i hope art class helps me draw better

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I do apologize if you've been asked this before so I'm sorry if I bothered you... But I'm curious, Are you self thought or did you take classes and two what program do you suggest works better for drawing? (sorry if this is really odd but... I haven't been feeling too well lately (socially...) your art kinda always seems to cheer me up, could I probably get a hug from Giant Anti and Dark?) Thank you for having the time to read this and I hope you have an amazing day/night

It’s alright anon! I’m just about completely self taught, and honestly, use whatever you feel most comfortable with! I personally have Photoshop, but I’ve heard firealpaca, which is free, is good too! It just depends!
Also I hope Dark and Anti can help you feel better, I’m glad my art cheers you up!

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hi! I was wondering if you know of any self-study resources for arts! like khan academy but for arts I guess? I don't have the time/money to enroll in an actual art class but making pretty things is a release and I want to get better at it! thank u😌

hello! i don’t know much but i hope these help a bit [if anyone has any more they’d like to add, please message me!!]


+ history

hope these help x


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I know I’ve spread this story almost everywhere, but it’s been a goal of mine to send one of these in, so here I am! (this is 2/21/15) so it was near the end of sunsets are for muggings, and out of NOWHERE this 20, maybe 26 year old guy runs out from back stage. frank’s eyes were closed (like usual) and Evan was turned around, so I don’t think any of them saw. this guy attempted to stage dive but ended up crushing me. (I’m as skinny as a twig and super weak). I also have really bad reflexes so I didn’t dodge the guy in time. so this guy crushes me right? (he kicked me in the head too) im on the fucking floor with about 3 other people on top of me. I’m having a full blown anxiety attack, and everyone’s touching me and trying to pull me up and I hit my head pretty hard on the ground and I had only eaten 6 pizza rolls that day, and I was really weak… so I was out of it to say the least. before I know it Frank is talking and saying something along the lines of “is everyone okay? who’s not okay? is someone hurt?” and everyone’s pointing at me. I’m still sobbing and before I know it Frank has his hands  in front of me and he said something like “come on sweetie” and I grabbed his hands and he pulled me onstage. either him or his manager led me to the “X” on the stage and told me to sit there. i don’t remember who it was because I was so dizzy and shit. so basically I sat in the corner near Evan, during neverenders and weighted. his manager came over to me and gave me a water bottle, and Evan came over to see if I was okay and I told him I was, he gave me a guitar pick. Frank slid around Evan and threw me a water bottle, even though I already had one. when they finished their last song which was weighted, They walked off stage and as they did Frank gave me a thumbs up and ruffled my hair. they all went offstage and I was stuck there, sitting in the corner of the stage in the dark. I knew they were gonna come back out for joyriding, so I made my way to the end of the stage, and people helped me down. I was still incredibly dizzy and I felt like crying, but I wanted to be in the crowd for joyriding. they came out about a few seconds later and did the song. at the end of the song, Frank went by the crowd and touched everyone’s hands, people smushed me and I fell down, when I did, Frank stopped and helped me up again (the gif I have of it isn’t that clear, but you can see him bending down.). after that, I waited in line for Merch. when I got there, I showed Frank my drawings of him which I told him were for my art class. he GRADED them! I was laughing the whole time. before I left he told me he hoped I felt better and by then, I was dying on the inside (but in a good way) I couldn’t be more thankful for people like frank iero. 

Hello everyone!

So let me just say… yesterday was one of the worst days I have had in a long time. Basically my college drawing teacher said that I don’t belong in my current drawing class because of my lack of drawing skill (at least for the class’s level) and she basically told me that I have no sense of composition or meaning in my work… Having a teacher tell you that you basically have no chance of making it in the class that you are trying REALLY hard in SUCKS… Especially when art is my LIFE.

SO WITH THAT SAID I’m feeling better today but got home yesterday and took out my sadness and anger with this piece. Corazon and Law really reminded me of how I feel… and I wanted to draw Cora-san protecting Law because I was like Law yesterday, I lost hope there for a while. SO really this piece was super therapeutic, my best friend came over and helped talk me through my issues, and now I’m back to normal. I hope YOU all like my art and I want to send a heartfelt thank you to Eichiro Oda… One Piece has helped me so much in life… Thanks everyone for helping me remember that art is my passion even when someone says I’ll fail.

By the way today’s chapter was amazing and touching with Cora-san and Law… nearly made me cry.