i hope everyone realizes this is how damon feels all the time

Prompt Request 6

#53 with Kai x Reader

Requested by: @can-you-siriusly-stop , I changed a few things. I hope you don’t mind, love!

Warnings: It’s just lots of fluff!

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Y/N stepped out of the shower, the bathroom mirror was damp and the floor very wet. She could smell the delicious cupcakes, waiting downstairs in the oven. Y/N grabbed two towels, one for her hair and one for her body. She smiled to herself. A night in, eating cupcakes, freshly showered and watching her favorite tv shows was just what she needed. It had been a hell of a week. Her friends, the Mystic Fall’s Gang, had been in trouble again. They were trying to keep the struggle away from her, because they thought she couldn’t handle it. Y/N had always been the sweetheart in the group, so everyone was quite protective of her. Ironically, this was just spurring her on to do dangerous things and get herself into risky situations and a lot of trouble. Nothing could scare her, it was as if she tried to prove to her friends that she was indeed a badass. Not some little damsel in distress. Dancing around, Y/N was humming a happy song. Suddenly, there was noise to be heard, coming from downstairs, it sounded like glass had been shattered. Y/N turned her head and furrowed her brows. She opened the door slowly, the towel pressed to her body. Y/N pressed herself to the wall and  glanced around the corner. One of the windows had been broken and glass was laying on the floor. Someone was inside her house. Damons voice popped up in her head,’…and as soon as something strange happens, call me.’ Y/N knew she should call him, but the curiosity, that was bubbling inside of Y/N, got the better of her. Slowly, careful to avoid any kind of noise, that would tell the intruder she was coming, Y/N slipped down the stairs. But she came to a quick stop on the last step. Y/N cursed under her breathe. How was she supposed to avoid stepping into the glass? An idea flashed through her mind, the towel that had been wrapped around her hair fell to the floor and was now used as a bridge. Y/N could feel cold drops of water running down her spine. Lurking behind the wall, Y/N could catch a glimpse of the person standing in her kitchen. Was that.., Kai Parker? Y/N blinked a few times to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating. Was Kai Parker, feared psychopath and overall rude person, actually standing in her kitchen, eating the cupcakes she had baked for herself? 

Even though she was aware of the fact, that the person standing in front of her was dangerous, she stepped out of her hiding spot. He was a challenge, she thought to himself. ‘It’s pretty rude to just eat the cupcakes someone else made,’ she said, raising a brow and pressing the towel to her still damp body. The heretic turned around. Small crumbs were sticking to the corner of his mouth and the mousse, that had once been the decoration of the cupcake, was smeared all over his nose and shirt. Y/N scrunched her nose. Who knew Kai Parker had the eating skills of a three year old. ‘Oh,’ he mumbled, his mouth still stuffed with the cupcake he was holding,’ I j-just..’ he stocked,’ shouldn’t you be like..scared?’ He came a few steps closer to take a closer look at Y/N. ‘ You look like a toddler. To assume I should be scared is quite hilarious,’ she replied, a cocky grin spread across her face. Kai clenched his teeth. He knew who the girl in front of him was. She was the one, Damon and his friends, had tried to hide from him. ‘Seriously, who crawls through someones window at 11pm to go for cupcakes?’ Y/N scoffed. ‘Well, maybe you shouldn’t leave them in the oven, where everybody could just steal them?’ the heretic answered, crossing his arms in front of his chest. ‘ you literally crawled through my window. I don’t think that’s something people normally do,’ Y/N mocked. ‘ You’re pretty cheeky. Since you’re one of Damons friends I figure you know me, so, I think you should be a little nicer.’ Kai sat down on the edge of the kitchen table. ‘ Or what?’ Y/N giggled,’ Are you gonna turn me into a frog?’ Kai looked at her sharply. ‘ No, but I could make you drop that little towel in your hands,’ he smirked, he looked like the devil himself. 

Y/N could feel chills running down her spine. She enjoyed provoking him, getting a reaction out of him, but she knew she had to be careful. Something about Kai was just so attracting. Y/N had been lost in thought for a while and Kai thought she was ignoring him. He let the distance between them vanish, by coming closer to Y/N. ‘Hey,’ Kai said, waving his hand in front of her face,’ are you still here?’ Y/N lifted her head to look at him. Kai’s palms started sweating. Something about her wet skin, damp hair and these big beautiful eyes, confused him. Why was he feeling nervous all of a sudden? For a minute, Kai felt helpless, lost in her eyes. ‘ Do you know that you are looking like the Cookie Monster?’ Y/N chuckled and wiped the crumbs off of Kai’s mouth, she rested her fingers on his face for a few seconds, before she realized what she was doing. Y/N had to admit it. Kai was very attractive. 

Y/N wrapped the towel tighter around herself and took a step backwards. ‘As I can see, you haven’t eaten all of the cupcakes. I guess the rest of that is mine, but if you’d liked to,’ she said a little bit startled,’ you can stay.’ Kai couldn’t believe it. Why wasn’t she afraid of him? Y/N backed away some more. ‘I’m gonna put on some clothing and if you’re still here by the time I come back, great. If not, thats okay,’ she said and went up the stairs, careful not to step into the glass, that was still laying around. Y/N locked her door, just in case, Kai was still dangerous. Her heart was beating and she had to sit down for a minute. What had just happened? Did she really just invite the man, all her friends had warned her about, to stay and watch movies with her? Y/N just shook her head and let out a small laugh, before she started putting on her pajamas. She really was crazy. Her pajama was consisting of a white, oversized shirt and shorts with little red hearts on them. A look in the mirror and Y/N made her way back to the kitchen to see if Kai had actually stayed. The first thing she noticed was that someone had cleaned the glass off of the floor. ‘Kai,’ she called out for him, as she entered the kitchen. An unidentifiable sound was coming from her living room and Y/N followed that sound. Kai was sitting on her couch, his mouth stuffed with another cupcake. ‘ I jusfcoulntresid,’ Kai mumbled, letting the crumbles fall from his mouth onto Y/N’ s couch. Y/N chuckled and sat down next to him. She wrapped a blanket around herself. ‘ Thank you for cleaning the glass off of the ground,’ she smiled. Kai winked at her and offered her a cupcake. 

‘But you’re gonna have to pay for my window anyway,’ Y/N said, taking bite from the cupcake. 


Request: Hey can you do where the reader and Kai are broken up and they get back together and use numbers 54,59,66

Prompts: “I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. That’s the problem.” “Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay I’ll never leave you again.” “The only thing I want is you.” 

Imagine~ you and Kai break up but you both still love each other and one day you bump into each other whilst staying at the Salvatore home. 

It’d been roughly a week since you and Kai broke up and you were a wreck. Stefan hated the fact you were home alone dealing with it all so he invited you to stay with him and Damon until you were back to normal. 

You still loved Kai, deeply but he didn’t seem to return the feelings and overtime the relationship grew toxic. He was constantly out late, presumably with other girls, yet every time you forgave him. 

You were the one who ended the relationship, for your own good. Kai begged you not too, saying how he’ll change but you didn’t want to risk getting hurt again. 

Everyone hated Kai even more when they found out how he treated you. But he would still be invited into the house if they needed something and every time Stefan would make sure you were nowhere to be seen. 

Bonnie was the most angry, seeing as she also had a bad past involving Kai. You’d convinced he Kai was good for you at first and she believed you but now she despised Kai claiming she knew he wasn’t good for you all along.

It was about mid-afternoon and you were still roaming around in your pajamas. Stefan had warned you to stay out of sight because Kai was round but you grew hungry and took your chances. 

Kai was in the front room anyways so the possibility of him seeing you was slim, especially if Stefan and Damon had anything to do with it. 

You silently entered the kitchen, everything going smoothly to the point where you couldn’t even hear Kai. 

As you reached for an apple of the counter you breathed a sigh of relief when you realized you got some food without Kai seeing you. 

Or so you’d thought. 

“Y/N?”, your head snapped around, nearly chocking on your apple, to see Kai standing in the door way. 

Every thing about him seemed so off, the bags under his eyes, the messy hair, the overgrown scruff and his blood shot eyes. You could’ve sworn your heart stopped. 

In some ways you were happy to see him like this, knowing he was suffering just as much as you were; if not more. But it also hurt you, you’d never liked seeing Kai in these kind of states and it pained you more to know you’d inflicted it. 

“Kai.” you breathed, desperately trying to keep yourself together. 

“Look, I know you hate me,” Kai started but you interrupted him before he could finish.

“I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. That’s the problem.” you said lowly, it hurt to think he thought you hated him. But after a week of not speaking to him and leaving him to suffer you can understand why. 

Kai breathed out shakily and you could tell he was trying not to break down, “If you don’t hate me, why did you end it?” 

Your breath hitched in your throat and it took you a moment to speak, “Because it was toxic. I don’t hate you Kai, I hated our relationship.” 

When you said those words you could see Kai’s eyes fill with pain at the thought of you hating to be with him. 

“I said I’d change.” he breathed in hopes that it would help the situation. 

“Even if you did Kai, it was too late. It wasn’t just you anymore, it was me. I couldn’t be with somebody I didn’t trust 100%.” you sighed, wiping the tears from your eyes before they could fall. 

Everything within you wanted to be with Kai and you knew that but you also weren’t sure if you could trust him again. Or at least trust him as much as you used to. 

“Please just give me a chance.” he said, tears pooling in his eyes. “I don’t know if I can do this right now.” you sighed, feeling as if you were on the edge of a mental breakdown. 

In reality you didn’t want him to leave because if he did you might never see him again. But if you did this right now you weren’t sure if you could make it out the other side. 

“Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay I’ll never leave you again.” he said, slowly walking towards you whilst you desperately tried to avoid eye contact. 

Tears began to spill out of your eyes and you quickly wiped them away, tugging at your hair in frustration. 

“Kai, I don’t know what to do right now. I want to stay with you, so bad. But I don’t know if I can trust you, not after how everything went last time around.” you said slowly, taking your time on every word. 

To Kai, every word dug into him like a dagger. It pained him to know how much he’d hurt you and he’d never thought about whenever he was dishonest with you. 

“Let me earn your trust, I understand you don’t trust me but I need you. You make me a better person and without you I know I’m going to go off the deep end. Please Y/N.” he breathed, his voice shaking heavily. 

“One chance.” you stated, looking up at him. 

He closed his eyes slowly before opening them, making eye contact with you which made your heart pound. 

“One chance.” he said, confirming your previous statement. 

“No other girls, not dishonesty, just us. Only us.” you sighed, looking at him. 

In all honesty, you couldn’t understand why you were doing this but you knew deep down that you needed to so you did. 

“The only thing I want is you.” he said, engulfing you into an embrace. 

You melted into him, letting your arm fall loosely around him as he hugged you tightly. 

(a/n) this could’ve been longer but it’s 11pm and I have to be up at 7 tomorrow :) but anyways I hope you enjoy this because it was really fun to write xx

Klaus Mikaelson | Imagine

A/N: Combining two requests because they were similar. Change of perspectives because I tried something. 

Content: Reader had some feelings for Klaus while he was in Mystic Falls but because being in a relationship, they never admitted. 5 years later, (Y/N), a witch, needs the Mikaelsons’ help.

Warnings: none 

It has been years of silence since the last incident. Many people put their lifes on the line and eventually lost it. So many fights, so many tears. 

Odd, (Y/N) thought as you walked down the streets of Mystic Falls. This town was probably cursed from its very beginning, but after he had left, everything turned upside down completely. 

A smile crept its way on the young female’s face as her thoughts wandered to the time half a decade ago. 

“(Y/N)”, a voice reached the witches ears which automatically lead to an eyeroll. She walked past him, without giving more reaction and went straight for the counter.

“Matt, I’m starving.” You declared simply with a pout. You were sure the kitchen was closed since it was late but you tried anyways. “You’re fifteen minutes too late, (Y/N).” “Enough time to turn a blind eye?” You asked with a charming smile.

He scolded you further, not taking any compelling. “Sorry.” He poured some liquid in some glasses while speaking. “Why are you late this time?” You groaned and sighed in resignation. You’ve lost. 

“I had business to do. I-” You two were interrupted, when another person sat next to you. 

“What an awful service”, he almost immediately stated, “when a charming girl like you asks for a dinner, she should get a three-courses menu, don’t you think?” You tried to ignore the original vampire next to you, but his stare seemed to burn your skin, looking right through you.

When your gaze met his, you saw it for the first time. A genuine, but cheeky smile and for a brief moment, you forget that he had a short temper and murderous tendencies. 

“How about dinner somewhere else, love?”

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The Racist Treatment of Bonnie Bennett

I contemplated coming up with some cool title with a ring to it, or maybe something veiled that made you scratch your head and wonder, before reading further, BUT… why not just call a spade a spade? - “But, BB8fan, that’s such a BOLD statement to make!” I KNOW. But don’t worry, I have the facts to back it up! 

The definition of the adjective “racist” is showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or believing that a particular race is superior to another. In this article, I will prove that Bonnie Bennett has been CONSTANTLY treated, made, and portrayed to feel as though the predominantly white characters of “The Vampire Diaries” were superior to her. #RacistTreatment


Firstly, when it comes to men: 

Bonnie Bennett has been treated, made, and portrayed to be the least desirable of the three female leads of TVD. While Elena was sought after by the hunky Salvatore brothers… and Caroline by the all powerful, Klaus, All-American, Matt, beefcake wolf, Tyler, Professor Alaric Saltzman, AND STEFAN to boot… BONNIE was sought after by Ben (who only wanted to use her), Luka (who only wanted to USE HER), Jeremy (who was grieving over the ex, he later CHEATED ON HER WITH), and Enzo, who had literally exhausted all other options! 


Elena was given the show leads, Caroline was given literally EVERY GUY ON THE SHOW, while Bonnie was whiny Jeremy’s third choice (after Vickie and Anna), and irrelevant Enzo’s third choice, for that matter! (Don’t forget CAROLINE and Lily! ;)

WHY have BOTH of her only relevant love interests end up with her BY DEFAULT?! And WHY IN THE WORLD couldn’t Ben or Luka start out using her, and then GROW TO CARE FOR HER?! Why did her stupid STEP BROTHER not even want her?! She had to literally THROW herself at him! WHY DID THE WRITERS TREAT THE BEAUTIFUL BONNIE BENNETT IN SUCH A DEMEANING MANNER??! In my opinion, she’s the most gorgeous of all the females, but NO. TVD made her undesirable. They put her white friends on a pedestal, and portrayed her as the inferior oddball NOBODY wanted and NOBODY CHOSE FIRST. #RacistTreatment  

But in case you need more evidence… 

Secondly, when it comes to empowerment:

Bonnie Bennett has been treated, made, and portrayed to be the most powerless out of the three female leads of TVD. ‘How so? Elena was a weak human for 3 seasons! And Bonnie’s the baddest witch in the land!’ I’m glad you asked… YES Bonnie’s a fierce witch, and yes, Elena was human for 3 seasons. BUT! 

1) Bonnie was possessed, beyond her control. (S1)
2) Bonnie was held back by Stefan, while Damon KILLED HER MOTHER. (S3)
3) Bonnie was CONSISTENTLY FORCED to do magic for Klaus! (S3)
4) Bonnie helplessly witnessed her grandmother being tortured by the spirits, to the point where she lost the ability to do her magic. (S4) 
5) Bonnie had to lay there and watch Jeremy die right in front of her! (S4)
7) Bonnie lost her magic. (S5)
8) Bonnie became the anchor, and had to undergo enormous magnitudes of pain. (S5)
9) Bonnie was stabbed, chased, and tormented by Kai. (S6) 
10) Bonnie had no magic. (S6)
11) Bonnie was hunted by the armory and had no magic. (S7)
12) Bonnie had NO MAGIC! (S8)

So yes, Bonnie’s an all powerful witch! But HALF THE SERIES she’s spent WITHOUT HER MAGIC! Elena was weak and human, and used for the cure! BUT Bonnie has been used as a magical tool EVERY OTHER EPISODE - and by literally EVERY character on the show! It’s not just Klaus and Katherine who’ve made her feel powerless! BUT Damon, Stefan, Katherine, Klaus, Silas, Enzo, and EVERYONE!!! 

Elena watched Jenna die. But Bonnie watched Jeremy AND her DAD die! She found her Grams dead, and was held back while her Mom was killed! 

This woman has been beaten down in ways that are just deplorable and unheard of! She has been FORCED, she has been ABUSED, she has been TRAUMATIZED in the appalling ways she’s been made to feel and be POWERLESS! More times and with more damaging magnitudes than with any other female lead! Fight me on this! It’s #RacistTreatment

But just in case you still REFUSE to see the light…

Lastly, when it comes to worth: 

This is the most serious and damaging of them all! Fine! Portray your only lead POC character as undesirable! Portray her as powerless! But worthless? This is just unacceptable… But TVD did it! My gosh they DID it with Bonnie Bennett!  

Caroline doesn’t put her life above Elena’s so why should Bonnie? TIME AFTER TIME AGAIN??! And then not only does she do it with Elena, she does it FOR JEREMY TOO!!! She literally GAVE HER LIFE for the two them! For Jeremy to be alive, and for Elena to be “happy,” she GAVE UP HER LIFE, because it is worth THAT little! Or so the show would have Bonnie believe, - AND the other characters, as no one has ever corrected her, - and we, the viewing audience! 

This is unhealthy, abusive, and DAMAGING, this belief system! But it has gone unchecked and uncorrected for YEARS! AND TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY,  the one time people claim their “superior” white faves did sacrifice for Bonnie is complete BS! Talk about #RacistTreatment

The ignorance of the show BLEEDS into the fans/viewers of it, and it is SCARY! To say that Elena or Damon sacrificed ANYTHING in season 6, when Kai linked her life to Bonnie’s, is not only absurd, it’s HORRIFYING! I don’t know if people are losing brain cells watching this terribly written show, but Elena was IN A MAGICAL COMA! That was done! It happened! – NOW. The loophole is that she could wake up, IF BONNIE DIES! So when people say Elena sacrificed, and Damon sacrificed, they’re literally saying “Delena didn’t KILL Bonnie, they’re supposed best friend! What a sacrifice!” 

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

They’re literally patting them on the back, for not MURDERING their “friend!” Do you realize how messed up that is?!… But then again, a messed up ship breeds messed up fans! And a messed up show breeds messed up viewers! Bonnie’s life isn’t worth anything! That’s been the running theme of the show! So why wouldn’t viewers pat DE on the back for not killing her?! She isn’t worth crap! 

“Bonnie’s superiors are her white friends, and she needs to be ready and willing to lay down her life for them, at all times!” 

That’s the message of TVD. I am SICK. I am utterly disgusted and SICK! I cannot BELIEVE I wasted SO MANY years of my life on this show, thinking they cared about this beautiful person of color! CONVINCING myself they were saving Bonnie for DAMON, and that was the reason for her lack of love interest! Reasoning they were making Bonnie a stronger, more layered character, by putting her through so much crap! Believing they’d have the right man DECLARE Bonnie’s worth to her, and put a stop to her self harm!


They’re not saving Bonnie for Damon. Why would they put the “inferior black girl” with one of the most desirable males of the series?! Even though Bamon is canon in the books, they will not even share a KISS! They will be the only important book!ship left COMPLETELY UNEXPLORED (they even did Meredith/Alaric!), when if this were Bonnie Mccullough they’d already be MARRIED! 

You know, back in season 3 of the show, I started to wish for Bonnie’s death. I thought, ‘if her character is going to be used and abused THIS much, she might as well be gone… Kat Graham deserves better, and I deserve better than to be stuck watching this show for her!’ But TVD kept her alive. They kept their token black person to keep their demographic viewers.

And yeah, a couple seasons later things seemed to be getting better… but then season 8 happened. :/ But I guess I should be thankful! My eyes are OPENED because of it. 

Bonnie Bennett is ENDLESSLY treated, made, and portrayed to feel undesirable, powerless, and worthless, next to her white friends. It’s #RacistTreatment and she deserves better. Kat Graham deserves better. And we as VIEWERS deserve better. 

I am SO DONE with this show, and I hope you will be to! Don’t put yourself through the heartache! Don’t put yourself through the twisted brainwash! I wish more than ever now that Bonnie Bennett would die. There’s just no winning. :/ She deserves better than emo Enzo AND self-centered Damon, who doesn’t give a crap about her! So just kill her! The writers have been emotionally stabbing her from the beginning anyways… 

I’m hurt. This hurts me… In a world full of constant injustice for people of color, I thought I was finally witnessing a powerful character… an attractive and beautiful black woman, who would be cared for and loved by others… It turns out she was nothing more than a plot line punching bag, created to make Elena, Caroline, the writers, and the viewers of this show feel better about themselves. :/ The abuse Bonnie Bennett has undergone has abused me worst than I think I’ve ever experienced in life. They have subliminally consistently told me I am less desirable, less powerful, and less worthy. I didn’t realize it before unfortunately, but I realize it now! And I’m DONE listening to the lies!

Well, I hope this article has enlightened you all! Don’t get so happy next time you see a diverse cast! Pay attention to the way the show/movie TREATS their people of color! Don’t be fooled, and left heartbroken and damaged, after believing and putting your faith and support into complete filth… 

Last, but not least, don’t let the ugly behavior of this world turn you into the very thing you despise. Fight hate with LOVE! And remember, we’re all brothers and sisters, whether we like it or not! 

Pray for the writers of TVD. Pray for the actors. Pray for it’s fans. Pray that they see the error of their ways, and learn to love and treat others the way they’d want to be treated… We all make mistakes. We’re all human. “We all have sinned.” Now it’s about moving FORWARD from that, and not repeating the same mistakes! :)

P.S. Go show Kat Graham’s twitter page some love! As hurt as I am by Bonnie’s treatment, she’s probably 10x more hurt! It’s probably why she decided to leave the show! She knew things weren’t going to get any better for her… :/ Anyhow, go show her some love! Thank her for gifting us with the lovely Bonnie Bennett! And compliment her on being the gorgeous and talented PROFESSIONAL she has always been! 

God bless!

Endure Choices {SE One Shot}

So! Some of you were really salty I did a Bonkaifan preview and not an SE update and some of you were wondering where the hell the review for 1x08 is. Well, I’m doing the review now and I wrote an SE one shot which I was going to upload yesterday but work got in the way, lol. It’s fulfilling one of many one shot requests, which was for me to do a drabble/one shot of Elena showing up to the Steroline wedding. I hope you enjoy it!

Stefan paced the room, loosening and re-tightening his tie, rolling his shoulders back; the suit felt too tight even though he new it couldn’t be — Caroline had made him promise to have his clothes tailor-made for the wedding. Anyway, it wasn’t just the suit — it was the room, everything felt small and close, he was hot and he couldn’t breathe, he was agitated and anxious. No. Those were the wrong words. Excited and nervous. That was what was how he felt. It was his wedding day, a certain level of anxiety was to be expected. He gritted his teeth. He felt like climbing walls. Patches of sweat dampened his shirt — a less desirable side effect of being human once more. Everything felt so claustrophobic, he was suffocating —

Sudden calm.

Stefan paused. He exhaled. He relaxed.

After a moment he furrowed his eyebrows and turned around.


She stood in the doorway, blue jeans and sneakers, red tank-top, cropped leather jacket — the spitting image of the memory he carried of her in his head. The sight of her made Stefan feel faint and his knees threatened to buckle beneath him, it was as if a dream had found its way into reality just to torment him. But he knew it was real. The intensity with which his heart ached told him so. He couldn’t even be happy to see her, he couldn’t even embrace her, feel her realness, he couldn’t be anything but angry.

“You shouldn’t be here,” he said finally.

Elena didn’t look surprised by his words, she only nodded slightly. “I know,” she said, inching into the room and closing the door behind her. “I just …” She swallowed hard. “I heard what was happening and I just wanted to say congratulations.”

Stefan nodded. He felt like he was going to keel over. “Thank you,” he said.

Elena smiled slightly. She walked over to him with slow, almost brittle steps. When she was only a foot away from him, her smile widened as he stared down at her.

“Congratulations,” she said again.

She stood up on tiptoe and hugged him and Stefan pressed her against his torso. He could feel Elena nestle her head into the crook of his neck and he closed his eyes at the familiar sensation of her nestled in his arms — he hadn’t realized how desperately he’d longed to hold her all these years, how his entire body felt devoid of real warmth i her absence. The piece of himself he’d been missing all this time had finally found its way back and he felt like himself again, felt whole, felt complete. It was Elena. He wasn’t truly living unless he was living with her. He —

Stefan’s eyes snapped open and he took a step back, shaking his head. “Why couldn’t you say congratulations at the reception like everyone else?”

Elena exhaled heavily. “I woke up and I was alone and I saw an RSVP on the kitchen counter and I just …” She closed her eyes. “I needed to see you before it happened. Before you became hers.”

Stefan glared at her. “And what about what I need? What about what’s best for me?”

“What are you —?”

“I never stopped loving you, Elena,” said Stefan sharply.

She pressed her lips together, silently screaming at the fact that the words she always wanted to hear were the words that also hurt her the most because nothing could be done about them.


“I know you know that. Everyone knows that. Caroline knows that. And you came anyway? I can’t see you today.”

“You think it’s easy for me seeing you here? Easy for me to wake up after how many years to find out you’re marrying my best friend? Well it isn’t, Stefan. I feel awful and I feel awful for feeling awful but I thought —”  

“No, I thought, Elena. I thought that this would be us.” Stefan gritted his teeth and hung his head. “For a long time, I thought somehow, some day you and I would end up together and the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was accept that that wasn’t going to happen.”

Elena’s felt her throat tighten but she bit the inside of her lip to keep from crying. Stefan’s stare blazed with raw intensity. “You being here is messing with my head and that isn’t fair to Caroline.”

“I don’t want to hurt Caroline. Or Damon.”

“Then why are you here?”

“Because I never stopped loving you either, Stefan,” said Elena. “Did you really think I did? No matter how serious it got with Damon, no matter how much you tried to take a step away from me, you were always with me, you never went away, it wasn’t even something I could begin to fight, I never don’t love you. I just—”  

“What did you say?”

“I needed time.”

Stefan’s eyes widened and Elena put her hands to her head. “And what was I supposed to do, wait for you to fall out of love with my brother?”

“No, of course not —”

“He was going to take the cure for you, you two were going to have a human life together.”

“I wouldn’t have let him do it.”

“You made a choice, Elena.”

“And so did you! You’re marrying my best friend.”

“And you slept with my brother!”

“I know!” said Elena.

Stefan paused and looked at her. “I didn’t want to cause any problems between you and Damon.”

“I know,” she whispered.

“I didn’t want to pine for you and haunt your steps and make you feel guilty for us not being together.”

Her tone flattened. “I know.”

“I wanted to be happy again. I wanted a life.”

“I know,” she gasped.

“I love her,” said Stefan. “Caroline? I do love her. It’s not, it’s won’t be, it’s —”

“I know, Stefan, I know,” said Elena. “I just… “ She cleared her throat. Her face was getting hot. She couldn’t cry. “I love you so much and I had to see you before it happened. I want you to be happy, Stefan, I want you to be so so happy because you deserve everything and Caroline is great, she’s kind of the perfect woman.”

Stefan stared at her.

“That’s what I wanted to say,” said Elena. “Be happy.” She turned around and opened the door and before he could think twice about what he was about to say, Stefan started to speak.

“I’ll … I’ll never love anyone the way I love you, Elena,” he said. “I just … I can’t. You’re the love of my life.”

She paused at the door and turned her head to face him. “And don’t ever think I could ever love anyone the way I love you. You’re the one. The minute you bumped into me in the hallway I knew you were the one.” She smiled sadly. “You make a dapper groom Stefan Salvatore.” And then she left, closing the door.


When Elena heard the door click behind her, she bent over and started hyperventilating, trying to catch her breath. She didn’t even hear the footsteps in the hallway.

“Elena? Elena is that you?”

Get it together, Elena, please, get it together. She stood up, subtly trying to control her breathing as she did. “Bonnie?”

They stared at each other for a moment, both of them paralyzed in a shocked happiness and then they ran toward each other and hugged.

Elena smiled. “I’ve missed you,” she said.  

“I can’t believe this. How is this possible?” said Bonnie. “How did you—?”

“I … I don’t know, I thought you did it!”

“No,” said Bonnie, shaking her head. She hugged her tighter. “No, I wish I did. I wanted to try, Elena, but Kai said —”

“It doesn’t matter,” said Elena, smiling. “We’ll figure it out later, let me just …” She pulled away to see Bonnie and giggled as she touched her face. “You’re real. This happening. I can’t believe it.”

“Oh my God, Caroline is going to freak! This was the best day to wake up!”

Elena’s smile faltered slightly but she did her best to perk back up, hoping Bonnie didn’t notice. “Yeah it is. I, um, I wanted to wish her well but I still don’t quite right so I think I’ll just see her and then go.”

“Yeah,” said Bonnie. “Yeah if you’re not feeling well. Let’s go.”

She took Elena by the hand and led her through the hallway and down the stairs. “Wait until you meet Josie and Lizzie, they’re the cutest things in the entire world. If Caroline doesn’t watch out, I might steal them from her. Is that a bad joke to make since they were kind of kidnapped?”


“Sorry, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about,” said Bonnie. “How long have you been awake? I’m guessing you didn’t get to read any of our journal entries yet.”

“Only a few…”

Bonnie opened a door with white tulle over the frame. “I’ve got a surprise for you!”

“Bonnie! A surprise? I’m having a meltdown here, Josie spilled something all over her flower girl dress and —”

Caroline stopped speaking when she turned around to face the door. She looked from Elena to Bonnie and back again. “Elena? Is this … Bonnie, what did you do?”

“I didn’t do it, she just woke up and —”

“Oh my God, this is amazing!” Caroline exclaimed. She ran over to Elena and hugged her. “It must be a June wedding miracle! Even if it isn’t in June but whatever, that’s not the point. Elena, you’re here!”

Elena smiled. It was the strangest sensation to feel so utterly glad to see her friend again and to be completely devastated about the circumstances with which they were seeing each other. She pulled away. “Congratulations,” she barely gasped. “I just …I wanted to tell you congratulations.”

“Wait a minute,” said Caroline. “Why are you saying it like you’re not staying? You’re a bridesmaid.”

Elena’s eyes widened slightly. “I don’t have a dress.”

“OK you might think this is crazy but I sort of had your bridesmaid dress made and I brought it with me. I know it’s a little insane but I don’t know I just needed to feel like you were here too and bringing the dress here just made it feel like you would come to put it on. I’m a total nutcase, right?”

“No,” said Elena. “No, that’s sweet. I just … I don’t feel quite oriented, you know, like I just woke up and —”

“But it’s my wedding day,” said Caroline. “You and Bonnie are my best friends and it’s all a girl really wants, to share one of the greatest days of their lives with their best friends, right?”

Each of Caroline’s words felt like a blow to Elena’s chest, causing her to hold her breath. She felt like she was going to collapse. “OK,” she said. “I’ll get ready.”


Stefan could feel the emotion swell in his gut, choking his windpipe but he cleared his throat — he would endure and he would endure dry-eyed. As long as Elena managed to leave then it would be fine, he would be fine. A knock on the door.

“Come on, little brother, it’s show time.”

Stefan sighed. He could do this. He would do this. He would be happy and in love and it would be with Caroline Forbes, a woman he very much cared for. His promulgations felt much less hollow in Elena’s absence and now that she was back, she awakened in him all that he’d been missing for nearly five years but he made a choice, he made a choice and he was seeing it through because it was a good choice, a rational choice.

“Stefan, man, let’s go.”

“Yeah, Damon, I’m coming.”

He wondered if he should tell him Elena was awake but then it would bring about too many hurtful questions, like why Elena went to him first and not Damon. Stefan was sure Elena went to see Bonnie and Caroline, they could be the ones to tell Damon she was awake.

Stefan opened the door and smiled when Damon saw him. “Looking sharp,” he said. “Ready to end your life as a free man?”

“Funny and original, Damon, thank you.”

Damon grinned and clapped Stefan on the shoulder. “Let’s go.”


Stefan stood at the altar, looking out at the tons of people sitting in the rows of chairs in front of him. He knew probably five of them and two of those people were Matt Donovan and his father. The decorations were extravagant but poised, everything very much a reflection of Caroline’s taste; rather than feeling like the groom, he felt like a groom, like he was playing a role for a magazine shoot.

The music sounded and Stefan smiled fondly as Josie and Lizzie littered the aisle with pink rose petals. Bonnie walked down after them with that easy grace only she could ever possess and that Stefan had always admired. A woman from Caroline’s work walked down after her and Stefan smiled politely when she made her way to the front. He turned back toward the aisle, preparing to see Caroline, no preparing to see his bride, his soon-to-be wife, his —

Stefan’s stomach dropped.

No. NO.

Elena walked stiffly down the aisle, her eyes lowered to the bouquet she held in her hands. Stefan barely heard Damon’s whisper. “Elena?”

A hole had gnawed its way through Stefan’s gut, emptying his very centre and his heart thudded painfully, everything inside of him was screaming. She couldn’t be here. Every step she took toward him felt like a jab in his chest and he was desperately thankful that he was not a vampire because he didn’t think he would be able to bear the anguish that was currently working its way through him if he was still subjected to that condition; if he had still been a vampire, the pain would’ve broken him apart.

Elena made it to the altar and Damon shifted to go to her but she shook her head slightly. “After,” she whispered.

She shifted her focus to Stefan who looked at her with angry betrayal. How could you do this to me.

Elena furrowed her eyebrows, her eyes shining with unshed tears. I had no choice. I’m sorry.

Stefan closed his eyes for a brief second and then took in a deep breath. We will endure this.

Elena swallowed and then found a spot next to Bonnie, tight-lipped and staring straight ahead directly past Stefan.

The wedding march sounded and all the guests stood up. Stefan turned toward the aisle again and saw Caroline walk down the steps toward him. She did look very pretty. Beautiful. Her blonde curls radiant in the sun but Stefan could only look at her, he couldn’t see her, not really, not with his entire being because it was attuned elsewhere, synced to Elena and he felt her everywhere as he watched Caroline walk toward him.  

He should do it, call it off, no one would have to know why, he could be the asshole who humiliated Caroline at her own wedding, it had to be better than this, right? It had to be better than shackling her to him instead of bonding her, leaving her wanting for something he couldn’t for the life of him give her.  

Stefan jerked as if he were about to move forward and speak but something held him back, a strong aura, a silent plea. Elena. He could feel her screaming at him even though he wasn’t looking at her and she wasn’t speaking. He knew in her mind she was yelling at him to stop, to endure, to be happy, to make Caroline happy, he’d made a choice after all.

He couldn’t breathe.

Caroline made it to the altar and Stefan took her by the hand as she moved to stand in front of him. He could see Elena in the periphery, just behind Caroline and a little to the right. Her head was turned toward them like the other bridesmaids but her eyes were lowered. Stefan looked back to Caroline who was smiling incredulously. She put her hand on his cheek.

“Aww, your face is red,” she said. “Are you going to cry?”

“No,” Stefan whispered. He smiled. “I won’t cry, I promise.”

She giggled.

Damon started the proceedings and something within Elena shrunk painfully, there was a weight on her chest that made her want to sink onto the floor. It hurt her to be so devastated with grief on her best friend’s wedding day and she wanted to the ceremony to be over so she could feel ashamed in private, so she could endure the extent of her sorrow alone because watching the two of them together opened within her a wound beyond healing

“The couple has prepared their own vows…”

Elena closed her eyes at the words. Is this what she woke up for? To suffer for a choice she thought she needed to make but that only caused her massive destruction.


Caroline fumbled with the piece of paper she’d written her vows on and it fell to the floor. When she bent to pick it up, Elena took this moment to glance at Stefan. Just once. When he wasn’t paying attention. She lifted her head slightly to gaze at him and saw that he was already looking at her, raw-eyed and clenched jaw. Her lips parted. Something within her contracted. And she felt the tears before she knew what was happening; she didn’t sniffle or blubber, she merely cried silently, stoically, accepting the warm streaks down her face.

The emotion that had been swelling in Stefan’s chest burst beyond repression and a tear dropped from his eye as he watched Elena cry. Caroline stood back up, blocking most of Elena from Stefan. She looked at him.

“You did cry,” she said.

“Sorry,” he gasped as another tear fell. “I am so sorry.”

Caroline smiled and started to read her vows as Stefan and Elena kept each other in their sights, staring at one another through the corners of their eyes, as one tear fell after the other.

Damon turned to Stefan. “Brother, your turn.”

Stefan’s eyes fluttered. He refocused his attention to Caroline who beamed at him. “Caroline, I …” He pressed his lips together.“I am not a perfect man and I never want to hurt you. Ever. You’ve seen me through so much. So I … I vow to you today to do everything in my power to be the man that you deserve…”

Elena chewed on her bottom lip as another tear fell, the salty sadness stinging her tongue. Stefan powered through even though he was torn inside with longing and guilt and shame and sadness.

At the back of the venue, behind the guests, two people listened to the ceremony with lazy expressions; one was picking at her nails and the other was eating some of the wedding cake with his fingers.

“I have to say, I’m disappointed. All I heard in Hell were stories about the Infamous Katherine Pierce and your flare for making an entrance. All you did was wake up Elena Gilbert. Not to brag, but the last time I crashed a wedding, the bride died and so did, like, fifty guests. This is just boring.”

Katherine turned to Kai. “This is more personal than that. I don’t just want to kill them for what they did to me, I want to destroy their lives and everyone knows, including Caroline but she’s just being an idiot, that Stefan Salvatore and bland, simple, self-righteous Little Miss Elena Gilbert are each other’s One True Loves. They will never get over each other. And nothing pleases me more than Stefan watching Elena watch him marry her best friend while Damon watches Elena’s reaction to Stefan marrying Caroline and Caroline being Caroline and burying her head in the sand, acting like none of this is happening. It’s going to rip them all apart until finally one of them snaps and I’m going to be there when that happens. They’re going to destroy themselves over this little love rhombus and then when they’ve psychologically and emotionally torn each other to shreds, I will kill them all.”

*Fun fact* I was trying to recreate a scene from a Chinese drama called The Princess Weiyoung:

Did I succeed?


Summary: Damon has always flirted with the reader, but is he just being himself or is their truth behind his words? After encouragement from both the Winchesters and Stefan the reader acts back. After testing the boundaries the reader makes a mistake…but is her punishment really a punishment? 

Word count: 5605

Author’s note: You KNOW you guys are in for it with both the title and the gif. I had so much fun writing this and it’s inspired about 3924 other ideas. So happy to be back writing, I love you guys!! 

You’d never met anyone like Damon Salvatore before there was just something about him. He always knew exactly what to say to send shivers down your spine or butterflies to form in your stomach. Damon constantly teased you because he knew how much his words affected you. It was almost like he dared you to act on things.

His words constantly replayed in your head always distracting you. You were in the Salvatore’s living room trying to research a possible spell to help Bonnie get her magic back when you kept thinking about Damon. You found yourself rereading the same line over and over again, but the information wouldn’t click.

You were distracted again when you felt hot breath against your neck and then someone whisper, “Thinking about me again?”. Jumping you turned around to see it was no other than Damon. He had a smirk on his face, “I’m dying to know what had you so deep in thought (y/n) I doubt it was that book…”.

Regaining your composure you said, “Never underestimate 1,000 year old grimoires Damon, they’re just riveting”.  He leaned over the top of the couch looking down at you, and there was a special look in his eyes. Damon shrugged, “I guess I’ll just leave you too it then unless..”.

You’d begun to speak before you even knew what you’d say, “Wait I-”. Damon smiled, he loved this hold he’d had over you. You cursed yourself for being putty in his hands, but you were distracted by someone else this time. For a moment you’d forgot Stefan had been researching with you until you heard his voice, “We could use some coffee now that I think of it, right (y/n)”.

Nodding your head you got up from the couch and made your way towards the kitchen, both brothers trailing behind you. You couldn’t shake the feeling of eyes on you and you turned around to Damon staring at you, more specifically your ass. You wanted to say something but you felt yourself begin to melt with his full attention on you.

Conflicted you just turned your head back around and continued toward the kitchen. When you got there Stefan sat down but Damon remained close to you. You reached for your glass on the top shelf, but you height stopped you from grasping it. Even on your tiptoes you were still too short, you cursed Stefan for assuming everyone was as tall as him.

Suddenly you felt someone press against you and an arm reach up further than yours to grab your glass. Before you could guess who it was he whispered in your ear, “Just trying to help you get what you want”. Turning around you saw it was Damon, his body still pressed against yours. Your voice was soft, “What I want?”.

Damon’s tone made it seem like you’d asked a crazy question, “The glass?”. You felt your cheeks begin to redden and you turned back around reaching for the sugar, “Oh yeah thanks”. If you’d turned around to face him you would’ve seen how smug he looked.

You continued making your coffee and made a glass for Stefan as well. Damon hadn’t said if he’d wanted any so you asked, “Damon do you want some coffee?”. Turning around for his response you were met with silence and another questioning look in his eyes. Again he licked his lips before saying, “I want something else to drink”.

It was sentences like that which sent shivers down your spine and filled your head with a thousand dirty thoughts. You couldn’t help but think how it would feel to have Damon’s teeth sink slightly into your skin while his lips also pressed against you, would it been a good type of pain?

You knew that vampires drinking from each other was extremely meaningful but what about a vampire drinking from a human? You were pulled from your thoughts when Stefan said, “(y/n)? You okay?”. What had he been saying before, had it been obvious that what Damon had said made you all tingly inside.

Nodding your head Stefan laughed, “You definitely need a break, that was too much research”. Damon smiled, “Does this mean we’re going to have fun for once?!”. You shook your head but you felt your insides tingle and what Damon’s fun would mean. You were pulled from the conversation when you felt your phone ring, it was Dean.

You picked up, “Dean? What’s up?”. You saw Damon mouth “Dean” to his brother while looking confused. Stefan whispered something in Damon’s ear and whatever it was caused him to roll his eyes. Dean sounded happy, “Guess what princess, Sam explained how you were stuck while researching on how to get your friends powers back and-”.

You cut him off, “You’re coming to Mystic Falls!”. It had been awhile since you’d seen the Winchesters because Mystic Falls had needed you more. The only reason you even knew the Winchesters was because of Alaric, he’d introduced you to two of his old hunting buddies.

Hunting had always interested you, it seemed like the only way to have some control over this unpredictable world. One thing lead to another and for the past year you’d been hunting off and on with them bouncing back from the Bunker to Mystic Falls. Sam and Dean had soon become family to you but you’d kept them separate from your Mystic Falls family, for the most part.

There had been a couple cases where the Winchesters had joined forces with the Salvatores, but something always felt off about it. Stefan and Sam clicked but Damon was almost jealous when it came to Dean. You assumed it was because Damon liked being the alpha male and he must’ve thought Dean threatened that. Regardless, you were excited for the Winchesters to come over.

You heard Dean laugh from the other line, “We’re about an hour or two away, Rick said we could clash at his place and we could all sort this magic thing out together”. You wondered why Rick hadn’t said anything to you but you shook that off. Grinning you said, “Okay, but first we’re going to have some fun tonight before we dedicate ourselves to research”.

Stefan raised an eyebrow at your statement, he didn’t expect you to allow yourself to relax. Dean continued, “Sounds good princess, Sammy will text you when we’re close”. Again you saw Damon mouth something to Stefan questioningly, this time it was “Princess”.

Hanging up the phone you said, “Yes Damon he calls me princess, I don’t know why but I’ve grown to love it”. You didn’t know why but a smirk formed on Damon’s face, he was obviously excited about something you’d said. Ignoring it you focused on Stefan, “Okay all we have to do is call Caroline and then boom she’ll figure out a party”.

Stefan seemed apprehensive, “You sure you’re up for this (y/n) since when do you actually like parties”. Before you could say anything Damon intervned on your behalf, “Let the girl live a little brother, this could be fun”. There was that look in his eyes again that made you both nervous and excited. Stefan smiled, “Okay fine, I’ll call Caroline and see what can be done”.

He dialed her number and left the room to take the call, his coffee in his hand. You finally took a sip of your coffee, happily hoping to perk up. Damon propped his head up with hand, “So you like being called princess?”. Damon wouldn’t let this go huh, it was just a pet name.

You rolled your eyes, “Damon what’s the problem with that, it’s just his name for me”. Damon laughed and you didn’t know why, this couldn’t possibly be funny it was literally just a word. He used his super speed and within a second he was in front of you once again pressing your body against the cabinets.

He placed a stray strand of hair behind your ear while he whispered, “I could think of a thousand dirty little names for you, but something tells me you’d enjoy having one for me…dad-”. Your moment was interrupted when Stefan made his way back into the room and Damon pretended to reach for something behind you.

For a moment or so you were left there trying to not only catch your breath but also stop the ache in your core. Stefan seemed excited, “So Car said that Tyler is down to throw a party at his house later so we’re all set”. Damon clapped his hands together, happy that things were falling into place. He grinned, “Alright I’m going to go freshen up for the night, let the games begin”.

You looked to Stefan and you both laughed at his brother. Taking another sip of you coffee Stefan put his empty glass in the sink behind you. He turned around to face you, “Okay what is happening with you and Damon?”.

You choked on your sip of coffee, how much had Stefan heard. Trying to seem cool you asked, “What do you mean? He just left-”. Stefan tilted his head to the side as if to say, really come on. You explained, “I don’t know Stefan he’s just being his flirty self and since he hasn’t gone out in a while I’m his victim”.

Stefan still wasn’t convinced, “It’s a lot more than just flirting, he exudes jealously at the thought of someone else calling you a simple pet name”. He did have a valid point, but you couldn’t accept that Damon felt something more for you.

Stefan could always read you like a book, “Why does the idea of my brother having feelings for you so hard for you to imagine?”. You didn’t realize but you thought out loud, “Because I’m not Elena”. Damon and Elena were epic loves, everyone knew that and now she wasn’t here. You always told yourself that Damon was just lonely and that’s why he showed interested.

Your words caused Stefan to shake his head, “Seriously (y/n) that’s it? That’s why you convince yourself to hide how you feel!”. You didn’t know how to react, the truth was out now and you couldn’t take it back. Stefan angrily smashed his fist onto the table, and then began to calm down.

He got closer to you, “I’m sorry (y/n) but that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, and I’ve been around for more than 100 years”. You shook your head unsure of what to say. Trying to explain you said, “Stefan, he wants Elena and he only wants me as a distraction”. Stefan sighed, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

It was his turn to explain, “I know my brother (y/n), and what he had with Elena wasn’t what it seemed…he depended on her and that’s not love. Don’t get me wrong I’m extremely thankful for everything she’s done for him but-”. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing, you jaw almost dropped.

He continued, “Damon didn’t think he was good without Elena, and then you came into our lives. You helped him see what was truly there, it was like you brought the good out in him but rather you helped him want it for himself”.  Stefan was right, there was a difference there.

Stefan smiled, “Damon’s changed, he loves Elena…but not like how he used too”. You found yourself smiling, you’d always thought you’d really helped Damon and it felt good to hear someone else thought so too. Finally you spoke, “I really care about him Stefan, but how do I know he’s not just playing with my feelings”.

Now Stefan rolled his eyes, “Damon is testing you, I hate him for it but he is. He doesn’t really know how you feel, and he wants you to actually act on things, trust me”. He was scared to lose you, how did you not realize before.

His flirtations had increased but ultimately he never pushed the line. You started to process things, “Fuck…you’re right Stefan”. Stefan shook his head while looking up to the ceiling, almost as if he’d finally gotten the divine intervention he was hoping for. He placed his hands on your cheeks, “Finally (y/n) finally you actually realize the truth”.

You laughed at how excited he was but to be fair you had been in the dark about things for a long time. Stefan added, “Things are about to get interesting…you know Dean has always told me Damon wanted something more but I never believed him either”. When you’d said Dean it was like Stefan changed.

You raised an eyebrow and he explained, “Damon is insanely jealous of Dean I-”. You couldn’t help but laugh, Dean was family to you there were no feelings there. Stefan continued, “I know it’s funny to you but to Damon the guy is real competition”. That was still crazy to you, Dean was flirty by nature but that was it.

Stefan said, “Be careful tonight, jealous Damon-”. You cut him off, “Trust me Stefan, there’s nothing there and I’m not going to push Damon into doing anything, the balls in my court right?”. He nodded his head and you realized you needed to get ready.

Before leaving the room Stefan said one last thing to you, “My brother has a lot of sides to him, and jealously does weird things to him”. To you it seemed like Stefan was over reacting, you reassured him that you weren’t going to take advantage of your sudden realizations.

With that you went to your room, waiting for Damon to be done in the shower. You sat down on your bed checking your phone, Caroline had been blowing it up because of her excitement about tonight. You didn’t even hear the water shut off, or Damon start walking towards your room.

You only noticed when he stood there in only a towel, “The showers free”. Bringing your head up from your phone and finally taking in Damon you couldn’t help but bite your lip. Shirtless Damon was incredible, and you were suddenly very aware of the fact that he was only wearing a towel.

He grinned when he saw you staring, “Why don’t you take a picture (y/n) it will last longer”. Normally you would’ve blushed but you wanted to tease him right back. Getting up from your bed you made your way towards him, and he seemed surprised. You grabbed a towel off your desk chair and before passing him you whispered in his ear, “I’m just thinking of all the water we’re wasting taking individual showers…”.

You didn’t stay around to see his reaction, you knew he’d be a mixture of confused and aroused. Damon stood there his mouth agape, you never flirted back like that before. He walked towards his room, and for once he couldn’t get something you’d said out of his head.

It didn’t take you long to shower, you were too eager to actually start the night, before you knew it you were done. You went into your room and closed the door behind you, preparing to change. For tonight you decided on a simple yet sexy short black dress that also came with a thick black choker. To complete things you decided on black heels as well, they weren’t too tall.

For makeup you decided with a light pink smokey eye with cat eye, and a pink lip to match. You were scared you’d overdressed but Caroline sent a picture of her outfit and she was just as dolled up. Normally you only got dressed up like this on hunts and you knew it would be a big surprise for the Salvatores to see you like this.

Checking your phone you got a text from Sam that said they were outside, and you rushed downstairs to meet them. You passed both Stefan and Damon who were sitting in the living room, and they were completely shocked at how good you looked. You opened the door and hugged both brothers, they looked pretty good themselves.

They were their versions of dressed up, button downs and jeans. By this time the Salvatores had joined you in the hallway to see what the commotion was about. Dean took your hand and forced you to do a spin, “Damn princess you look good”. Remembering what Stefan had said you just laughed and said, “We all look nice”.

You felt Damon staring at you and when you looked at him you saw he really did look good; white v-neck, black jeans, and of course a leather jacket. Stefan was the first to say something, “Thank you for all the help too, it’s always good to have a different perspective”. The Winchesters assured them that they were just happy to help.

Damon was eager to leave but before he could open his mouth Dean spoke up, “So princess you wanna take shot gun in baby and direct us to the party?”. Damon confusingly said, “Baby?” causing you to laugh. You explained, “It’s the nickname of his car her full name would be; 1967 Black Chevy Impala”. Dean proudly looked at you, happy you remembered so much about his baby.

Damon wasn’t as impressed, “Nice car, little outdated don’t you think”. Stefan interrupted in order to stop a possible fight, “You know I love old cars I drive a 1963 Red Porsche 356B Karmann Coupe myself”. Dean nodded his head in approval, but you were dying to finally leave.

You smiled, “Okay so I’ll direct the boys and you two will follow behind?”. Everyone seemed in agreement and you all started towards the LockWood mansion. The second you got in the car Dean asked, “What is that guys problem?”.

You laughed and then proceed to explain everything to them both, happy about how things were for once. The first thing Dean said was, “Damn straight he should be jealous (y/n) you’re incredible”. Sam was just as happy, “I’m glad you finally know what you want (y/n), and that those feelings will be returned”. Before you knew it you were at Tyler’s house.

Getting out of the impala you waited as Stefan pulled up behind you, and then finally joined you. Together you all walked up to the door and you were greeted by a very excited Caroline. She couldn’t wait to hug you, “Oh my god (y/n)!!! You look so good, I’ve missed you!”.

Caroline was one of your best friends but the hunting lifestyle had separated you guys a little bit. You hugged her back, “I’ve missed you so much, you look as good as ever”. While hugging you she whispered in your ear, “Damon can’t take his eyes off of you”. You found yourself smiling remembering what you’d said to him.

Caroline addressed everyone, “Drinks are in the kitchen, I say we start there”. She linked her arm with yours and you both made your way towards the kitchen. You decided you’d only have enough to be lightly buzzed, but not drunk. Caroline started to pour everyone a shot wanting to get the night started.

Suddenly you felt someone behind you and it was Damon, “You look good (y/n), really good”. Turning around you smiled at him, “Was that an honest compliment I just heard, how much have you already had to drink?”. You got Damon to laugh which was one of your favorite sights, it normally didn’t happen often.

He had a full bottle of bourbon in his hand, “Nothing…yet”. Damon finished his sentence by taking a sip and you still felt like surprising him. You reached for the bottle, “Mind sharing?”. He shook his head and watched you take a long sip. While handing back the bottle he leaned in to whisper in your ear, “Those pretty lips of yours look so beautiful wrapped around something”.

You wanted to tease him right back so you whispered in his ear, “If only you could’ve felt how good that bourbon dripping down the back of my throat made me feel…”. This time you watched your words hit him, his pupils dilating further.

He opened his mouth to speak but you wanted to continue the game so you grabbed the bottle from him and began to walk away. You made your way to the dancefloor, bottle in hand. Starting to sway with the music you let the beat pulse through you body. Damon watched you, licking his lip, and you loved the attention.

Something had shifted inside of you, something about the way tonight felt made you extremely confident. You suddenly felt someone press against your backside, but it was Damon. You knew who it was the second they whispered, “Just helping with the game, princess”.

You knew Stefan had warned you about jealous Damon but part of you felt like it could be dangerously fun. You watched his expression change, when he noticed Dean he took a step towards you. Daringly you shook your head, allowing you hips to move with Deans. Your bodies moved as one to the beat but to reassure you he said, “It’s an act (y/n) I’m just making it look real”.

Taking another sip from the bottle you felt the alcohol warm your body up, making you feel ever better. Dean let his hands roam your body and you did you best to look like you enjoyed. Seeing Damon watching all of this sent a pang of need to your core. Dean’s lips were dangerously close to your neck and you wondered if he’d kiss you or not, but before he could Damon was there within a second.

He didn’t have to say anything, Dean kissed you on the cheek and then left you both alone. Still without saying anything Damon took your hand and lead you away from everyone. He lead you to Tyler’s dad’s office and you felt yourself melting with anticipation.

Damon opened the door, shut it behind him, and only spoke when he pressed you against it. His voice was low, “You didn’t listen (y/n) did you?”. You were trying to process things but the only thing you could focus on was the fact that Damon had you pressed against the door.

He forced your head up lightly with his hand by placing it under your chin, “And you’re not listening now…looks like you need to be taught a lesson”. You couldn’t help but laugh, which was the wrong move. Damon bit his lip while taking a step back, “So naive (y/n)…”.

You rolled your eyes, “You brought me up here Damon, we’re all alone, and now you back away from me? Do something”. Using his super speed he bent you over the desk, you were still facing him. With his thumb he dragged down your bottom lip, “All talk princess why don’t you do something?”.

Again hearing him use that word sent shivers down your spine, and made your heart race. He picked up on that, “It turns you on when I use little names for you huh (y/n), it’s always the good ones…”. Somehow you found the words, “You’re the one that whispers dirty things into my ear every chance you get”.

Damon laughed allowing his hand to trail down your body, “And I can only imagine how wet it makes you babygirl…bet it’s all you can think about until you have a chance to make yourself come undone”. Your breath hitched at his words and you bit your lip in order to hide a moan.

By this time both of his hands were on your hips, “I’m right aren’t I? How many times have you made that pretty little pussy of yours cum just thinking about what I’ve said to you?”. This time you let out a moan, this was all so much. One hand moved to lightly grasp your neck, “Answer me baby”.

Again somehow you found the words, “Too many times….”. An evil grin formed on Damon’s face, which reminded you that once again you were putty in his hands. You wanted to shift things, “Now how many times have you been thinking about teaching me a lesson? But yet here we are and you’re doing nothing…”.

Damon used his strength to turn you around quickly, your back to him. His lips were right below your ear, “Be careful what you wish for (y/n)”. After he spoke he kissed down your neck, stopping where it met your jaw. He lightly sucked that spot and you moaned again. His lips felt so good against your skin, better than you’d imagined.

He started to lift up your dress, exposing your ass. Damon then bent you down so your chest rested against the desktop. Before you could ask what he was doing he smacked your ass, “You shouldn’t have made me jealous baby”.

His slap made your skin tingle and you knew it was bad but you liked it, and you liked it even more when he rubbed where he’d previously spanked. You moaned again, and this drove him even crazier. Damon couldn’t believe that, “You like that (y/n)? Fuck you’re such a bad little girl”.

His words made you moan again you needed more, “Damon please-”. He cut you off by spreading your legs apart, bringing his face inches away from your ass. Damon kissed the red spot now forming on your ass, “You still need to be punished baby”.

Slowly he brought down your underwear, further exposing yourself. He placed a hand on both of your ass cheeks, “So fucking beautiful (y/n), so tight”. You were already soaked and he’d barely touched you, “Please I’ve learned my lesson”.

Damon laughed, “I haven’t even started yet and you’re dripping for me”. He brought his mouth even closer to your pussy, his hot breath teasing you even more. Spreading your ass he exposed your pussy, and he lightly kissed down your folds. With one hand he arched your back giving himself a better angle, “Fuck you look so good”.

You needed more, “I taste even better”. Another side of you was coming out and you couldn’t believe what you’d said. Damon threw his head back groaning at your words, he loved how dirty you were getting. With two fingers he spread your lips, giving better access to your clit.

Damon took you clit between his lips, sucking deeply. He let go to flick it quickly with his tongue sending shivers down your spine. He grinned, “So sensitive baby girl”. He sucked on your clit again, but not for long. Turning your head around you looked to see why he’d stopped but he just stood there smirking.

He turned your body around again so this time you faced him, and he lifted you up placing you on the desk. Damon placed his hands on the backs of your knees and brought your body closer to his, “You look so beautiful when you’re so desperate for me”.

Damon looked you up and down shaking his head, “You’re still wearing too much..”. Taking the hint you pulled your dress over your head, and to show him you were serious you also took off your bra. The cold air caused your nipples to harden, and goosebumps to form all over your skin.

He smirked, “I can help with that” lowering his head to take your left nipple in his mouth. Damon circled around your nipple before lightly biting it and you loved it, “That feels so fucking good”. This encouraged him and he started to tweak your other nipple with his free hand. Your whole body felt so sensitive and his touches lit you on fire.

Damon moved his mouth from your nipple to the place inbetween both your breasts, and he started to kiss up your chest. He was purposely leaving hickies all over you in order to let everyone know you were his. His face was now inches away from yours, “I’ve been waiting so long to do this”.

Damon placed one hand on your cheek as he finally leaned in and kissed you. It felt like your entire body was on fire and his lips on yours was the first spark. Your mouths moved together, tongues and all. The kiss had ignited something inside the both of you, and you were both more needy now.

His clothes were off in about a minute, and he picked you up again. This time he moved you both to the couch as he fell back, you on his lap. The kissing intensified and your hands roamed each others bodies, needing more. As Damon started to kiss your neck again you felt his extremely hard member pressing against you.

You couldn’t help but make a joke, “Is that a stake in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”. Surprisingly you felt Damon smile against your skin, and you didn’t know that would feel as good as it did. His voice was low, “That was funny but the only thing I want coming out of your mouth is my name”.

You took that as an opportunity to take his member in your hand and move it towards your entrance. Damon put his hands on your hips lifting your body up and you positioned him inside you. Moaning you sank down onto him, and he threw his head back. It felt incredibly good for the both of you.

Still his hands were on your hips and he started to guide you; forwards, backwards. You needed more so you started to slowly bounce up and down. Damon was moaning, “Fuck you’re perfect (y/n), so perfect”. You leaned forward while bouncing and he took your breast in his mouth again, giving you even more pleasure.

Damon’s tongue felt so good against your sensitive skin, “Oh fuck-I’m so”. Surprising you Damon lifted your body and turn you so your back pressed against his chest. Damon positioned himself inside of you again, but he kept his hand at your entrance.

You picked up rhythm again and Damon did the same, except now he used his super speed to massage your clit. It was like nothing you’d ever felt before and you knew you were close, but Damon was too. Damon kept saying the dirtiest things he could think of into your ear, “You gonna let that pretty pussy cum all over my cock baby?”.

With all the pleasure you were feeling the only thing you could do was nod your head, but he wanted more. Damon wanted to hear you say it, “Who’s fucking that tight pussy, who’s making you feel so good?”. The amount of pleasure you were feeling overtook your body, you were losing control.

It took everything in you to say, “You are Damon, you are”. Somehow Damon’s hand moved faster, his thrusts deeper. That was what he wanted, “Say it again (y/n), louder”. You said his name again and this time he groaned animalistically. He spoke again, “You’re close baby, I am too…cum with me”.

You nodded your head but Damon wanted more. His free hand wrapped lightly around your throat, “I said fucking cum baby, let everyone know who’s making you cum”. His grip on your neck made it a little harder to breath, and this intensified everything.

Between his cock hitting your g-spot and his hand massaging your clit you couldn’t hold it in anymore. You felt your walls tighten around him and you felt him twitch inside you, that was it. The knot in your stomach finally released and as you close your eyes you screamed out his name. Damon was right there with you, moaning and panting.

As your orgasm washed over your body you felt Damon release inside of you, and the feeling of being filled up turned you on further. You both became lost in the moment, all you could do was scream out each others names. Finally you began to gain control again, and you were left panting.

Slowly you lifted yourself off of Damon and turned around to face him. Damon looked so happy, the look of pure ecstasy on his face. He lifted your chin up and stared deeply into your eyes. That was all he did for a moment, just sitting there taking you in while catching his breath.

You felt yourself smiling too, the moment too perfect. Finally he slowly kissed you again, this time it was a different type of needy. It was like Damon wanted to remember this for the rest of his life, so he went slow in order not to miss anything. When the kiss was over he placed a hand on your cheek again, “I’m in love with you (y/n)”. You felt the butterflies in your stomach again as happiness washed over you.

You took his face in both hands, “I love you too Damon, I’m so lucky to have you”. He shook his head, “I’m the lucky one (y/n), and I’m never going to lose you”. He kissed you again and then laid you down on the couch. Damon pulled the blanket from the other end of the couch over you both.

You cuddled into him, resting your head on his chest. He ran his hands through you hair, “In my 100+ years on this earth (y/n) I’ve never felt something like I feel for you”. Damon kissed your forehead and you felt at peace with the world. Nothing could top how you both felt in this moment.

  Checking your phone you noticed you’d gotten texts from; Caroline, Dean and Stefan. Carolines read, “ See you went off with Damon….FINALLY”. You smiled reading it and then read Dean’s, “Hope my flirting with you didn’t cause any problems, tell me what happened tomorrow princess” which also made you smile. Finally you read Stefan’s, “I didn’t need super hearing to hear what just happened….don’t know whether to be proud or grossed out…”. Laughing you realized how loud you and Damon had been, but you didn’t care for once you were truly happy.


Imagine~ you tease Kai about his feelings for you even though you like him to.

Word Count: 1237 

“Kai, can you come to the shops with me to grab some groceries?” you said as you walked into the front room.

In the last 6 months of you and Kai being stuck in this prison world together he’d grown feelings towards you and he’d told you about them, well kind of. He was the flirty type and when he came up to you one day wondering why he had butterflies in his stomach whenever he was near you, you put 2 and 2 together.

“Can’t we go later I’m reading this book?” he groaned not even glancing over to you.

“Please.” you said as you walked in front of him, batting your eyelashes. His eyes which were glued to the book reluctantly looked up to you and he couldn’t resist.

“Ugh fine. But I’m driving.” he sighed standing up making you grin widely.

Both of you made it outside, hopping into the car and making your way to the supermarket. The ride was silent, a comfortable silence though like it was in most of your car rides.

After a while you’d arrived in the rather large supermarket, you knew sooner or later you’d run out of your favorite food in the store but right now it had more than enough.

You grabbed a shopping cart, leaning over the handle as Kai waited by the front door. “Okay so what do we need?” Kai said glancing over the isles.

“Oo lets get some pepperoni pizza!” you said, your eyes lighting up at the thought making Kai smile.

“Fine but only pork rinds as well.” he said glancing over at you. “Deal.” you giggled.

You slowly made your way through the supermarket, Kai throwing in a bag of pork rinds as you walked before grabbing another and opening them to eat.

After collecting all of your needed groceries,which mostly included junk and only a few necessities, you found your way into the frozen isle looking for pizza.

You spotted it but it was on the top shelf and you knew you wouldn’t be able to reach it. “Kai can you grab that pizza for me?” you asked smiling. The shelf was unusually high and you weren’t even sure if Kai could reach it.

Kai leaned over but was about an inch away from reaching it. It didn’t help there was another lower down freezer below which contained fries.

You groaned as Kai looked back at you in defeat before his eyes lit up and you could tell he had a lightbulb moment. He turned around bending his knees, his back to you, you stood there confused as to what he wanted you to do.

“Hop on.” he said and it was then you realizing he would be giving you a piggy back ride. You jumped on and Kai stood up slowly in an attempt to keep himself balanced.

The warmth of your body radiated off you onto him and it warmed his heart. He truly did like you but he didn’t know the right way to express his feelings towards you so he carried on acting the way he always had.

You finger tips gripped onto the pizza and you pulled it down, grabbing it before it fell on the floor. “Whew.” you sighed throwing the pizza into the cart. “Do you want me to get down or?” you asked looking down at Kai, who didn’t seem to mind.

“Nah it’s cool because then I wouldn’t be able to do this.” he said. But before he could even give you time to think he started jumping around and spinning. You screamed and laughed at the same time before he stopped and put you down.

“Don’t ever do that again.” you said, giggles still escaping your throat.

He chuckled before you both made your way out of the supermarket. Kai seemed really happy and that made you happy, he was usually quiet and when he spoke he was usually cocky and flirty but right now he was in a good mood.

Most of the ride home you caught Kai staring at you, which was really unsafe considering he should’ve been looking at the road. But whenever he did you couldn’t help but feel butterflies subtly flying around deep down within you.

“You do realize I can see you staring.” you said giggling as you turned to Kai. His face burned a bright red and he quickly darted his eyes onto the road.

After a while you finally reached the house and Kai went to unload the groceries from the back as you walked towards the porch of the house.

“Little help here?” he groaned as he heaved up the heavy bag. You sighed as you turned around walking towards the car to see his muscles flexing in an attempt to carry all the bags.

You stared for a minute, he looked good. “I know I’m masculine but no need to stare.” he smirked as you were snapped out of your trance.

“Who says I was staring.” you said as you approached him, “But I know you were staring at me in the car. Has the evil witch finally caught some feelings?”

You smirked slightly, returning the flirtatious and cocky comments he usually aims at you. His eyes almost went black as he swiftly walked past you and into the house.

Shocked, you stood there, not really sure what to do. You thought you must’ve hit a nerve so you simply grabbed the shopping from the back and made your way into the kitchen where Kai was.

“Sorry Kai, about what I said. I didn’t mean it in the wrong way.” you sighed, feelings were always something Kai struggled with and you were worried you’d brought something dark up.

Kai quickly turned around pressing himself against you as your back hit the counter. “I know exactly how you meant it.” he whispered, his breath fanning against your face making your breath hitch in your throat.

“K-Kai.” you stammered, you didn’t know what to say. Neither of you had been this close to each other and it kind of scared you but in a good way.

“You know I like you and you use it against me.” You were about to say something but before you could he started speaking again. “And it’s because I like you that I really need to do this.”

Before you could even think his lips connected with yours. You were stunned and butterflies erupted in your stomach and even though everything within you were telling you to kiss back you couldn’t.

He pulled away, his eyes full of despair. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry I-I just..” he trailed off, you could tell he was hurt and it hurt you to.

So you did the only thing you could do, you kissed him. As you did you could feel the smile he had on his face which made you smile to. Sparks went off and you both felt happy. The kiss was soft not intense. It was like a friendship kiss but with more love.

After a few moments you pulled away and the small smile turned into a massive grin and he pulled you into his embrace.

“Thank god.” he whispered.

(a/n) i hate this sm for some reason but I hope everyone else likes it. :)

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Friendship or hate?

You were close. Closer than most people that’s for sure. Then again you weren’t people, you were vampires. Mystic falls was where you were born alongside Damon and Stefan Salvatore. A simple tragic tale of the girl next door who loved her raven haired best friend so much she got in the crossfire of humans versus vampires. Considering everyone wound up dead no one won. Except maybe that nasty doppelganger Katherine Peirce. Of course you and Damon had never knew that the girl who almost destroyed your friendship causing the both of you to part ways in vampirism until a little while later when you met up and apologized profoundly to one another you never knew she had won. Of course you disliked the fact that Damon spent most of his immortal Life trying to find a way to save a girl who didn’t need to be saved. That’s why your first instinct​ was to dislike Elena Gilbert, and you tried every way possible to dislike her and her friends, but you couldn’t, and while you grew closer with the others you also grew even closer with damon. That is until the originals came to town. Klaus was always the bad guy everywhere he went except for when he was with you. Obviously it wasn’t always like that. It took years for Klaus to realize that the reason he couldn’t kill you was because he loved you, and at times he still seemed to forget it.
“Whatever you guys have planned, leave me out of it.”
“Y/n we are your friends. Klaus is a killer and he will kill you the first chance he gets.”
“He wouldn’t. Not me. Maybe all of you and that’s mostly because you guys are always plotting his death!”
“If Klaus likes you so much. Maybe we should use you against him.”
“Don’t be stupid. She is our friend.”
“She is also an original support Elena.”
“What the hell is this world war two. Let me guess you guys are the Jews.”
“Come on Elena. All we have to do it kidnap her and call Klaus and tell him to give us the sword.”
A ball of fear and betrayal filled your veins it was almost a stronger pull than human blood. Soon you were covered in darkness.

The room you woke up in was dark and the shackles that strapped you in a chair was soaked with vervain.
“We will let you go as soon as we get what we want.”
“You think you’re so much better than him don’t you? Look at you though using your friends to get what you want though. You betray people just as much as he does Damon.”
Damon’s eyes held guilt but he didn’t say anything. You stared in the face of all the people you had come to love over the years.
“You love someone who has done nothing but brought pain to our lifes y/n.”
“I could talk to him…Convince him to leave.”
“It wouldn’t work. You’re just a meaningless vampire that he will get rid of once he is done with you.”
Stefan held your phone to his ear and you heard Klaus speak. His voice caused you to relax slightly despite the pain you were suffering because of the vervain.
“Love where are you?”
“She’s right here. Chained to a chair. Bring us the hunters sword and we will let her go.”
Klaus laughed.
“You wouldn’t dare hurt her. She is your friend.”
The others looked around and knew that what he said was true. Well that was until their y/h/c e/c friend screamed as a stake was shoved into her leg. Tears threatened to spill as she met the eyes of her attacker.
“It’s like Katherine all over again. I should never have forgave you back then.”
“I’m sorry but he killed Elena. She comes first.”
At that tears really did leak from her eyes. The now in pain vampire didn’t dare look at her so called friends. It felt like hours before she heard the sound of commotion going on upstairs. That’s when she looked up. Only to be stared in the face by none other than Stefan salvatore.
“I didn’t want to do this. I hope that you can forgive me.”
Stefan led you upstairs. Klaus had his hand around Damon’s heart getting ready to rip it from his chest. You almost let him.
“Nik, I’m right here. Just let him go okay?”
The hybrid retracted his fangs and threw Damon into a wall. His heart broke at the tone in your voice and the burns along your wrists. He picked you up despite your protest and sped far away from the house you never wanted to step foot in again. It was only when you were in the comfort of the mikelasons mansion you broke down in heavy sobs.
“This is all my fault love. I should have made myself an enemy to you, and your friends wouldn’t have done what they did. They wouldn’t have used you against me.”
“I’m not angry with you Nik. Even anything I’m grateful. Thank you for coming to rescue me.”
“Of course. I wasn’t going to just leave you there.”
“It’s just- Damon him and I have been friends for so long and I barely ever left his side no matter how many things he did wrong, and then I do one thing he doesn’t like and he stabs me in the back. If they were my true friends they wouldn’t have done what they did.”
“Love makes people do crazy things. Damon loves Elena and he saw you as a threat.”
“I don’t care. He loved me too.”
She was heartbroken at the betrayal​ and loss of her friends and everyone could see that. So the people in the Mansion did everything possible to make you happy. Elijah was always sharing stories and reading with you, and you and kol would cause mischief around the house. You and Rebekah would have makeovers and movie nights and then Klaus. He was a different story.
“Y/n do you want to paint? Or maybe I could show you some of my paintings I know you always like looking at them.”
“Nik you don’t have to keep trying to make me happy.”
“I like it when your happy y/n.”
“I am happy, because I’m here with you. I love you and your family. Just because I lost my friends doesn’t mean I forgot about the friends I still have.”
Klaus kissed your forehead.
“I love you too sweetheart. So what do you say fancy a drink?”
To say you were feeling slightly uneasy about the possibility of running into your old friends was an understatement, so that’s probably why Klaus and the entire original family tagged along. Though you, Klaus, and kol sat at the bar as Rebekah took up residence with a human in a booth and eventually kol drifted towards the pool table leaving you alone with the hybrid.
“I’m gonna use the restroom, love. Are you okay here alone?”
“I’m fine Nik. Plus Elijah is right their and Rebekah and kol are over their if anything were to go wrong they would help me in an instant.”
“I just worry.”
Instead of replying you kissed his mouth and watched him walk away bringing your whiskey to your mouth.
“Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you.”
“Hello to you to. What do you want?”
Your tone implied that whatever he did want he sure as hell wouldn’t be getting it from you.
“I’ve just been needing someone to talk to.”
“Go find Elena. You didn’t stab her with a stake I’m sure she would be more than happy to listen to your pathetic sorrows.”
Damon looked at you with a sad look.
“I know we shouldn’t have do-”
“There isn’t a we in the situation Damon. I could careless about those stupid young vampires and humans. It was you that hurt me the most and I don’t mean physically. Leave me alone Salvatore. For good.”
“Y/n please. I’m sorry.”
“I think you should leave mate.”
Kol placed his hand tightly and Damon’s shoulder and pulled him away from you forcefully. Klaus appeared out of no where and slipped an arm around your waist. Elijah’s book was sat on the table and Rebekah left the human boy.
“This is all an act. Stefan’s right y/n they are just going to leave you or kill you when they get tired of you. They don’t need you. Why would they love you y/n?”
The words were harsh.
“Why do you love me Damon? That’s right you don’t.”
“Your my best friend of course I love you!”
“Do you call hurting me love? We aren’t friends Damon! I want you to stay away from me.”
The originals returned to normal as the other vampire left the grill. Klaus turned towards you and cupped your face with his calloused hands.
“He is wrong you know.”
“About what?”
“I could never be done with you. I love you far to much for that. And the real question is, how could we not love you? I think I can speak for all of us. We wouldn’t be us without you. You make us human y/n.”
Tears sprung to your eyes and Klaus kissed your tears.


Word count: 910

You almost die and Kai realizes how much he cares for you

You never thought you would have to fight with your friends by your side to protect your town, but since Katherine came back from hell, you knew it was time to do something to protect the people you love. When you heard she came back, you had a feeling she would cause chaos and you were right. Even though you were really scared, backing out or hiding never really crossed your mind, but Kai didn’t like the idea of you risking your life. He was always over protective and sometimes it was driving you crazy, but sometimes you felt safer when he acted like that. It only showed you how much he cares for you and how much he wants to keep you by his side, without losing you. This wasn’t the first time you risked your life. It happened before and every time you had to do it, Kai always made sure you thought about it, just to make sure this is what you really wanted. It was all fine before so you decided to do it again, even though you were just a human, you surely didn’t act helpless. There wasn’t a lot of things you could do, you didn’t have magic or vampire speed and strenght, but you stayed. You thought fighting against Katherine would be the same, but it wasn’t.

Things were getting more and more dangerous, and you knew it was better for you to give up and find a more secluded place, where Katherine couldn’t find you. It was working perfectly fine, until she did find you. Your heart was beating rapidly, your hands shaking like never before. Your body froze and you didn’t know what to do. It would be a lot easier if she was alone, but she wasn’t. While Bonnie, Elena, Damon and the rest of them fought her helpers, she went to find you because she knew you wouldn’t be able to protect yourself.

‘Well, well, isn’t this the one and only, Kai Parker’s girlfriend?’ She laughed as she looked around the place you were hiding in. 'Why are you even here? You’re just a human.’ She said, picking up a broom, breaking it in half. You swallowed hard, your heart beating even faster than before.

'I’m not afraid of you.’ You said, trying to act brave but she probably noticed how shaky your voice was.

'Your heartbeat is telling me something completely different, sweetheart.’ She said, looking at you. 'You know what, let’s get this over with.’ She trailed off as she ran towards you, driving the sharp half in your body, making you gasp. She punctured your lung and you collapsed on the floor. She ran away as you stayed like that on the floor, unable to breathe. You tried yelling but failed. Suddenly you saw Kai running towards you, quickly kneeling beside you. After Kai, everyone else appeared, somehow you managed to recognize them even though your vision was getting blury.You took Kai’s hand in yours and looked him in the eyes, tears forming in them.

'Kai…’ you managed to say it, tear rolling down your cheek. 'I love you, Kai.’ You whispered, making Kai cry.

'You’re gonna be fine.’ Kai said, his voice breaking at the last word. He brought his wrist to his mouth, biting on it to give you his blood. Just when he wanted to bring his wrist to your mouth, you started talking.

'I… don’t forget about me, Kai. You’re a wonderful person and I was lucky enough to be loved by you.’ You whispered, tears filling your eyes. You kept trying to breathe but everytime you tried, you failed. You closed your eyes and stopped moving. Kai’s eyes went wide and he started shaking your body, hoping you would wake up.

'You can’t do this to me. You’re gonna be ok, I know you’re gonna be ok.’ He brought his wrist to your mouth, his blood trickling down your throat. He pulled out the wooden piece that was stuck in your body, throwing it across the room. He picked up your body in his arms, staring at your face.

'C'mon, please, please. Don’t leave me, please. I love you.’ He whispered, his words barely understandable, tears falling down his cheeks. He leaned down, placing his head on your forehead, a few of his tears dropping on your face. 'I can’t live without you.’ Damon placed his hand on Kai’s shoulder, but Kai didn’t even move. He kept holding you close to his side, refusing to let you go.

'Kai, I think it’s-’ Elena said as she kneeled down beside Kai.

'No!’ Kai interupted her and caressed your cheek gently. 'You’re fine.’ He whispered and by that moment you slowly opened your eyes and took a deep breath, your lung and body completely healed. Kai couldn’t believe it. He was looking at you wide eyed and kissed every part of your face and then pressed his forehead on yours.

'I thought I lost you.’

'You’re not gonna get rid of me that easily.’ You said, making him laugh as he leaned in and kissed you deeply, your arms wrapping around his neck. He pulled away and smiled at you before he ran away, with you in his arms, ready to cherish you even more than he did before because even though he knew how much he loves you, this what happened only made him realize how much you actually mean to him.

dine and dash (stefan salvatore au ft klaus mikaelson, part v)

Plot: You and Stefan dated for three years while in high school. You both thought your relationship would last, but college managed got in the way. So you two decided to break up. You left to college in Massachusetts and Stefan stayed in Mystic Falls. While you were gone, things changed between you and a certain original, but you hadn’t yet let go of Stefan. Now, almost six years later, you’re both invited to Bonnie and Kol’s wedding. It’s time for a reunion.

Pairings: Stefan Salvatore x Reader

Warnings: angsty-ish, maybe language

A/N: sorry this took a while and is hella short but I wanted to make it good for Stefan. I still can’t come to terms with the TVD finale bc fuck that, but here. I hope you guys like this! :) (!!!!!!!!!gifs aren’t mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

dine and dash~masterlist


“What is THA-oh god, no,” you murmur as your eyes rest on a sleeping Marcel who’s got his arms wrapped around you. “Oh no no no no no.”

“What the hell happened last night?” Damon helps you up, careful not to wake Marcel.

“Nothing happened, Damon. We all passed out, and I guess I couldn’t sleep so Marcel helped,” you shrug, stretching as Damon leads you outside.

“Yeah, well Klaus seems to think something happened, so–”

You two step outside and are met with the sight of Klaus and Valerie making out.

“Did you need me for something, Niklaus?” You mutter spitefully as he slowly pulls away from that demon witch.

“Me? No, not at all. Please meet–”

“Oh you don’t want me to meet anyone right now,” you glare at the two asshats and walk inside, brushing against an apologetic Damon.

“Look, I swear I didn’t know she was gonna be out there. He saw you two and kept spewing angry bullshit and I don’t–”

“Damon, sweetheart. I’m too hungover to feel anything or say anything. I’ll be fine. I just have to show him what he’s missing… after I get some food and coffee.”

So you get your food and your coffee, but neither of those things help you feel better about Klaus and Valerie. Everyone else is still asleep, at least almost everyone. You’re drinking your second cup of coffee as Marcel walks over to you, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

“Hey, you,” he smiles at you and you almost let out a sigh of relief, recognizing the friendly tone of his voice.

“Hey there, sleepyhead,” you smile back at him as he playfully glares at you.

“It’s not my fault someone kept tossing and turning last night,” he nudges you and you raise a brow at him.

“Thank you for that, Marcel,” you place a hand on his shoulder and give him a soft, genuine smile. You squeeze his shoulder and shrug, taking another sip of your coffee. “The dreams aren’t too happy when I’m this stressed.”

Marcel furrows his brows and you see Klaus walk in, an interested and slightly concerned look on his face that leads you to believe he’d been listening to your conversation. You resist the urge to roll your eyes. How dare he?

“What do you mean?” Marcel takes a seat next to you and you shrug yet again.

“Sometimes I have nightmares, sometimes I can’t sleep because of them,” you tilt your head to the side as Marcel nods, not wanting to push. “If I ever want to talk about them, I’ll find you. I promise.”

He smiles and kisses your cheek, saying he’ll always be here before leaving to freshen up. You down the rest of your coffee, willing your hangover to go away as you’re approached by Stefan. You know you’re due for a lecture.

“You told me the nightmares were gone, Y/N,” Stefan crosses his arms over his chest, eyes boring into yours.

“I did. And at that point, they were gone,” you whisper, not wanting to wake up the others or draw attention to the two of you.

“When did they start up again?”

“First night in my dorm,” you press your fingers against your forehead and temples. “It wasn’t fun, Stefan. But I managed then and I’ll manage now. I promise.”

“You couldn’t fall asleep last night until Marcel held you. That doesn’t sound like you’re managing,” Stefan doesn’t let up, eyes narrowed  in concern.

“I don’t know what to tell you, Stefan. I’m sorry,” you shrug, realizing that you’re not giving Stefan much to work with.

“I’m here to help you. Always. I know I haven’t been the most supportive for a while, but I’m back. Your favorite Salvatore is back,” he gives you a soft smile and ruffles your already messy hair as you fight to keep your heartrate steady.

“I heard favorite Salvatore, so I’m here,” Damon walks over and smirks at you, resting an arm on your head.

“That’s my HEAD, idiot, and it’s pounding. So please,” you glare at Damon until he removes his arm.

“I’m her favorite Salvatore,” Stefan raises his brows towards Damon who in turn rolls his eyes.

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“I don’t think so, bunny killer.”

“Oh come on, that again?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, deer boy!”

“Damon, I don’t–”

“What? Those are better than rip–”

“Damon, that’s enough,” you give him a look and he immediately quiets down.

“He’s not wrong,” Stefan sighs and shakes his head and Damon opens his mouth to apologize.

“Look, Stefan–”

“Damon, babe, I think you’ve done enough for now. Stefan and I are gonna go take a walk. We’ll be back in half an hour. You can apologize then,” you stand, handing Damon the clipboard. “Make sure everyone is up by then. Breakfast will arrive in an hour.”

“Yeah, got it,” Damon mutters, looking apologetically towards the two of you. You kiss his cheek and Stefan nods, the two of you heading out as Klaus glares at the back of your head.

“So why–?”

“Wait. I want to make sure we’re far enough away from the house before we talk. I don’t want our conversation to fall on unwanted ears,” you shoot Stefan a smile, staying quiet until you were far away from the house that you didn’t have to worry. “Alright, Stefan. What did you want to say now?”

“I just wanted to know why we’re going on this walk,” he’s got his hands in his pockets as you two walk.

“I know you hate remembering your ripper self, so I thought taking a trip outside would help. Well that and I have a killer headache and some fresh air would do me good,” you smile as you spot a park bench. “Come on.”

Stefan chuckles as you drag him to the bench, a permanent smile on his face as he watches your hair dance in the wind, your smile brightening the world around you. You turn and notice the odd smile on his face.

“What is it? You’re oddly happy after a fight with Damon,” you raise a brow at him and he shakes his head, chuckling and looking down. “Seriously, what is it?”

“Nostalgia, if I’m being honest,” he sighs, looking up and staring ahead.

“I know what you mean,” you whisper, taking your time to stare at the man sitting next to you. You take in his genuine smile, his plump lips, his hero hair. You love how the sun shines off his features, enhancing them and crushing you all in the same.

“What’re you staring at?”

“Happiness,” you chuckle, looking away and sighing. “I didn’t know it’d be this hard to see you. Hard but comforting.”

“I know what you mean,” he sighs, reality setting into both of you as you remember Ivy and your issues with Klaus and the nightmares.

“Okay about the nightmares,” you clear your throat, hoping to clear the air as well. “They were fine for a while, the summer before I went off to college. If I’m being honest, I think it’s because you were around. And then I went off to college and we lost contact. The nightmares rushed back full force. I thought taking sleeping pills would help, but they just made things worse. I developed insomnia and depression and anxiety, did terrible in school, didn’t speak to anyone. It was like that for a while. And then my second year rolled around–”

“You were that way for a year?” Stefan looks at you, the hurt and concern in his eyes enough to break down all your walls.

“I pulled through, Stefan. I made it. The only time I felt remotely better was when someone visited me. When Bonnie came over or Damon or–”

“Or Klaus,” Stefan raises his brows and looks down at his hands, growing angry at the thought of you and Klaus together even though he knows he had no right to. You two were broken up, and he took more than enough  advantage of that. But picturing you with someone else boiled his blood.

“Or Klaus,” you clear your throat, a bitter feeling resting in your stomach as you thought of him. “Granted, things with him haven’t gone so well.”

“You seemed fine a couple days ago,” Stefan turns back to face you, trying his best not to sound judgy.

“Yeah, I thought we were okay, but I don’t know. He’s bringing Valerie to the wedding. I saw them making out this morning,” you shake your head, sighing as you lean back on the bench.

“He’s bringing Valerie to the wedding? That’s ridiculous,” Stefan furrows his brows, eyes on you as you stare off into the distance.

“I sure know how to pick them, huh?” You turn to look at Stefan and find him already looking at you.

“Well you picked me, so you don’t have the best taste,” you chuckle as Stefan scrunches his nose at you.

“Oh shut it,” you laugh and rest your head on his shoulder, the familiarity of it all nearly overwhelming you both. “I picked you. I’ve already found my epic love. Maybe that’s all I get. I mean it makes sense.”

“No, come on. That’s not–”

“And I’m okay with that,” you lift your head up, your face inches from Stefan’s. “I had you as the epic love of my life. I was lucky to have you, Stefan. We get a fairytale romance once in a lifetime, and I had THE fairytale romance. We laughed, we cried, we fought, we loved. That’s good enough for me.”

“Y/N,” Stefan whispers, your name sounding like a prayer as it rolled off his lips.

You gulp, begging your eyes not to fall on his lips as he brings a hand up and cups your face. You close your eyes, leaning into his touch. He closes his eyes and savors the temporary luxury, pressing his forehead against yours. And for one fleeting  moment, everything was perfect.

The Vampire Diaries Preferences: First kiss

        Your pulse was off the charts, and you were so frightened that every time you tried to speak, it came out as a mere squeak of air. The Vampire slowly marching toward you was hungry, and you were his pit stop. But as he got closer you seemed to gather some more strength, and you screeched for help at the top of your lungs, hoping that someone would hear- preferably one of your other blood-sucking friends.

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I’ve been asked a couple of times for good fanfiction and since I do read a lot I decided to make a post with some of the ones that I really enjoyed reading or found interest in.

(in alphabet order)

  1. A love that consumes - COMPLETE - Elena Gilbert loves Stefan Salvatore. No, really, she does! Sure, she’s been having more and more late night encounters with his devilish handsome brother Damon and there have been a few kisses and touches, but it’s not like they mean anything. Right? (Post Canon)

  2. A Woman’s Worth - COMPLETE -  Love hurts. This story takes on a literal meaning when Elena is a victim of abuse by her boyfriend. A journey of the silent sufferings of a girl with no one to turn to and unwilling to ask for help. Enters Damon, a social worker determined to rescue a damsel in distress and falling for her along the way. What is he willing to sacrifice in the end to save a girl he loves? (All Human)

  3. Addictions - COMPLETE -  When Elenas’ life has been consumed by addictions, can anyone save her? (All Human)

  4. All At Once - COMPLETE -  Damon and Elena have been in an extremely casual arrangement for a month when he assumes temporary custody of his teenage nephew. Follow them on a journey as ‘nothing’ may just turn into 'everything’ if they can overcome dark pasts & biggest fears. (All Human)

  5. All You Are To Me - INCOMPLETE -  Damon and Elena have been best friends for their entire lives, but when they risk their friendship to become something more will their relationship be strong enough to weather any storm? (All Human)

  6. Anyone Else But You - COMPLETE -  Elena has worked for Damon for five years, they complete each other in ways no one else can. But will either of them be brave enough to fight for the love they deserve? (All Human)

  7. Bittersweet - COMPLETE -  Elena has her “happily ever after.” Married to the love of her life with the job she’s always wanted, she can’t dream of making any changes. But sometimes life has a way of playing by its own rules. When her world turns on its side, can the one person who’s always been there when she needed him help her pick up the pieces? (Post Canon)

  8. Can’t Be Tamed - INCOMPLETE -  Damon Salvatore is a well-known and ruthless mobster who gets what he wants, when he wants. When John Gilbert fails to settle his debts on time, Damon takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps his niece, Elena, Johns most valuable asset. But is Damon her captor or her saviour? (All Human)

  9. Crying Lightning - COMPLETE -  "I should have helped her. I should have done something. I deserve this. I deserve to die" - Damon is an 18 year old troubled lost soul with a bad reputation and Elena a 17 year old popular high school student who thought she had everything she ever wanted, that is until she got to know the eldest Salvatore and realizes that life is about more than being crowned Prom Queen! (All Human)

  10. Dancing in the Dark - COMPLETE -  Singer, Elena Gilbert gets signed to the most prestigious record label in the world. She thinks it’s her big break until she meets her producer, the cold and stoic Damon Salvatore. (All Human)

  11. Do You Believe In Angels? - INCOMPLETE -  "Damon?“ She asked. He looked at her, waiting. She took a shaky breath, "Do you believe in angels?” “No,” he said, “Not anymore.”. Two children with tragic pasts meet at a refuge. Hurt and alone, they clinge to each other to survive. This is their story, and everyone involved along the way. (All Human)

  12. Don’t give up on my son, a dying man’s wish - COMPLETE -  Elena takes a job caring for her friend Stefan’s father. When Elena discovers his dying wish is to reconcile with his older son Damon she decides to make it happen. But Damon doesn’t exactly make it easy on her. (All Human)

  13. Down A Crooked Path - COMPLETE - Some loose ends should be burned. Sequel to Self-Inflicted Wounds (Post Canon)

  14. Echoes - COMPLETE -  Things have been calm in Mystic Falls for years. Damon and Elena have been peacefully raising their family in the town where they both grew up. But this is Mystic Falls. Things can change quickly…and never for the better. Sequel to “Bittersweet.” (Post Canon)

  15. Echoes of the Past - COMPLETE -  Each of us has a past that shapes and defines us. Some pasts are filled with pain and heartache. Can Damon and Elena overcome their pasts to allow themselves a chance at happiness? Or will things from their past resurface to destroy their future? (All Human)

  16. Faults and Blizzards - COMPLETE -  Six months after their divorce, Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore are forced to spend Christmas together. (All Human)

  17. Fighting Fate - COMPLETE -  "I believe in fate more than the average person. We will run into each other again because we are meant to be. I just know it.“ (All Human)

  18. Forever Mine - EPILOGUE LEFT -  The night Damon Salvatore met Elena Gilbert changed the course of their destinies forever. But just as the future made itself known, the past caught up with them to destroy it all. Together on the run, Damon finds himself falling for this girl. Hard. But, Damon Salvatore doesn’t love and he won’t let her change that. No matter how much his soul…his body begs him to give in. (Alternative Universe)

  19. Forever Yours  - COMPLETE -  'But If we’re really meant to be, shouldn’t this be a lot easier? Why has it all been so hard’ - Do you believe in reincarnation? The chance to start over after your life has ended. Take this journey with Damon and Elena to find out if they should be together for eternity. Is it possible to fall in love with the same person over and over again? (Alternative Universe)

  20. Four Lettered Lie - EPILOGUE LEFT -  Damon Salvatore thought he’d never have to see Elena Gilbert again. He was wrong. (All Human)

  21. Friends with benefits - INCOMPLETE -  'He breaks me every single time.’ They’re best friends & lovers until they’re torn apart by secrets, lies & pride. 'A love like that – consumes until there’s nothing left to break. Destiny leaves you no choice - love conquers all.’ (All Human)

  22. Georgia On My Mind - COMPLETE -  Damon takes Elena on his little road trip to Georgia. Elena, distraught over her resemblence to Katherine, decides to let loose with surprising consequences. (Post Canon)

  23. Gravity - INCOMPLETE -  Sequel to Cannonball - Finally free from the clutches of Mystic Falls and their rivaling families, Damon and Elena are home free. Their love and loyalty to each other is stronger than ever, however they will soon learn that being on the run isn’t all that easy. (All Human)

  24. Guide You Home - INCOMPLETE -  Elena has been a foster kid her whole life, the day she goes out there, trying to find her roots and herself, she meets someone, a man, that will change her life forever. Someone that gives her hope again. (All Human)

  25. Her Mother’s Eyes - COMPLETE -  Damon tries to heal from the death of his wife while raising their small daughter. He thought no one could compare, until he meets Elena Gilbert, who will forever change his, and his daughter’s life. (All Human)

  26. Hindsight - COMPLETE -  After a blissful summer Damon & Elena find themselves surrounded by sad and dark secrets being revealed. While trying to deal with the regularly scheduled Mystic Falls drama of aftermaths and side-effects, they are unexpectedly confronted with Silas’ new macabre plan that threatens to tear them apart forever. (Post Canon)

  27. History - COMPLETE -  Elena Gilbert’s nightmare is just beginning. Picks up right where season one finale left off. No relationship is left unchanged in the aftermath as history comes back to haunt them all… (Post Canon)

  28. If You Can Afford Me - COMPLETE -  Damon is a wealthy businessman in need of…Well sex. Sex kept out of the papers, that is. Elena is a high class call girl able to offer that. What happens when need presents itself and they meet? (All Human)

  29. Inevitable - COMPLETE -  Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore are juniors at Mystic Falls High School and they have been best friends and partners in crime for as long as they can remember. When Elena needs Damon to pose as her boyfriend things start heating up between them, but complications arise when you’re dealing with such emotionally damaged people. Is it worth risking a friendship for love? (All Human)

  30. Jump Start to Feeling - COMPLETE -  Elena is paralyzed from the waist down. She doesn’t like Christmas because on top of everything else, her old boyfriend walked out on her because he couldn’t deal with her injury. In walks Damon… (All Human)

  31. Killer’s Insight - COMPLETE -  Elena Gilbert is an FBI trainee who needs information on a case. She has to turn to infamous serial killer Damon Salvatore for his insight and help. Will her connection with him be more than she can handle? (All Human)

  32. Kiss Me, Break My Heart - COMPLETE -  Elena Gilbert has been in love with her best friend Damon Salvatore for years, but when he asks her to help him win back the woman of his dreams, Elena decides she’s had enough. Now Elena wants to move on, but Damon’s not making it easy on her. (All Human)

  33. My Damon - COMPLETE - Damon has become everything he swore to Elena he’d never be, driving her away in the process. When he realizes his mistake, Damon will stop at nothing to win back the love of his life and prove to Elena that he’s still her Damon, always. (All Human)

  34. Near to You - COMPLETE -  Damon and Elena continue to search for Stefan, but they quickly realize he’s a lost cause. While they struggle to fight their feelings for each other obstacles like doppelgangers, Originals, hybrids and the return of Stefan always seem to threaten their new and undefined relationship. Can Delena overcome anything or is their new found connection doomed from the start? (Post Canon)

  35. Oblivion - COMPLETE -  It’s been 4 years since she last saw his blue eyes, or so they say. 4 years since the coma-inducing tragedy that took her parents but let her live. Elena wakes up at 23, with no memory of the years leading up to her accident or the gorgeous man sitting beside her with a ring on his finger. Desperate for answers, Elena embarks on a not so typical amnesia-love story. (All Human)

  36. Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction - COMPLETE -  It all started with a night of hot sex. Where things could go from there to Elena and Damon? Could they fall for each other although they don’t believe in love anymore? (All Human)

  37. Picking Up the Pieces - COMPLETE - After Damon convinces a reluctant Stefan to leave his exile, things quickly go wrong when Stefan’s reunited with Elena. The outcome leaves Elena shattered, and Damon is there to pick up the pieces. (Post Canon)

  38. Pretend You Love Me - COMPLETE - While their marriage is falling apart, Damon and Elena must learn to get past their demons or lose each other forever. (All Human)

  39. Real Life - COMPLETE - Sequel to Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction. "Is that what I think it is?” Damon asked as he looked at the tiny pair of plain white handmade crochet booties shoes. She nodded but she was wrong. (All Human)

  40. Restrictor Plate - COMPLETE - Damon is a NASCAR driver with a troubled past and present. Elena is the former love of his life. Both find themselves back in Mystic Falls and employed by Salvatore Racing. With a mountain of baggage between them, including a carefully guarded secret, it’s only a matter of time before they have the “Big One.” (All Human)

  41. Rock Hard, Love Harder - COMPLETE - Damon Salvatore, the lead guitarist of the world-famous band, The Mystic Republic, is used to getting what he wants - women, alcohol and music. But when he realizes he’s falling for the one person who is off limits, the world as he knows it shifts from right under him. What will loving his best friend’s little sister and band manager mean for the band and ultimately, his heart? (All Human)

  42. Self Inflicted Wounds - COMPLETE - “If I had chosen differently, I never would have met you.” Elena chose to kiss Damon. Stefan chose human blood. Katherine chose redemption. Damon chose to confess. These choices change everything. (Post Canon)

  43. Separate Beds - COMPLETE - A heartbreaking tale of love, loss and everything in between. Damon & Elena shared an intense connection from the moment they met, and she ended up pregnant after just one passionate night together. Damon, now engaged to be married to Kat has to make a choice; to please his father or to follow his heart. (All Human)

  44. Settle Down - COMPLETE - Damon Salvatore is a fast-talking, womanizing sports agent, living big in New York City and leaving his childhood in Mystic Falls far behind him. When he returns home for his father’s funeral, he meets Elena Gilbert, a fiery brunette who gets under his skin. Between her and facing his past, returning to Mystic Falls may change his life. (All Human)

  45. Sink or Swim - COMPLETE - Can love born out of a lie? Elena is getting married to a man she thinks she knows but things are not always the way they seem. And trough all the web of lies, would she be able to find true love? (All Human)

  46. Slow Burn Summer - COMPLETE - When the unthinkable happens, it’s never the thing you expected. It’s the thing you never even thought you should be afraid of. (Post Canon)

  47. Small Time Charm - INCOMPLETE -  After nearly 10 years away from small-town Mystic Falls, Damon is summoned back in another punishment from his father. Once there he’s determined to live the good life, having fun, and certainly not doing anything his father wants. Life has something for him when he stumbles upon a little boy getting picked on by some bullies. Saving him brings Damon close to the boy’s mother.(All Human)

  48. Snowbound - COMPLETE - When Elena left Mystic Falls to visit her Aunt in Richmond, she got stuck in the snow with her ex-boyfriend Damon Salvatore? Can she try and mend things up during the short time they have together considering she’s the one that broke his heart? (All Human)

  49. Somebody I Used to Know - COMPLETE - Grieving the sudden death of their parents, Damon and Elena are forced to face their past choices and mistakes. Take a wild a journey through 20 years of their lives…together, apart and everything in between. (All Human)

  50. Someone like you - INCOMPLETE -   You fall in love, get married, fall in love again, get your heart broken. What if it got broken by a heart surgeon that never came back to fix it? (All Human)

  51. Strawberry Wine - INCOMPLETE - It’s funny how those memories they last…Is the first love really the deepest? A decade after her departure Elena Gilbert returns to Mystic Falls to relieve the best years of her life. They say there’s nothing like first love and Damon Salvatore is certainly not an easy man to forget. (All Human)

  52. Swap Out - COMPLETE - If Damon Salvatore believes in one thing, it’s second chances. And fun. And the word “yes.” Okay, so three things. But when asked if he wants to go rock climbing, skydiving, mountain biking, the answer is unequivocally in the affirmative. But dealing with his control-freak tyrant of a boss, Elena Gilbert? That proves to be far more difficult than anyone planned. (All Human)

  53. Sweet and Sexy Mistakes - COMPLETE - An expert on the dynamics between men and women, Damon Salvatore knows his uptight new publicist could use his help getting a date. The only problem is, the more time he spends with her, the more he realizes he doesn’t want her dating anyone but him! (All Human)

  54. Taking Chances - INCOMPLETE - After spending 9 years in the Army, willingly isolated from home Damon Salvatore returns to Mystic Falls to see Elena Gilbert, his brother’s girlfriend and his first love. What he finds is a battered and broken Elena and he’ll do everything in his power to make it right. Can he help her and overcome his own demons or are they both too damaged to take a chance on each other? (All Human)
  55. Teenage Diaries - COMPLETE - You think you have it all and one day everything you know vanishes and you can’t stop the downward spiral. Your Parents die in a car crash, your forced to move to a small town and start at a new school. Worse part your pregnant from a one-night stand.(All Human)

  56. The Choices We Make - COMPLETE - It’s 117AD and war has erupted between vampires and werewolves. So what happens when fate brings vampire Damon and a pre-transitioned werewolf Elena together? Just something that results in the creation of the Sun and the Moon curse.(Alternative Universe)

  57. The Rain King - INCOMPLETE -  Sequel to The Queen of Unintended Consequences. Six years after Damon leaves Elena with Klaus, he’s called back to handle a delicate situation. (Post Canon)

  58. The Road Less Traveled - COMPLETE - My version of early S4. Of course there’s angst, but that’s part of what makes it fun. (Post Canon)

  59. The Story of Us - COMPLETE - The past four years have built up to the moment that will define everything for Damon and Elena. When reality comes crashing down around them, they find themselves looking back on the past and trying to decide where to go from here. (All Human)

  60. Their Best Life - EPILOGUE LEFT - Elena and Damon’s romance began in “His Best Girl” but how did they get to that perfect future? Follow their journey through pregnancy, adoption, and much more. (All Human)

  61. Through the Ghost - COMPLETE - Damon, a carefree soldier & Elena, a no-nonsense physical therapist at an Army base met under ordinary circumstances. Stuck between attraction and resistance, they struggled to define their relationship until fate made the decision for them. 4 years later a heartbroken Elena battles to make good on a promise when she discovers nothing but the shell of the only man she’s ever loved. (All Human)

  62. To Save a Sinner - COMPLETE - Damon Salvatore, the new star swimmer and transfer student at MFU, befriends the dark and mysterious Elena Gilbert, a girl the rest of Mystic Falls considers crazy. When he discovers the deep, haunting secrets she keeps from the world, can he handle the truth or will it cost him his heart and even possibly, his sanity? (All Human)

  63. Vagrants MC - INCOMPLETE - Born and raised in Phoenix, Damon Salvatore has everything he needs to lead his father’s M.C., the Vagrants; the thirst for danger every young man has and a shining motorbike ready to lead a shining city. But cue a girl, arriving amid a cloud of flame with trouble on her tail, can Damon step up and deliver what is expected when the Vagrants are threatened? (All Human)

  64. What’s Wrong with Us? - COMPLETE - Adjusting to having a daughter is driving Damon crazy so he hires someone new to help out. Elena has her own secrets & her past but she puts everything aside, falling in love with her employer and his daughter. Juggling therapy, secrets, and exes. (All Human)

  65. Where We Are Now - EPILOGUE LEFT - Still recovering from a bad break-up, Elena moves to Mystic Falls to live with her Aunt Jenna, enrolling at a new school and meeting new friends. But who’s that guy always hanging around her? And what about Damon Salvatore, the 'bad boy’ of this new school and town? (All Human)

  66. Wrong Salvatore - INCOMPLETE - What if Elena got into a car accident and woke up with no memory of the last four years? As she learns to cope with her amnesia she has to also cope with her new life… it was certainly not what she expected. (Post Canon)

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Why TVD was kinda cool. Why Williamson was missed. Why Delena shouldn’t have last and is against the actual LOGIC of the fucking show.

1. Listen, you can say whatever you want but Delena relationship has from the very beginning a very messed up foundation. Remember when Damon came to Mystic Falls? It was to open the tomb and free Katherine aka love of his life who manipulated him and basically destroyed him. He came because the conditions were reunited. Comet, etc. Still, the first time he met Elena, he met the doppelganger of Katherine, better he met a version of Katherine who could love him like he wanted to be. He knew that Katherine loved his brother and that he was just an entertainment. Elena was this naive girl, ready to be manipulated, loved and protected by her family. Well a version of Katherine who had everything on a silver platter, when Katherine was destroyed by an actual trauma / death of her parents and loss of her baby. When Damon came to her, he said what Elena WANTS. No. It was what he wanted “ A dangerous love, comuming you blablabla bullshit”. Elena was compelled to forget it, but I’m pretty sure that this declaration of Damon still subside in her subconscious.

2. Delena had to happen. 

For a really good reason, for plot. Stelena was presented for a warm love based on trust and friendship. Elena and Stefan were friends who connected on a spiritual level, when Damon with his repeated harassment attempts wanted to steal his brother place without any concession. No battle fair and square. Stefan in letting go Elena did the selfless thing because he knew that Elena needed this relationship. He wanted to erase the frustration. He wanted to erase the doubt with “ is Elena want to be with Damon when she’s with me? “ something no one should get into. Look at this interesting parallel btw between Stefan and Damon. When Katherine was between the brothers, Damon didn’t let her be with Stefan resulting on awful emotional bruises. Stefan let go Elena and made his peace with it. He basically grew up cause he understood that we can’t control someone’s feelings. 

Delena had to happen to make a point. For me it was completely sure that Delena was never meant to last. The Damned season 5 was the worst of Tvd, not because it was Delena centric, but because they romanticized a situation that was completely crazy. Delena fights were like a freaking day without end. Same pattern, same dynamics but NO CHANGE. Which is breaking the golden law of scriptwriting. A conflict has to be resolved. A fight has to be the expression of values. Both of these rules in story introduce an actual resolution. THIS resolution happens to make the characters forward. The season 5 was awful because the characters didn’t move forward. It was the same thing, over and over and over. 

So, with some thinking, I thought it was probably what JP and the Writers room was trying to say. That Delena doesn’t change. Damon doesn’t challenge Elena. Stefan does. Challenging someone is not making them do awful stuff and say “ yaaah you are so cool”. NOPE. Challenging someone is making them realize another perspective. Damon’s perspective was against the values of Elena, and I’m sorry but the values of a oneself can’t be destroyed simply because of “love”. Also Delena sex scenes were more passionate, animal and numerous compared to Stelena. This difference everyone in the fandom saw it. This is why we can draw a line Delena- Sex/ Stelena - dialog. And Season 6 , Elena asks Stefan if she will have the same relationship with Damon than with him. and this is when I actually understood Elena.

Season 5, she says a lot the word of choice. She stands by her choice. It’s like she’s forcing herself to stand by this choice. Why? Because Elena feel guilty. She basically broke Stefan’s heart for the best sexy summer in all time, and didn’t even see that her best friend was dead. Standing by this choice… Elena wanted to be responsible: No she can’t go back with Stefan when she broke him, she can’t pretend to be a good friend when she wasn’t. So She has to stay with Damon even if she knows that it’s good for her. Season 5 was awful but interesting and really messed up. The end, the death of Damon was an opportunity to stop everything at its pinnacle. For me they messed up there. Damon and Bonnie should have been dead for at least three years. The time Elena needed to heal. To date. To get over it. Also, the powers given to Alaric was such a bad idea. Erasing her memory stuck Elena on a state pre-Delena so she basically NOT FREE. Elena needed to get crazy. It was Stelena time to go back, Stelena time to rebuild her making a parallel with season 1 when Elena lost her parents.


THE POINT WAS MADE BY KEVIN WILLIAMSON, you guys should definitely listen to Kevin Williamson’s interview in TVD forever :

He was explaining WHY he began TVD and it was because he was grieving. TVD was about finding life in the most desperate times. Hope. Light. GRIEF. 
This is why Elena falling in love with Stefan made sense. This is why killing Jeremy Gilbert MADE SENSE. Jeremy wasn’t supposed to come back. The idea was that you’re going to loose so many people but you will be strong enough to get through to evolve. 


3. So Now Bamon. Why Bamon is working and not Delena? Because the foundation built by WIlliamson WORKS WITH THEM. Bonnie is the one who fucking lost everyone without any possibility of return from the beginning. Dad, Mom, Grandma. Her mom is a vampire so she’s dead. Her father was killed by Silas, her grams was dead because she tried to release other dead people. Caroline is a vampire, Elena is a vampire so dead. Matt is barely alive. Bonnie wasn’t.

She was a tool, in automatic mode. She was barely living in using her magic in desperate times. Her obsession, her self-depreciation showed that she was a person DEAD INSIDE. This is WHY she was so prompt to kill herself so many times, to save people? No. To end herself. 

And then. Damon happened. Damon who was the less alive person on the planet, MADE BONNIE FREAKING BENNETT ALIVE. SEASON 6 BITCHES.

Either it is a friendship or a love relationship, Bamon > Delena

Bonnie came back in the realm of the livings and the first thing she said was “ NOW IT’S ME. ME. FIRST” She was ready to kick asses for her, she was ready to BE ALIVE. THis dynamic is insane and gives SO MUCH SENSE to a loooot of things and critics.

Also, now Bonnie let herself be in love. Damon literally saved her life. HE GAVE HER WHAT DE SHIPPERS CLAIMED HE GAVE TO ELENA WHEN IT’S not the case. Damon gave Bonnie the freaking holy fire ( no pun intended). Also it’s kinda interesting how magic is portrayed as life…

Season 7: Bonnie cries when Damon leaves and kill himself basically gives up on life. This is a nightmare for her. How the one who gave her life and the will to fight can kill himself? It’s a fail. It’s her worst nightmare. And now Damon is missing with Enzo. She lost her magic. What if it’s actually emotional? She lost it becaaause she’s dead inside AGAIN?.

So this is why this tv show was interesting.

Please love me part two

Before you confessed your feelings you were always there for damon. Anytime he needed to rant or just a hug you were the first person he went to. You hadn’t left your house in a week except to go to school. You thought maybe the healthy cure of a break up would maybe cure what you were feeling, but this was no normal break up. This was your heart ripping to pieces. This was a whole new level of heartbreak. You weren’t stupid enough to shut away the pain with the humanity switch. Doing that would provide a harder way to get over Damon Salvatore. You would just be pushing away the feelings. Closing an open door that would burst at the seams no matter how many times you turned it off. No you had to let yourself feel. Your cell phone came on on the cushion next to you, and for the first time since Damon left, you answered the phone.
“Hey y/n! I’ve been trying to call you for a week!”
“Sorry Scotty. Is something wrong? Where is my cousin?”
“Have you been crying? I think I can smell your depression from here.”
“Thanks Scott really. Don’t worry about it okay?”
“I think you should come home. We need your help. He needs your help.”
Would leaving mystic falls be such a bad thing?
“Making sure my room isn’t to Dusty. See you soon wolfboy.”
Your heart was racing at the chance to get to see those who truly cared about you. The more you thought about it the better you felt. So you took a shower, drained away all your doubts about leaving, and started packing. You left out a cute pair of shorts and a t-shirt for you to wear, because before you leave you had to say goodbye. There was only one person you wanted to say bye to. You hated the grill. You had hated it ever since you came to mystic falls, but that’s the only place these human teenagers hung out in this pathetic town. Your eyes found Damon immediately. His arm was wrapped around Elena’s waist and they were laughing with each other. You felt like turning around and running, but you didn’t.
“Hey Matty. Can you get me a drink?”
“Sure what do you want?”
“Surprise me. Today is a good day. Where is ty?”
Matt pointed his eyes in the direction of the pool table and after he placed my drink on the table I made my way over towards it.
“Lockwolf I’ve got a surprise for you. Meet me at the house?”
You left the grill without even glancing in the direction​ of the older Salvatore. Yes you wanted to say goodbye to him but you couldn’t. Tyler pulled into your driveway and just walked straight into your house.
“What is this are you leaving?”
“After what happened with Damon. Scott called and he needs my help so I thought why not? Originally I was bringing you here to say a heartfelt goodbye, but I thought fuck it. Come with me.”
“A road trip with my favorite person to my favorite place? Hell yeah I’ll come with you!”
A girlish squeal let it self out and you through your arms around klaus’s hybrid.

Damon’s P.O.V

He missed her. He finally got the girl but he was missing a different one. He hadn’t seen her since he broke her heart and left her there whispering to someone who was already gone. He couldn’t help but feel like he didn’t only break her heart. That he broke her. My eyes connected to her body as soon as she walked into the crowded grill. A look of disgust on her face. I remembered how much she complained about how it was a stupid place for a hang out. She looked fine to anyone else but I knew her. The dark circles under her eyes were prominent to him but so was the fake smile. Elena had said something to him about going to find Caroline and he nodded his head and the love of his life walked away. He watched y/n leave the bar towards the Lockwood boy and he was confused. He didn’t even know they were friends. That’s when he realized he didn’t know anything about her. He never asked. He had just used her. His attention directed to a different conversation as y/n and Tyler left. He couldn’t help but remember what she could do with her hips and the way she could move.
“Did you see y/n?”
“Yeah I saw her. Man she looks awful. All the talk going on about how neither of the Salvatore brothers wanted her is gold. Hell I couldn’t blame them I wouldn’t want her either.”
Damon’s eyes narrowed at the teenage boys that were running their mouths. Did she really have to put up with this everyday since he left her crying? And how in the hell had anyone found out about us? I jumped from the bar stool and made my way to the Gilbert boy and Matt.
“I should kill you both.”
“Why what did we do?”
“Y/n. You see that group of boys over there?”
“Yeah we know them from school…”
“Funny. Cause they were just running their pathetic little mouths about y/n and me and how they didn’t blame me for leaving her, because she looks so terrible. So I should kill you for telling people.”
“Hey man you’re the one who left her not us.”
He turned to walk away but threw his fist into Matt’s face. Elena scurried over to the blonde boy and glared at me.
“What the hell Damon? You can’t just go around hitting people!”
“He deserved it. I don’t need this Elena.”
He felt the need to find the y/h/c e/c girl. So he did. He walked right into her house, but stopped in his tracks. No. She didn’t. I don’t understand. The house was empty. The bed he had slept on was empty without sheets. His eyes roamed everywhere in the bare room and something white caught his attention on the floor. He picked it up and it read his name in her danity handwriting.
Dear Damon,
You were my epic love and I’m not sure when I’ll ever stop loving you. Elena is your epic love and I’m really happy that you got to be with yours. I don’t know if you can tell but I’m a little bitter. I want to be happy for you. I do. But I can’t help but wish you were happy with me. I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you want you wanted or what you needed. Honestly I have no idea why I’m even writing this. Why would you care if my presence is missing? It’s not like you’ll ever read this stupid letter. I couldn’t take it anymore D. You didn’t hear what all those people at school said. It was bad. Several times I thought about shutting it off, but I didn’t. That would make me even weaker than I am now. I guess I’m writing this to try and help myself a little out of hope that you might see it. That some part of you feels for me. I’m gone. I left back home. Mystic falls just isn’t for me no matter how much I try and make it to be. I love you so much Damon Salvatore. Maybe while I’m gone I can find someone that loves me back this time
All my love,
Y/n y/l/n

You and Tyler arrived in your home town a couple days later.
“Can you track his scent?”
“So now you talk to me?”
“Hey! Your the one who made me cry Lockwood!”
“Y/n you have to talk about it sooner or later. Just tell me what happened?”
“I told Damon that I was in love with him, and he said he didn’t feel the same. Surprise, surprise.”
“There is more so tell me the rest.”
“Damon was fighting with Elena a lot and it was the night of the mikealson ball when I told him I’d rather have him a little than not at all. So when he was upset he’d come and sleep with me.”
“So your telling me you let Damon Salvatore someone who doesn’t even love you take your virginity and use you to make himself feel better.”
At Tyler’s words you burst in to tears the second time that day.
“I thought it would make me feel better, but then he told me he loved me and I knew.”
“You knew what y/n?”
“I knew he wasn’t thinking about my feelings at all. He wasn’t even thinking about me. The love he has for Elena is written clear on his face. He lied to me. He might have said I love you to me and that’s what I wanted to hear, but I didn’t want to hear it unless he meant it and the first time he said it I couldn’t pretend that he really did.”
“He doesn’t deserve you. You are amazing, kind, gorgeous. Damon Salvatore doesn’t deserve someone as precious as you.”
“Let’s just go find Scott.”

Scott was inside of a burnt house in the middle of the woods. Even though you were still upset you decided to have a little fun. You used your vampire speed to confuse the pack inside. Eventually you rested your speeding and stood next to Scott. Everyone was startled by you and moved back a little but the older werewolves flashed their canines and the argent Hunter held up his gun.
“Relax boys I’m here to help.”
“Y/n! You about gave them a heart attack.”
Scott wrapped me into a hug and that’s when I noticed his presence missing.
“Where is stiles?”
“That’s why I called you. Stiles as been possessed. By something called a notgitusne.”
“Alright so what do you know about this evil thing?”
“Nothing really. I mean we know what it is. We know that it is old. We know that it feeds off chaos but we don’t know how to stop it.”
You shared a look with Tyler.
“We can help.”
You pulled out your phone a dialed the number of your favorite original.
“Y/n love what do I owe the pleasure of talking to my favorite vampire in mystic falls?”
“Hello nik. I was wondering have you ever heard of a nogitsune?”
“What have you stupid kids got yourself in to? I leave and you guys are already suffering!”
“I’m not in mystic falls anymore. I had a tragic run in with your least favorite vampire in mystic falls so I left. Now I’m helping out a friend.”
“Do I need to kill that Salvatore? I will gladly rip his heart out. I’m sure Elijah and kol would be happy to help as well.”
A smile spread on your face and you laughed into the phone.
“So the nogitsune. Can you do me a favor and help a girl out?”
“I can hear the whispering of those teenagers in the background. Put me on speaker and I’ll help you out but only cause I like you sweetheart.”

Although Scott was complaining about Klaus he still had helped you defeat the evil spirt that possessed your cousin. You were happy to help but you still couldn’t stop thinking about Damon. You just wanted to be over him already. You felt drained. You knew the nogitsune fed off the chaos that echoed through your body and despite the vampire strength you still felt weak.
“Y/n are you okay?”
“Where is Tyler?”
“Back at the house. Here I’ll carry you. You don’t look so good.”
Derek lifted you into his arms. Bridal style.
“He fed off you a lot. What has you feeling all that chaos y/n?”
“I made a horrible mistake Derek. I fell in love with someone who didn’t love me back. Then I let him use me to make himself feel better.”
The werewolf smoothed back my hair from my face and placed a light kiss on my forehead.
“You’ll find someone that loves you back and you’ll forget all about the one who hurt you.”
“I don’t think I will der. It’s hurts so bad and I don’t know why anyone would want someone so broken.”
“I can think of one person who would want someone so broken.”

Dangerous Love Pt2

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It’s been 5 months since you have left New Orleans to have a fresh start from your broken heart. You still haven’t moved on from him.

You have been with him for so long it’s hard to get over a man like him.

Now you have started to build a life in the small town of Mystic Falls. You also made friends with the people Klaus despised. I mean after all it is a small town.

Within the week of coming to this town you have met the all so famous Salvatore brothers, you and Stefan had become quick friends while Damon was a lot more hostile towards you.

But as time went on he started warming up to me. You found him as a less badass version of Klaus but none the less just like Klaus and maybe that was a reason you and him had hook ups now and then.

That didn’t mean you both didn’t have a love hate relationship but none of it romantically.

The hook ups were all about pleasure on both sides. You have also hoped Damon would have been a distraction but that did not go as planned.


Elijah had been calling non-stop for these past 5 months but it was hard for you to muster up the courage to answer it.

What you were scared of the most was Elijah being able to convince you to come back and you being so foolish would go back. After all the Mikaelson’s do have a way with word.


Right now you were at Mystic Grill with Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Elena, Bonnie and Matt. Over the few months you had become close friends with everyone. You have even risked your life for them and they did the same for you.

Even if they have been your friends for only few months it felt like years.

“There were more animal attacks happening here again” Matt said

“More like dumbass vampires with no life who don’t know what they are dealing with” Damon remarked with an annoyed look.

“oh so someone like you then” Bonnie said with a smile

“Stop being such a bitch, I mean witch” Damon replied

“That was the worst comeback of comeback” you said laughing

“ugh suck my dick” Damon said with a smirk

“ow, what was that for” Damon yelled as Stefan smacked him on the head with a grin on his handsome face.

“you guys are kids but I love it” you replied with a smile

The conversation went on with many stupid and stupid comments from Damon and it was just really fun.

As everything was going fine, you got a call from an unknown number, you usually tend to ignore them thinking it was Elijah but today you were caught up in the moment of everything that was happening around you to realize you clicked answer.

“Hello” your cheery voice rang threw the phone

“(Y/N) dear, finally you answered, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for the last five months but I realize you have been ignoring me.”

“Well yes, if you realized that then why call making everything more difficult than it needs to be, you could have just stopped working yourself to get a hold of me.”

“I could have but we don’t give up that easily, after all we do have forever to play this game”

“You might have not given up but it seems like the person who should not have given up did give up”

“ah yes Niklaus, that’s who I called to talk to you about, we need your help, he’s on a rampage for the last five month and its tragic here in New Orleans”


“Oh Fuck it’s that damn Original again, always annoying the living shit out of our lives” Damon growled in annoyance

Oh gosh what if Elijah heard Damon talk, then he would know where you were, great. You smacked Damon and before he can yell at you, you covered his mouth in hopes of keeping him quite.

But the small effort you took was worthless as Elijah knew exactly where you were.

“Listen Elijah, I can’t help you. This is not my problem anymore you should go ask his little play thing Cami to help”

You hung up the phone before he can reply to your little comeback. You felt anger rising up inside you. How dare he think everything will be fine and I would help Klaus after what he had done to me.

The rest of the day went by like every day going to school, working at Mystic Grill, catching up with your friends at the end of the day and between all that dealing with vampire business if necessary.

You were walking home talking to Damon on the phone about the latest vampire attack and who it might be when someone grabbed you.

Your first instinct was to scream forgetting you were a vampire.

Damon was puzzled hearing you scream as why would someone strong as you would scream.

You tried to fight who ever grabbed you but they were much stronger than you and before you screamed once again the person broke your neck, silencing you.

Damon speed to the place he knew you were at but he was too late you were gone without a trace of who took you.


You woke up in a familiar room, a room you knew too well. It was the apartment you stayed at the first time you came to New Orleans.

In that minute you knew who took you.

“You’re finally awake my dear, I’m sorry for the way I brought you here but the circumstances required your presence”

You sighed; you should have figured as much, Damon gave you away. Stupid idiot had to talk.

’Fine I’m here, too late to go back now. What is it that you need from me?” showing how irritated you were by his actions

“Nothing new, I have told you this before, Klaus needs your help. He is ruthless right now and I believe you are the only one who can help him at this state of mind”

“Why should I do anything for that bastard, he hurt me a lot Elijah”

“I’m not asking you to do it for him; I’m asking you to do it for me and Rebecca, for the people of New Orleans. He has been on a killing rampage and I need your help to stop him. This is the first time I have ever asked you for anything so please consider it for the innocent lives that will be taken by Nikluas’s hands.”

Well what he said was true he had never asked anything from me, he had done everything for me even the smallest thing, considering me as a sister and I would feel like a total bitch if I don’t do this. I don want to be totally selfish.

“Fine, I’m only doing this for the innocent lives and you and Rebecca, you know you guys are family to me no matter what so I’ll do this for you guys only not for him.”

You knew Elijah wasn’t going to stop pestering you if you have said no, he cares way to much about Klaus to stop.

“Thank you” he said walking out leaving you to do what you do best, calm the beast down.


You walked to where the Mikaelson’s household is. You held your breath as you opened the door slowly debating if this was a huge mistake.

The minute you stepped in you heard a loud crash coming from none other than Klaus Mikaelson’s room.

You were worried to say the least. You still loved him and you didn’t want him doing this on your sake. Seeing him hurt, hurt you deep inside even if you didn’t want to admit it.

You slowly followed the noise into his room. The door was open and everything in his room was broken. Even his precious paintings he took his time painting. That was his life and he destroyed it because of you.

His expensive paint was splattered around his room and the walls. Even with the mess of his room everything that held memories of both of you sat perfectly where you had left it.

“Hello Niklaus”

Klaus’s body froze hearing your voice, the voice he thought he would never hear again.

“(Y\N) love, you here I missed you so much, I was such a mess I went on a rampage knowing I hurt you. I’m so sorry.”

“Listen I’m not here because of you, I’m here for solemnly one reason and that Elijah. He has the hope that I would be able to help you and I do not want to let him down so would you stop sulking and pick up your shit”

You were scared to look in his eyes, knowing if you did you would fall for him yet again so you looked everywhere but him.

“No please do not say that, he is right you are the only one who is able to help me. I have missed you so much. I need you in my life without you I felt empty. I didn’t realize what I had till you were gone. You mean everything to me, you are my world without you I’m broken and I’m lost. Please love, come back to me.”

He sounded so weak. You can see the tears that were forming in his eyes and you hated that. You loved how strong he was and how ambitious he is. His reckless attitude was what dragged you to him and seeing him this weak broke your heart.

“Klaus please don’t do this; you’ve made too many mistakes for you to think it would be so easy to fix this”

“Then give me a chance, give me time, I would spend my whole life making up for what I did, I would spend my whole life fixing this.”

You heard your phone ring and realized your friends must be worried sick. You took your phone out to check who called and realized it was Damon. You had spams from all your friends and Damon had called you about 15 times now.

Your phone started ringing again and you picked up, smiling at how much your friends care.

“Hey Damon”

“Don’t worry I’m fine just got some business to take care off, I’ll call you back later okay”

“Yes don’t worry I’ll be safe”

“No I’m not in any kind of trouble”

You watched Klaus carefully as you talked to Damon. His body was tense and you can see his knuckles turning white from how tight he was fisting his hand. You can see the hurt hiding behind the look of rage. The murderous look that took over his beautiful face told you it was time to end the call now.

“Listen I will talk too you soon. Bye” with that you hung up.

The minute you hung up the phone, you were pinned to the wall with Klaus’s body pressing up against yours.

“What the hell Klaus” trying not to sound like an idiot. He still had the same effect on you like the first day you met. You can hear your heart beating uncontrollably and you sure as hell were sure he could hear it too.

“Why is Damon Salvatore calling you?”

“Well why else he Is my friend duh”

But you knew he can see you were lying, he always knew when you were lying

“Do not lie to me tell me the truth now” his voice was demanding and you knew he could compel you but choose not to.

“Seriously we are friends but we have small hook ups here and there but none the less we’re friends okay”

He growled at the answer you gave him, clearly not impressed with what you have said. He pushed his body further into you closing any gap that was between you both.

Seeing him like this make you all hot and bothered, your body wanted him but your mind said no.

“No one, I mean NO ONE is allowed to touch you but me, you are mine and mine only understand”

Fuck he was so damn hot, he made you want to do thing to him right now. But you couldn’t let your desires come between what’s right.

“Actually no Klaus, I’m not yours, I stopped being yours 5 months ago, now I’m me and I don’t have to get permission from you to sleep with anyone, I can sleep with whoever I want”

You could hear the growl coming from deep within him, his inner wolf fighting to come out. Before a word could be said he crashed his lips onto yours making sparks fly like day one. The warmth of his lips make you shiver. You felt warm and whole once again.

You couldn’t help but slowly respond to his passionate but erotic kiss. He pulled away kissing and biting your neck making sure to leave a mark.

“I love you so much (Y\N). I can’t imagine a life without you. Please just give me one more chance” Klaus asked while nibbling at your neck.

“I’m tired of giving you chances but something about you just keeps making me come back, and I know this is dangerous putting my heart out there for you again but I can’t help it. I hate but love the dangerous love you provide and I will give you another chance. This time we are taking it slow and you’re going to have to prove yourself to me.”

“I promise I will prove myself and I will never mess up again”

You pulled him into a kiss once again missing the feeling of his lips.

You pulled away smiling at him and him back at you.

“Now if you don’t mind I have some business to deal with Damon Salvatore who dare touch MY GIRL”

Klaus growled stomping out the door like a kid. You chuckled and ran after him so he would not do something stupid.

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dine and dash (stefan salvatore ft klaus mikaelson, pt iv)

Plot: You and Stefan dated for three years while in high school. You both thought your relationship would last, but college managed got in the way. You wanted to move out of the region and Stefan couldn’t find the strength to let go of his life and home in Mystic Falls. So you two decided to break up. You left to college in Massachusetts and Stefan stayed in Mystic Falls. While you were gone, things changed between you and a certain original, but you hadn’t yet let go of Stefan. Now, almost six years later, you’re both invited to Bonnie and Kol’s wedding. It’s time for a reunion. While trying to figure out what to do with Stefan, you lose another lover.

Pairings: Delena, Carenzo, Jalaric, Mebekah, Tyliv, Stefivy, Haylijah, Konnie/Kennett, Damon x Bonnie x Reader (friends), Klaus x (you’ll have to read and see)

Warnings: anger, cursing, heart-wrench (sorry no smut)

A/N: I know I know I know… I need to work on the stupid plot :( sorry! I just wanted to get this out bc I really love it. thank you for reading this series! this part is a little more based around your friendships than anything. Your feelings for Klaus remain a little unclear but also become a little clearer… if that makes sense? pls let me know what you think!!! (no gifs are mine!!!)

dine and dash masterlist

“Looking for this?” Damon holds out the clipboard, eyes on Elena as she help cleans the mess they all made.

“Yes, and shouldn’t you be helping?” You grab the clipboard and Damon raises a brow.

“Do you really think I’d get in the middle of that chaos with the threat of you ripping out my throat hanging in the air?” He turns around and faces you, feigning hurt.

“Are you telling me you had nothing to do with this mess?” You raise your brows at him and Damon scoffs.

“I didn’t say that. I just said I wasn’t in the middle of it,” he smirks and you roll your eyes, flipping through the pages of the clipboard.

“Why am I not surprised?” You whisper, not really paying attention to Damon anymore.

“Because you know me too well,” he shrugs and keeps an eye on you. “How did the talk go, by the way?”

“It went well. He’s moved on, he’s happy. He’s in a good headspace and I’m happy for him. It’s time for both of us to leave the relationship in the past and open our hearts to other people,” you look over to Damon, a soft sigh leaving your lips. “It’s a bit of a relief. I don’t have to feel guilty now.”

“Feel guilty for what?” Bonnie walks over to you two, grabbing a bottle of water as she sits next to you.

“Stefan and I talked and it’s a weight off both of our shoulders I think,” you whisper and look up at your best friend. “I don’t feel guilty about wanting something else. You know?”

“Yeah, I get it,” Bonnie whispers and makes eye contact with Damon as you look back down at the clipboard.

“So have you–?” Damon speaks up and you cut him off.

“Wait… Klaus has a plus one to the wedding?” You whisper, catching both your friends by surprise.

“What?” Bonnie grabs the clipboard.

“There’s no way,” Damon narrows his eyes and takes it from her, staring at the page. “Who the hell is Val–WHAT? There’s absolutely no way.”

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“Who’s his plus one?” Bonnie raises a brow and rests a hand on her hip.

“It’s no one, I’m sure it was a mis–”

“Valerie. Klaus’s plus one is Stefan’s Valerie,” you clench your jaw, staring straight ahead as you try to steady your breathing.

“Excuse me? There’s no way she’s-!”

“Guys, please,” you whisper and your friends immediately turn to face you. “It’s okay. As long as he’s happy, it’ll be fine, yeah?”

“Don’t give me that shit, Y/N. Everyone knows how much you care about him,” Damon scoffs and shakes his head as you let out a weak chuckle.

“I just feel like a jackass for pairing us together in a room, you know?” You shake your head and sigh. “I’ll let him know he can share the room with Valerie. I’ll make other arrangements.”

“I’m so sorry, babe,” Bonnie wraps an arm around you and rests her head on your shoulder while Damon kisses the top of your head.

“Seriously it’s only your first day back and everyone’s screwing you over,” Damon observes and you laugh.

“I’ll be fine. I have a wedding to plan,” you kiss Bonnie’ head and Damon’s cheek. “Now, you two finish cleaning while I figure this shit out, yeah?”

“Do I have to?” Bonnie sighs and looks up at you.

“No, you can grab a glass–just ONE glass–of champagne and lounge for a little, somewhere I can see you,” you raise your brows at her and Bonnie escapes while she can.

“Do I have to?” Damon gives you puppy eyes.

“Yeah, what the hell are you thinking? Get your ass over there and clean,” you push away a grumbling Damon and head over to the hallway in search of Klaus. He doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight.

“Hey, Tyler,” you grab the person closest to you.

“Yeah, what’s up Y/N?” He and Liv look over to you, a few bags in hand.

“Have you guys seen Klaus by any chance?”

“I saw him leave right after you walked away earlier,” Liv speaks up, shrugging. “He kind of ran off.”

“Wierd. Thanks, guys. You’ve been a great help,” you smile at them and walk back to the bar, taking a seat. “Alright, here goes nothing.”

You look at your phone for a few minutes, not sure what to say or how to say it without conveying your hurt. You realize this won’t get any easier, so you just go for it.

After the deed is done, you set your phone aside and make yourself another drink. You turn around to see that the cleaning’s finally done and all your friends look more than just a little exhausted. So you follow through on your deal: you make everyone drinks, and they could not be more grateful.

You all spend the night talking and laughing and catching up and playing drunk charades/pictionary. If you were being honest, this is how you wanted your time back home to be like. You apologized to Ivy. You and Stefan managed to smile at each other a couple of times. You got to know Kai, Luke, and Liv better. You had some intellectual conversations with Marcel. It was overall a great time.

“Alright, I think it’s time for us to hit the hay,” Kol announces as Bonnie yawned yet again. He waved goodnight as he picked up his bride-to-be and took her to their bedroom.

“Yeah, we’re gonna head home, too. We’ll be back tomorrow, eight am just like it says on that damn clipboard,” Alaric groans as Jo smiles at you all and they head home to their precious little ones.

“Us too!” This comes from Damon and Elena.

“And us!” This from Tyler and Liv.

“Same here!” And this from Caroline and Enzo.

“Alright, you old geezers,” you roll your eyes as Matt and Rebekah chuckle nervously.

“Oh all right. You guys go, too,” you shoo them away as all four couples make their way to their respective rooms.

“Hayley and Elijah, you two should also probably head out. Hope is in the guest room at the end of Kol & Bonnie’s hallway,” you smile at the couple who hugged you and said their goodbyes. Yes, they grabbed Hope.

“Stefan? Ivy? This is your chance. The night is only gonna get wierder,” you shrug as the couple looks at one another.

“Yeah, we’re gonna take off, too,” Stefan holds Ivy close and you smile at them.

“Your room is less than 100 feet away. Go to sleep, losers,” you scoff as the couple laughs and leaves.

And, true to your word, the night got a lot wierder. At one point, you all played strip poker (you’re very sure that was either Marcel’s idea or Kai’s); sometime later, you guys went skinny dipping in the Salvatore pool (definitely Luke’s idea); soon after that you guys drank some more and finally managed to pass out in the living room.

Freya and Cami managed to snag one couch and Luke and Jeremy another. You were left on the floor with Marcel, Kai, and Davina. You were tossing and turning for a while until you felt someone lay next to you and hold you close, calming you almost immediately. You slept the whole night through.

You wake up the next morning to shouting around your head and some slight nudging around your feet.

“What the hell?” You whisper, groaning as someone snatched the sheet off of you. “Leave me alone.”

“Y/N you need to wake up before Klaus murders someone,” you recognize Damon’s worried voice and you sit up, rubbing your eyes open as the arms from the night before rest on your lower stomach..

“Why the fuck does Klaus want to murder someone? And–ooh here’s a better question: why the FUCK did you guys wake me up?” You whisper aggressively, opening your eyes to glare at Damon.

“Because of THAT,” Damon hisses, pointing at the person next to you.

“What is THA-oh god, no,” you murmur as your eyes rest on a sleeping Marcel who’s got his arms wrapped around you. “Oh no no no no no.”

“What the hell happened last night?” Damon helps you up, careful not to wake Marcel.

“Nothing happened, Damon. We all passed out, and I guess I couldn’t sleep so Marcel helped,” you shrug, stretching as Damon leads you outside.

“Yeah, well Klaus seems to think something happened, so–”

You two step outside and are met with the sight of Klaus and Valerie making out.

“Did you need me for something, Niklaus?” You mutter spitefully as he slowly pulls away from that demon witch.

“Me? No, not at all. Please meet–”

“Oh you don’t want me to meet anyone right now,” you glare at the two asshats and walk inside, brushing against an apologetic Damon.

“Look, I swear I didn’t know she was gonna be out there. He saw you two and kept spewing angry bullshit and I don’t–”

“Damon, sweetheart. I’m too hungover to feel anything or say anything. I’ll be fine. I just have to show him what he’s missing… after I get some food and coffee.”


Bad Idea

Imagine: Suggesting to your boyfriend Kol that you would like to eventually try having a threesome and he doesn’t like that very much, showing you that you wouldn’t need anyone else in bed to please you. (Requested ~Smut~)

“Hey Kol?” You were dying to ask him something, wanting reassurance you could ask him anything you desired. Kol raised his brows at you, looking over from his creation of Chicken Alfredo he was making you. The perks to dating Kol, psycho Vampire by day, professional chef by night. “Remember how you said I could tell you anything?” 

Kol nodded with a small smile on his lips, looking back down at the pot of spaghetti. “Of course, I tell you that every time you suggest something that could get us in trouble with my siblings.” 

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anonymous asked:

the 3x22 delena retcon really does come across as inauthentic, not just because it was shoehorned in for shippy reasons, but because the 'consuming love’ line was literally what stelena had JUST gone through in s3. The entire season was about how about stefan was not only a vampire, but a ripper, and that made their love doomed to an extent, but also dangerous, but despite all of that elena just could not pull herself away and stefan could never fully let go and they were epic because of that

Exactly. 100% I’ve been saying this repeatedly, that SE already had a ‘consuming love’ aspect to their relationship in season 3 and it was done much better than the entirety of Delena’s relationship because Stefan and Elena experienced, they hurt, they soared, they wounded each other, they put one another back together, it wasn’t just Elena saying over and over again, “he consumes me” “thanks for giving me a love that consumes me”, we see it. We see the horror of it and the beauty of it. 

And there are levels to the ‘consuming love’ because in the first three or four episodes, it’s about Elena just wanting to find Stefan; spending the entire summer searching for him and her obsession is noted by those around her, like they discuss how irrational she’s being, which is what happens with consuming love, the people around you are like you kind of need to get your act together because this isn’t healthy:

And when Caroline tells her that yes that’s what they want but what does she want, Elena’s response is that she just wants to know Stefan is alive and when she and Damon argue about Stefan killing people all over the country and he storms off, Elena cries and holds onto her necklace, holds on to memory, holds on to Stefan because she can’t possibly let go, she’s rooted and stubborn in her love for him.  And when you think she might possibly move on and just allow Stefan to be monstrous on his own, he calls and she’s right back there with him:

That’s the thing about consuming love, it pulls you right back in when you think there’s nothing left to fight for.

And in 3x02 she maintains that Stefan calls her, she refuses to give up finding him even if it means that the others think that she’s insane, she has a one track mind when it comes to finding Stefan.

On the flipside of that and what the show tries to do with Delena, while the Stelena love consumes Elena, it’s the beacon of hope for Stefan because it’s the one thing that keeps him from giving way to his humanity, he calls Elena because he has to be reminded of the good:

He watches her leave in 3x02 because he just needs one glimpse of her:

but the thing about this is, and what the show didn’t get with DE, is that what kept Stefan going is also what hurt Elena:

Because you can’t have a consuming love that doesn’t wound.

And again, you think everyone is going to move on because Stefan left Elena in 3x03 even though he did it to protect her, Damon and Elena are getting closer in 3x04, Stefan is getting more entrenched with Rebekah and Klaus, but then 3x05 happens and it reconfirms the beauty of the SE love instead of the pain, they’re raw and honest about how much they love one another, about what they’d do for each other, about what they mean to each other; Stefan comes through for Elena in 3x05 after 5 episodes of letting her down, which tells her that everything that happened before that was basically a lie.

And then it’s completely taken away from them:

But because 3x05 happened, because Elena saw what Stefan did for her, that just intensifies her preoccupation with getting him back, her efforts are re-doubled and she becomes more and more reckless because she’s consumed with getting him back, getting the man she loves to return:

And there’s struggle on her part because she knows that she’s putting her time and energy into something that may actually let her down as impossible as it seems to her so when Stefan is a dick she stabs him:

But she also warns him that the possibility of losing her is a very real one because she cannot and will not be this person:

At the same time she let’s him know she hasn’t given up on him because she can’t. She doesn’t know how to. She loves him too much:

So when Damon and Elena have that conversation about Rebekah in 3x08 and Elena draws parallels between herself and Rebekah:

Elena: I learned that she’s just a girl, that she lost her mom too young, and she loves blindly and recklessly, even if it consumes her.

Because she uses the word ‘consume’ and because Damon is in her bed, people interpret it as her talking about how she loves and will love Damon but the receipts all point to her referencing how she loves and has loved and will love Stefan, like Elena has saved him from tomb vampires and fed him her blood, rescued him in a vervain-filled well with snakes, she’s jumped off bleachers for him, she’s tracked him across the entire U.S., she teamed up with a ghost (Lexi) to get through to him and bring back his humanity, like it’s about Stefan.

And then Damon and Elena come up with a plan to get Stefan free of Klaus, Elena actually stabs Rebekah in the back because she’s that determined, that consumed, that she’s willing to do things that are in the moral grey area, which is different than when Damon does it because that’s what Damon does, it’s a shock when Elena does it because she’s supposed to be the ‘good’ girl and it’s funny because she doesn’t do anything like that with Damon, she doesn’t actively do something that shows her darker impulses with Damon, she’s just with him despite everything he’s done, which isn’t the same thing. Anyway, she does all of this only for Stefan to supposedly betray her yet again so she’s at a point where she tells Damon they have to let him go. Which is a part of that struggle, like she’s done everything, she gave everything she had and she’s “betrayed” again, she wants to give up.

And yes, Damon does tell her why Stefan did betray her and DE fans want to give points to him for that but then he kisses her immediately afterward which actually just undercuts his streak of honesty imho but I bring that up because Damon has taken up residency as the ‘good’ brother, he kisses Elena and tells her that he wants her to remember the things she felt when Stefan was gone, most if not all of the boundaries are no longer there and Elena is confused by what she feels for him. While this is happening, Stefan is progressively doing more to push Elena away, Jeremy had almost died and Stefan said he didn’t care and she slapped him:

And the infamous Wickery Bridge episode happened and Stefan flat out terrorized Elena, he emotionally traumatized her, it’s the lowest point in their relationship:

and Elena is devastated but she can still recognize that Stefan is trying to push her away because he doesn’t want this consuming love for her, he doesn’t want her to love a ghost for the rest of her life:

But it’s also when the consuming aspect of their relationship stops because Stefan realizes he went too far. And he makes it a point to grow, to be better, to not be this person. He apologizes in 3x12 and he doesn’t get angry when she tells him she kissed Damon:

He stops drinking human blood in 3x13:

They have their dance in 3x14 and even with all of the confusion I mentioned before, even though Damon flat out tells her in the episode that he loves her, Elena is still focused on Stefan, it’s a love that’s becoming less painful and less obsessive and less consuming because Stefan is becoming more like himself but that hold is still there:

And in 3x15, Stefan is still the first person Elena ends up calling even with all of the confusion with Damon, even though in the summer Damon may’ve been her first choice of a call but the SE bond can’t be ignored so he’s who she calls first.

And then in 3x16 there’s another backslide because Elena catches Stefan feeding and is horrified and he’s horrified that she’s horrified:

And in 3x17, that one track mind is still present with Damon because Damon is talking about Alaric but Elena can’t get over what happened the other night with Stefan and Damon gets annoyed and says, “I should’ve known you’d be talking about Stefan!” At the same time, that health is still being reintroduced to their relationship because Stefan is being practical; he tells Elena that not everyone is her responsibility, he can’t be who she wants him to be so it’s best that they don’t spend too much time together:

But Elena still refuses to give up on him and she tells him so.

And then 3x18 happens and after everything, after all of that, Stefan and Elena can admit to each other that they’re still in love, that it never went away:

And of course Damon is brought up, of course Stefan has to confront Elena about her feelings for him but still, she doesn’t know what she feels, what she knows is that she never stopped loving Stefan.

Then of course she kisses Damon in 3x19 but in 3x20 it’s Stefan she asks to the dance:

it’s Stefan who makes her feel comfortable by not pressing her about what happened in 3x19:

He’s the one who’s there for emotional support:

he’s the one who knows how to be there for her, provide what she needs:

We officially leave the ‘consuming’ aspect of their relationship and return back to the healthy, grounded, comforting love and they’re stronger because of it. Like the aspect that makes DE unique SE did first and better and thoroughly and properly because SE is the forever ship.

How they make you upset and then make it better - The vampire diaries + Lucien

Klaus ~ He accidentally hits you then he apologize.

It was a really bad day for him. Since he got up that morning everything went downhill, until you came along and made him smile. One of his hybrids came in with bad new, Klaus yelling at him making him feel really bad. And you being yourself didn’t want to see Klaus be like this, so you told him to calm down. First off he didn’t care and kept on yelling, but when you repeated it five minutes later his hand smacked your cheek. Leaving everyone in the room silent. The tears filled you eyes. The one thing you knew he’d never do and never wanted to do.. He did that, just that. 

It had been a week avoiding his calls, texts and staying inside your house, barely eating. Then Elijah, came in. Elijah being Klaus’s brother and your best friend didn’t want to see the two of you this way so he brought Klaus along with him. As the original hybrid walked in, his head was hanging. The great lion bowed as he walked towards you, he couldn’t bare looking at you red eyes. He apologized and you told him it was okay, but that it would take time for you to actually trust him to never hurt you again. 

Damon ~ He helps Elena instead of you, then suggest to move away.

You were in danger. Somehow Stefan, Elena and Damon had flipped out the originals, again. Stefan were supposed to take care of Elena, but during the attack he had run to Caroline, making sure she was safe. Damon, being Damon was still in love with Elena an therefore he ran to her leaving you alone. Elena was a vampire, she could take care of herself, you on the other hand was still human, and you intended to be. 

You got to your house and locked yourself in where no of the originals could reach you, when Damon appeared behind you. He hugged you tight form behind. “I was worried.” He whispered to you hair. “Why, you ran to Elena. You don’t care about my safety as you do with her.” He sighed and pulled you into his again. “I do and therefore I want to move out of here, with you, so I din’t get tempted to go back to her.” You shook your head. “No, I’m not moving, so it’ll get easier for you. You need to realize that you can run from your problems. 

Lucien ~ He somewhat insult you, and apologizes. 

You walked into the room, ready for your date with Lucien. You were wearing a red slim fit dress, which you thought you looked good on you, but as you walked down the stair to where Lucien waited, he didn’t look amazed. Which you hoped he would be. “You’re wearing that?” He said a bit skeptic. “Yeah..Why?” You started to feel bad about this. “It’s not.. It doesn’t suit you.. r figure.” 

“I-uh..” you closed your eyes. “I’ll go up to change.” A little whisper before you ran upstairs and locked yourself into the bathroom. A soft knock on the door followed by his angelic voice saying your name. “Come out, sweetheart.” Like a sirens call you obeyed. “I shouldn’t have said that, baby. You look amazing in everything, I just… I’m sorry.” 

Kol ~ He kiss another girl and then telling you that she forced herself on him 

You walked into school knowing your boyfriend of a month would wait for you in the cafeteria. Halfway down the hall you saw him standing, with a girl from the freshman class, making out with her. It hurt you. How could he? You walked pass them and into the girl’s bathroom. 

You got several text from your friends and Kol telling you to come out and asking if you were okay. Your eyes was red and watery, your chest hurt, it was painful to breath and you head felt dizzy. You just saw the love of your life kiss another girl. You were devastated, you felt betrayed. You needed to get home, you couldn’t stay at the girl’s bathroom all day. Therefore you wiped your tears, splashed some water in your face and walk out like nothing happened. 

On the outside Kol waited and as you got out so the excuses did. You kept walking, not bothering to listen to them. As you got to your car he stopped you by turning you to him. “Listen to me. She got over and asked if I wanted to hang out later, and I said no.” You crossed your arms over your chest looking at him. “Relax Kol. It’s not the end of the world, for you.” You turned to get into your car, but he stopped you again. “I didn’t do anything. I promise. You have my word!” He pleaded. “You are not forgiven, but I will give you another chance.” 

Jeremy ~ He smokes weed again, admit that he needs help.

The days had been rough, his grades had go straight downhill. He became more distant and it took days until you walked passed the old junkie place where all the smokers hung out. you saw him with a joint and felt so betrayed. You knew of his old habits, but you thought he was over that. He noticed you and immediately threw it away while running towards you. You turned your back to him and walked, even when he reached you you kept on walking. 

You had ignored every called, every text and every knock on your door. Later that night you walked down to eat with your mother and then you saw Jeremy sitting there. His eyes lit up a bit when he saw you. “I’m not hungry.” you said and started walking upstairs again. “Y/n, sweetheart. Hear him out.” You stopped, placed your arms over your chest and turned to him. It hurt you to see him this way. “Talk.” You said sharply. He started explaining his situation and how he didn’t want it to happen, but it did and how much he regretted his actions. “I need you help to get my shit together. Can you help me?” 

Matt ~ He works too much and making it up with telling you why. 

Matt had taken som extra shifts at the grill, which annoyed you to the poin where you got angry. He was never around anymore and didn’t telling you why he took extra shifts. You told him you needed to rethink of your relationship and you left him alone. 

Later the same day he knocked on your door, tears filling his eyes and roses in his arms. A huge boquet. He tried to talk, but the tears stopped him and left him sobbing. You walked up to him and hugged him. He whispered in your ear: “The reason for my late shit’s and extra shifts is because I wanted to save up some money to give you this.” He pulled out of the hug and reached into his pocket to pull out a small box. He gave it to you. “I should have said something, but I wanted it to be a secret.” You opened it and found a bracelet made of pure silver with beautiful diamonds adorned all over. 

Elijah ~ During a ball he introduce you as “a friend” when the two of you have been dating for a year, he arranges a ball to announce his proposal.

Some of Elijah’s oldest friends showed up for dinner and of course they had to ask who you were. Elijah answered that you were “just a friend”. Just a friend you had been dating for a year. You couldn’t believe his words. You excused yourself and didn’t come back. 

You got a text later from Elijah telling you to meet him at his house the day after. He also told you to wear the dress you didn’t get to wear last week when a ball got canceled. You didn’t answer but showed up anyways. As you arrived Elijah presented you for everyone as he led you into a huge hall filled with his friends and family. “Everyone. May I ask for your attention?” He yelled out and as soon as the words slipped out of his mouth, they turned quiet. Elijah started telling everyone how you act and how much he cared about you, right before he got down on one knee and proposed. 

Stefan ~ He scare you with his ripper behavior, have Elijah compel him to never do it again. 

Klaus had come along and made Stefan do horrible things, but somehow he didn’t hurt you, but he scared you once. You were walking in on him feeding, not knowing what he did, so you walked up to him to ask him something. He wheezed at you before realizing what he did. You just walked away awkwardly. 

The next day Elijah approached you and told you what Stefan had made him do. It was hard, but it had to be done. Elijah’s attention turned to someone behind you and you saw Stefan. You ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug ever. “I love you..” he whispered. 

Enzo ~ being captured by the Augustines and promises you to never leave you alone again. 

You were young and in love with this British man. you discovered the truth about his a year after you started dating. He told you and asked you if he could turn you, because he always walked around fearing for your life even when he was there. You said you would and so you was turned. You fled to the states where you lived happily until he one day didn’t come home. A day turned to a week and a week too months and months to years.

Today was the “anniversary” for his disappearance. It had been 60 years since he was gone. you cursed yourself for wanting him to turn you, but you were young and in love with someone who didn’t have the guts to face you when he wanted to break up. You were walking down the streets when you saw someone following you. At first you didn’t think much of it, but when he followed you into a back alley you tricked him as he was searching for you, and showed up behind him. “Why are you following me?” Said you calmly. He turned. enzo, your long lost love, eyed you and ran forward to embrace you. “Mi bella!” He yelled. 

“No, you’re supposed to be dead. You left me for 60 years ago. You can’t just show up here and..” He buried his head in you hair and smell it. How he had missed you. The rest of the day you were on guard as he told you why he had left. He told you that he was captured and that he would never leave you again. 

Imagine them reacting to your death

If you want to cry or make it sound a bit sadder here’s what I listened to while writing these :P:




Dean was the one who found you and when he saw you not moving on the floor he broke. You were his best friend, the sister he never had and the only person other than Cas and Sam that he could go to for help or guidance. He made sure you had a proper hunter funeral and afterwards went back to the bunker and refused to leave the comfort of his room for weeks.


Sam was by your side in the hospital as you took your last and final breath before the monitor made a long beep sound. Doctors rushed in pushing Sam away as he cried collapsing onto the floor. He couldn’t believe he lost you, if only he made you stay at the bunker like he originally planned to do but your begging had changed his mind. The thoughts of giving the news to Dean and Cas broke his heart even further knowing how bad they would react, the three of them had lost so much already, and Sam blamed himself for your unfortunate death even though you were the one who saved Sam, jumping in front of him so he didn’t get harmed.


He was with the angels when he heard about your death, he looked everywhere for you tears evident on his face as he searched for your heaven until it finally dawned on him, you didn’t end up in heaven. Thoughts flew back to when Dean woke up in hospital with nothing wrong with him even though the day before he was on the verge of death. You had appeared in his room an hour after and held a relieved smile on your face, Cas broke, had you really done it? Gave up your soul to save Dean? Just for you to die a year later. Cas wasn’t seen by any angel or the Winchesters for a while as he mourned your death, he didn’t want to think of the thought of you in Hell, suffering, so he drowned his thoughts in alcohol and stayed away from everyone for a few months.


He stayed by your body for hours as he wept for your loss. He hit his fists against the cold hard concrete floor and screamed in anger, he should have never trusted the Winchesters to keep you safe, not even Castiel being able to save you. His cries grew louder and more desperate, he just wanted to be able to hold you one more time, confess his feelings to you, say a final goodbye, but he couldn’t even do that. Castiel stopped by a few hours later as he sadly stared over at his broken brother, “I just want it to be over! I can’t live without her, let it be over!” He cried, Castiel wrapped his arm around Gabriel’s shoulder as they both mourned over your death before burying you, Gabriel couldn’t even think of the thought of burning the body, so he didn’t.


He didn’t plan for you to get involved in the fight, he was too busy taking care of everyone who betrayed him and hated him for him to see the angel kill you with it’s angel blade mistaking you for a demon. Fury, guilt, misery so many emotions rushed through him as he saw your now lifeless body collapse to the ground, he killed the angel who had killed you in an instant and suddenly everything around Lucifer became numb, the only thing that he thought about was you, your smile, your laugh, your little ways you showed your affection towards him, how you were the only person that could calm him down, now he had no one.


He didn’t bother go to work, he let his second in command take over hell as he drowned his sorrows in whiskey and even the cheapest of drinks just to try and forget the fact that you had passed. He was miserable without his Queen, and even more miserable knowing she went to heaven instead of hell, he guessed it would happen, the angels wanted to torture Crowley someway, why not by not being able to see her again?



He shook his head not being able to accept the fact that you had died due to a stupid hybrid, you didn’t even have his blood or anything in your system so even if you decided to die during transmission at least he would have been able to say goodbye, he stared at your ripped body, your face barely recognizable. He stayed in his room and refused to leave, he thought of turning his humanity off but went against it knowing that that’s not what you would have wanted, you would want him to get up and move on, but he couldn’t find himself to get out of bed and do it, so he stayed motionless on his bed, not talking to anyone and continued to cry and when the tears stopped there was still an empty feeling in his chest, that nothing could get rid of.


Tears left his stinging eyes as he held your limp body in his arms, you had died but woken up in transition due to having Damon’s blood in your system but instead of drinking human blood you decided that you wanted to die, it was time for you to die, and it hurt him. He was there for the whole twenty four hours as he watched your body grow weak and fragile. He promised you to try and live a proper life again, even if it meant starting in a new place, he promised that he wouldn’t turn off his humanity no matter how much it pained him, but one thing he refused to promise was to forget about you and find someone new to love because you were his soulmate, and he would never love anyone as much as he loved you, he made you promise that when he died you would meet on the other side, or wherever death may take him and reunite, and with your last breath you uttered the last two words that he wished to hear, “I promise.”


His heart clenched in his chest as he stayed motionless beside your lifeless body, he knew that if anyone came up to him he would explode so he was grateful when nobody did even if it would get rid of some of his anger and misery that he held inside. He bit back the curse words, the ache to break every bone in someones body, because this was his fault. He allowed you to help out in stopping Silas from escaping, but in the end Silas ended your life by drinking your blood till there was nothing left, Klaus didn’t care if someone saw him, at this point he hoped someone came up and killed him with the white stake, at least that way he would be reunited with you once again.


He leaned against your tree the one you came to when you needed to grieve and now it was Elijah’s turn. Hearing about your sudden departure from the world had shocked him, he ran from his siblings and found himself at your tree knowing it would remind him of you, he lightly smiled and then that smiled turned to tears which streamed down his face as he apologized for not being there, for not protecting you, for not being able to say goodbye, it wasn’t anything supernatural that killed you, no, out of everything it was a car accident, an unknown drunk drivers fault, Klaus had promised that the man was taken care of but that didn’t make Elijah any less upset and heartbroken. He glanced up at the blue sky above and imagined your face smiling down at him, proud that he didn’t lash out at anyone, including Klaus who gave him the news and slowly he lowered himself down to the ground feeling a chill go up his back, he glanced around but didn’t see anything that would make a disturbance in the weather, he frowned and looked ahead at the scenery in front of him finally realizing why you came here to mourn, he allowed the feeling in and thought back to all the beautiful memories that the two of you shared.


At first he didn’t know how to react, he left Mystic Falls and killed anyone who came in his path, he couldn’t believe you were gone, his love, his princess, his everything. You were the only one who understood him in ways that other people couldn’t .After attacking some people to let out his anger he journeyed back to his room and stayed there for most of the month, the only thing he did was drink alcohol and blood and on some occasions stared at the white stake that he had ‘borrowed’ from Rebekah, it all could be over, he could end his suffering, but he didn’t knowing you would give him a bitch slap and would never forgive him if he ended his own life for something as little your departure in the world. 


Turning out like Damon, Alaric drank to forget his problems, the problem was that you had died when he was suppose to protect you, he never liked the thought of you as bait to find a hungry vampire but you had insisted and looking back he wished he forced you not to do it, even if it meant locking you up until it was all over. Damon was the only person Alaric let in, they mostly drank and talked about all the memories you shared with them. Alaric only cried in front of Damon, he tried to hold it in when he saw everyone else, they were all sympathetic towards him which he hated, he’d lost so many people already and that’s why he allowed Damon in, mostly because they drank together but also because Damon didn’t apologize for your death, he just mourned with him.


Jeremy was in the worst shape after the news of your death, nothing could stop the pain he felt in his chest, nothing could stop the feeling of being miserable and alone, he had lost another friend, you were basically a sister to Jeremy, and now you were gone. He forced himself to not thing about going back to drug use, alcohol, everything that you helped him stop all those years ago. Instead he stayed in his room, barely eating, barely sleeping and always thinking of you.


Elena wanted to shove all her feelings away, take the pain away, but remembering how long and painful it was when she got them back she pushed the thought away and fought through the aching pain in her heart and chest, you were one of her best friends, vampire or not she cared deeply for you and seeing you dead after a werewolf attack hurt more than anything else, everyone came and tried to get her to leave her room but never did she actually oblige to their requests. Damon mostly stayed with her, holding her tightly, trying to make her forget the pain, while Stefan kept away knowing Damon was who she needed at that moment.


Tyler pushed the thoughts of your death aside and used the anger he had to break anything in his reach, he collapsed to the floor of his house and cried knowing that no one was home to hear him. He had trusted that your little trip abroad would go safely only for you to be captured and killed by a vampire. All he wanted to do was cry and kill the sonsofbitches that did this to you, so that’s what he planned to do, for the next few months he went and hunted down your killers and wouldn’t stop until they were no longer alive.


He finally let all of his emotions break at your funeral that he and all your friends at mystic falls held. Everyone hugged him and tried to tell him it was okay but the truth was that his best friend died, and he didn’t even get the chance to express his true feelings for you, and now he never would.

Bonnie and Caroline:

They both supported each other on the news of your death, Bonnie had saved you from death once but this time it wasn’t as easy and she failed. Caroline being a vampire couldn’t stop her tears that flowed down her face. They held a small funeral for you knowing you didn’t want much, just your friends and family. They planned everything and Caroline made sure it was perfect, her last gift to you, a beautiful sending off. Bonnie was the one who informed your parents on your tragic death and together they all cried the thought of not seeing you smile everyday kill them inside.


“She’s dead Rebekah, just say it already.” Klaus begged his sister who was hurting greatly, Rebekah shook her head as tears fell down her face, “I won’t, because that means I believe it, and I don’t want to believe that Y/N’s dead, I won’t believe it.”

Sighing Klaus gave up and left the room leaving Rebekah alone to mourn in peace, “Why?” She asked no one as she threw the empty glass at the wall earning satisfying smash as it hit the wall. “You’re not dead Y/N, You cannot be dead!” He screamed bursting out into a crying fit as she collapsed to the floor.