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More langst

I got so many followers and stuff from the first one that I’m scared to post more. But they aren’t doing anything for me in my journal so…

-Lance is dying, and he’s sad because he never got to see earth again, then it starts raining, however, the rain definitely isn’t water. (acid rain?) and every drop brings so much more pain than he thought possible, but he ignores it and his mind goes back to all those days in the rain with his family and he’s happy

-as soon as Lance hears how his family thinks he’s dead he begs to go back and Allura finally agrees. but as he’s running up, before they notice him, he sees how happy they still are and Lance thinks that his family is better off not knowing he’s alive if he is just going to have to return to space and keep fighting bc he doesn’t know if he’s going to make it back again and doesn’t want them to get their hopes up.

-Lotor uses the fact that they’re from earth against them and he has something with Lance’s dna and uses it to find Lance’s family to blackmail him with.

-after Lance’s loud comments someone mutters something like, “it was out of everyone in the universe and the blue lion HAD to pick the most annoying one” and Lance hears it and so he begs Blue to pick someone else
–(wether or not he convinces her to is up to you)

-Lance realizes that if that huge Galra soldier makes it to Shiro it won’t end pretty. and Lance may not be the best at fighting up close, but he doesn’t need to be. he just needs to create a distraction long enough for the others to get away.

-paladin body swap. however, the body comes with whatever mental problems the original owner had (such as Shiro’s ptsd). the paladins think that they know everything about everyone’s problems, but then whoever has Lance’s body starts to feel the effect of Lance’s anxiety/depression/adhd/(or whatever you headcanon him with)

-Lance doesn’t want to go back to his room bc he’s never had his own before (lots of siblings, plus roommates at the Garrison) when he is in there he can feel crushing loneliness

these probably aren’t as good as the previous one but I hope these are sufficient

Mine [Daryl Dixon x Reader]

omg I’m so glad I found you! Can you please write some jealous Daryl smut?

Here it is, anon! Hope you like it! 💛

Originally posted by the-walkingdeadimagines

Warnings: smut, swearing, rough sex, oral sex (female receiving)

Words: 1,434

A/N: So nervous to post this! Hope you like it!

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  • Kai: "Did you guys see?"
  • Jay: "See what?"
  • Cole: "I think he's talking about the fact that this blog just got 1000 followers."
  • Zane: "Indeed. And the Admin who runs it would like to express how much she appreciates all of her followers!"
  • Lloyd: "Yeah guys, she says that each and everyone of you are important, and that she loves to make posts for you all!"
  • Nya: "She also wants to send out a HUGE ~I Love You~ to everybody."
  • Ronin: "Says here that she really loves making you guys smile. That every note you leave makes her happy."
  • Dareth: "She hopes that soon there will be more people to share her work with."
  • Sensei Wu: "And that old smiles stick around."
  • Sensei Garmadon: "And lastly, a big, sincere Thank you to you all."
  • Kai:
  • Kai: "That is not what i was talking about. But OK."

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what do you think about how the series ended? i've heard a lot of criticism regarding naruto just kind of perpetuating the shinobi world despite talking about how he was going to completely change it. while it's definitely possible that the next series might elaborate more on that, i feel bad that naruto's series didn't have a "real conclusion" regarding all those promises naruto made.

Okay so this took me awhile to answer because I have so many mixed feelings. At times I love the ending, and at times I hate the ending. I also wasn’t sure if you specifically meant the anime ending so I’m gonna talk about both the anime and manga.

Let’s start with the anime. It’s no big secret that I’ve often had issues with Studio Pierrot’s decision making skills, most recently with this blank period arc, i.e. reducing Sakura’s airtime compared to her original role in the novels and turning Temari into nothing but comedic relief. With that said I am still thankful that they took the time to animate the epilogue novels, and had I not actually read some of them beforehand I might actually have been very satisfied with most of their adaptions.

As for the final episode, I did enjoy it more or less. I loved seeing Naruto ask Iruka to be his father, after all this is a man that’s been there for him from the very start. I loved the sweet moments between the canon couples, although the scene between Sasuke and Sakura was definitely lacking and disappointing especially as someone who has shipped these two for the past 10+ years. I also wish we had gotten to see more of the actual wedding between Naruto and Hinata, or at least gotten the same end credit scene as they used in the last movie to make it feel more complete. Because as a series finale and despite my intense love for Naruto and Hinata as a couple, most of the episode felt a bit underwhelming and I was left thinking “is that it?”.

I have no idea why Studio Pierrot decided not to animate chapter 700, nor can I understand why they even made a Boruto movie before Shippuden finished (I do love that movie though). But like you said anon, they may have decided to leave this for the Boruto anime, but because of that we never get to see Naruto actually being the hokage in the anime (if you don’t count the movies and ovas), and everything just feels a bit incomplete for me. But alas, I take what I get, as it is too draining to spend my time actively disliking the decisions that have been made especially for a series I love so much.

Now, over to the manga. Again, for the most part I do love the ending, but that doesn’t mean that I’m satisfied and agree with everything. Unlike the anime, we do get to see Naruto being hokage here. However, because of the time skip among other things, we never get to see him actively doing anything to keep his promises to the other characters like changing the Hyuga clan for Neji (may this beautiful man rest in peace in anime heaven). He did however, keep his promise to Nagato about ending the cycle of hatred to a certain extent, as the shinobi world is now seemingly at peace, and the five villages are in an alliance.

What I don’t get about the ending (and Naruto gaiden) though, is why Orochimaru despite everything he has done, Is still allowed to roam free doing whatever he pleases. Why were there so few casualties in the war (at least for the characters we actually get to know)? And why are the two war heroes such terrible parents? Despite having grown up without parents, Naruto still neglected Boruto so much during the latter’s childhood. I get that being a hokage takes its toll, but this could definitely have been handled better. The same goes for Sasuke, who barely even spends time with his own daughter, to the point that she tries leaving the village to find him. By giving us an epilogue chapter and a semi closed ending, Kishi raised more questions than it answered. Despite showing us where the characters ended up, it feels like too much of the ending is up to us to fill with our own imagination.

Okay this ended up getting quite long and I don’t even know if I’ve answered your questions properly or if this long rambling even makes any sense to people. So long story short: Yes, overall I do like the endings but also yes, I do agree that it has a lot of disappointing flaws that leaves everything feeling incomplete. 

As a series finale for both the manga and anime, it would definitely have been better to give us an open ending like that of chapter 699/ episode 479, with Naruto returning Sasuke’s forehead protector to him, and Sasuke’s speech about what it truly means to be a ninja. That way, despite leaving everything up to our own imaginations, at least we could think that all the promises were kept and that the problems rooted deep in both Konoha and the ninja world would have been somewhat fixed .

The kids are adorable though and I’m quite excited for the new Boruto anime when everything’s said and done.

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Seriously though, what do you thing The Shield boys would be like in bed? Separately and all together?

Ooooo good one Anon. :)

Well, first let’s start separately. This is more based on how I’ve written them in previous stories, so…. yeah.

This is gonna be a looooong post since I do go into some detail, so just a heads up. Hope I answered your question. :)

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and remember the fish?? he’s doing great and also i’ve gotten myself sucked into aquariums as like…. a thing. i started my first planted tank today with a 10 gallon. i’d post picture but it looks like shit. i have high hopes for it after i add more plants and hardscape and give it some time to grow, though.

Pusher Love Girl

Pairing: Adam Cole x Reader 

Note: hi, so i made this for my best friend and sort of turned it into a series. But anyways, im gonna post the first part which is pretty much really short and i don’t know if ya’ll don’t like it then i guess i’ll just leave it as a oneshot. Also, listen to Pusher Love Girl by Justin Timberlake as you read cause this was actually inspired by that song. Anyways, hope you like it. 

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I'm rather new to this and got asked What do I desire. I'm not sure how to answer this. Any suggestions?

… he asked you, “what do you desire?”  lol. That’s kinda funny.  I guarantee that he is hoping that you’ll say in response, “I desire to get fucked for free by you, big boy, as often as you want, when you want and where you want.”  But, that’s what he desires.  Not you, right?  

So, let’s get to your desires, or, more specifically, your expectations.  Here is a post that addresses that subject:

Hi! I’m relatively new to being a SB and I’m meeting a POT in a couple of days but he has messaged me asking what I am “looking for” and I’m completely stuck as to what to say! I am fine with either a physically intimate or a platonic situation but I feel as if I would rather he specify what he was looking for in his initial messages. Please help! XX

“Donald Trump is the literal opposite of Fred Rogers.”

I posted that earlier to my facebook feed, and I’ll be honest…  When I did it I was kind of hoping it would encourage my friend who studied the life of Fred Rogers extensively to chime in because I knew he would have something pertinent to say.  I was not wrong.  

“Fred Rogers had such a huge problem with both Regan (who he programmed his show against) and Bush Jr. (The latter of which is much more complicated as they had a relationship that tested Fred’s boundaries.) that I can’t say “I can’t imagine how Fred would react” I know how Fred would react based on his interactions with the lesser evils of Reagan and Bush:

1. Had he not been retired, he would have themed weeks specifically against what Trump was putting in the news cycle. When Trump mocked a disabled reporter he’d have a week on disability and inclusion, when Trump promoted sexual assault, he’d program a week on respect and physical boundaries, when he bad mouthed women he’d have strong women on for a week. Fred would have travelled to do a week on Mexico and he would have moved in an Islamic neighbor.

I know this for a fact because these are the actions he took with Regan both with his “conflict weeks” and his traveling to Russia for remotes during the Cold War.

2. Fred would have attended events Trump invited him to but he would do so on his terms. He would participate in these events as well as long as it was on his terms. Because Fred would rather speak truth into those spaces then avoid them. But Fred would not accuse, he would just bear truth, refuse to be seen as supporting an evil and exit.

This is what he did to respond to the love the Bush family had for him and his work. He even offered prayer at one of their fundraisers: but it was a challenging prayer, one insisting that those in power and privilege use that for the least of these and especially children. After delivering that prayer Fred exited the building and sat outside like a kid after soccer practice waiting for his ride, spurning the thousands of dollars a plate dinner not even gladhanding with the bushes after.

When asked why he said he had reached the limit of what he could do before becoming an accuser. He wanted to challenge but never accuse as accusation was what Fred associated with the devil.

3. Fred would accept invitations to news programs when those programs allowed him to educate parents on countering the negative things coming from the president for their children. He knew those things affected children so he wanted to spread tools on helping them reject war, violence, hatred, oppression and racism.

He did this during any presidents term if it didn’t prevent him from meeting an obligation to children (he once turned down a spot on Nightline to talk about violence and children, one of his main causes, because he had a visit to an elementary school that same morning and knew he wouldn’t be mentally present for it if he was planning for Nightline in the afternoon.)

So we need to be like Fred. Getting in between children and any normalization of Trumps ways or words. Fred would have been diligently working on how to handle Trump in the land of make believe. Just like when King Friday started building nuclear bombs with money he promised to schools. Yeah Fred wasn’t subtle.” - Rev. Kevin Ireland


Chanyeol’s Birthday Countdown: The ABCs of Chanyeol
➥ Day 24 - A for Actor

hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving! and here is aNOTHER INSTA POST!!!!! something more on the silly side b/c i refuse to accept that makkachin is sick, he’s going to bE OKAY

anyways, i just realized today that jj’s fucking gang sign hand thing is supposed to be two j’s as in “J J” like i never realized that till today like we all saw his character profile before the anime aired and i was always like the fuck is he doing with his hands and noW IT ALL MAKES SENSE LMAO 

also he’d definitely would force everyone to do the jj thing with him 

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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies

This guy. Makes me laugh. Thanks.


This is why I’m at peace with Episode 12 

Part 1 of 2 - Katsuki Yuuri’s journey

I have a friend who was somewhat disappointed with the ending of Season 1 of YOI, so I’ve written a full analysis on Yuuri and Victor’s motivations and goals.

It’s lengthy, but I hope it does help some of you feel more satisfied with what happened in Episode 12. Yuuri and Victor will have separate posts.

Click here to read Part 1 - Yuuri’s analysis.
Click here to read Part 2 - Victor’s analysis.

(And I am really sorry about the length of this, guys. There is a KEEP READING cut beneath this paragraph, but I know sometimes phone apps ignore them. I apologize in advance that tumblr doesn’t always recognize its own coding.)

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Reasons why Rick Sanchez is a true millenial icon despite being a 60-80 year old man:

-extremely bitter
-had to move back in with family
-will do vaguely (and somewhat less vaguely) illegal things to make money
-super mega ultra not straight
-full of self-loathing
-Super Depressed™ but pretends he’s fine
-gets excited about tv, video games, snack food, anything that involves instant gratification that makes life even slightly more bearable
-is v disillusioned
-is just the kind of guy to complain about memes and then go and post 500 memes
-live fast die young(ish)
-doesn’t care any more
-solves problems in extremely unhealthy ways but ignores it and hopes it’ll work itself out
-“I don’t care about what other people think” *secretly cares very much what other people think*
-is easily entertained by weird shit
-has killed several industries and desecrated more than one tradition
-doesn’t believe in love but wants to

A Sugar Baby’s Guide to a Luxury Wardrobe and Brands

FOLLOW ME ON MY SB INSTA ~ I have like no followers because I just started the account & would love to connect with more sugar sisters on another platform! I will be posting shopping hauls and inspiration photos. There will also be restaurant, bar and club recommendations and travel pics! SISTERS ONLY!!! @citysugarbabe

Disclaimer: This is my own opinion, and you are free to disagree! I am not being sponsored or gifted items by any of these brands (I wish!). I am simply just trying to share some of my style tips based off of my own wardrobe :) xo

Will continue to update as I think of more things! This was just off the top of my head. Feel free to send in suggestions, if I use it I will give you credit when I edit the post! Questions also welcome. 

Although I am relatively new to the sugar bowl, dressing stylishly and well is something I have done all of my life. I hope my advice can help others! A top, big fish SD is going to dress well, and he’s going to want his SB to do the same. You must exude confidence and style for him to want to pursue you. 

If you are a sugar baby looking to build an ultimate, timeless luxury wardrobe look no further - check out my guide below!

T-shirts & Tank Tops - ATM (wonderfully flattering, especially for bigger busts), T by Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, James Perse
Jeans - rag&bone/JEAN, J Brand, Citizens of Humanity, 7 for all Mankind, J Brand, Current/Elliott, AG Adriano Goldschmidt. Yes I love my denim :)
Anything with a blatant logo on it like True Religion is a NONO.
Shirts - Equipment
Sweatpants - I used to absolutely detest sweatpants but after seeing photos of Rihanna and Gigi rock them, I’m kind of into it. Have my eye on a pair from Fenty X Puma now!

Agent Provocateur (DUH) has the most sexy pieces, they make you feel wonderful about yourself, however I would only wear their stuff to show off for my man. Their bras, corsets, bustiers etc. don’t give much support so if you’re just wearing them trying to run errands your boob may pop out of its cup lol! Very annoying to constantly keep having to tuck it back in under your shirt.

I have quite a large bust, so I shop at Journelle, Stella McCartney, Elle Macpherson, Nancymeyer.com and Chantelle because a lot of other nice brands don’t make my size as much (32DD/E) - these are for sexier but still functional pieces.

Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret for the most functional underwear.
Hanky Panky has great one size fits most thongs, and Commando for underwear for a tight dress or something that gives NO VPL (visible panty lines!)

Sneakers (for fashion, not the gym) - Golden Goose, Common Projects
Sneakers (for the gym) - Nike
Gianvito Rossi - The new Manolo in my opinion. Not as overdone and not flashy like Louboutins. Wonderfully classic. Something I’d wear to a dream job interview or meeting a boyfriend’s parents.
Louboutins - even though they’re a bit trashy now I still love the sex appeal of a red bottom.. who can resist?
Rochas does beautifully embellished flats that you can wear with a cocktail dress if you aren’t feeling heels!
K. Jacques for flat sandals. Made in St. Tropez but they sell it on Shopbop etc.
Chanel and Lanvin for ballet flats
Love Stuart Weitzman’s highland and lowland boots, even though it seems like everyone and their mother owns a pair. They’re just so flattering and I love that they have them in so many neutral colors.
I like Saint Laurent’s basic flat Chelsea ankle boots. Go with everything in the fall.

Dolce & Gabbana - I LOVE Dolce & Gabbana!! As I said I am quite curvy, and their dresses are absolutely made for my body type.
Cushnie et Ochs - Also sexy AF
Giambattista Valli - When you want to look like an elegant, high fashion flower child
Saint Laurent - SO expensive, more for the extremely thin Kate Moss types, but I just like to look anyways :)
Less expensive but still great: Zimmermann (love Aussie clothing brands), Wheels&Dollbaby, Nicholas, L’Agent, Reformation, For Love & Lemons, Maje

Ralph Lauren, Loro Piana, Brunello Cucinelli
J Crew, Joie, Vince and Everlane (cheaper)

Maxmara for the elegant, most classic pieces EDIT 10/9/2016: Maxmara carries very well-cut and stylishly professional coats. Think Olivia Pope-esque. This is also where Kim K got her iconic camel wrap coat and yes, they still carry it. I have one!
AllSaints for a great rocker chic leather biker jacket - try a mens one to increase the cool factor
Rick Owens - Also great for leather jackets, but more elegant and definitely more expensive 
Chanel: Their tweed jackets and coats are ultimate and so timeless- wear one with a simple white t shirt, jeans and booties to achieve that Parisian je ne sais quoi.
Yves Salomon does a great fur coat, EDIT 10/9/2016: that isn’t AS expensive as other top fur designers… think $5000-$10,000 which is still mega expensive but still far cheaper than J Mendel whose furs can fetch up to 60k (or even more)! and the quality is still great. I used to get Elizabeth and James furs for like a $1000 but tbh they looked cheap. I think if you can’t afford good fur, it’s best to spend on other areas, because cheap fur just makes you look, well, cheap!

Chanel. Duh.
Never used to like Gucci but their new horsebit Dionysus bags (in plain suede without the Gucci logo) are to die for
Valentino Rockstud (a little bit passé but I still like mine)
Mansur Gavriel for something timeless and not too flashy
Saint Laurent for a tote bag. If you’re young, in my opinion this is a much better alternative than an Hermes Birkin or Kelly. I think for a young girl to be carrying a Birkin is a little bit… much. Although if you have found an SD who will buy you a Birkin then I say the more power to you, you’re clearly doing much better than me and feel free to ignore my advice - if fact can I have your advice?? lol

EDIT OCT. 9, 2016:

Where do I shop?
Great question - so. many. places.

Online (just google the names, I’m too lazy to hyperlink haha. Maybe another day):

Net-a-porter: love, and they do same-day courier delivery in NYC, London and Hong Kong
Moda Operandi: swoon-worthy site. You can pre-order next season’s clothes custom made for you straight off the runway, and they show up at your door just in time for the season! You put a 50% deposit down when you place the order at first, and pay the rest a few months later when the clothing piece is completed. I trick myself into believing that it’s budgeting, lol.
Revolve Clothing
TheRealReal (You can get some GREAT designer pre-owned and vintage on the cheap here, AND sell your old designer stuff you don’t want anymore! Note they only accept from a preselected list of designers, check that your item’s brand is on the list before sending anything in to sell)
Vestiaire Collective (same as theRealReal)
Forward by Elyse Walker
TheOutNet (Net-a-porter’s sale site. I’ve found some fantastic deals here. But be sure to check everyday because they definitely sell out fast)
Barneys, Saks, Selfridges, Bergdorfs etc. - I know these are department stores, but their websites are surprisingly well-maintained and carry a really good stock of stuff from top designers.


Voltron Seasons 1-2 except it’s just Hunk Garrett being smart and important

I spent around 10 hours getting this done, half rewatching and gathering scenes from Voltron and the other half compiling and rendering, because I believe that Hunk deserves more love and appreciation for how intelligent and talented and overall amazing he is.

Out of a total of approximately 597 minutes excluding intros and credits, I’m kind of disappointed that this doesn’t even add up to a regular episode’s length so I’m really hoping he gets more spotlight in future seasons ♥