i hope he doesnt see this omg


- A friend killed someone. Would you put him on trial as a judge or hide him as a friend? 

- As a judge, I’d have to ask about the details of the crime… and as a friend… I really shouldn’t cover for him. That’s the duty of a friend after all.

Kim Jin Woo requested by @kdramacool

Hey, daniellekoste, did I happen to get that boxing pose you wanted?

A request that wasn’t entirely a request tbh. I had planned to do those tattoos anyway.

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i hope this doesnt come off as strange but u remind me so much of my younger brother bc he loves all the games u post about (esp fnv) and just idk ur humor is very like him so i always feel this sisterly love when i see ur post like ah yes. Idk u but ur just like my brother. Anyway sorry if thats weird ejejdjkw i hope u have a very very nice day

omg no this is really sweet im touched!!!! bless u this made me smile a lot

Welcome to Hell secret santa gift for @frostios !!
Some dorks in sweaters; hope you like!! ^u^

fairy tail 429

I’M LATE I KNOW ;-; okay, hopefully this one doesn’t crash 98% in the process.honestly i almost cried and now i have to retype everything fml.  this is gonna be pretty brief i think & i’ll also be splitting chapter 429&430 in to two different recaps LOL just cause. okay warning, swearing and a lot of caps lot ahead, enjoy?

OKAY, not even gonna lie when i saw that lucy was okay and not in a state of pain and anguish I WAS UPSET. 

LIKE MASHIMA WHY WHY WHY WHY. i’m sorry for letting out this sadistic and cruel thought but like, i felt like there was so much tension, anxiety, and stress built up from her torture in last chapter and it just seemed like it would be a significant thing, y'know? like natsu was chained and goin crazy on the side, the avatar assholes came in their formation LMAO and i don’t know, i thought it would’ve felt more satisfying if we saw how that scene ended and such. like i know fans went really deep with their predictions of “code” blue, connecting it to that hospital emergency when clearly it wasnt- it literally stood for grays hair colour oh my god
DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON CODE BLUE OH MY FRICKEN SHIT MAN. SOOOOO many people had such great and indepth guesses as to what would happen, but it was literally right underneath our noses. it was his hair colour. HAIR COLOUR. and here we had people thinking she’d get a cardiac arrest. like they honestly don’t relate at all 
i felt like chapter 428 gained so much hype, with the whole torturing of lucy, seeing gray do his grammy award winning acting like damn, and aswell as finding out that Gajevy have been together, and lots of other things. it was well jampacked. like i thought it would be a great start to an angsty mysterious typa arc- ACTUALLY, it’s never too late, AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT

i’m a cruel and sadistic bastard!! 

ALSO, did anyone else notice this

in the first picture, which was the colour picture we see that natsu doesnt have any bandages on, and it’s clearly seen that he has no tattoos then in the following page he has drawn bandages. do you think mashima made a mistake? i hope so omg. i’ve always thought that he would have those black marks on there, i mean everyone does. right? :$ if natsu doesn’t have the black marks i sWEAR

he hAS TO HE HAS TO HE HASS TOOOOO ;-; serIOUSLYYY. omg this could be the plot twist, since Gray can control his, Natsu can’t OoOoOoOOO BITCHES YAS. I AM SO  HYPED FOR THIS YES. LIKE IT WOULDN’T BE IMPOSSIBLE?? i mean, natsu didn’t seem to have a whole lot of contact with the rest of the world -except for guildarts in the beginning- if he did, then he would’ve known about Fairy Tail- Fiore’s Most Famous Guild being disbanded. and since he wears his guild mark proudly, some people would’ve asked about it wouldn’t they??i mean he’s also well known, people would’ve recognized him if he was just wandering around- but nothing. when he came back, he had no clue.

CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT HOW CUTE NATSU WAS-well i mean his bae was about to get sliced in half but he was so cute :$ WHEN HE WAS TRYING TO SAVE LUCY

and do you see this vein? can you see just how serious he was trying to get her? i feel like natsu isn’t usually drawn with veins going from his neck to his temple. i think it was drawn here to just show how intense he was feeling regarding to saving his friend, his lucy. this was when the axe was going to cut her in half. and with the hollow eyes, ugh that got me. we all know- it’s been tested and proved (with mr. professional actor Gray Fullbuster, and in many other arcs) that those hollow eyes show intensity and just how serious of a dilemma that the person is in. and in this case, it’s lucy that he’s trying to save. i also can’t help but feel that after leaving her for a year now that he’s finally back, obviously stronger, and seeing her in that position, he feels powerless. and he doesn’t like it, i mean thats why he went out to train, to never lose anyone precious to him ever again. yet we see now that he’s in that position again and just dear gOODNESS MY HEART BLESS NATSU YOU BEAUTIFUL PERSON.


omg. i couldn’t even. like i didn’t know if i should’ve been like “AAAAAAYEEEE” or like “homie u was just the antagonist last week this is cheating stopSERIOUSLY, like i LOVEEEEE GRAY WITH ALL MY DAMN HEART I PROMISE YOU THAT, but i felt like he should’ve carried on with this bad guy act a little longer his gel’d hair is the shit not that i would’ve loved it, but it caused so much controversy within the fandom and everyone was going crazy. it also felt cut a little short? well i guess he was already doing it for 6 months prior, then having his old squad roll in and get involved messed him up and thats adorable. REAL TALK. THATS THE CUTEST SHIT EVER. but rly draggin on bad-gray wouldn’t hurt (that much)

then gray goes and messes his gel’d hair because since he’s done playing the baddie, he don’t need it no more. GRAY LOGIC. 

  • gel - bad guy material
  • black tattoos on one side of the face&entire arm - really bad guy material
  • matching colour scheme with new avatar squad - super bad guy material
  • leaving juvia without a word - fkin satan

well that’s BASICALLY, the vibe i’m getting idk about you.

REAL. when the marks started to fade off his face, i seriously had to look at different scans because i thought i was seeing stuff- i didn’t even get to read Happy’s panel, you don’t even know how confused i was omg then he brings out his phone lacrima thing and oMGALSGMSLG K

IS IT JUST ME OR DOES SHE SEEM EXTRA PRETTY ?? does anyone else also notice that mashima’s art looks a little different? well not different but like he just settling into this style?? or something? like the characters i feel are drawn in a just tad different style ish, not really but it’s kind of the same… okay fuck it, OBVIOUSLY I’M NOT GOOD AT EXPLAINING ART LMAO, BUT DO YOU GET WAHT I’M SAYING? if you don’t message me and we can work through this together LOL.

i’m saving my heart for the part 2 of this (chapter 430), so be prepared homies HAHA


lmao im garbage and am so sorry but what about target au ???? 

thomas is the floor manager and guy is the quiet cashier who never tucks his shirt in and does just enough work so he won’t get fired and never talks to any other employees and thomas is very determined to try and be friends w/ him and get him to smile and tuck in his galldarn shirt so their store gets rated better by target officials or whatever (?i forget what its called lmao) thomas keeps scheduling them for the same shifts hoping they can get to know each other better and thomas thinks guy doesnt like him but rlly guy is ,,,,,s oooo shy and it comes off as angry and THEN once theyre finally friends cue bored work shinnanigans like thomas making guy clean up spills to mess with him or guy switching name tags or sticking crumpled up reciepts in thomas’s hair to see how long he wont notice


Anon: Can you please make snaps where hobi (ur big brother) sees ur Snapchat story, where u are at a party wearing revealing clothes? Thanks😊 (sorry if my english bad, i am from Italy)

This was so fun to do omg imagine overprotective Hobi wanting to go get you but he doesnt want to walk alone late at night so he makes Tae come along and Tae is just like “smh do I have you" 

 - Admin J

So we were imagining what ability would be the worst for Eggsy to lose and we decided it was his voice. Painful headcanon (with a kind of a happy ending) under the cut:

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I FOUND IT! ONE has drawn Genos sleeping! Check the second row from the bottom, center pic in this set here: one-rakugaki. tumblr. com/post/77602864638 Basically, he's dreaming he's a giant robot (omg what a dork), but it shows he sleeps on his back just like any normal person would. :D

ONE..has a …h-h-has tumlrrrrr…haaa…i cant… oh god…i hope he doesnt SEE THE SHIT I POST plz tell me he cant read ENGLIHS OMFG


Dreaming of being a big bad ass cyborg? Fucking nerd, FUCKING NERD

Thank you so much anon, you have no idea how much this means to me asjgflagfrh


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hello unnie i'm just curious why doesn't Onew like to be topless? :D

Hi! Oh your name is so cute!^^

I think it has to do with his personality. He is a little insecure about his body (he seldom shows onguns too. But he looks more bold lately) and I do believe he doesnt want to see people talking about it. Media is really mean and if you notice you mostly see idols who work out showing their abs. And when sudenly they stop working out you see people coment how they dont have chocolate abs anymore and things like that. So you can protect yourself if you dont show anything.They dont have anything to talk then! AH! (i saw some comments about Jonghyun on twitter lately….)

Besides, and this is one of the reasons I like Onew, he is a singer and he probably doesnt believe that he needs to show his body for people to like him. Its his body so its something he doesnt have to share with everyone. He once talked about this on an interview. Its his so he should be the one enjoying it…..and some lucky girl! *sigh….damn lucky girl*

 He is a good singer and professional and we dont see “be topless” on the list of things singers have to do….

I dont mean that i dont want to see his body. OMG I would die! But I truly hope he never shows it since its something he wants to keep private and has all the right do to so. And I love him for it….(still dies with every flash of skin…XD) 

Besides he doesnt really have to show it…he is already super sexy without showing skin…=D 

That man is a King…perfect in every way….invading peoples hearts….making them drool over his perfect body….sorry…I got carried away! 

You dont ask me questions about Onew…I cant stop talking…I once talked about him during 2 hours to my friend who doesnt even like kpop. XD We were a little tipsy though….

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Opinion on Oliver possibly joining the LOA or being kidnapped by Ra's in 3x09? Stephen said starting 3x10, his shooting schedule has been light and should continue til 3x14 and that in the scenes he's filmed, he's been in a beard. Stephen also hasn't been on set with EBR, Colton, and David in the foundry. Considering the shot in 3x09 is Oliver fighting with Ra's (we think) the theories are that he'll either join the LOA or be kidnapped by them.

Oh my heck, I LOVE this idea!  It’s occurred to me before, in the grander scheme of the season but your suggestion for WHEN is what has me all excited. 

Because you’re 100% right!  We know the Oliver has that amazing shirtless sword fight in the snow in 3x09.  It’s not outside the realm of possibility that that fight takes place against Ra’s.  I heard a while back that 3x09 ends with a cliffhanger. I don’t know how accurate that is, but it’s stuck in my head ever since, trying to figure out HOW.  I wondered for a while if maybe Oliver got severely injured and that’s how it ends, and 2x10 starts with him in a coma or something, lending to Stephen’s “lighter” schedule. 

But THIS… this plays in with the whole Ra’s theme perfectly!  Oliver would be confronted with this choice and it would force him to decide if he is willing to be the Arrow or Oliver or if he can be both … and just think of Felicity and Dig and Roy going NUTS in Starling without Oliver!  I mean, we know the three of them were filming Friday night without Stephen there, right? I saw the pictures!  INSTAGRAM DOESNT LIE. ;) 

What if Felicity goes to Ray for help in finding Oliver. Ray would get to see Felicity’s devotion to Oliver and would certainly put a kink in their relationship.  OMG how awesome would that be.  I didn’t know about the beard and I didn’t know it was until 3x14 but that DEFINITELY jives.  

Oh, anon!  I HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT.  I love this theory!!