i hope angela makes an appearance

(More) Design Trivia from The World of PL!

With regards to Aurora’s design, Nagano states:

‘I was aiming for a design that would make Aurora stand out as a unique and special individual, even within the often unusual cast of the “Professor Layton” series -’

(Flora, Arianna and Aurora edit from @forbodium‘s post)

0_o …Well, in Aurora’s defence, I think she was intentionally meant to resemble Flora, right down to her having a similar ponytail and colour scheme in her ‘street’ disguise. As for the resemblance to Arianna (especially with the eyes), uuuhhh… you could make an argument about how Arianna is somewhat linked to the Golden Garden - and the Azran by extension - but that’s very farfetched. (Most of the Azran linked characters seem to have ginger or blonde hair, but we’ll leave that for another day.) 

Aurora might be my favourite character, but I’ll be the first to admit she doesn’t have the most unique design. By this point, we’re six games (and one movie) in to the PL series, so we can forgive some repetition from the developers. Like Janice, Aurora’s most distinct feature is probably her eyes, because they look so otherworldly. Her bun and pink lips are a nice touch, though they’re very reminiscent of Lady Dahlia…

Once again, you can chalk this up to Aurora’s supposed similarity to Flora (and by extension, Flora’s mother and Lady Dahlia). 

Nagano continues by saying:

‘..The more detailed aspects like her age took longer to decide because I was warned against making her too similar to characters like Emmy and Angela.’

Another reason why Aurora resembles Arianna and Flora is due to their ages. Aurora was intentionally made to appear younger, and to pass as a ‘normal’ (Azran) girl. It makes it all the more depressing and shocking when Bronev stabs her, and we find out that she’s actually a golem. 

Yes, this is a good twist, but I personally would’ve liked to have seen a golem version of Aurora at some point. (There has been some awesome fanart of Golem Aurora posted lately!) Imagine if Aurora had transformed when the Azran Legacy was unleashed! 

But maybe that would’ve been too outlandish even by PL standards. And in making someone more robot-like, one could argue that it reduces the empathy we have for a character.

From Nagono’s quote, it’s clear that he realises how recycled the designs could get by the time Azran Legacy came out. In his defence, he did make sure Aurora had a different appearance to Angela or Emmy…
While she looks more like Flora and Arianna, neither of those characters had appeared for 2 games. 

So, Level 5 are aware that many of their female characters have a 'template’ design. That’s a start. Now, they just need to incorporate this into Layton’s Mystery Journey and future instalments. 

(Once again, I hope this post hasn’t been overly critical of Nagago’s designs. Many of these are his designs, so he can do what he likes at the end of the day, and we should respect his creative choices. But at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with discussing these designs or hoping for more diversity in the Layton series.)

Just got out of Thor: Ragnarok

I don’t think I can put all my feelings down here coherently, but I will say it’s for the most part an extremely entertaining film and quite tightly packed. I would guess there are a lot of cut scenes. Hela destroys Thor’s hammer in a completely different place than in the trailer too. While she isn’t really explored as a character much, she is given sufficient backstory.

Unfortunately, the movie changes the canon to make Hela the long lost sister of Thor, instead of Angela Odinsdottir. This really hurt because this basically destroys any hope of Angela appearing in the movies. My followers know how much of a fan of Angela I am.

There is also a tiny subplot of Hulk that is left hanging with no acknowledgement. The movie also is surprisingly quick to throw away important characters from the previous movies - 3 of Thor’s original entourage are unceremoniously killed off and one is simply missing, and there’s a throwaway line explaining Jane broke up with Thor and that’s that. Very little Earth in this film, which is probably a good thing.

The movie rarely takes itself too seriously and there’s a lot of Australian and New Zealand actors here, and it’s a lot closer in tone to Guardians of the Galaxy (appropriate considering the setting). Not all the jokes land and I think many people will find it breaks up serious moments too much, but I think most will really enjoy themselves and consider it the best of the Thor movies - certainly a ton better than The Dark World. Check it out.


Cannes 2016 vs Cannes Wishlist 2016

At the top of the month I listed 19 films directed by women that I hoped would make it into Cannes. Now that Cannes has released their first round of films let’s look at what’s officially in.

Keep in mind that some of these films might still appear at Cannes in one of the sidebar sections. I will update as more titles are announced.

  1. American Honey directed by Andrea Arnold IN COMPETITION
  2. The Aquatic Effect directed by Sólveig Anspach DIRECTOR’s FORTNIGHT
  3. The Bad Batch directed by Ana Lily Amirpour  Not playing
  4. Berlin Syndrome directed by Cate Shortland Not playing
  5. Colo directed by Teresa Villaverde Not playing
  6. The Dreamlike Path directed by Angela Schanelec Not playing
  7. La Fille de Brest directed by Emmanuelle Bercot Bercot tweeted me to officially say that her film is in post and won’t be ready in time
  8. From the Land of the Moon directed by Nicole Garcia IN COMPETITION
  9. Loving Vincent directed by Dorota Kobiela & Hugh Welchman Not playing
  10. Nelly directed by Anne Émond Not playing
  11. Pays directed by Chloé Robichaud Not playing
  12. Planetarium directed by Rebecca Zlotowski Not playing
  13. The Queen of Katwe directed by Mira Nair Not playing but now has official September release date
  14. Réparer les vivants directed by Katell Quillévéré Not playing
  15. The Tale directed by Jennifer Fox Not playing
  16. Toni Erdmann directed by Maren Ade IN COMPETITION
  17. A United Kingdom directed by Amma Asante Not playing
  18. Woodshock directed by Kate and Laura Mulleavy Not playing
  19. Zama directed by Lucrecia Martel A producer for the film recently gave an interview saying that Martel has delayed post-production for 4 months due to personal issues and it’s unlikely the film will be finished this year
‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Recap: Ladies of the Nightmares

To love American Horror Story is to live like you’re constantly defending it. Even when nobody’s saying anything, we’re still reflexively shutting down haters. “American Horror Story isn’t messy, it’s unconventional!” we shout at pigeons. “It’s a celebration of horror in a world that rarely shows it any critical respect!” we scold a nearby hedge. “There has never been a better assemblage of actresses at the tops of their game than on this show every season!” we shout at our shoes as we walk on the side of a freeway. But it’s that last notion that critics distressingly overlook all too often. No one in good conscience can claim that actresses of a certain age are rich with job opportunity, so why are high-minded dullards so eager to write off a series that has become nothing less than a celebration of actresses of all stripes? If someone wants to tell me that AHS is irredeemable trash, then they’ll have to look me in the eye and tell me they don’t want to see Angela Bassett holding a shotgun on their TV every week. Try again, liars.

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