.

she tells her grandmother, and amphitrite smiles and says, “an excellent decision, child. i’ve enjoyed our time together, but i think it’s time for me to sleep once more. i’ve taught you everything i can.”

and tears prick ariel’s eyes, but she holds them back. she knew that it couldn’t be forever, that her grandmother can’t die but no longer desires to live and this is the in-between.

“you’ll be an amazing queen,” amphitrite murmurs, and closes her eyes for a millennia more.

this isn’t something to be done in the dead of night, although it would be easier to do it then.

she will make a spectacle of it, she will remind the sea that her people are not to be trifled with.

once upon a time they feared a blue eyed, red haired sea queen with the power to destroy them all. it’s time for them to do so again.

so she drives ursula to the center of the city. her sisters cower and people hide, and her father comes rushing forward to save her.

“you’ve committed great crimes against my people,” she says, not flinching as lightning gathers in the sea witch’s hands, “so now shall a great crime be committed against you.”

“foolish girl,” the sea witch snarls.

triton is yelling. he won’t get there in time.

he doesn’t have to.

she doesn’t need to sing anymore. instead she lifts her hands and pulls ursula apart without ever touching her, not only renders flesh from bone but also sets free the souls she’s been hoarding, reverses the magic done to those who’d fallen into the sea witch’s trap.

they all stare at her, her people, her father, and her sisters. she looks to triton and says, “i’m not a little girl anymore.”

he opens his mouth, closes it again, then says, “i can see that.”

all at once everyone’s perceptions are turned sideways about their youngest princess. she commands a power that even her father doesn’t have access to, she’s not depressed and dreamy – she’s powerful young woman who knows exactly what she’s doing.

so she does what she wanted to do, she gives herself legs and steps onto the sand and launches herself into eric’s arms. she becomes his bride, and the rumors run rampant of what she is, of where she came from, but they can’t prove anything and so they rule.

they live long, happy lives. ariel is his consort, his advisor, his wife, his tactician, and his best friend. all those years reading drowned books have certainly paid off. she ages herself along with her husband, bears his children and then teaches them they ways of her – their – people.

her husband dies, and she disappears, like the stories of selkie women that everyone whispers around her. their children give their father a sea burial, and vow to see him again one day. what they know and none of their subjects do is this – their father’s body isn’t in that casket.

she returns to her ocean, her legs form into her glittering green tail, and she goes home. she uses her terribly powerful magic, and brings her husband with her. she went from princess ariel of the sea to queen ariel of the land, and now she’s back again.

she’s not quite a teenager, but neither is she the old woman she pretended to be on land. she’s returned her and her husband to the prime of their life, and as she gained legs to be with him, he now gives his up to be with her.

eric becomes a merman, and a prince by virtue of being ariel’s husband.

she returns to her family and her world without missing a beat, and they all welcome her as if she never left, treat her husband with kindness and respect.

because they all know.

it doesn’t matter that she’s the youngest. when, far in the future, triton’s reign ends –

ariel’s reign will begin.

Has the heart of TWD stopped beating?

I became a fan of this show solely based on Rick Grimes wanting nothing more than to find his family and keep them safe. I cared for this man and happily went along for the ride that was his crazy life in the zombie apocalypse.

The whole premise of this show, the heart of this show is Rick and his family. His loved ones, his children and all of the family he met along the way. The heart of this show is the will to survive, to live in order to create a future for the next generation. To keep one another safe, to build a community. 

For me, personally, the heart of this show is and was Carl Grimes.

Carl is a child of the apocalypse. He’s killed, suffered tragic loss, gone down a dark path and found his way again. Carl is his father’s son and every vision I had of the end of Rick’s story included Carl picking up the mantle of leadership. Even with Rick’s inevitable death, hope reigned because Carl made it. Rick achieved what he set out to do because his son would carry on. 

That’s all gone now. Carl will die as a young teenager and will never get the chance to have a family of his own. Will never have the chance to show his parents (yes, Michonne is his parent) that everything they instilled in him, everything they taught him, would allow him to live a long life and allow him to pass that knowledge down to future generations.

Rick and Michonne will continue to live. Team Family will continue to live. They will get up and go to war but to what end? For what reason? When Carl’s heart stops beating, so does the heart of this show. I truly believe that.

And my heart will be broken with it.

Black Eye - Leon Draisaitl #2

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about/request:your writing is amazing omg i’m so glad i found your blog!! could you possibly do one where draisaitl and reader are going through a rough patch and he takes it out on his first fight?? it can end fluffy or smutty, you have free reign with that hehe thank you, lovely!!

warnings: cursing and fighting

authors note: i hope you enjoyed it!! i didn’t have as much german in here since the last one was a train wreck. 

word count: 1347

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The hero froze halfway through the fight, breathing hard. They stared at the villain. “Are you actually getting off on this, like seriously?”
The hero’s head tilted and they prowled slowly closer, radiant and sure and the villain’s breath hitched. “Oh my god,” the hero said softly. 
“I’m not! I don’t - why would I ever like you? You righteous -” They scrambled back. Heart pounding. 
“Uh, uh.” The hero caught hold of them, intoxicatingly close. Seeming now to use it entirely to their advantage. “You’re not going anywhere until we talk about this.”
“Can’t you just kill me instead?”

I know it’s long but darkmark?

(( Guys DarkMark is my fucking jam man I love it so much, it’s such a guilty pleasure.
This…also ended up really long xD ))

The fight was inevitable, years in the making. Mark had always known, had always tried to prepare himself for it happening since he had created Dark, given “birth” to him if you will and there was always a fight between them to tip the balance of power. It had never become physical before, and honestly, Mark had never expected to be able to hold his own in a fight against the demon.

Still, here he was, physically throwing Dark off him and pinning him to the ground. As he went to throw another punch he paused, halfway through the fight and panting hard. He stared at Dark, frowning.

The ego had flushed cheeks, bruises blossoming from the actual hits Mark had managed to get in, and he was panting hard as well, but his breaths sounded different from Mark’s. It wasn’t heavy from the effort of the fight but from something else.

“Are you actually getting off on this, seriously?” He demanded, the reaction Dark was having suddenly clicking into place. He had joked before about Dark only being so physical with him because there was some sexual tension between them, and now…there seemed to be evidence for it.

“No!” Dark growled, reaching up to grab Mark’s lapels and shove the man off him. Mark scrambles to his feet, as did Dark, and the grey-skinned demon fixed his suit and stepped backwards, red eyes focused intently on a spot above Mark’s shoulder.

Mark tiled his head and prowled closer, taking a small amount of delight in the fact that Dark matched each step by backing away. They had been fighting in Mark’s recording room – something he wasn’t impressed about – and the lights were behind him, making him almost appear radiant.

Dark’s breath hitched.

“Oh my god.” Mark said softly.

“I’m not!” Dark protested angrily, back hitting the wall as he scrambled away, heart pounding in his chest. “I don’t-why would I ever like you? You’re righteous-.”

“Uh, uh.” Mark approached quicker this time, effectively boxing Dark against the wall, hands on either side of him, taking the fact that his heart was pounding, face was flushed and his body seemed entirely frozen to his advantage. He was intoxicatingly close and Dark wanted nothing more than to shove him away.
“You’re not going anywhere until we talk about this.”

“Can’t you just kill me instead?” Dark spat, trying to knock Mark’s hands away but Mark refused to move, and the attempt was half-hearted at best.

Shaking his head, Mark observed Dark for a few minutes, trying to think of how he could voice his questions. He didn’t want to push the ego over the edge further than he always was, but this was too intriguing, too deep for him to let it go. And if bringing this to the surface would get Dark to stop attempting to kill him, then it would be worth it.

“So, care to explain your physical reaction?” He asked.

Dark glared at him and bit his lip, refusing to speak.

“I will keep you pinned against this wall until you tell me.” Mark added.

That seemed to prompt a reaction, but not the one Mark had expecting. Dark’s head fell forward and when Mark leaned back a little bit to make sure he was okay, Dark jerked his head back up, forehead knocking into Mark’s jaw and forcing him backwards. The ego went with him, flipping Mark to the floor and climbing on top of him, straddling him and pinning his wrists down.

“Oh really?” He hissed, “Now why don’t you tell me why you’re interested in my reactions hmm? Surely you should be more interested in your own safety?”

“I know I’m safe.” Mark murmured, completely confident in his words. Dark made an annoyed noise in the back of his throat, and his hands curling tightly around Mark’s wrists until it was so painful that Mark hissed. “Just tell me!” He snapped, “Tell me why you’re reacting this way? All you’ve ever been about is control, is getting rid of me and taking over everything of mine. So, what’s with the heavy beating heart, the blushing, the hard breathing? Tell me! I won’t stop asking you until you tell me, Dark, you know I won’t.”

Taking a deep breath, Dark released Mark’s wrists but didn’t move off him. Mark shifted, trying to get a little bit more comfortable while being pressed to the floor.

“You aren’t the person I thought you were.” Dark eventually bit the words out, almost snarling them and Mark frowned. “You aren’t a waste of space, you actually care about people, especially the people close to you.”

“I wasn’t aware I’d ever given that impression to you?” Mark queried, “I mean…yeah I joke around a lot but-.”

“Shut up.” Dark spat, “You wouldn’t understand where that impression came from.” He added bitterly. “I came here to finish it. To get rid of you once and for all and just be free of all of this, these complications and feelings and all of this building inside me!”

Mark lay silently, letting Dark get it all out without interrupting. When the ego was done, he was panting and shaking, hands curled into fists beside Mark’s head. Mark gently lifted one hand and pushed Dark’s hair out of his face. It was sweaty, matted and bloody from the fight, and Dark went very still when Mark’s fingers brushed his cheek.


The ego silenced him with a kiss, so suddenly and so forcefully that Mark squeaked and open his mouth, allowing Dark to slip his tongue inside. Curling his hands in Dark’s shirt, Mark tasted metallic blood from a split lip during the fight. He tried to push Dark off, but only ended up pulling him closer, shifting so Dark was sat a little more comfortably on his stomach and the angle wasn’t as odd.

“I hate you.” Dark whispered against Mark’s lips, “I do.”

“Doesn’t seem like it.” Mark replied. Having Dark this close without a physical threat felt odd, but also felt right, and there was something inside Mark, some innate understanding that he didn’t understand that told him that there was something broken inside Dark that had made him the way he was.

Reaching up again, he stroked his fingers through Dark’s hair, and frowned yet again when he felt the strange way the ego’s neck was formed beneath the collar of his shirt. It felt broken…had he done that during the fight?

“You didn’t do this.” Dark whispered, his voice torn between bitterness and anger, “Not you specifically.”

“What happened to you?” Mark breathed, “Who did this?”

“It’s a long story and not one that you need to be privy to.” Dark responded harshly.

“But you live like this…with a broken neck?” Mark pressed. There was concern bubbling up inside him, a terrible concern for an ego that had moments ago been trying to kill him.

Dark jerked up and out of his grip, pushing himself off Mark’s body and leaning heavily against the wall again. His aura bent the room in spark of red and blue, the ringing and creaking heavy and loud as it echoed off the walls. He was getting agitated, Mark could sense it and he really wanted to help, but he was afraid if he said anything he’d only make it worse.

Still, he wasn’t a coward. “Dark-.”

“Please.” Dark choked out, cracking his neck, his shoulders, his back, every bone in the body that could be easily cracked with a sickening sound. “Please don’t say my name. Don’t talk. Don’t even think of this.”

“But Dark-.”

“I said stop!” Dark yelled, his entire body cracking, shell splitting and revealing the roiling monster underneath, the pain and turmoil and things he didn’t want Mark to see. It was almost painful to look at, but Mark forced his way through the cracking of Dark’s shell to wrap his arms around him. Every instinct in his body was telling him to run, to grab Chica and get out of here and leave Dark to calm down by himself, but he couldn’t bring himself to.

Silently, he wrapped his arms around Dark’s shoulders, pulling his broken shell into his body. Dark immediately pulled back in, his form becoming singular again and the ringing dying. His head dropped forward onto Mark’s shoulder, his own shoulders shaking, hands coming up to curl into Mark’s shirt.

“It’s okay.” Mark murmured, “It’s okay.”

“It’s not.” Dark muttered, “But thank you.”

Mark chuckled quietly, “Never thought I’d hear you say that.”

Dark muttered something else, inaudible but Mark didn’t need to know what it was. They stood like that for a long time, both aching like crazy from the fight and Dark trying his hardest to keep himself reigned in, and Mark trying not to pull away and run.

“If we fight again…I hope it ends like this.” Mark joked and he felt Dark laugh under his grip.

“I do too.”


“They said Maegor was never the same, after the death of his mother.”

Alyssa turned at the sound of Robar’s voice, interrupting her contemplation of the Iron Throne. The empty throne.

“She was his greatest champion,” Alyssa replied. “How is Jaehaerys?” asked Jaehaerys’ mother, his greatest champion.

“Safely installed in the king’s bedchamber, with only the most trusted of your men as his guards, as you commanded,” Robar reassured her.

“I had to see it for myself. Where he died.” Where the torturer and murderer of her son Viserys and the captor and rapist of her daughter Rhaena died. “He cheated me.”

“By dying of his own hands?”

Alyssa nodded. “I have dreamed of it often. My hands around his neck, strangling the life out of him. My knife upon his throat, opening him up from ear to ear. I knew I must not do it, of course, even if I had the chance. Maegor must die in a field of battle, or be sentenced to death in a legitimate trial, or Jaehaerys’ reign will begin with a taint that could never be washed away. A mother’s fury … a mother’s vengeance … I knew I must set it aside. But I had hoped, at least, that he would be forced to account for himself, for his sins and his crimes, in front of the whole realm. I had hoped at least that my own eyes and ears would be witnesses to him confessing his crimes, confessing what he did to my children. Instead, he had the chance to choose his own ending, without having to answer to anyone other than himself.”

“There is only dishonor and cowardice in the manner of death he chose. And he will be remembered as the cruel tyrant that he was, nothing more. We will make certain of that.”

“Will that bring my Viserys back? Or my Aegon? Will that cure Rhaena of her nightmares?”

“No. But -”

“But it must be done nonetheless. For the sake of Jaehaerys’ reign. I know.”

Robar nodded. “You told me once that what kept you going through all the loss, grief and despair was the need to take the next step, and the next, and all the ones after that. That journey has not ended. The road ahead is full of treacherous challenges.” He paused, offering his hand to her. “But you need not travel that road alone, Your Grace. There is strength in -”

“In you?” she asked, raising her eyebrows. “Must I put my faith in that, Lord Robar, rather than in myself?”

“In two. There is strength in two. In two people united by a common purpose, joined by a shared destiny.”

After rewatching the original Avatar the Last Airbender and halfway through rewatching Legend of Korra, I thought I’d poke around the fanfic situation and.. it always is interesting to see “Zuko and Mai’s daughter” or something. Zuko and Mai never even got married. Hell, their relationship didn’t even last beyond the first year of Zuko’s reign as Firelord. Granted, that’s info that you’d only know if you read the canon comics that came after but like.. idk it just kinda makes me think.

Legend of Korra kinda makes a point to show that these romantic entanglements don’t usually work out on the first try but it always baffles me. Like, these kids are teenagers and so often you see like.. a future image or something in shows of these teens married to their sweethearts they had when they were 15. I couldn’t even imagine being married to someone I dated in high school. 

It just seems like a weird expectation for a lot of children’s cartoons to reinforce. That you’ll meet your soulmate before you can even drink or pay your bills. Legend of Korra definitely does better with how it handles how messy things can be and gotta love Korra and Asami ending up with each other instead of Mako or something.

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if of the original Team Avatar, only Katara and Aang ended up staying with each other. I can’t speak for the Sokka and Suki situation but it’s never extrapolated either way, but Zuko definitely didn’t stay with Mai.

It does actually make me curious about Zuko’s reign and family life, considering his own childhood. I imagine he’d be a better father to his children. His daughter Izumi seems to have her act together and definitely lacks her father’s temper.

I kinda hope we learn more through more comics or something.

Clinging to This Hating Game 5/7

For the @prompt-a-klainefic blog’s 2017 Reverse Bang

Link to the art by @datshitrandom

the prompt:

Kurt and Blaine couldn’t stand each other in high school, maybe one was a jock/cheerleader and the other a nerd/glee clubber. Or they were bitter rivals for competition solos if they were both in glee club. Now they both live in NY and their friends set them up on a blind date, not knowing they went to the same high school.

High School AU, Cheerio!Kurt, Jock!Blaine
Rating: Explicit
Warnings:  some bullying and homophobic language, teenage sex
Word Count: ~3900 (this chapter)

Everything wonky is my fault.

AO3 link Chapter 5

On tumblr: Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4


After a slap fight with my beta that turned into full on mud-wrestling, this one very long chapter has been turned into two. The good news is that the second half will post no later than Sunday, and possibly earlier.

Forever thanks to @mshoneysucklepink for the beta. And the slap-fight.


Chapter 5

Kurt had always expected that by the time he reached his final semester of high school the pressure that he’d felt for four years would have fizzled out. The pressure he’d put on himself to be better, to rise above everyone’s expectations, the pressure to get everything right all the time, to take away any ammunition that could be used against him.

After all, his college applications were in, he’d sent out his audition videos (except NYADA, of course, they would require an in-person audition) and he was still in the lead for valedictorian. That should mean he should be able to coast through one semester.

It didn’t.

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Next morning Reign woke up in the couch, when she opened her eyes she looked side to side not knowing how she got there or why she was wearing full dark clothes she never bought. She touched her chest seeing a few holes in her tank top like bullets holes. She stood from the couch taking the tank top off.

Reign checked the clock on the phone 7:30 AM she sighed trying to remember something. The only thing she could remember was making out with Lena, they were about to go further but Olivia had a nightmare and slept in the middle of the bed between them.
She decided to take off all those clothes and boots and went to the kitchen to hide them in a plastic bag behind cleaning products. It was the second time it happened. Just like when her stupid co-worker disappeared.

When she opened the door of her bedroom she saw the most adorable/funny picture in front of her eyes.

Lena was sleeping in her side and Olivia was curled up with one of her arms around her neck with her legs all sprawled in Reign’s side of the bed

“Lena…” Reign whispered close to Lena’s ear “I’m gonna take Olivia to her room, its early you can keep sleeping”

Olivia when she was full asleep were a heavy sleeper making it easy moving her from any position. When Reign had her daughter in her arms Lena turned into her back frowning opening slightly her eyes

“What are you doing?” Lena had a raspy voice in the morning
“Shhhh” Reign hold Olivia in her arms leaning down giving a peck in her lips then left the room

Reign put Olivia in her bed and put her favorite stuffed animal in her arms. She went back to her bedroom and Lena was sat with her back at the headboard waiting with those beautiful green eyes looking at her with an eyebrow up

“Hey” Reign greeted from the door

Lena clenched her jaw looking at Reign up and down. Reign bit her lower lip and smiled

“How do you look that good in the morning?” Lena asked seeing Reign crawling from the end of the bed until reach her straddling her lap “When you took your clothes off?”
“Actually I don’t know…” It was the truth “maybe my subconscious wanted a sexy time with you and this” Reign pointed her body with her hands “did the rest”

Lena smiled closing her eyes leaning back her head laughing lightly

“What time is it?” Lena felt Reign’s lips in her neck
“Around 8 o'clock” Reign sucked Lena’s pulse point hearing a soft moan
“Reign…” Lena’s hips involuntary raised up wanting more contact
“Last night we had something in hands…” Reign changed her position between Lena’s legs “I had something in my hand” she took Lena by the back of her legs pulling her down until Lena’s back was again in the bed “Something I want”

Lena put her hands in her face covering it. Reign pulled up Lena’s tee showing her silk skin and placed a trail of kisses until her hipbone. Lena looked down sighing feeling the taller woman fingers curling at her grey sweat pants

“Up” Reign ordered
“Olivia will wake up soon” Lena gasped when Reign rubbed her hand at the center of her legs up and down above her pants
“She won’t…” Reign whispered giving a couple kisses in Lena’s abs near her belly button “up” she pulled a little bit down Lena’s pants for more access
“Reign…” Lena breathed raising her hips seeing Reign smile at the way she was taking off her sweat pants
“You are so beautiful Lena” Reign was enjoying the view in her squatting position after removing their obstacle
“Fuck” Lena sat for a moment only to pull Reign in a desperate kiss

Around eleven o'clock Olivia was watching cartoons but she remembered Lena was in there. She ran to her mother room and saw Lena covered by the sheets. She giggled and was about to hop in when Reign went off of her bathroom with her toothbrush in her mouth picking Olivia almost in the air with one arm holding her.

“Let her sleep baby girl” Reign mumbled biting her toothbrush between her teeth walking out the room
“But she said we are going to Metropolis” Olivia dramatically stretched her arms but it looked more like she was in a flying position
“And we will” Reign assured

Reign finished brushing her teeth at Olivia’s bathroom still holding her daughter with one arm. The kid looked like a puppet being hold at her waist

“Have your backpack ready for the trip? Lena said it was to be exciting for you to travel in an helicopter” Reign put her daughter in the bed “And I haven’t see you taking a shower either. So go”
“Shower, backpack” Olivia nodded determined to accomplish fast

Reign went back to her room taking her dark grey tapered leg jeans and a dark green v neck blouse. Lena began to move at the sound of Olivia screaming -the water still cold- opening her eyes after not feeling Reign at her side.

“Are you looking for someone?” Reign straddled Lena’s stomach leaning down to kiss her

After taking the breakfast in Reign’s house they went to Lena’s penthouse for her to change her clothes. The business woman last night after dinner had made a few calls to get everything setting up.

Olivia during the whole travel was excited talking about everything she seen. Sometimes Lena looked at her happy some others she looked at Reign with an smile.

When they landed in Metropolis there were a Mercedes G AMG 65 with smoked windows waiting for them. They driver went right to them to greet

“Miss Luthor, my name is James welcome to Metropolis, your brother Lex sent me” the man had black sunglasses and a headphone in his left ear
“Where’s my driver” Lena asked looking annoyed
“Mr. Luthor said it was to be safer for you and your companion to come with me Miss Luthor. Metropolis is a great city but Luthor’s are greatest” James explained with the exact words Lex told him

Lena was about to deny when her phone ringed with an L.L in the screen

“Lex” Lena looked at James then to Reign and Olivia
“My little sister in this big big town. What brought you here?” Lena could almost see his signed smile through the phone “I have eyes and ears everywhere”
“A girl can’t visit his brother and a few museums at the weekend?” Lena was in her full Luthor pose
“Of course, of course you can. Also your friend and her daughter” Lena felt agitated “They might be important, because you never did this before, for a -friend- huh” Lex was hitting in every point “Allow me to give you my best driver to take you everywhere” Lena was silent “I hope to meet today Olivia & Reign” Lex ended the call

Lena was about to say they are going back right now to National City when Olivia yelled excited looking at the sky. Superman was crossing the heaven going to the center of Metropolis.

“Oh looks like Superman have to save someone” James pointed
“He is the best!” Olivia beamed happy

Reign looked at Lena’s concern look, placing a hand in the low part of her back and moved her mouth asking -are you okay?- without make a sound. Lena nodded but shook her head -its fine-

“Listen, James, you have to go everywhere she wants” Lena took Olivia’s hand “everywhere” Lena said again to make that clear.

Around 17:30 they were at the Metropolis Art Museum, Lena didn’t know why but there were a lot of police. Olivia was thrilled running to one side to another watching the paints being followed by her mother and Lena. It had been funny a half hour ago when they were about to enter when Olivia told James -please stay here because I don’t want you to get bored- making the man laugh. The little girl torn around a corner running as was specter in some moment she was about to crash with someone

The tall woman looked down at the girl and helped her to wake up. The woman had a very sophisticated look

“You okay sweetie?” The woman asked
“Your butt is really hard” Olivia placed a hand in her forehead “I’m sorry to bother you miss”
“Cute and honest” The woman smiled warm “What’s your name?”
“Olivia and my mommy and Lena are over there” Olivia pointed with her finger to the wall behind her making again the woman smile big
“Nice to meet you Olivia my name is…”
“Diana, there you are” A man interrupted
“Clark, what a surprise” Diana took Olivia’s hand only to not lose her or get her lost
“Who’s this little girl” Clark looked at Olivia with his charming smile fixing his glasses
“I think I’ve made a friend, her name is Olivia… her mothers are somewhere around”
“Nice to meet you Olivia, my name is Clark Kent I am a journalist of the Daily Planet” He smiled again making Olivia shy hiding her face behind the hand she was holding with Diana

Diana looked at Clark smiling big so he went down in squats

“She’s adorable” Diana was seeing this fun
“Let me help you to look your for your moms” Clark turned around in his feet offering his back for a piggyback

Olivia for the first time was feeling really shy, she looked at Diana for approbation seeing her nod. Olivia hop on placing her tiny arms around his neck

“Alright let’s find your moms” Diana tapped Clark shoulder to follow her in the direction Olivia told minutes ago “Tell me Olivia, you like art?”
“Yes, my mommy always take me to museum” Olivia at not seeing Clark’s charming smile was gaining more confidence again “I like the colors… weird forms”
“The only ones I like are Kandinsky’s” Clark added “they are sort of chaotic”
“Are they pretty?” Olivia asked looking at the side of his face
“They really are, Diana brought a couple months ago”
“Wow” Olivia was impressed by Diana

Reign was about to lose her head not seeing Olivia near. It was 10 minutes now they lost her but for Reign it felt like an eternity. Lena tried to calm her down because this museum was the safest, not only because the amount of security guards there were but also because she couldn’t have ran too far.

“There they are!” Olivia said smiling

Diana and Clark looked at the direction Olivia said. Clark knelt one knee helping Olivia go down his back with the hands of Diana just in case

“Mommy!” Olivia ran toward Reign

Diana saw the woman hug her daughter tight as her partner placed a hand in her shoulder. Clark stood up feeling Diana’s shoulder bumping on his

“Olivia what I told you about run like that” Reign was worried but relieved
“I’m Sorry to interrupt” Diana walk in “Olivia is wonderful please don’t be mad at her” Diana pleaded “My name is Diana Prince she was with me and my friend Clark at the other side of the hallway”

Lena frowned narrowing her eyes for a couple seconds looking at him, and this made an apologetic smile to Reign

“Are you Clark Kent?” Lena enquired
“Uhm yes” he fixed again his glasses up “I’m not sure if I have the pleasure to know you ma'am” he smiled “I’m Clark Kent”
“Then you are Kara’s cousin” Lena smiled “what a coincidence”

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Prediction: if Keith being Galra makes outsiders lose their trust in voltron and draws Lotor to him, then maybe something similar happened for the generals in their childhoods. Even if the empire treated them like shit, maybe their other people didn't treat them any better, so neither side of their parentage really gave them anything until Lotor reached his hand out. Keith has Voltron, but in another life he might've wound up the same as them. Either that or a pirate. Piracy is always an option.

Oh yeah, I definitely agree with that. We know Lotor’s the kind of person who values loyalty. So he would want his most trusted allies to really put their faith in him, even feel indebted to him. When his team salutes him, it’s with this sense of glowing pride that you never see in Zarkon’s generals. I’m sure they all genuinely believe in Lotor and his cause–which is probably also their cause, given that they’re all half-galra who must have faced similar adversity. Lotor probably changed their life around, got them going places in the world, gave them hope. We were also told Lotor was exiled, so who knows? They might even be fellow galra who were cast out by the empire. 

Also I mentioned before how it seems like the BOM is pretty accepting of half-galra (given how openly trusting Thace is of Keith–and also Antok’s tail and perpetually masked face sorta hint at him being half-galra). So I think it’s possible Keith could’ve ended up at the BOM as well, even if he never met his mom. We know that Zarkon is apparently concerned with this notion of “the galra way” and “galra blood,” while most people under his reign look down on half-galra. It’s only natural that people who are oppressed would gravitate towards the rebellion. 

And space pirates!! Ok ok so,, I know the whole space pirate thing was meant as a joke but like,, I absolutely love the idea and I 100% hope we get to see some actual space piracy 

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as a fellow jaytim shipper, do you have any fic recs? thanks!!


OKAY THESE ARE JUST OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD (& AO3 ONLY) AND THERE ARE MANY MANY MORE I DEF FORGOT BUT HERE GOES!! this is prob gonna be a long post cus idk how to do the read more thing I’M SORRY


strange fear i ain’t felt for years by Sister

Summary: Tim’s benched with a broken arm and starts playing Jason’s personal Oracle. Things escalate.

[deep breath] THIS FIC. has such a special place in my heart holy shit I’ve read it like 90 times and it has never ever failed to make me smile. when I am dead and gone I want the eulogist at my funeral to read it passionately over my cold corpse with feeling because if they fail to properly express how much I worship it I WILL BREATHE LIFE INTO MY MOLDING HUSK WITH SHEER OTHERWORLDLY WILLPOWER AND READ IT MYSELF


these lines of lightning by smilebackwards

Summary: “Sometimes when Bruce is being an asshole, the best response is to be an asshole right back,” Jason says, dropping down next to Tim and propping his boots on the milk crates he uses for a coffee table. “I used to go hang out with all the bad kids so I guess you’re already on the right track.”

if i’ve got strange fear lined up to be read at my funeral I want this fic to be painstakingly chiseled onto my headstone with everyone singing ‘accidentally in love’ as i’m lowered into the ground–like pls don’t even throw flowers as the gaping abyss swallows my coffin PRINT THIS FIC AND THROW IT DOWN INSTEAD I LOVE IT SO MUCH  


After the Storm by ariadne83 & somehowunbroken

Summary: Jason is getting ready to start his reign as the Red Hood when he overhears a conversation that will change his life. He ends up giving up his plans for revenge and taking on a new identity so he can raise the son he never thought he’d have. When his safety and anonymity are threatened by the Wayne Foundation ’s representative, Tim Drake-Wayne, all Jason can do is keep his head down and hope for the best - but he may have to redefine “best” in order for that to work out. 

oh god I think this one might have been Responsible. the one that may have started my slip slide screaming descent into jaytim hell. I shipped it casually (ha) until this fic came in and knifed me at terminal velocity in the soft spot I didn’t even know I had for kidfic LMFAO SCREAMS INTO HANDS WHY THIS!!!!! WHY ME!!!!!!! I AM A GOOD PERSON (NO)


you are bright and i am blind by CallMeBombshell

Summary: “So it was either one of several ill-advised not-quite dates,” Jason sums up after a moment, “your big brother, or me. More or less.”

“More or less,” Tim agrees, leaning back again and humming slightly around the rim of his glass. 

Jason shakes his head slightly. “Well, sorry you got stuck with me, then,” he says, self-deprecating little grin spreading across his face.

“I’m not,” Tim says, smiling that same damned unreadable Cheshire Cat smile that he’s been wearing all night. “After all, you were my first choice.”

part 4 of an ongoing series and pre-relationship but ONE OF MY FAVES oh god it’s so visceral and GORGEOUS I just live for mutual pining is2g nothing better than slow burn that melts your heart like a lovingly seasoned and tenderly roasted lamb kebob and you just can’t wait for the moment it’s done cooking and you can sink your teeth into it with relish god jesus fuck WHAT I’M SAYING IS THAT THIS FIC IS DELICIOUS IN EVERY WAY and im hungry


Hell Connection by Ladelle

Summary:  With one touch, Detective Timothy Drake can see the past—of people, of objects—anything. When a case leads him to the sewers of Gotham, he wakes an evil he never knew existed; one that wants vengeance on the family that sealed him away.

steeples fingers and takes a deep breath g O D I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO COHERENTLY DESCRIBE HOW MUCH I LOVE AND ADORE THIS FIC the thought that went into this iS INSANE and it is ridiculously immersive and beautifully paced with burn so mouthwateringly slow you could put me in my mother’s rice cooker for two weeks and I still wouldn’t come out nearly as wonderfully exquisitely delicious as this fic GOD I’ve read it like a million times and each time I lose sleep over it WITHOUT FAIL cus it’s SO SO SO GOOD.


it takes a house, a village by defcontwo

Summary:  “If you shower my couch with love and affection, I might actually kill you.” Or: how Tim Drake buys a house, rebuilds his life, and accidentally falls in love.

[WHISTLE TONE SCREAMING] GOD I have romantic feelings for this one like I would wine and dine straight up get down on one knee for this fic and treat it right for the rest of my mortal existence have i mentioned how much i love slow burn I LOVE SLOW BURN ROAST ME A L I V E


Soft as the Starlight in the Sky verse by Tabithian

Summary: Jason Todd’s adventures as a magical girl.

No, really.

(What the hell is up with all the damn bows, anyway?)

I WAS EXPECTING CRACK AND GOT SUCKER PUNCHED WITH FEELS (IN THE BEST WAY LMAO I wear the bruises with pride) like this is a super adorable premise in the first place and I am always weak for magical girl AUs… ALSO JASON’S FAMILIAR(?) ANIMAL SIDEKICK(??) MR. MEOWFACE IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST I WANT 20


give until you bleed (out) by somehowunbroken

Summary: Tim wakes up in the Cave. He’s in the med bay, which isn’t surprising; all of the monitoring machines are off, which is. He shrugs and sits up carefully, wincing preemptively for the pull of stitches that doesn’t come. [Warning; Major Character Death]

if you are here for the bittersweet angst HAVE I GOT THE FIC FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! this one, omfg, it hits like a mack truck. It’s gen, hinted a bit at pre-relationship, and hurts like open heart surgery without anesthetic LMAO I made the Mistake of reading it late at night and was catatonic in the shower thinking about that ending…it was a good thing I took that shower tho because if I hadn’t I would have pickled like a wrinkly radish in the salty ocean of my own tears


chasing after time verse by ohmcgee

Summary:  The lazarus pit made Jason immortal. Tim’s not dealing with that very well.

speaking of bittersweet here is the fic equivalent of 80% velvety dark chocolate with a big whopping heaping of heartache tbh I usually stay very far away from this trope cus my weak potato heart can’t take it but this was just so beautiful and poignant and heartwrenching BASICALLY A RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE [PRAYING EMOJI]


uhh crap this is getting rly long LMAO I ACTUALLY HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO REC LAUGHS NERVOUSLY I’LL MAKE A PART TWO IF YOU WANT and i rly need to eat something i’m so hungry i’d kill a man maybe two for some lamb kebobs

Forever my Superman- Roman Reigns

His voice had never sounded so cold. He didn’t love her no more. In that moment she could feel all the air evaporate from her body. 6 years with the same man, bringing some hope that she would get her happily ever after, but the more he spoke, the more she realised it was all one big nightmare.

“I never loved you. How could you think that I would ever end up with someone like you?”

He used his hands during his rant to collect his belongings, seamlessly destroying himself from her life in a matter of minutes. With a zip of a suitcase and a reach for his keys, he was out the door, allowing herself to realise that she no longer lived in a home, more so a big empty house.

She was angry, furious, that she allowed him into her life. She had built this life around him and now there was nothing but her shattered heart. Her mind was working, as she reached for the vase that held her favourite flowers, a constant reminder of the birthday she had just passed. The sweet sounds of giggles and the rushed hums of their love making filled her ears, causing a scream to release from her mouth. With one quick swing, she threw the vase, pieces cascading down the wall, onto the floorboards the lay beneath her feet. Reaching to grab the glass, she kneeled on the floor, glass now engulfing into her skin. She looked down, blood was everywhere, raising her hands up, puddles of said blood now lay where his feet once stood. The creak of the door startled her from her thoughts, eyes raising to meet the wide eyes of her best friend Roman. She tried to speak, try to reassure him that it was all okay, but she couldn’t. She opened her mouth, but a sob fell out instead of words, causing Roman to rush to her side, choosing to pick her up to cause less damage to her body. He rested her on the couch, getting a towel from a nearby cupboard, placing it over her wounds, picking piece of glass out of them. She was still hysterical, tears streaming down her face. He hated to see her so broken, knowing the reason she was so upset was due to the deadbeat boyfriend of hers. Yet here he was, comforting his girl, his best friend as her whole world crashed around her. After finally finding her voice, Roman was alerted to the problem, causing him to see red. He stood, going to find the guy who broke her heart. He was stopped before he was able to move a step.

“Ro, please, stop. Don’t do anything. It’s okay”

“Why do you always do this? It’s not okay, he can’t just say that and leave! You aren’t okay and he needs to pay for hurting you.”

“Roman, please. I don’t need my superman, I need my best friend right now.”

Roman melted, hearing his nickname from her. He left the room, after her acceptance to get bandages. He began to fix her up, sweeping the hair out of her eyes and tucking it behind her ears.

“You know I only want to protect you right?”

She nodded, cuddling into his arm, smiling as she started to drift off to sleep.

“Mmhmm, forever my superman.”

Roman laughed, using his free hand to place a blanket to cover her as she fell asleep. He would stay with her, protecting whatever image of a universe she had left, until her heart felt like his home again.

Confession: The first time I kept Alistair as a warden, I feltl bad for ending the reign of Calenhad’s bloodline, especially after Eamon said they didn’t fight Orlais’ occupation to see the Theirin’s end. Then I remembered that Wardens will most likely never have children. So anyway, Alistair was going to be the last king with Calenhad’s blood in his veins and Anora is, in my mind, a better ruler. ( and i apologize for my english, i hope it’s understandable )

anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve learning about some of the major human tragedies over the last few years and being so overwhelmed, but Sam helps him through it.

All Steve ever wanted to do was make the world a better place. He’d wanted it since the day he was born, and it was why he’d agreed to become Captain America.

When he’d stayed holed up in his room at the tower for too many days in a row, Sam eventually found him. He was wide awake, but laying under covers on his bed, staring sightlessly at the ceiling. “Cap?” Sam just wanted his attention. He didn’t need to ask what had bothered him because he already knew. Steve had been doing a lot of research and a lot of reading about modern history (which was, by definition, WWII and forward), and there was some really messed up stuff that happened. Steve was responding in the only way he could- by being overwhelmed with it all.

“Yeah. I’m all right, Sam.”

He wasn’t, and Sam didn’t believe for a second that he was, so he came and closed the door behind him. “Maybe you should stop reading Wikipedia for a while.”

Steve groaned. “What good was I, Sam?”

It was too easy sometimes to get Steve talking, not that Sam was complaining at all. It made it easier to help him. “What do you mean? From what I hear, you turned the tides of the war.”

“Lot of good it did. Winning that war was supposed to make all of this better.”

“No,“ Sam argued. “Winning that war was supposed to make 1944 better. It was supposed to make sure that Hitler didn’t continue his reign. It was never in the contract that it was going to stop all wars or all crimes. Just like what I did during Enduring Freedom.”

Steve finally looked at him, shaking his head by way of apology. “But…”

“But nothin’, Cap. But we hope and we keep fighting so we make other years and times better. What we’re built for? That war never ends.”

To anyone and everyone who knows who Vic Mignogna is and what he does. OR JUST ANYONE!!

Alright guys, lately I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff about Vic Mignogna floating around social media, including here. And I got to say….I am disgusted with what I’ve been seeing people say about him.

For those who don’t know Vic Mignogna, he’s a popular voice actor, also a singer, director, composer and etc. He tends to work with the company Funimation A LOT

Not too long ago, as many of you know, he landed the voice acting part for Rin Matsuoka for the anime Free! Eternal Summer. Now, this is around the time where I saw these posts start to rise.

Some have the basic dislike for him being Rin like:
“Awe, man Vic for Rin?”
“Why Vic? I mean he’s okay and all but for RIN!?”
“Maybe another choice?”

Now, that’s okay, you don’t have to like him voicing Rin, but personally, give it a chance first? At least some benefit of the doubt like with other voice actors. And you don’t like it, that’s fine.


The other posts I have been seeing, have been going along like:

“Ugh, can we just kill Vic, please?”
“He needs to stop. I can do so much of a better job than him at voice acting.”
“Why is he even a part of the anime voice acting business?”
“I hope he gets his neck broken so he can’t voice act. Lol, then Rin’s voice would be spared.”
“Let’s start a trend #VicMignognasucks or even better #HateVicMignogna”
“I want to die”
“God either hates us or is dead”
“You’re like 50, please stop”
“I wanna throw up”
“Fuck you”
“Omfg his cosplay for Rin is horrible, how dare he disrespect him!”
“He already has like so much money, he’s just wasting his time with voice acting. It’s like he’s not even trying.”

There’s plenty more than this out there, trust me. But this is disgusting.

Honestly, wishing he gets hurt?

Just being pathetic and starting a hate Vic tag??

Then you really want to die just because of a voice role, honestly?

He’s 50 huh? Well how about you go look up a few other popular and loved voice actors, they’re pretty close to 50 or over and still do a bad ass job. 

His cosplay of Rin is bad huh? Well I saw the picture myself and I thought it was very cute and sweet he was cosplaying his voice muse/character, and trust me, only Rin can pull off Rin, but that doesn’t mean you have to go insulting his cosplay. Cosplay is for fun and admiration of a character you want to dress up as. ANYONE can cosplay, and it can be anything or anyone they want. So shut the hell up. How would you feel if I said something about you cosplaying a character and said it was horrible? You wouldn’t want to hear it and get hurt. So don’t say things you wouldn’t say to yourself. Or if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

Just because he’s a voice actor and has money doesn’t mean he has to stop working. No, he’s still part of a job/career and he needs to make ends mean and a life for himself like everyone else out there with a job. He has to EARN his money like everyone who works.

And you really think you can do a better fucking job than him as a voice actor? Go on ahead, let me know when you get kicked out from auditions. You think it’s easy to be a voice actor? Well it’s not, Vic Mignogna had to work his way to even get into the voice acting business, like everyone does to get somewhere. 

He earned his voice acting career. His big voice acting start was Vega in Street Fighter II V and then years later he landed a contract with Funimation as the roll of Broly in the Dragon Ball Z films. Vic Mignogna has worked his way up in the industry for years, and he is beyond hardworking and likes to interact and have fun with his fans! He takes his work seriously as a voice actor, but like all voice actors, THEY ALL have distinctive voices, such as Johnny Yong Bosch, Patrick Seitz, Daisuke Ono, Romi Park, J. Michael Tatum, Todd Haberkorn, the list could go on till the end of time and you all know that.

Now, because of the distinctive voice of voice actors, it’s easy to assume speculation of how a character is going to sound. And almost every single time whenever Vic lands a part, everyone is like:

“Ugh! Character ruined!”
“We know how his voice is gonna sound, like with every other one he does.”
“Why Vic? His voice isn’t the best for that character.”

Well, first of all, no, the character isn’t ruined, it’s just the voice, calm the fuck down. Don’t like it, go watch the English sub. 

Oh really? You don’t say? It’s NOT like they have distinct voices or anything. Well how about other voice actors, I bet you EXPECT what the characters are going to sound like too and don’t complain, right?  -_-  

Now, I do agree that certain voice actors aren’t the right choice for certain characters. BUT the voice actor does try to get into the part, and the director gives the okay on how they sound and if they even get the part in the first place. Also they sometimes have limited amount of people to even choose from due to scheduling and other roles they have to play for other shows or events they have to go to, and also the company that decides to work with the anime with voice actors part of the company, which is Funimation in Vic’s case. (He does do work with a couple other companies because that’s how he landed roles in other animes.)

So calm down and realize that the final calls tend to go to those in charge of the production, especially in English dub, sometimes even the original Japanese. But that’s how companies run.

Also, Vic Mignogna tends to get chosen for many roles because of how much popularity he receives, and love for his voice. And I will say, I love Vic, I think he’s great at what he does and is a hell of a singer, but he does have his voice acting moments where he didn’t shine all that well in, BUT he still tried. He just has a distinct voice that are perfect for certain characters, and I wish that the companies he works for would realize this, so he can truly show what he has to offer. 

I remember a time where we all would be praising him and show him the love he deserves from all his hard work. But then that all went away just because of a couple of bad voice to character match ups.

Can we all remember how this voice brought these characters to life and made us smile and laugh and probably cry?

Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist Series
Ikkaku Madarame from Bleach
Greece from Hetalia
Mitsuhide Akechi from Sengoku Basara
Spirit Albarn from Soul Eater
Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club
Erd Ginn from Attack on Titan

The list I could go on, and sure has he had roles that weren’t really meant for him like Zero from Vampire Knight (no offense) BUT he was hired for the part and he did what he could with his voice for that character.

So don’t just go and be like those disgusting comments above, just remember those character voices you love he has done and how much of a great person he is. Don’t wish badly on him or go saying disgusting insults, that makes you pathetic and no one is going to want to hang around you.

Can you dislike his voice acting?
Yes you can, just don’t go spreading hate, like I’ve said who knows how many times now.

FINALLY, to shut up all of you with him getting the part of Rin, let us all remember the real problem. That they’re English dubbing an anime that shouldn’t ever had an English version because of the English speaking scenes during Free! Eternal Season and Haruka trying to understand what they’re saying. And also that they’re dubbing the second season BEFORE the first season where character development is built and everyone is just going to be lost on what the hell is going on for those who rely on English adaptions of anime. Not everyone has the patience for subtitles or can access them, so the dubbing of the series and order should’ve been placed into consideration BEFORE giving the okay on everything. I mean who even dubs season 2 before season 1?

Remember if you don’t like his voice acting, that’s alright. There are certain characters that aren’t meant for his voice in my opinion, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love what he does or doesn’t try otherwise he wouldn’t be in the business. He’s passionate about his work and I think we’ll definitely be seeing more of him in the future. He isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

So leave Vic Mignogna alone with spreading around all the hate, it’s just rude and annoying.

Vic, you’re a great guy and you’re amazing at what you do. Keep up the great work! Don’t be discouraged with what you do or what voice you have to act out next.