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women in history → queens/monarchs
↳ Margaret I of Denmark, Norway, & Sweden

“There were troubles in store for Queen Margaret, but her unification of the three kingdoms marked the start of a new and prosperous era for the Scandinavian people. In light of the turbulent history of those realms – a history of war and plague and usurpation - Margaret’s triumph establishes her as one among the most remarkable of European monarchs. Yet the fame that is her due has somehow eluded her. […] Were the writers of history concerned with justice, the name of Margaret, daughter of Valdemar King of the Danes, would surely outshine many another royal name known to the merest child at school.”. –  R. White, These Stones Bear Witness

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"there’s a real creep at the club trying to hit me up right now and you look pretty fit so pls pretend to be my date so he can leave" for the prompt!love your writing :) its okay If you dont want to also!

anon: you are so dear and kind!! i hope it’s okay that i went with killugon for this. please feel free to send me further prompts in the future if you’d like!!

The characters are definitely aged up, just to make that clear. xD

Gon wasn’t a frequent patron at HUNTER, the most popular underground club in the city, but when he got the urge to go out, he always found himself there by the end of the night. However, the select few companions whose company he prefered were busy, so Gon ventured forth alone. The atmosphere was lively, and though the air smelled of sweat and splashes of cocktails staining the floor, Gon never felt uncomfortable.

Until Hisoka made his move, that is.

Near the back of the dancing crowd, Gon took a break from dancing, catching his breath and allowing the music to keep his heart racing. A tall man sidled up next to him, draping an arm around Gon’s shoulders. Gon stiffened immediately.

“Here alone?” he said, shaking his head solemnly. “What a shame. Can’t be much fun without a partner. I’m Hisoka.”

“And I’m not interested,” Gon said, slipping away from Hisoka’s arm.

Rather than discouraging him, the comment seemed only to please Hisoka. “I like a little spirit,” he said. Slowly, deliberately, Hisoka slid his gaze over Gon’s body; the shiver that crawled down Gon’s back was of utter disgust. “Hmm, I’d say you’re just ripe.”

Gon dared to scan the crowd. He wasn’t very good with persistent creeps, but he was alone. Growing a little frantic, his gaze landed on another solitary patron—a white-haired boy wearing headphones decorated with illuminated cat ears.

Turning to Hisoka only long enough to glimpse his fading face paint, Gon said, “Excuse me,” and waded through the dancers until he was within range of his target. Drawing close enough to be in his sight, Gon waved and smiled, as though greeting an old friend.

The other boy, hands stuffed in his pockets, cocked an eyebrow and looked back and forth, trying to determine who Gon was seeking. When Gon came before him and stopped, the boy slipped his headphones off his ears.

“Can I help you?”

“Please just go along with this,” Gon said through his teeth. He glanced back at Hisoka who was still staring after him, a manicured finger pressed to his lips. “That Juggalo fuck won’t leave me alone.”

The boy followed his eyes discreetly, pressing his lips into a line. “Ah, him.”

“I’m Gon, by the way,” Gon said.


Gon extended a hand, grinning.

Killua grasped it, using the gesture to spin Gon in a tight circle. Pulling him closer at the end, Killua said, “He’s still watching, idiot. Don’t make it so obvious that we just met.”

“Ah, right,” Gon said sheepishly. “Do you know him?”

“He’s notorious,” Killua said, pressing the OFF button on his headphones. The music overhead still pulsed, but he could hear better without twice the distraction. “He goes to all the clubs in town. His favorite prey are the ones who go out alone—specifically the ones with nice asses.”

Gon raised his eyebrows. “You think I have a nice ass?”

A faint blush crept onto Killua’s cheeks. “Well, I—” Rolling his eyes, he peeked around Gon. “Yeah, actually. Damn. You do squats?”

Gon shrugged. “I think it’s natural.”

“No way.” In spite of himself, Killua grinned. He gestured toward the bar near the entrance of the club. “Wanna get a drink?”

At Gon’s agreement, the two made their way out the dancing crowd. Hisoka had vanished from where they last saw him, but his presence still lingered, hanging over the two of them like a perverted clown guardian angel.

As they neared the bar, Gon held up a hand to signal the bartender. A tall, muscular man with round glasses nodded in greeting. Gon perched on one of the barstools and adjusted the height. “I’ll take a glass of water—on the rocks,” he said, shooting the bartender a wink and bending his fingers into the shape of twin pistols.

The bartender rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, coming right up.”

Sitting on the stool to the left of Gon, Killua asked, “You know him?”

“We go way back—”

“This kid showed up when we first opened,” the bartender said, using a silver scoop to fill a glass with ice. “Wouldn’t stop talking. Guess I got a little attached to him, somehow.”

Gon stuck out his tongue. “Leorio, you’re mean,” he said. Turning to Killua, he leaned against the countertop and continued. “I don’t drink, but I thought I’d give him business anyway. He always looked a little lonely.”

Ignoring the last comment, Leorio’s eyes brightened. “That’s right. It was the tips!” he said, nodding. He slid the glass over to Gon who anticipated it, cushioning its stop. Leorio resumed wiping down the bar, still smiling. “The kid was generous; how could I not like him?”

A flicker of unusual movement caught Killua’s attention; in his peripheral vision, he caught Hisoka’s figure, reclining against the opposite wall and clearly watching. Gon hadn’t noticed. Killua saw the curl of the clown’s lips, the slight tension in his muscles as he prepared to advance.

Killua draped his arm over Gon’s shoulders, drawing him closer until their cheeks were nearly touching. Though he’d been preparing to drink from his glass, Gon abandoned it, wrapping his arm around Killua’s waist.

Close enough to whisper without fear of being overheard, Gon said, “Killua?” Gon spoke almost breathlessly, and the proximity of their faces made Killua hold his breath.

“Hisoka’s back,” Killua managed to say. “It looked like he was going to come over.”

Gon frowned, moved closer so his forehead pressed against Killua’s. “Why can’t he just give up?” he whined.

Killua swallowed, stilled the tremor that almost reached his fingers. “Maybe you should leave while you have the chance.”

“That feels like I’m letting him win.”

“Would you rather wait for him to corner you in here?”

Gon barely took the time to think. “Not a chance.”

Glancing at the space Hisoka had been, Killua noted his sudden absence. Leaning back so he could look properly at Gon, he said, “How are you getting home? I don’t trust Hisoka to leave you alone.”

“We’ve only just met, and you care so much,” Gon mused. Killua flushed, but couldn’t reply. “I walked here. I only live a few blocks away.”

“I’ll go with you,” Killua said, detangling himself from Gon and allowing the air to cool his cheeks. “Just in case.”

Gon agreed without any objections. After tipping Leorio generously, he led the way outside. He chatted while Killua kept alert, and the farther they got from the club, the longer Killua wanted the trip to take.

In the darkness of night, beneath stars and street lamps, Killua wondered how Gon might react if he dared to reach out and hold his hand.

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Omg u updated my heart!! Does kenma know Kuroo loves him or are they just dancing around each other. I’m so scared it could go literally make or break their relationship!!! What will happen to the prophecy omg why u do this to me

real kuroo somewhere in  the corner of his brain covering his face with his hands and muffling his screams hahahahaha

Tired heroes having a well deserved rest. ヽ(´ー` )ノ
Has it gotten even a bit colder? I wanted to draw them in warmer clothes for fall. They’re wearing each other’s colors! 


★ “Stop talking. I will win. That’s… what heroes do.” | “So I’m going to be a hero. I’ll make that money… So that my mom and dad can have easier lives!” ★
Katsuki & Ochako | Brave Heroes | Requested by anon  o(〃^▽^〃)o