i hope he at least bought him dinner afterwards

Fic: Make A Move

anon prompted: a klaine alternate meeting fic where one of them is working at a kissing booth and the other one keeps coming back with money and asking for kisses “for charity” and they basically end up making out in front of everybody bc the kisses are so great okay love u bye

Cheerio!Blaine/New Directions!Kurt, PGish but for a few curses, ~1500 words.

A tiny hand latching onto his arm and yanking him off his path nearly made Kurt faceplant into the disgusting floors of McKinley High.

“Kurt! You know it’s mandatory for everyone to sign up for a shift for our New Directions fundraiser!” Rachel chastised as she dragged him toward the cafeteria. “I don’t see why you’re being so stubborn about this.”

“Because this is a terrible idea, Rachel,” Kurt said angrily. “I realize most of the people in Glee are so desperately horny that they’ll kiss anything that pauses long enough, but did no one stop to consider that this could technically be called child prostitution?”

“No one’s getting forced into actually kissing anyone else,” Rachel said dismissively. “And Quinn checked, there’s no rules against setting up a kissing booth in the school by-laws! Apparently cakewalks are a no-go, though.”

“That makes no sense,” Kurt said, confused.

“Whatever, it’s irrelevant. Just be in charge of making change if you really don’t wanna kiss anyone, we need someone who’s actually decent at math doing that,” Rachel said as they burst through the doors to the bustling cafeteria. ”Have fun gotta go bye!”

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