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as a fellow jaytim shipper, do you have any fic recs? thanks!!


OKAY THESE ARE JUST OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD (& AO3 ONLY) AND THERE ARE MANY MANY MORE I DEF FORGOT BUT HERE GOES!! this is prob gonna be a long post cus idk how to do the read more thing I’M SORRY


strange fear i ain’t felt for years by Sister

Summary: Tim’s benched with a broken arm and starts playing Jason’s personal Oracle. Things escalate.

[deep breath] THIS FIC. has such a special place in my heart holy shit I’ve read it like 90 times and it has never ever failed to make me smile. when I am dead and gone I want the eulogist at my funeral to read it passionately over my cold corpse with feeling because if they fail to properly express how much I worship it I WILL BREATHE LIFE INTO MY MOLDING HUSK WITH SHEER OTHERWORLDLY WILLPOWER AND READ IT MYSELF


these lines of lightning by smilebackwards

Summary: “Sometimes when Bruce is being an asshole, the best response is to be an asshole right back,” Jason says, dropping down next to Tim and propping his boots on the milk crates he uses for a coffee table. “I used to go hang out with all the bad kids so I guess you’re already on the right track.”

if i’ve got strange fear lined up to be read at my funeral I want this fic to be painstakingly chiseled onto my headstone with everyone singing ‘accidentally in love’ as i’m lowered into the ground–like pls don’t even throw flowers as the gaping abyss swallows my coffin PRINT THIS FIC AND THROW IT DOWN INSTEAD I LOVE IT SO MUCH  


After the Storm by ariadne83 & somehowunbroken

Summary: Jason is getting ready to start his reign as the Red Hood when he overhears a conversation that will change his life. He ends up giving up his plans for revenge and taking on a new identity so he can raise the son he never thought he’d have. When his safety and anonymity are threatened by the Wayne Foundation ’s representative, Tim Drake-Wayne, all Jason can do is keep his head down and hope for the best - but he may have to redefine “best” in order for that to work out. 

oh god I think this one might have been Responsible. the one that may have started my slip slide screaming descent into jaytim hell. I shipped it casually (ha) until this fic came in and knifed me at terminal velocity in the soft spot I didn’t even know I had for kidfic LMFAO SCREAMS INTO HANDS WHY THIS!!!!! WHY ME!!!!!!! I AM A GOOD PERSON (NO)


you are bright and i am blind by CallMeBombshell

Summary: “So it was either one of several ill-advised not-quite dates,” Jason sums up after a moment, “your big brother, or me. More or less.”

“More or less,” Tim agrees, leaning back again and humming slightly around the rim of his glass. 

Jason shakes his head slightly. “Well, sorry you got stuck with me, then,” he says, self-deprecating little grin spreading across his face.

“I’m not,” Tim says, smiling that same damned unreadable Cheshire Cat smile that he’s been wearing all night. “After all, you were my first choice.”

part 4 of an ongoing series and pre-relationship but ONE OF MY FAVES oh god it’s so visceral and GORGEOUS I just live for mutual pining is2g nothing better than slow burn that melts your heart like a lovingly seasoned and tenderly roasted lamb kebob and you just can’t wait for the moment it’s done cooking and you can sink your teeth into it with relish god jesus fuck WHAT I’M SAYING IS THAT THIS FIC IS DELICIOUS IN EVERY WAY and im hungry


Hell Connection by Ladelle

Summary:  With one touch, Detective Timothy Drake can see the past—of people, of objects—anything. When a case leads him to the sewers of Gotham, he wakes an evil he never knew existed; one that wants vengeance on the family that sealed him away.

steeples fingers and takes a deep breath g O D I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO COHERENTLY DESCRIBE HOW MUCH I LOVE AND ADORE THIS FIC the thought that went into this iS INSANE and it is ridiculously immersive and beautifully paced with burn so mouthwateringly slow you could put me in my mother’s rice cooker for two weeks and I still wouldn’t come out nearly as wonderfully exquisitely delicious as this fic GOD I’ve read it like a million times and each time I lose sleep over it WITHOUT FAIL cus it’s SO SO SO GOOD.


it takes a house, a village by defcontwo

Summary:  “If you shower my couch with love and affection, I might actually kill you.” Or: how Tim Drake buys a house, rebuilds his life, and accidentally falls in love.

[WHISTLE TONE SCREAMING] GOD I have romantic feelings for this one like I would wine and dine straight up get down on one knee for this fic and treat it right for the rest of my mortal existence have i mentioned how much i love slow burn I LOVE SLOW BURN ROAST ME A L I V E


Soft as the Starlight in the Sky verse by Tabithian

Summary: Jason Todd’s adventures as a magical girl.

No, really.

(What the hell is up with all the damn bows, anyway?)

I WAS EXPECTING CRACK AND GOT SUCKER PUNCHED WITH FEELS (IN THE BEST WAY LMAO I wear the bruises with pride) like this is a super adorable premise in the first place and I am always weak for magical girl AUs… ALSO JASON’S FAMILIAR(?) ANIMAL SIDEKICK(??) MR. MEOWFACE IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST I WANT 20


give until you bleed (out) by somehowunbroken

Summary: Tim wakes up in the Cave. He’s in the med bay, which isn’t surprising; all of the monitoring machines are off, which is. He shrugs and sits up carefully, wincing preemptively for the pull of stitches that doesn’t come. [Warning; Major Character Death]

if you are here for the bittersweet angst HAVE I GOT THE FIC FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! this one, omfg, it hits like a mack truck. It’s gen, hinted a bit at pre-relationship, and hurts like open heart surgery without anesthetic LMAO I made the Mistake of reading it late at night and was catatonic in the shower thinking about that ending…it was a good thing I took that shower tho because if I hadn’t I would have pickled like a wrinkly radish in the salty ocean of my own tears


chasing after time verse by ohmcgee

Summary:  The lazarus pit made Jason immortal. Tim’s not dealing with that very well.

speaking of bittersweet here is the fic equivalent of 80% velvety dark chocolate with a big whopping heaping of heartache tbh I usually stay very far away from this trope cus my weak potato heart can’t take it but this was just so beautiful and poignant and heartwrenching BASICALLY A RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE [PRAYING EMOJI]


uhh crap this is getting rly long LMAO I ACTUALLY HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO REC LAUGHS NERVOUSLY I’LL MAKE A PART TWO IF YOU WANT and i rly need to eat something i’m so hungry i’d kill a man maybe two for some lamb kebobs

Forever my Superman- Roman Reigns

His voice had never sounded so cold. He didn’t love her no more. In that moment she could feel all the air evaporate from her body. 6 years with the same man, bringing some hope that she would get her happily ever after, but the more he spoke, the more she realised it was all one big nightmare.

“I never loved you. How could you think that I would ever end up with someone like you?”

He used his hands during his rant to collect his belongings, seamlessly destroying himself from her life in a matter of minutes. With a zip of a suitcase and a reach for his keys, he was out the door, allowing herself to realise that she no longer lived in a home, more so a big empty house.

She was angry, furious, that she allowed him into her life. She had built this life around him and now there was nothing but her shattered heart. Her mind was working, as she reached for the vase that held her favourite flowers, a constant reminder of the birthday she had just passed. The sweet sounds of giggles and the rushed hums of their love making filled her ears, causing a scream to release from her mouth. With one quick swing, she threw the vase, pieces cascading down the wall, onto the floorboards the lay beneath her feet. Reaching to grab the glass, she kneeled on the floor, glass now engulfing into her skin. She looked down, blood was everywhere, raising her hands up, puddles of said blood now lay where his feet once stood. The creak of the door startled her from her thoughts, eyes raising to meet the wide eyes of her best friend Roman. She tried to speak, try to reassure him that it was all okay, but she couldn’t. She opened her mouth, but a sob fell out instead of words, causing Roman to rush to her side, choosing to pick her up to cause less damage to her body. He rested her on the couch, getting a towel from a nearby cupboard, placing it over her wounds, picking piece of glass out of them. She was still hysterical, tears streaming down her face. He hated to see her so broken, knowing the reason she was so upset was due to the deadbeat boyfriend of hers. Yet here he was, comforting his girl, his best friend as her whole world crashed around her. After finally finding her voice, Roman was alerted to the problem, causing him to see red. He stood, going to find the guy who broke her heart. He was stopped before he was able to move a step.

“Ro, please, stop. Don’t do anything. It’s okay”

“Why do you always do this? It’s not okay, he can’t just say that and leave! You aren’t okay and he needs to pay for hurting you.”

“Roman, please. I don’t need my superman, I need my best friend right now.”

Roman melted, hearing his nickname from her. He left the room, after her acceptance to get bandages. He began to fix her up, sweeping the hair out of her eyes and tucking it behind her ears.

“You know I only want to protect you right?”

She nodded, cuddling into his arm, smiling as she started to drift off to sleep.

“Mmhmm, forever my superman.”

Roman laughed, using his free hand to place a blanket to cover her as she fell asleep. He would stay with her, protecting whatever image of a universe she had left, until her heart felt like his home again.

Confession: The first time I kept Alistair as a warden, I feltl bad for ending the reign of Calenhad’s bloodline, especially after Eamon said they didn’t fight Orlais’ occupation to see the Theirin’s end. Then I remembered that Wardens will most likely never have children. So anyway, Alistair was going to be the last king with Calenhad’s blood in his veins and Anora is, in my mind, a better ruler. ( and i apologize for my english, i hope it’s understandable )

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Imagine Steve learning about some of the major human tragedies over the last few years and being so overwhelmed, but Sam helps him through it.

All Steve ever wanted to do was make the world a better place. He’d wanted it since the day he was born, and it was why he’d agreed to become Captain America.

When he’d stayed holed up in his room at the tower for too many days in a row, Sam eventually found him. He was wide awake, but laying under covers on his bed, staring sightlessly at the ceiling. “Cap?” Sam just wanted his attention. He didn’t need to ask what had bothered him because he already knew. Steve had been doing a lot of research and a lot of reading about modern history (which was, by definition, WWII and forward), and there was some really messed up stuff that happened. Steve was responding in the only way he could- by being overwhelmed with it all.

“Yeah. I’m all right, Sam.”

He wasn’t, and Sam didn’t believe for a second that he was, so he came and closed the door behind him. “Maybe you should stop reading Wikipedia for a while.”

Steve groaned. “What good was I, Sam?”

It was too easy sometimes to get Steve talking, not that Sam was complaining at all. It made it easier to help him. “What do you mean? From what I hear, you turned the tides of the war.”

“Lot of good it did. Winning that war was supposed to make all of this better.”

“No,“ Sam argued. “Winning that war was supposed to make 1944 better. It was supposed to make sure that Hitler didn’t continue his reign. It was never in the contract that it was going to stop all wars or all crimes. Just like what I did during Enduring Freedom.”

Steve finally looked at him, shaking his head by way of apology. “But…”

“But nothin’, Cap. But we hope and we keep fighting so we make other years and times better. What we’re built for? That war never ends.”