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Extra Sugar

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Requested: By myself honestly, but this is also my (pretty late) fic for Day 1 of the Hamilton Write-A-Thon, hosted by @hamwriters (thank you!!)

Pairings: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summary: The Reader works in a coffee shop, and she feels a bit territorial about her favorite customer  {Coffee Shop AU}

Warnings: I don’t think so

Word Count: 1,285

A/N: I hope that you guys like this, I was super unsure about it until @secretschuylersister was the sweetest person ever and read it for me. Sorry that this is being posted so late, I was traveling yesterday. 

Your customer was back.

Saying that felt unfair, but you couldn’t help but smile every time he came back. Most of the time, he looked even more worse for wear than he had the last time. His hair was constantly disheveled, the bags under his eyes were worrying, and it looked like he owned one sweatshirt that he might have lived in. And somehow, he seemed genuinely happy to be there.

And when you were working with Corrine, he was one of the few people that was able to pull you out of the sour mood that you inevitably fell into after working with her for more than a few hours. You had opened that day, all by yourself. It wasn’t like you were scheduled that way, either. A few minutes after the morning rush, Corrine waltzed in. She looked well rested and pleasant. It took everything that you had in you not to choke her out.

Lin was making his way up to the counter, and you had already started his two shots of espresso.

“Hello, sir. Can I help you with anything?” You glanced behind you to see Corrine actually attempting to help a customer. But something felt off. She was leaning too far over the counter, and her voice sounded more like a purr than a barista helping a customer.

You mouthed his order to yourself as he responded. “Vanilla latte with a double shot, please.”

“Of course, I’ll just get that started for you.” Corrine said, tapping a few buttons on the register before rushing over to where you were putting the finishing touches on his drink.

“I’ll get this one.” She said, making it sound like she was doing you a favor by taking credit for your work. You watched her in disbelief as she handed Lin the cup, holding onto his hand for a few more seconds than really necessary and then stood watching him make his way out of the shop.

You sighed to yourself, thinking that at least she wasn’t going to show up this early two days in a row.

You were sadly mistaken when you arrived to work the next morning to find Corrine behind the counter. Not only had she beaten you there, but she was sitting behind the counter doing no actual work.

“Hey!” She called, head snapping up from her phone when she heard the door open.

You chose to simply smile in return, not wanting to add fuel to the fire.

“So tell me, who was that man who’s order you knew by heart yesterday?” You held your breath, hoping to allow yourself at least a few seconds to calm down. “Because he is going to ask me out if it’s the last thing he does.”

You fought to keep the confused expression off of your face. Somehow, you felt more hurt than annoyed. Usually you rolled your eyes at Corrine’s antics, but this time felt different.

Oh God. You liked him. And somehow you had managed to be completely oblivious until Corrine wanted him. Typical.

“I don’t know much about him.” You said, taking off your coat and tying your apron around your waist. “His name is Lin-Manuel and he likes extra sugar in his coffee, even if he is a little bit embarrassed to ask for it.” You realized Corrine was barely even paying attention to you anymore, so you chose to stop talking, allowing silence to fill the room again.

“Well then, I guess that I will just have to take it upon myself to do some investigating.” Corrine said, tapping away at her phone.

You struggled through the morning rush, Corrine lounging in the back room while you somehow managed to spill not one but two cups of coffee on yourself.

By the time that Lin walked through the door, you were looking a bit worse for wear. “Hello!” you called, still feeling a sense of relief when he walked through the door. He fixed you with his blinding smile before making his way to the counter. “Vanilla latter with a double shot, right?”

His eyebrows drew together, confusion clouding his features. “You know my order?”

The blush was nearly instantaneous. “It is kind of my job to know your order.”

“Most people don’t bother, I guess.” He shrugged, and you were more than happy to let the subject drop.

Before you could say anything else, Corrine sat a cup of coffee in front of him. “It’s on the house.” She said, winking at him. You noticed a phone number scrolled along the side. Your heart suddenly felt a bit less fluttery, the butterflies abandoning their home in your stomach.

“Oh, well thanks!” He said, fixing her with a grin before grabbing the coffee and heading out of the shop.

“I think that my work here is done.” Corrine laughed, slipping on a coat and throwing her bag over her shoulder.

“You are scheduled for another four hours today.” You said meekly, gesturing to the cork board where the owner posted your schedules.

“I have to get ready for my date with Lin tonight.” She was talking to you like she was explaining a perfectly simple concept to a child.

“He already asked you out?” You were fighting not to feel defeated, but the doubt was swallowing you whole.

“No, but I’m sure that he will now that he has my number.” And just like that, she was gone.

Even though you were left alone for the foreseeable future, the morning rush was over and it would be nice to have some time to yourself. You had just begun to gather up the dishes left over from that morning when the bell over the door rang.

He was back.

You struggled to find words as he approached the counter, but they were all getting caught in your throat.

“I’m really sorry, I don’t usually do this sort of thing, but this is the worst cup of coffee that I have ever had in my entire life.” Lin said, chuckling. He sat the latte on the counter, shoving his hands in his pockets sheepishly.

“I can honestly say that I have never seen Corrine make a latte in the entire time that I have worked here, so that doesn’t sound very farfetched to me.” You tossed the cup into the trash can, starting two new shots of espresso for him.

“So that was her number on the cup then?” He asked. You might have just been projecting, but it almost sounded like he was disappointed.

“Yeah… sorry if she made you uncomfortable. Corrine can be a bit entitled at times.” You poured the espresso in the cup and gathered up all of the materials that you would need to steam his milk.

“I wasn’t uncomfortable with her giving me her number, but I might have been hoping that a different girl had written her’s down as well.”

“I- I think that we might be able to work something out.” Your heart was going insane, but you felt like you were going to float away. You added the vanilla and some extra sugar to his latte, scrolling your name and your phone number on the side of the cup.

“I’ll see you later.” Lin said, accepting the latte and taking a large sip.

“I haven’t agreed to anything yet.” You called after him.

“I have confidence.” He laughed, giving you one last smile before pushing the door open.

You got a text message a few minutes later. It was from an unknown number, but you knew exactly who had sent it.

From: Unknown Number

Can I pick you up around seven? I promise we can go for something other than coffee! :D

Humans are weird pt 3

A new human had joined the crew on Commander Narrynite’s ship and he was eager to met the human.  Little was known about the newest addition, other than his name was Human Tom. Wanting to be the first to greet him, Narrynite headed towards the human’s living quarters.

He had never been to a human’s quarters before and used the human custom of “knocking” to announce his presence. As the door opened, Narrynite was met with a confusing sight.

“Hello Human Tom, I am Commander Narrynite. I would like to welcome you to our unit.”

A “smile” formed on the human’s face and he said “A pleasure to meet you commander, please, come in.”

Narrynite stepped over the threshold and could not help but stare at the objects covering the walls. “I mean no offence, but why do you have those on your wall?” he said gesturing with his tentacle to the mysterious objects.

Human Tom let out a small “laugh” and said “Those are my paintings. I’m not a very good artist, but I enjoy it as a hobby.”

Paintings? Artist? Hobby?

“Forgive me, but I am unfamiliar with those terms,” Narrynite confessed.

“It’s my fault sir, this is my first time leaving Earth and I forget that other species don’t have the same terms as humans do.”

Human Tom walked over and removed one of the objects from the wall. “This is a painting. Using a brush, I put tinted liquid on the canvas to form a picture.”

“Simply incredible. What does it do?”

“Do?” Human Tom said with a “smile”. “Well,  nothing really. I mean, it makes me feel certain emotions, but it other than that it just hangs on the wall. I paint them in my spare time as a hobby.”

Narrynite was baffled. From his experience, the humans never did or made anything unless it had a clear purpose. Was this human somehow different than the others he had met? Would his abnormality hinder his relationships with the other humans in his unit?

“I see” remarked Narrynite, in what he hoped to be a reassuring tone.

After exchanging a few more words, Narrynite left Human Tom’s room he went to find Human Chris and Human Ann to discuss how to best accommodate Human Tom’s irregularity.

“Human Chris, Human Ann. As you may know, another human has joined our unit and I would like to get your input. Human Tom has an affliction known as a ‘hobby’. He is an ‘artist’ and creates ‘paintings’. Despite this I hope you can still become ‘friends’ with Human Tom.”

Human Chris and Human Ann donned their familiar “smiles” and Human Chris said “Commander, almost every human has a hobby. Many of them include some form of art.”

Human Ann chimed in saying “In fact, I enjoy painting too.” She then proceeded to lift up her pant revealing her prosthetic leg that was covered in whirls of the tinted liquid.

Narrynite was completely astounded. Neither of the humans ever mentioned having a “hobby” and Human Ann had certainly never said anything about “painting”. What else did the humans “paint”? Their buildings? Their machines? Their bodies?

Stick and Poke

A/N: holy beejezus!!! thank you all again for all the support you’ve been showing my writing I love all y'all. if you don’t know what a stick and poke is it’ll be explained in the story type thing idk what to call it lmao. sO like always I hope this isn’t too shitty!!

You and your boyfriend sat on the couch watching some old movie that was on. It was any old Saturday afternoon, but you were both content. As you began to pay less and less attention to the movie, you scanned Grayson’s face, tracing his jawline, poking his cheekbones, etc.

“Whaat are you doing.” Grayson mumbled, eyes trained on the screen as your pointer finger poked the shell of his ear.

“I’m bored.”

“Just watch the movie.” You huffed and snuggled closer to his buff body. He grabbed one of your hands as the other started tracing his thigh tattoo.

“I like this one. Pretty colors. How many tattoos do you have?” You questioned.

“Ah. A good amount.”

“Do you want more?”


You pondered. “Can I give you one?”


“Can I give you a tattoo? Like a stick and poke?”

“A stick and who?”

You rolled your eyes. “A stick and poke. You go through all these procedures to make sure you sterilize and clean a sewing or whatever needle, tie some thread around the base, tape it to a pencil, clean the area of skin you want it on, put a little Vaseline over that, dip your needle in a permanent ink, and bam! Do it yourself tattoo.” You smiled up at him and he gave you a quizzical look.

“How do you know how to do this? What if it’s not safe?”

“It’s pretty safe and I have a few you big goof. You ever seen this little guy,” you pointed to the small Saturn on the side of your pinky “he’s a stick and poke.”

“How bad does it hurt?”

“Worse than a regular tattoo. You’re literally poking the holes repeatedly into your skin with a needle, and you have to go over it a few times for it to show up. But it’s completely bearable!” You said, hoping to convince him. It’d be more interesting than the movie flashing on the television.

“I don’t know. Sounds kinda sketchy.”

“C'mon! It’ll be fun!” You pleaded with your eyes and you knew he’d give in.

“Fine. I’m picking the design though.”

“Aw, Gray, you trust me! Exactly the support needed in a relationship, love it. Now get up big boy, we gotta go to the craft store.” You slapped his thick thigh and he followed you up.

Upon returning from your local craft store, in your bag were sewing needles, thread, wooden pencils (“How on earth do you not keep wooden pencils in your home?”), and ink. The rest of the stuff needed to accomplish the stick and poke was already in the Dolan household. You did everything you had to to create a clean area and prepared the needle. Currently you and Grayson sat on the floor of his living room as you sterilized the spot he wanted (his upper right calf) and drew the design of his choice (a small ‘surfs up’ emoji-looking hand).

“You sure you’re ready?” You asked, blotting the Vaseline over where you were going to puncture his skin.

“Bro you’re the one that convinced me to do this, why are you making me second guess this?”

“Habit I guess,” you chuckled as you slapped the Vaseline-slick area, “alright, let’s do tha thang!” You joked and Grayson rolled his eyes. “Ew.”

Gray watched you as you steadied the needle over where it was going to first pierce. And then you poked an ink filled hole. And again. And again. To get your face closer to the area for better precision, you lay on your stomach across his lap.

“Ow Y/N. Ow Y/N. Ow Y/N.” Grayson complained. “This hurts a lot worse than I was expecting why would you ever want to do this.”

“For the experience I guess. And because there was no way in hell my mom was letting me get a real tattoo.” You said shrugging, all while continuing your work. The first layer was finished and any ink left on the surface of his skin was wiped off. It was pretty splotchy and not opaque at all, of course, so you applied more Vaseline to the section for layer two.

“Stop doing that. It’s making the ink bleed and I can’t see the pattern.” You said, referring to his hand that was stretching the skin, attempting to relieve the pain.

“Well where am I supposed to put my h-.” Grayson stopped mid sentence and brought both hands down on your ass cheeks, making you let out a yelp. “This is a lot better actually.” He said, squeezing and massaging both cheeks.


“What? You said not to stretch the skin and I’m not. Well, not my skin anyways. Plus I like touching your butt,” He slapped your ass, “it jiggles very nicely.” You gave him a stern look and he returned a toothy smile. Shaking your head, you returned to the task at hand. About 15 minutes later, you finished and wiped the last layer, revealing to Grayson the masterpiece.

“Wow. That’s actually really good. How do you have the patience to make and repeat all those little dots? You should be a tattoo artist.” He stated.

“I don’t know. You’re welcome by the way. And you said it was sketchy.” You said, shoving him.

“Yeah, yeah. Alright, your turn.”


“I said, your turn.”

“No I heard you. You think you’re gonna give me one?”

“Yes, definitely. You convinced me to do this so now I have to return the favor. So teach me how to do that little thing with a new needle.” You looked at him as if he had just said the moon was turning purple and contemplated if it was worth fighting against. It wasn’t, and you sagged your shoulders in defeat.

“Fine.” You dragged. He gave another toothy smiled and you mimicked one back as he gave you a quick kiss on the lips.

“I get to pick out the design and where it is, right?” You asked after he’d finished making the makeshift tattoo gun.


“Garyyyyy why I had a perfect one picked out. I was gonna do a lil ‘rock on’ hand.” You pouted.

“We can do that one next. But I have the perfect idea for the first one that I’m giving you.”

“And that is?”

“A little 'G’ on the inside of your left thigh. That way, when I’m eating you out I can always be reminded of who that pussy belongs to.” He smirked as you looked at him with wide eyes. Well shit Gary you didn’t need to do me like that.

“Hm. I uh, I like the way you think.” You said as the goosebumps in your arms settled down.

“You always do.” He gestured you to lay down and he snuck up between your legs, spreading them. You got goosebumps all over again because of how close he was to your most intimate area (nothing new), but that was not the current task at hand. Gray went through the same procedures as you did with him, always checking if he was doing anything wrong (of course he wasn’t, has that boy ever done anything wrong).

“Okee, I’m going in.” He chuckled and his hot breath sent a little something to your core.

“Don’t breathe too heavily. You’re making me wet and the last thing I wanna be as your poking holes into my skin is horny.” He made eye contact with you, his eyes noticeably a little darker. He nodded as you gulped.

He punctured the first hole and repeated. This hurt a lot worse than any of the other stick and pokes you’ve gotten because of how sensitive the area was.

“Grayson. Grayson this really hurts.” You whined.

“It’s ok baby. Be good for daddy.” He mumbled as he was in deep concentration.

“You’re too kinky for this shit.”

“You right.” The first layer was over and he began the second layer.

“Fucking- it’s not hurting any less.” You groaned.

“Grab something.” Your hands traveled down to his head and grabbed his luscious brunette locks. “Mmm I love it when you grab my hair.” He hummed. He rubbed the inside of your other thigh with his thumb as he finished the second, then third, then fourth, then finally sixth layer. Grayson kissed the inside of your thigh and popped his head up.

“Ok, done! You can look now.” You took a peek at the surprisingly opaque and somewhat neat 'G’ that has now made its home on your inner left thigh. It was kinda hot honestly. You looked up at Grayson, pride shinning through his eyes and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Very impressive for your first one.”

“Thank you madame.” He bowed.

“Ya know, I don’t think I can walk much because my thighs will rub together and that’ll hurt like a bitch.” You said matter of factly.

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to be keeping your legs wide open a lot more often now.”

A/N: hi again so a couple things I wanted to say. first of all, I intentionally put Gary I thought it’d be funny. second of all, I’m sorry how short it is compared to my other (two lmao) stuff but I DID write a smut part to this I just didn’t add it because idk but if you want to read it or want it to be posted LET ME KNOW!! k thank you for reading ly!!

Weakness Headcanons

First of all, thank you so much for this ask dear anon. I enjoyed thinking about this and I’m genuinely curious myself now. I decided, rather than trying to answer it quickly, I would make it into a new post, so I hope you like this. I know it’s taken a few days, but it’s finally here.


  • Dark- he’s a megalomaniac and only works towards gaining control again, and therefore more power. In his efforts to take over Mark and the channel, he can forget about everything and everyone else
  • Will- he is his own weakness. Whether he’s a psychopath with a love for killing, feels the need to oblige if someone makes a comment about being dead or simply doesn’t understand mortality, the fact he kills people haunts him from time to time, but he still does it again and again
  • King of the Squirrels- it’s his love for his squirrels that causes him to be weak. He cares too much about them, although he would argue that he cares for them like a human cares for their family
  • The Host- although his lack of sight is a major weakness, the real weakness is his ability to see. If The Host cannot narrate, then he cannot see, so the ability that helps him also becomes a weakness if it can be stopped
  • Dr Iplier- he’s a doctor, so his weakness is wanting to help everyone. He will most likely overwork himself to make sure the other ego are healthy and forget about himself often, and if he can’t help someone, it will really hurt him emotionally
  • Silver Shepherd- he has a lack of self confidence. It seems Silver had been a less successful hero, so all he wants to do is prove himself, but that lack of confidence is damaging and one wrong word could send everything back into the nothingness as he tries to built himself up again
  • Googles and Bing- being androids, they’re weakness is the fact they can be hacked and corrupted. There’s also (more so in the googles) software that enables user control, which would render the robots unable to be autonomous and have to comply with the orders given to them. Another weakness, primarily for the googles, is the fact they see each other as brothers. Even robots can develop a family attachment that causes them to be emotionally vulnerable
  • Bim- he’s similar to Silver in the sense it’s confidence issues. We see Bim being confident on camera, but off camera, he doubts everything about himself and worries he’s not good enough, especially when compared to the Wilford Warfstache
  • Ed Edgar- he’s desperate to sell his son. It’s something he always bugs the other about, so any chance he can sell him, Ed will do whatever it takes, which might not always be the best decision
  • Yandereplier- Yan’s is the most obvious. His senpai will always be his weakness, because love is blind and a psychopath with an obsessive love will do anything and everything for senpai, but just imagine a world where Yan’s senpai is in danger or even dies. He wouldn’t be the same ego anymore.
  • Mark Bop- I feel like Bop’s weakness is his tendency to babble. It’s a nervous tick, but when he does it, he can’t stop, and everything becomes incoherent noise to everyone else
  • The Jims- their weakness is each other. As ‘twins’, they heavily rely on each other and would be lost without the other. It all comes down to family attachments again, and leaves them emotionally vulnerable concerning the other Jim


  • Jackieboy Man- similar to Silver that he wants to prove he’s a good hero and doesn’t have much confidence in himself, but also similar to Dr Iplier that he wants to always help other people and puts them before him. Also being the oldest septicego, another weakness is that he’s like the big brother and cares a lot about his strange little family
  • Marvin the Magnificent- I’d say Marvin’s weakness is even though he had this amazing ability, he’s still quite sceptical. He can do tricks, but then question to himself whether he did that with actual magic or whether it was just a slight of hand, trick the audience kind of magic. That negative thinking can weight heavy sometimes
  • Dr Schneeplestein- similar to Dr Iplier, it’s the fact he’s a doctor that is his weakness, more so since we’ve seen Schneeplestein lose patients, and he’s always heartbroken, especially when said patient was Jack
  • Antisepticeye- I’m trying so hard not to say circles I’ve always felt that Anti has abandonment issues, so his weakness would be being left alone. As a community character, if he loses the fans, he loses his life, and it’s something that scares him to death. Also, his instability, both physically and mentally, is another weakness because even he doesn’t know what will happen each day
  • Chase Brody- this one is easy. His kids are obviously a huge weakness, but also Stacy would be too. Stacy might not love Chase anymore, but I’m pretty sure he still loves and misses her.
  • Robbie the Zombie- he’s a zombie that falls apart, speaks slow and moves even slower. That’s enough weaknesses for the poor ego because it means he has to rely on others, especially Schneep to stitch him back together
Protective Dallas Would Include:

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Anonymous said:Dallas being protective of you would include

A/N: I’d love to do this imagine for you, since I’ve lacked in doing Dallas Winston or The Outsiders imagines or would includes for ages now! Please forgive me, lovely! I hope that you like what I’ve come up with. I’m sorry if it’s shitty, but I haven’t written one of these in quite awhile. So forgive me, anon!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

- Dallas being pretty grouchy and demanding of you.

- If you’re not romantically involved with Dallas and you’re his sister, bud or a member of the gang, just know that there are no boys allowed. This hood wouldn’t think any guy deserves you.

- If you are romantically involved with Dally, then, just know that he won’t enjoy the male company you have, the majority of your friends or anybody who gives you a glance.

- He would not allow you to walk home by yourself.

- “I can walk by myself, thank you very much!

- “To hell you are, (Y/N)! Anybody could jump you, and since when were manners your sorta thing?”

- Dally always having a protective arm around your shoulders or waist.

- Beating the tar out of anybody who bullied or messed with you.

- “You think this is funny punk?

- “Touch her and I’ll bury you six feet under. You got it?

- “Keep your eyes elsewhere or I’ll gouge em’ out.

- Dallas knocking a few guys’s teeth loose.

- He’d be tougher than usual, but he’d hope that you knew that it was just for your own protection.

- “Are you goin’ soft, Dally?

- “Shut up! To hell I am?!

- Dallas pulling you away from people he doesn’t like.

- “I don’t like him.

- “You don’t know him.

- “He gives me a bad feelin’.

- “Everyone does!

- “Exactly.

- Dallas losing his shit when he finds out that you’ve been jumped.

- Dallas getting into jail a hell of a lot more.

- “Can’t you just not punch him this time?

- “If he’s starin’ at my girl, he’s gonna get much worse than that.

- Dallas walking you everywhere, even if he’s drunk as hell.

- On rainy nights he’d totally drive you home.

- No matter how mad you are at him, he’d always sneak in through your bedroom window to make sure you’re doing all right.

- Those long menacing stares directed at everyone else.

- You are his priority and he wouldn’t admit it to anyone (and no one would dare bring it up), but, he’d take all the hits, kicks, ect. that were thrown your way.

- “You okay, doll?” he’d murmur huskily, his thumb catching your lower lip.

- “You’re outta your mind, Winston. Look at you!

- “Makes me look tough, huh?” he’d cock a brow like Two-bit.

- “You’re going to be the death of me someday, Dal.” you’d laugh.

Please keep requesting imagines! If you like it, please follow for more.

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Hello,what at do you think about Gray willing to use lost iced shell? Did he know he was going to use it when he promised Juvia an answer?

No, I truly don’t think he had planned to use it at all at that time. 

To me, this does not look like the face of a man who is thinking, “yeah, I’m going to kill myself, and erase myself from Juvia and everyone’s memories forever. Can’t wait!” 

No, to me, he looks happy and confident. He had something else planned to defeat both END and Zeref (and I hope we see Gray properly fight in the next few chapters to finally show off more of his devil slaying magic). Plus, if he had intended all along to use lost iced shell, there would be no reason at all for him to bring up Juvia’s feelings, and tell her to expect an answer after the war. If he was planning on sacrificing himself, he would never have broached the subject in the first place, because there would have been no “after the war” for him. 

So, I think he learned Lost Iced Shell during Avatar as a last resort move. Should everything go to shit, well then, at least he could always fall back on this. And the fact that he upgraded it, so that his memory would be forgotten, was out of consideration for his friends, and certainly for Juvia. He knew it would hurt them, and that was always his biggest reason to not use it previously.

That’s why I firmly believe this doesn’t have any connection/affect chapter 453 at all, or the promise to give Juvia an answer. I feel like Mashima wasn’t thinking that deeply about any of this beyond: 499 (and the aftermath, with Gray going on a rampage) was meant to show how much Gray cares about Juvia, and strongly hint at his reciprocal love for her; while 522 and 523 were meant to patch up the rift created by Gray and Natsu attacking each other/redeem Gray for targeting Natsu for being END, and show how much Gray loves Natsu/show that these guys truly are best friends. 

So, Gray’s attempted sacrifices in chapters 499 and 523 were meant to highlight Gray’s most important relationships: The one with the girl he loves, and the one with his best friend. That’s it. 

In any case, I’m just glad Natsu is always there (whether physically, or as a reminder in Gray’s head) to stop Gray from performing iced shell, because really, Gray? Really? (and really, Mashima? Iced shell? AGAIN?) I get the rationale behind it, but if he thinks magically removing himself from people’s memories would seriously ever really fully work (especially on someone like Juvia), then he is sadly mistaken lol.

A School of Fire and Shadow (Part 1)

Here it is! The first part of my new series! Please comment and send me feedback, thank you all so much for reading!!

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TOG x ACOTAR crossover - Hogwarts au

Next part

If Aelin Galathynius wasn’t already dreadfully excited at the thought of attending Hogwarts, she definitely became so the minute she ran through the 9 ¾ barrier. Her first steps onto the platform felt like she was walking on clouds instead of the hard cement. Rhoe and Evalin, Aelin’s flustered parents, could hardly keep up with the young eleven-year-old as she weaved through the crowd - somehow maneuvering around people even with a trolley stuffed with trunks being pushed in front of her. People practically jumped out of the way as she passed, pulling children close to save them from wheels rolling over little feet.

The Galathynius’ muttered quick apologies to disgruntled parents as they rushed to catch up to their little witchling. Unfortunately, the witch and her muggle husband were too late, which they realized as soon as they saw the overturned cart in the middle of a ten foot clearing of people. Their daughter stood with her hands on her hips - a stance she was getting too good at assuming - and bickering with a white-haired young wizard who was picking himself up from the ground.

“You’re crazy!” He exclaimed, brushing off his robes - generic black, so he must be a first year without a house yet.

Aelin scoffed, gesturing towards her upset cart with a incredibly expectant expression. “Excuse me, you are the one who ran in front of my trolley like a dementor is on your heels. The least you could do is help me put it back together again.”

The sneer that overtook the boy’s face does nothing more than send Aelin’s eyes rolling. “Well, princess, I believe you are the one who was hurtling around with reckless abandon. It surely is not my fault your cart ran over me!”

“Oh, no!” Aelin cooed, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “Did I accidentally hurt the itty bitty baby?” She mocked.

Rhoe and Evalin finally reach their daughter, her mother barely able to contain the squirming puppy in her arms. Rhoe set a hand on Aelin’s shoulder, a firm order to stand down, as the event had begun to gather a crowd. Evalin expertly slipped the small dog into the young witch’s arms, prohibiting the girl from starting any real fight.

The wizard scowled once more, tugged on the lapels of his robe self-righteously, and stalked away towards the quickly filling up train. Aelin’s parents made quick work of reassembling their daughter’s cart, and quickly pushed her and the dog towards the luggage and animal cars. Once they had her nicely packed away, they each kissed her on the cheek.

“Please try not to get into too many fights, Fireheart,” Her mother pleaded, her eyes shining with worry for her daughter’s safety.

Rhoe’s eyes however, were shining with mischief. “At least not right away.” Aelin grinned up at her father, hugged both her parents, and made an empty promise to play nice. Her mother just shook her head.

Suddenly, three long pulls from the horn alerted the family that the train was about to leave. Aelin was pushed hurriedly towards the door, which shut promptly behind her. Leaning out the window, she waved to her parents as the Hogwarts Express began to slowly move. She waited until Rhoe and Evalin were out of sight before turning to seek out a compartment, a late decision that she soon comes to regret.

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Bound II

A/N: THE STRESS LEVEL IS THROUGH THE FUCKING ROOF. I had to re write this entire thing bc my computer shut off and deleted the draft. I promised you guys part two today soooo here it is! Thanks for all the love! We’re almost at 300 followers, yall! Thats the craic lol. Enjoy!

Y/n is lying in her bed, still only dressed in a purple blanket but the biggest grin is plastered on her face. She and Harry had formally introduced themselves to each other; they found out that they actually live in the same town. Y/n began to talk about how insane this all was but the conversation quickly drifted off to irrelevant topics. Now, she’s listening to him blabber on about his week and she can’t help but wonder how or why she’s come to enjoy this.

How did she somehow normalize the fact that she can talk to somebody through her mind? How could she actually be interested in this guy’s personal life after knowing him for less than two hours?

“So..I got it fixed but now I feel like I should just buy another car if the engine is gonna keep failing, ya know” he shares, but she’s too caught up in her thoughts to realize he asked her a question. “Y/n, you there?” he chuckled. She snaps out of her daze and apologizes. “I’m so sorry I was stuck in my head” she breathed.

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Act of Kindness | 05 |

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Yoo Kihyun | Fake Relationship!AU | Fluff | Smut 

Since day one, boundaries and personal space were never really part of the picture.  

Krystal keeps giving you this look. 

There’s little to no emotion behind the look, and it only lasts a second, but it’s becoming so frequent since the day after you came back home from Kihyun’s and needed her to stay with you. 

It’s been a week. A week since the look has started, a week since the last time you’ve seen Kihyun. And you’re almost positive the noticeable lack of communication is another reason for the brief looks you’ve been receiving. 

“What, Krys?” you sigh, lolling your head in her direction. 

“Are you and Kihyun okay?” she asks without hesitation, as if she’s been waiting for you to acknowledge her glances. 


You direct your focus back to creating the perfect wing on your eyes. 

Sure, you haven’t spoken to him since that night, but it’s fine. You’re fine. He’s busy with his comeback and you’re busy with the number of hours you’ve been working lately. Yes, you’re getting paid to be with him but your world doesn’t revolve around him. You don’t have to see or speak to him every day. 

And while all of that might be true and you try your hardest to believe what you’ve been telling yourself since you woke up the next day, there’s the nagging thought of how you’re lying to yourself. 

You want to speak to him. You’ve lost count of the number of times your fingers have itched to send him a simple message. But then your mind goes back to that night. You know your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you. You know you weren’t so tired you were delirious. Kihyun definitely gave you all the signs of wanting to kiss you but hesitated in the end and backed out. And you don’t understand why that’s so disappointing. You were so sure that you were content with the friendship the two of you have created through the lies of your relationship to the public. But at the same time, you’ve never been so affectionate and had such an instant connection with your previous guy friends. Even with your girl friends, you’re not as touchy, excluding Krystal. Maybe that’s why you don’t know how to feel. The staged hugs and skinship with Kihyun are one thing, but the embraces that you’re pulled into when there are no suspecting eyes are something completely different. The simple lingering touches you’ve gotten used to behind closed doors are something completely different. 

You’d gotten used to being called beautiful and gorgeous, and the first time he called you baby girl you paid it no mind because Krystal was right there. But when the name slipped from his lips so easily the other night when there was no audience whatsoever, God your heart might have dropped to your stomach. 

In the end, you remember that this is a business arrangement. You shouldn’t let your judgment get clouded by how good Kihyun looks or smells or how he’s been showing you that he just might be perfect boyfriend material. You shouldn’t let the fact you hadn’t been held the way Kihyun held you in God knows how long confuse you. He’s just an affectionate person. There are boundaries and he realized he was going to cross one he’d regret. On top of his busy schedule, that’s why you haven’t heard from him. And it’s actually a good thing. Without him distracting your thoughts, you were able to sort things out quickly. 

So technically, in the mess of lies you’ve been telling Krystal about your relationship, you’re telling the truth this time. You and Kihyun are okay. The two of you are business friends and your business has been doing well. Soon you’ll be back in the Starship building to talk about your side of the deal now that a month of being his girlfriend is coming up. 

Smacking your lips after applying some lip gloss, you give yourself one last look in the mirror before turning to your still very concerned best friend. 

“Seriously,” you chuckle, raking a hand through her hair to push her blonde locks out of her face. “You know a few people quit Ahn’s so my shifts have gotten longer. And I’m sure you know more about Kihyun’s schedule than I do,” you tease. 

Krystal sticks her tongue out at you, grabbing your hand that’s resting on her cheek. “So I don’t have to fight him the next time he shows up at our door?” 

Whenever that will be. 

“Nah, but I’ll let you know when you can.”

The first rule in your book: FaceTime calls require appointments—unless it’s Krystal.

Staring down at your phone screen, you tilt your head. Kihyun’s name is on the top of the screen and your own reflection is staring at you as your phone rings.

You look like a hot mess.

There’s still crust in your eyes, your hair is sticking up in every which way and you haven’t used your voice in almost nine hours so you just know you sound gross.

You could decline the call and continue scrolling until your bladder can’t take waiting anymore. You could just let it ring and let him think you’re still asleep.

When your face disappears from your sight while thinking about what to do you shrug, rolling out of bed and finally using the bathroom. 

Did he mean to call you? A week without a simple text and then a FaceTime call seems a little suspicious. And your phone wasn’t ringing for long…

It doesn’t matter. You don’t need to be thinking about unnecessary things when you’ve been doing well without communicating with him for the last week.

In the middle of washing your face, your phone starts vibrating continuously, the default ringing blasting loudly. Your hair is maintained and you look decent enough, so looking crazy isn’t an excuse. 

Stop overthinking and just answer the phone.

“You can’t just call me like this without an appointment, Kihyun,” you scold half-heartedly, propping the phone up against your mirror so he can see you.

“Sorry, baby girl,” he chuckles, and there goes your heart. “I didn’t wake you with my first call, did I?

“Nah,” you wave a dismissive hand, patting your face dry with your towel. “What’s up?”

“Well,” Kihyun drags out, tilting his head side to side like he’s contemplating his next words. You hang your towel up and pick your phone up with a questioning gaze. “I was wondering what you’re doing tomorrow night?”

You have a later shift tomorrow and won’t be off until ten or eleven, but Kihyun seems like he’s excited and you don’t want to burst his bubble (and you also want to know why a week later he’s decided to hit you up).

“I guess that depends on what you’d like for me to be doing tomorrow night,” you reply, nibbling on your bottom lip and sitting back down on your bed, tucking a leg under your butt.

He licks his lips and exhales a laugh, raising an eyebrow while tugging the beanie on his head a little further down his forehead. “I’d like for you to come to my showcase.”

Well, you definitely weren’t expecting that response.

“Is that what Starship wants?” you inquire. You don’t want to get your hopes up and think the invitation is more than what it actually is. This will probably be good for the media.

Kihyun’s expression changes from taken aback, to offended, then to a look of understanding all in a few seconds.

“It’s what I want. If you can’t make it, it’s fine,” he shrugs, and you can practically see the confidence melt away and how uncertain he’s become since you first answered the phone.

You’re not sure if your heart does a little skip because he wants you to come and see him perform or because you took the smile off of his face.

“What time?”

“Starts at eight,” he shrugs, seemingly distracted by something on his lap.

“I’ll see you at eight then.”

And there’s his smile again.

After you’ve said your farewells that fuzzy feeling in your chest is back. You’re not even one to let your feelings control what you say or how you act but you’re surprised you were able to act like everything was just peachy and that he wasn’t the reason you were doubting yourself just some days ago. After days of pushing any thoughts or feelings dealing with Kihyun to the back of your mind and not even realizing you’ve been acting like everything is fine, a simple phone call brings them back to the surface and the truth about how you actually feel basically slaps you in the face.

But you wouldn’t be you if you didn’t push them right back to the back of your brain before you can even contemplate on anything.

You haven’t known Jinsol long, maybe four months, but you know what she likes. With a borderline too happy smile, you greet her at the counter, dropping a bag containing her favorite take out and slide a soda towards her on the front counter of Ahn’s.


She looks back and forth between you and the items in front of her suspiciously, eyebrow raised.

“What do you want?” she hesitates to ask.

Leaning on the marble, you shrug. “I was just wondering if you could maybe take part of my shift tomorrow?” and when her other brow lifts as well you add, “something really important came up,” with a pout.

Face now stoic, she peels the bag open, peeking inside to see what you got her. “How much is part of your shift?”

“Six to ten,” you reply sheepishly.

Jinsoul let’s out a sarcastic laugh.

“What’s so important you’re missing so many hours?”

Should you tell her? You really don’t want to because you guys aren’t that close and you’d rather the rest of your co-workers or managers not know that you’re skipping out on work just to see your boyfriend perform. When Jinsoul closes the bag and leans forward, propping an elbow up and holding her face in her hand all while staring at you blankly, you sigh.

“Kihyun’s showcase,” you mumble dejectedly.

And in less than a second she’s popping back up right and there’s life back in her eyes.

“Why didn’t you just start with that? Of course I’ll take your shift,” she smiles with a dismissive wave. “You didn’t have to buy me food for this, ____.”

And now you’re the one staring at her blankly.

She looks over your shoulder when the door chimes before pushing the food back towards you. “Have fun, get some,” she winks and you roll your eyes with a playful scoff.

“Keep the food, I’ll see you tomorrow,” you laugh, waving her goodbye when a customer comes behind you.

In the month or so of finding out who exactly Kihyun is, this is the first time you’re in the know of what exactly he does. You can’t use the excuse of not having the time to do your research on Monsta X even after Kihyun suggested watching that show about their debut that one night. You’ve had free days but something has just been stopping you from watching it. In the back of your mind you know it’s the thought of possibly falling for the guy you’ve already become so fond of in such a short amount of time after seeing how hard he worked and how passionate he is about the things he loves. But you can’t think about those things when he’s your business partner, real friendship or not. 

Kihyun sent a text earlier telling you the address, where to park, and which door one of his managers will be at waiting to let you in. The path Kihyun texted you must be a secret one because you haven’t run into any fans as you search for the correct numbers on the top of the doors. 

A low call of your name has your head snapping forward and there’s a short male beckoning you over to him. 

“You’re kind of late,” he greets, breathing out in amusement when you look down in embarrassment. So that’s why you weren’t running into anyone. You lost track of time at work and left later than you wanted and you took the quickest thorough shower possible and you don’t know why but the outfit you picked out yesterday for tonight just wasn’t cutting it so finding a new one took longer, not to mention hair and makeup. “It’s fine, they’ve barely started yet,” he reassures you as he leads you down a hallway. “You could either join the crowd near the front or sit on the second floor with me.”

There’s no way in hell you’re going in that crowd. You being here in the first place is enough to have people talking, but cutting through the crowd late is something you’d rather not be a conversation starter. 

“I’ll go with you.”

The lights are dim and there’s music playing quietly through the speakers around the venue, fans calling out Monsta X! repeatedly until silhouettes can be seen walking onto the stage, loud screams replacing the chanting and fueling your excitement. You’ve been to concerts and all but the pounding in your chest as you sit down doesn’t compare to the feelings you usually have at concerts. You’re seeing Kihyun. You’ve never heard him sing or rap or seen him dance, only heard him hum briefly and with how he had you hooked from simply speaking, you can only imagine what he’ll sound like performing.

Music starts and lights on the stage turn on, shadows now becoming seven figures posing before they are moving and your eyes sweep along each member, looking for a familiar mop of faded pink hair. You almost break your neck at the double take you give him, your eyes wide and mouth slightly ajar at the sight of his once pink tresses now midnight black. Not to mention you’ve never seen him in anything other than sweats or jeans aside from the few pictures your saw of him online, and he’s in this suit that looks really good on him.

And if you thought his dancing was enough to have you holding your breath. When he starts singing you pretty much forget how to breathe and you have to bite your lip to stop your face from showing how surprised you are. 

Just hearing the lyrics to the song and his voice singing the lyrics is enough to make you melt and fall deeper into the place you’ve been refusing to even think about. 

If anyone were to look up, they’d see you seated down. And when Kihyun does just that once the song is over, stepping towards the front of the stage with the rest of the members and sending you a smile, your breath literally gets caught in your throat.

To say you’re in awe after a few more songs and talking breaks would be an understatement. Leaving with their manager once most of the audience has cleared out, you’re lead into a room that appears to be a break or waiting room, being told to take a seat and that the group will come out shortly. 

There’s chaos from behind the door across the room is what you assume is separating you from the seven males. And when you hear an excited Kihyun a smile automatically tugs at your lips and that’s when you realize how bad you have it. There’s a flip in your stomach at the kind of obnoxious sound and you’ve had enough crushes to know what it means. 

A vibration against your leg startles you and takes you out of your thoughts. 


my mom convinced me to stay at hers for the weekend so i won’t see you until sunday :/


i guess i’ll just be alone until then :(

“I heard you got here late,” a teasing voice says from in front of you, almost making you drop your phone. 

It might take you a while to get used to Kihyun having such dark hair. And then combined with the way his eyes look more intense than usual with the help of makeup is enough to have you almost choking on your spit.

“I look good, huh?”

His words bring you out of your stupor and you laugh. You missed his sassy comments.

“I mean you’re alright,” you shrug, standing once he’s directly in front of you.

His nose scrunches up cutely before he’s pulling you into a hug, your chin hooking over his shoulder in an attempt not to get your makeup on his jacket and arms squeezing him tighter than you planned.

“I left work a little later than planned and I couldn’t come here looking crazy,” you mumble, sighing quietly because he still hasn’t let go of you.

“I missed you,” he says gently.


Before you even get to respond or let Kihyun’s words sink in he’s letting go of you in favor of turning around and glaring at a smiling Changkyun walking into the room.

When he looks back at you, you’re smiling just as big as Changkyun and walking into his open arms.

“I feel like I haven’t seen you in months,” Changkyun chuckles, sending Kihyun a look that you don’t notice.

“You saw me last week,” you snort.

“I know but Kihyun’s just been going on and on and o— ouch!”

With furrowed brows, you look behind Changkyun and see Hoseok smiling at you like he didn’t just pinch Changkyun’s side.

“Stop hogging Kihyun’s girl and come help me with something.”

Kihyun’s girl.

You like how that sounds.

The rest of the members file out of the room and say their greetings, Minhyuk the only other one coming up to you and giving you a nice hug with a big smile.

“I’ll be right back, okay? I’m gonna go change,” Kihyun says, catching your hand as he walks back from where he came from.

Taking a deep breath once it’s just you again, you flop back down into your original seat. 

On and on about what?

And why is it so hot? Your skin is starting to feel sticky and there’s another warmth inside your chest. 

You find a door that leads outside, kicking the rug in front of it in between the door-frame and door so you don’t lock yourself out. Standing against the brick wall beside the door you let out another deep breath, already feeling better with the cool night air hitting your skin and slowing your thoughts.

You hit the jackpot, didn’t you?

You laugh bitterly to yourself at his question repeating in your mind. 

Your relationship was only supposed to be a quick therapy session on the side walk. Not long hugs, hand holding, and very real feelings. Not going from cuddling on the couch to questioning everything about your relationship in the matter of a day or two. Not being a crybaby at Kihyun’s showcase and hiding outside to get yourself together.

But then again, would it hurt to just continue to go with the flow and maybe let it all out to him so that you can finally get it off your chest and see if the reason he’s been centimeters away from kissing you is that the feeling just might be mutual. 

Yeah right. Your contract will be ripped to shreds.

“Maybe she stepped o— hey.”

“Hey,” you cough, giving Hoseok half a smile as you turn to see him half way out of the building. He takes that as an invitation to join you, making his way beside you against the wall.

“Everything alright?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine. It just got a little warm in there.”

It’s not a lie.

“I was kind of referring to you and Ki,” he admits with a humorless chuckle. “I don’t know you very well but you seem a little… off. And Kihyun’s been the same all week.”

“What do you mean?”

“Usually when we tease him about you he’ll end up gushing about you but lately he’s been waving us off and I haven’t heard a peep about you until today,” he shrugs. “He’d kill me if he knew I just told you that.”

You gulp.


You don’t feel comfortable telling him you haven’t been reaching out to Kihyun because you were upset about the mixed signals you were receiving. Or because you were starting to look at the pink haired male as more than a business friend and the harsh reality of only being that sunk in and left you strangely sad and kind of bitter. But something tells you that last bit is pretty obvious.

The day after that night at Kihyun’s dorms you were in a day long mental argument. One side of you was saying it was okay to feel the way you did because you’re only human and he truly was giving you all the signs of wanting to step over the boundaries of a platonic relationship with you. With the long hugs and the terms of endearment and the intense looks, what else were you supposed to think? But the other side was saying it’s not even as deep as you were making it seem. You let your emotions and lack of physical attention cloud your judgment and it’s perfectly normal to cuddle with, hug, compliment, and call platonic friends nicknames. Business kept repeating in your brain, as well.

And you knew the latter side was the more reasonable one so that’s why after that day you stopped worrying about it. You’re not one to text people every day, all day, so the lack of communication really isn’t anything significant. In the time you’ve known him, ninety-eight percent of the time he was the one to text or call you first. If he has his reasons for not hitting you up then that’s on him. It’s really none of your concern.

But now all of those thoughts you claimed as irrational don’t seem as such.

You just shrug helplessly.

“Fake relationship isn’t feeling so fake anymore, is it?”

He smiles when your eyes widen and you sputter, taking your reaction as an affirmative answer.

“I overheard Kihyun say something like that to Hyunwoo so I just assumed you were feeling the same,” he admits sheepishly and you side eye him before laughing.

The smallest amount of pressure lifts off your chest at hearing that if you did tell Kihyun about how you’ve been feeling it won’t be a complete disaster. 

“You should talk to him about it. He’s been in a weird mood and I can’t take it anymore. Plus, I can smell the sexual tension.”

You scoff, swatting at his arm.

“You’re pushing it.”

Hoseok winks.

“No, but really. He’s looking for you right now, so now’s perfect.”

“Do you guys have anything planned for the rest of the night?” you hesitate to ask. They just had a showcase and for all you know, you could be holding up their time.

“Nope,” he smiles, pushing himself off the bricks. “Want me to call him out here?” 


When he disappears into the building the weight of the situation hits you. You’ve never really been one to act on your feelings or tell someone how fond of them you are. And though it has only been a month since you’ve known him and a couple weeks since you’ve fallen for him, you’d rather just get this over with and not continue to mull over it unnecessarily. 

A few words from you, a response from him, then you’ll move forward from that. Simple.

A/N: I don’t know much about showcases or if they all go down like this but I’m going based off of the one I watched of Taemin lolol (:


Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 155: The first pic I saw of Raúl and one of my faves ever since! 💞 As promised, here is the story behind it:
Here in Germany, SVU used to air every Friday evening. I hardly ever watch TV, coz I wanna watch my shows and movies and stuff in English and right when they air in the US. But Friday is where a German comedy show is on, one of very few German things I still watch. One day, to pass the time till it aired, I just had the TV on and so I discovered SVU. Week after week I found myself watching more interested. And all of a sudden there was this sassy lawyer coming up. From that moment on, I caught myself hoping for him to appear in every episode that aired. So, what does a girl do nowadays when she’s interested in something or someone? Google. So I did. And this was the first photo that came up in my search. He looked familiar to me, since the first time I saw him on SVU. And Google told me why: He was in Hannibal, a TV show my fellow students told me about at university!! 😄 We even watched a few episodes together, after English Literature courses, but I was too wrapped up in things and work, to actually pay attention. Now, after all I’ve been through, I could slap myself for that. 😂 I could’ve been a Raúl fan since that time, but I guess it wasn’t ment to be yet. 1 ½ years later, I’ve met him twice and have drawn him over 150 times! It is unbelievable… I believe it was my destiny to join his fandom, to get to know hundreds of amazing people, to find close friends for life and most of all: to make people HAPPY and to bring joy into this world. ❤️

muse-multiverse  asked:

The worst part about this whole thing with pewds is that when he falls (and it's looking more and more like a "when") he's going to take good honest men like Mark and Jack with him. And every good decent lets player will forever have the taint of anti-semitism flowing around them because of this idiot (just watch moviebob and any time he mentions lets players these days). After all, when the king falls, what hope does his court have?

Depends on whether or not the court steps up to help topple him or not.

I’m not familiar enough with the youtubers in question, I stopped following along with a lot of youtube channels in the last few years simply because it felt like a growing clique of all the toxic people you hope you left behind in high school. So I can’t comment on their current behavior or how they respond to Kjellberg , but I will say that if they are not taking active steps to distance themselves and call out his racist bigoted views and his violent rhetoric, they are complicit with what he is doing. 

Silence is not neutrality when it comes to this. Silence is not a moral option in this instance. If you have a podium that enables you to speak out against the wrong doings of others in this world and you do nothing in favor of not rocking the boat, you deserve to go down with the ship when it is rightfully sunk. I have no sympathy for “I decline to comment” when there is a very definite hard fast line between what is Right and what is Wrong. And right now there is a whole lot Wrong with the culture that has sprung up around certain aspects of the YouTube community.

And in this instance if the big name youtubers decide that money and their dwindling fame is more important than speaking out for those who are being actively silenced? Then they’ll get what they deserve too.

As for everyone being tarred by the taint of antisemitism as a result? Shit and mud slides free with time and enough scrubbing. If they want to rebuild the community into something worth having, they’ll do it. But it starts with digging a shallow grave for Kjellberg’s mediocre talentless hack career, and burying him in his own shit. 

I was listening to random music playlist on youtube when Uptown funk started playing and one of lines made me think about Gramander (shocking, I know).

Imagine Newt hanging around Tina, waiting for her to check documents for his animals before they take them to mister Graves to sign them. Now, Newt hasn’t met that man yet - not the real one - and he wants to make good impression. Wasting that man time on incorrectly filled forms wouldn’t be too nice.

Suddenly, there are many of “Good morning, sir!” behind Newt. Tina raises her head from above one of forms (it’s the one for nundu; Newt thinks he should be more specific in explaining how Elizabeth’s breath isn’t dangerous any more because Tina doesn’t seem too happy about her) and she stands up, scolding her expression into something more neutral.

“Good morning, Director, sir!”

“Goldstein.” A husky, low voice speaks behind Newt, footsteps of that person getting closer. “And your guest is…?”

Newt doesn’t need Tina’s pointed look to stand up too. He turns around, raising his gaze to look at mister Graves’s face and not his feet and —


Grindelwald pretending to be mister Graves has been good. Great even. He’s been radiating confidence by just standing in one place, his magic so strong everyone around him could feel it. But there has been something almost sinister in how Grindelwald has been looking at people - like at tools to be used.

The real Percival Graves is nothing like that. 

He walks with complete confidence but not like he owns the place, so unlike Grindelwald, but like a person who fully knows his value and capabilities. He keeps his powers tightly around himself yet Newt can feel it and it gives him shivers. Then mister Graves stops right in front of him and Newt’s breath catches in his throat - it’s not fair for anyone to look this fine. Newt can’t help but notice just how good mister Graves looks like in his finely tailored suit, filling it in all right places as if he hasn’t been starved by his kidnapper for a few months. Even his cologne smells more than great.

For a brief moment Newt wonders how anyone could mistake Grindelwald for this man but then mister Graves is speaking again and Newt’s brain turns into a butter.

“Mister Scamander, if I am correct? What does bring you to New York this time?” Those dark eyes focus on Newt and Newt is definitely not prepared for the force of nature which is Percival Graves focusing solely on him. “I hope,” he adds in the most smooth voice Newt has ever heard, ever, “no creature of your is going to break into the zoo this time.” Mister Graves’s lips turn up into a small smile. 

Newt’s legs almost give up under him. No, he’s not prepared at all.

“I-I promise to not cause any problems, mister Graves, sir.” Normally Newt doesn’t use “sir” yet there is something about this man that makes one say it without thinking too much about it. It sounds right. “Tina – Auror Goldstein is helping me with forms.”

Mister Graves looks at Tina and Newt almost sighs in relief. These two talk for a moment about some other reports Tina is supposed to deliver to mister Graves’s today - Newt feels a pang of guilt when he realizes she could be writing them instead of helping him - before mister Graves excuses himself. Only when he walks away Newt feels like he can breath freely again.

“What are you thinking about?” Newt barely hears Tina’s ask. “Newt?”

With his eyes glued to the strong line of miser Graves’s shoulders, Newt says the first line he can think about - something he has heard during the war from one of soldiers trying to woo their nurse.

“He makes a dragon want to retire.” Isn’t mister Graves in fact like a dragon? Dangerous and powerful, watching everything with that intense gaze? In the corner of his eye Newt sees how Tina is looking at him with her mouth open and Newt feels himself blushing. It’s not like im to voice something like that aloud. “You know, he’s… hot?” 

The Auror, to whom mister Graves is speaking, suddenly gasps, looking straight at Newt, her eyes widening. Everyone in the room are looking at Newt and he immediately knows that he has spoken too loud. 


Newt wants to die.

Mister Graves turns around slowly (and Newt’s brain shouldn’t be picking up this moment to admire how that coat is moving around him) and if his gaze has been intense before, now it’s completely devastating. Newt cannot turn away from it no matter how much he wants to. He feels himself blushing and he opens his mouth to apologize, but mister Graves interrupts him:

“Bring those forms after ten. I’m sure Auror Goldstein will have everything ready by that time.” Without further ado mister Graves nods at him and then leaves, his steps loud in the complete silence. 

McDougall, one of senior Aurors, is the first to break it.

“You know, Scamander, that there are easier ways to kill yourself, right?”

Newt slides onto his chair, mortified. He has made a wonderful first impression, indeed.

Newt doesn’t go with Tina to mister Graves’s office with forms for permits. He has had to hear enough of jokes and teasing to not want to spend any time alone with that man. And if he’s lucky then permits won’t be needed at all. The ship back to England is in a few hours, Newt can buy a ticket and never again come back to New York.

Good Merlin, what has he been thinking?

“What that poor sandwich did to you, mister Scamander? You’re looking at it as if it hurt you.” 

Spooked, Newt looks up. He has chosen one of empty rooms to eat his lunch without any interruptions - he is supposed to give a talk about magical creatures to Aurors later and he’s not looking towards it - and he hasn’t expected anyone to find him here.

Mister Graves is leaning against the doorframe, looking at Newt with curiosity, not anger, which is more than surprising. He’s not wearing his coat anymore and Newt wants to bang his head against the wall for noticing how fine those trousers fit him. He should be apologizing, not admire this man more!

“Mister Graves, I…” Newt stands up, forcing himself to look at mister Graves and not the floor, feeling how his cheeks are becoming red. “I’m so sorry —”

Mister Graves puts a finger on his lips, shushing Newt, who doesn’t even think about disobeying him.

(Actually, he’s thinking that he wants to touch those lips and when has he become such a pervert?)

“I was thinking…” mister Graves starts, again in that smooth, rich voice. He walks towards Newt, every step of his echoing on the stony floor. He’s looking at Newt like Newt is his prey and Newt… he doesn’t feel like running away. “I owe you at least a dinner, don’t I, mister Scamander? For your help with capturing Grindelwald.” Newt nods without thinking. 

Mister Graves is standing definitely too close, so close Newt can feel the warmth of his body. He smiles when Newt nods but it’s not like his previous smile; this one is a smile of a predator who captures its next meal. 

“Perfect.” He fucking purrs. Newt wonders if it’s possible to die from feeling too much attraction to someone. “Let’s go right after your lecture.” Mister Graves raises his hand and smoothes wrinkles on Newt’s shirt, looking straight into Newt’s eyes with such hunger Newt would be afraid of his life if his brain hasn’t decided to stop working the moment mister Graves has touched him. “I’m already starving.”

Somehow is turned into “Percival Graves is too hot for his own good” post. I swear it wasn’t my intention orz I kind of run of ideas at the end orz

Anyway, back to the main point: words “Too hot (hot damn)” made me think about Percival and then Newt losing ability to speak the first time he sees the real Percival.

Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls

Request: What if the reader was an animation student (I’m an animation student in Ohio) and she had an assignment for a class where she needs a nude model? So she asks Steve to be her model and she had him do a few sexual poses. (I just need some gold old smut and some thigh riding xD…) I can always request something else, if need be!

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Thigh Riding (one of my damn weaknesses), unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), language. Watch your ovaries, ladies.

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Going to school, as an avenger, was no easy task. Going to school isn’t easy as it is, I have to save the world on the side, too! Sleep isn’t coming to me very easy these days.

The time currently reads 2:33AM and I’m wide awake.

I’ve been trying to sleep for the past hour and a half, and it’s been fighting me. Sleep isn’t going to be coming any time soon.

Groaning, I drag myself out of bed, and run down to the kitchen for a glass of water.

On to the way to the kitchen, I hear someone grunting coming from the training room.

‘I’d know that sound anywhere.’

Walking into the training room,  I lean up against the wall. This is always a pretty sight. I could watch this all day long.

“You just gonna stand there and stare, (Y/N)?” Steve turns and smiles at me.

Sweat beads drip down his temple and into his tight shirt. (You know the one ;)

“S-sorry Steve, it’s kinda hard not to.” Chuckling, he unwraps his hands after his assault on the punching bag.

“It’s alright, (Y/N). Can’t sleep?”

“No, sleep avoids me at all costs these days.”

“I understand, doll. Did you need something?” Blushing, I play with the hem of my shirt.

“Um, I didn’t, but now that I think about it, maybe you could help me with something?”

“Sure, (Y/N) what can I help you with?”

“I have a project in my class due next week and I haven’t even started it yet, I haven’t had any inspiration. But I think I just did.”

He chuckles.

“Alright, what do you need me to do?”

“Well, don’t look so excited yet, you might not want to once I tell you what I need.”

“Well I’m sure it can’t be that bad.”

“I need a nude model.”

Steve looks up, stopping unwrapping his hands in the middle of his second one.

“A nude model? Like, naked?”

I laugh, he’s so cute.

“Yes, Steve. That’s what nude means.”

“Uh, um. Are you sure you want me?”

‘Oh God…oh God, oh boy do I…’

“Of course I WANT to, Steve. I wouldn’t have asked you if I didn’t. Like I said, I didn’t have inspiration, but I just struck it.”

He drinks out of his water bottle.

“Uh, a-alright. When do we do this?” I can tell he’s really nervous.

“Steve, you don’t have to if you don’t want to..I don’t wanna make you uncomfortable.”

“It’s alright, (Y/N), I’ll be fine. We can do this.” I feel like he’s trying to convince himself, rather than tell me.

“Alright, you wanna do this right now? We’re both exhausted but having trouble finding sleep, why not try to get some type of work done.”

Steve smiles.

“Alright, doll. Lead the way.” Steve runs his fingers through his hair, carrying his water bottle with him.

“Come on then” Steve follows me.


Steve and I make it to my room where I keep all my art supplies.

“Alright Steve, let’s get this done.” Steve gulps and looks up at you through his eyelashes.

“That means you need to get nude, Stevie.”

“O-oh, okay.”

“I’ll turn around if that makes you feel better.” I turn my back to him to give him some privacy.

I hear him rustle around with his clothes before he speaks.

“I-I’m ready.”

I turn around and ho-ly shit. God this man is so fucking gorgeous, like my God.

“O-okay. Sorry, I’m gonna try to be professional about this,” My eyes drag over him one more time. “But oh my, God..this is gonna be difficult.” Steve has a deep blush going on, from his neck to his ears to his face.

“Don’t be shy, Steve. Believe me, you have nothing to be nervous about. Wow.”

He drags his lip between his teeth.

“Alright, (Y/N) whats my first pose?” Oh yeah, we’re doing work.

“Um, just sit on the bed for now, almost like you’ve just come out of bed and are trying to wake yourself up.”

He sits down, he has his legs pushed together, as if he’s trying to keep himself hidden.

“Steve, the whole point of a nude model is the NUDE part.” I smirk and raise my eyebrow.

He draws in a big breath and spreads his legs, his large member (even when it’s soft) lays flaccid against  his leg. He hangs to the left, I take note.

‘Oh my, Captain. He must be massive.’

I drag my lip between my teeth, and getting to work. As I’ve drawn him, I’ve noticed his dick has started to harden.

‘Oh God I should have known this was going to be so fucking hard, no pun intended, me.’

I clench my thighs together, trying to relieve some pressure.

“Alright Steve, I have an idea.”

He leans up, resting his elbows on his knees.

“What do you need me to do, doll?” His voice has gotten deeper, sexier. If that was even possible.

“Would you be willing to do some sex positions for me?” His eyebrow raises.

“Sex positions? How am I supposed to do that alone?” I chuckle.

“I’ll show you, Stevie.”

Guiding him as best as I can into some, rather compromising positions, I begin to draw him.

He is standing up now, with his cock in his right hand, and I’ve told him to make it look like he’s thrusting into someones tight, wet heat. Oh God at this point, my cunt is soaked. I need him, I need something. I can’t even focus right now. His cock is so hard…so long and so thick…fuck this, I want him.


He turns his head to look at me.


“I have another idea.”
“Tell me.” He’s almost breathless, and I can tell he’s becoming desperate too.

“Sit down on the bed, lean back on your arms and spread your legs.

He does what I ask, no questions asked.

Oh how I want nothing more than to jump on top of him, and slide my wet pussy down his massive cock.

But I wanna play a bit first, if he’ll allow it…

“I-I wanna try something…is that okay?”

“Do whatever you need, doll.” I know that’s a welcoming invitation.

Stripping out of my own clothes, all except panties, I understood why he was so shy. This is nerve wracking.

However, seeing his reaction tells me I have nothing to worry about.

“Have you ever had someone ride your thigh, Steve?” Biting my lip, I bring myself on top of him, straddling his left thigh.

“No…can’t say I have, (Y/N) but I have a feeling it’s going to be quite a beautiful site.”

I bring myself down on his thigh, the friction from his thigh and my panties against my cunt is almost too much to bear.

“Oh fuck, Steve.” He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer to him, bringing his mouth to mine, our tongues dance together, battling for dominance.

I begin to grind myself against his thigh, slowly at first, back and forth, back and forth until I feel myself about to cum. He can tell I’m close as I go faster and faster, chasing that sweet release.

He suddenly flips me over, stopping my assault on his thigh.

“F-fuck Stevie, why did you stop me?” he growls.

“If you’re gonna come you’re gonna cum around my cock. I saw the way you were admiring it, doll. What, never seen a cock as big as this?” He grabs his cock and smacks it against my clit a few times.

“God, Steve please. Please fuck me.” I’m never one to beg for anything, but I need this…

He smirks.

“You never answered me, (Y/N)”

“No Steve, I’ve never seen a cock as big or as pretty as yours and I want in inside of me, so deep.” He groans, and shoves his cock into me. Slowly at first, then a little faster.

“More Steve, I can take all of it, I want it all.”

“Yeah? You want me balls deep inside your cunt baby?”

God vulgar Steve is a good Steve.

“Yes, please, all the way.” He does just that, all the way until his balls lay against my ass.

Thats when he starts going rough. Hard, rough, fast. This is pure raw fucking and nothing more.

And it’s so fucking hot.

“God Steve I’m about to cum!”

“Yes baby, let it out, don’t hold back. Cum on my cock, I’m right behind you.”

A few more sloppy thrusts later we’re both coming apart at the same time.

“God that was amazing, doll…”

“Oh yes, God that was everything I was hoping it would be…”

“You’ve thought about sleeping with me before, doll?”

“Oh God so many times, Captain.” I say captain a little seductively.

He takes in a sharp intake of breath. I smirk, looking into his eyes.

“Oh? Someone likes to be called captain in the bedroom, too hmm? Oh man, I can’t wait till our next time.” I run my finger down his spine.

“If you don’t behave yourself doll we’re gonna have round two before you’re ready…”

I laugh and kiss him on the cheek.

“Did you get what you needed before we got distracted, doll?”

“Yes, Cap. It’s perfect…thank you.”

We lay down in my bed, still nude.

“Stay with me for the night?”

“I’ll stay with you forever.” We end the night with a deep, passionate kiss.

I have a feeling I’ll get an A+ ;)

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Lemon boy 🍋 esplain your fave botw headcanons

This game is so much fresher in my mind but that just means my thoughts are still jumbled but here goes (don’t hate me).

- Zelda obviously realized she loved Link when he saved her from the Yiga, but she realized she had feelings for him before then. Talking to Urbosa on top of Vah Naboris made her start thinking about those feelings more, and the Yiga attack just sealed the deal (oh dear lord did I accidentally make a seal pun b/c of the desert I am so sorry I’m v tired rn)

- Zelda has an amazing singing voice. Link was standing guard outside her room one night and heard the sound of her singing from inside. He couldn’t believe how at peace she sounded since all he knew of her was the Princess with a short fuse and a severe sense of inadequacy. He never thought of her in the same way after that night, and began to wonder what she was really like underneath all her fear.

- Zelda really likes the way Link smells because it’s so different from the scents she grew up with stuck in the castle; he smells earthy and adventurous, which she can’t explain but loves anyway.

- Similarly, Link adores the way Zelda smells because it’s so different from what he grew up smelling in town and in the barracks. She smells like flowers and vanilla and the first time they were close to each other he had to resist the urge to pull her into a close embrace.

- Link ate that freaking frog right there. He loved her even that early on in their relationship and he had never seen her as happy as she was when she found that frog. So he ate it for her, despite his extreme desire not to. It gave him a stomach ache for a few days because raw frog, but it made her happy so he was happy.

- After Zelda asked Link “Do you really remember me?” he ran over to her and did that thing where he picks her up and spins her around before pulling her into a strong hug. Zelda was absolutely overwhelmed and all she could do was smile and laugh as she flew around him and then nuzzled into his hug because her hero was back and she loved him and he loved her.

I can probably think of a lot more but there’s a few that I hope aren’t too bad. These were actually easier than the OoT Zelink ones, but I think that’s just a matter of how long it’s been since I’ve been immersed in OoT Zelink content. BotW rules my life right now and I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time playing and thinking about that game.

100% chance of rain

◦ pairing: reader x jimin

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 3.3k

◦ request: Heyyy I can’t even begin to tell you how AMAZING you are at writing!! And choosing a bias😏😂 butttt umm i was kinda feeling a jimin smut (I’m such a hoe he’s not even my bias) where he takes you out on a date and is being all cutesy but when you get home he’s all rough and there’s a lot of dirty talk and he just does a load of nasty stuff thanks bye🙃( so embarrassed right now😳)


m a s t e r l i s t

“Babe,” he smiled, reaching out to still my hand as I frantically smoothed my hair down. “You look fine.” He sat back in his chair, watching as I fiddled with strands of my hair. I combed through it with my fingers one more time before slouching hopelessly. It had taken forever to straighten it properly, and just a few rain droplets had pulled my waves out of hiding. I never liked my curly hair.

“Jimin,” I sulked. “It took so long.”

This date night was supposed to be perfect; it was our one year anniversary. Neither of us were a big fan of dressing up fancy and going to an expensive restaurant, so Jimin brought us to the place where we had our first date. It was a quaint ice cream shop just one block away from my apartment, jumbled in with the mess of the bustling city life. Unless you were familiar with the city, you would surely miss it.

Jimin chuckled, shaking his head as he dipped his spoon into the cup that sat between us. Motioning for me to lean forward, he placed the cold spoon in my mouth. I hummed with satisfaction, carefully licking the dribble of ice cream that trailed my upper lip. The steady drizzle of the rain outside pattered against the puddles on the ground. I puckered my lips, still scolding myself for wasting so much time on my hair without checking for the very important detail of the weather forecast.

“You know,” Jimin started, pushing around the scoops of ice cream. “I like your natural hair.” He flipped the spoon, placing it facedown on his tongue as he let the ice cream melt on his tongue. His eyes met mine with a mischievous glance, raising his eyebrows up and down.

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Say My Name, Say My Name

Fandom: The 100
Pairings: Bellarke
Characters: Bellamy, Clarke, Miller, Octavia, Raven, Monty, Jasper.
Words: 2,154
Summary: Bellamy shouldn’t tell Miller anything because he’s a disloyal dickbag who doesn’t know when to stop talking.

Or: Bellamy tells Miller that he called out Clarke’s name during sex with someone else and Miller tells the rest of their friends. And Clarke.
Notes: prompt: “bellamy calling clarke’s name during sex with someone else then he is telling someone and she hears” This turned into Bellamy calls Clarke’s name during sex, his friends tease him relentlessly about it, and then Clarke accidentally finds out. So, mostly to the prompt, just a slightly different emphasis. Also, I’m posting au drabbles every day (aside from Wednesdays) until hiatus is over, so feel free to leave me a prompt.
Ao3 link.

He doesn’t mean to do it. It just slips out. She’s blonde, he’s looking at her from behind, and he’s fairly drunk. Which isn’t an excuse, just. He probably should have thought about his choices more. Like, he shouldn’t have taken home a blonde, or he should have drank less, or he should have focused more on who he was actually doing and not let his mind wander to who he wanted it to be.

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[BTS] Reaction to you being short

/this was precious to write I can’t. GIFs aren’t mine, either. Anyways, feel free to suggest something -Ashes/

V: It was gold to him to watch you suffer for a little while. At first he got you anything you needed, but now he’s much more settled back and just admires you from behind as  you try to reach something that’s just barely out of your reach. he’s not incredibly mean, though, and will help you if you start climbing on stuff that’s dangerous.
“Here, here, let me help, you little kitten.”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Suga: Suga.. He’s not affected. There may be the very occasional times he makes fun of your height, but other than that he doesn’t really care. The worst you may get is a small laugh as you try your hardest to reach something. There may also be the rare dirty comment here and there if you were alone. That’s all there really is to say about this one.
“Can you do it yourself?.. Good girl.”

Originally posted by imonaworldtour

Jin: He’d actually be really happy about this. He’s been dealing with five sons and the dad of the group. Having another princess to take care of is like a dream come true. He’d definitely pamper you, and one of his favorite things would be how you sink your head down on his shoulder as he pulls you close into a tight hug.
“How’s my little princess today?”

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Jimin: Finally. Someone shorter and smoller than him. He loves to tease you just as much as Jungkook loves to tease him, but he’s really gentle most of the time. However, you’re not oblivious to the obvious teasing behind your back to either Taehyung or Jungkook, and he really loves to see your reaction when you catch him.

“Eh? Oh, I’m so sorry Y/n! You’re just too cute not to talk about.”

Originally posted by beuits

Rap Monster: Complete and evil laughter. He loves that he’s so tall compared to you, and he will not hesitate to give you a piggy back ride if you’re alone in your house together. He doesn’t treat you any different like Jungkook does most of the time, but if you can’t reach the top shelf, he’d give you this big and playful grin before either getting it for you or picking you up so you can get it for yourself.
“Can’t reach the sugar? Don’t worry, I got this.”

Originally posted by ksjknj

J Hope: More than likely, if you can’t reach something, he’s laughing at you somewhere. You’ve grown used to it, though, and don’t really mind that he laughs at your height. After all, you’re only a few inches shorter than him, so there was no big deal really. If you couldn’t get it, all you needed to do was about ten minutes of begging your boyfriend, and he’ll get it for you.. I wonder if you can hear the sarcasm there?
“Yeah, you can get it Y/n! Or, maybe not.”

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

Jungkook: Literally your knight in shining armor, with a sharp tongue. Nine times out of ten he’ll get you exactly what you need, but you can hear him snickering under his breath, calling you ‘cute’ and such. You don’t really mind it, but sometimes you have to admit you feel like a kid and you want to tell him that you’re not. When you do, though, all you get is a pat on the head with a small “I know.”
“Here, let me get it, little princess." 

Originally posted by jibeom

companion to these two. no sex, but some non-sexual nudity (and like… very brief mentions) 

It starts when Todoroki has a nightmare.

He has nightmares often. At first, Izuku had been reluctant to wake him. He doesn’t want to startle Todoroki – as much as he craves touch, being touched unexpectedly or when he’s feeling bad always seems to make him twitchy and uncomfortable. Izuku doesn’t want to set him off when he’s already frightened, and calling to him doesn’t always work.

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