i hope everyone was a good one uvu

anonymous asked:

You like Steven universe now?

yeah it’s cute! I was just annoyed (and still kinda am) that so many people asked me nonstop to watch it in the past months and some were pretty rude about it

Anon:I love your drawing of the Crystal Gems! Does this mean that you’ve started watching SU, or was this just because everyone was asking?

first one! usually the “everyone was asking” has the complete opposite effect on me

Anon:hoLY SHITE YOU DREW THE SU CHARACTERS they look fantastic in your style uvu [i hope people stop nagging you to watch the show now lmao]

thank you very much! hah a I hope so too;

Anon:i dont mean to be pushy but, are you going to watch all of steven universe? it gets really good and heavy after season 1a

I already did watch all of it!