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Never Be Like You

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,214 (with lyrics)

Summary: Based off of the song “Never Be Like You” by Flume!  The reader used to date Dean, but then gets engaged to another man after they break up. Then, the reader shows up at Dean’s motel room one night after getting really drunk.

Warning: Not any like super detailed smut, but a little bit of smut. Drunkenness. Swearing. Angst. 

A/N: I wrote this a few months ago and posted it on my main blog (@hanny-bananny​). It’s a lot more angsty than I remember, haha! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it. Feel free to leave any feedback! xx


{6 months ago}

Dean sat at the small table across from Sam at a diner just outside of Wichita, Kansas both reading a local newspaper. Dean was shoveling forkful after forkful of eggs into his mouth as he looked through the paper for somewhere that looked promising for a case.

“Alright, so I found a few things that might be up our alley… a couple of suspicious suicides a few towns over seem pretty weird to me… Dean? Are you okay?” Sam asked when he saw the look on Dean’s face.

Dean sat wide eyed, staring in horror at what he saw in front of him. He balled up the newspaper and threw it at the ground and without a word, stormed out.

“Dean, what the hell man? What on earth could make you stop eating…?” Sam mumbled to himself as he stood up to retrieve the piece of paper that made Dean rage.

Smoothing it out and searching for an explanation, he immediately found what he was looking for. In front of him was a large picture of you and a man with his arm wrapped around you and your hand held up proudly, obviously showing off the large diamond on your left ring finger.

An engagement announcement.

Sam’s heart sunk – just six months before, he could’ve sworn that it was going to be you and Dean announcing an engagement.

What I would do to take away this fear of being loved
Allegiance to the pain
Now I’m fucked up and I’m missing you
He’ll never be like you


“Y/N, wha… what the hell are you doing here?”

You stared up at Dean’s tired green eyes, startled yet oddly comforted by the sound of his gruff voice. He stood tall in front of you, hair ruffled as if he had just rolled out of bed and only wore his undershirt and boxers.

“Dean! I’m so happy to see you!” you shouted, your speech slurred together.

You tripped on your way into the hotel room Dean and Sam were staying in to give Dean a probably unwanted hug. Fortunately, Dean caught you before you fell.

“Jesus Christ Y/N, you’re drunk as hell” Dean huffed angrily, trying to get you to stand unsuccessfully. Being so close to him now, you could smell the whiskey on his breath – he probably hadn’t slept yet. He wrapped his arms around your waist and steered you to the couch. But you had other ideas.

“Sammy!” you screeched happily as you flung yourself into Sam’s bed with him. He awoke abruptly, clearly confused and angry.

“Oh god damnit…” Dean muttered under his breath as he tried to control you.

“What the f… Y/N?” Sam’s voice rose to a level you had never heard before. He rolled out of his bed and stood up, leaving you alone giggling in his bed. “Dean, what is she doing here?” he asked through gritted teeth.

Dean grabbed onto you once again and stood you up. “She just showed up, hammered as fuck”

Sam approached you and got inches away from your face. “I want you to get out of this hotel room and never come back, you hear me? I never want to see your face again!”

Your intoxicated mind was barely comprehending what was happening – you were all smiles just being around those boys again. Dean set you gently on the couch and went up to Sam to exchange some harsh whispers. You only picked up a little bit of what they were saying, but you got the gist of it.

“Sam, she’s trashed, I’m not letting her try to drive home… God knows how she even got here to begin with”

“I’m not letting her back into our lives again, not after what she did to you… I can’t watch you go through that again”

“Sammy, I can handle myself!” Dean’s voice was getting angrier with each exchange of words.

Sam put on pants and a shirt then started to head for the door. “I’m not sure what’s going to happen here, but all I know is that I don’t want to be here for it”

I would give anything to change this fickle-minded heart
That loves fake shiny things
Now I’m fucked up and I’m missing you
He’ll never be like you

{A year earlier}

“Y/N, come on… we can work this out. I can work this out” Dean pleaded with you as you pinged from one corner of the room to the other, collecting your belongings and stuffing them into a bag.

You scoffed as you shoved a sweatshirt into your duffel bag. “That’s what you said the last time. And the time before. And the time before that. I’ve had enough of this argument, okay? I get it – you pick hunting. Hunting is more important than anything else”

He gently grabbed your arm to stop you from leaving. “That’s not fair, Y/N. It’s… it’s an impossible choice”

You rolled your eyes and tugged your arm out of his grip. “That’s the thing – it should be an easy choice. I’ve had enough, Dean. You’re gone all the time, you never call, for god’s sake, you hit on anything that had a vagina… it’s like we’re not even together!”

He grabbed your bag from your hands in his desperate last attempts to get you to not leave.

“Y/N, please… I’m begging. Please, just… just stay. I can make some changes… I… I don’t know what I would do without you”

“I’ve given you so many chances to change this… you say it’s an impossible choice? Well, I’ll just be making the choice for you”

You grabbed your bag from his hands and started heading out the door when Dean grabbed your arm, pulling you in for a long, slow kiss. He was really grasping now, more desperate than you had ever seen him.

Pulling away and resting his forehead on yours, he whispered, “Y/N, I love you more than anything… please, just don’t go…”

Tears brimmed your eyes as you thought of the words that you knew would break both his and your heart.

“It’s just not enough anymore”

I’m only human can’t you see
I made, I made a mistake
Please just look me in my face
Tell me everything’s okay
Cause I got it
He’ll never be like you


Before you knew it, you were bent over the hotel room toilet hurling out every bit of alcohol you had in your system. You felt familiar hands gently brush back your hair as you vomited profusely.

When you felt like you were finished for a while you washed out your mouth then leaned back against the wall and groaned.

“Y/N… why are you here?”

Hearing that deep voice of his again was so intoxicating to your ears. Still completely hammered, you paused, trying to formulate coherent sentences. You thought about where to start then decided that you should just start from the beginning.

“I… I got engaged after we broke up…” you began but Dean interrupted you.

“I know. I saw your announcement in the paper”

Tears brimmed your eyes just thinking about how much that must have hurt him. “We um… well I, I guess… broke off the engagement…” you started, waiting for a response but only got a blank look.

You gulped loudly then continued. “After I… left, I rushed into things too fast and, well… I found myself thinking about you more often than I should have considering I was engaged to another man. Every time we went on a date, I was wishing it was with you, every time we went out with his family, I was wishing it was with you and Sam… every time we made love…”

“Y/N, stop… please”

“I came to realize that you are irreplaceable, Dean Winchester”

You looked up at Dean, trying to figure out where his head was at. You were always good at reading Dean, but right now he was unreadable.

“I came here tonight because I miss you… and I know that it’s not going to make a difference, but I just needed to let you know how I felt. How even though I left, I never stopped loving you…”

Dean stared at you, clearly with tears in his eyes as you both sat on the grimy hotel bathroom that he was staying in. He stood up and started pacing around, you close at his heels.

“What do you expect me to do with this information, huh? When you left… I have never experienced that kind of pain. Losing you again would… I just can’t do it” his voice roared so loudly you could feel it ripple through your body.

Face to face with him, you got nearly inches away from his face.

“I came here because I needed to let you know that I’m aware of the mistake I’ve made… and although I know I can’t do anything about it now… I just needed to let you know how sorry I was, and maybe get some closure for the both of us”

Stop looking at me with those eyes
Like I could disappear and you wouldn’t care why
Now I’m fucked up and I’m missing you
He’ll never be like you

Dean was leaned up against the wall of the bathroom, just staring at you. He said no words, but you could easily tell what he was thinking through the stern look in his eyes.

“Didn’t it ever occur to you that I got my closure? I got it the second you closed that door and never came back… I got it again when I saw that engagement picture… You’re here for your closure, not mine. You came here because you’re selfish… didn’t you think about how you showing up like this would affect me?”

You stood silently, soaking in his words. Of course your drunk mind hadn’t thought it through…

“You being here is… it’s like reopening old wounds” Dean said quietly, almost to himself.

You stood there for a moment longer before you decided that you just needed to go. Of course hunting Dean down and going to the hotel he was staying at in the middle of the night was a bad idea – you were finally seeing that now that you were sobering up.

“I… you’re right. This was a mistake… I’m sorry I came here” you breathed out as you walked out of the bathroom.

You were nearly out the door when Dean’s voice called out to you. “Typical. So you’re just going to leave again?”

You stopped dead in your tracks, staring at the door with Dean behind you. The decision for your next action was probably largely influenced by the liquid courage you drank earlier, but you didn’t care. You finally gave into your urges.

In three long strides, you found your lips crashing into Dean’s with an urgency. His lips on yours felt… Normal. Familiar. Comfortable.

It didn’t take him long to reciprocate, his hands cupping your cheeks trying to make the space between you two nonexistent. You gripped onto his shirt like you were afraid that if you weren’t holding on, he’d disappear.

Your earlier conversations completely out the window, you and Dean held each other like you had never let go a year ago.

Dean led you both to the bed, you laying down first as he gently held himself over you, his lips never leaving yours. You pulled at the hem of his shirt, pulling it over his head as your nails lightly scratched his toned back. You were desperate to feel his warm skin against yours.

The rest of your clothing was gone in an instant.

Being together for so long, it was safe to say that you and Dean had made love an innumerable amount of times, but this particular time… it wasn’t anything like you and Dean had done before.

The two of you locked eyes, leaving sloppy kisses on each other’s lips as Dean thrusted himself into you over and over again. The way Dean held you, the way his eyes barely left your face… it was like he was a whole new Dean.

Before you knew it, a warm euphoria flooded through your body the same time Dean felt the same magic. It felt like ages since sex felt that satisfying.

Dean rolled off and laid next to you, both of you staring up at the ceiling panting in contentment at the activity you just participated in. You stayed quiet, knowing Dean would be the one to break the silence.

“Y/N, can you… can you just come here”

Knowing exactly what he meant, you curled up against his body as he wrapped both of his arms around your bare torso. You nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck – the sound of his heart was one of the most pleasant sounds your ears had ever heard.

Dean kissed the top of your hair before he rested his cheek on your head.

You stayed quiet, afraid of ruining this perfect moment that you knew could be the last.

I’m only human can’t you see
I made, I made a mistake
Please just look me in my face
Tell me everything’s okay
Cause I got it
He’ll never be like you

ourmidnightlullaby  asked:

hello! thank you so much for writing all of those headcanons, you're very creative and know how to keep the characters ic! do you think you could write something about an extremely polite mc and the rfa+v+saeran reactions to this trait of her personality? (aliás, sou brasileira também, hehe. se quiser fazer em português, fique à vontade)

This is small because i don’t have a lot of things to talk about , sorry.
Portuguese version RIGHT HERE
Thank you so much for your support, i  hope  you like!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me

My requests are close! If you don’t care about waiting, then you can send your request!( HERE it’s my do’s and donts)


  • He’s a polite boy, he doesn’t get angry very often either fight with others.
  • When he met MC and realizes how polite, she was…He thought that was pretty cool!
  • No problem, right?
  • No
  • He’s feeling like a rebel.
  • MC is so polite, he feels so bad, he feels like a bad Yoosung.
  • She’s so sweet, use some words that he doesn’t even know, and you’re just being yourself.
  • He wants etiquette classes, this doesn’t make any sense, but…Could you teach him?
  • Oh, and if you didn’t know, he will give up after some hours!
  • Let’s leave this education all to MC!HE’S FINE!


  • Zen’s not a polite person, he can try but he can’t control himself.
  • If Jumin is there, he isn’t a polite person, never!
  • But you’re so polite, he really tries to refrain himself from saying something bad in front of you.
  • He wants you to look at him and think about a knight, a prince, not a barbarian.
  • He’s  really trying his best!
  • If you tell him that he did not need to, he’ll be insulting Jumin with all the words that can come up in his mind.
  • He’ll be relieved and free.


  • Well, she’s pretty polite too.
  • So you guys will be a polite couple.
  • You two are always restraining yourselves.
  • Pretty chill.
  • But if someone says something bad to you, she’ll be a bad Jaehee.
  • But after she kicked the person’s ass, she’s smiling, being polite again.
  • That’s weird.
  • But you can accept it!


  • This is good, his wife is a polite woman.
  • You have class, patience, education.
  • You’re so perfect in his eyes, just like him, you do not get angry very often.
  • If he’s angry about something, he’ll not be angry in front of you.
  • He’ll be ashamed.
  • You’re so polite,  he must be too.
  • He has to be the best husband ever.


  • Oh god, you’re so polite!
  • You look like a butler
  • LOL
  • Just kidding!
  • He’ll buy you a butler outfit, he doesn’t care
  • He’ll talk with you in a polite way, of course, making fun of you
  • He’s a dork
  • “Excuse madam…Are you going to use the toilette? I have an urgent madder there, i need to make some useless fluid go out”
  • Did i mention that he’ll always make fun of you?
  • Because he’ll.


  • I don’t have a lot to say about it, really.
  • V’s just so sweet and precious.
  • He’ll find very good how polite you’re.
  • You can be VERY VERY polite, he’ll not find it amusing, boring or annoying.
  • He’ll love you the way you’re.


  • He’ll not tolerate this, he cannot stand all of this.
  • He’ll show to you a lot of things to you curse, he doesn’t care at all.
  • You’re so polite that is making him cringe.
  • You cannot be a badass while you’re so polite!
  • If he makes you curse, he’ll be so proud and happy!
  • YEAH
Cookies (Taehyung Smut)

Request: hello (: can i please have a taehyung smut where the reader gets really turned on by his fingers… idk i have a thing for long, skinny fingers o///o thank you!!

A/N:Y'all I went through a couple deaths writing this, but I hope you enjoy it lmao As always I’d appreciate getting feedback a hella lot, and thank you for reading!


You were living in a small, comfortable apartment with your boyfriend Tae. Living with him made it sound like you would see him often, but to be fully honest, he was the busiest person you knew. Being in a Kpop group for sure didn’t leave much free time. Nonetheless you supported him with all your heart, it was his dream after all and you loved seeing it come true.

Now and then Tae would finally have a day off, today was one of those days and it was the least to say you were excited. At 10 am you had awoken in his arms, his face nuzzled into your neck, his hair tickling you, body warmth radiating off him. The two of you had stayed in bed for two hours, cuddling, kissing and just talking about everything and nothing. Then you had gotten up, cooked a very late breakfast together and watched a movie. You loved just being with him, doing nothing great but still having the best time, just because you were so in love with him. Love could make even the least exciting moments into the most beautiful ones in your life.

From start to finish of the movie, Tae had desperately bugged you about craving cookies, you having to tell him there were none in the house for about 23 times. And because Taehyung was a stubborn little 5-year-old and you were one to give in quickly, you somehow ended up in the kitchen, the counter full of various ingredients for, who could’ve guessed it, cookie dough.

“Now gradually add the flour,” you read from the instructions, Tae obediently grabbing the bowl of flour.

But instead of adding it into the huge bowl in front of him slowly, he threw all of it in. In one go. You playfully hit his shoulder, huffing at him. These cookies were never going to end up tasting anything like cookies, you were sure of it, but you didn’t mind as long as you got time to spend with your boyfriend. Who, by the way, was looking dangerously handsome at that moment.

You lifted your body up onto the counter, watching Tae as he was lost in thoughts. His black sweatpants hung low on his hips, paired with a white v-neck shirt. Because he was bent over a little and your head was above his, you could see his tanned, soft skin of his neck and collarbones, complimented by the light that fell through the window next to him. His hair hung into is face and he was biting his lip in concentration as he placed the dough-like mass on the surface of the shiny counter. The quiet music you had put on earlier filled the otherwise calm room.

Due to Tae’s busy schedule you hadn’t gotten to have loads of physical contact with him lately, especially no sex, and it was safe to say you missed it, his mouth on your neck, always leaving purple marks, his hips fitting into yours like they were made just for you, his hands roaming all over your body. His hands. Your greatest weakness. Using his long, skinny and extremely skilled fingers on you always left you screaming his name in ecstasy, you couldn’t help it. Endless nights you had spent being tied up to the bed and then being teased by Tae until he had you begging him to fuck you. Only using his fingers.

You shuddered and shook your head slightly, trying to ban those thoughts from your head. They might had wandered to the back of your mind, but for sure hadn’t left. Taehyung had knead the dough so it actually looked somewhat acceptable. He was pressing it down with his fingers, sprinkling dough on the surface with his fingers so the dough wouldn’t stick to it. His fingers … Your mind wandered off once more, your thighs pressing together involuntarily. At the images flashing through your head you felt yourself becoming a little wet, you couldn’t help it. You cursed yourself on the inside for getting turned on by Tae way too easily, but that was just the effect he had on you, there was no way out.

He had rolled out the dough and was now using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, placing the cookies on a baking tray. You were trying your best to help the excited boy but you kept getting distracted by how focused he looked. Now and then he shoved a bit of the dough in his mouth, then holding another piece in front of your face, signalling you to open up. You hummed in response, surprised of how well it actually tasted. He looked up at you, grinning widely, making you smile back at him sweetly, bending down and kissing his nose. At your gesture he scrunched up his nose, smiling happily before going back to his work.

By the time the last cookie was put onto the tray, you were properly full of sexual frustration. As Tae was putting the unbaked cookies into the oven, you were still sat in the same place, your legs dangling off the counter.

“24 minutes,” he said, his voice illegally low. God, keep it together Y/N, you thought to yourself, staring at his back and broad shoulders intensely.

He turned around and you instantly opened your arms, making him grin cheerily before walking towards you. You surely took him by surprise when you locked lips with his passionately, pulling him closer by the collar of his shirt. He got your hint quickly though, kissing back hungrily, his tongue sliding over your bottom lip. You tasted and smelled the familiar scent of your boyfriend, happily taking it into all of your senses.

“I missed this … fuck,” he mumbled against your mouth before letting his tongue explore your mouth, fighting against your own.

Hell yes, you can say that again, you thought to yourself. His hands buried into your waist as he stood between your legs which were wrapped around his hips tightly, not letting him escape. Not that he wanted to, anyway. His hands glided down your body, grabbing your ass, making you moan softly. Meanwhile, his mouth left wet, open mouth kisses all over your exposed neck, your head thrown back at the long-awaited feeling. You played with his hair for a couple seconds before sliding your hands down his back, grabbing the fabric of his white shirt, pulling it up as far as you could. As soon as he realized what you were doing he stopped his actions to pull it off his body completely, revealing his tanned chest and abs. His hair was ruffled, his lips pink. The sight of him made you think that you wouldn’t be able to control your anticipation one second longer.

His hands reached for your ass again, this time pulling you off the counter, your legs wrapping around him tighter and you could feel his member through the thin fabric of both of your pants. Tae carried you into the living room, setting you down on the couch. Your lips wanted to kiss him again, you were so needy for him, but he reached for your shirt and pulled it off, his pants following afterwards. Then, finally, he lay himself between your legs, his semi-hard erection pressing into your center, making you tremble slightly in anticipation. His lips found yours again, messily kissing you, his tongue running over yours once more. His mouth travelled down your neck, this time sucking more roughly, finding your sweet spot in no time. You moaned softly, your back arching against his touch, craving even more friction. This allowed him to slide his hands to your back, unclasping your bra, throwing it on the floor. His hungry mouth licked down your chest, over each of your nipples, swirling his tongue around them. You both groaned in unison as his hips rolled against yours, seeking some kind of contact as hard his member was strained against his boxers.

Tae made sure to leave a trail of hickeys on his way down your stomach to your hips. His fingers linked with the material of your panties, pulling them down slowly whilst he looked up at you, wanting to see your every reaction to his actions. As your soaked core was hit by the cold air, you sucked in a breath. He chuckled at your reaction, running two of his fingers over your slit, not giving you enough satisfaction yet as you whimpered his name. He kept teasing you like this, loving the way you looked, helpless, putty in his hands. His hands. His fingers. Him rolling your clit between them. Your thoughts went completely quiet, nothing but Taehyung on your mind.

“What do you want, kitten?” He asked, his face centimetres away from your throbbing core. You felt his hot breath on your clit.

“You- your fingers,” you breathed out, looking at him desperately.

“That’s what I thought,” he answered, and while he was still chuckling a little, his lips sunk down on your center and two of his fingers spread your core, sliding into you with ease. His laughter sent vibrations through your body, combined with the relief of finally having his fingers inside of you whilst he sucked on your clit, tasting your wetness. Tae had always been a giver, he had always been into oral a lot, and who would say no to him? His nose was buried inbetween your folds as he swirled his tongue over the sensitive bundle of nerves. You moaned loudly, your breath heavy as he curled his fingers against your g-spot. Your eyes were squeezed close, not being able to keep them open due to the intensity of pleasure. Squealing his name in need, you bucked your hips against his mouth, earning a groan from him before his free hand pressed them down again. Your stomach twisted and you felt yourself getting closer to the edge.

“Tae- I’m so close,” you managed to choke out between loud moans. He reacted too quickly for your liking, pulling away completely, his fingers leaving you. At the loss of contact you whimpered, but collected yourself pretty quickly, knowing what was about to come. Tae stepped out of his boxers, his hard length finally being freed. He lowered himself between your thighs again, pumping his member a couple times, spreading the pre-cum, leaving you whimpering his name softly, showing him how badly you needed him.

“You ready?”, he asked, his forehead touching yours, his lips brushing over yours slightly.

You nodded eagerly, gazing into his dark almond-shaped eyes that were looking back at you lovingly. Without further warning, he pushed his whole length into you, making you groan in response. His brows furrowed as he began thrusting into you at a steady pace, his lips kissing yours lazily. You wrapped your legs around his hips, allowing him to go even deeper, his cock brushing over your g-spot over and over. The new position left Tae groaning huskily, his moans like music to your ears. You noticed his hands grabbing yours, locking your fingers with his, the loving gesture making your heart flip. Trying your best to keep your eyes open, you stared at him in awe, him returning the look. A slow love song was playing in the background, accompanied by both of your moans.

“Saranghae”, the simple word left his lips, making you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

“I love you too,” you breathed out before he kissed you again.

First he continued thrusting fairly slowly, just taking in the moment, but he was coming closer to his release as the minutes went by. His hips rolled into yours repeatedly, your name falling from his lips now and then. After some time, his thrusts sped up, his hormones taking over his mind, making his body follow their needs. You whimpered as you felt yourself closer to your orgasm, clinging to his hands, signalling him how close you were.

His hair grazed your forehead as he sent you a reassuring look and nodded at you, wanting you to let go. That was all it took before you fell apart underneath him, his rapid thrusts guiding you though your orgasm, making it last a couple seconds before you felt his member twitch inside of you. You loved the sounds he made whenever he came, the low groans, your name from his lips, showing it was you and only you who could made him feel this way.

After he had pulled out, he held you for a couple minutes, neither of you saying anything. You were the first one to talk.

“Now I’m extra excited for the cookies,” you grinned, kissing his cheek.

“The cookies!”, Tae suddenly called out, pushing you off him before running towards the kitchen. Still butt naked. You laughed at him, following him in eagerness. Before you had even reached the door frame, you heard Tae’s voice.

“All-clear! Still edible,” he shouted, excitement coming from his voice. You just laughed as he stood in front of you, completely naked, proudly holding the cookie tray in his hands.

Birthday Surprise- Draco Malfoy Imagine

My first imagine yay! hope you guys like it. It would help if anyone can give me any feedback on my writing, that would mean a lot. Feel free to request a prompt so i can add to a list. Enjoy!

y/n: your name

Today was your boyfriend,Draco Malfoy’s,birthday.You knew he didnt have it easy in life since he was a death eater. Not even for his birthday. Blaise once told you that Draco hasn’t celebrated his birthday in years. He gets a simple “Happy Birthday” from his parents and spends the rest of it in his room alone. It broke your heart to hear that.

So today you wanted to give Draco the best birthday. You were lucky that there were no classes today so you headed up to his room.

Entering, you found him peacefully asleep.Strands of his blonde hair on his forehead. Chest rising up and down, soft snores coming out. He looked so peacefull, angelic like. How did you get so lucky? you thought

Carefully, you ran your hand through his hair and gave his nose a little kiss. “ Draco,Draco, wake up.” He shifted and groaned a little. Then he woke up.

“y/n? Hey love, what are ypu doing here?’

” Just came by to see if you wanted to spend the day together.“
He grabbed you by the waist and pulled you down so you layed next to him.

“I dont feel so well y/n. Im sorry maybe we can spend another day together.”

You knew he was doing this on purpose and you werent gonna have that
“ Is this about your birthday today?” He didnt say anything but look away.
“ Cmon Draco,cheer up for me please?” Still he gave you silence.

In annoyance you got up and pulled his arm so he could get up. Once he sat up ypu got his robes and placed them in his hand.
“ Change and meet me at the black lake when you’re done. Please. I love you Draco.” You gave him a quick peck and went to the Black Lake

You nervously waited for Draco. You weren’t sure if he was going to come or not. Many thoughts were going through your head. What if he didnt like what you did? What if you didnt get him what he wanted? Or what if your not giving him the best and he has another bad birthday?

Your thoughts were interrupted when a pair of hands covered your eyes.
“Guess who?’
You turned around and gave Draco and hug knowing all too well it was him.
"You came!”
He smiled at you. “So why’d you bring me here?”

You turned around and sat on the blanket you had set up, montioning for him to sit next to you. you then placed a small item in front of Draco.“ I wanted to give you this but I wanted it to be special so I brought us to one of our spots, The Black Lake. Happy Birthday Draco.” He looked down in confusion at the small item wondering what it was. You took your wand out.


Draco was blown away at what the item was. Right before his eyes was the newest Nimbus 2001 (a/n please just pretend there was a newer version of the Nimbus 2000)

His face lit up like a little boy on Christmas morning. Suddenly you were tackled down by Draco.
“Bloody hell y/n’s! I *KISS Love *kISS You *KISS so *kISS much!”
He sat you both up and placed you on his lap.

“What did i do to deserve you.I wouldnt be where I am today without you. I was left in darkness and you brought me light. When I told you I was a Death Eater you werent afraid of me, you didnt leave me. You stayed y/n. And if anything happens to you I dont know what i’d do. I love you y/n and im the luckiest man to have you.Im glad you made me come out here”

You werent realising you were both crying untill he wiped your tears away. L aughing you said “Look what you did you made us both cry…and I love you too Draco”

Grabbing his hand you both stood up.You suddenly though of something fun and gave him a smirk.
“ How about we go and test this baby out” motioning to his broom

The feeling when flying on a broom is like no other. The wind in your hair, the small kisses of the cold chill on your face. The smell of pine in the air. And of course the warmth you get from embracing Draco with your arms around his waist.

Spending time flying with eachother was amazing but it soon had to end when it was almost curfew. For the rest of the day you both sat on the blanket in eachothers arms and watched the stars.

“ This was the best birthday I have ever had in years y/n. Thank you so much. I promise for now on my birthday will be one of the best days in my life when i get to spend it with you.”

A/N Merlin’s beard this imagine was harder to write than i thought. I give so much cred to anyone who puts in their time and work to write imagines and fanfictions you guys are awesome. I hope this imagine was at least good for my first time writing. Im not sure how often ill put imagines up but ill try to do it often. Thank you for taking the time to read this I hope you have an amazing day or night. baiii

Broken Goods, Introduction

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

A/N: Helloooooo :D This is something I’ve been wanting to write for a while because I love this dorky creature. It won’t be kicking off for a while but I just wanted to give you all the heads up that this is going to be a future project:)

If you’re a reader of Slave to Pleasure then you should know that angst is very much my area of expertise, and that this fic will be up the same alley but at the same time very different, a lot less smutty and without a supernatural fantasy alternate reality setting. 

I hope that you all like the idea of this, please give feedback on what you think, you never know if I get a great reasponse I may bring the start up date closer;D xxxxx

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I Can’t Forget You

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky feels the need to take pictures of the things he treasures so he doesn’t forget them.

Warnings: Swearing.

Word Count: 1,018

A/N: This is only my second one shot, so I’m still getting used to this. I don’t really know how I feel about it. But thank you to all of those who followed me and/or read, liked, and reblogged my last one shot, it means a lot. Please request anything or give me feedback here. I’m completely open to and greatly appreciate constructive criticism. If you want to be tagged in my future writing, just send me a message! I hope you enjoy! ily all :~~)

Originally posted by fantasyimagine

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Yours Truly II Eric/OC II One Shot

Eric x Reader where you give him a lapdance/striptease for his birthday. (It happens after training and stuff like that) And in this imagine/oneshot, Eric allows himself to be a little submissive and let you take the lead. I hope this is okay hehe x

Here you go nonnie, hope you enjoy, a little submissive Eric getting a striptease, hope you enjoy! As always feedback is great, I had a lot of fun writing this one. 

He was in a bad mood, which wasn’t surprising, Eric was always in a bad mood. Normally, however, these mood swings were not directed at you. 

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100 Followers - Imagine: Being Kidnapped by Millennium and then Guarded by a Polite Captain

Whew, this took forever, and I’m sorry for that! This is much, MUCH longer than the last one. A lot more backstory too. I apologize for the lack of Captain. It was difficult to get him in there without it becoming weird of why he would be there, so yeah, sorry. I really hope you all like this. Do let me know how I did on this, I always love your comments (which I read on EVERY post) and talking to you all. Please enjoy and thank you!


Hellsing Fanfiction - Reader-Insert

Reader x Captain (slight, can be interpreted how you please) 

Feedback is appreciated, and I apologize in advance for my terrible attempt at a German accent XD


Something cold and metallic pressedagainst ______ aching skin. The touch was a strange mix of pleasantand painful. As their eyes pried themselves open, the peculiar feeling quickly transformed into an irritation. They were in a cell, which only meant one thing: damn Millennium.

Groaning, they pulled their sore body to their knees. In the dim light, the small square room was even more dismal. A perfect cube with one side holding criss-crossed bars and the other a plain metal sheet that wrapped to hold them. A metal prison that stank of gunpowder and antiseptic, with only an oddly brown-colored toilet in the corner and a thin mat in the other.

It shouldn’t have surprised ____ that their conditions were so terrible. They were a part of the enemy after all. It embarrassed _____ to be in this situation, especially after having finally rose in the ranks of Hellsing. After starting off as just another cannon-fodder soldier, they climbed their way to the top, or rather, was one of the few that still stood and still clung to their sanity. Most either died or went insane after having witnessed all of the horrific sights that Hellsing dealt with, many of which had to do with the No Life King himself, who had no qualms with devouring the enemy right in front of the new recruits. Somehow, _____ managed to become used to the screams and splashes of blood. Maybe because they knew it was for the best, or because they thought it was kind of cool, or maybe because they rationalized that at least it wasn’t them. Whatever the case, ____ remained, through all of the battles, through the arrival of the Draculina, Seras, through the hiring of the Wild Geese, and through the initial fight against the Millennium members. And this did not go unnoticed. Sir Integra was impressed, not an easy feat, and Alucard appeared to be amused by _____’s talent of not dieing, despite the odds. During Jan Valentine’s assault on the manor, ______ survived, and that was the final tipping point. After such heavy losses, ____ was promoted, even standing above the newly recruited Wild Geese (which, of course, Pip Bernadotte laughed at this before being smacked around by Miss Victoria, who did not appreciate seeing a senior officer belittled as they were). When it came time to escort the No Life King, it was no surprise that _____ was assigned to accompany the Wild Geese in their guarding. At first, ___ was excited to find that they were going to be visiting such a pleasant place and began to daydream about perhaps getting a well-deserved break. However, it appears fate had other plans, or rather, Millennium had.

Everyone was busy during that night when Tubalcain Alhambra and several other Millennium soldiers attacked Alucard, including a rather tired ______. They had been asleep at the time, but was awoken quickly by the sound of gunshots. They had been stationed in the hotel as well, as a precaution, yet, this seems to have been a mistake on Hellsing. While attempting to gather up their guns, several men rushed in, far more prepared than _____ was. They fought the vampires the best they could, however, was overwhelmed by the numbers, which just seemed to continue to grow. When their gun was knocked out of their hands, they knew it was over. However, instead of devouring them as they believed, they were hit over the head with the butt of one of the enemy’s guns and immediately blacked out.

And now, _____ was under the gracious care of Millennium.

The bruises on their arms and legs from the fight had not healed, only worsened from the apparent rough treatment of their unconscious body during the move. Blood stained their hair, crusty around the area in which they were hit. Gingerly, they wobbled to their feet, fighting off the nausea that was rising in their throat. They were sick from the impact and injuries, but also could not deny the hunger pangs that were rising in their belly.

_____ made their way to the bars, and peered past the cross-stitched metal. There were other cells, yet none of them appeared to be occupied. The faint light from the bulb hanging from the ceiling, however, did not help with their vision. The silence was unnerving; no one was around by them. Why kidnap them, but then not even bother to guard or interrogate them? Wanting answers, ______ did something that only seemed rational at the time.

“Oi,” ____ yelled into the hall, “why am I here?” Their voice reverberated off the metal walls, sending a shiver down their spine from the sheer emptiness.

When there came no answer, they huffed before turning around to slump down onto the mat. They huddled there, holding their knees to their chest, just realizing how cold it was in there. A growl emitted from their stomach and they held it, pressing their palm against the soft spot in hopes of silencing the ripple. The continuous inner cry was interrupted by the sudden clang of metal against metal. ____ glanced up, their eyes widening at the sight.

The Captain.

Not known by any other name but his position, The Captain was only a rumor, a whisper, a I-hope-to-God-he’s-not-real-because-otherwise-I’ll-shit-my-pants-murmur. However, ____ knew right away from his appearance who he was, just from the stories of white hair and red eyes, and his clothes, which matched the military-grade outfit for captains. He was tall, much taller than _____, and broad-shouldered with a face hidden behind his collar and hat.

Here was the Captain, a mere legend, standing before _____, with a tray in his gloved hands.

_____ was speechless, only stuttering out breaths in an awkward attempt to form words. The Captain, on the other hand, was quiet as well, yet carried a superior air around him. With their back still against the wall, _____ tried to slink back farther into the shadows. When he realized that they were not going to come towards him, the Captain took a step forward, causing ____ to flinch. He did not attempt to approach them further, but instead bent down to place the tray on the ground. Their eyes locked with his when he went to stand back up, but they quickly looked away. Their stare remained on the colored-toilet until they heard the sliding of metal and footsteps fall away. When they were sure they were alone, they vaulted their body towards the tray. A simple sandwich, apple, and glass of water appeared to be the most delicious thing that ____ had seen in a very long time. They devoured the food and drink without a moment’s hesitation. Afterward, they crawled back into their corner, their thoughts racing and their skin still achingly cold.

As ______, thought over their current situation, wondering how the heck they were going to escape a Nazi prison, heavy footsteps echoed through the hall, making their way towards _____’s cell. ____ stood up, preparing themselves for the inevitable encounter.

“Ah, did out prisoner enjoy their meal?”

____ remained silent, refusing to answer the man. First, they stood toe-to-toe with the infamous Captain, and now, in the flesh, was the Major himself. A portly man with grin plastered against his face, the Major was dwarfed easily by the Captain, who stood to his right. _____ kept their eyes on the Major, but couldn’t help but catch glimpses of the Captain and his own crimson orbs.

“It was fine,” _____ finally replied, “thanks.”

The Major clasped his hands together in a dramatic fashion. “Wunderbar. I know it vasn’t much, but I’m glad to hear that it could fill some of zhat void in your stomach.”

____ quietly scoffed at the man’s mock-enthusiasm. “Thank you again.” It was best to try and remain polite. The last thing they needed was to go and piss off the reason this war began.

“You are most velcome. Now, onto business. You are probably wondering vhy you are here. Well, you see, our Doctor has taken an interest in you and your apparent inability to die, despite the dire circumstances.”

_____’s eyes widened. ‘Doctor?’ Who the hell was the 'Doctor?’ Was he the one that was turning those soldiers into ghouls? Oh shit…

“So, you brought me here,” _____ said, “because you want to experiment on me?”

The Major’s grin stretched farther. “You could say zhat. You impressed us, all of us, and zhat is not an easy feat. Do not worry though,” he spread out his arms, “I promise zhat it won’t be as bad as it sounds.”

“I don’t want to be a vampire.”

The words left _____’s mouth before they could stop themself. It was true, they wanted to remain human, please and thank you, but they really did not want to make their captives angry. However, despite _____’s initial thought, the Major’s grin did not fade, but instead, somehow seemed to stretch even further.

“Ah, I know zhe feeling. Do not worry, we wouldn’t dare take away your humanity. Zomething like that is far too precious to lose. For it is your spirit that keeps you alive.”

Okay, now the guy was starting to sound like some inspirational poster. _____ wanted to meld into the wall, but they remained, still under the watchful eye of both the Major and the Captain, whose gaze had not left them.

“The process will be difficult, true,” the Major continued, “but it will be vorth it. We hope.”

“Well, what is it then?” ____ asked, regretting the words once more, but their curiosity would kill them before any sick experiments would if they were not told soon. However, they were not given an answer. Instead, the Major shook his head, the sickening smile never leaving his face.

“You vill see soon.” He locked eyes with them once more. “For now, you vill stay here, with the Captain here checking on you once in a vhile.”

With that last comment, the Major left ____ to themselves, the Captain trailing behind.

Having kept count of the days by sheer memory, ______ was up to four days in the cell. It was the same everyday: the Captain would come by three times a day with a tray of food (always a sandwich, apple, and water) and then stand there for just a little while before leaving. Each time he was there, _____ made use of the temporary company and attempted to talk to him. Perhaps out of need for company, or perhaps their sanity truly was slipping. Whatever the case, they were the only one that talked between the two, the Captain remaining ever stoic and silent. Usually, their “conversations” consisted of ______ thanking him before reminiscing about the past, mainly events from their career in Hellsing.

It was on the fifth day, they noted, that something was different: it was much colder than it had been. They sat on their make-shift bed, holding themselves, and attempting to stop their violent shivering. When the footsteps arrived, carrying the Captain and his food tray, they did not bother to look up. They did, though, when they heard a sudden whooshing noise, and a darkness cover their view. An incredibly warm cloak was now placed over their shoulders. It was tucked close to their collarbone by two nimble hands. The body to which these hands belonged to was now, as _____ noticed, shirtless. The Captain had leaned down to their level and was adjusting his very own cloak around them. Because of his height, his chest was more at eye length than his face, making the cloak seem to be made out of ice in comparison to the hotness that enveloped ______’s cheeks.

“Um,” ____ said, “thank you Captain.”

He said nothing, instead, standing up from the shivering figure, stepping over the tray, and leaving, allowing _____ to keep his coat. After coming out of their daze, they gingerly ate the food, careful not to stain the coat. Normally, ____ would have purposely tried to ruin anything Millennium had, but due to the Captain’s abnormal kindness, they decided against it. He came back a little later, carrying a pile of blankets. He took back his jacket, but made sure they wrapped the fabric around them first. They thanked him once more, before he slipped away.

All of this was too confusing for ______. They were sought out by Millennium, imprisoned, being prepped for some sort of experimentation, and now the infamous Captain was bringing them blankets. What was with all of this? Why was he so polite? Why did Millennium want them? It was almost too much.

Within the next few days, the Captain came around more often and stuck around more. To ____, they enjoyed the company, but was growing concerned by this need for extra protection. Was it almost time? However, he remained polite, making sure that they were brought food and blankets. At one point, he even brought them a sponge and a bucket of water to wash off. Of course, he turned around like a gentleman to give them privacy.

It bothered _____ how much they were going to miss him and his visits when it came time, him and his damn politeness.


Yeah, sorry about the shit ending. I had no idea how. You all can make up the rest I suppose :)


Based on the request: Could you possibly write one where Crowley flirts with the reader physically when no ones looking and kinda falls into his lust. Then maybe he seduces her or something but Dean and/or Sam find out and come after Crowley. Thank you and your work is absolutely gold 🙌🏼❤️ by @randomvlogstuff 

Pairing: Crowley/reader

Warnings: none

Authors note: This was really something new for me… I would be really happy about some feedback and I hope that you like it!! Thank you a lot for your request

You are sitting in the Impala, after a long and hard hunt. The wendigo was really something new to you and those creatures are creepy, even for you as a hunter with a lot of experience. So you and the boys are happy to finally get back home, to the bunker. Dean is driving his baby through the night and you can recognize how tired he is by the fact that his typical rock music isn’t on but some calm songs in the radio. While he tries his best to keep his eyes open, Sam is sleeping on the seat next to him. His head is leaned against the window with closed eyes. He is in this position for at least two hours already and given by how loud he is snoring, he won’t wake up in a long time. You are sitting on the backseat of the Impala, looking out of the window and try to figure out where the hell you actually are but you only see the miles after miles of highway in the middle of nowhere. Not a single car passed you the last hour and you can’t wait to finally lay in your bed.

“Hello Boys“, you hear a well- known voice and all of a sudden Crowley sits next to you in the car. “What the –” you start surprised but he holds his finger against your mouth. “psst” he whispers with a smirk. “Or do you want to wake up moose?” You shake your head slightly and he takes his finger away. “Good girl” Crowley chuckles lightly, taking care that his voice isn’t loud enough for Dean to hear. When you turn your head to him you realize how close he is actually sitting to you. Only a few inches of air are between your left leg and the demon in the fancy dark suit and even in the darkness of the night you can perfectly see his paisley tie around his throat.
“What are you doing here?” you ask confused, pressing your legs together. Something about having him so close to you is making you nervous.

“Hell was boring, so i thought that i just come and visit my favorite little hunter”. His lips form into his typical ironic smirk and he gives you a wink. Now you are really happy about how dark it is in the car because the redness of your blush fills your cheeks. Of course, he is just flirting a bit but that doesn’t make it better. You have a soft spot for him, something about him being caring but yet dominant makes your legs shiver. Suddenly you feel something on your leg.

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Much, much better.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam.

Warnings: Smut.

Tagging: @spnfanficpond @aprofoundbondwithdean @spnashley

Summary: Reader pretends to be a stripper for a case. Dean gets a bit intense.

A/N: I am feeling the urge to make this a series. So let me know with some feedback. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy. Lots of love xx.

His jaw hit the ground the moment she stepped on the stage. He couldn’t look away, all he could do was ogle with his mouth agape. He always thought she was beautiful, but seeing her like this made his mouth dry and his heart thud in his ears.

He took her in. His eyes sliding from her wine stained lips, down her neck and lingered on her hips. The way she swayed them caused his pants to become uncomfortably tight. All he could imagine was ripping off that snug little top and panties and doing sin to her body, until she cried his name out in ecstacy.

Sam cleared his throat, jolting Dean from his little fantasy. He shifted and moved his hands into his suit pockets then turning to look at Sam.

“Maybe asking Y/N to do this was a bad idea.” Sam said, his lips in a tight line.

“What? Her pretending to be a stripper. Come on Sammy. It had to be her. It’s not like we could get up there and shake our asses in this club.”

Sam shook his head and chuckled at Dean’s response.

“You know, I hate the way all these guys are looking at her. But I ain’t mad about the way she looks either.” Dean smirked.

“She can handled herself Dean. A guy tries something, she’ll knock him into next year. Except you. She has a soft spot for you.” A small smile was dancing on Sam’s lips.

She was agile like a cat, snaking around the pole- making sure everyone’s eyes were on her. Yeah she could dance pretty well but that didn’t make it less embarrassing or nerve wreaking wearing almost nothing and shaking her ass for horny men. She sighed, the things she did to catch the monsters. She looked up and noticed Sam and Dean leaning against the bar counter, and Dean had a smirk plastered on his face, which caused her heart to quicken and her body to tremble. She was trying to distract herself from his smoldering eyes.

“Find the siren. Kill the son of a bitch. Find the siren. Kill the son of a bitch.” She whispered to herself as the song ended. She took a boisterous bow, her ass swaying as she walked off the stage to join Sam and Dean.

Dean bit the inside of his cheek- jealously welling up inside his chest as men whistled at her. A man sitting at the bar, loudly smacked her ass as she walked passed. She was furious but before she had a chance to put him in his place, Dean’s fist connected with the man’s face. She heard the crunch of his nose and when he fell to the ground she saw the dribble of blood.

Sam grabbed Dean by the shoulders, holding him back. “Walk it off man. Let it go.”

She stood there, shocked. This was the first time Dean had defended her, he usually let her smash the bad guy to pieces. She didn’t know how to feel- flattered or furious. He slid of his suit jacket and chucked it at her, as he walked out the club with Sam, without even glancing back at her. She held his jacket close to her chest and smelt him. She grinned and put it on, following them outside.

His blood was boiling, not for her anymore but with anger. It was one thing to look at his girl and a whole different thing to touch her. He wanted to crush that guy, make him understand that she was his, only his.

The ride to the motel was a tense one. Dean’s jaw was twitching like he was biting down his words and Y/N sat in the back expressionless just holding onto Dean’s jacket around her.

The moment Dean pulled in front of the motel, Sam spoke up with an awkward smile, “I have a bit more research to do. So I’ll see you guys later with some dinner.” Dean throw the keys at him and barged inside the room. She waited outside until Same drove off. She wasn’t in a hurry to get smothered by Dean’s temper.

He yanked his tie off and flung it on the bed whilst pacing. She took of his coat and was standing in front of him. He was trying not to stare.

His eyes were sharp and green, his handsome raw boned face livid. He was, she thought smugly, hers for the taking. He ripped the coat from her hands and tossed it aside.


“You’re lucky I didn’t wrap it around your throat.”

She leaned in to snarl in his face, “try it.”

He slid his hand under her chin, gave her throat a light threatening squeeze. “I prefer my hands.”

“You don’t scare me Dean. You never did.”

He hauled her close to him. He could smell her hair, her skin and lust crawled along with temper into his belly, “I can change that.”

A fire burning in her eyes, “I was doing my job Dean. It burns your ass that other men actually make moves on me. I have a mind of my damn own. You sure as hell can’t pretend like I’m yours. So take a hike.”

“I hate the way you’re speaking to me Y/N. It actually wasn’t that, that was burning my ass. It was your ego soaked bitchiness. You go around acting like you don’t need anyone.”

He caught her fist an instant before it plowed into his jaw. They grappled for a moment.

Then they fell on to the bed.

She tore his shirt, buttons popping as she yanked it impatiently over his head. Her breathing ragged. He rolled, he ripped the flimsy material off her. Her teeth digging into his shoulder and his hands dragging through her hair. His body pinned hers and his mouth crushed into hers and all she could think was Thank god. She arched against him, her mind yelling for more. Her hands streaking over his body to take it.

He was rough, like she flipped a switch in him. He craved her, hunger borderlining pain. He wanted to bury himself in her wet heat and have her writing beneath him.

He took her breast with his calloused hand and then his mouth. She bucked under him, levered her hand’s between their bodies and fought his zipper. They were gasping for breaths as they touched, groped and felt.

The momentum had them of the bed and onto the floor. Even as the fall dazed her, he drove into her. She cried out, a short shocked sound and her legs wrapped around him like chains.

She felt all of him in tons, the line of bone, the play of muscle, the scars, the taste of his flesh and the quick scrape of stubble when it rubbed against her.

She couldn’t speak, she couldn’t stop. Each violent thrust fired into her blood until she was just a mass of raw nerves. She clutched on to him, pistoning her hips to match his thrusts, her vision blurring.

The orgasm seemed to tear up from her toes, her centre, heart, head. For one instant, she saw his face, vivid and clear above her. His eyes almost black, fixed on hers with intensity that stripped her to the bone. Even as her eyes glazed, she knew he was falling out of himself, he still was watching her.

She rolled over on her stomach and laid flat on the floor. He lay beside her, their fingers and legs tangled, both staring at the ceiling with heaving chests.

Y/N sat up and asked Dean, “Feel better now ?”
He turned his head to look at her, with a smirk, “don’t you ?”

She grinned, “Much.” She said as he tucked a stray hair behind her ear, tenderly.

sun and stars [photographer!luke]

a/n: hello my peaches!! i don’t have to much to really preface this with tbh but i hope you enjoy and i hope it’s not too cheesy for you and please, as always, feedback would be just wonderful (◡‿◡✿) 

“I’ll call you when I find out.”

His words were spiralling through your head over and over again like clockwork. It had been hours since he uttered them before planting a rushed kiss on your lips and darting out the door with his camera bag and portfolio in tow. Normally Luke was pretty relaxed, never letting thing get to him. He’d taught you a lot in that aspect, your gears usually tightly wound in stressful situations.

Today was different though. Luke woke up earlier than usual and headed straight to the shower. On any other day, he’d lay in bed for close to an hour, whining about how much he didn’t want to get up, how badly he just wanted to stay in the warm confines of your shared bed with you and Maggie, the lab you adopted together nearly a year ago. You didn’t even receive a glance today though as he rolled out of bed and started to get ready for the day.

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Starting Over

Genre: Angst (and a bit of fluff?)

Character: B.I (Hanbin)

Request: Can you write a Hanbin scenario where you think he hates you because he is always messing with you but he really just likes you a lot and does it to get your attention.

A/N: I actually really like this request cause it’s really cute :D Hope the anon (and everyone else ofc) who requested this will enjoy it!


Kim Hanbin.

Just the thought of his name made you cringe. You absolutely hated him ever since he tried to help you out with your choreography. You were a trainee at YG along with Hanbin. At the time, you two were pretty close friends until one day. It was the day you asked for his help to fix your choreo. You always thought that you were a good dancer but Hanbin told you otherwise. He scolded you for not learning how to dance properly and since then, you had hated each other. 

You were on your phone, walking around the building without a clue of what you’re going to run into. You were so zoned into your phone that you accidentally bumped into someone hard. It sent the both of you over, you falling on top of the stranger. Without looking to see who it was, you quickly got on your feet and bowed. “Oh, sorry for bumping into you!” You apologized.

As you were getting up from your bow, You saw the socks of the stranger’s peeking out from their shoes. Mickey Mouse. You immediately knew who it was. “Aish, look what you’ve done!” His annoying voice rang in your ear. 

You looked up glaring at him. “Nothing seems to be wrong.” You sneered.

“Nothing seems to be wrong? Look at this!” He said, pointing to the smallest speck of dirt on his Mickey Mouse sweater. “You got it dirty, not to mention that you’d dare touch me.”

You rolled your eyes at him and started to walk away. “Stop overreacting B.I.” You emphasized his stage name. He hated it when you called him B.I, it drove him insane. “Stop being such a pansy.” And with that, you walked away. 

* * *

“Oppa, how was that?” You asked Yunhyung after singing. 

He smiled and gave you a thumbs up. “Wahh, you’re seriously so good ____-ah~” He said, patting your head. 

“Yeah, you should seriously debut already!” Chanwoo added.

You were with iKON while they practiced their routine. Luckily for you, Hanbin wasn’t there. The other boys were so kind to you, what happened to Hanbin?

“Donghyuk-ah, can you help me with my choreo?” You asked. 

Donghyuk sat up. “Eh~ You’re already so good at it, practice anymore and I think you’ll become a better dancer than me” 

“But it’s not perfect yet-”

“Yah, don’t listen to Hanbin. He doesn’t know what he’s saying.” Bobby interrupted you.

You were about to  reply when Hanbin came. “Speak of the devil..” You mumbled to yourself and Bobby started giggling.

Hanbin rolled his eyes. “What are you guys doing? You’re supposed to be practicing!” He said seriously. He then pointed to you. “You, get out.”

“We were taking a break Hanbin. And she’s here because she wanted help from us.” Jinhwan replied to Hanbin.

Hanbin laughed coldly, “Even if you guys did help her nothing would come out of it. She can’t dance, she can’t sing, what is there for her to do? She’s a talentless freak who shouldn’t be interrupting our practices.”

You kept your head down and stayed quiet. “Hey, that’s a bit too harsh don’t you think?” Yunhyung backed you up.

“Harsh? Why would it be, after all, it is the truth.” He scoffed. “Why else do you guys think she hasn’t debuted yet?”

You’d had enough. You stormed out of the training room, making sure to slam the door shut. Normally, you wouldn’t let Hanbin’s cold words get to you, but this time was different. He had constantly made fun of you, so why would the words he just said to you bother you so much? 

You kept walking, you didn’t know where, but you just did. Pretty soon you ended up at some random park. You sat down and leaned against a tree. “Stupid Kim Hanbin.” You muttered to yourself. 

Slowly but surely it had started to rain. Luckily, you were under a tree so it didn’t affect you that much. “I hate Kim Hanbin, I hate him so much!” You exclaimed.

“How can you hate someone who bought you a jacket?” A deep voice startled you.

You looked up to see who it was and sure enough, Kim Hanbin was standing right in front of you. He was holding his jacket and two bubble teas. You looked back to the ground. “What do you want?” You asked.

“I came here to apologize.” He replied, sitting beside you and wrapping you n his jacket. 

You shook it off, not wanting to deal with him at the moment. “Take your jacket and leave.” You said. 

“I’ll leave, but I’m leaving my jacket with you. You’ll get sick if you don’t put it on.” He took a sip from his bubble tea.

It was cold and you couldn’t get sick, you needed to be healthy in order to become an idol. You took his jacket from the ground and put it on. You didn’t see but Hanbin smiled. He handed you one of the bubble teas. “I’m sorry.” Was all he said.

 “Why are you doing this? I know the boys forced you to apologize.” 

“No, I did it because I felt bad for being such an asshole to you.” 

Your head snapped up. “W-what?”

“I said I’m here to apologize for being to rude to you. Listen ____, since the day you came into YG I’ve had feelings for you. That day when you asked me to help you learn the choreo made my heat beat so fast. ‘Out of everyone in the entire company you came to ask me’ Thats what I thought. You were so good at dancing I couldn’t believe that you wanted help. I started to be mean to you because I wanted to grab your attention. ____, I’m so sorry for treating you like dirt.” He apologized.

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. You started to think at the time you came into YG. Now that you thought about it, you realized that you too had developed feelings towards Hanbin, though you never wanted to admit it. “I forgive you.” You smiled at him.

“Thanks ____,” He looked at you with joy in his eyes. He smiled and held out his hands. “Now, let’s start over shall we? Hi, I’m Kim Hanbin.”

Swim or Drown Part 3

Characters : Dean x Reader

Part 1  Part 2

Summary: Dean interrogates Reader for answers and gets them.

Warnings: Swearing, Smut

Tagging: @aprofoundbondwithdean @spnashley @spnfanficpond

A/N : i am incredibly thankful for all the response/feedback this series has gotten. I hope everyone enjoys Part 3 as much as i enjoyed writing it. Feedback is my motivation. Thank you for reading and i hope you enjoy. Lots of love xx

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A week later.

You called Dean. I’m here. What is it that you want from me ?” She stood in front  of him shoulders squared. He smirked, like he had a trick up his sleeve.

“Answers.” She saw the glow of the flame as he flicked the lighter on. She glared at him as he dropped it to the ground, igniting a ring of holy oil around her.

“Come on Dean. Is this really necessary?”

He just stood there in front of her, waiting for to explain with his arms across his chest.

“You think i wanted to leave? They made me leave. it was one of their conditions.” She yelled, flinging her hands into the air.

Dean continued to glare at her, the blazing fire creating shadows on his face, “ Conditions for what ?” His gruff voice broke the tension.

She groaned at the thought of spelling out the situation to him. She hated to think about it, let alone speak about it. “ Tell me Y/N. Or you are gonna be here for a really long time.” He said glancing at the holy fire.

She bit the inside of her cheek, and closed her eyes as if she were bracing herself for the truth. She sighed and said, “To save my family, to save you.”

“I said i would go with them if they left all of you alone. If they didn’t drag everyone i cared about into this Heaven and Hell crap.” She shrugged and laughed sarcastically, “Yet, here we are.” A fake smile plastered in her lips.

His hands were stuffed into his front pockets of his frayed jeans, while he continued to glare, waiting for the rest of her story. “Look i made a deal with the angels. With my father.” His head jerked to attention as she said that

His curiosity peaked so he asked, “God? Your father is God?” They needed God right now, more than ever. And with Y/N as an ace in his hand he most certainly not going to let her go.

“No Dean. Michael. The arch angel Michael. He is my father.” she said softly, her eyes cast down to the floor.

His eyes grew big like saucers and he smirked saying, “Looks like he liked getting it on with Humans.”

“I’m a variation of the angel species. I’m a Nephilum.” She said her lips in a tight line. “There aren’t many of us left. Because Uriel had most of us executed for us being too powerful. Jo and i are the only ones i know of.”

“Jo?” he shook his head in disbelief.

“Yeah, she’s like me. Remember the visions, the white noise . It was all those bastards. So i said take me and leave her alone.”

“Those winged Bastards. They knew what they were doing the whole time. They knew this war was coming.” Dean said through gritted teeth and clenched fists

She was falling apart at the seams, the memories were too much for her, “What do you think they were doing to me up there? Teaching me to play harps and shoot cupid’s arrows? They broke me in every way possible. They claimed they had to make me strong and tough so that i could lead the Garrison with Jo and Cas at my side. i had to fufil my father’s mission of good triumphing over evil. They were beating me into the most dangerous weapon in Heaven’s arsenal.” Tears flooded into her eyes at the collection of the horrors she faced in Heaven’s boot camp. “Dean. They are letting the seals break. They want the apocalypse.”

He snuffed out a bit of the flame with his work boot. She stepped out of the circle and walked towards him, he was conflicted- she saw it in his eyes. She put her hand on his warm cheek and turned his face so he would look at her. There was a million running through his mind, She could see the gears whirring behind those beautiful green eyes. She let out the breath she was holding and spoke softly to him, “Dean. i never wanted to leave home. i never wanted to leave you. No matter what was happening you were the only thing i thought about. You kept me sane.” His eyes softened as she began to choke up when she spoke- the emotions overwhelming her. “Remember the note you slipped in my pocket before i got out the car at the train station ? i still have it. Remember what it said ? We aren’t boats without anchors. We are people.” Dean began to whisper with her, “And people always find their way home.”

A slight smile danced on his pouty lips as he pulled her against his body and captured her lips with his, teasingly- coaxing the tension away. Her heart was beating a million miles per second as he laid her down on the bed

His fingertips traced her face in the darkness of the night, followed by his lips. The only sound filling his ears was the sound of the soft rain her sighs and the grumble of the thunder. Her arms welcomed him. He lingered there, mouth pressed to mouth, the scrape of teeth, the sultry mating of tongues, until she sank deep into the pleasure Dean was offering.

He made her heart stutter, her pulse tremble and her muscles to tighten like a coil- ready for release. He contented himself with the length of her throat. His hands as skillful as a magician, as he moved over her. He kept his own desires at bay as he patiently seduced her. Long stirring kisses, lazy languid caresses were shared like tiny secrets. Her body melted to his and his name bled from her lips and that was exactly what he wanted.

He nor she knew how their clothes came off, it was all a blur. Yet the moment, she straddled him and his arms snaked around her waist, everything went slow. She was committing every sensation to memory. It was magical to see her that way. A top of him, bare and beautiful. She crashed her lips to his. he hungrily moved his mouth to her breast. She writhed as his tongue rolled lazily over her nipple, he was savouring the taste of her with his teeth and tongue.

the air became too thick to breath as his tongue and fingers caused onslaught to her body, “Dean.” was all she could manage, breathlessly as she felt him grin against her skin.

He cupped his hands under her ass cheeks, lifting her up slightly so she could slide onto him. Her breath strangled as he filled her up, his groping hands- sliding in all the right places- as she began to piston her hips. He felt her tighten around her, so he desperately gripped onto her hips as he orgasm raged through her. She arched her back and bucked her hips as she came. His calloused hands moved over her velvet skin like silk.

He noticed the satiated look in her eyes and woke to lay her on the pillow as he settled himself between her thighs, She grinned at him- a slow lazy smile- He bit his lip and dragged her by her thighs so he could feel her slick wetness again,  ‘Look at me Y/N. Look at me.” He said as he plunged into her, chasing his release. He groaned and her eyes fluttered opened to see his dark irises just before he flung his head back and let go inside her.

It was morning, she was still drowsy but content with Dean’s weight on her. He was still asleep, a child like expression on his face, She bent forward to kiss his freckled cheeks, there was some aches from last nights loving as she moved. She smiled to herself as she ran her fingers through his hair, he began to stir and a knowing smile danced on his lips as he woke.

“Last night was heavenly.” She chuckled and rolled her eyes, smacking his bare back playfully.

She ran a hand through her hair, stretched and smiled as she slid out of bed. “We have things to do today Dean.” she called out from the bathroom

“Things like what ?” he groaned. “I wanted to stay in bed with you.”

She smiled to herself, he was cute when he was half asleep and grumpy, “Oh i don’t know.” She paused, “Like maybe paying my family a visit. letting know i’m back.”

He heard the water turn on.

“Do you want to shower with me and save water ?” she said.

He, literally shot out of bed and ran to the bathroom. She chuckled and smacked his bare bottom.

He felt a slight sting, so he turned to the mirror to see Enochian symbols branded to his ass cheek, “Hey!” He gasped. “What does this say?” He was struck with astonishment and a little pain.

She grinned and pulled him into the shower, the hot drops raining over them. She put her mouth to his, drinking him in.

“Mine.” She smiled against his lips, “It says Mine.”

Hey guys!

So I see a lot of people getting angry, saying Disney’s canning Wander just as it’s getting good, but did you guys even read what Craig said? He said they said no about a year ago before Season 2 even aired! Right now we need to be polite and hope that the influx in the fandom, the award it got, the overwhelmingly positive feedback of My Fair Hatey, and lots of other stuff like the Fandoms efforts might make the network reconsider their decision! 

So remember! 

Be Polite

Try your best

support this amazing show and hope we can change hearts and minds! 

I thought you knew

Request:  Can I ask for a Cas X Reader, where the reader is Deans Twin Sister? She and Cas both start dating and the boys dont know because they dont act like a normal couple, but they are trying to get them together. When they start to give up they catch Reader and Cas kissing and they are shocked with them only saying “We thought you already knew”. Please and thank you - andreaelizabethhowlett-stark

A/N: Of course! I hope you like it! Requests? Feedback?

(Y/N)= Your Name

Warrnings: slight language

Italic words= your thoughts

Bold words= Cas’s thoughts 

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You had just finished a hunt with your brothers, Sam and Dean. It was a exhausting case and the three of you were pooped. It would’ve gone by a whole lot smoother if Cas had showed up like he was suppose to, but heaven comes first. The three of you packed up the Impala and got back on the road. You drove in silence as you normally do after a difficult case. 

“So you guys hungry by chance? There’s a really good diner just a few miles down the road.” Dean said breaking the silence. You hadn’t really noticed how hungry you were until your twin mentioned eating.

“I could eat a cow!” You said while playfully acting faint. Sam laughed and nodded in agreement. Within a few minutes the Impala was pulling up to the diner. You exited the car and went inside. You were greeted by a cheery hostess who escorted you to a booth. Once you were comfortable, you grazed over the menu. It couldn’t have been one minute before a waitress whose shirt was pulled down a little to far walked over to your table.

“Hello my name is Cindy and I’ll be taking care of you today. Can I get y’all started out with some drinks?” She asked, eyes never leaving Dean.

“Looks like your the one that’s thirsty.” You mumbled under your breath causing Sam to chuckle and the waitress to shoot you a dirty look.

“What was that?” She asked clenching her teeth and shooting you a bitch face. Oh it’s going to be this way. huh?

“I said I would like a sweet tea, hun.” You said acting love stuck. Cindy rolled her eyes and turned to Dean.

“Two beers.” Dean said while maintaining eye contact with the waitress.

“Make that one beer. I’ll just have water.” Sam cut in. Cindy nodded her head and walked toward the kitchen. 

“So let me guess. Sam and I are going to be staying in a motel room tonight while you play adult twister with Malibu Barbie over there.” You said sarcastically motioning over to your waitress.

“Don’t hate me for getting the sex appeal gene.” Dean said shooting you a playful wink.

“You two are twins. You literally look like the male and female version of one person. How can one of you be more attractive than the other?” Sam said shaking his head.

“Dean never said anything about attractive. He said sex appeal.” You shot back defensively.

“Exactly. Sex appeal. As in more people want to have sex with me.” Dean said. Suddenly the waitress came back with your drinks and took your order. 

“I could get laid just as much as you do, Dean-o if it wasn’t for one thing.” Dean shot you a confused glance.

“I’m not a total man slut. Or woman slut for that matter,” You shot back with a smirk. Dean shook his head while Sam laughed until he turned blue.

“She got you dude!” Sam said in between breathes. Suddenly Dean’s face changed and a mischievous smile creeped across his face.  

“What, Winchester?” You questioned your brother.

“I bet you couldn’t get a date even if it was with an awkward virgin.” Dean smirked.

“A virgin? I so could. Hell I could do that with my eyes closed.”

“Okay. If you’re so confident then get Cas to go on a date with you.”

“Oh come on! Would you cut it out with trying to get Cas and I to hook up?”

“He has a point, (Y/N). I mean, y’all already undress each other with your eyes anytime your in the same room.” Sam cut in.

“Really, Sammy? You too?” You said as you slumped in your chair.

“Alright. Chicken salad for you. Chicken fried steak for you. And a bacon burger for you.” The waitress said as she place your food in front of you. Suddenly everything the three of you were just talking about vanished from your minds as you dug into the food in front of you. 

After the three of you finished your meals, you packed it up and got back on the road. There was another 3 hours left on the road and you had called dibs on stretching out in the back seat of the Impala. You had thought back to the conversations from dinner. Do they know about Cas and I? We agreed to keep it quite for a while as we tested the waters. I didn’t tell them. Did Cas? In the midst of your thoughts, you hadn’t noticed your secret boyfriend appear in the car.

“Hello.” Cas said in his deep, rough voice causing you to jump in your seat. Your brothers turned around to make sure everything was okay. Shit. Don’t give your relationship away.

“God, Cas. Give a little notice before poping in next time.” You said, sitting up in your seat. The boys turned back around and focused on the road ahead. 

Are you okay? 

Yeah, Cas. I’m fine. Hey did you tell Sam and Dean about us?

No. You said you didn’t want to, so I didn’t.

You simply nodded at the thought that Cas spoke to you through thought. He grabbed your hand and held it in his. You pulled your hand away from his, not wanting to give away your relation ship. You noticed how this made Cas look hurt, so you yawned and laid your head on his lap.

“Aww. Look at you two love birds.” Dean said with a small chuckle. 

You sat in comfort as Cas brushed his fingers through your hair. Once you got back to the bunker, the four of you unloaded the Impala. 

“I’m going to take a shower.” Sam said as he walked to his room.

“I’m with Sam, only in my own shower. Not his.” Dean said walking to his room.

“I’ve missed you, Cas. I wish you didn’t have to run away to save the world all the time.” You said as you inched closer to the angel.

“I know. I don’t like it but it keeps you safe.” Cas replied as he decreased the distance between you two. With one swift movement, he grabbed you, spun you around, and kissed you like there was no tomorrow.

“Hey, (Y/N) where did you put the towels- oh.” Dean said as he walked in on you and Cas kissing, Sam behind him.

“What’s going on here?” Dean asked sounding slightly territorial. 

“I thought you knew.” You said sheepishly as blush crawled over your cheeks. Dean continued to look judgmental, Sam shook his head in approval, and Cas wrapped his arm around you pulling you close.

Part 2?

CHAPTER UPDATE! I say this every time, but thank you to every one who takes the time to give me feedback on this story and all the kind comments I’ve recieved about it, it really does mean a lot to me! I’m really sorry in the delays between updates, inspiration sometimes takes a while to strike and I can often be too busy! But I hope you like this chapter!



Claire allows her feelings for Jamie to get the better of her before she receives crushing news, while Jamie must decide if he can leave Claire and return to his own time.

PAIRING: Claire x Jamie.
RATING: Mature.

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More than just a dream Part 2

Request: “Hello i wanted to ask if you could pretty pleaseeee do a second part to more than just a dream :) i really liked it and i think you should definitely write a second part where sam confronts the reader and yeah hope you get the idea ~xoxo :)”

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam and Bobby.

Warnings: Smut and I think there’s some swearing.

Tagging: @spnfanficpond @aprofoundbondwithdean

A/N: This turned from Smut into Fluff so let me know if you like it. I love hearing feedback from you guys. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy. Lots of love xx -A

“Dean.” She groaned, whilst pouting her lips. “It’s getting tiring. Hiding from Sam and Bobby.”

He cocked his eyebrow at her, setting his gun and cloth on the side table, “Bobby will kill me.” His face rigid with worry, “He looks at me for looking at you too long.”

She giggled, “I’m like his daughter Dean. He’s protective. Besides you’re the bad boy everyone warns girls about.” She said.

She walked towards him, grabbing his collar to tug him closer.

This is usually what happened, whenever they’d talk about letting their secret out into the open they ended up naked-tangled together. It was a vicious cycle but she wasn’t complaining.

“Feisty Y/N. Me likey.” He grinned, whispering into her ear with his hands settling on her hips.

With a quick tug on his shirt, she covered his mouth with ease. Dean’s hunger was simple, no pretense. His hand closed over her breast, the warm full weight of it. She pushed him to the bed, straddling him- his hands moving to cup her ass.

She was working on taking his shirt off, “I got to admit. The thrill of hiding is quite the turn on Dean.” She fastened her teeth to his lower neck where her pulse throbbed.

He still hadn’t managed to breathe at her sudden dominance, his hands were busy pushing her clothes of her body, finding her velvet skin which was sheathed by lace. His hands went back to her breast, not sure where he wanted to touch first. With her, he always felt like there were new things to discover and it drove him crazy.

She threw her head back as his lips ran down her throat. She was gasping for air, nearly on the verge of explosion. She wanted him. She tugged at his belt and dragged his jeans down his muscular bow legs. He was there with her; hard as steel, aching and desperate. He undid her bra, her breasts spilling into his hand as he bent down to nip with his teeth.

A fire was raging wild in the pit of her stomach. Being with Dean had taught her about ache, want, release and bliss. Each feeling all glorious in its own right.

She gripped his hair as his fingers crawled down her feverish body to toy with her wet heat. Her breath weezed as he dug in. She could feel him smirk against her breast. She watched him bring his glistening fingers to his mouth and savour her on his tongue.

A pang of desire shot through her body as he looked at her with predator eyes.

He gripped her hips as she rose slightly of his lap, he held her there for a moment, while they both quivered-waiting. She braced her hands on his shoulders, letting her fingers dig in for purchase.

“Dean..” she said in a sultry whisper.

Slowly, he locked his piercing green eyes on hers. “You be quiet now Sweetheart. Or they’ll hear us.”

He lowered her, pierced her, filled her. She shuddered once, moaning low and long in her throat. His hands fastened on her hips as she rode him, hard, fast and well.

The knock on the door startled them as they were lying limp in each other’s arms. The knock again, followed by Sam’s voice, “Y/N.”

Dean shot out of bed, frantically trying to gather his clothes. “Dean!” She hissed in a hushed tone.

“Y/N.” Sam called again after knocking.

She hastily put on her clothes, “Yeah..” she said distractedly, “Yeah Sam ?”

She was trying to push Dean into the bathroom, along with his bunched up clothes that he held to his chest.

“I hope you’re decent Y/N. I’m coming in.”

Both Y/N and Dean froze as Sam walked in, his mouth agape at the sight before him. He was flustered at first but then a smirk tugged at his lips.

“Dean and Y/N.” He said chuckling, “When did this happen?”

Dean dropped the clothes and geld his hands up in surrender, “We can explain. So don’t make a big deal of us not telling you.”

Y/N was still frozen with Dean’s leather jacket in her hand.

Sam just cackled, “You two just get dressed. There’s a case.” He picked Dean’s jeans of the ground and chucked it at him, then started for the door.

“Don’t tell Bobby!” Y/N and Dean called as he shut the door behind him.

Sam was still laughing, “Yeah. Yeah.” He was happy for them.

All Y/N could think about, was Dean. Not about sex but that was amazing. But there was something else, something deeper. She wanted to scream it from roof tops, from the ends of the earth. She was in love with Dean Winchester. For once her mind and heart agreed.

Later, she walked into Bobby’s study. Sam six feet under lore books. He looked up at her with a teasing smile.

“So what time will Dean and Bobby be back ?” She asked sitting beside him.

“Just a couple of hours. It’s a milk run. Regular salt and burn.” He smiled pushing a stray hair of his face.

“So…” he started, “You and Dean huh?”

“Yeah. Us. Finally.” She stopped flipping the paged and smiled shyly. “Sam. I want this you know. Him. He deserves to be loved and I want to love him. My heart beats for him, you know. Even if he had to rip it out and walk away.”

Sam watched Y/N speak about his brother and his heart swelled with joy, Dean deserved to be happy and she was his happiness. He knew how scared Dean is to lose her. But Sam knew. Dean would fight Heaven and Hell to keep her safe and to be with her.

A tear slipped down her face, “I could never love someone the way I love him. Because my love belongs to him.” She sniffled and Sam squeezed her hand in his-comforting her.

“Everything that I feel is for him. Every beat is for him. There will probably never be a day that I don’t love him.”

She looked up and Sam was staring at her, “That jerk is lucky to have you Y/N.”

Dean walked in casually, after hearing everything, “I second what that bitch said Y/N.”

She chuckled through the tears, Dean pulling her in for a hug. She snuggled into his neck, she knew his smell better than her own. He held her face between his palms, just looking at his beautiful Y/N.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I know.” She whispered gently kissing him.

She noticed Bobby standing at the doorway, with a smile on his face and his arms folded, he gave his nod of approval.

This Ain't my First Rodeo (N.M Chapter 1)

Here’s chapter 1, hope it’s something you guys thought it would be.. Send me your feedback.

Characters; Charlotte White, Nate Maloley, Josh (Charlottes Boyfriend)

7:30 my clock read, my mother and I usually get up this early, so it’s nothing new. For some reason today I was extra tired, and sore. Well actually the reason was I’ve been training my horse all day, everyday. He’s new to our ranch, so he doesn’t know how do a lot of things yet. Don’t get me wrong though, I love my horses, they’re my babies. I treat them like my kids.

I got out of bed, I took a shower, I French braided my hair, put on a white v neck t-shirt, some shorts and my boots. (Literally what I wear) I went downstairs and my mother had already prepared breakfast.

“how did you sleep Char?” My mom said

“Good, how about you mom?” I asked back

“Great honey thanks, are you going with your horses today?”

“Yeah, this new horse we got is a lot harder to train than the others.”

“Okay, just be careful out there honey, don’t want you to get hurt, and by the way, new neighbors, they have a young boy, he’s cute, might wanna check it out.” She said grinning while cleaning the dishes

“I wish I could mom, but Josh doesn’t get the message that I wanna break up with him, but he’s just so crazy on the thought of staying together. He’s like obsessive mom.”

“Well you don’t have to talk to the boys like that, just make friends is all.”

Right when I stepped out I looked next door and saw them moving in, there were two boys, I don’t know which one my mother was talking about, but I knew which one I thought was cute, He was tall, tan skinned, he had curly hair that was under a hat, tattoos, and a really nice smile.

When I looked away than looked over again he was staring, he waived at me, I just smiled, and his brother came behind him and hit the back of his head, I just kept walking.

Don’t get me wrong he’s very attractive, but I have a hard time trusting men, I mean, my father, cheated on my mother and left us now we have no idea where he is or what he’s doing, and me I had a boyfriend too, but he hits me and threatens me and cheated and I told him it was over but he told me it’s over when he says it is..

What am I even saying I thinking about this kid like I’m gonna date him, and I don’t even know him.

“Snap out of it Charlotte, he’s just a boy.”

4 hrs later ~~~

I finished the first half of training my horse, but I was getting hungry, so I decided that I would put up all my stuff again, and go up to my house, eat, take a break and come back.

I grabbed my horse and put him back in his stable, mid putting him someone came up behind me and caught me off guard and startled me

“Hey.” Said a manly voice behind me

Nate’s P.O.V

I walked down to her ranch to introduce myself, don’t get me wrong I was shitting bricks, this girl is beyond gorgeous, she has perfectly tan skin, a toned/fit body, and on top of that, she rides horses and has her own ranch. She’s guesstimating her weight 125 pounds of pure fire.

“Hey” I said to her, she kinda jumped in fear when I talked

“H-hey” she said slowly turning to talk to me

“I thought since we’re me neighbors I’d come and introduce myself to you, I introduced myself to your mother and she told you’d be down here, so I came.” I said

“Well that’s very kind of you, my name is Charlotte, what about you?” She said

“Nate, Nate Maloley.”

“Oh that’s a nice name, well Nate I have to go, but I’ll see you around the neighborhood.” She said more nervously than she was before.

“Oh, okay sure.” I said looking at her as she walked.

Charlotte’s P.O.V

I walked fast back to my house hurried inside and locked myself in my room, could I have been anymore nervous? I mean Nate looks like a really sweet guy and I’d like to get to know him, but what if he’s like the last boy or current whatever is going on.

Maybe I’ll go to his house tomorrow and try to talk to him and explain, no wait Charlotte are you stupid it’s too soon.

No it’s not whatever I’ll just go to his house tomorrow just to get to know him, there’s no wrong In that.. Right?

Let me know what you think???? Message me comments, concerns!!

What should happen next? 😉