i hope he's funny

i don’t know what’s funnier about this, the fact that he’s probably referring to the data for Mii Fighter, the idea of this probably 10 year old kid hacking into a cartridge and finding a ‘hidden character’, the sheer amount of exclamation points this dude uses, or the actual concept of playing as the announcer and the fact that he would just yell “ME”

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Leia: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan.


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“My father left us when I was two. The last time I saw him was my fifth grade graduation. I do know he’s alive because I found him on Facebook. Apparently he drinks a lot and goes to left wing protests. I’m not bothered by it. I think it’s funny. Sometimes I hope he comes looking for me just so I can turn him away. I did find an old journal recently from my childhood. It had The Powerpuff Girls on the cover. Inside were some pages where I had been practicing cursive, and I had written things like: ‘Why don’t you call me?’ and ‘Why don’t you like me?’ So it clearly bothered me then. Even though I don’t care now, maybe it’s impacted me in a way that I’ve yet to discover.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Mark: Mark is absolutely fully capable!

SM: Challenge accepted

Mark: *After 3 debuts, two comebacks, and a high school rapper show* 


Mark: Mark is absolutely fully capable


Mark: Of changing his mind.

a literal conversation i heard on the bus
  • guy 1: yeah it's no problem homie
  • guy 2: u mean heteromie??
  • guy 1: what the fuck?
  • guy 2: heteromie. bc im not gay so we're heteromies. just two guys who r friends. u kno... bc homie sounds too similar to homo... no offence.
  • guy 1: jesus fucking christ rick just bc im gay doesn't mean u have to unnecessarily turn everything straight



as the days passed, yoongi only got worse. he couldn’t even remember the last time that he was sober.

he didn’t want to drink anymore after what had happened but this was his only outlet.

he’d been in his room ever since that night and he’d only leave when he had to check for new mail. although he was in a shitty mood, that couldn’t stop him from ordering studio equipment.

he still didn’t delete your number, text messages, or pictures. he’d look at what you two had. he’d look for so long that his eyes would begin to sting and tears would follow that pain. that’s when he would take a shot or drink at least half of a bottle.

either way, all of that drinking wasn’t healthy. although he would always fail, he did try to stop himself by thinking about how you wouldn’t want him to do this despite how much you hated him now. you had to care about him still. at least a little.

the others barely talked to him. except for hoseok, who was half understanding of the situation. he understood that when yoongi drank, he’d turn into a different person.

that’s why you didn’t want him to drink as much as he did because you were afraid that he’d do exactly what he did.

of course yoongi knew how you felt about it, that’s what he beat him self up most about. he knew how bad he hurt you. and it hurt him. a lot.

“yoongi. hyung. let me in.” a voice that he hadn’t heard in almost two weeks interrupted his thoughts.

“if you’re just here to talk shit i don’t wanna hear it.” yoongi stood up and leaned back on the wall, beside the doorframe.

“y/n sent you a letter.”

yoongis’s eyes widened once he heard your name. he was in utter shock, but he was happy. happy to hear from you.

he swung the door open and snatched the letter from jungkook’s hand.

“what if it’s hate mail? you know y/n is petty like that.” he asked yoongi, but only got the door slammed in his face as a response.

he shook his head as yoongi locked the door and walked away.

“it’s 2017.” he murmured as his red eyes looked down at the letter.

he couldn’t help but crack a smile though since you had touched this envelope at some point.

he ran his finger’s across the envelope until his mind continued to run back to one thought.

you actually sent him a letter. you were still thinking about him.

he took a deep breath and tore it open.

“fuck. you. min. yoongi.” he slowly read the paper in a whisper.

he turned the paper around to see if you were just joking but there was nothing there.

“this is so fucking petty! i’m hurting!” he basically screamed which caused at least two of the boys to show up at his door.

“what’s going on in there?” taehyung knocked on the door and asked as he leaned over towards the door to listen.

“i think his porn sight crashed.” jungkook jokingly said which caused the both of them to laugh.

yoongi swung open the door when he heard them laughing. if they were laughing at him, they were about to get it.

“what’s so funny?! you knew about this didn’t you?!” he was boiling at this point.

the boys had to choose their words carefully because they knew that if they said the wrong thing, they’d be dead.

“nothing.” they responded in unison.

“what happened? why are you so angry? i mean i know that you’re still recovering from you know…but you weren’t like this five minutes ago.” jungkook asked him.

yoongi huffed and ran his fingers through his hair. he broke eye contact with the both of them and stared down at the ground. “let me use your phone.”

his voice was calm, it was like he wasn’t even angry anymore.

since jungkook didn’t move, taehyung gave up his phone.

“what are you doing…with it?” he asked.

yoongi completely ignored him and went into his room, closing and locking the door behind him.

he found your number and called you.


“hello?” you answered after the second ring. ‘tae’ was calling you.

“y/n…” a breathy and familiar voice responded which shook you up for a second.

“what do you want?” you asked, trying to sound okay when that feeling of betrayal hit you right in the heart again.

“i can hear the hurt in your voice.” he paused. “i’m hurting too y/n.”

“yeah well you’re not hurting as much as me. don’t forget, you cheated on me.” you only spoke the truth.

“i got your letter.” he ignored what you had said. there was nothing that he could say. he knew that he fucked up. he knew that he didn’t deserve you anymore, but he was stubborn and he wanted you back. he was willing to do anything to be with you again.


instead of replying, you hung up the phone. it took everything in you to do that since somehow, you still loved him. but he broke your heart so he needed to stay away from you. it was for the best.


your phone rang too many times that day. he kept calling and you kept declining.


happy holidays, mysme fandom!

  • Kevin: I can't believe I asked Jeremy on a date and absolutely nothing happened on it. Not even a kiss.
  • Andrew: Inviting him to scrimmage with you isn't a date.