i hope hes buying a guitar!!!!!!!!

He’s a baby boy.

[TRANS] ‘Seventeen’ Magazine 2017 Aug Issue - BTS Interview (P2)

JPN - KRN © cher_bts
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi

Currently on tour, BTS’ popularity has crossed borders and is spreading around the world!

RAP MONSTER: We came to many countries but Brazil left the most impression on me. I learned for the first that through the local news that they set up tents and stayed outside the concert venue few days ahead to buy our concert tickets.
JIMIN: I was really surprised!
SUGA: We travel around the world but mostly we just stay inside the hotel. I use the remaining time to make music there. That’s why I always carry around music equipment.
RAP MONSTER: You have a pot too. (laughs) He uses an electric pot to boil water and cook ramyeon or instant food he brought from Korea to eat.
J-HOPE: It’s really important. I bring a pillow too. It’s not too firm or too soft and fits my neck perfectly. I don’t have to worry even if the hotel’s pillow doesn’t fit!
JIN: I play guitar which I’m into lately in the hotel. We all do what each of us wants.
V: I bring my favorite book of Gogh and read it.
JUNGKOOK: I’m listening to music on my speaker… But the other members often scold me.
V: They said it’s too noisy. (laughs)
J-HOPE: When we say so he lowers the volume. (laughs) One time Rap Monster scolded him and he turned the volume down, but he couldn’t hear the sound like that so he brought the speaker to his ears to listen. I laughed and asked if he did all of that so he could listen on speaker.
JUNGKOOK: I told you the sound is different!
RAP MONSTER: What does Jimin bring?
JIMIN: I don’t bring anything special. Bringing myself is enough ♡

The real side of each person only the members know.

JIMIN: Our leader Rap Monster-hyung is a clumsy “destruction god”. Not just breaking stuffs, he also loses his phone time to time, tripping when there’s nothing around, or spilling coffee and stain Jin-hyung’s shirt… It happens a lot. (laughs)
SUGA: But he’s really smart. He’s got an excellent language ability and he’s the best at Japanese.
RAP MONSTER: I’m embarrassed~
V: J-hope is the dance leader, he dances the best. He’s also reliable and takes care of us well.
J-HOPE: I’m just doing my job.
JUNGKOOK: Are you being humble? (laughs)
J-HOPE: I’m serious. (laughs)
RAP MONSTER: Jin-hyung - the matnae* - takes care of us well too. He likes food so he cooks for us at the dorm or…
JIN: I’m busy recently so I can’t cook at all. I’m not eating a lot for my diet too.
SUGA: He shares a room with me. I hate when it’s loud so he always stays quiet for my sake. I like quietness and hate when there are too many people.
RAP MONSTER: He suddenly talks about himself when we’re talking about other members. Suga-hyung is really “mypace”**. And he’s always spaced out and lethargic. (laughs)
SUGA: I’m lethargic because I need to prepare my energy for music. Told you it all has a meaning! Jimin is “Slow Jimin”, this one word is enough. J-hope is the fastest and Jimin is the slowest. That’s the daily life of BTS.
JIN: But Jimin works harder than anyone else. He always dances or sings in the waiting room
RAP MONSTER: Is it the result of his effort? He has a cute face and great muscles.
SUGA: But… He’s always late.
ALL: (laugh)
JIMIN: Let’s talk about V next.
JUNGKOOK: He really is an amazing person.
V: I’m not amazing~
JUNGKOOK: He says that but he’s really amazing. (laughs) He talks out of the topic or question, even when everyone else is all “?”, he ignores and continues. And he forcefully makes everyone understand him.
V: I’m working hard on talking to the point too! But what can I do when I can’t think of anything? It’s hard for me too!
J-HOPE: I didn’t know that. (laughs) Our maknae Jungkook, as you can see, he’s perfectly handsome.
V: Is he always handsome like that? Hmh, is he…? When he sleeps… (giggles)
JUNGKOOK: What? (nervous)
J-HOPE: Nothing, you’re handsome when you seep too. It’s okay. (laughs)

*matnae: mathyung (eldest hyung) + maknae
**mypace: living or doing things without being affected by other people’s opinions or actions

The never-ending chatter of men! The close-knitted 7 people. When asked “What boosts your mood up?”, nearly all of them answered “The members”.

JIN: Sometimes we need to go work on our own… I indeed gets bored. It’s the same when we film individual cuts for music videos, if the members aren’t around I feel lonely.
JIMIN: The one who boosts my mood up is our maknae Jungkook. He’s mischievous so he always makes us laugh. But Jungkook said he likes tasty food more than me…
JUNGKOOK: Tasty food makes me happy ♡ If there’s food in front of me, I would take a bite out of happiness. Even if I’m full, it’s fine. I’ll get hungry soon after I sleep for a bit. I can keep eating all the time. (laughs)

For the question “What do you want to have at the moment?”, the answers of these 7 people who are busy everyday are!

RAP MONSTER: Time. I want to have some time with my family. I want to travel with my family. We had a concert in Japan last year and my parents along with my sister went on a trip. I couldn’t go with them… I was really upset.
J-HOPE: I have never had a family trip before too. I want to travel with my family!
JUNGKOOK: I want to travel too. To America or Japan. Who do I want to go with? (glances at J-hope sitting beside) J-hope-hyung ♡
J-HOPE: Wow! I’m happy! Jungkook finally knew how to live in life. (laughs)
V: I want to have time too, but I want to have paintings more. I like Gogh the most. There are around 10 paintings in my room.
JUNGKOOK: Are they real?
J-HOPE: If those are real they would cost hundreds of millions. (laughs)
JIN: I want to have an island. I filmed on some island last time and they said it can be bought with 30 billion.
RAP MONSTER: You don’t need to buy an island. We’re going to Hawaii or Okinawa anyway. (laughs) Oh snap, it’s time to end the interview! Let’s greet properly for the ending.
SUGA: Please listen to our single “Blood, Sweat & Tears” a lot and look forward to our Japan tour too. Please give BTS a lot of love!
RAP MONSTER: Our hearts are always… Seventeen ♡



Reason to love VIXX #69

hongbin + guitar

Dissonance | #12 #20

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Anon: Can you do 12 and 20 with min yoongi please! 

#12 “it’s possible to listen with your heart, you know…”
#20 “Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

authors note: this one is really cute to me, i hope you like itღ 
summary: Your audition didn’t go well. He noticed.

He sat alone in the dorm, bedridden from a minor swore throat and migraine. There wasn’t much for him to do, he hasn’t so much as left the comfortable confines of need his bed, blankets and the excessive pillows you liked to buy for him. 

baby: im upset, come get me

He looked at the top of his phone screen, seeing your contact name flash momentarily.

Yoongs🍞🍯: um what happened, what about your audition

You looked over his message, your guitar case sitting at your feet as you grimaced.

baby: i dont want to talk about it. come get me plz☹️

He furrowed his brows, quickly typing his response with a slight smile. As soon as he pressed send he saw your typing bubble, he knew you were upset but he found you to be so cute when you were like this.

Yoongs🍞🍯: srry bby you know im supposed to be resting, doctors orders🤧

“How dare he…” You started typing vigorously. He thought this was funny but you didn’t think so. 

You: You’re not that sick Yoongi.😡  ANd how would you like to know that your soon to be ❌-girlfriend is sitting outside on a wet park bench. sad. so if you care about me Min Yoongi you’ll get your lazy ass out here and gt me. im not in the mood.💀

He read your text and it hit him that you weren’t kidding and if knew what was good for him he’d get up and get you. He sighed, taking the comfy blanket off and shivering from the freezing cold air conditioner. As he slipped on a flannel and shoes he was texting you back.

Yoongs🍞🍯: hold on I’ll be there in 20

You looked in the distance, hoping to see his car but he was nowhere to be found. It’s been 30 minutes since he last texted you and you had half a mind to catch the bus. It was about to rain and you’ve had it up to here today, one more mess up would set you off, you just knew it.

“Excuse me, are you Y/N?” You looked over the man standing in front, he looked familiar.

“Yes.” You glanced up at him, seeing that he had his guitar on his back.

For what it’s worth, I think you did great.” He smiled before walking off. It wasn’t worth that much, you thought. Now you remembered why he looked so familiar, he was one of the participates for the the song writer position and he actually made it, unlike you. As soon as he was out of sight you saw Yoongi pulling up to the front and he rolled his eyes at the way you glared at him.

You picked up your guitar case and up the back seat and tossed it back there. You opened the passengers seat with a lot of exaggerated body language and threw yourself in the seat.

“20 minutes my butt…” You mumbled, putting on your seat belt and crossing your arms. 

He pulled off, glancing at you with a sigh. “What’s wrong baby.” He knew you were gonna put off telling him the real reason, he was prepared to keep asking, like always.

“Wouldn’t you like to know…” You hissed, laying your head against the door, staring out the window.

“Yeah, I would but if you’re gonna act like a-…” He cut himself off, not daring to let that word slip from his lips.

You scoffed. “Act like what Yoongi? Act like what?” When he stopped at the red light he gave you a look. “You act like you’ve never had a bad day…” You already had a bad day and now you were fighting with your boyfriend. Could it get any worse?

“Fine. When you decide you’re gonna be a big girl and articulate your feelings. We can talk…” And he left it at that. The two of you would get in arguments like this a lot. One of you would be upset, the other would be pissed that they don’t know why. 

“I got cut, okay? Thay cut me.” You said bluntly, staring forward with no emotion on your face. “They said my melodies needed work and my progressions weren’t strong, they said listeners wouldn’t accept it well…” You peered at him, eyes almost teary. “They said I can try again next season…” You twiddled your fingers, waiting for him to say something. He just exhaled lowly, giving you an apologetic look before taking a sudden turn. Instead of taking you home he decided he would drive to your favorite date spot, the lake.

“Come on, get out.” He said casually as he got but you only watched him, slouching further into your seat. You wouldn’t mind if the world swallowed you up right now, not even your favorite date spot could change that.

Eventually you opened the door. He grabbed your hand to walk beside you to on pavement by the water. You wouldn’t really look at him, you stared down at your feet as you walked with heavy steps. 

You sighed, “I hate this. I tried so hard but it wasn’t worth it…I have to try twice as hard to be half as good and I still don’t get in…” It was true, you’ve always felt like you were over exalting yourself, trying to hard for no damn reason…

“Don’t be so hard on yourself.” He looked down at you, leaving a peck on your forehead. “Those idiots don’t know what they’re talking about, you make beautiful music and they’re stupid if they can’t see it.” At this point you had stopped to sit on your usual bench, overlooking the bridge and lake. 

“You’re just saying that because I’m your girlfriend, you don’t mean it…” You were really thick-skulled sometimes, he didn’t understand how you could be so stubborn when he was trying so hard to help you. He loved you though, he could never stop trying to get you to listen to him because he loved you so much. But for some reason, the gape in the relationship was you. You pour your love out on everything but yourself, that scared him. He feared that one day you might leave him because he couldn’t fill that gap.

“No, I’m not. I love you, I love you more than anything I wouldn’t lie to you, you know that.” He instinctively rubbed the back of your hand with his thumb, coaxing you to lay your head on his shoulder like always.

“It’s possible to listen with your heart, you know…” You made a small sound of confusion, not really knowing what he meant by that. “You do everything thing from your heart, I noticed that…that’s why your feelings get hurt so easily.” He giggled a little at the memory of you crying over little arguments you’ve had.

“In a way, you’ve shown me how to do that…listen to you, even when your not saying anything. But baby, sometimes you have to say something.” He delicate kissed your forehead again. “I’m here for you baby…Always.”


And here it is!! Daddy Shawn present you: Surprise!! I really hope you like it.
Requests are open!! Let me know what you think about it!

“Shawn,baby,did you take everything you need?” You said running down the stairs,with your little girl in you our arms.

“I think I did,at least the essential,if I forget something,I can buy at Target.” He says putting his last guitar case on the car.

“Luke,let’s go take dad to the airport?” You call your son,handing Sara to Shawn,who place her at the baby car seat.

“I don’t want dad traveling again!”

“C'mon buddy,we already talked about this,daddy needs to work.” Shawn explain one more time,taking Luke on his arms and place on the other car seat.“Want me to drive until there?”

“Please!“you hand him the keys and get in the car. "Any music suggestion?” You ask looking at the kids,already guessing what they wanted.

“Moana,mommy,Sara like it."Luke answers smiling at his sister,and you look at Shawn,who has your favorite smile on his face. You know that he thinks the same you do right now,that you both did it right.

"Moana it is!” Shawn says connecting his phone on the car and playing Moana’s song.

The travel to the airport was as usual as possible. You and Shawn knew that Luke already knew what was going on,while Sara,that turned one few weeks ago,still didn’t knew what as that all about,so your husband tries to make conversation going with your son. Moments later,Shawn park the car at the airport. Shawn looks at you and smile.

“Want to go with dad until the check in?"Shawn ask Luke,turning to look at him.

"I have school daddy!"Look try to explain."I can’t be late!”

“I think you can skip school today,right darling?” He look at me,smiling,and I pretend to think a little while.

“Well,I think one day with no school is okay right?” You saw Luke smiling at you answer and getting out of the car and trying to help his father take his luggage.

Inside the airport,the kids were almost saying goodbye to their dad,when a kid comes running in to the wearing a Mickey hat.

“Look at that boy’s hat Luke!” You point to the kid and Luke follow the kid with his eyes.

“I like that,can we go to Disney one day? I want one of those.”

“I think we can,what do you thing love?” You ask Shawn.

“I think that it would be amazing. Let me see my agenda,so we can plan one trip to Disney.” He says,taking his phone from his pocket as open the calendar.“That’s funny!”

“What daddy?"Luke ask,trying to see what Shawn is looking at.

"It is saying here that today I have 4 ticked to Orlando,to go to Disneyworld.”

“TODAY??"Luke scream looking at you both.

"Yeah,today! I think I made a mistake darling,I’m not going to London,we’re going to Disney.”

“Well,thanks God I packed all our clothes. So we don’t need to go back home and do that."You smile at look,who jaws are almost at the floor.

"We are going to Disney today?”

“We are Luke!” Your son only scream of happiness and run around you and Shawn. Sara,who is at your arms,almost sleeping on your shoulders wake up confused.

“We’re going to Disney Sara!!"Luke scream looking at his sister."We’re going to need Moana!!” Sara probably don’t understand a shit about it,but scream of happiness and dance with Luke,making you and Shawn laugh and appreciate the family you both create.

dating emo Ethan would include:

•so firstly emo ethan would be cute and hardcore as hell

•scares everyone away except for you

•listens to my chemical romance 24/7

•matching tattoo’s

•he steals your eyeliner all the time

•emo concerts

•he’s very affectionate towards you but not in public

•scruffy ethan omfg

•”I’m pop punk I’ll do what I want”

•buying him m&g for his favourite band & him literally nearly crying

•stranger things dates

•he’s a loveable rogue who loves to annoy you

•waking you up to him playing his electric guitar

•”wake up y/n I’m a rockstar”

•he’s basically a baby Pete Wentz


Short but sweet lmao, I couldn’t resist but to do an emo bulletin after their snapchats.. anyways hope you enjoyed & as always my requests are open. xx

Peter Maximoff Canons & Headcanons

(I just really like noting things about the beautiful quicksilver)
• Fast mutant - which means he has a fast metabolism, fast regeneration, accelerated perception, ect
• Grey hair, brown eyes and since Evan Peters is 5'11" so is Peter
• Kleptomaniac - which we saw in the x-men apocalypse had toned down a bit
• You would be screwed if you had to fight him
• Loves music and his precious walkman
• He commonly wears band t-shirts, a silver jacket, headphones/walkman and goggle/sunglasses
• In the first appearance of Peter Maximoff he is said to be a young man, meaning he could be from 16-20 (I usually think him as 17). This would mean in x-men apocalypse he is in his late 20’s
• He isn’t good with socialising unless it’s witty and sarcastic. He usually looks unsure when initiating conversations
• He’s Erik Lehnsherr’s son, meaning he is half Jewish.
• Because of his age, he could totally be a teacher at the school
• He would be a P.E (physical education) teacher
• He and Pietro Maximoff are completely different characters
• He doesn’t fit in in many places
• When Charles finds out about Peters heritage he behaves somewhat like a parental figure
• The young girl seen in x-men days of futures past is his little sister, but not Wanda. It was confirmed by the writers/directors
• Wanda was suppose to have a cameo but they didn’t have the time
• A older sister was mentioned in the deleted scenes, which also shows Ms Maximoff drinking alcohol in the middle of the day
• Peter has to buy/steal new shoes all the damn time, the get ruined from the speeds he runs at
• He can play guitar (That was way longer than I first anticipated)


Hi Taylor,

Here are some pictures for the last four years of my life. I’ve been a fan since Teardrops on my guitar, and I just really want you to know that I love you and appreciate everything you do for fans. I’ve dragged my parents on road trips to see you (the bottom picture with your mom is I. Pittsburgh and I’m from Detroit), forced them to stop at the bluebird cafe (we were on our way home from Florida), I made my mom buy the turtle raft for the sole purpose of being like you jumping in the pool (unfortunately, the turtle popped this summer so RIP him he has literally died dead), I saved up money from my job at McDonald’s (ew I know) to buy that outfit from H&M so we could twin, and yes once I even cracked an egg on my head because you followed me and my friends on tumblr. Throughout the years we’ve both grown and changed a lot. I’ve started my second year of college and you’re getting ready to release your sixth studio album. I’ve been here since Teardrops on My Guitar and I hope you know that I’ll be here forever. I’m an active member of the Taylor Defense Squad, and have so many beautiful friends in my life that I’ve met because we have a love for you in common. My freshman year of college I roomed with one of the girls you met from a SS in Nashville. I was here at the beginning and I’ll be here till the end. I hope you know how much you mean to me.

if i fell (don’t run and hide)

album era: mad dogs (self-titled)

charlie gardner has left the band behind, and the boys are attempting to figure out what they want to do next and realizing their stances on their music and the future of their careers. riley matthews is about to realize something too.

part of the ♪ gmw band au

Watching the band play in the studio is one of Riley’s favorite hobbies.

She likes the polished, completed sound of their albums and she likes watching them play live, but there’s something about the atmosphere of the studio that she really cherishes. They’re close, they’re personal, they’re imperfect and experimental and real when they’re messing around in the workroom. There’s an energy of creativity, a feeling of innovation and collaboration that she’s obsessed with when she gets to hang out with them.

Maya usually comes with her, but her pop idol best friend is often up and dancing around with the boys, offering suggestions and jamming to the music. Riley and Smackle are the ones who stay seated together on the leather couch crammed into the corner of the room, wrapped up in quilts and cheering their talented friends on. In some ways, they’re just another piece of clutter in the small, disorganized space, but she doesn’t mind it. She likes how cozy it is, how appreciated and loved the studio feels. The boys practically live there considering how often they’re trying out new sounds and jamming together, and if she had the means she’d probably want to live there too.

The past few months had been a change of pace for all of them, as with Charlie gone they weren’t quite sure where they wanted to go next. Dave’s leg injury put any sort of grand journey on hold, so they spent a lot of time at the studio, experimenting with sound and adding new covers to their repertoire. In the evenings, they’d play gigs at smaller venues, nightclubs and hole-in-the-wall music halls where the music is important, not the fame. Ultimately, they’re taking the time to find themselves, which hopefully will point them towards the next step.

Farkle has never looked more content. He actually smiles now, real, relaxed grins as he’s strumming the base and exchanging quips with Zay. Dave, still in a boot but no longer in a cast, works on sharpening his already impressive guitar skills and bouncing in his chair while they play. It’s obvious that he wants desperately to be up and jumping around with Zay, who puts all of his soul into every performance he does—even if it’s just for Maya, Riley, and Smackle at the studio.

They’re all a hoot to watch, but for whatever reason, Riley can never seem to take her eyes off the drums.

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anonymous asked:

How about smthn where David is trying to connect w Ered and is asking about her music and she goes "yeah I like x band their lead singer is cool" and shows him a picture and David goes "omg that's my s/o!" and pulls up dorky couple selfies

of course you can my friend! Sorry that this is late, I just had so many other requests it kinda got lost in it all! I hope you enjoy!- Rain


  • He is SHOOK
  • How come you never told him you were in a band!?
  • Super proud
  • He comes to all of your performances! Buys all your merch, everything
    • Just ends up becoming a super fan 
  • He plays his guitar for you, sometimes you and your band play with him
  • Thinks you’re super talented
  • Whatever you do in the band (sing, play instrument, etc) he’s always so eager to watch!!
  • Helps pay/transport you the best he can (I’d say he’s mid to lower middle class)
  • Gives you a big kiss and hug right before you go out on stage as a vote of confidence
  • Your band teases you a lot, but you don’t mind
  • Makes your boy embarrassed and you live for it 
  • Likes to be at rehearsals, even cooks for your band!
    • Your band loves him a lot more now! 
  • Also, when David first meets your band, they all threaten him and tell him that if he hurts you, he’s gonna regret it
    • He actually almost cries
    • “Guys, you took it too far!” “Just protecting ya.” “HES LITERALLY THE PUREST MAN ALIVE” 
  • Once the band thinks he’s okay though, he ends up loving them and vise versa
    • “so, when’s the wedding” “SHUT UP NICK” 
Justlex With Guitar!Alex and Smitten!Justin

Request: Hi!!! You’re amazing at writing, it’s so good!! I was wondering if I could make a Justlex request where Alex is playing the guitar, and Justin is just obsessed and obviously smitten? They’re so cute together! Thank you!!!


A/N: I’m so sorry this took me forever. I hope you like! :)


Warnings: None.


Justlex With Guitar!Alex and Smitten!Justin…

  • Okay so Alex puts a lot of pressure on himself to be good at guitar

  • Even after he quits jazz band he wants to be amazing at it
  • He watches tutorials on all the tricks

  • And he buys heaps of song books to try and learn the classic stuff
  • His usual practice room becomes his bedroom

  • Of course the neighbours can hear him, but he tries not to think about that
  • He’s too shy to have someone hear him without other instruments backing him up

  • It’s one afternoon after school when he’s practicing that Justin catches him
  • The boy had climbed up to his window, and he hadn’t noticed until he turned and around when Justin applauded

  • “What the hell are you doing?”
  • “I came to see you”

  • “I have a front door”
  • “You’re good you know”

  • Justin climbed in the window and pleaded for Alex to keep playing
  • Alex was blushed completely red, and he continued to refuse Justin’s pleading

  • Eventually though Alex gave in, and with shaky fingers he began to play again
  • Justin sat down on the bed beside him, and he smiled like an idiot as he listened to Alex play

  • He wouldn’t let Alex stop playing until his fingers physically couldn’t handle it anymore
  • After that Justin always made Alex play for him

  • If he couldn’t be there when Alex played they were usually on the phone to each other
  • Once Alex got more comfortable he’d usually hum or softly sing a song for him too, which Justin just loved

  • Those little songs turned into love songs, and after Justin finally figured that out he made sure to kiss Alex the next time they met up
  • Alex wasn’t sure how a simple guitar could change both of their lives so much- but he was finally happy, so he didn’t dwell on it

  • They spent so much time cuddled up in Alex’s room together, Alex lazily dancing his fingers over the guitar strings as they lay there half asleep
  • It became the most comforting thing in the world to Justin, and he liked to see Alex with his guard down like that

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Heartbeat - Soulmate Michael AU

Soulmate AU in which both soulmates have matching heartbeats.

Michael’s heart was beating faster as he walked down the halls. And no matter how hard he tried to calm his heart down, he knew it would be no good. His heart was beating so fast because his soulmate’s heart was racing. He didn’t quite understand it at first, telling his parents as a young child that his heart was pounding chest like as if he was running a marathon, when he had just been sitting on the couch playing Pokémon, and it was then that his parents explained everything to him.

They told little eight year old Michael that somewhere out there, someone is connected to him so strongly that they share the same heartbeat; the person that is connected to his heart is his soulmate. The small blond was so happy; amazed that somewhere out there was someone who was destined to be his soulmate. To the small blond, soulmates to him meant a lifelong best friend that was something that he had wanted ever since he was five, since him being a bit loud and odd…it was difficult for him to make friends, since it seemed that all his classmates would actively avoid the hyper little boy.

He remembered trying to go up to everyone, boys and girls, seeing if they had the same heartbeat, little optimistic Michael tried so hard to find his soulmate at school, and because of that, he was made fun of and even more shunned by his peers. They would say to his face that no one would ever want to be his soulmate that they felt sorry for whoever shared his heartbeat, something that made small Michael cry when he got home, making him feel more alone then he normally did.  And soon that small happy heart of tiny Michael hardened just a bit; he no longer really cared about finding his soulmate. His mind tainted with what they told him, that thinking that it would be so much better for his soulmate to never find him, because maybe those kids were right…no one deserves a soulmate like him, whoever his soulmate was…they deserved so much better than him.  

He graduated high school, attending his local music school to become a sound engineer, but that still didn’t make him sociable. All throughout high school, he was still pushed away, no one wanting to be friends with the ‘weird’ kid, calling him an attention seeker whenever he dyed his hair crazy colors and even more when he started inking his skin with tattoos, covering most of his body with art as well as piercings. People would at times tell him everything that was wrong with him, that he decided that those labels that were thrown at him…did define him.

And they still do, at least he to him it does.

His heart was still racing, and judging by the rhythm is was a mix of anxiousness and excitement. He remembered that as a kid he memorized the rhythms of his soulmate, he knew when his soulmate was upset, happy, angry, scared, and just by the beating of his heartbeat. It strangely comforted Michael growing up, thinking that somewhere was meant for him; it made him feel not as alone as he thought he was.

But after having people knock down his self-confidence…he came up with one conclusion…he didn’t deserve his soulmate. While other people were trying to find their soulmate, he was doing everything he could to avoid it, because in his mind…anyone would be better than him. He didn’t want his soulmate to settle for him, he didn’t want his soulmate to be disappointed in him, because he was sure that the moment they met him…they would be.

He neared his local coffee shop, and felt a change in his heart the moment he stepped inside, a sudden stop then sent launching into speed, his soulmate was nervous with a mix of something else. And he knew exactly what that feeling was, since he experienced it a few times before, love. A few years ago, he would have been upset not liking the idea that his soulmate was loving someone else, but now it relived him, thinking that his soulmate finally could find someone that he knew would be a million times better than him.

“Hi how can I help you!” an eager voice said from the counter.

Michael looked at his server, seeing a nice barista at the counter, but that wasn’t what he noticed. What he did notice was that from the moment that he entered the small coffee shop, his heartbeat…his soulmate’s heartbeat increased as well. “Uh…a cup of caramel coffee,” he said with a small smile.

“Coming right up, Michael right?” he responded, hoping it wasn’t too weird that he knew his name.

“Yea, how did you know that, I can’t be coming here too often?” amazed that someone actually remembered him.

“No, me and my friend were at your store a few times for the guitar lessons, you were one of the instructors”, he said shyly.

Michael slightly tilted his head, trying to remember. You would think that he would, but so far nothing, when he really thought about it, maybe he was really thinking about something that it really distracted himself from even paying attention, “oh yea, sorry I didn’t remember, there just so many of you” he mentioned.

Michael felt his heart become heavy, almost like it was in pain, “that fine, still so anything else you would like?”

“No that’s it,” he answered as he pulled out his card and paid for it, “hey but next time you come down for music lessons, make sure you and your friend say hi.”

As he walked out with his cup of coffee, he couldn’t stop his heart from racing, it literally felt like it was a hummingbirds wings beating against his chest form the moment that he stepped inside. He wondered what his soulmate was doing that was making his own heart act like this, but he knew that judging by feeling, whoever his soulmate was…they were near or with someone they loved, and he knew that that was a good thing, because at least this way, they wouldn’t end up with him. But had Michael paid more attention and looked towards the side to the barista that was preparing his drink, he would have noticed that she was clutching her chest, in hopes of slowing down her own heart. 


Michael was getting his ready for the next guitar class, this time making sure to remember the boy and hopefully not seem so rude like how he thought himself to be for not remembering. The class was starting soon, and he needed to make sure that everything was set up. He had just finished tuning his guitar and forgot something in the back room, quickly getting up not noticing someone was already for his class, not because he was too busy…but rather because of his heart beat, since he was thinking about how fast it was beating because of his soulmate.  

There was a sudden snap, and a slight yelp instantly making Michael worry, bringing him back from the distraction of his soulmate’s pounding heart. He instantly turned seeing a frame of a girl around his age holding onto the guitar for dear life, but his eyes also landed on the broken string on the guitar.

“Oh, I am so sorry, I didn’t…I wasn’t paying attention,” he apologized, setting his own guitar down looking down on the girl’s hands to make sure that her hands hadn’t been hurt by the snapped string, having a few scars on his own from past experiences, and was relieved that there were none.

“No its fine, I guess it’s my fault for being in the way,” you said trying not to make it seem like a deal, “though I guess it’s a good thing that I’m in a music store, better go buy a new set of strings before class starts,” you said nervously, hoping you weren’t making a fool of yourself.

“Here, let’s get you a replacement string,” he said gesturing you to follow him, the pounding in his heart not dying down one bit, “actually a whole set on the house.”

“You don’t have to do that,” you softly voiced following him into what you assumed was the back room.

“No I mean, if I didn’t bump into you, your guitar string wouldn’t have snapped,” Michael said as he rummaged through a few drawers searching for the right string for your guitar. His heart never once slowed down, in fact it seemed that it became faster since he bumped into you, “here, found the perfect string.” Michael turned seeing you with a flustered look looking at anywhere but him, almost as if you were worried to look at him for too long. “Here let me see your guitar,” holding out his hand for your guitar.

You quickly nodded handing your guitar to him, your hands brushing against his, making your quickly fluster again, hoping that he wouldn’t notice it, although Michael didn’t really leave things unnoticed. He quickly set up the string, his own heart still matching the quickened beat of his soulmate. he looked over to you, seeing you looking away from him, although he didn’t mind being ignored, there was something about seeing you actively ignore him that bothered him for some unknown reason.

“Names Michael, and what’s yours?” he said as he made sure that the string fit perfectly in the guitar before starting to tighten and tune it accordingly.

You were shocked, your heart skipped a beat, you looked up to the red haired male, seeing his arms covered with tattoos peaking from even the collar of his shirt, yet despite his rough exterior, there was something gentle about him, “(Y/N),” you said with as loudly as you could, even though it wasn’t as confident as you wished it to be.

Michael repeated your name in his head, strangely liking the way it sounded that he had to say it outload, “(Y/N),” testing it and liking the sound as it rolled off his tongue.

Michael felt his heart skip a beat again, meeting a pair of a beautiful shade of (e/c) staring into his. His heart then hammered against his chest, picking up more speed. Michael’s eyes widened, slowly starting to make assumptions…but he needed proof. He set down the guitar, and reached for your neck, making you shut your eyes but not stopping either, as you knew what he was going to test.

Michael gently placed his hand above your chest, the area where your neck meets your chest. A long pause as he felt your heartbeat…a perfect match to his.

You were his soulmate.

“No, no, no, you aren’t supposed to love me,” he said once he realized the truth and started backing away.

He could feel the pain in his chest…your pain of rejection, as your face started to show that he didn’t want you, “but you’re my soulmate,” you said your hand over your heart, the heart that matches his heartbeat, your eyes starting to glisten.

“No, you were supposed to fall in love with someone else…not me, all this time you’ve loved me?” he asked.

You nodded, “it was during the first guitar lesson, I had a hard time with it, and you came to help me. I admit I was scared of how you looked, but you were so sweet, you made sure that I understood everything despite everyone being better than me. You would check up on me all the time to make sure I understood and even come up with alternates. And other times when you’re not teaching us…when you play guitar, you look so amazing, I could hear you play for hours and never get bored. And it doesn’t help that you come by the coffee shop I work at, and I always try to build up the courage to talk to you, but I never do. You always look so lonely, and I just wondered if we were friends, maybe you would smile more often, because when you play guitar, you actually smile, and you look so beautiful when you do.” you admitted.

“But…you, you,” he didn’t know what to say next.

“I’m what…not good enough,” you said feeling your heart slow a bit, “sorry I’m not punk enough for you.”

“No, if anything I’m not good enough,” he finished.

“Why would you think that?” you asked.

“Just look at me, don’t you find me scary, odd, weird like a freak,” he asked thinking back to all the names he had been called.

“No, in fact I find your oddness quite charming,” you smiled.

This time when Michael’s heart raced, he knew that it wasn’t because of you; his own heart was picking up speed because of you. And judging by the growing smile on your face, you knew what effect on Michael you had as well. Michael looked carefully at you, really thinking back at what he thought of soulmates.

You walked up to Michael, wanting to take his hand but thought that maybe that would be too much. “look I don’t know what you’ve been through, I wish I did…but I don’t, but if there is one thing I know about soulmates is,” this time reaching for his hand, “they’re perfect for each other, maybe I’m just what you need, someone that won’t judge you on how you look or your past,”  you said stepping just a bit closer, “but love you for who you are, the scary looking punk rock with a heart of gold,” you whispered. “That’s what soulmates do, and I’m pretty sure I can do that for you too.”

Michael was shocked never imagined that anyone would make him feel as special as you just did. His own heart was hammering against his chest, as his cheeks gained a pink color. He replayed those words in his head, loving how accepting and honest they seemed, “would you really do all that?” still not believing that someone could learn to love him so purely.

“That’s what soulmates are for,” you said reaching for his hand to place it on your chest, and then pressed your hand on his chest, both of you feeling the matching heartbeats.

It was hard for Michael to believe that somewhere out there someone could learn to love him like that, all his life people branding him as odd, thinking that no one could love a freak, yet here you were, so pure and kind making him think otherwise.

“can I kiss you?” he whispered, feeling his heartbeat increase, not knowing if it was because it was matching yours or it was his own heart that was racing, or a combination of both.

You nodded, thinking it so sweet that he would ask, since it would be so easy for him to close the space between his lips and yours. Michael leaned down a bit, his lips tracing your own, almost too afraid to touch your lips, too afraid to close his eyes, because he feels that when he does…you will disappear, since he felt that this is too good to be true. You could see his hesitation; you slightly bit your lip, and took things into your own hands. You brought one up to his cheek, coaxing him to kiss you, your hands gently cupping his face and pulling him closer, feeling the soft press of his lips. Once Michael, felt your lips against his it was hard for him to not kiss you back.  

His lips moved against yours, melting against you. He never thought what kissing his soulmate would feel like, but if he did, nothing could compare to this. He felt complete, he felt loved, cared for, and most of all accepted. Michael wrapped his hands around you, pulling you closer to his body, wanting to keep you close and not let you go. There was something intoxicating about your lips that he didn’t want to stop kissing you, wanting to always feel complete like that. His lips moved gently against yours, making your body tingle with excitement. You knew that you liked Michael, something about him so interesting that you wanted to be his friend to know more, but you never would have imagined that he would be your soulmate. your lips wondered across his face, lightly kissing his cheeks, his nose, neck, anything, wanting him to know that despite whatever he had been through you would love everything about him, he was your soulmate making it both yours and Michael’s duty to show the other the love that no one else would be able to give.

Michael’s breathing deepened as you pressed kisses across his skin, he kept his jaw tight to keep himself from moaning, but he knew he would fail soon. Your kisses weren’t sensual or erotic, but rather intimate and loving. It was almost as if each kiss was to erase the memories of his isolated past, wanting him to understand that you were here to stay for as long as he wanted, and he would never give you up. He needed to press his lips against yours; he took your face in his hands and started to kiss your face as well. Small kisses on your eyelids, your forehead, down your jaw. Every kiss he left the skin he kissed hot and warm, your skin begging for more of his affection. You let out a small mewl, as he brought his lips back to yours.

Finally needing to stop before things got too carried away, he opened his eyes and you did too. Beautiful pools of green met an enchanting (eye color). They were so beautiful, half lidded as they were glazed over with this all-consuming love in them, almost tempting him to kiss you again, but then he remembered that you and him were in public, in his work office, there would be so much time to show you how he could love you, but that would have to wait.

“You’re my soulmate,” he said this time not sounding like he regretted those words.

“I’m your soulmate and your mine as well,” you said with a smile.

Maybe soulmates weren’t all that bad, and was exactly what he needed.




WELLL BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Modern!AU Jacob Frye Headcanons
  • You can’t bring him to parties with bounce houses
  • He loves bounce houses 
  • Haven’t found him for the past four hours ?? !? Lost him at party ?? ? No you didn’t. He is in bounce house 
  • Also don’t forget trampolines
  • He totally shows off on said trampolines
  • Did I mention he practically lives at the gym 
  • And yes he’s totally that one prick hanging out in the back showing off his muscles with one armed push-ups and shit
  • He helps any and all old people/kids cross the street. Even if he totally doesn’t have the time because he’s late for work again
  • He will almost always find his way into Bath and Body Works when at the mall
  • And gAMESTOP because we all know he is such a video gaming nerd
  • When going on shopping trips he will insist in carrying all the bags and will refuse to let you carry even one
  • Like my God he is trying to carry fifteen bags and chances are you will only be able to stand there and watch hiM DROP EVERYTHING-
  • He will proudly buy feminine products for his LI (▰˘◡˘▰) 
  • Along with a dozen cupcakes because he knows whats up 
  • Speaking of sugar his favorite aisle at the grocery store is you guessed it: the candy aisle
  • Literally don’t take him there
  • He will try to buy everything
  • And then take three hours figuring out what he wants
  • He periodically dances around his house in his underwear
  • That obnoxious singing you hear next door ? ?? ! ? Also him 
  • Water ballon fights ??! ? Fukin run while you can this man takes no prisoners
  • He takes capture the flag way too seriously
  • And snowball fights 
  • Don’t even get me started on dodgeball 
  • He can play the guitar and sing really well 
  • He adores carnivals 
  • And roller coasters
  • Like good fukin luck I hope your stomach is made of steel you will experience all rides at least 3x 
  • Haunted Houses do not phase this man
  • His constant smart-assery also makes it impossible for you to be scared when going through one with him 
Unexpected - Heejun (KNK)

Originally posted by knkbias

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: None

Word count: 894

Summary: Heejun thinks you’re cheating on him with his band member.

A/N: This was my first request on this blog and I hope you like it and it’s what you’ve imagined^^ Also I’m so happy my first request is for KNK they’re so underrated! STAN THEM…ok sorry ^^’


“Shit!”, you cursed yourself.

You had only three days left to your two-year-anniversary with your boyfriend Heejun. For this you had planned to buy him the guitar he had always wanted but never bought since it was quite expensive. Usually you wouldn’t spend so much money for anyone but you couldn’t wait to see his excited face and the wide smile of him you loved so much. Plus Jihun may have told you that Heejun also bougt something big for you.

The reason why you were that upset was: You had collected all your money to buy the guitar but when you came into the shop you realized it was gone.

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I was wondering about music (songs or artists I don't mind) that the warlords might listen to?? Thanks!!

ohhhh man this is such a good request, I hope I can please you

Dracule Mihawk

  • Likes romantic guitar music he can listen to while drinking whine
  • Generally likes classical instrumental stuff, he’s not into singing

Bartholomew Kuma

  • I can see him liking R&B but he might actually be not that much into music

Boa Hancock

  • Huge pop fan
  • Loves Beyonce
  • Generally loves all the music from well known and popular ‘Divas’ like Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey


  • Funk and Disco Music
  • Also Hip Hop
  • Only likes european artists
  • Watches the eurovision song contest every year and secretly buys the cd afterwards

Edward Weevil

  • I’m sorry I don’t care enough about him to have good headcanons

Sir Crocodile

  • Imagine him in the kitchen cooking pasta while Pavarotti belts out ‘Nessun Dorma’ and he hums along
  • Also enjoys musical songs you better believe it.

Donquixote Doflamingo

  • Pretty much listens to the top 100 pop charts
  • Anything rap and dubstep
  • Likes Beyonce and Macklemore and Maroon 5

Gekko Moriah

  • Really likes Jazz
  • Also classical Music
  • Like Mihawk not a fan of singing


  • Secretly likes Ballades alot but psssst

Trafalgar Law

  • Indie and Folk
  • Listens to european artists only (part 2)

Marshall D. Teach

  • Rock and Rap fan
  • And enjoys Latino Pop a lot

summernightsanddaisychains  asked:

Hey! I've got a headcannon prompt. James, Sirius and Peter are in a punk rock band thingy and Remus, Lily and Alice are in a more pop-y alternative band and they get loads of media for disliking each other and being 'the battle of the bands' and then wolfstar happens? 🙈 I spend way to much time thinking about this kinda thing 😂 Thank you 💗


LOL You don’t even know how often I catch myself imagining a Marauders boy band or Sirius starting a rock band to impress Remus and talking Lily into playing drums because she’s actually mad good at making a racket.


  • Sirius was rather proud of his ability to play bass and sing simultaneously. 
  • And he might purposely write intricate baselines in the music for Boneless Abrasion so he can show off. 
  • James and Peter don’t complain as the lead guitarist and drummer respectively. This whole thing was Sirius’s idea anyway. 
  • On the other hand, Lily likes taking the spotlight as the front woman/lead guitarist for Polar Gypsy. 
  • Remus hates the name and every time someone says it he cringes.
  • He’s just happy he can play the keyboard/synthesizer and he’ll be glad to not comment on that thank you very much. 
  • Alice is surprisingly phenomenal at playing the drums, much to Lily’s disappointment. (”Lily, you can’t play EVERY part!”)
  • In any case, both bands are finalists in the Northeastern region of Battle of the Bands, and as it so happens, finalists get to have a two page spread in Indie Up!, which is only the hottest music magazine as far as upcoming artists are concerned. 
  • And of course there is a photo shoot. Why wouldn’t there be?
  • Now, Remus has seen Sirius before, but has never been so close to him. 
  • In fact, he is almost uncomfortably close, except that he can feel the line of his spine against his as they stand back to back as the photographers position them and he silently wishes to see his face because rumor has it that Sirius has a gorgeous smile. 
  • As for Sirius, he hadn’t thought Remus was so fucking tall.
  • And damn the scars across the bridge of his nose are metal as fuck
  • And the curls that sit on the base of his neck are fucking adorable
  • Maybe he can take him out sometime? Assuming that he is, you know, Remus’s type. 
  • Sirius definitely notices Remus blushing as he quickly scampers back to his band’s dressing room and well fuck if that isn’t adorable too.
  • Remus, meanwhile, keeps wiping his hands on his jeans and trying to adjust his suspenders even though they don’t need fixing as he curses himself.
  • He hastily realizes that he might be doomed if just standing next to him gets him this worked up. 
  • The following days are horrible.
  • Remus’s fingers have slid off the keys so many times that he might as well of written a whole new song made up of his mistakes. 
  • Alice and Lily keep asking if he’s all right, and yes, he is, except he’s not because all he’s been able to think about is the way his clothes still smell like Sirius Black and how he wants to run his hands through his hair and grab…
  • Sirius can’t focus. He keeps writing love songs about the shy boy with a slight overbite and a how he wears his scars like a warning sign.
  • James isn’t fooled. Peter thinks Sirius needs a nap because he looks like he hasn’t slept in days.
  • (Because he hasn’t.) 
  • A week later the headline on the spread reads “Bad Blood or Friendly Rivalry?” 
  • And the six of them collectively question it as they read it over a break in stage practice because the press up until this point has made a huge deal about their “dislike” for one another. 
  • Lily figures it out first and throws the magazine at Remus.
  • “You’re dating Sirius Black?!” 
  • Remus falters. 
  • “I…what!?” He scans the article and lo and behold, there is a picture from the shoot with just the two of them and Remus swears that their hands were not touching during the shoot and he definitely would have remembered copping a feel on Sirius’s ass. 
  • James almost drops his guitar from laughing so hard while Sirius stares at Remus with his jaw on the floor. 
  • “I mean…” He coughs and tries to cover up the flush that’s heating up the back of his neck, and his normally smooth, suave voice hiccups over syllables as he speaks. “It’s a nice picture, right?” 
  • Remus almost chokes.
  • Suddenly Sirius is standing beside him and good lord he’s really warm again and he hopes this isn’t a constant thing around him. 
  • “It’s nice,” he mutters back. Sirius grins. 
  • “…You know, I could buy you a coffee and maybe we can work out these feelings.” 
  • Remus’s eyes dart around. James quirks an eyebrow at them with a smug little smirk that Lily is blatantly smiling at. Alice giggles, and Peter watches silently with his feet kicked up on his snare drum as he twirls a doughnut around one of his sticks. 
  • “Well? How about it?” Sirius looks so hopefully and Remus just hopes he isn’t about to make an ass of himself when he answers him. 
  • “Y-yeah. Yes. Coffee sounds great.” 
  • “Great!” Sirius winks and skips past him. “You go on at 9, right? I’ll wait for you backstage after your show.” 
  • Remus’s heart pounds against his chest as he watches Sirius disappear out of the bar area. He had a date with Sirius Black. Holy. Shit. 
You Get Your First House Together (Michael Imagine)

Haven’t posted an imagine in awhile so I hope this is okay!


“Pretty neat, huh?” Michael grinned at you from across the granite counter. Your granite counter. You and Mikey had finally settled on your first house and you couldn’t be happier. Although still mostly bare, tonight would be your first night in it. You were ecstatic.

“The microwave is sick,” he said, playing with it again. For some reason, he was obsessed with the new appliances, playing with all the different settings and knobs. For the first time, Michael was only sharing with the love of his life, and not the entire tour bus.

“I like the fridge best,” you replied honestly, opening the double door fridge that had little to nothing in it. However, attached was a wine cooler, so you removed the bottle of champagne and held it up to your fiance. “Toast to the new place?”

He nodded excitedly, opening and closing several cabinets in search of two wine glasses. You knew they were in the box marked ‘fragile’ which was still packed up and in Luke’s house awaiting the official move. You wandered over to another box, this one containing mugs. You held two up to him, giggling.

“You want the Goofy mug or Minnie?” You asked, referring to the Disney mugs.

“Minnie. Obviously,” he rolled his eyes but even you could see the happiness dancing among the green. You poured you champagne into the silly mugs and clicked them together. “Cheers to our home, baby.”

After drinking the champagne and eating the delivered pizza while standing at the counter, you and Michael went room to room planning the different things you wanted. He was particularly fond of the basement because it was finished and dark and basically the perfect place for his man cave. You loved the master bedroom because the bathroom attached had a jacuzzi bathtub and a large walk-in closet.

“Babe, you don’t even take baths,” Michael laughed as you shared your excitement.

“Okay, but now I can start.”

This type of banter followed the two of you from room to room. Michael deemed the second bedroom as a guest room that his friends could stay in when they got smashed.

“Michael, we are not having wild house parties. This house is way too nice.”

“We’ll see, Y/N.”

When you both traveled further down the hall, you quieted down when reaching the third spare room.

“What’s this one for?” You asked, obviously hoping for a specific answer from him. Although the two of you weren’t married yet, you had been engaged for a year and a half, your wedding five months away.

“I dunno,” Michael responded lamely, walking across the empty space. “It would be a pretty sick music room, don’t you think?”

Your heart sank a little. “Yeah,” you agreed half-heartedly.

“Well, we’ll figure it out later,” he walked out, leaving you to follow behind.

It wasn’t until you both had scoured the entire new house that you finally went to bed. The problem was, all you had was your mattress sitting on the floor of your dark room, since you only had the bright ceiling light which you had shut off. With no TV, Michael had set his laptop on the bed and put Netflix on. You were on your fifth episode of The Office when he paused it, turning to face you.

“What’s wrong?” Michael asked, face illuminated by the laptop.

“Nothing,” you shrugged, pulling the comforter up tighter. “I’m really happy.”

Michael groaned, flopping onto his back. “Something is wrong,” he rubbed his eyes. “You were fine until the house tour. Then you got sad.”

“No no, I’m not sad. It’s just…” You bit your lip, focusing on the bright laptop screen. “It’s just… the basement is really big, and you could probably have half be your man cave and half be your music space and still have extra room.”

“That’s what this is about?” He asked, turning to look at you again. “Baby, I truly do not give a fuck how we space out this huge ass house.”

You nodded, staying quiet.

“You want to save the third room for a kid, don’t you?” Michael finally broke the silence, the words hanging heavy in the air. After a long moment, you met his eyes, nodding.

“We can do that,” he finally said softly, picking at the edge of the blanket.

“You don’t want kids,” you reminded him, recalling one of your late night conversations.

“You do?” He asked. You nodded. “I mean, maybe we can try eventually, you know?” Your heart filled with hope and suddenly the light in your eyes made him start rambling. “Like, obviously right now it doesn’t make sense cause of tour and I make too many dick jokes and like having all of your attention too much but I guess eventually it might be cool to buy baby converse and punk rock baby clothes and teach them guitar and it would be kinda sad to have two extra rooms and not have at least one of them be for a kid and… and… yeah.”

You stared at your fiance with watering eyes as he let out a slow breath, his next words making your tears drip.

“Whatever makes you happy makes me happy. I want what you want.”

“Well,” you started, quickly wiping your eyes as Michael kindly smiled, squeezing your hand. “Let’s work on making the house really nice first. By then we’ll be married and then we can go from there.”

“Yeah, let’s make it really livable and provide a loving environment. I really love this house, Y/N. It’s gonna be ours for a very long time.”

And something in those words comforted you beyond belief and your first night spent in your home with Michael was the most comfortable you’d felt in a long time.

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Rfa, V, Saeran reactions to musically inclined/talented MC? A choir student who's great at harmonizing, able to play the piano by ear and also knows a few other instruments

I honestly LOVE music and singing. It’s one of my biggest hobbies! 

~Admin MP


Thinks anything MC does musically is talented af
Cries when he hears them sing 
When they write him a song about LOLOL he almost proposes right then and there
Likes to sit right next to them on the piano bench and watch them play
Asks if they can help him learn
Gets flustered when they put their hands on top of his to help him put his fingers in the right places


Constantly sings “HEY NOW YOU’RE AN ALLSTAR” trying to make them continue because
1. memes 2. he really likes their singing voice
If he’s feeling down or anxious he shyly asks them if they can sing to him
Whenever they sing love songs in different languages he passes away (he can understand it all so he’s not fooled)
Records them singing and playing guitar on a lazy Saturday morning once and watches it whenever they’re apart for too long and he starts to miss them (which is like eight hours)
Always makes them sing at karaoke so he can show them off


The first time she saw MC playing violin she was struck by how elegant they were
And when they started singing along softly in latin
Jaehee Kang has experienced a server error
She has to actually leave the room and cover her face with her hands
MC writes her a song to confess their feelings
Poor Jaehee had no idea what was coming
It’s a surprise Jaehee survived it
She turned so red everyone was afraid she was going to explode
Hums the song while she works 
MC comes up behind her and sings it into her ear
Jaehee proceeds to melt


!!!!! Him too !!!!!!
Sings duets with MC all the got damn time
“We sound like angels, look like angels…Are we angels?”
Impressed with how many instruments they can play
Asks them to play instrumentals for his musicals
Says his dream is to perform a musical his MC wrote one day
Takes videos of the two of them singing constantly
One finds its way onto YouTube and goes viral
Zen’s like “it’s about time you became famous for your talents, MC”
Teases them while they’re playing their flute and has to run before he gets smacked with it
Screamed when they cleared their spit valve from their French Horn
“if the spit builds up it–”
“I know I’ll–”


Knows how to play piano
Often tugs MC to the piano bench so they can play a duet together
Likes to listen to MC sing in the shower
Buys them the best equipment money can buy
“Jumin, I don’t need a solid gold trumpet. Besides, that doesn’t seem like a very good metal for sound vibrations”
“nonsense it’s perfect”
Is surprised by the fact that MC can play the cello
It’s almost as big as them??
Once, MC sings a lullaby to Elizabeth 3rd and Jumin proposes to them right then and there
Constantly likes to mention to everyone how talented MC is
Lies his head in MC’s lap while they sing softly and run their hands through his hair


He LOVES the sound of MC’s music
His favorite instrument is a harp
And when he heard gorgeous, melodic harp music he was actually 100% certain he had died and gone to heaven
Follows the sound until he hears it stop
MC got embarrassed when they saw him
“Sorry, was I bothering you?”
“No, I loved it.” And V seriously did?
He’s such a fucking romantic?
When MC plays the ukelele and serenades him with ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love with You’ (The 21 Pilots version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ThQkrXHdh4)
He turns into a huge sappy puddle
Sways slightly with a smile, pleased smile whenever MC plays/sings


He sometimes has his bad days
They’re days where he just can’t focus and his entire mind is one giant white noise machine
But what helps him calm down is MC’s guitar playing and singing
They do it to help soothe him if he’s upset 
When he feels better he’ll shyly join in the singing
MC thinks he’s fucking adorable when he sings 
When Saeran asks MC how many instruments they know, he’s astonished
He asks them to help him learn guitar 
Also he saves up enough money to buy them a new, really nice guitar
Likes it when they play the drums because of the rhythm 

Strangers 33

Updated my college AU, new chapter can be read below or on FFN here or from the beginning here

Chapter Summary: Maka and Soul watch bad TV and Maka has a hard time handling Soul trying to learn a new instrument.

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Sweeter Than Heaven

July 16th

Maka is wiped from work and exhausted from another week in hell, aka an apartment with no air conditioning in which her roommate decides that hanging out shirtless is acceptable. Rude. She puts some macaroni on the stove and Soul has the nerve to ask her if she’s making two boxes, the glutton! She wants to make a sign that says “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service,” but she dumps in a second box because she’s too nice for her own good. He should praise her pasta making benevolence – her pathway to heaven is secured.

Soul lounges on the couch with his laptop propped up on the coffee table so she deposits his bowl on the table next to the computer, her butt on the couch next to him, and her legs unceremoniously in his lap – totally because it’s just more comfortable than the table and definitely not because she is demanding of physical contact.

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