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Can you do a Matthew Gray Gubler scenario where he is working really hard on writing and directing an episode of criminal minds, and hasn’t been taking care of himself. And so you/reader have to take matter into your/readers own hands, and you/reader treat him a little like a baby. Yeah. so… lots of fluffiness please. Oh and I really love all your other works. 😉

Thank you so very much!…and yes I can, @adorabledorkling!  Thank you so much for being patient with me, and I hope you enjoy this.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Knocking on Matthew’s door, you bounce from foot to foot as you hold two giant coffees in your hand.

You had found a text from Matthew on your phone at 5 am this morning, asking your opinion on a particular plot-line for some bad guy he was writing in a script or something.

It was all hazy since you had fallen back asleep.

Furrowing your brow as you tuck one of the coffees between your arm and your chest, you jiggle the doorknob, only for the door to flail open.

Walking into his home as you squint to see, you fiddle along the wall until you feel a light switch.

Flipping the light on, you see Matthew on the couch, his hair a tangled, greasy mess as he chews on the back-end of a war-torn pen, his leg bouncing up and down as he sighs heavily.

“Wow…that helps,” he murmurs, jotting something down as you slowly close his front door.

“Matthew?” you ask tentatively.

Shuffling over to him as you sit down, you watch as his eyes flicker over his piece of paper, his eyes darting between ideas as you set the coffees down on the table.

Taking a different colored pen from the pile in front of him, you circle a prompt he has written out as his head jerks over to you, his eyes wide as you smile softly.

“My vote goes to that one,” you say.

“Y/N,” Matthew says breathlessly as his eyes flicker over to the coffee.

“Figured you could use some,” you state.

Watching a smile cross his face as he grabs his coffee, he leans back into the couch as you stand up, going into his kitchen as you rummage around for something to eat.

He didn’t have a damn thing in his fridge.

“Matthew?  What have you been eating?” you call out.

“Uh…” he stammers, his mind only half-heartedly pondering your question, “I-I…I don’t know.  Hold on,” he says.

Finally finding an apple at the back of his fridge, you find a dull knife and do your best to peel it quickly, feeling around for your keys as you thrust the apple into his face from behind him.

“What’s this?” he asks, crinkling his nose as he tilts his gaze back up to you.

“Your breakfast,” you say flatly.

“I’m not hungry,” he says, trying to brush you away as you begin to run your fingers through his tangled, matted hair.

“If you don’t eat this apple, I’m slinging you over my shoulder and dragging you outside,” you threaten.

“Uh huh…” he acknowledges, engrossing himself into the script in front of him as you sigh, your hand reaching down for his as you turn his palm up, placing the apple in his hand and curling his fingers around it.

“Eat,” you state, grabbing your coffee and heading for the door.

It was time to grocery shop.


2 hours and a fully-stocked kitchen later, you find Matthew in his room, a heavenly scent coming from his bathroom as you inch the door open, finding his body slumped down in a vat of bubbles, his pen between his teeth as his furrowed brow scans over what was probably one of many drafts of his script for his show.

“How was your apple?” you ask, leaning against the door-frame and crossing your arms as his eyes flicker over to you momentarily.

“Good,” he states, going right back to his script as he jots down an idea, his eyes lighting up as a smirk travels across your face.

“Well,” you start, pulling up a small stool beside the tub as you grab a cup, dipping some of the warm water into its opening as you hold it over Matthew’s head.

“…close your eyes…” you whisper.

Hearing him sigh, you watch his script slowly lower itself, his hand meandering the paper out to the side of the tub as his arm drapes over the edge, his eyes fluttering closed as you begin to massage the bubbles into his scalp.

“…I have honey-basil chicken cooking in the crock-pot for dinner, and I’ll make some garlic mashed potatoes to go along with it,” you finish.

“But I don’t…I don’t think I-”

Hearing him groan lightly as you begin to work down his neck, your fingers massaging his shoulders as he flops his head forward, you smile kindly to yourself as you say, “You have one now.”

Slowly rinsing the suds from his hair, you reach for his conditioner as you run your fingers through his locks, your fingers swiping over his forehead every so often so that it doesn’t get into his eyes.

“How much more time do you have to work on the script?” you ask.

But you were only answered with a groan.

Washing your conditioned hands off in the tub, you help Matthew ease his body back, his neck and head balancing on the indention in the tub as you get up and look for a towel to wipe your hands off.

“I have until Monday,” he murmurs.

“Ah, alright,” you muse, your eyes twinkling as you look over at a relaxed Matthew, his eyes closed and his body floating amongst the lavender bubbles.

And as you go to leave the room, you hear Matthew shift momentarily, your head whipping back to look at him as you shake your head, his body lifted out of the tub as his fingers wiggle and stretch for the script on the floor.

This man was an absolute mess.


While he continues to sit in his bath, his feet surely wrinkling to those of a 90 year old man, you begin to pick his clothes up off of the floor, putting his wacky stuffed animals back in their rightful places as you pick up scattered red-solo cups and mismatched socks.

Throwing the clothes into the laundry, you pour a massive amount of detergent over the smelly material as you crank up the water temperature, your hand reaching for the febreeze as you go and attack his sitting area, no doubt lingering with the smells of Matthew’s showerless stench.

Fluffing the cushions and making his bed, you peek around into the bathroom once again as you see him sitting there, an hour later, all of the bubbles basically popped, the conditioner still in his hair.

Good lord.

Sighing as you grab a towel, tossing it into the bath as you take him by surprise, you grab the script from his hand and toss it onto the bathroom counter.

“Hey!” he protests.

“The conditioner, Matthew,” you state.

Watching the realization cross his face, you realize that he truly had forgotten that it was on top of his head still.

Dipping the cup into the, shockingly, still-warm water, you start pouring it over his head, the water trickling down his neck and face as he closes his eyes, the towel sinking into the tub over his naked body as you slowly begin to work the contidioner out of his hair.

“At least your hair’ll be really soft,” you murmur slyly.

Reaching for a smaller towel and drying off his hair, you slide over and reach into the water, your shirt getting wet as you pull the plug on the bathtub drain, your eyes flickering up to Matthew, his eyes watching your every move.

“Am I gonna have to help you out, too?” you ask playfully.

“No,” he chuckles, a grin flickering over his face.

“Good,” you snicker, shaking your head as you pull your arm out of the water and shake it furiously.

“Dinner’ll be ready in about-”

“Y/N?” Matthew calls out.

Hearing a huge slosh of water, you whip around, your arm still damp as you take in Matthew’s tall form, his hand holding the sopping wet towel around his body as he steps out of the tub.

“Yeah?” you respond.

“Thanks,” he says.

“Not a problem,” you smile.

“No, really.  I-I-I…get so lost in scripts sometimes, and before I know it it’s been three days since I’ve bathed and an entire weekend goes by before I eat and it-”

Watching him run his fingers through his wet hair, you see him reach out and grab the script from the bathroom counter, your eyes studying him closely as you try not to rake your eyes across his body.

“Just…thank you,” he says, his voice steady and reassuring.

“Really…it’s not an issue,” you say, shaking your head lightly as you back out of the bathroom, turning your back to him as you follow the smells wafting in from the kitchen.

Dinner was almost done, and you hadn’t started the potatoes yet.

Isaac: An Awful Place For Love

Request: “#1 with Isaac?: ‘Come over here and make me’” and “Can you do Isaac Lahey #22: ‘I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice’ please :D thank you so much!” from @justiceandwar98

Pairing: Isaac x Reader

A/N: hey guys! thank you so much for over 100 followers! We love each and every one of you! Here is the Isaac imagine that I promised you guys! I’m opening requests again tomorrow and couldn’t be more excited! Tomorrow I’m also hoping to post my first Stiles imagine (loml). I lovelovelove Isaac Lahey and I miss him so much. I really hope Jeff will bring him back. I also really hope you guys enjoy this one! Feel free to send me some feedback (or anything really). Thanks guys!! -rose


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Being a part of Scott’s pack had its pros and cons.

Pros: Friday night pack meetings with pizza, prank wars with Stiles, cooking dinner with Scott, blind makeovers with Allison and Lydia, play-wrestling with Derek, etc… The list goes on and on.

Cons: Isaac Lahey.

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Kai has been giving me the most stress nowadays sigh. Could you do a drabble with “Close your eyes.” please? I'LL LOVE 5EVER

Okay, so I got a little carried away while writing this so it turned out a bit longer than originally planned! Sorry! But yes, Kai has been stressing me out, too and I can’t stop writing about him. I just love the guy so much lmao

But yeah, here you go! Also, it’s a highschool! AU just because… I hope you enjoy!

It’s a Saturday morning today, and while it’s still early and quiet for everyone to wake up and do something, you and your best friend have already been up for quite some time, energized and ready to do some work, no matter how heavy and exhausting it will be for you afterward. The two of you are in his parents’ basement, trying to practice dance choreographies for an upcoming practical test on Monday.

The both of you are sweaty, panting and gasping for breaths like there’s no tomorrow. You’ve just finished practicing one of your easier dance routines, and Kai has suggested taking a short break before beginning the slightly difficult ones. You, meanwhile, have wholeheartedly agreed, asking him to leave the room and get the both of you some water and snacks.

There’s a cute pout on his lips, though nevertheless, he has agreed, leaving you alone in the room with nothing to do and no one to talk to.

You’re currently sitting on the floor, holding your phone with one hand and trying to pass the time while waiting for your friend’s arrival. Minutes later, you find yourself being caught up in a game that you don’t even notice his arrival, don’t even notice him sneak around and walk behind you.

It’s only when his hands are suddenly covering your eyes and that you begin to notice him. A surprised squeak falls out of your lips before it’s suddenly replaced with a series of curses and foul words that your parents would probably scold you for even using.

“Hey!” you shout, voice rising an octave higher through each word. “Kim Jongin! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Close your eyes,” he murmurs from behind your ear, voice low and husky that it sends shivers down your spine. You could feel his breath ghosting over your skin, and you try your best to act like it doesn’t affect you one bit.

(It doesn’t work. Kim Jongin is a combination of a lot of things, and being irresistible is one of them.)

“What the fuck?” you shoot back, closing your hands around his wrists and attempting to pry his hands away from you. His grip only tightens, as though he’s refusing to let you go. You could hear the frustration in his voice as he says the next words. “Just stop struggling and close your eyes, dammit!” he says, the tone of his voice rising higher and higher by every word.

You furrow your eyebrows in confusion, briefly pausing from your struggling long enough to ask him. “What kind of mischief do you have in mind again, Kai?”

There’s an accusation in the way you say the words, though he doesn’t seem to notice it at all. You could almost sense the grin behind his words as he answers you, “A surprise.”

“Hm,” you say, humming in response. You don’t quite believe him yet, though you’ve stopped asking him further. If Kai is being like this, there’s a one-hundred-percent chance that he’s up to something no good once again.

“Close your eyes,” he repeats again in a sing-song voice. “Close your eyes and stop struggling. And don’t open them until I say so, okay?”

You slowly nod your head at his words, and he ruffles your hair briefly before removing the hands that cover your eyes. “Good,” he says, and even with your eyes closed, you could tell that he’s smiling.

There’s a moment of silence and stillness settling between the two of you, and you briefly wonder where Kai has gone off to. You’re about to open your mouth, about to call his name and ask him where the hell he’s hiding from, but before you could he’s already cut you off.

“Open your eyes,” he says, and you could almost swear that you’ve heard the mischief lacing his tone.

You do as you’re told, slowly opening your eyes. You’re greeted with the sight of a very cute, very adorable Kim Jongin, looking at you with mischief in his gaze. You look him up and down, trying to figure out whatever the “surprise” was.

But there’s nothing.

He still looks the same. You narrow your eyes in suspicion, trying to look closely and find out what the so-called surprise is. But he still looks like the way he always does.

Nothing about him has changed at all.

You open your mouth to say something, words beginning to fly out of your mouth with relative ease and speed. “Kim Jongin,” you seethe, your words seemingly a hiss. “I swear if you tried to pull something funny on me, I will literally—“

But your words are cut off and interrupted when he suddenly leans forward and places a small, chaste kiss on your lips, allowing his lips to linger for a little while. When he pulls away from you, you could see that there’s a smirk on his lips.

“Surprise,” he says, and you could sense the cockiness behind his tone, like he’s just accomplished something very big and he’s ready to brag about it the next day.

For a moment, you’re stunned, unable to respond to his words, unable to understand whatever it is that’s happening in your surroundings. You could only blink once, twice at him, like you’re still trying to process everything that’s just happened to you. But then everything suddenly clicks, and you could feel your own anger and embarrassment rolling off of you in waves.

You slowly stand up from the floor, your face flushing hot and your hands curled into fists like you’re trying to stop it from doing something violent. (Or from murdering someone really violently.)

“Kim Jongin,” you begin, utter his words slowly, drawing out the syllables in his name. There’s anger behind your words, hot and wild and violent at the same time. “What did I tell you about pulling something funny on me?”

He gulps, unable to respond to your question. “I… um,” he begins, stuttering over his words like he doesn’t quite know what to say, like he doesn’t quite know how to proceed. It takes him a moment to continue, and as soon as he does, the only thing he could say is a single word.

“Sorry?” he offers, smiling sheepishly at you as if in an attempt to lighten the mood between the two of you. You merely smile back at him, and it’s the kind of smile that oozes murder and violence and danger all at once. You could see his eyes widening in alarm and before you know it, he’s already up and bolting out of the door, beginning to run for his life.

You begin to run after him, all the while shouting all kinds of curses at him.

And that’s how the both of you ended up with a barely passable grade during your practical test on Monday.

Drabble game is still open! Check this post out if you’re interested!

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RIP in pieces.

Thank you guys so much for being patient with me while I skipped Tuesday’s update! I’m up to my neck in freelance work, but luckily I should be finishing up with it this week.

I’m super proud of this page, and I had a ton of fun making it. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it just as much!

Have a great weekend!


34 different chest tattoos for both your male and female sims! These images are from World of Warcraft, where these icons are crests for the different classes and races in the game. Even if you are not familiar with the game, these make for some nice colorful chest tattoos that you can use on your sims! I made sure they showed up in high quality, with no awkward white lines around them and they don’t show too bright! Needless to say this took ages, haha. I hope you enjoy!

- For both male and female sims
- Age Teen - Elder
- 34 swatches
- Custom thumbnails for male and female variant

TOU: Please do not re-upload or repost without my permission, and do not claim as your own. If you use it in your game, you can tag me with my name ‘valhallansim’, I would love to see what you guys do with it!

Mediafire (ad.fly, wait 5 seconds to support me, thanks so much!) | Mediafire

Come To Me The Way You Are

Authors Note: Wow finally wrote something that wasn’t Three Important Things. I actually have written other stuff but i don”t have the courage to post, but I thought i’d at least try. I was really sad one day about how much Jimin used to hate his body and this was the result. Hope you guys enjoy.

Originally posted by taejin

Summary: Jimin just had to fall in love with a girl that was tearing him apart, and you as his best friend couldn’t even say anything. You just had to be there to make sure he didn’t fall apart.

Word Count: 1,128


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in light of reaching 4k recently and EVERYONE asking for this psd, i decided to post it for you guys, because i love you all very much, even when you don’t send me messages after i reblog those ask games, mhm yeah i love you anyway. so yeah, this psd contains vibrance, and also it was made to highlight the cyan in the gif, so try to avoid bluish scenes if you don’t know how to use color balance. i hope y’all enjoy it, please like/reblog if you download it, and of course don’t repost and/or claim as your own.



Here is the fifth and final piece to the Forgotten the Disney Descent saga. It is insane how it started off to light and comical and ended up so…serious! It as a real delight to film, expecially because I adore Amnesia so very much.

A huge thank you to Sasha (roguearcanis) for helping me bring this all to life and taking up the mantle of Daniel, who she portrayed so perfectly. She had the patience of a damn saint filming this with me.

Well, I hope you enjoy it guys and keep your eyes open for the competition at the end!

Unsaid [Yoongi]

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Words: 1199
Author: Chloe
Description: In a relationship like yours, there are things that just don’t need to be said. 
Author’s Note: I’ve said I would write a Yoongi fic for the past ten million years lol@me. It is here. Originally I was going to angst it up, but there is way too much Yoongi angst so I thought I’d let him off the hook (just for now). I hope you guys enjoy!!

“I love you.”

“Really?” Yoongi turns face you, lazily raising his left hand and wiggling his ring finger. “I had no idea.”

You snort, and turn your attention to the matching ring on your fourth finger, twisting the metal band and watching it catch and reflect the slivers of sunlight that filtered through the curtains. “You’re supposed to say ‘I love you, too’.”

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Daddy 5SOS Preference: Netflix and Chill?

“Could you do a Daddy 5SOS Preference where the kids binge watch a show and the dads get really worried because they haven’t seen the kids for a few days?”

Y/N: I saw this prompt and laughed out loud because I loved it so much! I have been there done that, causing my parents worry because all I did was watch TV and they never saw me. I hope you guys enjoy! xx


Kayla was usually pretty good about not giving in to peer pressure, but this was different. Now she was stuck on a bus with all her swim team friends, having nothing better to do than to join her friend Carly in watching Netflix. Kayla’s head rested on Carly’s shoulder and the two of them shared a pair of ear buds, Kayla insisting that Carly could pick the show.

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Sweater Weather pt.2

Originally posted by ill-lightyourfiretillmylastday

Pairing: Eric x female!reader
Prompt: Following the events of sweater weather, Eric and the readers relationship becomes tense and they both struggle to come to terms with how they feel
Fandom: Divergent series
Word count: 5282
Warning: Smut, language, unprotected sex (this is fiction people, be safe in real life)

Part 1

A/N: Yay it’s finally done! Sorry for the lateness I just really struggled with this one for some reason. I couldn’t tell if I like where the plot was going or not, I still can’t tell. Anyways, hopefully the Smut makes up for how late it is. This is the first time I’ve written smut and I’m nervous as hell, I can’t tell if it cheesy, or too much, or too little. I hope you guys enjoy, feedback would really mean a lot to me on this one so let me know what you think!

Two weeks had passed since Eric and yours encounter and things where odd between the two of you. You were almost convinced that Eric was bipolar. One second he was all over you hugging and kissing then the next he was acting as if nothing happened. It was confusing and almost like living with two different people. But as more time passed the more closed off he would get only trying to initiate affection every once in awhile when you weren’t paying attention. It was weird and awkward at times and you almost wish that nothing had happened in the first.

You hated it sometimes when at night he would crawl into bed with you, not because you didn’t enjoy being close to him but because you knew that he would be gone when you woke up. The worst part was when he brought girls home sometimes. It had happened before, hell you had walked in on him going at it once but now it was different. Now you couldn’t help the gut-curdling jealousy that would course through you.

You let yourself into the apartment still shivering with how freezing the compound was, thankful that the apartment finally had heat. You took your coat and boots off and made your way into the kitchen. You heard laughter as you neared the doorway. You knew exactly what you were going to see the moment you rounded the corner. You knew you would see Eric and whatever loose girl he found in the pit. You knew he would have that panty dropping smile on his face and that oh so charming tone of voice. You hesitated for a second trying to prepare yourself for the sight, you could already hear the girls obnoxious giggles. Feeling half tempted to turn around the growling of your empty stomach convinced you otherwise.

Upon entering the kitchen, you saw the girl sitting on the counter drinking the fruitiest cocktail you had ever seen. Eric was cooking, which was a shock to you, he must really want to get into the girls pants or, in this case, mini skirt. He turned to glanced at you impassively and the girl looked at you in confusion.

“Oooh, you must be the roommate!” She said, her voice sounding shockingly high pitched. You plastered a polite smile on your face and nodded.

“Yup… That’s me.” She gave another giggle and glanced over to Eric.

“Eric was telling me all about your guys relationship, you seem like such a great friend!” You tried not to flinch at the word friend but that was the reality of it, Eric and you were nothing but friends. Even despite about a week worth of sharing a bed and the heated make out sessions in between. Eric makes it quite clear with the countless girls and his sometimes sour attitude.

You faked a smiled at the girl as she continued to ramble on to Eric about a dream she had the night before. You could feel your IQ dropping the longer she talked and you shook your head. You began to make yourself a sandwich trying your best to just pretend that you weren’t a part of the situation.

You couldn’t help but glance over at Eric who was leaning against the counter a few feet away from you. The look on his face was something between distaste and a plea for help as he ‘listened’ to his date chatter on. You simply rolled your eyes at him, not feeling the least bit of sympathy for him. His date didn’t seem the least bit bothered the fact that he could obviously care less about what she was jabbering about.

You finished making your food and then left the kitchen settling in the living room to eat. You had maybe twenty minutes of peace and quiet before Eric came out of the kitchen and the girl followed after him in her high heels. She had another drink in her hands and she appeared to still be talking.

They settled on the couch and the girl all but sat in his lap, curling up on the couch next to him. You internally groaned and wished that he, at least, had the decency to take her to his room.  You tried to ignore the two as you continued to watch the TV.

The date finally stood up, her skirt having ridden up enough to practically show her entire ass, she excused herself to the ‘little girls room’.

You looked at Eric with an eyebrow raised, “Real winner you got there, buddy.”

He sighed and raked a hand over his face. “She won’t. Stop. Talking.”

“Maybe she is as willing to open her legs as she is her mouth.” You quipped before standing up and dropping your dishes in the sink. It was on your way back to your room that you bumped into the girl on her way back to the living room.

“How do you do it?” She whispered to you.

“Do what?”

“Live with him and not want to constantly jump his bones?” She giggled back as if it was obvious.

“Good night…” Was all you said, painting a false smile on your lips.

She started laughing again. “Oh I see how it is, we’ll try and keep it down.”

“That would be appreciated,” You muttered shortly before slipping into your bedroom and slamming the door in her face.

As it turned out she was a liar, about an hour later as you lounged across your bed you heard her giggling again. You rolled your eyes and prayed that it would stop, and it did, only to be replaced with moaning and the sound of the couch creaking. You groaned and rolled away from the direction of the door, not that it helped.

The girl gradually got louder and you could have sworn that you heard Eric muttering to her. You could feel the nauseating jealousy returning to you, it was like he was just rubbing it in your face that the two of you would never be. After a while, the girl finally lets out a final scream and then it was quiet.

You could hear him kicking her out and you just laid there staring at the ceiling wishing that the jealousy would go away. The sound of the shower starting on the other side of the apartment vibrated through the walls and you tried to push the last few hours since you got home out of your mind.

About an hour later, long after the shower had shut off and sleep started to fog your mind, you heard the sound of your door open. You knew the only person it could be was Eric but you still wished that it would be someone else.

You felt him lay down on the bed and you squeezed your eyes shut just wanting him to disappear.

“Are you asleep?” He muttered quietly.

“Get. Out.” You snapped back.

“…What?” You pushed yourself into a sitting position and turned to face him.

“You heard me, Eric… Get out.” Your voice was stiff.

“Did I do something wrong?” He looked genuinely confused and you wanted to scream.

“Are you fucking kidding me!” You shouted he threw his hands up in response.

“You wanna know what you did wrong Eric? You crawled into my bed and kissed me two weeks ago, That’s what you did wrong!” You felt your voice break towards the end of your sentence and you just wished he would make it easy on you. He didn’t, of course, he didn’t.

“Last I checked you were pretty okay with me doing that!” He shouted back.

“Just get out Eric, I’m not doing this with you.” You said sounding exasperated.

“No, I want to know what the issue is!”

“The issue is that you think it’s okay to sleep with me at night and the wake up the next day and bring your date home and fuck her literally about 40 feet away from me! That’s the issue!”

“I’ve brought home girls before and you’ve never cared!” He yelled back and you seriously wondered if he was losing his mind, how could he not see the problem?

“Yeah then I didn’t, but it’s different now…”

“Why… why is it different? Because we are messing around? We aren’t dating ____.” You flinched this time at his words, why did you even bother?

“Yeah I know we aren’t Eric, trust me I know…. Just get out.” You knew for a fact that you sounded weak as you faced away from him but he said nothing. You could hear him turn around, you jumped up and moved towards your drawer.

“Eric?” You heard his footsteps pause, you pulled his shirt out and turned to throw it at him. “Take that with you.”

He caught it and looked down at the fabric with an unreadable expression.

“I thought I told you to keep it…” He said quietly

“You did…” Was all you said softly before settling back into the bed and turning your light off. He left wordlessly after that and you tried to ignore the sadness and anger that still churned inside you.

The next morning neither of you had to work and you tried your best to stay in your room as much as possible but you eventually grew stir crazy and hungry. You made your way to the kitchen the cold air nipping at your face. Eric was in the kitchen when you entered and you tried to ignore him as you put a pot of coffee on.

“I want to talk about it…” He said breaking the silence, you could feel him staring holes into your back.

“There isn’t anything to talk about.” You said back not wanting to have this conversation.

“Yes, there is, what was that last night?” You could tell he wasn’t going to let you off the hook so you just faked a smile as you turned around.

“It was nothing… I don’t know what my issue was okay? Let’s just forget that anything happened.” You said wishing he would stop looking at you with that pensive expression.

He finally sighed and scratched the back of his head unsure of what to do.

“Yeah… I guess that’s fine…” He said still confused.

“Awesome…” You said in a fake tone of happiness.

“Is it okay if Lindsey comes over tonight?” He said hesitantly.

“Who?” You asked with a frown.

“You know Lindsey…. The blond?” He said trying to jog your memory.

“The one from last night?”

“Yeah, her.”

“Wow a second date, things must be getting serious.” You teased trying to hide your hurt feelings. He made a noise of distaste at that.

“Yeah no problem, Eric… I think I’m going to crash at Zeke’s place tonight anyways..” You said, turning your attention to the coffee brewing.

“You don’t have to do that…” He commented.

“I know.” You assured before disappearing into your room for the rest of the day before going over to Zeke and Uriah’s apartment.

Things were different between you and Eric, you didn’t want to face him half the time and you knew he could sense something was wrong. But that was the issue, as smart as Eric could be, he was a total idiot when it came to romance or relationships or whatever it was that was going on between you two. All he knew how to do was hook up and then move on the next girl.

It was around day three of you and Eric all but avoiding each other that you were approached by a coworker while typing away at your desk. He was friendly, a little too much for your liking but still, after the shitty few day you had been having it was nice to chat with him. It was near the end of your conversation that he asked you out. You had seen it coming honestly, he had asked a few times before and you always denied.

But in that moment as you thought about the weirdness that surrounded you and your roommate you couldn’t help but say yes. You ended up going on a few dates with him. He was a sweet guy, but there was just something wrong.

It was the fact that he wasn’t Eric, that’s what was wrong. He was too sweet and caring, to concerned about your well being. His sense of humor wasn’t sadistic or cruel, his morals, actually the fact that he had a solid set of morals just proved that.

His hair wasn’t the right shade of blond and his eyes weren’t shockingly gray, his body type was less stocky and more lean. Everything about him was a constant reminder of what, better yet who, slipped through your fingers. You knew it was wrong to lead him on but he was the perfect distraction at times.

It was Friday night and you wandered around the empty apartment getting ready for a date. You didn’t want to go but you didn’t want to stay in the apartment either, especially after Eric had announced that Lindsey was coming over yet again. Eric was currently nowhere to be seen and you couldn’t tell if that made you fell relieved or sad.

You had no idea where he was and you tried to push any and every thought of him out of your head as you slipped on some jewelry. You were about to settle on the couch and wait when you heard a knock on the door. Your date stood on the other side with a small bouquet of flowers, you plastered yet another fake smile as you let him in. You took the bundle of flowers from him, trying your best to not grimace at his sickeningly sweet smile.

The two of you were supposed to go out to eat later on but you both settled on the couch for a few minutes, after you put the flowers in a vase.

You don’t really remember what built up to you ending up straddling him as he shoving his tongue down your throat, all conversation having quickly flown out the window.

His lips were too soft, his touch too gentle. He held you as if you were made of glass and you quickly grew irritated deepening the kiss.

The two of you stayed tangled together for a while until you heard the apartment door open and slam shut. You jumped slightly and your dates grip on your ass tightened slightly. You looked over your shoulder to see Eric standing at the door staring at the two of you with an unreadable expression.

“Can I talk to you?” He finally said stiffly.

“Little busy here.” You growled back, agitated.

“Yeah I can tell.” He said sending a pointed glare to the man underneath you.

You glanced back to your date apologetically and you were shocked to see his wide-eyed, nervous gaze.

“That’s your roommate?” His voice sounded shaky as he stared back at Eric fearfully.

“Didn’t I tell you that?”

“You said you lived with an Eric… Not the Eric…” He commented back.

“Right well… I’ll be right back.” You said still shocked by his fear, granted Eric was a scary dude at times but didn’t expect this reaction. You slid off his lap and pretended not to notice the small tent in his pants, Eric, on the other hand, clutched his fist at the sight.

You made your way into the kitchen and Eric followed closely behind you.

“What the fuck was that?!” He hissed at you the moment you were alone.

“What?” You said, confusion written across your face.

“Why is he here?” Eric simply demanded skipping over your question.

“Because we are about to go on a date… What is the issue?” You said regarding him cautiously.

“Really with him?” Eric said with an arched eyebrow,

“Yeah Eric, with him. What the fuck do you care?” You snapped confused to his weird behavior.

“Just think you can do better…” He said casually with a shrug.

“What are you jealous?!” You growled, still confused on what his issue was.  It was only as he clutched his fist at your last question did you realize the situation.

“Oh my god you’re jealous!” You said with a humorless laugh.

“So what if I am?” He snapped back.

“You’re not allowed to be jealous Eric, you said it yourself before, we aren’t dating.” Eric said nothing in reply and simply glared at you.

“Whatever I don’t have time for this.” You quipped brushing past him. You date was still sitting on the couch awkwardly waiting. He smiled as you entered and stood up.

“Hey just let me run to the bathroom then we can go.” You said sweetly. He nodded and then tensed as he looked at something behind you.

You didn’t have to turn to know it was Eric. You glanced back at him and narrowed your eyes.

“Don’t.” Was all you said, you didn’t trust leaving the two men alone. You disappeared into the back of the apartment and prayed Eric wouldn’t do anything stupid.

While you were in the bathroom you heard a small crash followed by the slamming of a door and you were quick to finish and rush out. The living room was empty and you found Eric mixing a drink in the kitchen.

“What did you do!” You bristled upon entering.


“Bullshit.” You snapped back, Eric gave you an innocent shrug before returning to his drink.

“I just ‘suggested’ he leave.” He said casually.

“Are you kidding me, Why would you do that?!” He said nothing to you and you felt your anger rise.

“Aren’t you supposed to be out with your little girlfriend or something?” You tried again.

“I was…”

“Then why are you here ruining my night.”

“I broke up with her…” Eric said quietly.

“Why? Did she stop putting out?” You growled trying to pretend that part of you didn’t feel satisfied to hear the news.

“No, that wasn’t the issue…”

“Then what was? You tied to stubbly pry for information.

“She wasn’t the girl I wanted to be with.” You flattered for a second as you realized what he was insinuating.

“Don’t say stuff like that to me, Eric.” You said stiffly before walking out of the kitchen and back into the living room.

It was only in the living Room that you discovered that the crash you had heard was from the vase of flowers being pushed off the table. You sighed as you crouched down and worked on picking up shards of glass.

“You can do better than a guy like him.” You heard Eric repeat softly to you as he watched you clean up the mess you assumed he made.

“Oh yeah? With who, You?” You snapped, not looking at him.

“You can defiantly do better than a guy like me.” his tone was quiet and you almost didn’t hear him.

You didn’t turn around as you worked on cleaning the glass you didn’t want to face him, you couldn’t. So lost in thought and trying to pull yourself away from the situation you didn’t pay any attention to the shards in your hands. You sliced open your pointer finger and you sucked in a sharp gasp of pain, cursing under your breath.

You pushed yourself from the floor and abandoned the mess, your finger wasn’t cut too bad but it just seemed to add to a list of reasons why today sucked. Eric blocked you from entering the kitchen and you groaned in frustration.

“Eric move… please.” You all but whined, you just wanted him to go away.

He gripped your hand and brought the cut up to his mouth. You faked a grimace as he sucked the blood from your fingertip.

“Stop.” You said halfheartedly trying to pull away. You didn’t want him to stop or to let go of you but the longer he held your hand the less angry you felt. You didn’t want to lose that anger because it was the main thing stopping you from completely throwing yourself at him, You didn’t want to set yourself up for heartbreak.

He moved your hand from his face and placed on his cheek. You couldn’t help but run the pad of your thumb over the stubble on his cheeks as you looked up at him.

“You’re going to be the death of me…” You whispered to him looking up into his steel gray eyes, getting lost in them. You couldn’t quite place the look he was giving you but whatever it was made your knees weak and your heart flutter.

He snickered at that leaning forward so that his mouth rested near your ear. “Your one to talk sweetheart.”

His breath tickled your ear and the side of your neck, his movement had caused you to have to move your hand from his cheek. You stilled as he moved his face from the side of your head so that he could face you, still not leaning back.

Before you could push him away or stop yourself from giving into the temptation that was the man before you, You closed the small space in between the two of you.

Your lips connected to his and for a second all you could think about was the feelings of his hands on your hips. You brought your hands back up to cup his cheeks and he tightened his hold on you if that was even possible.

The kiss was soft and slow just like the first on the two of you had shared, but there was something different. There was a fire behind it that compelled you to press your boy even further to his. You groaned as he bit down harshly on you bottom lip demanding access that you gave up willingly. He deepened the kiss and you moaned, earning a chuckle from him somehow. The two of you continued like that until you both ran out of air and he pulled away from your lips focusing on your jaw and neck.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and melted under his harsh nips and kisses.

“Tell me to stop.” He said suddenly, momentarily abandoning your neck to look you dead in the eye.

“What?” You said, disappointed that he stopped.

“Tell me to stop ___.” He whispered again, his voice sounding strained. He leaned back down to the other side of your neck but you could tell he was still waiting for an answer.

“Why would I do that?” You muttered almost cut off by a gasp as he nibbled at the spot right under your ear.

“Because if you don’t, I won’t be able to help myself.” Was all he said in between kisses.

That’s when you fully let go, you couldn’t help it something about his wrecked tone made you want to lose it. He stopped again moving back to look at you, still having not let go. He was waiting for your answer, your protest, something.

“Please don’t stop.” You said softly, arms still wrapped around his neck.

That was all he needed to hear, before you could say anything else he had gripped you and picked you up. You were quick to wrap your legs around his hips as you held on.

“Your room or mine?” You barely heard the question as you looked down at his lust blown pupils.

“I don’t care, just get me to a bed.” You said before leaning down to coat his neck in soft kisses. He groaned at your response and was  quick to carry you away from the living room. You hardly paid attention the where he was taking you and it was only as he threw you onto his bed that you realized his decision.

He looked down at you as you laid on his bed propped up on your elbows, He seemed to be deciding his plan of action at the foot of the bed. It was only until you moved and crawled down the bed toward him that you saw a break in his calculating gaze.

You stood level with him on your knees pulling him by the front of his shirt closer towards the edge of the bed. He said nothing as you untucked his shirt and yanked it over his head, only slightly lifting his arms to help you. He had a few more layers underneath and you were quick to strip him of them until you were meet with his bare chest. You ran your hand down his sculpted chest taking the time to appreciate how built he was up close.

He quirked a small smile at you and leaned in to kiss you again. The two of you battled for dominance this time as things grew more heated. He finally let out a small growl and pushed you back on the bed before crawling after you.

You were more than happy to let him take over after that as he straddle your waist and covered you with his huge form. He was quick to practically rip your sweater off followed by the shirts you had underneath. The cold air bit at your now practically bare chest and you let out a small gasp. He left a small peck on your lips before working his way down.

First kissing at the hollow of your neck as he worked on ridding you of your black bra. He unclasped it with an undeniable ease, a talent that you didn’t want to question, and then moved his lips down past your collarbones.

He kissed between the valley of your breasts and you moan quietly. You snaked your hands down and started to unbutton his pants, you were able to push them down past his ass. You let out another moan as he sucked on one of your nipples, kneading your other breast with one of his hands.

You shoved your hands down the front of his boxers and he flattered for a second, groaning around your nipple which caused you to arch your back.

He switched breast paying equal attention to the other with his mouth and you started to rub his length as best you could with the awkward angle of your wrist. Eric started to move even lower, dragging his mouth, leaving open mouthed kisses down, your torso. It was only as he reached down past your navel did you fully process what he was doing.

He leaned up and undid your pants, yanking them off your legs with ease, your panties were quick to follow.

“No, I need you now…” You wined as he cupped your sex, bending back down.

“What happened to your patients?” He teased, still not moving away.

“Eric please we have plenty of time for that later, I need you now.” You whimpered again as he slid a finger between your folds.

“You’re soaked…” He mumbled, still not moving.

“How about you do something about it?” You challenged. He narrowed his eyes at you and crawled back up the bed so he was hovering over you. The moment you could reach, you rubbed at the tent in his boxers briefs and you saw his defiance flatter for a second. He had lost his pants somewhere along the way.

He kissed you again but still made no motion to give you want.

“Eric…” You begged again, reaching both hands down to finally just pull the material off his waist and out of your way slightly. You struggled for a second and he stopped to laugh at you. You faked a glare at him and pinched his side slightly.

“Stop laughing.” You growled, growing impatient.

He yanked them off with ease and you took a second to take in his large size. He snorted at your reaction, probably enjoying the ego boost, and a teasing smirk make its was across his face.

“What’s the matter?” He whispered to you, leaning down near your ear.

You took advantage of his closeness and ground your hips into his, earning a small moan. He finally grabbed your hips and aligned himself, pushing in before you could process what he was doing.

“Thanks for the warning.” You quipped in between moans as he gave you a second to adjust.

“Stop talking.” He murmured into your neck before he started thrusting into you. His pace was relentless and you entangled your hands in his hair, pulling slightly.

He buried his face in your neck, leaving countless hickies and love bites. You were like putty in his hands, falling apart with every thrust that brought you closer to the edge.

You couldn’t help but moan his name over and over like a prayer and he mumbled into your neck about how good it felt. You felt your climax coming fast as you pulled harder at his hair, raking your nails down his back. You could tell he was close too, as you started to notice how erratic some of his thrust were becoming.

It was when he finally moaned out your name that you lost it, your orgasm hitting you white hot. Your eyes practically rolled to the back of your head as you gripped him tightly. He moaned even louder as he felt you cum under him, following not long after with a few more final thrust.

He still moved inside of you as the two of you rode out the waves of your orgasm. Your skin felt like it was on fire and he finally stopped, resting his forehead against your shoulder.

The two of you untangles your limbs from one another and he pulled out of you rolling onto the bed next to you. It was silent for a few minutes as you both caught your breath, before you finally let out a small laugh.

“What?” He muttered next to you, turning his head to face you.

“I can’t believe we did that.” You groaned rubbing your hands over your face, still laughing.

Eric moved so that he rest one hand underneath his head and the other stretched onto your side. It to a second for you to realize that he was offering for you to cuddle up next to him. You pressed your body to his ignoring the fact that you were both gross and sticky. You used his bicep as a pillow and he angles the rest of his arm so that it hugged you.

“What now?” You mumbled into his side.

“Round two?” He suggested. You rolled your eyes and laughed into his side.

“You’re going to be the death of me, Eric.” You repeated your voice just above a whisper, he simply leaned down and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

The two of you ended falling asleep like that and when you woke up the next morning Eric was still there pressed against you. The both you skipped work that day and just enjoyed being together. You had not a simple doubt in your mind that Eric could very well shatter your heart into a million pieces, but until he figured out how you were going to just enjoy calling him yours.


Hey guys, I’m here with a new fanfiction, this time it’s about Cameron Dallas. I hope you’ll like it, I think it won’t be as long as crossing paths were, but who knows how it will turn out! Hope you’ll like it, enjoy!


My first ever one-night-stand turned out to be something that is anything but a one-night-stand. The whole thing started at a party I was attending in LA. I didn’t know much people, I was only there because one of my friends dragged me there, but then disappeared at the moment we arrived leaving me all alone. Not like people didn’t know me, because they did and came up to me talking and asking about my latest movies and stuff, but I didn’t know them, so it was quite awkward. I was always nice to everyone who only saw me as an actress, but there were times when I didn’t want to be the girl from this and that movie, I just wanted to be me.

I was roaming around talking to random people, but then I had enough of the chit-chat, so I found myself a silent spot up at the gallery. I started to check out the paintings and didn’t even notice I was accompanied by someone until they spoke up.

“I’m always impressed by people who can draw or paint. My skills are like a three year-old’s.”

I turned to my left and noticed a brown haired guy standing next to me with a glass of wine in his hands. He was wearing a nice, grey suit with a black shirt under it. At first I thought I had already seen him, but I couldn’t remember him.

He looked at me with his beautiful, brown eyes and gave me a small smile.

“Are you into arts?” he asked.

“Not really. To be honest, I’m just here to avoid people,” I admitted letting out an awkward laugh.

“I understand,” he nodded smiling.

“You do?”

“Yeah, I mean, I saw that every other guest wanted to talk to you,” he explained. “I get it that you are not really into socializing.”

“I am, I swear, I just don’t know anyone here and…” I had been telling myself that I need to keep my shit together, but I felt myself cracking. “I didn’t have much interest in coming here, I’m just over a breakup and all I wanted was to just stay at home and watch Netflix until I pass out. It’s just not the right timing for me to be near people.”

“Oh, I’m sorry about your breakup,” he said with an apologetic look.

“Don’t be,” I shrugged. “It was time to quit it.” I wasn’t even sure if he knew who my boyfriend was, and I was just guessing that he knew me or at least my name, but it felt right to let it out to a stranger. I also had some alcohol in me already that helped me to let loose and talk about anything that came to my mind.

“I see,” he nodded. “So, since you are not into socializing, and I’m also not a fan of this get together, why don’t we look around? I’m sure we can find something interesting here,” he suggested and honestly, at that point I couldn’t care less about what was happening, so I agreed to it.

The next thing I knew was that I’m in a bedroom with an unknown guy whose name I still didn’t know, but we were sharing a bottle of champagne. By the time we got to the bottom of the glass we were laughing on everything and shared our most awkward stories about each other yet I still didn’t know who he was and if I was sober I wouldn’t have done it afraid of landing on the tabloids with these things, but the champagne took care of my privacy and vanished every urge to hold my tongue. In every way.

“So he told me that I need to spend more time with his family, like I was their child, not him!” I laughed recalling the last conversation I had with my ex-boyfriend before we split. “He was all over my case, like I didn’t have enough shit while working!”

“This dude sounds like a real douche,” he laughed. I fell back lying down on the bed as he was sitting next to my waist taking another sip of the bottle.

“I’m so happy that we ended this shit,” I sighed satisfied. “Now all I miss is the sex. He wasn’t that bad in the bed, but whatever.” I sighed already feeling my lower parts coming alive. This was the only bad thing about being single. You had to take care of your own needs.

“I can help you with that,” he suddenly said catching my attention.

“What?” I asked laughing.

“I’m just saying, that I have the right tools,” he grinned at me lying down to his side so our faces were almost on the same level.

“Are you offering sex to me?” I asked raising my eyebrows at him. He shrugged, like he just offered me to help me change a tire or something, but on the other hand, it was really hot, I have to admit.

“I’m just offering you a deal from which both of us could benefit,” he corrected me with a smug grin on his lips.

“I don’t know, I’m not a high school girl who can sleep around with random guys. I mean, I still don’t even know your name!” I told him furrowing my eyebrows at him.

“You can call me whatever you want.”

“You have a Mike face,” I blurted out before thinking about it. He laughed nodding.

“I can be Mike. Can I give you a name?”

“What is this, some twisted game?” I laughed closing my eyes for a moment. I visualized how it would feel to be someone else. Not Zena Morland, just someone who is having a one-night-stand with a totally stranger guy at a party. “Give me a name,” I whispered looking at him. His face was a lot closer now, and I let my fingertips touch his jawline.

“I’ll call you… Lori.”

His eyes were burning into mine as he stared at me, and then he shifted his gaze to my lips. I was still debating if I was about to make the biggest mistake of not just my career or even my life.

But then I felt his hand slip to my thigh and my brain just turned off. The next thing I realized that I was passionately kissing him as we both were struggling to get our clothes off.

“You can’t tell it anyone,” I moaned when I was only in my lingerie and he was kicking his pants off.

“Not a word, got it,” he jabbered covering my mouth with his.

That’s how I had the best sex in my life with a guy I just named Mike and I thought I would never see. But oh boy, I was so wrong.

ok first 

secondly i dONT THINK he has cause like??? my blog’s 100% in english thatd be so much work,, (assuming he isnt fluent???? i mean i dunno i just have no real reason to believe he is but… idk…) i mean its not like there arent already soooooooo many nsfw japanese/chinese/korean fanartists that post in languages he might have less of an issue reading????????? GOD I HOPE NOT like,,, hes a good guy,,,, i know he said he doesnt care about this stuff but i still would never want him to stumble on things he didnt wanna see thats never fun adksfs no please ONE be happy;;;;

its so weird cause i could never look him in the eye but i still like, respect and look up to him a lot and im so thankful that he created opm at all cause i enjoy it just so so so much that a little part of me would actually like to meet him just to watch from afar and have a single solitary tear roll off my eye as i mouth ‘thank you’ wordlessly from the crowd

Kiss my ass- part 2

So it toook me longer than expected to post this, I’ve just been so busy with school :(. But today I was actually sick so I stayed home and decided to finish part 2! It is pretty long.
I’m not sure what I think about this one though, don’t really like it as much as the first part, but hope you guys enjoy it anyway.
Please do let me know if ya’ll liked it and want a part 3!
And for the people who havent read the fist part, I suggest you do that first otherwise it’ll be a bit confusing I think aha X.

part one : http://yalahhabibi.tumblr.com/post/137377854657/kiss-my-ass

I feel tears prick in my eyes, i slowly wipe them away.
Why am I like this? whenever I get really angry for some weird reason I cry.
I glance at my car, I was not going to drive in this state, I’d just come by tomorrow. I sigh taking off my heels, i pick em up and start to walk away from Za’s place. Fuck, so much for just a nice hang out. That fucking dick, still can’t believe he said that..about me.. me???? The manwhore himself judging people he don’t know shit about. I roll my eyes shaking my head.
I was fucking freezing, left my coat there too.. I sigh softly. Once i was pretty far from Za’s place I grab my phone out of my bag so I could get an uber. I sigh seeing I got 3 missed calls from Kendall and a few messages from Za;

where are you???? why is your car still here..? y/n come back, and we can all figure this out, I’m not sure what that was but still… y/n you left your jacket here.

‘i know’‘ I muttered to myself. I sigh and call an uber.
I rub my arms shivering as I waited for the uber. I cant help but repeat in my head what had happened. That fucking kalbee! I didn’t even have like sex in public public.. it was in a toilet stall at this club. It wasn’t even a big deal. It was with my ex-boyfriend of 2 years. At least I am loyal. He be putting his dick in everyone he sees.
After a short wait the car finally arrived I quickly got in and told the driver my address, which he probably already knew since I told him on the phone.. Im such a mess. I sigh. I take out my phone again, Kendall has called me a few more times and texted me too. I didn’t even bother to read them. I run a hand through my hair and look out of the window. I’m just going to reply when I was home.
Soon enough the driver pulled up infront of my appartment, I smiled slightly. I thank the driver and pay for the fair. I got out and made my way inside. I’m just going to go straight to bed. I slurred myself up the stairs. Why did I take all those shots? I sigh walking into my room. I get out of my dress and into an oversized shirt en yoga pants. I wipe all the make-up of my face.
I walk into the bathroom and brush my teeth. I wash my feet since I decided to take my heels off and now they’re all dirty. When I was done with everything I get back into my room and plop down on my bed. ‘‘finally…’‘ I muttered.
I quickly text Kendall that Im home and going to bed. I set my phone on my nightstand and lay down. I close my eyes and slowly fall asleep.

The next day went by pretty quick. I went to Za’s to pick my things up. We talked for  bit, he was kinda confused about everything. Don’t blame him tho. He did compliment me on my choice of words which made me laugh. Kinda forgot he could understand me. After that I drove to this cafe where me Kendall and Kylie were gonna meet up to have some lunch. I had to explain everything to them too.. apparently Kendall updated Kylie about my outburst. There really wasn’t much to say tho, I hate him, he hates me. And I aint ever going to those group hangs ever again if that khara head is coming.


It’s been a week maybe 2 since the nice little get together at Za’s place, I haven’t seen Justin since, def been enjoying it. I’ve been keeping contact with like Za, Hailey and Khalil. We still a squad (minus justin hehe).
Tonight I’m going out with Kendall and Kylie, we’re going to this club, I haven’t been there yet BuT I’m actually really excited to go. Kendall and Kylie ( well if Kylie ends up coming, she said she might have some other plans so she was unsure. Cough Tyga cough.) but they are going to come pick me up later.
Currently I was blasting music while trying to figure out what to wear. I had a few dresses in mind. 3 to be exact, I haven’t worn all 3 of them yet, I just got them and I’m lovee they’re all so beautiful.
I’ll just start with my make-up and figure that out later. I decide to go big on the eyes, little bit of bronzer, lips au naturel and ofcourse my killer highlighter.
Once I was done I comb my hair, I was going to keep my hair naturel too, I wanted to straighten it but dont have enough time left, so wavy it is! I did spay some hairspray in it to give my hair a bit more structure and volume.
I sigh walking back to my closet ‘‘which oneeee… ‘‘ I run a  hand through my hair. I decide to go with this nude/brownish coloured silk strap dress which came just above my knees. I pick out a pair of heels, grab my purse and head downstairs. They could be here any minute.
I heard a car honk outsidee, and yup there they were… I get up, going outside. ‘hey!’‘ I say giving them both a hug. ‘‘you look so good damn’‘ I hear Kendall say. I smirk and flip my hair. ‘‘who you tryna impress tonight y/n?’‘ Kylie says and winks. I roll my eyes. ‘‘OH my god, Kylie. you actually came?’‘ I look around me ‘‘without Tyga?!’‘ pinch myself ‘‘Is this a dream?’‘.
Kendall burst out laughing and I join her. ‘‘óh shut up’‘ Kylie says shaking her head. She smiles slightly and pushes me towards the car ‘get yo cute ass in’‘. I follow her orders and get in the back, Kendall gets in the drivers seat and Kylie joins me in the back. ‘‘Is Gigi coming too? I haven’t seen her in so long’‘ I pout. ‘’She said she was going, but she’ll be there a bit later…’‘ Kylie says looking down at her phone as she was typing something. ‘‘We have to take some bomb ass selfies, need to post something on instagram’‘ Kylie says looking up from up. ‘‘honey when don’t you post pictures on instagram ‘‘ Kendall says. I chuckle and nod ‘‘yea damn Kylie I always have to scroll down for a few minutes before I finally get to other people’s pictures’‘. She rolls her eyes ‘‘look boo’s you don’t understand’‘ she purses her lips. ‘‘only hot people do’‘ she says and flicks her hair. I look at her with a straight face ‘‘I.. I’m not even going to comment on that’‘
Kendall pulls over and parks the car. I smiled and get out of the car, I fix my dress pulling it down. ‘‘vamos!’‘ I say and walk towards the entry of the club where the party was held. They both follow me, but once we’re inside Kendall grabs my arm and pulls me towards this vip section I could see from a distance that there were other people there already. ‘oh my god ‘I smiled when I see Za and Khalil. I pull them both into a hug. ‘‘damn y/n’‘ Za says looking me up down, i wiggle my eyebrows. ‘‘So how come you are single ?’‘ Khalil says. I chuckle shaking my head. Khalil and Za move on and greet Kylie and Kendall, making a few comments about their looks too. I plop down on one of the couches. ‘‘I haven’t seen you guys in awhile…’‘‘.
‘‘ yeaa haven’t seen you since your and Justin’s little fight?’‘’Khalil said. I shake my head ‘‘ dont even remind me please, that hmaar.’I sigh. Kylie and Kendall sit down next to me. ‘‘you still haven’t made up? well tonight is gonna be interesting……’‘ Khalil spoke again. I frown ‘‘why interesting? what do you mean?’‘ I turn my head towards Kendall ‘‘what does he mean?’‘

‘‘They are going to bring the drinks over later, aint gonna carry those all for you’’ I hear an all too familiar voice say. I groan, no fucking way. I glare at Kendall and Kylie. Justin… fantastic.
‘‘ What the fuck is he doing here?’‘ I ask looking at Kendall and Kylie. Their facial expressions change to regret and guilt. ‘’look boo we haven’t gone out in a while and this club is real good, we really wanted you to join’’Kendall says as she grabs my hand. I furrow my eyebrows shaking my head ‘‘Í even specifically asked you 2 if he was gonna come…’‘
‘’awe y/n you still butthurt from last time? I got over it, maybe you should too…’’  I roll my eyes and stand up. ‘’éxcuse me but who the fuck asked you something? Stay the fuck outta this’’ I say as I stood infront of him. ‘’and don’t fucking tell me what to do dick, ibn el sharmoota!’’ I poke his chest with my finger. ‘‘there you go again, you can speak english right? fucking speak it then’‘
I squint my eyes ‘‘I can speak whatever fucking language I want to, if your ignorant ass can’t handle it, too fucking bad, you can always go back to Canada right? Look I don’t know what you have against and I don’t fucking care, but if you dare to speak to me again with that kind of disrespect I’ll make sure you’ll regret it’‘
Za gets up and grabs me by the waist pulling me away from Justin ‘’wow y/n, c’mon dont let him get to you, just enjoy the night ‘’ He said. I pull my hands up ‘’whatever Im going to the bar, ya’ll have fun’’ I roll my eyes as I walk out of the vip section and through the crowd. Fuck them all.
WHen I finally made it there I took a seat. I order 4 shots. I  ‘em all and then ordered a margarita. I sigh and took a sip. I rub my head, I was so excited for tonight and he has to go ruin it again! For fucks sake, what did I ever do to him, other than that night at Kylie’s… Which I didn’t even start, I didn’t do shit .. He was the problem. I just denied his offer.
‘’rough day?’’ I hear someone say from beside me. I frown and look to my left. ‘‘you could sa- what the fuck’‘. 
It was Justin, again.
‘‘hello, its mee…’‘ he says awkwardly. I huff ‘‘ very funny..’‘
‘‘look y/n listen. Can we please talk?’‘. I  set my drink down ‘‘what the fuck you wanna talk about ? I think I’ve said enough.’‘ I turn my head away and just look straight ahead. This fucking boy.
‘‘y/n please’‘ He rests his hand on my arm. I glare at him. He took it as a que to go on. ‘‘Look I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been such a jerk. I don’t know what came over me.  I know.. It’s not the first time and I admit I went too far this time. But I’m really sorry, and I really do regret my actions. ’‘ He pauses, ‘‘I hope you’ll be able to forgive me. You seem like a nice girl and we hang out with the same people, so maybe we can try to be nice to each other and see how that works out. We don’t have to be friends, but we could try?’‘
I cross my arms looking at him ‘‘ you really think I’m just going to forgive you after all the shit you said and after that stunt you pulled at Kylie’s.’‘
‘‘Look y/n I apologised, at least I can own up to what I did… And we both know it isn’t just me… Just because you call me out in another language, doesn’t make it okay.’‘
‘‘lol ok boo boo…’‘‘ I roll my eyes. ‘‘If you’d have actually owned up to what you did you woould’ve had done a hell of a lot better than this shitty apology,’‘
‘‘At least I tried! You dont seem to regret anything you’ve done and shit you haven’t been an angel’‘
‘‘ you sure as hell haven’t been either’‘ I muttered
‘‘what ever y/n! At least I tried, fuck you’re such a pain in the ass, forget I even said something…’‘.
‘‘‘mhmm…. have a nice night!’‘ I say holding my glass up.


Satan and Me - We Fall 

This was a request by @danipaxte and @nozomistarotcards

After a very long and exhausting  month the video is finally done. When I first said yes to this project I had no idea just how time consuming and difficult it would be. But I’ve learn so much and it’s been a joy every second. 

I hope that you guys will enjoy it as much as I did while making it! 

All artwork belongs to Orange-Plum, and to you, if there’s just the slightest use of your work, that you do not approve of I will take it down. 

We’ll Keep On Being Together

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa

Verse: Modern | Rating: T | Word Count: 3.1k

Summary: When you’re in love with your best friend, is it weird? Yeah. Definitely weird. ’S not like Eren and Mikasa know anything about that, ha. That’s crazy.

A/N: Hello, everyone! Sorry for the wait. Each and every review made me smile like an idiot. Thanks so much for the sweet feedback. I love hearing from you guys! Hope you enjoy Chapter 2. Lemme know your thoughts!



Ever since freshman year, Eren knew that Coach Shadis was crazy. Not the bad kind of crazy where you feel uncomfortable just by being in the room with the person because you know something’s wrong with them and you get that kind of vibe you know. But the good kind of crazy where the person has that signature crazed look on their face yet people take them just as seriously, and while you admire them for said craziness you also piss your pants if provoked. Shadis has that effect on his students and he knows it. He knows how to motivate you, how to push you to your limit, how to leave your muscles sore and ache in places you never even knew could ache. One of the first things he told them was, “My name is Coach Shadis, and you will grow to hate me!”

Armin, unfortunately, learned that the hard way and Eren felt bad for him. Over the years he’s gotten better, yes, but compared to the rest of the class he fell a little behind. But he’s persistent, determined, and hardworking, and he had the support of Eren and the others. Eren gave him words of encouragement when they were doing pushups (“C'mon, Ar, you got this! Just two more!”), Reiner fell back to jog with Armin around the gym, Connie cracked jokes that made Armin laugh and make him clutch his ribs, Jean told him that if he didn’t succeed then Armin wouldn’t be able to impress the laaadies (yes. “laaadies.” Jean actually said that. Pfft, loser.), Bertholdt’s little smiles and thumbs up were always welcomed, and Marco never failed to make them feel good with his motivational speeches. Now, Armin keeps up with them in all physical activities without a problem.

There are a few exceptions, however.

Like dodgeball. Armin is scared for his life.

Eren remembers Mikasa’s comment before he watched her leave (shut up, that’s not weird), and immediately felt himself grinning. He loved dodgeball because he can be competitive with and against his friends (and have a chance to hit Jean square in the face “by accident”), and he never worried about who was on his team because usually Mikasa and Armin were always with him.

“Ackerman! You will be playing with the ladies today.”

Except today. F-u-

*Taking another break from working on Flowerfell fancomic* -sweats- (drawing sans is very difficult for me, it seems I always draw his head like a piece of toast www)

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I’m not good at expressing myself, but thank you so much ;A; 

Wish Me Goodnight

Word count - 1947

I hope you guys enjoy this one! -Kris

It was the Governor. He stood outside the prison fences and waved a truck forward. I could clearly tell this was going south. I thought I would have done well in the watch tower, but the windows were shot out and I had no protection. Besides, the group down below would need my help soon; I wasn’t doing much up in the tower.

As I descended the stairs, I could hear Rick yelling for Carl and some people crying. This was going to be a mess afterwards. I exited the building and saw walkers surrounding the fences and people being eaten or shot. Luckily, we hadn’t lost anyone. Yet.

I noticed walkers were approaching us and we would be overrun if someone didn’t do anything about it now. The Governor’s men were packing up and ready to leave, which meant I could run out there and kill some walkers without getting hurt.

Daryl was using a barrel as protection from the bullets. He made eye contact with me and I ran towards him. We both knelt behind the barrel. I could tell he was nervous.

“Hey, those guys are leaving, so I’m going to try to kill some walkers. I need you to cover me, okay?” I breathed out. I nearly had to yell over all the gun fire.

Daryl gave me a confused look. “You’re going out there? Are you an idiot or something?”

“Daryl, we will get overrun easily by all of those walkers. We have to do this now or we’ll die later.”

This registered in Daryl’s mind for a few seconds before he nodded.

“You just need to cover me,” I said to him before standing and running through the run down gate. I heard Rick and someone else call my name. Everyone probably thought I was crazy.

I pulled out my knife and within a few seconds I had killed three walkers. I stabbed another one in the head and I turned around to see a walker nearly on me. However, it fell to the ground. I looked to Daryl, who nodded to me.

By now, nearly all of the Governor’s people were gone. There were few left and even they were prepared for their leave. I killed a few more walkers and made my way back. I turned around to look at the scene before me. As I turned, I felt a sudden stinging in my left shoulder. When I looked down, red spilled onto my shirt. My adrenaline was so high that I couldn’t really feel any pain.

Soon enough, it was starting to burn. I yelled in agony. Instantly, I looked to Daryl, who looked just as shocked as I did.

“Daryl, you ass! You were supposed to cover me!” I shouted. I knew he couldn’t hear me though. Walkers still surrounded the area, but all of the Governor’s men were gone or hiding. I didn’t stick around to find out which one was true.

The gate was opened for me and shut quickly to keep the walkers out.

“(Y/N), are you an idiot? Why did you go out there?” Glenn questioned. He was panting hard, as was everyone else.

“I killed some walkers. We would have been overrun, I helped.”

“No more questions, that needs to be worked on,” Hershel appeared and pointed to my shoulder. We were lucky to have him around. He may have been a vet before the apocalypse, but he makes a damn good doctor.

“Come on. The sooner we work on that, the better. Wrap this around your arm,” he said, handing me a towel. We walked down a corridor. As we approached a door that lead us into Hershel’s cell block, I could hear running foot steps behind us.

I cautiously turned around to see Daryl jogging toward me. “Hey, are you alright? Heard you got shot.”

I shrugged. “If someone covered me like they were supposed to, I would be fine.”

Daryl sighed and I could clearly see his shoulders sag. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t see anyone and I was so focused on the walkers that I-”

“(Y/N), come in here. You too, Daryl,” Hershel’s voice echoed in the nearly empty cell block.

I was confused as to why Hershel requested Daryl as well. I wasn’t exactly excited about looking at Daryl’s face anymore.

“What’s your blood type, both of you?”

“O negative,” Daryl muttered.

I sighed and sat on a bed. “B positive.”

“You’re lucky Daryl is the blood type that he is. Now he can give blood and you should be fine.”

“Wait, I’m going to be giving blood? When the hell did I sign up for this?” Daryl retorted, clearly upset with the situation he was just forced into.

“She will lose enough blood to be dangerously low, so you’ll need to give her some.”

“You better do it, Daryl. This is your punishment for not covering me,” I sighed as I held my shoulder.

“No time to waste. You,” Hershel pointed at me, “need to lay down. Daryl, grab some towels and that tray over there. Now, hold out your arm. I’m going to remove the towel and see if anything needs to be removed. Daryl, the tray. Now, are you ready? I also need light.”

Hershel was on a mission. That’s one thing everyone liked about Hershel: he knew what he had to do and he had no hesitation. He took several flashlights out of a bag and had them set up so all of the light was focused on my shoulder. Soon enough, I was laying down and Hershel was looking at my wound.

“There’s a little shard in there, but otherwise it went through. Daryl, be prepared to give blood,” Hershel’s voice was firm.

I could feel one of Hershel’s tools spread my skin to reach the shard easier, but it stung. I groaned in pain. He hit a sensitive spot and I yelled out and my arm instinctively jerked to the side.

“(Y/N), you’ll need to sit still.”

“I’m trying! It kind of hurts a little, though. Just a little,” I huffed.

Hershel again tried to prick through my skin but I jumped again. We tried and tried again, but I just couldn’t hold still.

“It hurts, Hershel! It’s starting to make my shoulder go numb,” I panted. Sweat started to form on my forehead and neck. My wound was really starting to hurt and I’m sure in a few minutes tears were going to roll down my cheeks.

“There’s only one more way to do this. Daryl, you’re going to have to hold her down.”

“What? Just because I’m in the room doesn’t mean I have to do everything,” Daryl gritted out.

I wasn’t too fond of him holding me, either. But if it got the bullet out of my shoulder, I’d have to deal with it. Even though he complained, Daryl walked over and awkwardly placed his hands on my biceps. He hardly put any pressure on and even Hershel was giving him a weird look.

“Daryl, you just putting your hands on my arms is not going to work. You need to hold me down.”

Daryl applied pressure and I nodded. Hershel licked his lips and leaned forward, prepared. In the time of Daryl attempting to hold me down and Hershel explaining stuff, my shoulder lost its numbness and I could feel every bit of pain strike through my arm and chest.

Hershel picked around and I wailed. Daryl was basically putting all of his weight on me. I had my eyes shut tight as tears squeezed their way through. I opened my eyes for a few seconds and I could clearly see Daryl’s face inches from mine.

“Alright, it’s out. Daryl, your blood.”

I relaxed and felt Daryl’s hands release my arms. We were both panting hard. Daryl sat by Hershel in a chair and held his arm out. I tried keeping my eyes open but my eyelids drooped down and soon I was unconscious.

When I woke up, Hershel was ringing a towel full of blood. I assumed it was my own blood. The water splashed out of the bucket a little and sprayed onto my face.

I sighed loudly and stretched my legs. Hershel watched me. I then stretched my arms upwards, but soon yelped in pain. My left shoulder started to sting.

“You needed stitches. It was a lucky thing we even got them on, because even in your sleep you twitch and move around,” Hershel explained.

“Where’s Daryl?” I questioned. I rubbed my eyes with my right hand. I wasn’t sure how long I had been sleeping, but it must have been several hours, because the prison was quiet and Hershel still had on two flashlights. The rest of the prison was dark.

“We’ve already eaten. I’m not sure if you’re hungry, but there should be some food left. We had beans… again.”

I nodded. “Great. So, I can leave right? Do I need to sit in here for a few hours or something?”

Hershel smiled. “No, you should be fine. Just don’t use your left arm for anything. Oh and,” he stood and gathered a few straps from the floor, “here. It’s not exactly a cast or anything, but it should help. Keep these on until I tell you to take them off.”

“Thank you. I really appreciate it, Hershel,” I grinned. Hershel helped me put on the straps and soon enough I was on my way to my cell. I wasn’t hungry and sleep wouldn’t come easy to me. I wasn’t sure what I would do.

As I approached my cell, I was reminded of Daryl. He would for sure be in his own cell. I felt the urge to see him. I made my way to his cell. All of a sudden, my heart beat faster and I questioned myself as to why I even came. He was probably sleeping and he probably didn’t even want to see me.

I heard shuffling and I decided it was now or never. “Daryl?” I whispered.

There was a grunt and Daryl stepped forward. His hair was tousled and there was a bandage around his forearm. I forgot that he gave blood.

“Did you want something?” he yawned. So he was sleeping.

“Sorry, if I woke you I can go. So you can sleep again.”

I wasn’t used to Daryl’s voice when he just woke up. His normal voice was rugged and scratchy but his sleepy voice was deep and gravelly.

“No, no. It’s fine. I just heard you out here. Figured I could check it out.”

“I just wanted to thank you. For,” I pointed at his arm, “that. Sorry if I gave you a little trouble.”

Daryl actually chuckled a little and leaned against the wall. “I needed a little challenge. And uh, sorry ‘bout yer arm there,” it was his turn to point at me.

I looked down and shrugged. “Shit happens.”

“And thanks for killing a lot of walkers today. Rick and the others had a hard time as it was so… you were right. You did good today,” he yawned and rubbed his eyes.

I stepped towards him and I could see him tense up even in the darkness. “Next time you better cover my ass, though,” I smiled. I leaned forward and slowly kissed his cheek. It was prickly from his beard. Where I kissed was warm and soft.

“Wish me goodnight, Dixon,” I whispered as I made my way to my own cell. I was positive he wouldn’t make eye contact with me in the morning.

Preference #21: You Get Into A Bad Fight But Makeup

(A/N: These are all pretty long so I decided to add a “keep reading” tab in the middle of Sam’s to keep it from taking up so much space on my blog. Hope you guys enjoy it. Feel free to send in any requests you guys have. [P.s. let’s try to get my to 6k? I’m only 120 away] Love you a lot guys, stay real. - maria)

Sam: “Just tell me the fucking truth already dammit!” Sam’s voice boomed through the house. A picture from before you even knew Sam got out to the public. It was of you and your best friend, Tyler, kissing. You told Sam multiple times that it happened before you two started dating but he wouldn’t believe it. “Would you just listen to me for once! I’m telling you the fucking truth, Sammy! The picture was taken weeks before we even met! I wouldn’t fucking cheat on you, Sam,” The room went silent before Sam stormed out of the house. “Sam!” You yelled as you ran after him, “God dammit, Sammy!” Sam was just about to open his car door when you started to talk. 

Keep reading

athenalovesanime asked:

Hello! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Welcome to the fandom! (。・ω・。) May i ask a scenario where aomine + kagami where their shy crush is being flirted by some mean guy in school and asking her out..

I’m so sorry! I totally forgot you wanted on the school and with a totally mean flirt! So I failed you when it came to Aomine. But I still kind of liked the story. I might rewrite yours when I have the time! As for Kagami, I tried sticking to it as much as possible. I hope you dont hate me now! But pls enjoy as much as you can! ╮(─▽─)╭ And thank you for inviting me into this wonderful fandom!! I love it even more than ever now, haha.


Aomine walked away from his school as he yawned obnoxiously. He paid no attention to his surroundings. It was the same old stuff as before. Nothing special. The same trees he walked passed every day. The same neighborhood he walked in to go home. He walked passed the same bakery that was on his way home. Just as he was about to cross the street, he noticed you.

It wasnt on purpose. He just noticed you, you were never there.  As a matter of fact, you were never in this area. Aomine grew curious as to why you were there. But it annoyed him to see a guy with you. It annoyed him even more that you looked uncomfortable but he wouldnt leave you alone.

The crosswalk ticked to Aomine as it counted down. Aomine stayed in his spot, thinking. He tried listening harder to your conversation. You and the male in front of you werent too far, but he had to concentrate to hear him speak to you. As Aomine concentrated more, he could hear the male.

“You know, ___-chan, it wouldnt hurt to go on one date,” the guy pestered. He placed an arm against the wall to keep you in his reach. You held onto you briefcase tighter and smiled nervously up to him.

“Ah, its okay. I don’t really go on much dates anyway,” you stated nervously. Aomine grimaced as he heard the nerves in your voice.

“Its okay, you can go on one with me then we’ll go on more,” the guy insisted happily. You pouted to him annoyed.

“I said no, its fine. I dont want to,” you stated more firmly now. You had stuff to buy, you didnt have time to waste with him.

“Oh cmon-”

“She said no,” Aomine interrupted in a serious tone.

You and the guy cornering you looked to him surprised. Aomine’s voice had such a serious tone to it, no one could mistake him for anyone else.

“A-Aomine-kun!” you stuttered nervous. Why was he here?

“___-san, cmon. I’ll take you home so he can leave you alone,” Aomine nodded for you to come n behind him. You nodded and stepped behind him. You looked to him and the guy stare at each other. The two faced each other fully, staring at each other as if about to fight. It made you feel uncomfortable. But Aomine always had this aura around him, causing him to seem unapproachable. Except he wasn’t.

Everyone asked how you could go up to such a scary guy so happily. You never noticed your smile was bigger than usual whenever Aomine was around.

“Its not nice to take from others, Aomine-kun,” the guy stated in a dark tone. The way he looked at you in that instant made your eyes widen with awareness.

Aomine noticed how the guy looked in front of you then took a step back to cover you. Aomine’s eyes sharpened on the guy and he took a step back in shock.

“She wasn’t yours to take in the first place. She’s her own person, and she said no, so scram,” Aomine gave the guy a cold look. The guys eyes widened with sudden fear. He traced his steps back and left within seconds.

You sighed with relief as soon as the guy walked away from you two. “Thank you, Aomine-kun”

“Yo-your welcome, ___-san,” Aomine hadnt turned to face you. You bent over to look at his face, but he was covering the bottom of his face and turned away from you. Aomine was hoping to any god that you wouldnt see him blushing. It had just come to his realization he said he would walk you home. “Ah, well, I should get going. See you tomorrow, Aomine-kun!”

“Huh?” Aomine turned to face you in confusion. You didn’t want him to walk you home?

“I actually came here to try this bakery. Remember, you told me to try their sweet buns?” you asked as you pointed to the bakery next to you two.

Aomine looked to the bakery and thought back. Suddenly it came back to him. You were walking behind him and was staring at the sweets he held in his hands. Aomine noticed you looked extra hungry, so he told you to try it after giving you a meat bun. He blushed thinking back to how he tried looking cool and nice. “Ye-yeah, I remember.”

“Well do you want to join me?” you asked with a smile. “I do owe you now, since you came to save me.”

Aomine hesitated before agreeing. This felt as though you two had hung out before. It was so natural to talk to you. And thats what Aomine liked about you. Even though he was disobedient, troublesome, and a jerk, you were so easy to talk to and you enjoyed talking to him. But as Aomine looked down to your smile, he paused before taking a step toward the bakery’s doors. Excited, you happily followed behind Aomine.


You and Kagami walked past each other in the hallways. Whenever it was after school, you would see Kagami head off to the gym for practice. Sometimes when you would stay after school to study, you would occasionally see Kagami around the gym. Every time you saw him, he noticed you. But you paid no mind to his pink cheeks every time he saw you. All you could do was smile and wave. You two had never had a conversation. But the way Kagami looked out to the world. The way he interacted with his team mates. The way Kagami looked when he played basketball. It all interested you. So it explained why you were outside the gym peeking into it as you watched the Seirin basketball team play.

Your eyes found Kagami right away. It was his voice that led you to him. He was yelling about a small little husky puppy right next to him. You quietly laughed to yourself as you watched Kagami.

“Hey, what’re you doing here?” you heard a voice behind you.

You turned behind you to see the class flirt. You laughed nervously as you waved.

“Uhm, I’m waiting for someone,” you lied nervously. The guy had an aura around him that made you feel uncomfortable.

“I can tell you’re lying, ___-san,” the guy said in a sing song tone. He placed an arm on the wall to enclose the gap between you two. “How about I walk your cute ass home?”

“Ah, no I really am it’s okay,” you insisted nervous.

He began leaning closer. You held out your hands and began stuttering, struggling to find the words to stop him.

“Ah, ___-san! Sorry to make you wait,” Kagami said abruptly. You and the guy in front looked to you shocked. His face was red and his eyes were wide. “Do you want me to walk you home now?”

“Ah, it’s okay. But yeah I’m ready to go,” you fleed beside Kagami and waved to the guy. He scowled to Kagami bitterly. Kagami’s red face calmed and he had a serious look on his eyes.

Kagami and you walked in awkward silence. You would peek up to Kagami, noticing he was peeking at you as well. As soon as your eyes met, you would immediately look another way.

“Uhm, thank you,” you said quickly and nervously. You could feel your warm cheeks become even redder with each word that left your mouth.

Kagami jumped a little at your timid words. He looked down to your face. He thought how cute you were. “It’s not problem. I heard him not leaving you alone so I just thought I’d help you out.”

Another few moments of awkward silence followed the conversation. You would occasionally speak to let Kagami know directions to your place. While thinking of what to say, you realized you were at your house.

“Ah here it is,” you said a little disappointed. You wanted to talk a little longer.

“Ah okay,” Kagami said slowly. He examined your house then back to you. “Well I’m glad you got home safe.”

“Because of you, Kagami-kun,” you replied with a smile. Kagami’s cheeks became pinker. The silence between you told you you should leave. You began turning your back before greeting him. “Ah well, thank you. See you tomorrow, Ka-”

“Uhm!” Kagami said loudly. You turned to face him, shocked he called out. “I can uhm, I can take you home whenever I can so no one messes you… If you want.”

You were taken aback a minute. Was the guy you have had a crush on since the beginning of the school year really offering to walk you home every day or whenever he could? A big smile came across your face. You couldn’t help it. “I’d really like that.”

Kagami slowly smiled up to you. He then had an even bigger smile as your words comprehended your words. Has the girl he’s had a crush on since the beginning of the school year really agreed to him walking you home whenever he could? He couldn’t stop smiling as he walked away from you and on the way home.