i hope he posts more of these


Sebastian Stan x reader

 au where Chris actually has a fucking Instagram

 @avenging-the-supernatural requested: hi! can you write one with sebastian where they’re dating & recently made their relationship public but the reader is getting some negative responses from fans and she tries to keep it quiet because she thinks seb will end it if he finds out (for her safety)? and she ends up telling him? thank you, i love your work!

 Warnings: cyberbullying, self doubt, protective!Seb, fluff 

 A/N: I went a little off request, but I hope you liked it anyway! This was also kind of short

 You scrolled through the comments on Sebastian’s latest Instagram post- a selfie of him kissing you on the cheek as you smiled brightly.

He can do better than that 

She doesn’t deserve him 

She’s not even pretty 

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Fluff Week - I Needed That

DAY 6 - Jackson

I worked together with @mayjaywrites to create an “First time saying I Love You” series for all members of GOT7 and BTS.

* = drabbles that I’ve writen and will therefore be posted on this blog
(everything else is by @mayjaywrites )

BTS: Suga * // Jimin // Namjoon * // Jin // Jungkook * // V // J-Hope

GOT7: Jinyoung // Youngjae // Jaebum * // Mark * // Yugyeom * // Jackson * // BamBam

Pairing: Reader x Jackson
Words: 1221

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I didn’t get your name

A/N: Hiya! This is my first fanfic i’m posting on Tumblr… I’m a little nervous but, its now or never I guess! Anyway, Hope You like it! Feedback is Highly appreciated!  I might make other parts to this but it depends.

Warnings: None really? Just cussing. Underage Drinking.

Summary: (Jefferson x Reader) You’re Alexander Hamilton’s little sister (one year younger). He’s a senior in High school, and he FINALLY lets you go to a party with him. You meet some new people, One being Thomas Jefferson. 

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anonymous asked:

PLEASE continue the HTTYD!AU. Marco interacting with Feral!Tom is just too cute!-Bunny Anon

Sure I can! I’m so happy you like the story! I really love that movie so so so much! I hope you like the story! I really liked writing this chapter!

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/161391650417/more-httyd-au-its-my-favorite-movie-with-my

“Hey, Tom?” Marco called, sliding down the cliff onto the ditch. Tom’s head perked up and he made his way to his feet, running to Marco. “Hungry?” Marco asked, smiling. Tom sniffed Marco’s satchel and pawed at it. Marco reached in the bag and handed the dragon an apple. As Tom munched away happily, Marco went around to have a look at his wing. “I was thinking maybe you should try flying again.” Marco suggested.

At hearing this Tom whipped around and looked at Marco defensively. “Look, I know you’re scared, but you have to find a way out of this place some time. You need to fly.” Marco told him. He looked around and got an idea. “Come with me.” Marco took the dragon’s hand and led him to climb to the top of a tall rock, not tall enough for them to be out of the crevice, but tall enough. “Try spreading your wings and flying to ground.” Marco instructed. Tom looked over the edge nervously, and turned to latch onto Marco’s arm.

“Hey, it’s okay.” Marco comforted him. “You’ll do great.” he assured.

“I fall.” Tom tried to communicate. Marco shook his head.

“We’ve had you casted up for two weeks now, I’m sure your wing is strong enough for little uses at a time. This is a perfect start. I PROMISE you won’t fall.” Marco assured. Tom took a breath and nodded, letting go of Marco’s hand.


“Are you still mad at me?” Marco asked. He was sitting next to Tom, who had bruises and sticks in his hair. Marco was bandaging up his wing again after the attempt at flight had gone wrong. “I really thought you’d be able to use it.” Marco repeated. Tom huffed and looked away, crossing his arms.

“You jerk.” he spoke disconnected. Marco laughed a bit.

“Come on, no I’m not. I was only trying to help.” He defended. Tom just huffed again and folded his uninjured wing in. Marco smiled a bit at the pouting dragon and finished bandaging him up. “Well as long as you’re mad at me, I guess I’ll go.” Marco spoke, beginning to walk away.

“No!” Tom yelped, and jumped up on Marco’s back. Marco laughed and let the dragon down. “Not TOO mad.” Tom crossed his arms, rolling his eyes. Marco smiled and sat down next to the dragon, reaching into his bag and giving him another apple. As the dragon ate Marco picked up a stick and began to draw in the dirt. Tom got curious and looked over at the careful and detailed drawing.

“It’s you.” Marco showed him. Tom looked for a minute and then smiled big, before grabbing a large stick of his own and started to drag it across the entire ground. He made random lines and dots everywhere, would look at Marco, then add something else. When he was finished he stepped back and put his arms out, showing Marco the large scribble.

“It’s you!” He exclaimed, using Marco’s words. Marco smiled and looked all about the picture. He back up more and more so he could see it, but once he took another step he toppled down to land on top of the dragon. Tom looked up at him confused and Marco scrambled off of him, taking a step away from the half-dragon.

But as Marco took a step back Tom leaned his head forward. Marco smiled a bit and put his hand out, Tom nuzzled into the touch and purred. Marco grinned and sat on a rock, laughing when the dragon jumped up to be on his lap. Marco continued to scratch his ears and by his horns, admitting how at peace Tom seemed, and how his purring would grow louder and softer. He really was a peaceful creature, he wasn’t trying to hurt Marco at all.

“Everything we know about you guys… is wrong.” Marco mused. Tom wasn’t some monster. He was just raised as an animal was. He got defensive and felt the need to protect himself. But the more he looked at the creature the more human he seemed. He could speak and understand what Marco was saying. He was human other than his wings, tail, ears and scales. Marco smiled down at Tom and the dragon yawned, showing off his sharp teeth. But even then Marco didn’t see him as a monster.


“Marco where have you been!?” Star exclaimed, as Marco made his way back into the village. Marco looked up and then finally noticed how late it was.

“Oh! J-just on a walk… I guess I lost track of time.” He lied poorly.

“You were on a walk for five hours?” Janna asked, crossing her arms. Marco was about to make an excused, but Janna cut him off. “Nevermind, we have big news!” Janna exclaimed. She tugged Marco’s arm and Star ran after them. She led Marco to a big cage in the middle of the island. “Isn’t it awesome!?” Janna cried.

“What is it?” Marco asked.

“It’s an arena!” Star jumped up and down. “Hekapoo got a bunch of people to build one!” She explained. “To train the younger vikings to fight and kill dragons!” She explained.

“There are dragons in there!?” Marco cried. Star nodded.

“All in cages, and starting tomorrow, me you and Janna are all gonna be in the class! Fighting those monsters off with a sword and shield!” Star jumped up and down, but Marco looked a little sick. “Hey, what’s wrong? You always say you wanna be one of us. Well here’s your chance to learn, and show all those others that you’re the fearsome Marco! Just think, once they see you chop off a dragon’s head in training, nobody will make fun of you anymore.” Star continued. Marco bit his lip.

“Y-yeah! That’s… great… nothing I love more than being locked in a cage with an angry dragon.” Marco coughed.

“That’s the spirit!” Janna spun on her heel. And she and Star marched off chanting; “Dragon hunters! Dragon hunters! Dragon hunters!”

Marco took a deep breath and tugged at his hair. “Oh no…”

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I dunno if you read much fanfic but I was hoping maybe you could post this? I'm looking for a mcdanno fic which had Danny injured and steve leaves him at the crime scene and forgets about him to go meet with the governor and he's completely oblivious about the whole thing? I'm a sucker for these kinds of fics so if you have recommendations for others like that I would love them.

Hi anon, of course I can post this!!! :) And I actually think I know what fic you’re talking about, is it this one????


Guys, if any of you know more fics like that please let me know!! And I can share it here so anon can see :)

Title: The One Who Has To Understand

Author: @sonneka  

For: @shsluckymushroom

Rating/Warnings: T & No Warnings

Prompt: “Hinata and Komaeda talking Post DR3, with the Kamukura side of ‘Hizuru’ coming out more and more as time proceeds, and Komaeda growing more accepting of both sides of Hinata now. (Doesn’t have to be limited to just a few conversations. Write as much or as little post DR3 as you want!)”

Author’s notes: I loved this prompt so much! It made me think a lot about KomaHina’s relationship post DR3 and it really warmed my heart, this way the fic ended up having more than just a few conversations I think haha. I hope you like it!! >w< ♥

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anonymous asked:

hello!!! i found your blog a few months ago and have pretty much read all your little writings! i love them so much and i get so happy just seeing that i have notifications saying you've posted something! if you could please write about an MC who tells Jumin about how she used to love going to Build a Bear Workshop when she was a kid and he takes her there as a date! I really look forward to reading more of your writings!

Awe, I’m so honored that you have notifications on for me and you enjoy my writings! I only hope I’m able to continue doing so in the future!

I’d be more than happy to do your request as well! Thank you and have a splendid day! Enjoy! <3


“This is a picture of you?” Jumin examined the framed photograph, a smirk tugging at his lips. “We need a copy of this for our home.” 

“What?” You approached him confusedly staring at the photo for a moment before it clicked in your head. 

“Oh! I remember that! I used to love that bear.” 

“The stuffed animal?”

“Of course!” 

The photo had been of you as a child, the stuffed bear entangled in your arms, a smile as big as the very sky in your utter joy.

“I used to love going to Build-A-Bear!” You exclaimed. “It was all so much fun for me!” 

Your gaze used to light up at the very sight of the store, practically attached to your new friend the moment it had been given. 


“I just thought it was so great getting to put it all together, from the stuffing to the little heart!” You sighed. “It was the best…” 

You recalled putting in the heart, the rhythmic beats comforting you during rough nights, keeping it close to you, your face blanketed by the gentle fur as you were lulled to sleep.

“Come on then.” He set down the photo, intertwining your fingers with his own.


“We’re going there.” 


“We’re going there,” He repeated, squeezing your palm. “It made you happy, and that’s all I want for you. So, let’s go.” 

“A-Are you sure?”

“I haven’t any issue with going. If you like something then surely it’s wonderful darling,” He leaned down, pressing a tender kiss to your head, grinning. 

“I-I mean I-I don’t want you to s-spend your money on me.” 

“Dear, I would give up every single ounce of wealth I have if it were to make you smile, even if only a second. This is fine.” 

“O-Okay I-If you’re sure-”

“I am.” 

And sure enough, he lead you out.

The ride there had been spent with him listening to your stories and tales of the fond memories you had, a gentle grin always apparent on his face.

Yet the delight had truly set in as you came to the workshop.

You lit up like you had so many years before, hardly able to contain your excitement as you stepped in, the familiar sounds and sights filling the area.

“I suppose we should get started then?” He asked. “Which one would you like?”

“If we’re doing this, we’re doing this together.” You remarked. “And, I think we should get one resembling Elizabeth 3rd.” 

“It’ll be difficult to find one as terrific as her.” 

“We’ll just have to try.” 

You searched amongst the possible choices, eventually finding a white cat with bright blue eyes, a smile clear upon their stitching.

“I think this one works!” 

“I think it’ll be an adequate match for Elizabeth 3rd. Though, I don’t think anything could ever quite possibly match her beauty.” 

“Of course, but it’s the best we can do.” 

“Personally, I don’t think I could’ve chosen a better one myself.”

“She’d love it.” 

“Considering you chose it, I’m not surprised.” 

You continued on, choosing the heart and filling the stuffed animal watching as it slowly came to life.

And eventually, it was put together. 

All it was missing was simply one last thing. 

“Let’s take a picture!” 

“A picture?”

“For the memories!”

He couldn’t help but laugh gently. “Okay dear.” 

You pulled him close snatching out your phone, beaming excitedly as you snapped the photo, Jumin’s arms wrapped around you.

And as you checked the photo your heart warmed.

For your husband’s eyes were locked onto you.

And they were filled with utter devotion.

And utter happiness.


Happy Birthday Mark! In celebration and contribution to @artist-in-space‘s fun idea, here’s my favorite YouTuber as my favorite superhero Spiderman (even though I like the idea of Mark being Iron Man more lol) He inspires me so much each day and just brings me so much joy with each video he uploads. He is an amazing actor and I can never keep the stupid grin off my face while watching his sketches. So happy 28 years you big goof, may your days be filled with as much happiness as you’ve given me these last couple of years.

(I spent a good few hours on that Spider-Mark edit in the bottom right so here it is by itself)

RWBY OC - Livius x Weiss (Thundersnow)

I don’t normally post RWBY stuff on this blog and will thus reblog to my side blog (@rwbyknows) but I thought I’d post some of my art on my main blog since I haven’t posted any in a long while. I also spent an absurd amount of time drawing this piece so I figure that’s all the more reason to post it.

I also don’t normally ship my OC with characters from the show, normally I use other OCs I have but I’ve been feeling like doing a small side-shipping for Livius whilst he’s a Beacon Academy and possibly doing a fanfic for an AU where Livius would help Weiss escape during Volume 4. Not too sure. Anyway, that’s enough rambling, I hope you like my art and if people want me to post more then I will.


here’s our best and most adorable birthday boy, jackson wang 🎂🎈🎉🎉🎉😚💓

Misha Collins.
Arriving on set in New Westminster, BC.
Thursday, March 2nd, 2017.

{Photos taken by me, please do not repost or use without credit. Thank you! I keep my watermark light so you can enjoy the image, respect is appreciated! <3}


As I made a post called BTS AT BBMAS (EXPECTATIONS) this is the part 2.

BTS getting out of the Limousine like “HEY you heard that screaming? We here to SCREW change your life”

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Walking the red carpet like KINGS I mean THEY ARE KINGS

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“Jin Blowing kisses” is now GLOBAL. The world knew peace for a second

Originally posted by forursmiles

And OFC our car door guy made an impact - Now he is the “3rd from the left” guy

FIRE kept playing during the whole PRE-SHOW. It was like hearing  the song for the first time

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BTS interview at the red carpet: Namjoon speaking plus 5 lost souls and one hyped human.

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Paparazzies LOST it. They never saw creatures THAT beautiful

VOGUE was proud of their outfits and ARMYs were proud of the stylist noona (THANK YOUUUU)


Originally posted by yourpinkpill

YET a particular someone couldn’t stay in his lane. I name PARK EFFING JIMIN 

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Meanwhile V was lost everytime Rapmon spoke (BTW BLESS THE MELANIN)

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*Trying to nod to hide it* Like BOII 

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THE FANCHANT MADE HOLLYWOOD STARS QUESTION THEIR FANBASES + Jimini smile alone  made the whole arena scream

AND AND AND THEY FUCK*NG WON !!!!!!! (Look t the pple in the back, knowing them for 30 min and stanning them already)

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AND LOOK AT THE ARTISTS THEY ADMIRED GIVING THEM A STANDING OVATION (At that moment half the ARMYs woke up their neighbors)

THEY DID THE INFAMOUS GROUP HUG (Stars were sooo touched)

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And we continued sobbing because of the interviews that bought us to the past aka their debut and strugglinhg days

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Speaking of the past, SUGA HELD THE TROPHEE, and we recalled their first win when he held it the same way - so we cried again

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CAMELIA CABELLO GAVE THEM A KISS KISS (meanwhile Yoongi is more amazed by the card)

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I tried to make a post that sums up the night. Hope you like it ^^


An iwaoi AU in which college student Oikawa is stuck in a timeloop after an unfortunate tarot card reading. He is doomed, without fail, to die at the end of the week and then be sent back to seven days prior over and over until he is able to fall in love.

Pardon my extremely rusty Japanese, but it pretty much translates to “Oikawa Tooru will die,” which was the morbid mantra I had while thinking about this hahaha. Oikawa and Iwa, sadly, don’t know each other here. I might post more drabbles/notes another time.

Life is steamrolling me, I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting more on my other AUs! Miss you guys and hope everyone’s been doing well ~ <3

Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

Snowdrop | Lilac

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!


@witchnyx made a post about roleswap au months ago and i hadn’t gotten out of my head since;;

lissa is a pegasus knight and chrom is a pseudo-mercanary and both mess around constantly as prince frederick wonders why he even has guards when they accidentally hurt each other more than their foes


Jhope can’t help but stare lovingly at jimin

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Jimin can turn shy …

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But he also adddooores Hoseok

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This pair is generous with fanservice

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They laugh together a lot

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And they put their arms around one another

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Soooo naturally

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They also jump into each others’ arms

Originally posted by xogotmonstajams

Even if Jimin doesn’t really enjoy it …

Originally posted by vmiin

They laugh at eachother at times

Originally posted by jkguks

and confort eachother when needed

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Somehow Jhope loves Jimin’s head *pat pat*

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But he dislikes the smell somehow

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He is obsessed with the idea of kissing Jimin

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Really … obsessed … 

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I mean look at Jimin, who wouldn’t ?!! (But Chimchim keeps hugging Hobi even when he make it seem like he wanna get away - Boy you better decide)

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Hobi is Jimini’s biggest fan

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He is more proud of Jimin’s abs than Jimin himself (Sarry if someone fainted here)

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He even declared his love

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And those stares

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I mean…

Originally posted by heeminee

THOSE stares

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Ended in something like this

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Then this

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And then OMG THIS (The”did their lips touch” is still a mistery)

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And now it is jimin who asks for more (He awoken the beast)

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And remember when Jimin gave us the best gift for valentines

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Or when Jhope who never gets angry got upset because Jimin got disrespected

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They easily make my day

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So I hope this post made yours too

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170609 BTS FC

[BTS_Rap Monster] 4 O’clock

“A short work diary

I think it all started with “There’s no song where Taehyung does the intro..”
“Then I’ll make one!”
at a concert, and we laughed and let it pass by.
We just smiled away like that, but it kept lingering in the corner of my mind.

It so happened that a few months ago, I think it was when Taehyung’s desire for composing fired, he showed me a song, saying,
“Hyung, I want to try making a song like this..” and asked if I could write a track for him.
I said “Okay,” then played the chords and sent him.
But that song was all just snaps on EP chords, it could hardly be called beats,
so I didn’t like it. And then the talk about Festa came.

I asked “Shall we make one together properly this time?”
“Sounds good, hyung!”
And we started like that..
We keep going back and forth overseas.
Choosing the instrument or theme is the most important when composing, but I had a hard time focusing at first. So I asked Taehyung.

“What do you want the song to be about?”
“The dawn.”
“The dawn? What kind of dawn?”
“Just, when sitting at the park at dawn waiting for my friend.. The chirping sound of the birds.. I really like that moment.”
“Oh, that hazy, bluish moment??”
“Yeah! I like that bluish quiet moment.”
“Me too!!”

We formed the emotion bond like this, and started right away.
Later I asked him who that friend was, he said it’s mostly Jimin..*
Anyway, I really like the dawn too.
I’m a fan of the moon and the dawn.
The twilight, the moment when the day moves from afternoon to night,
And the dawn before the morning.. You know what it is.

So I thought “This would go well with guitar, let’s try guitar”.
And played the guitar and piano.
Luckly the track came out well and we decided to write the melodies separately to combine later.
I always like watching the moon,
so I thought I must start by talking about a letter sent to the moon.
Luckily when we combined later, Taehyung liked it too.

So it started with my intro and Taehyung’s B part.
Taehyung’s chorus was better too,
but it felt a little strained so I gave him a hand.

Taehyung entrusted the lyrics to me, so I wrote most of it,
but the chorus’ start was written by Taehyung. (With the deep night~)
The theme started from Taehyung’s story too, so our work portion’s about 5:5.
It’s my first time working together with Taehyungㅡ I wanted to do so since a long time ago, and I’m happy we got the chance this time.
I wanted to take a step back and let Taehyung’s emotions materialization be the center itself.
This song doesn’t show all of Taehyung’s emotions, but I hope it would show as much as it can.
Hope you can get a glimpse at Taehyung’s dawn.!

Thanks to KOXX’s SHAUN-hyungnim for awesome re-arrangement.
Personally, Taehyung’s usually in charge of powerful parts in our group songs,
but I hope he can do this kind of light songs often too.
I think Taehyung’s emotions and mine intersect more than I thought.

Working on this song together makes me think,
isn’t Taehyung the one with the lightest song and emotions in Bangtan?
You did great Taehyung, thank you for singing it so well :)”

(* removed in original post)

[BTS_V] Indeed

“A song that wouldn’t be done without Namjoonie-hyung~
I have always wanted to write about the dawn..
I like songs of this style, so I often listen and sing along to them, and even try writing them. I got so passionate about writing it that I asked Namjoonie-hyung for help, and he gave me exactly the kind of beats I wished for.

The beats Namjoonie-hyung gave me were so good that I wrote 6 melodies for it.
I used the theme of the birds at dawn.
The time before the sun rises when 4AM passes to 5AM, just me and the dawn birds (I just call them as “birds”) at an empty park, that bluish moment seems so short. I like that moment so much that I once went there for 5 days straight.
I wrote the melodies based on Namjoonie-hyung’s beats there alone, I can’t write lyrics as good as Namjoonie-hyung but I worked hard to put in my emotions.

In the midst of the dark (serene) dawn, the hollow (drowsy) sound, the icy winter blow
You close your eyes, spend endless nights with the sound
The dawn birds cry, yearningly, ardently
Listen to your voice, fill your voice, this dawn

It’s like I wrote the letter for the dawn birds (just “birds”).
I couldn’t write the song perfectly by myself so I thought of giving up halfway, but thanks to Namjoonie-hyung, ‘4 O’clock’ was finished~~
Poet Kim Namjoon indeed~

I’ll work hard to present more songs to you in the future as well
And all hail Vocal Monster👊🏻🤘🏻☺️
I’ll work hard to make and bring you more songs in the future☺️”

Because we are all emotional right now I felt like it would be a good time to spread some positive vibes when it comes to our beloved Choi Seunghyun. I don’t know how you guys feel about this, but it makes me even sadder when I want to go online and all the news about him are related to the scandel. Which is why I decided to do a little T.O.P. masterpost - starting with pre debute pictures of him being the cutie we all love!

Baby Seunghyun will always be one of the sweetest things on this planet

followed by the time when he started to lose weight and was known as “Tempo” plus his selfie game was 10/10 back then already

I mean look at this smug grin

and I don’t know how you guys feel like, but I have a special place in my hear for this haircut - especially the second picture with the baseball cap! Most people will probably say it was terrible, but I think it suited him 

pulling faces while eating or even talking on the phone to the camera - my aesthetic for sure 

Also, can we talk about this shot? I feel like this is the typical “come on, bro, I need a new profile pic for cyworld - and I wanna look really cool!” - “dude, how about we stick a patch on your cheek an- perfect! Now look at me like you looked at Seungri when he ate your favourite candy!”

oh and speaking of cyworld - last but not least: some of my most favourite pics! (feat. the baby dragon bc those two were the masters of taking stupid selfies)

It’s not much, but I hope you guys at least had to smile a bit. It always warms my heart when I see these pictures. The next masterpost will follow for sure! 

Feel free to add more pictures of him