i hope art class helps me draw better

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Could u please give some tiles on drawing heads/faces? Just found your blog and you are AMAZING, have a great day!

Hmm, okay so first of all, I’ve always said I’m pretty bad at tutorials and explanations, so I absolutely can’t like, guarantee that any of this stuff will work for anyone, let alone everyone. Artists have different techniques that they find work best for them. 

On the other hand, I didn’t want to just say “practice!” and leave it at that. So here’s an attempt to explain how I, personally, go about drawing heads and faces. (Apologies if the images come out gigantic and make this post really long.)

First of all, I do the typical circle with two lines. I don’t necessarily use the circle as the actual head structure; I just find that this really helps me get a feel for the direction I want the person to be looking, and where the features should be placed. The main thing that helped me get a hang of faces was always keeping in mind that they’re three-dimensional, and not just a flat oval with lined features slapped on top (I started off in 2001 drawing anime so I had a lot of bad habits to break and actual anatomy to learn. Nothing against anime, it’s just not the best thing to start from because it’s SO stylized.) 

Sometimes I’ll do that little line on the side to remind me to keep the features where they should be and not let them slide too far over on the face. It’s sort of…where I differentiate between the side of the head and the front of the face, I guess.

I also like to draw the nose early on because it’s in the middle of the face and helps me know where the rest of the features will be. Sometimes I’ll do eyebrows too, which I’ll touch on later. 

Rest of the features next. Once again, keeping in mind that the eyes are sunken into the face a little, and the nose protrudes. 

Sometimes if I’m having trouble I’ll do some really crude shading ot help me figure out where exactly things should be placed, keeping in mind the structure of the skull underneath (pink being where shadows would fall).

Hairline comes next - I no longer need the circle underneath.

I like to add hair last, on top of an already-drawn head so that I don’t accidentally make the skull too big or too small. Hair probably needs its own whole tutorial or something so I’ll leave it here for now. 

Different face shapes are pretty easy if you break them down into really simple ones to start. Detail comes after, so don’t get too caught up in it in the start. Like I said before, I like to do noses, and sometimes eyebrows, because it really keeps me in line and helps me not make the rest of the features too big or too small (at least not past where I want them, stylistically) and it keeps them where they SHOULD be according to the structure of the face.

Honestly I have no idea if this is at all coherent. I never took many actual drawing classes or anything, most of this is just stuff I’ve figured out myself that works best for me. I like to look at things that artists better than myself do, figure out why I like it so much, and work at improving those areas of my own art. Personally, my own biggest problem to get past was that whole 3D thing and not drawing a human face as a flat thing with lines slapped on top of it. Knowing the underlying structure is boring, but important. 

I really hope this helped in SOME way, even if it was really small. Thanks! <3 

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I'm dabbling in digital art for a class I'm taking, but can't seem to figure it out. I work better with graphite and paint, but when I try to work on a screen the dimensions seem... off? I don't know whether I'm just bad at drawing proportions, but body sizes and positions, shadows etc, are hard to capture. Any Advice?

(Small warning: this turned out a little longer than expected)

It was the same for me! 

I had a really hard time getting used to digital art, my favourite mediums are acrylic paints and markers (I love my Copics). 

What really helped me with my digital art is sketching traditionally, with pencil on paper, then scanning or photographing the sketch, and only coloring it digitally.

But if you want to draw only digitally, what I’d recommend to spot mistakes is to mirror the image. Or “Flip Horizontally“.

It’ll look weird at first, but if you manage to fix mistakes till it looks fine both ways, you did it!

Otherwise the obvious suggestion would be to use references. Just copy the image into your drawing and turn down the opacity. Create a new layer above it and trace! It’s great practice and at some point, you’ll be able to do it without one too.

Really, it helps! Google is your best friend. 

I hope this was somewhat like something you were looking for, I’m really not that good at giving advice haha

If you’d like something more specific, feel free to send me more messages :)

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hi! I was wondering if you know of any self-study resources for arts! like khan academy but for arts I guess? I don't have the time/money to enroll in an actual art class but making pretty things is a release and I want to get better at it! thank u😌

hello! i don’t know much but i hope these help a bit [if anyone has any more they’d like to add, please message me!!]


+ history

hope these help x

My Angel pt.2

Angel/Guardian Hoseok

(Y/n)’s pov

I decided I can’t skip all my classes because that would be a waste of my scholarship. I just wanted to be happy. All today random thoughts of encouragement ran through my mind but it didn’t help me feel better. In my art class, I sat by the window because I had the urge to look outside. The flowers were beautiful but that didn’t improve my mood either. I ended up drawing the flowers for my work that day and it did feel nice to finally get something done. I got my food at lunch and the lady said it was free because she said I looked like I needed it. Was she saying I’m too skinny? That irritated me all day until it was time to leave. When I got home that evening flowers were placed outside my door with a note card in it written in such beautiful handwriting it seemed printed, stating I was beautiful and that anyone who treated me badly or said rude things to me didn’t deserve me. I looked at them with disgust. Was this some type of sick joke to play with my emotions? The only person who knew my dorm number was that boy who called me a slut and that’s only because we live on the same floor. I threw the flowers on the table not even bothering to find something to put them in.

Hoseok’s pov

Nothing I’m doing is working. Getting her to look at flowers and draw them, getting her free food, sending her flowers. Nothing! Her optimism is dead. I sighed and thought of what I can do to get her to cheer up. pulled out a pen and paper writing out a serious letter. I could lose my wings for this but I knew no one watched over the guardian angels so unless someone directly saw me I’d be ok. I wrote a note telling her that it hurts to see her sad and that I’m her guardian angel. I even provided proof by writing things only she would know. I put it in her mail slot hoping for the best. Later that night she found it and read it. I watched anxiously hoping I said the right things.


Again with the notes? I don’t know why I bothered opening it but it had the same handwriting as the flowers card did.

Dear (Y/n),

I know this may seem a little strange but I’m your guardian angel and I’ve noticed how sad you’ve been lately. Seeing you this way makes me sad because you deserve to be the happiest girl alive. I’ve been here for you since the day you were brought into this world and I’ll be with you till the very end. I know things aren’t going as you planned and meeting new people is proving difficult but don’t give up! You’re a smart girl, you’ll figure it out. You always do. It’s only first semester you definitely still have time. I know Mr.Teddy wouldn’t want you to give up and neither would I. I love you too much to see you give up so soon.

Take care,

I love you,

Your Angel Hoseok.

I scoffed at the letter. “An angel? Seriously? More like a stalker.” I said putting the letter in the trash making sure my door was locked in case this stranger tried to break in. Requesting a room change was now definitely on my to-do-list. Maybe even dropping out entirely. I went to bed soon after finding it hard to fall asleep. Now I was paranoid, great. Thoughts of everything bad ran through my mind keeping me up until 3 in the morning. I woke up and it was already noon which means I slept through first period. The sad part was that it didn’t even bother me. Which it should, I’m wasting my money and time by missing classes. I also felt slightly more empty and alone than usual.

I slowly got up and got dressed making my way to the dining hall before second period. I probably look half dead sitting in a corner and sipping my coffee. Finally, it was time to go to my next period. Sitting in the corner of art yet again to look out the window. “Are you ok?” I heard someone ask. I looked up meeting the eyes of a guy I’ve never seen before. “You look half dead no offense.” “My sleeping schedule is just messed up a bit.” I sighed pulling out my sketchbook. “I think I can help.” He said digging through his bag. “What’s your name?” I asked getting a good look at him. He had a cute baby face which contrasted with his red hair, “Baekhyun, but don’t remember it.” He said handing me a bottle. “It’ll help you sleep when you need it and I don’t need it anymore so take it as a blessing.” He smiled cutely “Um oh ok. Thanks, I guess..?” I said taking the bottle “No problem. Bye now!” He waved walking off to a seat in the front.

I spent the rest of the day looking over the pills making sure I wasn’t being drugged or anything. The seal on the bottle was still closed which was odd because I think he said something about him using these before. Maybe he simply meant another bottle. It seemed ok and the label told all the effects of the pills. I even googled it when I got home that night and everything seemed to match up so why not? I opened the small bottle shaking out two pills and getting some water from the fridge. They weren’t too big so they were easy to take. I swallowed them down and went for my bed.

I woke up feeling decent. I wasn’t tired like when I usually and the day went about normally, lonely. I came home later and ate some take out while catching up on shows then went to bed with the help of those pills again and the days seemed to repeat in a cycle for the next week. Each day just seemed grayer and grayer as they melted into each other. That kid, I forgot his name, even gave me another bottle which if I didn’t feel so weak I would because skeptical of because I never told him I took them but it didn’t seem important in my current state.

I was started to feel like I everything was draining me and my only escape was the sleep I was getting. I was taking the pills every night now, what would a few more do? Nothing right? Maybe I’d even get to sleep a little longer… Right? I shouldn’t, but I want to. Something in the back of my mind kept telling me it’s not worth it but I chose not to listen. I don’t even know how many I took. I just put a half a hand full in my mouth and swallowed. It didn’t take long to kick in making everything look hazy. I just barely crawled under my covers and I could’ve sworn I heard someone say something along the lines of “What am I gonna do with you.” Then I was swallowed into the darkness of sleep.

Hoseok’s pov

I sighed using my powers to lessen the damage that would be done by how many pills she just took. The rest she’d have to sleep off. It was definitely time I stepped in personally. She can’t even hear my protest when she takes the grace laced drug from that demon. I’ve never seen her like this before and I refuse to let it continue.


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I know I’ve spread this story almost everywhere, but it’s been a goal of mine to send one of these in, so here I am! (this is 2/21/15) so it was near the end of sunsets are for muggings, and out of NOWHERE this 20, maybe 26 year old guy runs out from back stage. frank’s eyes were closed (like usual) and Evan was turned around, so I don’t think any of them saw. this guy attempted to stage dive but ended up crushing me. (I’m as skinny as a twig and super weak). I also have really bad reflexes so I didn’t dodge the guy in time. so this guy crushes me right? (he kicked me in the head too) im on the fucking floor with about 3 other people on top of me. I’m having a full blown anxiety attack, and everyone’s touching me and trying to pull me up and I hit my head pretty hard on the ground and I had only eaten 6 pizza rolls that day, and I was really weak… so I was out of it to say the least. before I know it Frank is talking and saying something along the lines of “is everyone okay? who’s not okay? is someone hurt?” and everyone’s pointing at me. I’m still sobbing and before I know it Frank has his hands  in front of me and he said something like “come on sweetie” and I grabbed his hands and he pulled me onstage. either him or his manager led me to the “X” on the stage and told me to sit there. i don’t remember who it was because I was so dizzy and shit. so basically I sat in the corner near Evan, during neverenders and weighted. his manager came over to me and gave me a water bottle, and Evan came over to see if I was okay and I told him I was, he gave me a guitar pick. Frank slid around Evan and threw me a water bottle, even though I already had one. when they finished their last song which was weighted, They walked off stage and as they did Frank gave me a thumbs up and ruffled my hair. they all went offstage and I was stuck there, sitting in the corner of the stage in the dark. I knew they were gonna come back out for joyriding, so I made my way to the end of the stage, and people helped me down. I was still incredibly dizzy and I felt like crying, but I wanted to be in the crowd for joyriding. they came out about a few seconds later and did the song. at the end of the song, Frank went by the crowd and touched everyone’s hands, people smushed me and I fell down, when I did, Frank stopped and helped me up again (the gif I have of it isn’t that clear, but you can see him bending down.). after that, I waited in line for Merch. when I got there, I showed Frank my drawings of him which I told him were for my art class. he GRADED them! I was laughing the whole time. before I left he told me he hoped I felt better and by then, I was dying on the inside (but in a good way) I couldn’t be more thankful for people like frank iero. 

Hello everyone!

So let me just say… yesterday was one of the worst days I have had in a long time. Basically my college drawing teacher said that I don’t belong in my current drawing class because of my lack of drawing skill (at least for the class’s level) and she basically told me that I have no sense of composition or meaning in my work… Having a teacher tell you that you basically have no chance of making it in the class that you are trying REALLY hard in SUCKS… Especially when art is my LIFE.

SO WITH THAT SAID I’m feeling better today but got home yesterday and took out my sadness and anger with this piece. Corazon and Law really reminded me of how I feel… and I wanted to draw Cora-san protecting Law because I was like Law yesterday, I lost hope there for a while. SO really this piece was super therapeutic, my best friend came over and helped talk me through my issues, and now I’m back to normal. I hope YOU all like my art and I want to send a heartfelt thank you to Eichiro Oda… One Piece has helped me so much in life… Thanks everyone for helping me remember that art is my passion even when someone says I’ll fail.

By the way today’s chapter was amazing and touching with Cora-san and Law… nearly made me cry.