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ok lemme tell you about my glow up i just did a wild change from lacey floral dresses and lip gloss to punk crop tops and eyeliner and chokers. what would my boys think of that?

Aw yeah, anon. I love it. Enjoy some quick, cute headcanons! :)


  • The first time he notices that you changed your style he’s in awe
  • Tries to pretend it’s no big deal
  • Fails
  • He keeps trying to compliment your new clothes but he can’t seem to remember how to form proper sentences
  • Be cool, Noct.
  • The opposite of cool
  • He digs it though
  • Totally into chokers don’t fight me on this
  • Tries to help you shop and gets way more into it than he means to
  • “Hey, Y/N, this one’s nice. Don’t you think?”
  • He says one but he has six different shirts on his arm and three chokers hanging from his hands
  • He just wants to help
  • Lowkey misses how innocent you looked in your dresses and lip gloss
  • But he loves your fashion choices now
  • His girlfriend is so badass?? But also?? So soft
  • Likes to trace circles on the exposed skin at the small of your back when you’re wearing one of your crop tops

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i want ryuji to hug me. partially because i need a hug, partially because loOK AT THOSE ARMS. THOSE BE PRIME HUGGING ARMS 👌 (also i stg this is the best persona scenario and hc blog ever. keep up the amazing writing, it seriously brightens up my day!)

He supports you and wants you to do your best!

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First of all, I'd like to say that I love your blog so much!! If it wouldn't be too big of a problem, could you draw Jotaro as a teacher? (I mean, tbh the idea of proftaro is just the cutest thing ^-^) Thanks! Keep up the great work!!

get two by the price of one :’)

May I Have This Dance?

Pairing: Newt Scamander X Reader

Requested: Yes! Anon

Overview: Reader takes Newt to a wizard wedding, and they dance and it’s really fluffy.

Warnings: None :)

You carefully eased your diamond earring through the piercing in your ear lobe. Your dress was simple yet flattering; A black, fitted number you had chosen for the occasion. Your best friend, y/bf/n, was finally getting married. You were so happy for her/him, and you wouldn’t miss the celebration for the world.

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I always pictured it like if there is going to be a time jump klaus will probably be a worried father because he can't get close to his daughter but still wants to involve in her life maybe in a restaurant or something that they will meet and caroline will report about hope and we will be informed that every year at thr same place and same time they are doing this because klaus wants to know if hope has a boyfriend or anyone in school is treating badly to her or something.I dont Know

She was running late. Staring at his drink, Klaus struggled to keep his foot from bouncing against the barstool. Patience would never be one of his virtues, but for her, he had to try.

“Sorry!” Klaus turned to find Caroline hustling into the airport bar with an apologetic grin. Automatically, he stood to take her heavy tote bag and helped her onto the seat next to him. “My flight took forever to let us off the plane.”

“Quite alright,” he answered neutrally, though he couldn’t help but drink in the sight of her. A year was too long, despite the occasional video call Hope managed to trick Caroline into joining. “How’s my girl?”

Smiling, Caroline ordered herself a gin and tonic as she shed her light cardigan. “She’s fine, if a little annoyed we still have these meetings about her.”

Klaus chuckled. “As I remember, you were the one annoyed by these meetings.”

“Only because you wanted them every week, and I was so not going to enable that,” Caroline countered. “I do think Hope would like to visit Atlanta.”

His amused expression sobered. “It’s still not safe.”

With a sigh, Caroline slid a hand over his on the bar top. “I know.” She reached into her tote to pull out a tablet. “Let’s talk about her progress reports, yeah? She’s started a chess club, which I’m sure is right up your alley. Well, it’s more of a wizarding chess club, but they haven’t figured out to animate the pieces yet. Bonnie suggested they try using flowers, because apparently plants have personalities that could be amplified, not that I think it’s a good idea to instigate a botanical uprising, but I’m all about the kids developing their own interests.”

Flipping through pictures until she found one of Hope in the greenhouse, Caroline paused. “I’m rambling, aren’t I?”

Klaus nodded, his smile indulgent as he crowded closer to the tablet. “Tell me more.”

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I'm so excited and scared at the same time lol


it’s probably kind of like what Lance felt like in the trailer where he was piloting Red like “OMG OMG OMG OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING” “we just can’t mess this up” “nah we won’t this is aWESOME” “oh fuckfuckfuck this is goinG FAST—”


persona 5 wallpapers - requested by anon


★ “Stop talking. I will win. That’s… what heroes do.” | “So I’m going to be a hero. I’ll make that money… So that my mom and dad can have easier lives!” ★
Katsuki & Ochako | Brave Heroes | Requested by anon  o(〃^▽^〃)o  

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Fun fact Juju, in breath of the wild, you can sneak into Zora's domain and get a voiced cutscene with Sidon being like "who are you? Get out of my house my father isn't accepting visitors right n- wait are you a hylian?"

Love at first sight

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Hi, I really love your voltron headcannons, could u do more shiro ones?

happy birthday shiro!!!

  • the extent of hunk’s familiarity with shiro pre-voltron was that one time he saw shiro in the garrison hallway and thought “oh hey me and that guy have the same gloves, neat”
  • shiro and lance are both in the Unsettlingly Good At Dealing With Near Death Experiences club
    • lance: [almost gets blown up] [hits on allura immediately after waking up]
    • shiro: [gets stabbed by radioactive wolverine claws] “haha don’t worry keith it takes more than several things trying to kill me to kill me”
  • whenever anyone compliments how well put together shiro is keith automatically remembers the time shiro almost started a fire in his dorm making pizza bites
  • “we’d like to speak to your leader” “sure” “…” “…oh right- hello-”
  • shiro is the paladins’ adult guidance, coran is shiro’s
  • whenever shiro says something inspiring allura lowkey takes notes
    • “how do you…. do that” “uh… encourage others?” “yeah that”
    • bless this girl’s soul she just prefers running people into the ground to motivate them
  • one time pidge fell asleep in the vents and shiro went to get her but his big ass shoulders wouldn’t fit and he was stuck for like an hour
  • shiro, whenever something goes wrong: “part of me is like, whatever, you know? you know those days when you’re like ‘this might as well happen?’ adult life is already so goddamn weird”