i hope everything works like it's supposed to


minor season 2 spoilers! i used a few scenes from the trailer so, if you’re avoiding any spoilers at all costs, maybe don’t watch lmao

so ive been working on this since this song came out back in like??? october??? and i got quite a bit done when i first started working on it, but then i rly liked what i had so i stopped lol but then!! i realized that i could make this @dadliestwarrior‘s birthday gift so :D i finished it just for you, tori!! happy birthday!! :D i hope you get everything that you want and that you have a great day :D ilysm im so glad voltron brought us together!! ;w; lance bless (’: i hope you enjoy your video!! ♥


Im beginning to not like the way my colored pencils work
Maybe i should start using my new ones
That i forgot i had
Ill have to see how they work next time because what was supposed to be gold came out almost black because ot kept grabbing the ink from the markers i used to outline these

I think im a bit hyper this time around but its fiNe
Have a good day :D


Oh my god they’re so beautiful !!

Gdi my ship is sealing right there !! Do you see it guys ?? DO YOU SEE IT ?? IT’S FREAKING SEALING.

You can be proud sweetheart, it’s absolutely amazing, I love the way you draw these two together ! ;___; Also the colors are soft and pretty and it makes everything perfect <3 Also the gold color is good to me, since Chara’s ornaments are made from white gold ! Thank you so much for this gift darling, I’ll treasure them dearly ;___; *holds you gently*


HEY GUYS!! i know its been a while since i’ve posted some art so i thought i’d make it extra special for 4th of july and made it a gif! i worked on this for quite a while since originally it wasnt supposed to be much but i changed my mind because of how long its been taking me to answer asks and everything. You guys are so wonderful for being patient and im sorry i haven’t been able to answer them like i’d like to. Theres just a lot of stuff thats cluttering my scheduale but i will get on them soon. Anyways happy 4th everyone and i hope you guys have an amazing day!!

I have been seeing repetitive number sequences everywhere lately, most notably 22, 222, 333, 444 and occasionally 666, 777 and a few times 999. 11:11 pops up every now and then, but most often I’m seeing repetitions of 2, 3 and 4 lately. Its happening every day, multiple times a day. All the time.

Exciting times are ahead. Everything is happening as it’s supposed to, I am surrounded by my angels and ascended masters and they are guiding me with love and support.

Tonight I indulged in a quick skim over photos and texts from the ex and didn’t get as worked up as I imagined (hoped?). I thought about messaging him today to say I hope he’s well but I thought better of it. It feels like I’ve gained control over this situation. I’ve stopped talking about it almost entirely.

I need to send my thanks to @friendsof3villages if they hadn’t shown that there was a contest to help celebrate the 20th Anniversary for Harvest Moon/Bokumono/Story of Seasons, I don’t think anyone would’ve tried! You should please check them out, they are dutifully bringing us information for the new game thats coming out and sorting out the mad house that was handling all the international entries.

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1. I liked you because I thought your smile was always as big as your heart. I asked you why you liked me and you answered because I was pretty. Your gentle hands stayed wary and left me to fight your battles for you. I called your mother to give you my new number. You still haven’t called me back.
2. Crystal clear skies and the immense enormity of the Pacific ocean had nothing on the blue of your eyes. I got lost in them every time I looked at them and I would dream about us. I could see our potential, the love we would share…. I wanted to know what you saw in my eyes, but you were gone before I could ask.
3. I felt no shame giving you everything you wanted. You said you had given me your heart and to me I couldn’t give anything else that compared. I now realize that when you said you loved me you meant you loved the feel of my body next to yours. I am no longer angry at you, but I do feel shame.
4. Our words entwined with each other, creating about us a fairy tale to live in. It’s just too bad that the Disney film lasted longer than our relationship.
5. People say you don’t know what you have until its gone. Neither of us recognized the significance of finding one another until it was too late. In you was everything I had ever searched for and wanted. The seasons have changed but I will always remember you as the sun
6. We were never supposed to work out. Two completely different sides of a coin that conjoined and made a new currency. Looking back I’m not sure what it is we shared but it looked a lot like love. We made each other better, which is all you can ever hope for. Leaving you was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but its just one more way that you have made me a stronger individual. I never thought that you put the stars in the sky but my God if you didn’t shine just as bright when I made you laugh. You deserve more than just the number 6 but I’m afraid that’s all I can give you
—  b.n.s.

Can you do a bts suga couple aesthetic??? -Btw … Your blog is so good its kind of addicting … Keep up the good work !

Like I can find any good pics as usual, I made something different ? Everything is still supposed to be You X Yoongi !

Hope you’ll like it !

A Trip to the Zoo

Summary: A continuation of the Par Tea AU , specifically the zoo date mentioned in this little continuation drabble ~ Featuring NicoMaki joining Nozoeli on the fun little trip.

Notes: I apologize for taking forever to finish this, but I hope its everything you guys wanted~ Thank you for taking interest in this silly little au, and also thank you for reading, commenting, reblogging and liking ;;u;;! it means a lot;; <3!

Word Count: 4,139

“Mama! The door bell rang!” Kira sat at the table, a piece of toast in her hand as she watches her mother work in the kitchen.

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