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You still looking for prompts? Hm. Give Lance a high fever and let the others freak out in panic once they find out. Uhm... Well I think I hope this helps. Eh. Or maybe make Lance cry. OR ALL TOGETHER. Eh I should stop before it's too late x'D Anyways I hope this kinda helps you and I'm not bothering you! ~Ria

Even back on Earth, Lance had a top notch immune system. Never once had he submitted to any viral virus or school wide epidemic because he drank his milk religiously and took his vitamins like clockwork at seven am and seven pm every single day. He never missed school for a legitimate sickness- in fact, his attendance was practically spotless.

The one thing he didn’t account for was an intergalatic influenza.

He’d come in contact with so many people in such a short amount of time- he couldn’t pinpoint whom he’d contracted it from, but fuck if he didn’t feel his body slowly shut down with the aches and pains of the flu. He woke with a horrible cough that left him wheezing in his bed, tears collecting at the corners of his eyes. His head felt as though someone was driving an ice pick right through his cerebellum. The searing cold left him blind for an immesurable period of time as he tried to gather his bearings.

The alarm was blairing through his room. Right, that’s why he woke up. He slithered out of his bed and slowly slid into his skin-like black bodysuit that clung a little too tightly to his chest today. He felt sweat gather on his brow as he pressed his armor into place. The built in heat regulator must have been faulty because he could has sworn that it was at least one hundred degrees inside his suit. He slid on his helmet and jogged as fast as he dared to the other paladins.

Allura and Shiro were already debreifing the group when Lancr stumbeled through the door. He smiled brightly before harshly sniffing, his throat dangerously ichy and irritated. Allura shot the Columbian a harsh look as he scrambled to his place next to Hunk who promptly draped an arm around the sick paladin’s shoulder.

“As I was saying, paladins, there is a fleet of Galra cargo ships heading out way. The mission is to intercept them and destroy any supplies that is upon the ship.” She spoke, quickly. Straight to the point as usual. “Pidge, you and Lance will enter the head ship and place a tracker into the ship’s database. Do you think you can handle that?”

Pidge rolled their eyes before nodding. “Don’t worry, Princess. We’ll know evey single transmission between the empire and that fleet.” Allura nodded before turning to Lance.

“You will leave your lion on the far side of the ship and enter through the ship’s hangers. Then you’ll clear a path for Pidge to get in and stand watch while she gets through the system. Got it?” Lance shook his head. Even through his fogged up, sick head- he remembered Pidge’s proper pronouns.

“Get in, protect their back, get out. Easy pesy, Princess.” She nodded befofe dismissing everybody to their Lions. He felt Blue’s hum before he even steped foot in his cockpit. He smiled softly.

“Yeah, girl. I’m alright. Just a little cold is all.” The heat in the ship immediately turned on, full blast. Lance burst out in a bright laugh that quickly dissolved into a fit of coughs that shook his body. He slowly eased Blue down on the underbelly of the Galran ship and exited through Blue’s mouth and replaced his partical barrier. He equiped his bayard and shot through the ship sidd and pulled himself through the opening.

He tapped his mic as he enabled the coms in his helmet. “I’m in.” he whispered into the set. He held his bayard close to his chest and followed the map that Allura had uploaded into his visor. He shot through senteries as he made his way to Pidge and let them in. Pidge led the two to the control room. Lance quickly subdued the Galra in charge and left Pidge to do their weird tech stuff. After mussing up their hair, Lance slinked away and stood watch outside, makind perimeter runs every few minutes.

His head felt like it was swimming. He could barely stand up straight when Pidge ran out of the control room, chest heaving. Their eyes landed on Lance and widened before they spoke.

“We have to go. Now.” they said urgently before taking off. Lance followed behind them, escorting them to their lion.

“I tripped a line, Lance. I tripped a fucking line.” Pige said, frustratedly.

“Language!” he heard Shiro’s voice crackel through their coms. He felt Pidge roll their eyes before adddessing Lance again. “They know we’re on board. You should head to Blue.” Lance was feeling lightheaded as it was and shaking it really did more harm than good at this point.

“No way, Pigedon.” he grimaced. “I’m here to protect you and I’ll be damned if something happens on my watch.”

He really should have gone to his lion.

With Pidge safe and off the ship, Lance attempted to make his way back to Blue but his reactions were already slow and his eyes blurred the map layed out in front of him. He evaded the sentries and veered into a dimly lit section of the ship. The further he walked, the colder it became. He was violently shivering by the time he reached the end of the corridor, confused and dazed. He leaned against a wall, trying to stop the insistent spinning of his head. He slung his head back, and feld something click beneath him before the wall dissappeared from behind him and he was flung into the cold vastness if outer space. He wheezed in breaths and tried to steady his lungs. He paniced as he felt his fingers begin to lose feeling. First it was his finger tips and toes, then his arms and legs. He desperately tried to use his jetpack to propel himself to his lion, but his fingers were locking up with the cold.

“Lance?” he heard. He tried to respond but his throat was so hoarse from coughing that he could barely get anything out. “Lance, report in!” Shiro demanded. He felt the heat draw out of his chest as he pushed himself this way and that, looking for his lion. He was lost, sick as fuck, and genuinely freezing himself to death. So much for a sick day. His eyes were drawing closed with every breath. He couldn’t find the strength to be scared. He drew in a shaky breath before laying back in nothingness, his head tilting back. The last thing he remembered seeing was Blue, flying toward him.

He came to as he usually did- stumbling out of a healing pod. He fell straight into Keith’s arms and shivered there for a moment before picking himself up. He went to speak but immediately dissolved into a coughing fit that left him sucking in air gratefully.

“Hey, Keith,” Lance said pitifully. Keith perked up and hummed in response. “I think I’m sick.” Keith snorted and rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, no shit Sherlock. It nearly cost you the mission.” Lance winced, but felt a comforting hand land on his shoulder. “Let us know next time you’re sick, okay? We’ll help you out.” Keith grinned. Lance smiled back, adoration bring mist to his eyes.

And so, Keith fed Lance hot soup for the next week straight and it was glorious.

well theres that! i hope it was half decent. i also tried to mix some hypeothermia in there (even though i have no idea how to do that) bc i know you asked for that a bit ago haha i j couldnt figure out how write it haha well hope you enjoyed !


in the first few fairly oddparents shorts cosmo is way more smart and not nearly as unfunctional as he is now - so i made a tragic backstory out of it, to give cosmo’s increasing stupidity throughout the show a reason :’D

(although timmy is probably just surprised to hear cosmo talk in sentences that have internal logic)

(also: philip the nickel cameo!)


Same Old, Same Clothes

The agony of being a character, is not wearing anything besides your character’s outfit. It’s infuriating, especially when it’s Dark (Mr. Diva) you’re talking about, Mark.

(Long overdue! But I hope y’all like it!)

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Stricklake | a Walter Strickler/Barbara Lake fanmix [LISTEN]

Speak low when you speak, love
Our moment is swift, like ships adrift, we’re swept apart, too soon

Speak low, darling, speak low
Love is a spark, lost in the dark too soon,
too soon

happy birthday @hollywoodcassiecage, have a baehee 🙌
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also sorry its kinda sloppy and grey, i had to rush the shading and all that bcs time runs goddamn fast and for the first time in my life i was swamped


Here’s some cardio lecture crammed into a gif. >_> You see I DO STUDY!!

I tried to match the gif’s frame rate timing to a real resting heartbeat, so if you’re sitting at a computer this might match you! The rate for this heart is 72 bpm. (unless it’s lagging. please do not match the lagging heartbeat, only zombies do that.) 

(slowed and expanded gif here)


Today stream and the process!

Thank you very much for passing by, I really had a great time, I’ll try to make other streams again~~

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