i hope he devours your soul

Being in a relationship with Sebastian would include? Oh, can you also do Ciel? If that’s alright…


Sebastian Michaelis relationship headcanons

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- Grand romantic gestures - he’d most likely carve an ice sculpture in your likeness on your birthday, anniversaries etc.

- He’d rarely kiss you on the lips - he’d prefer to kiss your hand on your forehead - there’s something about the delicacy of your hand when he kisses your knuckles, and something about the planes of your face that he loves. Kissing your lips makes him think of devouring your soul, and he’d rather not be thinking of that every moment that he’s with you - he’s hungry enough as it is.

- Sebastian would be possessive of you. On the rare occasions where he’s jealous, he’d lean in, and purr “you’re mine”, his hot breath fanning across your skin, his eyes glowing magenta in the shadows.

- He’d follow you everywhere, keeping an eye on you - no harm would befall you when you’re with him. None at all.

- He’d probably carry you everywhere, just because he can. 

- Sebastian doesn’t do emotional talks, so if you went to him for comfort he’d be caught out and would find your display of weakness amusing. Don’t ask him if he truly loves you, either - it annoys him. He’s with you, what more proof do you need?

- Don’t tell him your fears, he’d exploit them for his own amusement. You’re afraid of the dark? Oh look, a demon is standing in your bedroom, red glowing eyes watching you from behind the door. You’re afraid of ghosts? Oh look, it feels like a hand grabbed your foot. 

- However - if he ever overstepped your boundaries and really scared you, he’d stop immediately, getting down on one knee and crossing his arm over his double-breasted chest. “My apologies, My Lord/Lady.”

- Sebastian would encourage your hobbies and interests, doing what he could to help you while still serving Ciel.

- You’d rarely see him during the day… but at night, he’s all yours.

Ciel Phantomhive relationship headcanons

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- Ciel is the more reserved partner - he’s not one for grand gestures or for showing his love for you in obvious ways, but once you learn to see the little ways in which he cares for you, it’s obvious that he loves and cherishes you.

- If you talk to him while he’s working, I can guarantee that he’d snap at you impatiently. He’d then sigh and apologise, but would otherwise pay no attention to you.

- He’d be very protective of you. When you leave the Estate to do your own thing, a certain demon butler would tail you from the moment you leave to the moment you cross the threshold of your own home. He’d never tell you, but you’d know.

- He wouldn’t be very comforting at all and doesn’t want to have long emotional talks with you, but he would do his best to help you in his own way however he could.

- Ciel would buy all the best outfits for you whenever he thought you needed one, and would get them tailored to your requests.

- Try as he might, he just can’t say no to you.

- You may find him standing in your doorway in Sebastian’s dress shirt at nighttime, his eyes full of sadness and fear. You may hear him cross the room and you may feel him get into bed beside you and cuddle up. He’s gone by dawn, and if you ask, he’s silent. 

- Getting Sebastian to make you all your favourite foods and drinks, treats - he will cater to dietary requirements. He is, after all, simply one hell of a butler.

- The idea of courting you is to marry you. So be sure that you love him as you say you do. 

- You’d be given almost free reign of the Manor. If you get lost, just whisper Sebastian, and you’ll be led to where Ciel is.

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This is a discussion about the personalities of Vincent, Racheal, and their twin sons. As far as I know, Racheal probably acted somewhat of a tough-guy that took no crap other others, but she was also capable of being gentle and loving too, I think that our Ciel's personality originally was a lot like his mother's, From what little I seen of real Ciel, he seems to have a personality that's cold and calculating. Was Vincent the same way? kids get their personas from their parents, yes or no?

Real Ciel probably does take more after Vincent in not only looks but also personality. However, the real Ciel we are seeing now is *not* quite like the one before “that day” at the ritual sacrifice.

The “pre-sacrifice Ciel” was learning to take over for Vincent and knew how to get what he wanted (manipulative), no doubt. (Note: I’m sure Rachel had a manipulative side to her, too.) However, he seems to have generally liked his younger twin, our earl, and wanted to protect him.

It’s too early for me to say anything too concrete or detailed about the dynamics of their brotherhood, but I think it’s safe to say there was some level of sibling rivalry going on under it all. Each seems to have envied the other for one reason or another. The earl felt like his older twin’s “spare” (ch130). He wasn’t slated to inherit money, property, or title. He apparently wasn’t even betrothed to anyone; Lizzie was promised to real Ciel, not our earl. It’s quite possible that real Ciel felt burdened by all the expectations people had for him; he might have envied our earl for what must have seemed like *freedom from expectations*.

One of the repeating themes of this story is that (almost) no one is happy with what they have; the grass is always greener on the other side. They want whatever they don’t have… be that power, status, fame, fortune, requited love, acceptance, children, freedom… and the list goes on.

Take that “pre-sacrifice Ciel”, remove his soul, remove that ring from his stomach, and reanimate him with some continuation of his cinematic records… with the *knowledge* that his family ring was taken… and with the *knowledge* that his soul was devoured by a demon who then made a contract with his younger twin. He knows he was sacrificed to summon a demon. He knows that his name, his inherited ring, his other property, his fiancée, and his rightful title – his entire birthright – have all been taken by the younger twin he once promised to protect.

Did whoever “made” him manage to shove some other soul into him? Who knows…. Regardless – whatever he is now, exactly – this “post-sacrifice Ciel” is out for revenge. Like the earl, he could be targeting the same enemies. Except real Ciel’s hit list also includes the earl and Sebastian. He wants them to pay for their part in the events of “that day”, too.

I rambled on a bit 😂 I hope I answered at least the basics of your questions.