i hope he stays there

i love michael so much i’m so proud of him and his progression and improvement and all his accomplishments and i love that he’s happy and that he’s healthy and content with his life i hope he stays happy forever i love mich-

i hope onni stays asleep this whole arc so that he wakes up and torb is like ‘so your sister got the rash virus -’ and onni tears his house apart, hyperventilates, cries so hard he gets dehydrated, sprints to the boats, and someone grabs him by the scruff of the collar and says ‘but she got better, thats, we were gonna lead with that torbjorn you idiot, no she’s fine’ and onni spends like 2 weeks exhausted by feeling about 21 years worth of worry in 3 seconds


If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!” |
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Alfie Enoch with a fan in Rio de Janeiro (December 2016)

Dialogue (according to the fan):

FAN (in English): I’m sorry but I have to talk to you!
ALFIE (in Portuguese): That’s okay buddy, you can talk.
FAN (in Portuguese): True, you speak portuguese, I forgot, sorry.
ALFIE (in Portuguese): Yes, I do. How are you?
FAN (in Portuguese): I’m fine.
FAN (switching back to english): I was just watching an episode earlier today, can you believe that? Big fan! Love Harry Potter too!
ALFIE (in Portuguese): Cool dude, but you’re speaking in english again.
FAN (in Portuguese): True, I got nervous, sorry. Can I take a picture? My friend won’t believe this!
ALFIE (in Portuguese): Let’s do it!


Arima Kishou | The White Reaper
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Things I'm mildly obsessed with in Fantastic Beasts

• Newt is a socially awkward soul,

• All of the beasts are absolutely amazing and have thier own little personalities,

• “Mum’s here”


• Graves/ Grindlewald genuinely believed he was acting for the greater good, he’s not just a sadist (I really hope it stays that way and Depp doesn’t portray Grindlewald like the new Joker),

•Newt talking to Credence just like a frightened animal, even though Newt’s voice is shaking with fear he knows that Credence is just scared and badly treated,

• Newt might not be able to talk like that to any other person other than Credence because they both know what it’s like not to fit in,

• Jacob is super chill and kind and must be protected,

•Queenie’s accent,

•Queenie in general,

• Did I mention DOUGAL?

• The Thunderbird was absolutely magnificent I CRIED,

•Pickett being grumpy at Newt and Newt sounding actually sad about it.

I think I have a problem. Wtf, this is not a problem. I HAVEN’T BEEN THIS HAPPY IN YEARS.

Shoot me an ask or a headcanon or just tell me what you thought of the movie??


if you’re forever bitter that casserole clam didn’t have magnus’ dad take his immortality away so he and alec could grow old together when it was the perfect opportunity to do so and instead decided to give mortality to simon so one of her many het couples could have a happy ending raise your hand 🙋🏻



Looks like they’ll be starting fresh on Viktor and Yurio’s home turf to begin preparing for the new challenges that will lie ahead.

And while they don’t know what may happen along the way, they’re love for each other will most likely continue to serve as their guiding light.

So there’s a rumor of an nct dream comeback…

I mean I love nct dream but…MARK AND DONGHYUCK NEEDS REST.  

Is Jaemin even better ?? Like is he fully recovered ?? 

Sometimes I question myself, “did SM take Mark serious when he said he was absolutely fully capable ?” 

Anyways, I hope that rumor stays as a rumor. They should debut a new sub unit and give Mark and Donghyuck rest.  

  • mark:
  • me: 💓💖💞💝💓💘💖💓💞💕💞💓💘💗💘💝💝💞💕💓💞💕💘💘💗💘💘💝💘💘💝💝💘💗💖💗💖💝💓💓💕💕💝💕💞💓💕💝💖💗💝💞💓💕💝💖💘💝💘💝💞💕💘💝💞💕💘💝💞💕💕💘💝💞💞💓💖💞💝💓💘💖💓💞💕💞💓💘💗💘💝💝💞💕💓💞💕💘💘💗💘💘💝💘💘💝💝💘💗💖💗💖💝💓💓💕💕💝💕💞💓💕💝💖💗💝💞💓💕💝💖💘💝💘💝💞💕💘💝💞💕💘💝💞💕💕💘💝💞💞💓💖💞💝💓💘💖💓💞💕💞💓💘💗💘💝💝💞💕💓💞💕💘💘💗💘💘💝💘💘💝💝💘💗💖💗💖💝💓💓💕💕💝💕💞💓💕💝💖💗💝💞💓💕💝💖💘💝💘💝💞💕💘💝💞💕💘💝💞💕💕💘💝💞💞💝💞💓💕💗💘💓💞💕💓💞💝💞

i hope seokjin is getting enough sleep and he’s staying hydrated and calm and happy and that people from all around him are telling him that they love and appreciate him and that he’s getting a lot of good comments from fans and cuddles from the rest of bangtan i hope seokjin’s having a good day