i hope daddy will like my hair !!

Voltron Quotes Inspired by Shit My Friends Have Said

Lance: I’m garbage but like ~Gucci~ garbage. Like I’m dead and disgusting inside, but I’m still beautiful as fuck. Try me bitch, I can and will steal your man.

Hunk: I’m sad so I’m eating my feelings, but eating so much makes me more sad which just causes me to eat more DO YOU SEE MY DILEMMA?!

Allura: I’m growing out my hair in hopes that one day I can use it to strangle my enemies

Keith: Do you think anyone has ever tried to fuck a knife? Hey don’t give me that look just hear me out!!

Shiro: Stop calling me the dad of the group! I just want the sweet release of death, I can’t take care of you children!! I mean it, stop-alright yeah okay, I’m the dad. Sure whatever. Daddy needs a drink.

Pidge: You know what I wanna hear? Stephen Hawking talking dirty. What?! Technology is sexy, don’t kink shame me!

Coran: Have you ever been attracted to facial hair? Like sure that guy is cute, but his beard? …damn.


Slav: There’s a 47% probability that I’m pissing you off.

Zarkon: Oh god I hate them. Well, I don’t really hate them. I just want their cat. Do you think they’ll be pissed if I just stole it?

Lotor: If my hair gets messed up, I’m killing all of you and taking over the world. I spent three hours getting ready, and I will not hesitate to stab a bitch if they come too close.

Hate To See You Go (Grayson)

Summary: Based off of this ask. You’re a teacher at Grayson’s daughter’s kindergarten and it’s Mother’s Day.
Word Count: 4,463
Warnings: Actual daddy!Gray. Daddy kink (if you squint).
A/N: I swear, I received this ask 3 weeks ago and it’s still stuck on my mind. So I hope you like this, leave feedback if you want to!! This turned out to be longer than intended, yikes xx

The first time you saw Grayson Dolan was when his daughter, Penelope fell off a swing during recess and scraped her knee. She’d cried as you stroked her hair, pointing at her bloody knee while telling you of how she’d tried to stand up on the swing, her foot slipping in process which had caused her to fall off. It wasn’t that bad. In fact, it was a small scrape but it still made your heart squeeze in your chest when you looked over her tear-stained face, her hand squeezed into a small fist as she rubbed her eye.

You’d taken her to your own classroom, calling her father in the process. His voice had sounded deep and it kind of shocked you for a moment. It had been two months since the term had started and Penelope had been brought to kindergarten by her Aunt Cameron. You’d been so curious as to why her father was never around, but Penelope had explained how her father was working early hours and he never had time to take her to preschool; which, you never frowned over that because there were plenty of parents who worked their butts off, having a relative or even a nanny drop their children off in your classroom.

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Ask Nicely

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Headcanon requestSam (or Jared 😉) with a Daddy kink please and thanks you 🙏🏼  - @spontaneousam

Word Count: 2,530

Warnings: all the smut, daddy!kink, dom!Sam, a little bit of edging, oral sex (female receiving), Sam’s monster cock, cursing, dirty talk, tiny bit of breeding!kink, barely any plot. *shrugs* fluff at the end, though, as per usual, a touch of angst.

A/N: I went with Sam, since I’ve written two Jared pieces recently. Plus, this seems more along the lines of a Winchester thing. I have never written daddy kink before, at least not like this. Holy wow. I hope this is okay. I’m really nervous about posting this. Also decided to add this to my Smut-entine’s Day masterlist because I included a few kinks in here. This shit is fucking raunchy. I’m not sorry. 

You flinched as the door slammed shut and Sam’s boots pounded toward your bedroom. Pulling the towel from your hair, you ran your fingers through it quickly. You hadn’t gotten dressed yet, Sam would be happy about that at least. He threw your door open without knocking, whatever, it was his room too.

“Hey, you okay?” You took a tentative step in his direction before he closed the gab between the two of you and crashed his lips into yours.

“No.” He spoke between kisses.

You let it go, not wanting to push the issue. The hunt had gone bad somewhere along the lines, that much you could tell. Sam’s mouth was hot, and he smelled like beer. His kisses were needy and demanding, and you knew what was coming next.

“Gonna make you mine, baby girl.” He grunted, hoisting your legs up around his waist before tossing you back onto the bed. “Lose the towel.” He stood at your feet.

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Welcome to the world little ones- Grayson Dolan

Author: raeswritings

Pairing: Grayson x reader

Requested: Yes

Request: can u plssss do the fluffiest grayson imagine i love fluffy gray omg

Warnings: Nothing but fluff

A/N: I hope I did you justice anon! Thanks to @dolansanonymous for helping me out and giving me ideas. I love ya!

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Being pregnant was never easy. All the mood swings. The weird late night cravings. The back pain. The aching feet. Being pregnant was even harder when your baby was going to be here any day now. But your husband made it bearable. Always getting you whatever you needed, making whatever you craved and dealt with your crazy mood swings.

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Dear Harvard,

How are you? I hope you are well! My name is Jared Kushner, and I would like to go to you. As an example of how smart I am, here is some money.

I heard from my daddy and my friends’ daddies that you are a big house for smart, good boys. I am a good boy! I am nice and my face is very smooth. Would you like a hundred-dollar bill? It has Benjamin Franklin on it! He is silly, because he only has hair on the sides, not on the top. Here are some of him!

Here are some facts about me: I am Jared. I am more than six feet tall, which is funny, because feet are on your legs, not how tall you are! That always makes me laugh. My favorite color is green, like money. My favorite shape is rectangle, like money. I also like round, which is like some kinds of money that poor people use for littering in fountains.

When I was a kid, which was last year, I got mad that there was no sixty-nine-dollar bill, so my daddy paid the U.S. Treasury to make one special for me. I showed it to all my friends and we all laughed and then I gave it to our maid because I was bored with it. She cleaned it and gave it back to me so that I could throw it away.

I am a good student. I got straight D’s in high school. “D” is the first letter in the alphabet. At first, the teachers said “A” was the first letter, but my daddy paid the teachers to teach us a new alphabet song so that I wouldn’t feel bad about my grades. It worked! In school, my favorite classes were recess and lunch. I did very good on the SAT because I filled in every single bubble, even the ones for my name, which was a trick question. I am so smart! For me, tests are as easy as D-B-C!

I am good at after-school activities, such as sports and allowance. I was on the basketball team in high school. My daddy gave the referee money so that I didn’t have to dribble and could just carry the ball. All the other good boys were jealous, but only my daddy loved me enough to pay the referees so that I got to carry the ball and use a ladder. Ladder dunks are worth fifty points.

My daddy is also so good at games. Daddy and I like to play a game called hide-and-go-seek, which is where we tape money to ourselves and go to the Cayman Islands and hide the money all around. We are so good that no one ever finds it! Daddy said we were there to put the money in the laundry, which is funny because after we buried the money it was so much dirtier and sandier than before. My daddy is so silly sometimes!

Harvard, I would like to go to you so that I can be big and strong someday, like all my daddy’s friends. They are so cool and impressive. They wear ties all the time to keep their shirts from falling off. My daddy is so rich that he can buy any building he wants, even the Empire State Building or the moon. Here are some things I want to be when I grow up: a fireman, an astronaut, a business boy, a fire truck, a thousand-dollar bill. If you would like some more money, here is some more money!

I do not want to be mean, but if you do not let me into you something bad might happen. My daddy is very nice but when he is mad he can be very scary. One time when he got mad he made a lady go to my uncle’s house to kiss my uncle even though the lady wasn’t my aunt! Yuck!

Anyway, thank you for letting me into Harvard! I am so excited to go in you. When I arrive, I would like four dorm rooms, a parking space for my Range Rover, a girlfriend, a girlfriend for my Range Rover, a pony, a Range Rover for my pony, three opals, and the ocean. I have been a good boy and I deserve it!


Jared Kushner, grade 12, age seventeen and a half


Pairing: Finn Bálor x Plus Size!Reader

Word Count: 1120

Warnings: language, poor body image, implied smut, fluff

Based on: this prompt

A/N: Hello hello! So once again, life’s been kicking my ass and keeping me from my writing. I’m not always the fluffiest writer, but this was purely therapeutic. And my goodness did this come out fluffy. Like a warm blanket from the dryer kind of fluffy. Anywho, I hope you enjoy this one. And thanks for being patient with a girl.

My Bálor Babes: @yourr-anger-your-anchor @motleymoose @georgiadean37@wweximaginesxd @racheo91 @daddy-slug @blondekel77 @ambrosegirlforever@romanempire19 @fucking-bandsx @boundtomyfate @hotspurmadridista@florenceivy @geekoftv @behindthesesilvereyes @vsturgeon5489@thegoddessqueenrileycarter @wwesmutandstuff @devitt-club @anerdysouthernbelle@thebadchic @baratomaya @jenn0755 @sbethell89 @magical419 @lilyruelas@xxmaddhatter39xx @bouttogolinkurbitch @uniquewerewolfsuit @valeonmars@ryrybebe @wwe-rollins-lover @dasexydevitt13 @officialbroski10-blog@weedman-shitz@justhavingfun123469

(Gif not mine…I just really love it.)

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NCT U Horoscopes: the signs as shit the members said

The signs as shit the NCT U members have said.

{Requests Open}

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“That’s a long ass ride” ~ Mark


“Where is my hair?” ~ Ten


“Vroom vroom talk show!” ~ Doyoung


“Anywhere I reach is a pose” ~ Taeyong


“I’m not going to cry” ~ Taeil


“oh daddy“ ~ Johnny


“Don’t– the cameras are rolling” ~ Jaehyun


“I want to have XXXX with u fatass” ~ Ten


“Be there or be square” ~ Foreign Swaggers


“This was Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation” ~ Johnny


“The bed. it gives me the feeling of a forest fairy” ~ Taeil


“I lived in America for 4 years, that’s why I’m here man” ~ Jaehyun


Yo, I am back! This is just a simple post but I hope you liked it! I kept thinking of stuff Johnny has said because my mans is extra asf! anyways, that is all~


Thanks many of you for the love you all give to my latest post. I was like wow when I see there are more than 200+ notes. My followers increased like a rocket 🚀 😂. many many thanks.

I got asked a lot of questions about how to free styling. To be honest, sorry I met Arab in a very random situation, I wasn’t free-styling so I’m not an expert to ask. Please prefer to those SB blogs who are free-styling for advice.

On the other hand, Arab went back from UK. He brought me a lot of jewelries but those are not my style because I prefer simple designed jewelries but it’s still money anyways. He texted me to get ready he will pick me up for breakfast. Okay daddy !!!! When I walked to his RR, the other girls sat under dorm’s porch looked at me like “gross you are having sex with an old man for money” but I give no shit. I even looked at them and smiled while he was closing the car door for me 😂

I spent last whole week with him. Someday we stayed at his place in Highland Parks, someday he drove us to Houston so he can checkup his company. I even helped him arrange his office based on my understanding of geomancy, organized his papers and fix his frozen wins 7 computer (unbelievable!!!) 😂 he was impressed but he kept forgetting I’m an engineering student fixing those are easy.

Last Saturday morning he told me my 2005 Honda looks so old now I need a new car. To be honest, I’m not a car person. I just need a vehicle to get me from point to point. I don’t have the idea of “I need to drive a fancy car because i’m a sugar baby”. Of course I’m expecting him to get me one if he said that, but how to sound not so much gold-digging? I told him “I will get a new car eventually, but only after I work and get my parents a new car first”. He knows and admires that I’m family-oriented so he looked at me in awe for few seconds, then later that afternoon
He took me to Audi showroom and got me an A4. strategy WIN !!! Now I’m driving a brand new Audi without even have to ask for one. He added me to his insurance and said I can drive his RR if he isn’t in TX. He said if I spend this whole summer with him I can keep the car forever so I’m not taking any summer classes 😂 I need a break from those cancer cells anyways.

We are going to NYC next week because he wants some new clothes from Thom Browne, and wants to see Broadway ( I’m not a big fan but okay). Guess I will see if his cards get blocked from my shopping hahahaha.

I got lucky because this man is obsessed with Asian women. I still havent got used to this 46-yrs-old man who throw money like trash but I’m not complaining 😂 ps: he trimmed his hair and beard because I complained it made him look much older. I found his action is kinda cute 😂

Anyways, thanks for your support/cheering/loving messages and comments. I will try to get on Tumblr more frequent. Feel free to ask me any random questions from sugar advice to photography to biomedical stuffs to engineering. I hope all SBs have been great with their sugar life ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Imagine Chris being extremely protective.

You and Dodger returned home from your morning walk to find Chris still fast asleep on the living room couch. He had spent the whole night reading ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ cover to cover for what felt like the millionth time since you told him you were pregnant; that was about four weeks ago. You didn’t understand why he was freaking out considering you were still in the early stages of your pregnancy; you were only twelve weeks and you didn’t even have a bump yet. But somehow your adorable husband was acting as though you were due any day now, in fact- if he found out you went on your morning walk, he’d flip.

“C'mon bud, let’s get you some food.” You told Dodger as you made your way to the kitchen; the pup trailed behind you, his tail wagging excitedly. You grabbed his kibble out of the pantry and poured it into a bowl, giving his head a quick scratch before leaving him to prepare your own breakfast.

You started with the coffee ‘cause you knew your husband needed it, then continued with your usual poached eggs and avocado on wholewheat toast. You had that almost everyday- if you weren’t having a smoothie- and while it was partially because you were health conscious, you genuinely enjoyed it. It had been like that ever since you were a little kid, you’ve always had a preference for the 'healthier’ foods which made things easy for your parents, and yourself when you got older.

After you had your breakfast, you made Chris’- scrambled eggs and bacon because he wasn’t as big a fan of avocado as you were; you poured him a mug of coffee then took both outside for him. He was awake now, just lying there because he was too tired to move. He heard footsteps and turned, spotting you and smiling.

“Morning handsome,” you smiled back. “Breakfast?”

“Yes please.” He sat up and quickly took the mug and plate from you; you sat down next to him and he kissed the side of your head before taking a sip of his coffee. “You do make a mean cup of coffee,” he told you and you chuckled softly. “Where’s yours?”

“You won’t let me drink coffee,” you reminded him in a teasing tone and he bit back his smile with a roll of his eyes. “And if you mean breakfast, Dodger and I have already had ours in the kitchen. We’re early risers, unlike some people.” You poked his side and he squirmed, chuckling.

“Does that mean you went on your walk?” He glanced back at you with a raised brow and you chuckled softly because you knew what was coming. “Y/N,” he sighed and you did the same. “I don’t mind you exercising and whatnot, I’d just prefer it if you let me come along. What if something happens to you? I know Dodger is a smart dog but- he can’t help you if it comes down to it.”

“Sweetheart,” you pressed your nose against his shoulder and mumbled into his shirt, “I’m only twelve weeks. I think I’m more than capable taking a walk without Captain America by my side. Relax,” you giggled when you heard him let out a weary chuckle. “I’m not that fragile, so stop treating me like a porcelain doll.”

“I wish I could,” he pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “But now that you’re carrying our future child, you’ve become twice as precious to me.” He whispered and you smiled, hugging his arm. “So please, for the love of my anxious heart-” He chuckled when you looked up at him, biting back your smile. “Stop doing things that obviously worry me.”

“I wish I could,” you pressed a kiss to his jaw before you pulled away and rose to your feet.

“You wish you could?” He quizzed with narrowed eyes when you glanced back at him. “Y/N, I wasn’t giving you a friendly suggestion. I was telling you- as your husband- that you need to stop doing things that worry me.”

“You know I can’t do that,” you shook your head with a smile that made his frown deepened. “Chris-” you cut yourself off, laughing. “Everything worries you,” you told him and his face softened because you were right. “You won’t even let me clean the house, Chris. Not that I’m complaining but-” you chuckled, “do you see my point?”

“Cleaning the house is hard work and I-” he cut himself off when you shot him a weary look. “Okay, I see your point. But…” He trailed off and rose to his feet, reaching for your hand and pulling you towards him. “Everything I’m doing or- stoping you from doing,” he chuckled when you smiled. “It’s because I love you.”

“I know,” you smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck. “I just wish you’d be a little less protective and irrational otherwise these next six months are going to be incredibly exhausting, not just for me- but for you too.”

“You know I don’t mean to be, but I can’t help it when it comes to you. You are the largest love of my life, Y/N. I was protective over you even before you were pregnant, did you really expect me to dial it down once you started carrying the second largest love of my life?”

“A girl can hope,” you joked and he chuckled. “You know your mom’s going to be heartbroken when she hears that she’s moved down to third place,” you teased and his chuckle turned into laughter.

“To be fair, she moved me down first.” He countered. “And I’m just going to keep moving down when our little bundle of joy joins the Evans’ household.” His hands moved over your still fairly flat belly. “When do we find out if it’s a boy or a girl?”

“You tell me, you’re the one who’s been reading all those pregnancy books.” You reminded him and he chuckled. “I think it’s around eighteen to twenty weeks. But I don’t think it matters, we’re going to love the little bug no matter the gender.”

“That’s true.” He descended to his knees in front of you and pressed a gentle kiss on your stomach. You smiled and ran a hand over his fluffy hair. “Hi baby, it’s your daddy speaking. Your mommy and I are extremely excited to meet you, so much so that these next six months are going to be excruciating. It doesn’t help that your mommy keeps doing things that keeps me on my toes,” he glanced up at you and you chuckled. “She really is a stubborn one, I can only hope you’re nothing like her on that matter.”

“Jerk,” you bit playfully, gently smacking the top of his head.

“But I do hope you’re like her in every other way,” he whispered and you smiled. “Rest easy, little one.” He said as you pulled him back up onto his feet; he smiled as you pressed your lips against him, giving him a tender kiss. “Where are you going?” He asked when you broke the kiss and pulled away.

“I’ve got laundry to do,” you answered.

“Yeah, that’s not happening.” He grabbed you from behind and hugged you tightly, drawing laughter from you. “You are going to do absolutely nothing for the next six months as long as I’m around,” he mumbled into the crook of your neck; his beard tickling you.

“I guess I don’t have to do you either,” you teased.

“With me being the exception, of course.”

Anything For You Daddy -  Brendon Urie Smut

I sat on the couch wiring for Brendon to come home, I had been horny all day and really just wanted to jump his bones. I stared at the TV spacing off, thinking about what would happen. I had over heard Brendon and Dallon the other day, Brendon was telling him about how he wished I would call him Daddy in bed. I kind of like the idea of it, it’s hot to me.

I stood up from the couch and walked to the master bedroom. I opened up the top drawer of my dresser, I sifted through all my lingerie until I found what I was looking for. A while ago I had bought this but I had never worn it and Brendon had never seen it, it was perfect. It was a lacy, blush pink baby doll piece that I had gotten from Victoria’s Secret. I hoped he’d like it.
I text Brendon to see when he’d come home, he said he’d be home in twenty minutes. I walked into the bathroom and did my hair in soft curls. I changed into the lingerie and got situated on the bed. My stomach was tied in knots, I was nervous. I wasn’t sure that he’d really like it or that he’d change his mind about the whole Daddy thing. I heard the front door slam in the distance, he’s home.

“Y/N, where are you babe?” Brendon called out in the distance.

“I’m in the bedroom!” I called back.

I heard him walk closer to the bedroom. He opened the door and his jaw dropped to the floor, his eyes wide. He stood at the doorway just staring at me laying on the bed. I sat up and looked at him biting my lip. He wore a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a maroon colored v-neck shirt. I morion him to some closer. He quietly groaned and slowly walked toward me. He crawled onto the bed and hovered over me. I pull him closer and bring his lips to mine. I hungrily kiss him, pulling at his hair with one hand while the other slid down his toned body to the bulge that was contained in his skinny jeans. I start to rub his cock through his jeans causing him to moan into the kiss.

He pulled away from the kiss and got off the bed. He started to slowly take off his clothes till he was just in his black Calvin Klein boxers, I watched him intently biting my lip. He stared at me with hungry, dark eyes. I sat up on the bed turning my body toward him, it’s now or never.

“Fuck me Daddy,” I said sheepishly looking at him through my long eyelashes.

His eyes grew wide from shock. He stepped forward and grasped my waist. Brendon slowly pulled me to the edge of the bed, spreading my legs open. He kneeled down in front of me, with his teeth he pulled down my blush pink thong. Once they were off he looked at my exposed pussy, liking his lips.

“Fuck Baby Girl, you’re so wet for Daddy,” my cheeks heated up at his sexy words.

He kissed up my inner thigh until he got to my soaking wet core. He plunged his tongue into me, he started at my clit moving his skillful tongue in a figure-eight motion. Then he took two fingers and pushed them into me, pumping them at an agonizingly slow pace. I couldn’t take it any more.

“Daddy, please. I need your big hard cock deep inside of me,” I begged him trying to contain my moans. He stopped and moved away from my core.

“As you wish Baby Girl,” he said in a low husky voice.

He stood up and I shifted my body so that I was laying in the middle of bed. Brendon slipped off his boxers pumping his cock a dew times. Brendon lined his big, hard cock to the entrence of my soaking wet pussy. I nod at him telling him it was okay and with that he pushes himself into my sight core.

“Oh fuck Daddy!” I moaned out, the pleasure of his cock taking over.

“Shit Baby Girl, you’re so fucking tight,” Brendon cursed out.

He slowly started to thrust in and out of my tight, wet pussy each time causing me to moan out loudly. I loved the feeling of his massive cock deep inside of me. I wrapped my leg around his waist wanting him to go deeper inside of me. Brendon got the hint and shifted himself for a new angle. The new angle was amazing, with each hard thrust his cock hit my g-spot with precision. I knew that I wouldn’t last long and I could tell he wouldn’t either.

“Daddy,” I moan out. “I’m so close.” I look at him, sweat dripping down his face.

“Fuck, me too Baby Girl. Do you want Daddy to cum inside of your sweet pussy?” He said with his husky voice.

“Yes Daddy!” I scream out as I begin to convulse around his cock, my orgasm taking over.

I felt Brendon’s cock twitch inside me, he started to moan out my name as he began to cum inside of my pussy. Our breath heavy, out bodies shaking. Brendon pulled out of me falling onto the bed next to me panting. I move over to make more room for him. I turn onto my side looking at his angelic face that was glowing with sweat.

“Y/N?” Brendon asked looking over at me.

“Yeah?” I responded.

“How did you know about my Daddy kink?” He asked slightly raising his eye brow.

“I heard you and Dallon talking about it the other day,” I say in a sheepish voice hoping that he wouldn’t get mad at me for eavesdropping.

“Oh, okay,” he said with a sigh of relief. “By the way, I love what you are wearing Baby Girl,” he says with a smirk.

“I thought you would Daddy,” I say with a light giggle. 

“I love it when you call me that,” Brendon moves closer to me kissing my lips, wrapping his strong arms around me. “What do you say to round two?”

This was prompted a ludicrously long time ago by @nikkibeckettcsm and I’ve had it waiting in my drafts ever since. Nikki, I hope you like this if you have the chance to read it! <3

A Not So Gray Day

“What about there, Momma?”

Kate lets her daughter pull her along the well-worn path to the dock, taking care to keep her footfalls steady on the slick ground. They’ve been at the cabin with her dad for almost four days, and this is the first day the rain has let up for any solid amount of time.

So of course, Lily had chosen their reprieve from the weather as the moment to request a walk and her “photo session,” kissing her sleeping brothers on the heads and patting her father on the shoulder before grabbing Kate’s hand and tugging her beyond the covered porch for the first time since their arrival.

It’s a bit indulgent, and a little dramatic, the concept of having a photo shoot prior to cutting her hair, but at six and a half years old, Lily Castle is every bit Martha Rodgers’s granddaughter, right down to choosing the most fashionable sweater and knitted cap to wear over said hair. And as with everything else in her life, she wouldn’t be discouraged from this when Kate suggested waiting for a brighter, warmer day.

“There looks good, baby,” Kate murmurs, swiping her thumb over the girl’s tiny fingers. She has gloves for her daughter in her pocket, but it’s a battle she’s only going to fight if necessary. If they’re out here too long. “Not too far on the dock, though.”

Her daughter bobs her head in agreement. “Bessie might get me.”

Kate can’t smother her laugh fast enough, no matter how hard she tries. “Bessie?”

“Uh huh,” Lily says, unconcerned with her mother’s amusement. She’s preoccupied with choosing which side of the dock entrance to claim as her perch.

“Don’t you mean Nessie?”

Lily shakes her head. “No, Mommy. Nessie lives in Scotland. Bessie lives in our lake. Daddy said so. She’s friendly, but sometimes she gets too excited to see people, and she gets ‘em.”

Smothering a smile, Kate makes a mental note to ask her husband what else he’s been teaching their kids about water safety. Bessie? Really, Castle?

“She does, huh?”

Lily grins. “Yeah, an’ that’s why the rule is you only go all the way out on the dock if you’re with a grown up and you’re gonna swim or fish. Because Bessie might make you get in, even in your clothes!” she adds, releasing a hearty cackle.

“Phew. I’m glad you told me about Bessie then. We’ll make sure to stay here for now, just to be sure.”

Lily nods, making herself comfortable, tossing her hair over her shoulders, only to change her mind and bring it back in front of her a second later. Kate gives her a moment, watching the concentration involved in making sure it’s all going to look perfect in the picture. Once Lily’s squirming seems to cease, Kate squats and lifts the camera to her eye.

“Okay, honey,” she singsongs. “Say cheese.”

Instead of a front-facing grin, she’s met with Lily’s profile and her daughter’s contemplative frown.

“Hey, what’s that face about?” she asks, tilting her head.

Lily shrugs. “Just thinking.”

Kate bites her lip. “Lily, if you don’t want to cut your hair, you don’t have to. Or if you want, we can wait until it’s a little warmer, or even until after summer. Nobody’s going to be upset if you want to think about it for a little while longer.”

Her daughter shakes her head, vehement in her refusal. “No, I wanna cut it soon. Another kid needs it more than I do.”

Affection floods her chest. Her sweet, thoughtful girl. Lily’s been waiting so long to have enough hair to donate, talking about it nonstop, about how badly she hopes it can help a child waiting for a wig. Kate hopes so, too.

“You’re right. And they’re going to love how strong and soft your hair is, and how much you’re able to give them. You’ve done great, baby.”

Lily nods, lowering her chin as her cheeks turn pink and her lips turn up. “Thanks, Momma.”

Kate snaps the picture then, taking a short burst of extra shots for insurance before joining Lily on the dock and taking a couple of the two of them with their cheeks pressed together.

“How’s that?” she asks a few minutes later, smoothing Lily’s hair off her shoulder. Her daughter nods, resting her head against Kate’s shoulder. “Good. Now,” she starts, lifting her eyes to find her husband watching them from the path back to the cabin, his face soft with adoration, “let’s get Daddy down here and we’ll go say hi to Bessie before we go back inside.”

A/N: This basically popped into my head in the middle of the night and wouldn’t let go until I pulled out my phone and typed it out. I hope you liked it!

Can we like talk about this boi

Listen y’all

This boi literally gives me life. 
Y’all wanna know why? 
Because he is the perfect example that when puberty fails YOU CAN STILL BE HOT WHEN YOU REACH ADULTHOOD. 









T(S)EXT between (daddy!) Jimin and his baby boy, (Y/N).

request:  can you do a dominant black haired daddy Jimin x Submissive baby boy male reader sexts?

a/n: hope it turned out well. thats all nsfw you guys will get out of me. i never get too graphic especially in my actual writing, like no smut. smuts aren’t my style. maybe it will change, who knows but for now this is all I got. 

I am now

A little Bucky imagine for my dear friend @tomhiddlesmom, who requested the fluffiest fluff to ever fluff. I tried to get it in quick, I hope it’s okay! Love you girlie ❤️


“No. I’m not doing it.” Bucky said sternly, turning to walk away.

Tony grabbed his flesh arm to stop him. “You have to.”

Bucky’s fist clenched and Tony immediately let go. “I’m not. Doing it.” And with that he left.

Bucky slammed his door open and stalked into his room, shutting it with such force that if Tony hadn’t have installed a stronger one he would’ve broken it. Again. He paced back and forth for several minutes before a small voice broke him from his trance.


His head whipped around to his bed and he smiled when he spotted you. “Hey, kitten.” He purred, walking over and sitting beside you. He sighed when you climbed into his lap and wrapped his arms around you. You giggled when he buried his face in your neck.

“Are you okay, daddy?” You ask softly, studying his mannerisms. You were the one person, besides Steve maybe, who could calm Bucky down.

Bucky melted at the name; no matter how many times you used it, each time was like the first.

“I am now, babygirl.”

You smiled and hopped off his lap, leading him to the top of the bed. Bucky got situated and patted the bed next to him for you to join.

The two of you lie in comfortable silence for what feels like a lifetime. Bucky kissed your head and ran his hand through your hair, whispering a tired “I love you, kitten.”

You smiled as you drew shapes onto his other hand. “I love you too, Daddy.”

Baby Daddy Part 3 - Tyler Seguin series

Pairing: Tyler Seguin x Reader

Mentions: -

Word count: 1594

A/N: I mention the All Stars Game of 2015, idk why. I hope you will like this imagine. Please check out my masterlist. Feel free to requests, the updates will be slow because I’m starting school soon or I already started it.

Chapter Three

The evening of the All-Stars Draft got around so you were brushing your hair in the bath room until someone knocked on the door. You heard a little thump and little feet running to the door. “Daddy!”, you heard Tristan squeal, making you smile. You walked out the bathroom and saw Tyler in a nice suit. He looked very handsome. He had big smile plastered on his face while he crouched down to Tristan’s level. Tristan was wearing Tyler’s Stars jersey. “Nice jersey, buddy.”, Tyler said ruffling the toddler’s hair. “Shouldn’t you be going to venue by now?”, he asked looking at his fancy watch. “Yeah, but this little one was giving me a hard time dressing.”, you said while Tyler was walking towards you. He grabbed your hands and placed a kiss on both of them. You blushed at him. “I’ll see you later?”, he asked hopefully. “Yes, sure. I have to interview you.”, you said winking at him. You felt something tugging at your shirt. You looked down and saw Tristan standing there. “Mommy, can we leave?”, he asked excitingly. He looked like he really wanted to see his Daddy on stage. “Alright buddy. Grab your coat and we’ll leave.”, you said. Tyler stole a quick kiss from you, leaving you wide-eyed. You grabbed everything you needed and walked downstairs to the lobby. “I’ll take you with me, if that’s okay? The car seat’s still in my car though.”, Tyler said. “Yeah, sure.”, you answered, with Tristan tugging you at your arm. Tyler hated it when he had a driver, he’d rather drive himself to events.

You got at the venue and said goodbye to Tyler. He went to the red carpet with Tristan, looking for his agent while you went to the press area where you could interview the All-Stars. You interviewed a lot of the players, asking some additional questions for your sports column. When you were done with the interviews, you got inside. You got a text from Tyler saying he left Tristan with Roberto Luongo’s wife Gina because he had to go backstage. You walked in the venue and went to the front of the stage. “Mommy!”, you heard a certain toddler yell. He ran towards you. “Woah, I had so much fun with Daddy!”, he squealed. You smiled at him and ruffled his hair. “You must be Y/N?”, Gina asked you. “Yes, hello. Not many people know about me and Tyler.”, you said, scratching the back of your head. “I understand it, we will not talk about it outside this event.”, she said comforting you.

Even though you regularly post pictures of you and Tristan, Tyler didn’t. He did post a lot of pictures about Marshall and little Cash – his dogs – but not Tristan. You didn’t dare to ask him about it but you thought it was to keep his reputation up – even though that apparently changed when he brought Tristan to the Red Carpet with him.

“Thank you very much.”, you said relieved. You sat down in your seat next to your brunette son. The show started and you got your notebook out. When your son heard his father’s name being said over the microphone he got very excited. “Yeah, Daddy!!”, he screamed making you very happy. You saw him come on stage looking very professional and handsome. You saw him looking in the crowd – when he found your eyes a wide smile plastered on his face. The show went on for a long time. You saw Tristan bobbing his head a few times, eventually falling asleep on your lap. In between you would receive texts from Tyler too. Sneakily sending text messages as he sat on stage. At first you would ignore them but then he would spam you making you answer him because it got annoying.

You were thinking about what happened yesterday. He was so nice and good with Tristan, you actually never see them in action together. He was so gently with you and he really wanted to be friends or even more with you. You definitely didn’t want to be friends with benefits again. You looked beside you at the result of that relationship. If he really wanted to be with you he had to commit to you. You were thinking about what he said. Did he really change? Did he really want to be with you? You decided you didn’t want to risk it for Tristan. It would be too confusing if he would see his parents together-together, definitely if it would be an on-and-off-relationship. You just want to best for Tristan –  you thought trying to convince yourself. It was hard to do it but you finally convinced yourself.

When the draft ceremony was over you went backstage with Tristan in your arms. Tyler was looking for you and took over Tristan from you so you could take more statements from him and the players. You got some looks from other reporters when they saw that. This will definitely be on the internet tonight, you thought to yourself. Tyler saw your concerned look. “I don’t care, Y/N.”, he said before placing a kiss on your forehead. When you got your statements you walked to the parking lot with Tyler walking before you. You were lost in thoughts, rethinking about what you were going to do. “You okay there, Y/N?”, he asked concerned, waiting for you so he could put his arm around your shoulders. “Yes, just a little tired.”, you said lying to him. The car ride back to the hotel was quiet. He had put his hand on your thigh, you didn’t dare to put his hand away. It would make him suspicious even though that’s already happening. You close your eyes to fight back some tears, you were so conflicted on what you think is best or what you really desire – this means being with Tyler. A few tears fell over your cheeks. “Y/N, what’s wrong?”, he asked concerned. You wiped them away and cleared your throat. “Nothing. I’m just really tired, you know I cry when I’m tired.”, you said chuckling. “That’s true.”, he said, occasionally looking at you. “But that is not what’s wrong with you. How long do we know each other? You have tried that trick on me before but it doesn’t work anymore.”, he said – sounding like a dad now. “Okay Dad, I’m now the one thinking about how you’re good with Tristan and about us.”, you said referring about what he said yesterday. You saw that he rolled his eyes at the first and questioned the latter. “I don’t know if I can be with you again. I’m just afraid to get hurt again. I have a steady job back in Raleigh, I can’t just go quit it and join you in Dallas. The advantage in Toronto for me are my parents and even your parents, they can take him when I need too. I just don’t want to confuse Tristan, like if we would pursue our relationship again and it could turn out to be an on-and-off relationship.”, you said out of breath. You noticed Tyler swerving into a parking spot on the side of the road. “What are you doing?”, you asked confused. He turned around to face you and grabbed your hands. “That was a lot to take in. You were cropping that up for a while haven’t you?”, he asked chuckling. You blushed at the comment. “Yeah, that’s why I was avoiding you.” “Okay, I know what I’m asking could be life changing for Tristan and also for you. For me, you don’t have to pursue a relationship with me if you don’t feel comfortable with it. We could start as just friends but just visit me in Dallas and just see first-hand how I’m not like the guy I used to be in Boston anymore. I just want you to be as comfortable as possible with me. I just miss our friendship, it’s like I was a stranger this past year and a half. I miss the silly you with the corny jokes and the caring you when someone would hurt himself.”, he said with a serious face. You couldn’t believe what he just said, it made you cry even more. He wiped the tears away. “Don’t cry. I don’t like to see you cry.”, he said sadly. “I’m sorry. I just can’t believe you said that. Why are you like this Tyler?”, you said confused. “Because I love Tristan and I love you. Like a lot”, he said. “To the moon and back, like a thousand times.”. This made you chuckle, it was something you would say when you were together while you were pregnant. You just couldn’t say it back to him. He knew that, because he let go of your hands and started the engine of the car again.

You got back to the hotel and he led you back to your hotel room – holding Tristan in his arms. He put Tristan in pajamas and tucked him in. He turned to you, engulfed you in a hug and placed a kiss on your forehead. “I’ll see you tomorrow at breakfast?”, he asked, looking down at you like nothing happened in the car. “Okay.”, you said with a small voice. He left your room, leaving you like a mess. You started crying again. You went to the bathroom and took off your makeup. You got undressed and put on some pajama’s. You crawled into your bed and the second your head hit your pillow you fell asleep.

Good Girl Ch 37: Our Future Together

“I slept with Jiyong.”

All the silverware clatters on to the table while we all look around confused at the words that just spilled out of her mouth.

“Where the bloody hell did that come from?” Yoongi slams his hands down on the table in anger and confusion. The rest of us just stare at my best friend completely dumbstruck.

She shrugs, “We were talking about our weekend and that’s how mine went.” All eyes on shift to me next waiting for some kind of reaction but I honestly don’t know how to react. Sure, I feel a little betrayed that Jiyong would confess to me then sleep with my best friend but he owes me no loyalty. I’m technically in a committed relationship with twelve men, men that I love with all my heart but still there is a prick in my chest at this news.

“How did that happen?” I finally choke out after a minute.

Jihyo is surprised by my casual follow up question, “I, um, left your room hoping to find you “”`in the living room. Instead I find Jiyong shirtless and one thing led to the next and bam, we’re having sex on his kitchen counter.” Hoseok is choking on his lunch while the others stare at her with distaste.

“Okay children lets go,” Joonie stands up with his tray in his hands but only Yoongi and Hoseok follow. The other three seem far too interested on where this conversation could go, not that I blame them, I’m very interested as well. “I said up,” Joonie kicks their chairs, getting their full attention quickly. “You pervy boys should go back to class and finish your homework, we are going to be out late tonight.”

The youngers nod and grab their things to head back to class but not before I catch Kookie by his shirt, “Kookie-ya.”

I watch the others go ahead as he turns to look at me, “Yea Noona?”

“What are you guys doing this afternoon?” I wonder thinking back to what I heard under the table about them finding out more about Block B.

He shifts uncomfortably under my stare, “Noona, you know you aren’t supposed to ask about stuff like that.”

I sigh, my curiosity is killed, “Nevermind then, go to class like a good boy.”

The nervous boy rushes away and I turn back to Jihyo. “So do you think it’s going anywhere?”

She sighs as she pushes her food around on her plate with her chopsticks, “Nope.”

“Why not?”

She stops and looks up into my eyes, “There are a few reasons, first being that there was this interesting thing that happened during sex where he-“

I stop her before things can get too weird, “I have to see him tomorrow I don’t need to know about his kinks.”

“Stop being so dirty minded, he didn’t do anything kinky he just, um, he called me Beautiful.”

I try not to think much of it and laugh, “Jihyo, you don’t like him because he told you were beautiful? Seriously?”

She rolls her eyes at me, “He didn’t tell me I was beautiful, he called me Beautiful.” We sit there in silence for a minute before I open my mouth to brush it off like it’s not what she’s thinking but she knows me too well. “Don’t you dare say it’s just some nickname he uses on all girls. I asked around and most girls are lucky to get him to look in their direction, I can’t imagine what they would have to do to get him to call them a nice nickname like that.”

“You asked around?”

“Well I asked Daesung and Seungri oppa, Youngbae oppa could barely look at me after he walked in on us during the act.”

I can’t help but laugh at that, “Youngbae walked in on you? That’s hilarious!”

Jihyo joins me in grinning, “He was so dumbstruck, it was kind of cute.” After a solid five minutes of us laughing and making fun of poor Youngbae we quiet down shifting into a more serious mood.

“Number 2?” I wonder.

“We aren’t really compatible.”

I frown, “You guys are exactly a like, how are you not compatible?”

“We are too much alike, we are looking for them same thing in a person.”

“I’m still confused. If you’re looking for the same thing in a person you guys should fit perfectly. What’s the problem?”

She sighs, “The problem is that we aren’t what we are looking for.”

“Oh,” I nod in understanding, feeling like an idiot for not realizing it earlier.

“Yea, oh,” She sighs again, “We are both too dominate for each other. I mean sure, it makes for awesome sex but not a relationship. We want someone who is soft, sweet, maybe with a little fiest but someone who is warm. Someone to come home to after a stressful day of work and have them cooing and loving all over you. Someone like you.”

I gulp at her words, “Me?”

She nods, “We talked about it after. You are our ideal type.”

“Are you hitting on me?”

“When am I not? Seriously though, when things are done with those oppas of yours me, you, and the hot dragon are going to get a three way marriage so you can’t run away from us.”

I stare at her dumbstruck, “Jihyo, you guys did not have this conversation.” I burry my hands in my face in embarrassment.

“We sure did. After I graduate high school and college we will move into his penthouse or where ever he lives at the time. I’ll start up my own company while Jiyong oppa continues with his. We will both work long days, come home tired and crabby, and be welcomed by your sweet face and a home cooked meal. He has dogs but if you want kids we can adopt or something, whatever you prefer. I mean sure, we might have very dramatic fights about who gets your attention first or more but I can live with that.”

“Oh my god.”

“I think that would be a very interesting relationship,” She grins as she looks off into space to picture it.

“Don’t you dare be thinking of anything nasty!” I swat at her.

“But my love,” She teases.

“Did he say that one too?”

She grins, “My little lion. So brave and so cute with your mess of curls.” She ruffles my hair.

“So do you think you’ll see him again?”

“Since he figured out the way to your little heart is threw me, yes.”

“I mean sexually.”

“God I hope so,” She bites her lip at the memory, “He was very impressive”

I cover my ears like a child, “Nothing like that!”

“Next time you can come along, now that would be fucking amazing.”

Earned It

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Warnings: Daddy kink.

Jaebum couldn’t help but laugh as he watched you continuously refresh the page that had become your laptop’s new best friend. He’d been a bit upset earlier, you had rejected his advances, but he understood how anxious you were. So he accepted the fact that, until your grades were posted, he’d be a second thought. So, he did what he did best and traced small circles on the exposed skin of your hipbone.

“What time were grades supposed to be posted?” he asked as he watched you grow more and more frustrated.

“Everything was supposed to be in by eight,” you huffed, a slight edge to your voice, “but knowing my professors, they might not be posted until tomorrow.”

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- chapter two -

“There’s a million reasons why this shouldn’t work…but there’s only one reason why it should…”

10 Weeks

“The medical term for morning sickness is “nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.” Up to three quarters of pregnant women have at least some nausea or vomiting during the first trimester, and about half have only vomiting. The nausea usually starts around 6 weeks of pregnancy, but it can begin as early as 4 weeks. It tends to get worse over the next month or so.

So, it looked like I was gonna have a baby.

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