i hope at least have someone want it

Do you think there’s a right time for two souls who got it wrong the first time? Because life gets heavy when you least expect it, sometimes it’s better that way. And if it’s true, do you reunite as if nothing happened? No blurred lines with pure honesty. And do you see the signs that I see? Does the one who loved less at the time ever have a moment where they finally see what they had? Or is it all hope about “someday”, because it makes a better story for the paper and maybe to people. It’s painfully ironic that we pay no mind to the ones who want us, because we are chasing someone else. She always said, she could tell my soul belonged to someone else because she could see the ghost of you in my eyes.
—  s.s.

I hope [the series] brings about some sort of change. I know it’s not going to be, we make a nice TV series and people will be inspired and all of a sudden we’ll have reform. But people can be inspired by this character and hopefully look at him as someone you want to emulate or at least is morally strong. The character is trying to think that of other people. He’s not just trying to solve everyone’s problems. That’s not possible. But he wants to inspire other people to take action and do what’s right. – Mike Colter


Yurio Plisetsky, прима-балерина.

This is how I imagine him.

“Both men and women should feel free to be strong. It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum not as two opposing sets of ideals”, by Emma Watson.

I want to use this drawing to say a few things I’ve been thinking lately. I don’t care if it ends up with 1 note or more, I just want to rant about it. I hope I won’t offend anyone with my lack of english and knowledge. 

  • Boys can wear make up. And skirts. Boys can change their hair, use it long or short. Boys can have no hair too. Boys won’t be less boys for that. 
  • When I draw I don’t think about genders, about sexuality, about anything to be honest. When I draw I think about making people happy, it makes me happy when someone smiles what I did because ehy maybe they are having a bad day and at least I made them 1% happier. I’m aware my art is not the best so if you dislike it, it’s okay. If you have any critic my ask is full open I’ll hear you and thank you for pasing by (for real). But if you dislike it because you thought that was a girl and become aware it’s actually a boy and you find it wrong or offensive, then Jeez, I have no words man, more than: I can’t believe it, what kind of civilization is this?
  • I don’t know what I am, I don’t care what I am but, from the bottom of my heart. I’m really sorry some of you are living hell because of this fucking nonsense world, 
  • You are beautiful, trust me. 
  • You are strong. You will be fine. And,
  • you are not alone. 
Do you think there’s a right time for two souls who got it wrong the first time? Because life gets heavy when you least expect it, sometimes it’s better that way. And if it’s true, do you reunite as if nothing happened? No blurred lines with pure honesty. And do you see the signs that I see? Does the one who loved less at the time ever have a moment where they finally see what they had? Or is it all hope about “someday”, because it makes a better story for the paper and maybe to people. It’s painfully ironic that we pay no mind to the ones who want us, because we are chasing someone else. She always said, she could tell my soul belonged to someone else because she could see the ghost of you in my eyes.
—  s.s
Narnia themed asks!
  • The Pevensies: Do you have any siblings?
  • Lucy: Something you've always known to be true?
  • Edmund: Is there something you strongly regret?
  • Susan: What do you want to do when you're older/grown up?
  • Peter: Something or someone you will always defend?
  • Digory: How far would you go to save someone you love?
  • Polly: If you could plant any food and have it grow into a tree, what would you plant?
  • Jill: Do you want to go to Narnia?
  • Eustace: Have you ever experienced something that made you change the way you view the world?
  • Aravis: What is the most scary choice you've ever made?
  • Cor/Shasta: Something you believed to be true when you were younger?
  • Corin: Are you a fighter or a negotiator?
  • Caspian: Are you a leader or a follower?
  • Jadis: Something you've destroyed?
  • Uncle Andrew: Where would you like to travel?
  • The Beavers: Favourite non-human fictional character?
  • The White Witch: Favourite villain?
  • Mr Tumnus: Do you play any instruments?
  • Aslan: Are you religious?
  • Caspian: Your biggest role model?
  • Reepicheep: Favourite character?
  • Puddleglum: Something you are afraid of?
  • The Lady of the Green Kirtle: If you could turn into an animal at will, what animal would it be?
At the end of the day, all I want is to be able to say that I did enough to fill up the empty space around me. I want to know I have left enough words spoken, reverberating in the air, echoing off of someone else’s thoughts, I want to know that you have heard me. I hope that I have walked with intention, left no stone unaware of where I’m going even if it’s down an undetermined path, I hope I have showed you at least that I am moving. And love, let it be known that I have done my best, wore my heart on my chest where it belongs, made it the center of everything I do– love until every crevice is filled, every ache is understood, every person has someone to go to. At the end of the day, all I want is to know that I am a full person, that I lived all that I could and well enough that not even karma, cosmic balance, astrology, or whatever is in the stars for me could ever spell out my future. I want to be a force to be reckoned with, an existence interwoven in–not bound by–gravity, I want to grab the universe by its core, stare it down, and let it know that everything and anything that comes out of this life is authored by no other hands than my own.
—  Existentialism

Happy Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you’re all having a good day/night but I know this time of the year can be pretty hard for some people too.

I want you to remember that everything will be okay, even if you’re spending this weekend with unpleasant people or just alone. You are loved and there so many good things to look forward to, even if you can’t really see them now ok?

You can chat with a friend again, read a great story, pet a dog, meet someone amazing, discover tasty food, listen to a great new song, watch a good show or movie, learn new things, suddenly become passionate about something you’ve never considered and so many other things. Things that are only yours and I can’t really think about. They’re worth it, so hang in there.

Thank you everyone for the support and honestly for just being out there!

getting married on Halloween would be great because
1) never have to worry about forgetting the anniversary
2) forget formal wear, guests should arrive in costumes
3) pumpkin pie wedding cake???
4) also I’d want to toss a pumpkin instead of a bouquet. just a whole pumpkin. just freakin launch that sucker behind my head. get wrecked

anonymous asked:

Hey ^^. I've seen the spoiler, and i'm really confused now. According to the spoiler someone arrives, soma opens the door and gets shot. Soma even speaks such line as "If you don't hurry up, I'll have the desserts all by myself", "You don't look well, is something wrong?", I mean he must be talking to ciel, at least he thinks so. But the carriage looks different, besides, i don't think Ciel wants to kill Soma. So Is it the twin? By the way, I can't see the twin's purpose in killing Soma

Hey Anon :) A translation got out by now so I hope you read the new chapter before reading my response. To answer your question, basically I agree with @akumadeenglish‘s post:

  • Seeing Soma’s reaction, it’s someone he has met before
  • but at the same time I really doubt it’s our!Ciel because Soma’s reaction was more lukewarm compared to how he generally reacts to Ciel (even if the last time we saw Ciel & Seb, Seb said they were going back to the house). 

Of course there are other possibilities at this point, but since it feels like the more we get into this arc the less things we speculated on make sense, personally I’m trying to avoid crack theorizing too much and so I’ll bet on the twin (probably Lord Sirius) for now. :)

As for what’s the purpose of the twin (if that’s him) for trying to kill Soma, well, that’s just my opinion but…

If we say that somehow Ciel sacrificed his twin 4 years ago (even if I don’t know exactly how that happened), which is why Seb appeared in the first place, if the twin survived/became a BD and was told/remembered about what happened, maybe he decided to take revenge on Ciel because of what happened 4 years ago and of Ciel taking his identity?

A revenge that would include:

  • shooting Soma, because he is Ciel’s “friend” even if Ciel doesn’t agree on that
  • but also taking Lizzie away from him (through emotional manipulation because she is probably very pained and confused)
  • all that in order to hurt our!Ciel.

I mean, some readers will never agree on that, but I think Soma’s words in the new chapter about Ciel are spot on:

Ciel already lost his parents (and twin) 4 years ago + Ann a year ago now, so take away the few people Ciel actually still cares about (Lizzie mostly, but maybe Soma to some extent as well, since they’ve known each other for a year now) and it would be easy to hurt him, no matter how much he pretends not to care at all. 

That’s how I see it for now anyway so I hope it’s understandable and I’m sorry if it’s not, since there are still a lot of things I can’t be sure about (namely UT’s role in all this, I’m just not sure of anything anymore).

Thanks for passing by and have a nice Kuro positivity day tomorrow, Anon :3 

Hey Anon! And I guess it’s different for everyone, depending on what you’re skeptical/didn’t like about the 2CT?
When I see how the more we get into this arc the less we can be sure of anything, I think it’s sure that Yana actually planned it long ago so that it would supposedly make sense, so I’m giving her a chance to convince me until this arc is over. :)

Personally, even if I don’t like the hidden twin trope (simply because it’s not my fav option when it comes to fiction), I’ll be more or less okay with the 2CT as long as:

  1. the main plot, current arc and future arcs still make sense storytelling-wise 

  2. the twin creates drama because he’s supposed to be a villain and not a poor little angel who just was a victim all along (seeing as he possibly just shot Soma/Agni tho, I’m not so worried about that point xD)

  3. the characters (namely Lizzie and UT) still make sense with everything that we learnt about them so far, UT being the one I’m the most worried about recently (since I’m not sure anymore of where he fits in the current arc).

That’s what I’m asking of Kuroshitsuji in general anyway, so it’s not just because the 2CT is becoming canon, even if I might become a bit more intransigent about character developments in the future (because the cast is the main reason I like Kuroshitsuji as much as I do). 

Sorry if that doesn’t help but thanks for passing by and happy Kuro positivity day to you for tomorrow, Anon :3

Bts reaction to their s/o writing poems:

Anon requested:  bts reacting to their s/o liking to write poems and theyre like really good pls???

A/N: Same, or at least i hope they are, here you go anonie ;) This is so late but at least I finally have time.


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Finds it really romantic and encourages you to read and write him more.


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It means you’re good with words, and that can come in very handy to a song writer. You’re poems are considered a huge inspiration to his songs.


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Memorizes his favorites. it’s his way of saying please never stop as he hugs you to death each time you read him what you write.

Rap Monster:

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Finds it very sexy. Someone with a passion is exactly what Namjoon needs and wants and having this talent can only make him love and respect you more.


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Steals your notebook when you’re not paying attention and reads them till he feels tired. Let’s be honest here he would probably even brag about it whenever he can.

V/ Taehyung:

Originally posted by thehouseofkpop

He would ask you a few times how you do it, or if he can write as well. Out of general curiosity. Slowly and as the time goes by, your poem swill become a part of him.


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Stares in such disbelief because you’re so talented it makes him wanna cry. However as emotional he might be he’ll act like the little tease he is and annoy you in some way,


thank you @shitwonho​ for tagging me so i have an excuse to post this and address an issue that’s kinda been bugging me recently LOL

recently, quite a few of you guys (especially my younger followers) have messaged me privately saying how you wished you “were as pretty as me” or “wow you’re so pretty you look like a kpop idol!” and i’m super duper flattered don’t get me wrong!! but i think we all need to realize that the pictures that ppl post on social media are of course going to be the one’s where they look their best. 95% of the time, i look like the photo on the left LOL but i’m not posting photos of when i have my really bad days even though i still love myself when i’m being a potato :P i love makeup and dressing up and looking good as much as the next person, but it doesn’t enhance my self value you know?? regardless of how i look, i know i’m a hardworking person, i’m caring and responsible and a great friend, and i have great ppl in my life <3

we all love those “get you a girl/guy who can do both memes” with our favourite idols, but we should also take that perspective on ourselves too! love all aspects of ourselves too just like we do with our fave idols :) and also remember that it’s an idol’s job to always look good and they have a whole team of ppl who help them out with that! there’s nothing good about comparing ourselves with someone else because another person’s success doesn’t equal your failure, and someone else’s failures don’t equal your success. similarly, another person’s beauty doesn’t diminish your own beauty!!! so i guess the take away message is to just love yourself regardless because there’s something to love about everyone one of you!!! (⺣◡⺣)♡*

ANYWAY, i won’t tag anyone because this wasn’t really a selfie tag LOOL but if you also feel like posting derpy photos of yourself or doing a “get yourself someone who can do both” challenge then feel free to say i tagged you!! 

“Is this your card?”

Castiel watched as Dean Winchester dramatically flipped over a face card and displayed it with a flourish to a hopeful Lisa Braeden.

“Uh… no,” she murmured, her face falling into disappointment.

Dean, however, continued the routine with a smile on his face, even after he made three more incorrect guesses. He might have been absolutely terrible at every magic trick he ever tried, but at least he had enthusiasm about it.

“Strike out?” Castiel asked as Dean finally sat down next to him in homeroom and began shuffling his cards.

Dean shook his head. “Nah, I wasn’t really trying. I just wanted to try the trick on someone that hadn’t seen it yet.”

Castiel smiled and propped his head up on his hand. “It looked like you nearly had it that time.”

“I know!” Dean grinned, right before a card flew out of the deck and smacked him in the face.

As terrible as Dean was at his various card tricks, Castiel couldn’t help but find it incredibly endearing. The way his face would light up when someone lied out of pity and claimed the unfamiliar card was their own was too cute for words. Especially when such escapades were coming from his seventeen year old best friend.

Their classroom was decorated with a sickening explosion of pink and red hearts that only grew more and more obvious the closer they got to Valentine’s day. Today, a few streamers had been added, as well as a cut-out of a caricature heart in a top hat.

“Any plans for Valentine’s day, Cas?”

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The John-balloon really was a good listener.

It never showed confusing emotions. It never asked questions. It hovered there over John’s chair and Sherlock could talk as much as he wanted. It was good to talk. It helped. Like Ella has said.

“I don’t think you will ever come back, John. But it’s alright. I never thought that the past will come back. It’s over. You left. Everybody always leaves. At least you don’t have to see me in this state. You wouldn’t like it. You would be disappointed. But you don’t want to see me anymore. You don’t want to talk to me anymore. That’s ok. As long as you’re happy. I hope you will be happy again. Without me. Without someone, who always hurts you so much. But, I have to admit that …”

Sherlock swallowed.
Those thoughts hurt. 

The John-balloon stared at him with it’s painted eyes, and Sherlock said very quietly, “I miss you.”

hawkeye gets serious for a sec

so i usually try to keep this blog to lighthearted avengers stuff and the hilarious inconveniences of my personal life because i think its important for people to have a place they can go that feels like a refuge and i hope that has at least kind of worked here

but given the events of the past week and particularly the past few days i wanted to drop the shenanigans for a sec to say:

its easy to get overwhelmed and its easy to feel powerless even as avengers we get that too

do what you can when you can

maybe that means protesting maybe donating maybe calling politicians maybe stepping in when someone is being hateful or when someone feels alone and abandoned

every little bit helps when in doubt think what would cap do and then put on a parachute anyway

on its very doorstep this country says give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free and thats still true even if an angry sentient cheeto with signing powers failed his reading comprehension test and says its not

home of the free 

land of the brave 

so buckle up and lets assemble


We can all agree that Ruby chose the red balloon and Sapphire the blue, maybe? Hopefully!

Now, this may be a longshot, but I’m gonna throw it out there, anyway:

What if Ruby misses some ruby company? I mean, rubies seem to be around other rubies a lot from what we’ve seen and, though it’s been over 5000 years without, maybe it’s still kinda hard to be the only ruby in the crew. It could be that Ruby was excited to have one of her own gem type on board after so many millennia and jumped at the idea of getting some balloons! Sapphire, not wanting to get The Bae™’s hopes up, decided that they should grab a less joyful gift.

You see, what I’m trying to say is that I’m very upset over Garnet popping the balloon instead of at least someone using the helium to make their voice a higher pitch.

They Have a Lover, But Haven’t Introduced Them Yet Because They Have a Child by Another Partner (BTS)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON 남준:  I think he’d be the second least concerned. He valued the opinion of his members, but not to the point that he’d hide someone he really cared about- and he’d care very much for you and your son

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YOONGI 윤기: I think he’d be more worried about you feeling uncomfortable rather than what the members thought. He wouldn’t want to impose on you or anything, so he wouldn’t introduce you or your daughter unless he talked to you and got the green light first

Originally posted by mn-yg

HOSEOK 호석:  He’d be worried that you and your daughter wouldn’t like the members, honestly, and wouldn’t really want to hang around them- and subsequently, him. He’d get over this fear though, since it was worth the risk

SEOKJIN 석진:  He’d be one to start dropping hints and asking the members sneaky questions, trying to gauge how they’d react to meeting you and your son- how he cared about more than anything in the world

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JIMIN 지민:  He had come to love your little girl as if she were his own, so not being able to think of a way to introduce the two of you would torture him. A think after thinking it over too much, he’d just come right out with it

TAEHYUNG 태형: The least worried of the bunch. The way he saw, your daughter was his daughter now and even though he loved his members dearly, he would be proud to let them meet his new adoptive family

JUNGKOOK 정국: Nervous as all hell. Of course he loved you and your little boy, but he’s been looking up to his hyungs for a good portion of his life, so their thoughts would matter greatly to him. He’d end up swallowing his doubts though, and just coming out with it as strongly as he could

MICK SAID MAZEL TOV WHICH MEANS EITHER: Mick is Jewish OR Mick remembers Martin is Jewish (at least SOMEONE on that show does, including the writers) and wants to respect that.

New Fan Game!

I’m working on a jacksepticeye fan game. I kinda want it to be a community effort rather than taking over the entire project and producing something just like all the other games. My story is really solid and I already have someone willing to compose an entire original soundtrack for it. So if anyone is willing to help me out, I will be forever grateful.

I need artists mostly. I’m good on the writing front and I’m learning RPG Maker myself (I have someone teaching me but anyone willing to help would be welcome) but the art is likely it be very boring if no one takes over. And I might throw some art pieces in the game too so if you just want to do one thing, we can still use you!

I also need to talk to people who have watched horror let’s plays because I’m a total wimp and haven’t watched them (except FNAF). Additionally, I really don’t like gore so I haven’t watched the Happy Wheels videos but of course, I know no fan game will be complete without references to them. Basically, I need someone with obsessive knowledge of the channel because I’m not a diehard fan, just someone who watches the videos that interest her.

Anyone who helps out will get their names in the credits (obviously) and their characters in the game to deliver whatever message you want to deliver to the player or Jack (if he ever plays it- which I hope he does).

I didn’t want this just to be a gift for Jack. I mean it is. But the entire story centers around the whole community and its message is really positive. I wanted to design it as a game all fans can play without needing obsessive knowledge of every single reference. I want to dedicate it to everyone, not just one person. I’m actually really excited about this idea. I love using my creativity to help people out and I think a lot of the story and characters will bring a smile to the fans who are struggling right now. In fact, they’re who inspired me most. There’s a lot of work to be done and, given the scope of it, it could take a few months. But if it helps even one person in the community, it’s something worth doing. :)

Anyone who wants to help should contact me here, via chat or ask.
Questions about the Blue Lion

Okay, so after two seasons, I’m still a little fuzzy on how the Blue Lion’s qualities are known in canon. (The info on the website does not qualify: we’ve learned many things about the other lions in canon, and I do not believe the writers are willing to just spoonfeed info like that to us, not when they’ve left many questions unanswered beyond Blue.) So, I decided to do a quick rewatch and ended up with a list of the questions about Blue that have been haunting me, one of which leads me to what’s probably a veryyyyyyy far-reaching theory of who (or at least what alien race) could her previous paladin have been and the possibility that one of the other paladins could be descended from this race. Some of you may have answers to some of them, or some of you might want to figure some of them out on your own, but I’m basically just throwing all these out there hoping someone helps me understand.

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