i hope every thing you wish for happens on this day

Every little thing that has happened since I met you has made me think of you. When I get into my car, I am hoping and wishing for you to get in right beside me. As I lay in my bed, I think about rolling over so I can lay on you, but I then realize that I cannot do that. I long to be beside you. Now that I know what it feels like to hold you in my arms, I cannot keep myself from missing you.

I think about the freckles that are scattered across your face, and your hair that feels just right beneath my fingertips. I wish to feel your lips against mine. I long for your body to be pressed up against mine. I want you close to me. I need you close to me.

I love you. I cannot wait until the day where I can wake up and have you laying there right beside me, every day. I cannot wait to dance around our apartment, decorating it so oddly beautiful. I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait.

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Do you have a birthday imagine? Today is my birthday and I've been looking for some cheering up

I do!! Happy birthday, anon! I’m gonna link you every birthday thing I have. Also, here’s a cool birthday thing for you: you share a birthday with Sandra Bullock, did you know? Pretty good company. And here are some things that happened on this day in history: 1775 – The office that would later become the United States Post Office Department is established by the Second Continental Congress.  1958 – Explorer program: Explorer 4 is launched.

Today is also National Bagelfest Day AND National Coffee Milkshake Day. Hope your day gets cheered. :)


What can i say, thank you, i hope one day the world would be as amazing as you guys stand up for, you girls have not just the girlpower and a great voice to talk what everybody need to hear, you girls have the power to healing as well, you save me every single day, four years ago the greatest thing happened you girls were born, and now i just wish this to continue for ever at least in my heart, my soul, and my mind, is gonna be forever
Happy 4th 5th harmony, my girls

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Clexa shipper from the other day; The casts/writers definitely dont appreciate you guys at all, taking every each one of you for granted, I was here from the start, and for gods sake! I know the majority of Bellarke shippers are too. I hope better things are coming for you guys, all of you deserved a better treatment, good luck and I know you feel like most of my fandom hates all of you but Im here for you guys, I know there are good people in my fandom too! Take care x

Thank you so much for the messages, I really appreciate it.

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There are good and bad people in both fandoms to be honest,there’s no denying that. I wish we could all just live in peace and be happy haha, but unfortunately I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. Why fight? I don’t get it, at all. .