i hope he finds them

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I never do these but I'm dating my crush and he is the very best and makes me happier than anythanggggg and I love him v much😎 NOT TO BOAST I PROMISE but I hope everyone finds someone that makes them feel, like he makes me feel.

yayyyy I’m so happy for you! you are truly an inspiration to the rest of us :)

tell me about your crushes!

My brother bought me UKiss First Kiss Tour in Manila n_n

and he needs to come home now so i can have that thing in my possession already. but i want him to get the other things on my list first~

last night i was talking to my brother about these issues i have with all the boys i’ve ever tried to love. and i asked him, “do you think i’ll ever find the right guy?”

and he said to me, “you shouldn’t be with any guy that i don’t see fit to be my brother in law.”

and that was one of the greatest things my brother has ever said to me in my life.


The house in Notting hill Jamie got with his dad I don’t know about her mum but who wants to live that near to your mother in law poor Jamie no wonder he he doesn’t stand a chance against the two of them I hope he can find what he feels he really loves not dulcie he’ll always have her loves think he’s off to Prague today I bet he don’t go on his own

Green Day at the Market

Green Day at the Market

Think this:

Not this:

Today’s trip to the Farmer’s Market was brought to you by the letter G and the color GREEN! Which was actually a twist of fate for me, since, as I walked out the door, Jeff, the handy husband who was working on the yard said, “Your hanging plants are dead. Why don’t you buy some ferns?” I was hoping he hadn’t noticed. Figuring I would not likely find them at the market, I…

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I tell everyone it's okay to let out their emotions, but actually I refuse to let out my own because I've seen how people are treated when they do

share a secret & i’ll share one in return.

Monday, June 22, 2015

I hope he’s been having a nice day today. I hope he’s been happy. I really, honestly, truly do. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I’ve realized that regardless of what I want, bottom line, his happiness will always be the main priority, no matter what happens. I truly mean that. I really do.
I was outside for a while today and it was really hot. I guess that’s nothing new here in Arizona… but what I’m trying to say is that I hope he’s been staying cool and away from the heat as much as possible. I hope he’s been drinking a lot of water to keep himself hydrated (it’s not like he doesn’t already though)! I know he’s always looking for bargains for bottled water because that’s all he will drink at his house. I hope he’s been finding some nice deals on them. I’m not sure if he has work tonight, but if he does, I hope he has a nice night at work and he doesn’t work too hard. I’m so proud of him, honestly. But either way, if he does, I hope he gets a good night’s (well, “night” for him) sleep after work.