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BTS Reaction to getting asked about their idol girlfriend in an interview

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“So how often do you get to see y/n?” The interview asks directed at Yoongi. It caught him by surprise to hear your name so his head snapped up and all the boys started chuckling to themselves. It took him a while to process what had been asked to him but it didn’t take him long to reply. “As often as possible. We tend to try to take the same days off and go on our breaks together. If we can’t we see each other around the building a lot” Yoongi replied sighing slightly and all the boys nodded agreeing.

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Jimin hadn’t really been able to say anything about in any of their interviews so he was excited and nervous to talk about you. He’s always been told to keep you quiet until both of your companies were on the same page and comfortable with your images being intertwined with each others. “Ah Jimin, is it hard to be here in Seoul while y/n is on a world tour?” The question hit Jimin hard because he was actually having a hard time not being able to see you at all. He was used to seeing you on his breaks and in passing and now that you were staying in a different country before finishing tour but he nothing other than supportive. 
“I definitely miss her but I’m so proud of how far she’s come and how she’s doing!” Jimin smiled and moved to the edge of his seat excited to talk about you but it was obvious that he felt strongly about you was proud but missed you more than anything.

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He came into the interview expecting a question about you so he wouldn’t be thrown off guard. As he sat down he know it would only take a couple of minutes before your name was mentioned and he was right. “Jungkook, What is y/n like when she isn’t working?” Te interviewer asked and he was surprised at the question. “Wow, well, First of I think Idols are always working but when we are not in the public eye she is the exact same. A soft little fluff who has a lot of sass” he replies with a huge smile.

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Hoseok was more than excited to get asked about you. He was always ready to answer a question but more than not they’d always talk about the boys first and run out of time. Hoseok was happy to talk about his friends and his work but he loved to show you off. “Hoseok must have heard previews of y/n’s music. What did you think of it?” Hoseok smiled, you and him had written a few songs on your newest album together and this was a great time to talk about you.
“Well, y/n and I wrote a few songs on her album together! She’s got an amazing voice and she’s so good at writing as well!” Hoseok smiled and couldn’t help but bounce as he spoke about you. He finally got the chance to say something about you and he couldn’t be happier to show you off.

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Jin was worried about getting asked about you. He didn’t know what he could say and we couldn’t say yet. So his head was going through a lot of answers for different questions hoping that it would be a very easy question but of course no question was easy. “How is y/n, Jin?” as soon as the question was asked he sighed knowing this was the easiest question he could get. “Working hard and very tired but still keeping up her happy spirit.”

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Namjoon knew that you were stressed out due to your company and your comeback coming up fast and that all he could think about because he was worried about you. He was worried that he would let it slip that you were stressed if he was asked about you so he hoped he wasn’t. Just this time he hoped they wouldn’t bring you up so he could wouldn’t slip and upset the company or you. “Namjoon, y/n has a comeback coming soon. How are you feeling about her comeback?” Namjoon tensed knowing he couldn’t slip up or the company may do something. 
“She’s working so hard and her newest album is absolutely amazing it was released this morning! I’m so proud and I can’t wait to see her preform!” Namjoon relaxed and smiled to himself all that he said was true and he didn’t slip! 

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Tae would love it whenever he could asked about you. Finally being able to show you off and to claim you as his to the public. He was waiting for a question about you to arise and he was getting very impatient. He leg was bouncing as he tried to control and distract himself. “V, So how busy is y/n preparing for her comeback?” The interviewer asked and sighed out of relief. “She is so hard working. She spends days in the studio or the dance studio rehearsing with and without the rest of the group. i barely see her but I understand that this comes first” Tae smiles at the interviewer.

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Wow, seems like me and Admin Happy are today’s top pairing haha!

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Negan x Stella 

Request: Negan comes across a woman on the side of the road while on his way to Hilltop/Alex/wherever. She has been recently bitten somewhere that can’t be amputated, is near death, and (dun dun dunnnn) is holding a baby that she offers up to him. - here you go beautiful @backseat-negan

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Am I dead yet? 

Stella opened her eyes, trudging through the long dirt road to follow the light that glimmered before her. She felt her left arm shake uncontrollably by the loss of blood, but still managed to hold onto the precious cargo she was carrying tightly in her right hand. 

If anyone were to see her, from above the neck they would witness a fading beauty, but below she was covered in gory red. The blood had dried now, the iron stench wafting through the air reminding her by the second of the ticking clock that echoed in her head. 

It won’t be long now. 

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I hate Mistletoe

This is @boozy-the-ghost ‘s giveaway fic, a sabriel sick fic! Sorry it took me so long friend! I took up a deal with Boo so this will have 2-3 parts, find it on Ao3 here. For the sake of this fic, the mistletoe is extra powerful than normal. I also am using this for the August prompt for @gabriel-monthly-challenge , taking two birds with a writing stone! Enough talking out of me, enjoy the fic! 

Part 2 IS HERE!

Dialogue Prompts (Gabriel’s Monthly Challenge):
“All that bravado, all those witty comebacks… Just to hide how terrified you really are.”  &  “My life consists of bad puns and candy.”

Sam Winchester hates mistletoe, it’s so typical in romance stories. To further prove his point, a pagan god decided to stab him with that stupid plant. The hunter knew that plant sucked, this will prove his point even more to Dean. Now he was suck sick in bed with “Nurse Gabriel” as his company while fighting of the feeling of wanting more with the angel. Castiel is suck with two love sick idiots who don’t realize the growing attraction between each other. The angel is about to drink a liquor store if his stupid brother continues like this, desperate times calls for desperate measures.

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Day in the Life of Danielle and Philippa!

Description: A regular day in the life on Phil’s 29th birthday only this comes with a feminine twist.

Tags: Fem!Phan; Filming!Phan (yes it is different than normal phan)

A/N: written for dannihowell because I love her and recommended reading she has ever written. <33

“Hey guys! So I’ve just woken up to 3 million subscribers! Thank you so much that number is insane! I’ll send you all your own little duck children as celebration!” I shoved my hair out of my eyes and groaned when the strands stick to my forehead.

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Hi~ hope u r doing it okayy :) Can i get a text scenario where the boys try to give jealousy their gf talking about their first love, but they actually talk about her (cs she’s their first [true] love) ?¿? Thanks ♡

req by: anonymous 

sorry for the spam guysssss, i havent been able to be this active in so long im just doin alot of catchin up. hope you enjoy this one !! xoxo

But...the clocks...weren't wrong?

We always, from the very beginning, said that 4, 8, and 10 (on the clocks and episode wise) were representative of birth(4), death (8), and resurrection(10). 


Number on the clock: 4. = Beth, whose whereabouts have been unknown for six episodes (and a whole summer and plus of hiatus waiting), is shown to be alive in some kind of hospital environment, after being presumably kidnapped. Beth wakes up and opens her eyes, a very important scene. This represents rebirth, or reawakening. This is in episode 4: Slabtown. 

Number on the clock: 8. = Though this is shown still in episode 4, it is in sequence with 4, 8, and 10 on the clock and obviously represents episode 8, which was titled Coda. Though not the only or technically correct meaning, many, many fans just love to gloat that this Coda means ‘an end of a musical passage.’ And who’s the only character on the show related to music? Beth. So obviously this must mean an end of Beth, no? Alright sure, let’s just run with that for a minute. So Beth 'dies’ in Coda. Episode 8. This correlates to the second of the time sequence, 8 = death. This was, even as stated by AMC, 'The day the music died.’

Number on the clock: 10. = If that wretched 10 was never shown on the clock, I wouldn’t be here right now. But it was, so I am. They did not throw in that 10 into the sequence for no god damn reason. They didn’t actively film and edit that third visit to the clock after '8’ for fun. Bullshit! So the 10 following the 8 happens in episode 4, but 10 also happens on other clocks in the episode (Get Well Soon) and even on other episodes (5x9.) In our theory, 10 = resurrection, or the return. And there was. The music was resurrected. Beth is music. So she wasn’t there in the flesh? Don’t let that discourage you. The clock in Slabtown, we theorized, showed the numbers of the episodes that Beth was the focus of. 4 (Slabtown) was her solo episode, and rebirth. 8 (Coda) was the end of the music, her 'death’, and 10 (Them) was resurrection. There was a resurrection of music, music that was the especially made to represent Beth, the music box. And Beth was the major theme of the episode. I wouldn’t say this was a failure, would you? Thanks to Lauren Cohan, who only confirmed what we already knew, the music box is Beth. And the music is back. And she will be too. I know that now. I don’t know when, or how, but she will be. I also think it’s so important to show that the music box, at first, was broken. But not smashed, cracked, or damaged beyond repair. Just unable to work without a little help. And when it got that help, though not at first, it was able to play music again. I really feel like this is a great metaphor for Beth being shot and seriously injured(broken), but with medical treatment (help/fixing) she is able to pull through and survive and sing again (music playing at the end of the episode.) Because Beth fucking deserves to survive. I also feel like the fact that the music box didn’t play at first means that Beth may have (either physical or psychological in nature) problems with speech/singing, and will have to relearn or let herself do it again. (This works well with the theory of Beth surviving the gunshot but having some short term brain injury that she needs to recover from, maybe with therapy? idk) 

I think that this major symbolic hint (music box metaphor) was the biggest clue that The Walking Dead could give us at this time, while still following the clock foreshadowing. I think it was a success for Team Delusional and any fan who believes Beth Lives. I know I’m not the first person to point out all this information, and I don’t take credit for discovering it first, but I just wanted to put it into my own thoughts. I may not post all the time, but I’m really glad to be a part of Team Delusional. And if being delusional means creating smart, well-thought out, creative, and engaging theories based on visible clues and easter eggs, well, then I guess I’m bat-shit crazy! Don’t lose hope, team, our girl will make her comeback and it will be glorious. Lots of love to all Beth fans!

Also, I find it hilarious that 'haters’ have no problem and even actively associate Beth to music is Coda, saying that the music died so she’s definitely 100% dead for real like for sure totally true facts no doubt dead dead dead super crazy dead as a doornail absolutely deceased 4 sure and then when it comes to 5x10 with the music box, they are trying so hard to discredit that by saying the music box actually represents hope of them going to the ASZ? Like, what? It’s just hilarious to me, sorry. 

Long live Beth! (and Team Delusional) And also I’m always up for discussion, so if anyone wants to talk theory, just message me! 

Ten/Rose AU: Triboelectric {7/10}

Pairing: Ten/Rose
Genre: Alternate Universe
Rating: Teen.
Summary: “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
― C.G. Jung

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / AO3.

A/N: Sorry for the late update, but it’s a long update, if that helps!

Chapter Seven: Static

A MONTH came and went. The mould tested benign and was removed, and the Ponds were allowed back into their humble abode without further complication. The Doctor, however, remained a fixture in Rose’s flat, because a certain unforgiving landlord would not relent on his eviction stance. At some point he would need to find new lodgings, he couldn’t exactly stay with Rose au gratis forever, Amy pointed out, because even if the lease was under her parent’s name Rose paid every cent of the rent herself. But she refused to accept any money from him, so the Doctor joked about paying his part in the form of bath bombs (seriously, they were so good, Rose would have gladly accepted these terms) and their arrangement continued, carrying on well into the next month.

“You’re still sleeping in different bedrooms, right?” Amy asked, tucking her legs under her on Rose’s sofa, one eyebrow raised. “He hasn’t crawled into bed with you because the guest bed has a mould infestation or something?”

Rose snorted, but made sure the boys - who were doing the post-dinner washing up in the next room - were too busy making a mess with the Doctor’s self-concocted extra-sudsy dish detergent  to listen in on their conversation. She rolled her eyes. “I keep telling you, he’s not interested in that stuff.”

“Oh please. He’s interested. He’s just slower than molasses, and you’re in denial.”

“We’ve slept together before, and nothing happened-”


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Incase You Don't Have 5 Hours Of Your Life To Waste, Here's What You Need To Know About Last Night's Oscar Awards

Okay, so you have a life and had something much cooler to do last night than watch 5 hours of insanely gorgeous, talented humans walk the red carpet and receive award of excellence in their field. OKAY, I know they’re actors but hasn’t a movie or documentary ever changed your life? Pokemon was the first movie I ever cried in. 

Anyways, here’s what you need to know to keep the water cooler conversations flowing today. 

Idina Menzel waited an entire year for this great comeback. 

Jared Leto made the best joke of the evening and made Meryl Streep The Queen blush. 

My childhood dreams came true when Julie Andrews took the stage and hugged it out with Lady Gaga after a tear-jerking performance of a Sound of Music medley. 

Julianne Moore finally won her Oscar for Best Actress. I can only hope to be this gorgeous at 55. 

And Eddie Redmayne took home Best Actor for his performance in the Theory of Everything and was pumped as hell about winning.