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I'm Sorry (Part Three)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Slight cursing, Angst, Fluff, Mentions of Sexy times *wink wink*

Word Count: 2,461

Author’s Note: Part THREE! I hope you guys like this one. Final installment of the I’m Sorry Series. God, I hope you enjoy this one. I’m sorry for the long wait. I had a rough week and I tried to be “normal” but…yeah. I’m feeling much better now though lol so please enjoy and let me know what you think!!



Sleepless nights.

That’s all it’s ever been. Since the night I walked out of that motel room, my nights have been filled with nothing but the memory of her face.

The hurt that painted her features was enough to have me hate myself for the rest of my life.

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Defence Chapter 2

Thank you so much to everyone who has liked and reviewed the first chapter! I really appreciate it! I hope you guys enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it!  (Don’t ask me how I managed to write 3,748 words in one day. I don’t even know…)

“And 5, 6, 7, 8!” Jelena yells as Ahsha walks into the gym.

Ahsha was late to practice due to going to psychology tutoring. She got her test results back from the test that she had taken last week and mentally screamed at herself for getting a 55 on the test. She had to maintain her 3.2 gpa or else it would drop if she were to fail this class.

“Ahsha, you’re late. Practice is almost over. I don’t see why you showed up.” Ahsha rolls her eyes at Jelena’s comments and gets into formation. She goes into an arabesque, a la seconde, and a chasse. “Now twerk, pique, pirouette, and then we’re going to do first, fourth, and fifth position.” Jelena says to the girls. The girls do as they’re told and finish their dance.

“Okay, we’re finished for today. Great job everyone excluding Ahsha and Kyle. You can thank them because tomorrow we’ll be running this routine for two hours straight. This dance will be great for the homecoming game.” The homecoming game is this Thursday and then the dance is Friday night.

Jelena says and the girls leave. “Why is she riding us so hard?” Ahsha asks Kyle as they head out of the gym. The pair steps onto the elevator to go out to Ahsha’s car.

“Because she’s mad that her boyfriend isn’t giving her enough attention.” Ahsha laughs out loud at Kyle’s remark. Derek heads Ahsha’s way and Kyle smiles at the both of them. “I actually forgot I need to tell Zero something before we go home.” She says and goes to her twin brother Gideon, or Zero as everyone calls him. She rushes off of the elevator. Ahsha looks at Kyle with pleading eyes. “Don’t leave me here!”

“See you later carebear.”


“Nice talking to you too Kyle.” Derek calls out and chuckles as Kyle playfully rolls her eyes at him. The elevator closes. Ahsha pushes the ground level to the elevator. Derek does not touch anything because that is where he also needs to go.

“Hey.” Ahsha looks down at the ground awkwardly. She and Derek have not spoken since last week. Conversation since the incident with German two months ago has been awkward for the both of them. The two have been giving each other little glances in their classes and messing with each other in between practice. “Hey.”

“About the incident with German. I’m sorry for kissing you like that.”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. Thank you for helping me out there, though. You didn’t have to do that.”

“No need to thank me Ahsha.”

The elevator stops moving and slams, startling Ahsha. The lights turn off and she lets out a scream. “Where’s your phone? We need to get out of here. I can’t stay in here!” Ahsha panics and begins to pace around. “My phone just died.”
“Mine too.” Ahsha groans and falls to the floor. She moves into the corner and tries to breathe as panic takes over her body. “Why are you panicking?”
“I’m claustrophobic. What part of I don’t like tight spaces don’t you understand?” Ahsha snaps. Derek carefully sits down next to Ahsha.

“Try this. Close your eyes, breathe in through your nose and slowly breathe out through your mouth.” Derek soothingly says. Ahsha nods her head and follows Derek’s directions. She unintentionally lays her head on Derek’s shoulder. He smiles to himself and adjusts himself so, therefore, they are both more comfortable. “Are you okay now?” Derek asks, Ahsha presses a kiss to Derek’s lips. He carefully kisses back, completely unaware of the scenario they are in. Ahsha pulls away in complete shock and lays her head on her knees once again. “I’m sorry for kissing you.”
“Now you’re the sorry one?” Ahsha giggles and goes back to resting on her knees. “Are you tired?”

“Yeah.” Ahsha mumbles. “Here.” Derek says and pulls Ahsha into his lap. He opens her legs so that she falls in between them. He carefully wraps his arms around her and kisses her forehead. “I’m scared." 

"I’ll protect you.” Derek whispers before Ahsha begins to fall asleep. “I promise I’ll always look out for you Ahsha Hayes.” He whispers again, not thinking Ahsha heard him. She smiles against his chest. “I promise too.” She whispers. Derek’s smile grows wider as butterflies fill his stomach.

Derek Roman has never had a girlfriend. He tried the whole relationship thing and realized that he did not want to commit to one. Girls threw themselves at his feet and he simply ignored some of them, and some of them he hooked up with and then left them stranded. The day he and Ahsha started up a conversation, he knew that she was different and he loved that about her.

This girl changed him. His grades got better. The house parties stopped. He is now tutoring people who need help with algebra. He stopped talking to any female who tried to throw herself at him. His temper is no longer there. The best thing about it is that Pete became a father figure for him and he sees his potential. He also sees him as a great person for his daughter.

It is about five thirty when the lights to the elevator turn back on. “Ahsha wake up. The elevator is working again.” Derek whispers in her ear. She wakes up and yawns, feeling refreshed after her one hour nap. “I’m sorry for falling asleep on you. I didn’t mean for it to happen.”

“Why are you always apologizing?” Ahsha looks down at her feet and the doors of the elevator open. “See you tomorrow Derek.” She heads straight to her car and wastes no time getting in and heading home.

Derek smiles as he thinks of his plan to ask Ahsha to be his girlfriend tomorrow. He exits the elevator and walks to his car, wondering if it is too soon to ask her. He gets into his car and drives home too.

Ahsha gets home at five forty-five and grabs her gym bag along with her backpack. She opens the door and comes into her house. “Hey, mom.” Ahsha says to her mom who is preparing dinner. “Hi, Ahsh. Dinner should be ready at six thirty. We’re having baked macaroni and cheese, string beans, and barbecued grilled ribs. Kyle and Zero are also coming over for dinner tonight.” Ahsha smiles at her mom and goes to her room. “Hey, dad.”

“Hey, kiddo. How are you?”

“Stressed and annoyed. Jelena’s been riding me in practice because I was late today. How are you?”

“That girl needs to stop being so mean. The boys are doing great. They’re going to the playoffs.” Pete boasts. Ahsha grins and high five’s her dad. “Derek’s jump shots are amazing!” Pete looks at his daughter and notices that she is a little flushed at the mention of the player’s name.

“I’ve noticed such a change in Derek’s behavior since you two started becoming friends. He’s actually a very nice young man. That ego of his has worn away tremendously. I wouldn’t mind him being my future son in law.” Ahsha raises her eyebrows and groans at Pete.

“At least you have your dad’s approval on this guy.” Ahsha groans, remembering what happened when Pete first met German. He was almost ready to rip his head off. “Thanks, dad.” Ahsha says and walks into her room.

She turns her fan on in her room and removes her clothes, getting ready to get into the shower. She charges her phone and picks out a pair of pink underwear, dark gray Danskin shorts, and a black t-shirt.

Ahsha finishes her shower in ten minutes and walks back to her room. She closes her door and lotions her body. She hears her phone buzz and checks her messages.

“Hey did you get home safely?” Derek texts. Ahsha smiles and texts him back.

 "Yes. Thank you for asking. What about you?“ She sends and puts her underwear and bra on. She moves on to her shirt when her phone buzzes again. She puts her shorts on and goes back to seeing what Derek texted her.

 "Yeah. I got in a few minutes ago. Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine. Thank you for making me feel better. I really appreciate it.”

“Anytime Ahsha.” She puts her phone down and smiles to herself. She goes to her backpack and grabs her planner. Her psychology homework was completed in tutoring so now she just has to read two chapters of “Their Eyes Were Watching God”, do fourth Pythagorean theorem problems, and finish one more page of her essay that is due in three days.

Ahsha finishes the page that she needed to write in her now finished essay about obsession and the gender. She starts working on her math problems when Kyle and Zero walk through the door. “Aww, you look so cute doing homework.” Kyle coos and sits next to her best friend. “Girl. I have so much to tell you.”

“Start talking.” Kyle says in her heavy Mississippi accent. Zero leans forward and listens too.

“So Derek and I got stuck in the elevator for an hour.” Kyle’s blue eyes light up and her mouth drops open. “What happened in the elevator?” Kyle asks, knowing what happened. Derek told her and Zero about it. “Get him girl!” Zero shouts, making Ahsha flustered.

“Well, I had a panic attack and Derek gave me suggestions on what to do and I don’t know why but I leaned up and kissed him. He kissed back and I fell asleep on him. That was probably the most soothing nap I’ve ever had in my life.” Kyle raises her eyebrows. Zero puts his hand over his mouth. 

“What? You kissed D-Ro!”

“You like him!” Kyle shouts.

“No, I don’t.”

Kyle raises her eyebrows. “I’ve known you since we were five. You don’t look at him the same way you looked at German. You also stutter when you’re around him and I can tell you get butterflies.” Ahsha looks down at her homework and smiles.

“You know? I really have to get back to doing my homework.”

“Girl, that isn’t due until Thursday afternoon. I know you can multitask. It’s so obvious that Derek likes you!” Ahsha looks up at Kyle. 

“I know but I can’t do another relationship. I’m scared.”

“Scared of what? That boy loves you. Believe me, I’ve sat next to him for the past four years in class and all I’ve heard was that boy rant on and on about you once I told him that I was best friends with you.”

“If you think he’s bad in class you should see him in practice. All he does is talk about how beautiful you are and how much he wants you. If you don’t want him, I’ll take him.” Kyle rolls her eyes at her brother and looks back at Ahsha.

Ahsha laughs as the butterflies set in again. Kyle smiles at her and stands up. “Your parents approve of him. Zero and I approve. The question is, do you approve?”

“Yes, but like I said I’m scared. If we were to possibly be boyfriend and girlfriend I would just want to take it slow.” Ahsha says as she finished her math problems. Kyle turns off her voice recorder once Ahsha looks away. She quickly sends the voice message to Derek and looks back up at Ahsha. 

“Guys, dinner is ready.” Sloane says as she walks up to the door. Ahsha and Kyle look at each other before leaving the room.

The next morning was the usual. Ahsha woke up, stretched, ran over the choreography she learned from practice, crossed off her to-do list, got dressed, ate breakfast, and went to school.

Ahsha goes to all four of her classes feeling drained having not gotten any sleep last night.
She stayed up. Dancing, studying, and she even exercised hoping that it would make her tired enough to fall asleep. She eventually fell asleep twenty minutes before her alarm rung. She turned her alarm off and fell asleep for an extra hour before Sloane eventually came in and woke her up.

After school, Ahsha had to get ready for dance practice. Jelena promised a two-hour long rehearsal and she was not joking. Ahsha goes to her school locker and takes her dance bag out.

She opens her blue and white plaid Jansport backpack and puts her English book in her locker. She replaces it with her math textbook and closes her locker.

Derek walks up to Ahsha’s locker.
“Hey you.” Derek says nonchalantly. “Hey, Derek.” Ahsha says and tries to avoid Derek. She still feels awkward from her conversation with Kyle last night. “So I have to ask you something.”

Zero comes running up to Ahsha. “Hey, Kyle thinks she broke her foot!” He yells. “I’ll be back Derek.” Ahsha says and follows Zero. He leads her into the gym where there are eight basketballs sitting in a row.

“What is this?” Ahsha asks. “I thought you would like to play basketball before practice.” Derek’s voice booms throughout the gym.

“Wait, where’s Kyle?”

“Right here. Have fun Carebear.” Kyle says with a perfectly fine ankle. She had been busy arranging the basketballs in a row in the gym the whole time.

Zero and Kyle sit on the bleachers and watch their two best friends play basketball.

Derek picks up the first basketball and dribbles it. “For every basketball I pass you, I want you to read it and then shoot.” Ahsha furrows her eyebrows nods her head. “Okay.”

Derek passes ball number one to Ahsha. She grabs the ball and flips it over. “Will.” She reads out loud and tosses the ball into the basket.

Derek smiles at her and passes her the second basketball. “You.” Ahsha reads out loud again and tosses the ball into the basket, this time missing the shot.

Ahsha’s hands begin to get clammy as Derek passes her the third ball. “Be.” She reads out loud and aims to make another basket. She misses the basket once again and Derek laughs, passing her the fourth basketball.

“My.” Ahsha’s heart races and she shoots the ball into the basket. This time, she makes the shot.

Derek smiles at her and passes her the last basketball. “Girlfriend.” Ahsha’s mouth drops open and she drops the ball. She walks over to Derek and stands in front of him. “Yes, I will be your girlfriend Derek Roman.”

“Ahsha Hayes. My girlfriend. It has a great ring to it.” Derek says before pressing his lips to hers. Ahsha wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him closer. She pulls away from him and smiles. Derek kisses her lips once again.

“Get a room lovebirds!” Zero yells from across the gym. Derek and Ahsha laugh and let each other go. “I’ll see you after practice.” Ahsha tells Derek and lets him go. “Ahsha?”

Ahsha turns around and is met by Derek’s lips again. “Have fun.”

“Thank you.”

Ahsha heads to the locker room with Kyle walking next to her. “It’s about time!” Kyle yells, making Ahsha blush again. “Hey Kyle, how’s your ankle?” She asks playfully glaring at her best friend. “It’s quite peachy if you ask me.” The girls laugh and begin to change into their gym shorts.

They leave out to go to practice. “Wow, the wicked witch of the west coast isn’t here.”
Sloane walks into the gym full of confused girls. “Hi, girls. So some of you may be wondering why Jelena is not here.” The girls continue to chatter amongst themselves. “Did you know about this?” Kyle whispers to Ahsha. “Nope.”

“Jelena has been kicked off of the team. Her behavior has been off the rails and I do not condone bullying. I told you girls that I have an open door policy and several of you, including Ahsha and Kyle, have come to my office or have called me, in tears because of what this girl has done.” The girls glance at each other. “I apologize to you girls for her actions. That being said, we need a new captain.”

“Ahsha!” All of the girls yell except for Ahsha who’s eyes widen in shock. “What?” She asks the girls in disbelief. “You’re honestly the most sweetest person I know and you’re so dedicated to the team.” Christina says.

“You’re like my diary and I tell you everything. You’ve honestly made my freshman year the best.”

“We love you Ahsha.” Two seniors yell, making Ahsha laugh.

“Okay. All in favor of Ahsha being captain?” Sloane asks. Everyone in the room except for Ahsha raises their hands. “Is there anyone else that wants to run for captain or co-captain?”

“It’s a new position. Who would like to be the first ever co-captain of the dance team at Buena Vie High School?” Kyle raises her hand. “I want to be co-captain.”

“All in favor of Kyle as co-captain.” Everyone except for Kyle raises their hands. “There we have it. The new captain and co-captain.”

Everyone claps for each other and the girls stand up. “Okay. We’re going to start out with stretching.” Ahsha tells the girls. They all spread apart and sit down to stretch.

“We are going to start with butterflies, then we’ll move on to straddles and lunges.” Ahsha says and stretches with the girls.

They finish and move on to doing their splits. “If you can’t get all the way down, it’s okay. Just try to hold it for one minute. If you can’t, I understand.” She says. Three girls fall out of their splits. One of them sits up feeling frustrated. “Amy. It’s okay. Just get up and try again.” Ahsha tells her and gives her a reassuring smile. Amy smiles back and goes back to her split.

“Okay. We’re finished with stretching today. Next, we’re going to go over the routine for Thursday night’s game. I’ll also be making a few adjustments to the dance as well as the formation.”

Ahsha turns the stereo on and Hey Mama starts to play. The girls run through the dance one time. “Okay, I’m going to stand in front of you guys as you do the dance. Don’t be afraid if I grab you and you’re dancing and place you in a different spot.” Ahsha says to the girls. She replays the song and the girls start dancing.

Out of the sixteen girls on the team, Ahsha grabs Arianna, Mary Ellen, Chloe, and Angela. “Come with me girls.”

“Don’t kill me, but we’re going to run through the dance two more times. I’m going to be doing the final set formations and then I’m going to dance with you guys for the last run.” Ahsha says. She looks at the girls and notices that Amy looks as if she is about to pass out. “Before we do that, we can take a five-minute break.” The girls disperse. “Amy. Are you okay?” Ahsha asks the petite red head. “Yeah I’m fine. I just haven’t been feeling well all day. I forced myself to come but I feel dizzy.” Ahsha nods her head. “Well I’m not Jelena and I wouldn’t make you come to practice if you don’t feel good.”

“But I want to catch up.”

“How about this? You can sit on the bleachers and watch if you still want to catch up.” Ahsha says and pats the girl on her shoulder. “Okay.” Amy says and smiles at her. Ahsha grins and she and Amy go their separate ways.

“Okay girls, let’s get back in formation!” Ahsha yells. The girls go back to the way they were. Ahsha turns the stereo back on and the girls begin to dance. She finds where she wants to place Chloe and Mary Ellen. She placed them in the center and finds where she wants to place Angela. She places Angela in the front. She decides to place Arianna next to Kyle. She goes back to the front and watches all of the girls dance. “Perfect.” She thinks to herself and joins the dance too.

Ahsha turns the stereo off. “Okay, we have our formation perfectly set. I’ll see you girls at practice tomorrow.” Ahsha smiles and the girls start to leave. She grabs her water bottle and leaves with the girls.

“Carebear. Do you want to go to chipotle? I kind of don’t feel like going home.” Kyle asks Ahsha as she changes out of her gym clothes. She puts her leggings on and changes into her neon Victoria’s Secret workout tee shirt. “Yeah sure.” Kyle smiles and texts

She and Kyle leave the locker room and head out of the building. They walk around to the back of the school and go their cars. Ahsha gets into her 2009 Suzuki while Kyle gets into her Ford F-350 pickup truck. The girls pull out of the parking lot and head straight to Chipotle.

Ahsha got home around six thirty as usual. “Hey sweetie.” Sloane says as Ahsha walks through the door. “Hey, mom.” Sloane smiles and gives her daughter a hug. “Hi kid.” Pete says to his daughter and hugs her too. “Hi, dad.” Ahsha pulls away from both of her parents and looks at both of them.

“So Derek asked me to be his girlfriend today.” She says and looks down at her shoes, blushing.

“What? What did you say?!” Sloane asks her daughter in excitement. “I said yes.” She says looking at Pete who smiles as big as the Cheshire Cat.

“Ms. I don’t want a boyfriend right now. How did that happen?” Pete asks her. Ahsha looks at both of them. “Well Zero came up to me and told me that Kyle thought she broke her ankle, so he took me to the gym. Derek came in and asked me if I wanted to play basketball. He passed me a basketball and told me to read and shoot each one that he passed me. The balls said "Will you be my girlfriend?” And that’s what happened.“ Ahsha says, still beaming and blushing. "Good because he asked both of us for his permission to ask you to be his girlfriend.” Sloane says smiling at her daughter. “You picked a good one Ahsh.”

“Thank you guys.”

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. Chapter Three will be up on Monday.

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Hey annie..! Today wass my first look on your blog and all that quotes,images you'hv posted and each n every message you had replied i just really think they all were amazing...dude.!! I jst love your blog.Hope you are enjoying your world on tumblr..

Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me to know that you like my work. I try my best to be an excellent model for you guys, so you know that I have been really low and managed to stand back up. Your support means the world to me and I will continue to do my best. Once again, thank you❤️

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Since the newest one is all about Keem, and pyro basically being the third wheel, can you make a follow up where the reader and leafy go to the movies but then pyro ends up being the third wheel?

LOL So I’m just now getting to answering this one. (Continued Drama Alert Fic). Sorry it has taken so long, I didn’t realize how many I’ve posted since I made the original fic. I hope you guys enjoy it, let me know what you think and hopefully it won’t be absolute trash. It’s a little short but I don’t think it needs to be that long.. 

LeafyIsHere Fanfiction - Third-Wheel Date

The two of you finally talked it out and decided to try going on an actual date. But the both of you had something in mind to make sure a certain someone would suffer and be punished for putting you both on blast. Which brings us to now. The three of you, yes three, are currently discussing which movie to see. Much to Pyro’s displeasure, Calvin managed to trick him into joining the two of you on your date. Finally settling on a horror-thriller, your favorite genre, all of you head to your seats. Teasing Calvin you say, “Are you scared? Don’t be afraid to grab my hand when are.” Slightly nervous, he laughs in response. Walking next to you towards the theatre he says, “I think it’s going to be the other way around.” Pyro simply cringes from behind the two of you, but is quietly snapping pics and short videos of the two of you to gain revenge with later. 

Getting into your seats, Pyro refuses to sit next to the two of you and instead takes a seat a couple rows behind you. Throughout the movie, you and Calvin make small comments about how terrible the quality of the movie is. Trying to make him less scared, you name other terrible movies the actors are in and how fake certain things look. Every once in a while you get shushed by people around you for laughing to loud. Calvin had managed to wrap his arm around you and you of course leaned your head on his shoulder. 

What you didn’t expect was how Calvin would react at a jump scare. It wasn’t that bad for you, but Calvin’s immediate reaction was for him to  pull you close and hide his face in your neck. He immediately chuckles, as do you, and he whispers in your ear saying, “Okay, maybe I’m a little scared. I guess it’s a good thing I have you here.” Laughing to yourself, you whisper back, “You want to hold my hand now, Mr. Scardy-cat?” He happily intertwines his fingers with yours. At each intense part in the movie, you can feel his grip tighten ever so slightly. 

The movie ends and the three of you exit the theater talking about the good and bad parts. Pyro decides to tease Calvin a bit saying, “I saw you got a little scared there, Calvin. You okay buddy?” Laughing, Calvin turns to his friend and says, “Now I am.” Turning to you and sending you a quick wink he says, “but Y/N may have to stay the night, I wouldn’t want to get any nightmares.” You simply laugh it off and continue to walk hand in hand with Calvin. 

Arriving at the car, the three of you talk about the best method of driving home. Pyro turns to Calvin, being he was the one that drove and says, “You are going to drop me off first because I am not dealing with you rambling on for 45 minutes about this date.” Quick to complain Calvin says, “But it makes more sense to drop Y/N off first and then you, otherwise it will be an hour drive for us.” Pyro turns to you and says, “You two are the ones that tricked me into coming here. I’m getting dropped off first. That, or I’m sending Keem all these pictures/videos I took of the two of you.” Your eyes go wide and you are quick to say, “That’s fine, Calvin will drop you off first. I won’t mind.” 

Sighing, Calvin starts the car at the idea he has to drive for the next hour and a half, rather than hour. You are sitting in the front passenger seat and rest your head on your hand. Just as you arrive at Pyro’s house, Calvin turns to you and notices you have fallen asleep next to him. Pyro notices this and whispers, “Just take Y/N to your house, it’s only a short while from here. Y/N can sleep on your couch or something. I’ll see you later.” he quickly closes the door before Calvin can argue how terrible of an idea that is.  

Arriving at his house, he looks over your figure. Your face looked so peaceful, he wanted to do anything except disturb you. Exiting his car, he walks over to your side. He makes sure you are still asleep before unlocking the door to his house. He returns to the car and slowly unbuckles you from the seat. He carefully lifts you and you subconsciously grip onto his shirt. He carries you into his house and sets you on his bed before tucking you in. Before leaving, he graces your cheek with a subtle kiss and heads to the couch. Practically passing out himself, he sighs to himself and thinks, ‘Since when did I become such an emotional fuck?’ 

You wake up before Calvin, a bit confused on where you are at. Within a couple minutes you conclude you are in his room. Well, it became obvious after being woken up by a text from Pyro asking how your night with Leafy was. Walking out, you see Calvin asleep on the couch. Putting a blanket over him, he slowly wakes to see you above him. He has a grainy morning voice as only a few words leave his mouth, “Miss me?” You grab one of the pillows on the couch and lightly smack him with it. You chuckle and say, “You dork, why didn’t you wake me up?” A little red tint polishes his face as he says, “You looked really tired and cute like that so I didn’t want to wake you. Care to join me on the couch?” You simply laugh and sit on the end of the couch. 

It isn’t until mid afternoon when Calvin finally gets motivated enough to drive you home. If he was honest with himself, he really didn’t want you to leave– you were too great of company. Dropping you off, the two of you agree to go on another date, without Pyro this time. Both of you never expected to get this close after your first encounter, but were happy and thankful someone you know and love was persistent enough. 

So this was kind of trash, kill me. Anyway, there is another request from an anon regarding this request. If you are reading this– that sparked another idea for a separate fic that I will be making :) I kind of added it to this one, but I think it will be better in another circumstance. Thank you for all the support today! I hope you guys have lovely dreams, this has probably been my most active day– don’t count on them all being like this. 

100 Notes and I’ll be a Third-Wheel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Larentine’s Day Part 1/ Part 2

So this is super long overdue, and I apologise for the wait. It’s sort of been one thing after the other in my personal life, so yeah. I hope you guys can still enjoy it despite how ridiculously late it is.

I wasn’t sure I was going to finish this, but I did in dedication to someone very special to me. I can’t name them – but I hope they are reading this, and know it’s about them, because I made a promise to complete this comic. Thank you so much for all your support. The heartache is worth the memories.

Also a big thank you to @barbxo1d – who graciously provided me with the beautiful markers and paper that all the backgrounds were drawn on. I cannot thank you enough, you’re incredibly generous and are always lovely to talk to. I will cherish your gifts.

And lastly, to all the kind souls who’ve come to my inbox to check in on me, or just leave kind words. You guys keep me going, so thank you.



“Taking a break from missions, Buck?”
“I’m assigned on the next one with you.”
“Just a few more minutes…”
“Take your time.”
“Would you mind getting your feet off me?”
“Haha, nope." 

Woah I made another AA!Bucky doodles and I think I’m gonna make this into a series soon. XD Also I want to recruit Bucky so bad OTL

It’s been a while I’ve drawn something shippy and suddenly had Stucky feelz while listening to Three Days Grace, so have some doodles, friends~

Gosh I’m still not getting over Civil War. There’s so much bromance between these two and I blame the Russo brothers for making me ship them EVEN MORE akdelASJD; OTL.

Anyway~ Hope you guys enjoy! <3 Huehuheue

Wish Granted

TITLE: Wish Granted
Bucky x Reader
anonymous asked: Hey can you do one where bucky and the reader act like they hate each other and the rest of the team would always tease them
Feedback would be very much appreciated guys! I love to hear what you guys think whether it’s good or bad. It can help me improve for next time. I really hope that you guys enjoy reading this. J


“Fuck off, Barnes.” You mumbled under your breath as you sat down on the couch, your phone in your hand.

“Please do not start.” Tony groaned, looking at both of you. He put his cup of coffee down. “It’s very annoying to listen to the two of you bicker like a married couple.” A small smirk formed on his lips as he finished his sentence.

Bucky huffed, yet sat down next to you. “Me? Married to her?” He pretended to think about it as he stared at you, making your stomach do flips. “Yeah, no.”

Secretly you liked Bucky. There was something about him that just drew you to him and you couldn’t help it. Of course, you had to mask your feelings. You didn’t like showing your feelings, plus, Bucky seems to really hate you. It did hurt deep down. It actually hurt a lot after every little insult, but you were good at keeping yourself together. A little too good at it.

“What’s wrong with me, jackass?” You huff, turning to him. “You’d be lucky to—to have me as your wife.” Rolling your eyes, you turn back to Tony. “But don’t you have anything better to do, Stark?”

“Don’t be mad at me just because you can’t take a little teasing.” Tony defended himself, with a sarcastic comment and sarcastic look. “But seriously, you two are like a married couple.” He repeats before walking off.

“There’s a lot of things wrong with you, doll.” Bucky answered.



“You can’t even protect yourself!” There was anger shaking through Bucky at the moment. He almost lost you. He could’ve lost you if he hadn’t pushed you of the way. That bullet would’ve hit you, and the thought of it terrified him, but he was afraid to show it and tell you. “I don’t even know why you’re allowed to go on missions.”

“Stop it!” Steve yelled from behind, standing in front of you two. “You two cannot keep doing this. You cannot keep going at each other like this. Bucky, you’re being an asshole. It could’ve happened to any of us.”

You turn to look at Steve, partially thankful because he was standing up for you, but you didn’t need anyone to stand up for you. “I can take care of myself, Steve, thank you.”

“Yeah, we totally saw that back there.” Bucky retorted, his voice was lower, finally understanding that he was being an asshole, but how could he stop now?

“You know what, Barnes?” You pushed past him. “If you’re waiting for me to thank you for saving my life, it’s not going to happen. Nobody put a gun to your head and said ‘Hey Bucky, go throw yourself in there and push her out of the way.’”

“Did anyone ever tell you guys that you two are secretly in love, but mask it with hate?” Sam could see it right through you guys, and used different ways to word it and embarrass you both. “But hey, continue ‘hating’ each other.” He put quotations around the word hating, which only pissed you off even more.

“I’m sorry, who asked for your opinion?” You fire back, completely annoyed with everyone by now.

“Yeah, why don’t you go play with that little red wing of yours?” Bucky backed you up as he walked away from all of you.

“He has a name.” Sam said through gritted teeth, still unable to stand Bucky.

“Whatever.” You walk back to your room, thinking about everything else that Bucky said to you earlier.

Bucky thought you couldn’t take care of yourself, but maybe if he wasn’t on missions with you, you’d do a better job. It was hard to concentrate on the mission sometimes because he was there, watching your every move. He was behind you, taking care of you, which did not make any sense to you whatsoever. He hated you, right? Maybe he protected you because you were Steve’s friend and Steve cared about you deeply. All the avengers cared about you. Maybe that’s why he did it. It wouldn’t change the fact that he still thought you were an idiot. It didn’t change the fact that he still risked his life for yours, and now you felt like owed him an apology and a thank you.

“Get yourself together, Y/N. You owe him nothing.” You say to yourself in front of the mirror. “You didn’t tell him to save you…”


In his room, Bucky layed on the bed, re-living the moment all over again. You were not aware of the attacker that was behind you, but Bucky caught it in time. He did not think about going after the attacker, no, he ran to you. He pushed you of the way, and he could’ve easily taken a bullet for you.

“Who are you kidding, Bucky? You are into her. So into her.” He whispered to himself as he stared at the ceiling.

Maybe it was the way you talked when you were excited about something. The way you’d end up rambling and the glowing look in your eyes accompanied by the bright and big smile of yours. Maybe it was the way you laughed. He loved your laugh, yes, and he loved when people made you laugh. It helped him forget about everything bad. Maybe it was the way you walked, you walked with confidence, which he liked. There were so many things he could list.

“Come in.” Bucky spoke as he became aware that there was a knock on his door.

There stood Steve with a disappointed look in his face, making Bucky groan. Steve came in and stood by the bed as Bucky stood up. “What’s up with you, man? Why are you acting like this with Y/N?”

Bucky looked down at the bed, not being able to look his best friend in his eye and tell him what was going on. “I don’t know. She hates me. I hate her. Period. There’s really not a lot of hard math here, Stevie.”

Steve rolled his eyes. “That’s not true, Buck. You know it. Anyways, I think you should apologize for what happened earlier.” He said before walking out.


The next day everybody was in the living room, watching TV. It was weird to see them all like this, but it was kind of nice too.

“Dude, move your fucking leg.” You push Bucky’s leg away from yours, and sit a bit further away from him, rolling your eyes. Gosh, that was something everybody did when you and Bucky were in the room.

Bucky chuckled but spread his legs again, touching your again.

You shot him a killer look, “Do you want me to move your fucking leg? Because I will, Bucky.”

“Just kiss already, damn.” Nat turned to look at you guys, a small smirk playing on her lips. “You’re both trying to find an excuse to touch each other and then get up in each other’s face, you enjoy it, huh?”

That was followed by a laugh from Clint and Rhodey, a chuckle from Tony and Sam, a smile from Steve and a small giggle from Wanda. Bruce and Vision did not seem to find that very funny though. Scott was passed out on the couch, so he had no opinion whatsoever.

“They’re blushing!” Clint cracked up even more as he pointed at the both of you.

“No, I’m not!” Bucky and you quickly replied, glaring at everybody.

“Awh, look at them! So cute.” Tony chuckled again.

You grunted and closed your eyes, shaking your head. This always happened, if they weren’t annoyed by the comments Bucky and you made, they’d tease you about it. They could see right through you and him, but you two were too stubborn to see it.

“See what you did?” Bucky glared at you and stood up, walking away from everybody. He was probably going to through a fit and you were the one he was going to blame.

“I’m sorry, was my fucking leg on you?” You stand up, obviously not done with this conversation. “You started this, Barnes. Don’t walk away from me. What are you five? Only a little kid walks away like that!”

He turned around as you both heard Sam say, “Do you think they’re gonna go have sex? If so, I think I’m leaving.”

Again, you both blushed but it quickly went away as you remembered you were trying to pick a fight with him.  

“You love picking fights, don’t you? Fights you can’t even win.” Bucky snapped.

He walked closer to you until he was inches away from your face, making you extremely nervous to the point where nothing was coming out of your mouth anymore. “Why do you love to do this? Get me all worked up about something so stupid? Huh?” He continued walking towards you, until you were finally backed up against the wall.

“I do—don’t know. What’s just how we work I guess. I piss you off, you piss me off.” You whisper, glancing down at his lips. “I mean, we do hate each other…”

Bucky stared at you for a while, glancing at your lips as well. “I don’t hate you, Y/N. I never have and I never will.” He confesses, almost in a whisper as well. His hands rest on your hips as his face gets closer, his lips just centimeters away from each other. “But you just can’t seem to get that through your pretty little head, doll. Why do you think I almost took a bullet for you?”

As much as you wanted to pretend that you were not surprised and as much as you wanted to smirk and have a snarky comment, you couldn’t. The moment you waited for so long was finally here and he was being completely honest with you.

“Fuck you, Bucky.” You finally say, closing your eyes. “Do you have any idea what you put me through, thinking that you hated me? I returned the ‘hate’ because I was so scared to even show you how I fel—” His lips cut you off, finally closing the remaining space. It took you a second to finally register what was happening and to kiss him back, your hands cupping his cheeks.

His kiss was in perfect sync with yours, but you quickly jumped apart when you heard some whistling and a few awhs from behind you guys.

Wanda awed, Nat smiled, the boys smiled again.

“About time.” Steve smiled at his best friend, while Bucky blushed.

“You owe me twenty bucks, by the way.” Sam turned to Scott, who was pulling his money out.

“I really thought you two hated each other.” Scott says as he hands Sam the money.

“Well if what just happened was hate… I wish to keep hating him.” You say referring to the kiss, but Bucky chuckles and puts his arm around your shoulder.

“Wish granted.” He says, pressing his lips against yours again.

“Oh, come on! One was enough!” Tony groans.

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I love the way you draw, it is so beautiful , you could make a picture about TodoDeku and KatsuDeku please senpai! (´∀`)♡

Aaaah/// Thankssss so much both of you<3 Oh mang yes the trio/// //shot

I feel there’s not enough for every ship honestly hahah//// It’s kind of spread out?? idk pfftt I hope you guys don’t mind me adding on to my Everyday Hero AU because this AU has a spice of every ship~ Enjoy!

Nsfw Below! Click at your own risk!!

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Nature’s Music

A Bucky x Reader / fluff

A/N: This is my third Bucky fic, so I’m really trying to get into the groove of writing him. I hope you guys enjoy! I’m also thinking of opening my requests on this blog, so I can get some more practice. Let me know what you think! Thank you to @bovaria for looking this over for me. You’re a gem!

Word Count: 1,167

- none.

Tags: @metallicbuck @aprofoundbondwithdean @theerinpage @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit @manbunbucky @jensensfreckleddick @bookshelvesandteacups @myarchangelgabriel @texasbobcat @ohfora69camaro

*gif is not mine.

“Put this on, doll,” Bucky said, extending out a spare helmet to you from the garage. He had roused you out of bed early that morning, but neglected to tell you the reason why. When you protested, not being much of an early riser, he simply replied that it was a surprise, and to stop asking questions. You took the helmet from his hands and put it on, his nimble fingers helping you to snap the clasp under your chin. With a soft smile, he extended his hand to you, your warm palm wrapping around the cold metal. Practically dragging you along behind him, he stopped in front of Steve’s motorcycle, before turning to you, a huge grin plastered on his face.

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Are We There Yet? (Steve/Sam/Bucky x Reader) (Part 3)

ft. King T’Challa. 

I am back with another chapter of this trash fic! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as you enjoyed the first two! Thank you so much for reading and sticking around. Let me know what you think because I’m thinking of turning this into a long series. Would it be interesting? Send me your thoughts! Thanks!

Part one || Part two

word count: 2019

warnings: cursing

“T’Challa, all I’m saying is if you send a private jet to North Carolina, I won’t complain,” your hushed whispers echoed softly against the bathroom wall tiles as you hid discretely in the bathtub from the others. You could only roll your eyes as you heard the smooth, accented voice come through the other end, chastising you on your behavior. For a full ten minutes, you felt like a little kid being scolded for your actions. Your fingers wandered over to a small bottle of shampoo on the side of the tub as you tuned out T’Challa as he continued to speak words of wisdom to you. “So bottom line is that your highness won’t help me, right?”

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meet me in paradise :: prologue

Jungkook centric miniseries ; Adventure!AU
Genre: fluff, drama
Word count: 2.132
Warnings: a bit of violence in future chapters. (action and badassery in general)

A/N: all I can say is that I I’ve had a LOT of fun creating this series and that I hope you guys have as much fun reading as I’ve had while writing it. :) Loosely based on Uncharted 4 (which is probably the best game of the year).

Prologue || Part 1 || Part 2

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3t4 Conversion of 4Sims Decorative Wall Panels.

When I saw these panels I knew I had to convert them and have them in my game, I saw so much decorative potential in them and that is what I am trying to show in all the images and staging that I did for every one of these panels. I hope you guys like them and enjoy them as much as I do!

This set includes:
19 deco wall panels
*Swatches are shown in pictures.
Can be found in wall decorations.

Mesh and texture credits:

This post is very picture heavy so you can look at the rest of the previews and download after the cut :)

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Your Kind of Lover - Bucky x Reader [ Epilogue ]

Summary : There are some things she should’ve known, like the fact that she was not even close at being a good witch. Oh! And the huge obvious fact that this fake girlfriend-boyfriend thing always sounds better in theory.

But hey, c’est la vie, right?

Character : Bucky Barnes X OC ( Reader )   |  Warning : Cursing

Author’s Note : Okay, so this is the end guys! The final chapter of Your Kind of Lover :’) thank you so much for all your love for this fic. I can never thank you enough. I hope you love this series as much as I did <3 You guys are the best and i love you! Enjoy this chapter and let me know what you think! 

I’ll see you on my next series! <3

Read Chapter 1 - 19 Here

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Your name: submit What is this?


Nutmeg hated people.

 Bucky was fine. She loved Bucky. The guy was so head over heels for [Y/N] and she knew he’d be a good person for her best friend. She also liked spending times with the guy. He gave her a lot of nice food and let her sleep on his couch and his bed whenever she wants.

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The one where Harry works in a bakery, Y/N stops by to help him, and things get a little messy…

A/N: Wow, okay I am so thrilled at the positive reactions I got on my first one shot! Thank you so much to anyone who read/liked/reblogged/followed/anything!! It really means so much to me and I hope you guys like this next piece as much as the last one! Feel free to drop a request and leave feedback on my writing! I hope you enjoy!! .x


Y/n is abruptly waken from her deep sleep a little past midnight when her phone blasts the marimba tone that she has never really liked but is entirely too lazy to change. Her small hand reaches out blindly to feel around for the object of her disruption, and her heart suddenly drops to her feet as she’s overly aware of the cold, empty space next to her that would normally be occupied by Harry’s long and lanky but nevertheless perfect body. She sits up immediately, grasping the phone and choking out a sleep filled “Harry?”

“Yah baby M'here.” He says through the speaker, something obviously occupying his attention.

“Where are you?” She whines, rubbing her eyes and trying to put the pieces together but she’s still very drowsy and heavy-eyed at the moment and doesn’t even think she could properly spell her own name if she tried.

“M'still workin’” he mumbles. “Got a huge wedding tomorrow an’ somethin’ went wrong with the last cake we made so I gotta start over from scratch and Barbara had a family emergency an’ had to leave so I’m all by myself an’ I’m stressed an’  just wanted to hear your voice I guess.” He exasperates before adding “M’ sorry for wakin’ ya,” and y/n can just make out in her head the way his eyebrows are probably pulled together in concentration and the tip of his tongue is barely poking out past his bubblegum pink lips as he kneads and stirs and ices. Harry has always taken his work at the bakery very seriously, making sure each and every customer is greeted properly with one of his heartwarming dimpled smiles and a delicious baked good of their choice. And tonight, although technically early morning, is no exception. So here Harry stands, clad in a plain white tee, tight jeans that he’s been itching to get out of ever since he put them on earlier that day, and his signature red apron, working tirelessly to ensure a flawless cake for a very deserving bride.

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Who You Belong To

Requested by the lovely @meganwinchester1999 : Sam lets a man flirt with him at a bar, and Dean reminds him who he belongs to.

Warning: Wincest, smut

Word Count: 2200ish

A/N: Hope you enjoy this one, lovely! To everyone else: If Wincest isn’t your ship, just skip this one :) XOXO Tagging @latinenglishfandomblog , who I know is in this mess with me.

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Mun: Thank you so much @prettypinkmoonlight! I hope you’ll like these answers (●´∀`●)

Matsuno brothers as dads of teenage boys

*in a spur of a moment* “Hey do you know that I once caught your uncle Choromatsu fapping. Not that I say it’s a bad thing, though. You can fap all you want. Don’t mind me.”

“Do you know that girls love fashionable guys? So I guess the time has come for me to pass a family heirloom.” *proceeds to give his son his leather jacket and shiny pants* “NO NEED TO THANK ME SON”

“Dad why do my uncles call you Rising Fappymats–”

“Hey go feed the cats.”
“But dad I just did.”
“Oh. Go play with the cats then.”
“Do you care about anything other than those stray cats..”
“Of course. You. You’re my own cat.”
“Dad for the nth time, I’m not a cat.”


*they are in a restaurant or something, son is about to eat*
“Hey wait don’t eat yet”
“Oh. I’m sorry we haven’t prayed yet–” *camera phone shutter sound*
“Dad what are you doing”

9612th asked:

Can I get an imagine where me and Nate date and break up because we had a fight and he said something really messed up about me and I get with someone else and he sees that and one day he sees me with the guy and he breaks us up by kissing me and then me and Nate start back dating

*THIS IS A TRIGGER WARNING STORY*Thank you so much for requesting, you’ve been waiting for a long ass time and I’m really sorry about that. I’ve been really stressed with exams and tests so yea. I hope you enjoy it and I really hope its what you wanted in your imagine. Love youuuu:) And just a reminder to those who actually read my blog or just pass this imagine. ALL YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE OUT THERE ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. SOCIETY DOES NOT DEFIND YOU! EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY THEY ARE. AND IF YALL THINK “how does she know” or “She just saying that”. I actually have alot of body issues too. And I’m always comparing myself to other, like all my friends who are twigs. SO, I WOULD JUST LOVE TO SAY…EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU IS SMART, BEAUTIFUL, KIND, and AMAZING. NO ONE ELSE HAS TO TELL YOU THIS EXCEPT YOURSELF. DON’T LOOK AT OTHERS FOR ACCEPTION, LOOK AT YOURSELF.

You just got home from work and it was extremely late. You tried to quietly close the door without waking anyone. You set your bag down and immediately went to the fridge for food. “(Y/N)”,Nate called rushing down the stairs. “Hey baby, I thought you’d be in bed by now, it’s 2A.M. “Where were you”,He said with a harsh tone. “They needed me to take some night hours because Sandra was sick today”,you said continuing to eat your left over pizza. “Don’t lie to me. Where were you huh, fucking some other accountant? Was he better? huh was he?”,Nate said getting in your face. “No Nate, I was working late because Sandra wasn’t here today and they needed her files done for the end of the month”,I explained. He then smacked the pizza out of your hand. “Don’t get fat again (y/n), remember what you used to look like”,Nate said. I just stood there in shock, looking down at my feet. For once in my life, at this age I felt confident and beautiful. I’ve lost 75 pounds and i finally felt good. I kept my head down and tried to dry up my tears before looking up. “You’re right Nate”,I said finally looking up. The tears were filling my eyes and they finally came rushing down my cheeks. “I think i’m going to go upstairs now”,you said quickly going up the stairs. 

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You went into your bedroom and ran into the bathroom. You locked the bathroom door behind you and slid down the door crying. You heard shoes running up the stairs. “(y/n), (y/n) baby i’m sorry. You know I didn’t mean that. C’mon baby unlock the door and come to bed”,Nate said trying to open the door. You looked in mirror and saw what Nate was talking about. “I’m not good enough for him”,you said softly to yourself.

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Nate continued to beat on the door, screaming your name and apologies. You grabbed your toothbrush and began to shove it down your throat. Once you were satisfied and felt better, you brushed your teeth and opened the door. Nate was sitting on the bed with his head in his hands. He looked up and saw you. “Baby, listen you know I think you look amazing before and now. Please know I didn’t mean anything I just said. I was drinking earlier with the boys and I was worried about you. I was paranoid and I started overthinking about things”,He said looking in my eyes. You pushed pass him and headed into your side of the closet. “Baby?”,he said questioning. You pulled out a random bag and started packing. “Baby, please don’t lea-”Nate said before you cut him off. “First of all Nate, you know what I went through in highschool and you know that I finally felt good about myself. Second, I’m not leaving, you are. And third, you know what they say, A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts”,you said shoving the bag into his chest. “Goodbye Nate”,you said kissing his cheek. “I love you (y/n) I always will. I have always believed the saying ‘if two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back to each other’,He said smiling with tears forming in his eyes. And with that he walked out of your bedroom.

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*6 months later*

6 months without Nate. 6 long months but as my mom always says, ‘when one door closes, another one always opens’, and wasn’t she right. I met another heart throb, his name was William. He worked at my dad’s construction business. We’ve been dating for about 3 weeks now, and he makes me very happy. 

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Tonight was the big Memorial Day cookout for our family and friends. I came over early to help my mom with the food and festivities. “Mom, what do you mean you invited the Maloley’s”,I said annoyed. “(y/n), Kami and I have been bestfriends for 20 years. I didn’t ask you to date Nathan, and I don’t care what you want they’re coming”,she said with her hand on her hip. “Ugh”,I shouted and rolled my eyes. 

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Everyone started to arrive. (y/n), do you remember us? Oh My Goodness the last time we saw you you were this little”,this random lady said. “Oh yea, its nice to see you again”, I said hugging this total stranger. “Hey baby, sorry I’m late. I needed to go home and change”,Will said hugging me. “And these are for you baby”,Will said hanging me a bouquet of flowers. “Oh Will, they’re beautiful!”you exclaimed. You noticed some familiar people walk through the gate, it was Nate. You two both glanced at each other for a bit too long. You quickly looked down at your sandals and tried to control the butterflies in your stomach. “Hey, he can’t do anything. Not if I’m here baby”,Will said. You smiled and walked inside to help bring out the food.

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“(y/n), hi honey its so nice to see you again”,Kami said picking up the potato salad. “Hi Mrs.Maloley, how are you”,you said awkwardly. “I’m fine honey, and you know to call me Kami honey”she said smiling. I smiled and picked up the corn walked outside. I ran into some one almost dropping all the corn. “Oh, i’m sorry”, I said. “Its fine (Y/n)”, some said. I looked up and saw Nate. “Oh hey Nate. How you been”,you said smiling. “I miss you baby. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t move on. I need you back. I know what I did was terrible and I’m sorry. I still love you”, he said looking into my eyes. He cupped my face and rubbed my cheek. “Nate please”,you siad softly. “If you don’t feel anything, then I’ll move on okay”,he said. He then kissed you. It so passionate and full of lust and love. You kissed back.

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“y/n) what the hell!”I heard William shout. I stopped and stood there in shock. “Will please”you said running after him. “No-no i’m done, you kissed him in front of everyone making me look bad”,he shouted. He took the flowers off the table and threw them down. “Bye Will”,you said. “(y/n), please give me another chance baby”,Nate said. You turned around to see him with tears in his eyes. “Promise you won’t hurt me again”,you said walking toward him. “He picked you up and spun you around. “I promise till the day I die baby”,he said kissing you.

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msamberpriley I feel so much better today, I think it’s my uncanny ability to laugh at myself and not take myself so seriously. OR maybe it’s just my superhero tshirt 😂 everyone else is serious enough for me, I’m gonna enjoy life and you should too! Hope u had a fantastical day guys 😘

You Learn to Love

A/n: So this idea just came to me out of nowhere. I decided to post a small portion of it to gauge, whether or not, this was something anyone would be interested in reading. It would be just a long one shot like how, “To Be Call, ‘Us’ ”, was. I hope you guys enjoy even this small bit. Much love, J.

Genre: Zico x Reader

Words: 1426

Disclaimer: As always, the gifs/pictures used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

Originally posted by jaebugs

It was only meant to be a one-night stand.

A night of shared passion and lowered inhibitions driven by alcohol to give in to the bad and revel in the good. To become a part of a sweaty and lust filled moment and look back on it in awe while you daydreamed at work. Never in a million years did you think you’d be one of those girls. Sending out a random message in hope of a reply; determination and panic making you send it multiple times.  

In a million years you didn’t think you’d find yourself sitting in a waiting room with a man you barely knew anything about. You knew nothing outside of what was written on magazine covers or spoken in interviews. What was real and what was just for show. It was the glitz, glamour, and the appeal of his presence and name that had you falling so easily into his bed.  

What you knew about Jiho, the man, and Zico, the brand, was nothing.  

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